Legalization of Prostitution NPC Proposal, Chinese Reactions

Chinese prostitutes hiding their face from the camera.

From Tianya:

China National People's Congress representative Chi Susheng, proposed the legalization of prostitution.

Do you support “legalizing prostitution”?

During this year’s “Lianghui” [English: “Two Meetings” or “Two Sessions”, the annual meeting of the NPC and CPPCC], there were plenty of rather controversial proposals and motions that have without exception attracted the attention of the numerous netizens, such as delegates suggesting the drafting of “criminalizing denial of the Nanjing Massacre” and making the Spring Festival Gala a comprehensive arts and entertainment show lasting 7 days. National People’s Congress representative and Heilongjiang Susheng Law Office director Chi Susheng’s suggestion of legalizing prostitution stood out even more from the rest, successfully attracting our attention, once again causing a contentious collision between human rights and public morals.

Chinese prostitutes hiding their face from the camera.

Comments from Tianya:


If a girl is raped, the rapist leaves 100 yuan behind, the girl reports it to the police, and the rapist claims the girl consented to selling sex, what then?


In some places, it is legal. The excuse for where it is illegal has instead become a method for some authorities to make money, so why not demarcate some districts where it is legal? It is both easier to manage and it solves a lot of social problems.


Licensed [prostitution]. Professionalism and peace of mind.


Many evils begin with licentiousness, so its better to not [legalize prostitution].

May I ask who is willing to have one’s own mother, sisters, daughter undertake sex work?
Who is willing to have one’s own father, brothers, son go visit prostitutes?

Chinese society has truly become degenerate, for an aunty to actually suggest this kind of thing.


I express support of this. Tell me, where isn’t there the phenomenon of prostitution? Many places just treat it with one eye open and one eye closed, where the police even extract benefits from it, nakedly ruining society’s atmosphere. Just legalize it, and it’ll help prevent the spread of some diseases. Otherwise, you want China’s 30 million men who can’t find wives resort to rape?


Legalizing prostitution will only lead to even more human trafficking of females forced into prostitution, and even more young girls will be devastated!! How many of the females in prostitution in the old society were willing?


Forced prostitution and voluntary prostitution are two entirely different types of behavior. The former is criminal, and the latter should be legalized. Providing sexual services as a method of earning a living needs the law’s protection.


What kind of people’s representative is this?!!! Have her mother, her sisters, and her own daughter sell sex to the entire country’s people! Only this will make her happy!!!


Support legalization of prostitution. They too are providing labor and resources for a return, which is more worthy of respect than the great majority of civil servants.

Acknowledging the legal status of those who have taken a wrong step in life is also a sort of progress in human rights.

Taking a step further, legalizing prostitution is also a sort of safeguarding of the people’s sexual freedom.

What’s more, will people stop visiting prostitutes and selling sex if you don’t legalize it? Since keeping mistresses and whatnot aren’t illegal, finding a prostitute is simply a short-term mistress, there’s no basic difference, both are females or males providing paid sexual services for remuneration. With prostitution being illegal while keeping mistresses is unrestricted, this is the law slapping its own mouth.


The person making this proposal should be imprisoned! In this area, China used to be at the forefront of the world, why are we now going backwards?

Do we start allowing murder by saying murder can be used to reduce the population!?

Truly fucking pig-brained!


Support, Singapore is an example of where it is legal, where it is licensed, and I think its not bad, solves the physiological issues of foreign personnel.


Actually, regardless of how this represented raises the proposal, it won’t be adopted, but that doesn’t mean prostitution will be put to an end.

Maintaining the current situation, if you have money, you can find both cheap and high-end [prostitutes]. The government sometimes cracking down on it and sometimes turning a blind eye is the government’s consistent pattern of behavior, both not offending people and solving a part of the problem.

If it is legalized, many traditional Chinese people will definitely be disappointed with the government. Putting an end to it completely, well that’s impossible.

May I ask, what country doesn’t have hookers these days?


Gambling and women are both things people want…so just legalize them.


Legalizing prostitution will bring new problems, but these are all problems with progress, and doesn’t mean legalization is wrong/a mistake. Just like using cars has brought society car accidents, but we can’t prohibit using cars because of this.


