Legal Mess as 85-Year-Old Searches For Lost Family Heirloom

Legal Mess as 85-Year-Old Searches For Lost Family Heirloom

When Henan resident Shen Delin brought his 2 “Republic of China half-yuan memorial coins” along with other ancient and rare coins in his collection on a business trip with him to Jilin, he didn’t expect to be accused of speculating by the Bureau of Industry and Commerce, and to have his collection confiscated. After winning a lawsuit, the coins were returned to Shen, but the 2 extremely rare memorial coins were missing. Netizens scoffed at officials claims that the coins are “lost” saying “They’re obviously in the hands of some corrupt official, 100%”.

Source: Netease

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  • t

    He looks like Putin

  • JadedSamurai

    85 Old People Search For Lost Family Heirloom

  • mr.wiener

    Question… who takes their coin collection with them on a trip?

    • bujiebuke

      It wouldn’t be too far of a reach to assume that he took his coins to show enthusiasts in China. Stamp collectors do that sort of thing too. Regardless, it was probably not a very good idea to take that many coins and attract attention from the official henchmen.

      • mr.wiener

        True..but would you take the lot with you? Seems risky.

        • Edward Kay

          insurance doesn’t work there i assume?

          • mr.wiener

            Hmmm. This is China remember, besides which insurance will [maybe] compensate you for the monetary loss, but not help you find another item of such rarity. Collectors can be quite fanatical about this. The loss would be quite devastating.

        • bujiebuke

          Agreed. That’s essentially what I wrote in the last sentence. Poor old man was probably more focused on meeting his friends than thinking of all the possibilities of him getting ripped off.

  • Amused

    You’d think after 4-5 years of reading this site that I’d be inured to the steady parade of injustice. But I’m not. I’d ask what kind of low rent shyster would rob an old man, but …..I guess we already know.
    Here’s hoping the thievy rodent gets cancer of the penis and watches his children die in a fire :)

  • JayJay

    I thought speculating was outlawed in over 10 years ago…

    what are the rules on proceeds of crime at the time then??

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