First everyone needs to be clear on what is prostitution. If women who have taken a wrong turn in life is prostitution, are those mistresses considered prostitutes? One is retail, one is wholesale. So wholesale of cunt is legal but retail is illegal?


How come no one agrees? This is just putting a phenomenon that has always existed on the table…legalizing it would at least allow those sex workers to live with some dignity.


Many people mix up morality and law. Legalizing prostitution isn’t necessarily encouraging men to go whoring or encouraging women to go sell themselves. On morality, you can still persuade your husband not to go visit whores or teach your daughter to go prostitute herself. The law legalizing prostitution is just to protect those who are forced to engage in this occupation in order to survive, so while they are engaging in this work they don’t have to suffer the dual extortion of the criminal underworld and government authorities. They depend on selling their bodies in order to get what they need to keep living. Why doesn’t the law protect them?


I think either you completely eradicate it, or you might as well legalize it. Right now its not managing normally not doing anything, collecting protection money monthly, and then every now and then catching a batch to fine a batch~


Brainless, it could never be legalized.
If it were legalized, where do you expect our respected police to go find extra income?


Support, there’s a serious imbalance in the male to female sex ratio. Who do you want those tens of millions of lonely men to go find?
However, this also isn’t very realistic…when even websites are shut down…the rest…

What do you think?

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  • 平凡人

    Legalized it, go for medical check ups and pay tax. There is no way to stop this oldest trade in history.

    • +1

      Prostitution is everywhere in China, only the ladies don’t have medical checks and other social protections. If people are continually finding a way to break and unenforcible law and at the same time infecting themselves with HIV etc… then what’s the point in it being illegal? Why not control is… that’s what Beijing loves is it not? Socialist Market Economy and all that. Anyone who is against this is very naive of the real China.

      • mr. weiner

        Legalising it is a good start. It beats the Maoist approach which I believe was initially execution and later a lengthy spell in a”re-education camp”.
        Feel free to chime in at any time HJ, your opinions are gold.

        • Hongjian

          I actually support the legalization of prostitution.

          I feel for the women who are both oppressed by the underworld pimps and chased by the police (or forced to suck fatty police officer’s 2 inch dick for free, so that he may consider turning a blind eye on her sad trade and refrains from raping her any more).

          Legalize it, limit and regulate it to closed off disctricts, regular health checks, and taxes.

          Socialism with chinese characteristics will bloom.

          • A GUY

            I actually agree with you.

            PS: did you know that some guy 0311 wants to put his fingers in you.

          • That right… I mean, how else would you get laid HongJian?

      • I have another question. Would you support legalization of prostitution in your home country?

        [Clarification: Question not just for you, 山炮 ShanPao]

        • donscarletti

          Many people here come from countries where prostitution is legal, including most of Europe, Australia/NZ, Canada, all of Latin America, etc. See Wikipedia for more info.

          It’s legal in my own homeland, though I never saw much of it until coming to China. I’ve seen a lot of it here, going to KTV with rich bosses, etc. Conversations with male coworkers often turn to that subject too, it’s a pretty open part of Chinese culture. Maybe that’s why it is generally legal in the west (with the notable exception of the US) but banned in China.

        • Absolutely, why would I apply one rule to China and another rule for my own country. The above reasons are not just for China they are about prostitution in general. However, I would say that prostitution is already more prevalent (or at least more visible) in China than it is in my country (thats Kenya or the UK.) Therefore, my point that its already widely practised and therefore little harm in legalisation is perhaps more applicable to China. However, in my country prostitution is of course a fairly common practice (and illegal) and AIDS, crime and social security are all problems I think could be improved by prostitutions legalisation. Also street walkers have often been targets of crime including serial killings, if they were in legalised brothels which could turn to the police and hospitals for help without fear then this would be much better for society. So yes Fauna, legalised prostitution gets the thumbs up from me.

        • notorious

          we have legalized prostitution in the State of Nevada, in Las Vegas I believe.

          • moop

            nah, prostitution is illegal in las vegas. apparently only counties with a population of under 400,000 people can legally operate brothels. i wiki’d it

        • Thomas

          In the UK, prostitution is effectively unrecognised by the law. You can’t take it as a profession, pay tax on the earning, enforce a contract (eeewwww), etc.

          However public soliciting is banned, with the exception of a few tolerated areas [certain industrial areas and posh bars after a certain time]. You have to look to find it (most people don’t).

          It’s a good compromise. Prostitutes are still within the law and can call on the police for protection. At the same time it’s gentle discouraged and can’t organise itself legally into an industry.

          I’ve seen red light districts, but they’re pityful. Girls caked in make-up I wouldn’t ever bother chasing; pimping themselves to men who’re old enough to have daughters of their own.

          • A GUY

            Begrudgingly yes. I hate that it exists, but the evils would be less under government control.

        • 平凡人

          Yes, definitely. Reduction in rape cases, reduction in STD, reduction in illegal whore house,…. why not?

        • bscalled

          yes – i’ve been voting for it every time it came up – because people make a big deal out of it like it’s something really bad, dirty, or evil when it is really not true. many women have fed and raised their entire family by working as prostitutes in countries where the women would be completely jobless, and have no way of making a living. with the money they make, they also get respect from the family they are supporting, and in many cases it’s their husbands – that’s right, the woman is the bread winner, and the man is a useless sponge living off of her, so women are not victims, but are empowered with their own source of income.

        • Patrick

          While I would support it in my home country for many of the reasons listed here, it would be many years before I think it would happen. America is so sexually repressed in some ways that they would rather see the crime rate go up then legalize it. In America this is an issue because prostitution, drugs and illegal guns run in the same circles. Ignorant thugs for all intents and purposes own the women. The women are often forced and take the brunt of the consequences while the pimp often gets away with it. The pimps sell the girls to each other like cattle. By regulating it the business would be far less attractive to them.

        • Dat Ankle

          Tax prostitution, rack in money, great way for both the government and the people.

        • Prostitution and gambling are both legal in Australia and we don’t seem to have a lot of problems…

      • Xiongmao

        Also with legalization, control and transparency it’s a lot easier to go to the police/government to complain if you get robbed, beat up and extorted. I’ve heard some pretty fucking grim stories of policemen visiting these places, have sex with and beat up the girls, then to grab a lump sum of cash as protection fees. Also, it would be easier NOT harder to fight trafficking and save people who are there against their will. Seriously, if anyone thinks prostitution can be suppressed in ANY society they’re either raving religious people, morons or out of touch with reality. Better to legalize the stuff and make sure everyone gets a fair deal.

    • Canadian_Skies

      Thievery is oldest.

      • fabulous

        Hunting and gathering would be older.

    • Jing

      Oh sure, go for it, lets all legalize prostitution so we can all have sex with hookers and contract AIDs and STDs, after all, whats the harm in that right? *sarcasm*

      • mr. weiner

        Gosh, I thought AIDS , STDs and even drug use for that matter were foreigner’s problems. And the hookers in China are surely all guest workers so it’s not China’s problem right?

  • Krell

    No to prostitution!!!

    • dr_barefoot

      I’m sure this well-made point is going to convince people to stop buying/selling sex.


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    • sm


    • moop

      i see what you did there

    • Mi dispiace davvero di sentire la tua storia. Ma adesso non puoi piu’ tornare in Italia? Cosa fai in Cina?

      • PAOLO

        Grazie per le tue parole in ogni caso, sentire una voce amica in questi momenti…
        In Italia?No posso tornare e presto dovrò tornare almeno per vedere mia madre e darle un po di conforto.Poi tornerò al più presto in Cina dove lavoro nella consulenza e faccio anche traduzioni inglese-cinese. Tu di dove sei? Hai qq?

    • donscarletti

      Wow, if this ended with “requiem in pacem”, it would sound exactly like a cutscene from the English version of Asassin’s Creed II.

    • Dr. Dust Cell

      Somehow I don’t think what’s posted here is in any way related to the article..

      • Hello

        right!?? this guy was high as hell i tell you

    • roark

      English motha fucka do you speak it!?

  • Mark English

    I like how many of the comments seem as if getting a prostitute isn’t already one of the easiest things to do in this country. When I first got here and couldn’t speak any Chinese, it was easier for me to order a prostitute than it was to order a bowl of noodles.

    How can people act as if legalizing this will in some way morally degrade their country. It would just legalize something that is already easy to come by.

    • Bruce Tutty

      Do they have an english menu?

      • … and official translation of services to English language.

      • Mark English

        No, they had a chart with a price list. You could just point at the price and they would kindly mimic what you would get for the price. It was the easiest transaction in the world.

        • Rod

          I’d like to mimic a hot lunch or perhaps some Arabian goggles and see what kind of reaction I get.

      • Johnny Basic




        • Ray Ray

          Chrysanthemum explosion

  • Brett Hunan

    Legalize it so they can tax the shit out of it? or so when the politicians make their regular visits they dont have to be worried about a police raid?

    what would probably happen is that most of the brothels would be closed down and girls would be working for themselves. it works for The Netherlands and some other countries so why not?

    • jc.yin

      The Netherlands is known as “Europe’s Brothel”. I’d hate for China having to compete with the current holder of the title “Asia’s Brothel”, Thailand

      • 平凡人

        In terms of numbers, China could have already beaten Thailand. However, theoretically, there are no brothels in China.

        • GodsHammer

          The question is , DO WE COUNT THE EXPORTED CHINESE HOES!” You know, the students visas, visitors visas etc? All over asia,I hear Mandarin spoken …but only in the night. ;) Singapore is full of mainland hoes, so is Japan, Taiwan, HK, Indonesia etc. Some pale Sichuan girl who only comes out at night fetches good bucks in the land of the swarthy.

      • jon

        funny since there are actually less protitutes in the netherlands compared to china. china is the real brother of the world. actually, worse, see those white guys going to china and get easy lays with women for free, they don’t even need to pay money.

      • Bruce Tutty

        The Netherlands is NOT known as Europe Brothel…it’s known for Tulips and dope, but the redlight ditrict is really only famous in Amsterdam.

    • Stacy

      Dude, your logic is flawed. If Holland is such a great example, then why doesn’t the rest of Europe legalize prostitution marijuana, and assisted suicide? It would be a great source of revenue for the government if they impose additional tax on such activities as they do in alcohol, tobacco, and gasoline. It’s the society’s mental image of itself. The Dutch don’t give a F; the rest are too pretentious.

      • Josh

        How does this post even relate to what the guy said about the Netherlands with regards to China? The guy wasn’t commenting on what the rest of Asia’s reaction would be to a more liberal view toward prostitution in China. And how is what the rest of Europe does even a good reason for why the Netherlands isn’t a good example?

      • Bruce Tutty

        Agreed…the Dutch believe in self-responsibility, and most governments are too scared of their own positions to want the same for their own peoples.

  • Jeff

    Do you mean it’s not legal now? Based on all those pink lit barbershops I have seen I would have thought otherwise.

    • DRAGNX

      That’s just the color of corruption.

      • A GUY

        Aerosmith’s favorite.

        Horrible song.

  • Canadian

    Of course it should be legal. If there are places where you can go to find a prostitute, they can make sure that the girls safety is not at risk. They can also test for STD’s regularly. Furthermore the government can tax prostitution and make money off of it. If it is legal or not, it still happens. Your country might as well benefit from it.

  • Nanjing

    While prostitution is a common practice in many western countries I would argue that it’s much more secretive. There are six “massage” parlors within two blocks of my apartment in Nanjing. Everybody knows they exist, everybody knows what happens there, but nobody wants to talk about it.

    Prostitution is already rampant in China. Legalizing it would make sense, but face would be lost, so it will never happen. I mean, they don’t even allow condoms to be advertised here, how could they possibly make paying for sex legal?

  • [email protected]

    If you decriminalize it then the police won’t be able to take their bribes for ‘turning a blind eye’. For this reason alone it won’t happen. It is everywhere, oldest profession on earth, but China would need to take its proverbial head out of its proverbial ass (as would many other county’s) in order for prostitution to become legal. But here for other reasons it wont happen. The police just like their bribes too damn much in China.

    • Josh

      You’re assuming the Chinese government is this monolithic entity that acts cohesively where the central government is completely in cohoots with the local government, when the truth is anything but. The central government has always been the first to slap some bitches around when they get out of line. Besides, the police can think of new ways to extort bribes from working girls — if they can’t then they probably don’t deserve the job they have.

      Taking bribes to look the other way on licensing fees and STD checks comes to mind.

  • Castro

    ” These women behind the store windows? Dreams, sir, dreams at bargain prices, a trip to the Indies! These people perfume themselves with spices. You enter, they close the curtains, and the trip begins. The gods descend on the nude bodies and the islands drift, demented, with the tousled hair of palm trees in the breeze. ”

    Albert Camus

  • Fman

    The smartest thing that the Chinese could be accused of doing in the past 500 years… Legalize it!

  • Guy who came by

    Heh, first they put this proposal under “consideration”, then they will heroically deny it, so that the Chinese people, who are against it (the vast majority) will praise their government … classic move

  • Dr. Dust Cell

    “Pink houses” are already EVERYWHERE in Hangzhou. Low-end ones (~Y50 for a ‘job to hundreds for a happy ending) can be found in almost every block, and high-end ones (~thousand to thousands of yuan) are concentrated around the Yellow Dragon Stadium beside West Lake.

    The law turns a ‘blind eye’ to their existence. Cops on motorcycles can be seen ogling the interior whenever they pass by, and it’s always amusing whenever a bus stops right beside one due to traffic.

    I wouldn’t recommend them though, nor would many of the locals (taxi drivers to club bouncers to supermarket checkout clerks) for this one reason: “有性病”

    • staylost

      Hangzhou Pride!

      We’ve got the killer whores with the killer diseases! Burn stacks of cash and blow you to pieces – drink the Longjing bitch – come and count the reasons. What? You from Shanghai? Fuck you faggots! – Oh damn, I’ve got that itch – find me down by the ‘Yellow Dragons’. Sexy ladies for me, White Snake for the Wu.

      Got that Hangzhou Pride!

      • snicker


  • hooots

    “In this area, China used to be at the forefront of the world, why are we now going backwards?”

    ummm …Really???

  • Uncle Sam

    No one forced these girls to selling their bodies. Legalize it.

  • B

    Prostitution and drugs should be legalized . It is easier to control this way, to get a good view how wide spread it is , in both cases the drug addict and the prostitute would feel safe to come out, seek help, maintain better health, create trust and the best part is taking away the criminals monopoly . It will severely damage the drug and prostitute traffic . Of course some regulation it doesn’t mean that the society just stops to care, but instead shift focus from the symptom ( prostitutes , drug addicts) and instead focus on the actual diseas the root of the problem , my two cents.

    • Chinkicide

      In a different way, but I agree with you. Legalization of both would speed up the spread of fatal diseases, radically decrease the amount of these hominids in short time,
      In Ruili it works well.
      Those who have minimum standards wouldn’t touch a female chinese species anyway, thus not in danger.

      • mr. wiener


      • Dave in Macau

        Errr, I think the problem in Ruili is actually that it is still not legal.
        Anyway I know what you are trying to say, and you are both incorrect and a dick.

  • Bruce Tutty

    Is China worried about its morality…really??

  • typingfromwork

    Legalise? Probably not. The Chinese brothels of the dynastic era were pretty awful places where women were literally traded like slaves. It won’t take long before some murky system like that develops, no matter how much of an official sheen you put on top to make it appear legit. Granted the current system is exactly like that- but at least it doesn’t have legal status and people caught doing this shit cannot wriggle out of it easily.

    It’s good to debate about it and find a solution that’s better than the current one though. China does have a huge and growing (hehe LOL) prostitution problem.

  • Meh

    I don’t know what to think about this. More tourism for China? Foreigners are going to have a field day with this.

  • sm


  • Hello

    Legalize it? my small street in shanghai near zhongshan is very very small and there is at least 4-5 low to upscale spa/massage parlors and we all know that not only your feet get rubbed… i hate it that my chinese friends think that china (talking about sex) is full cleanliness when you can pull your dick at every street corner…
    So no need to legalize it, its already here, just stop bursting up on a guy trying to get a load off and stop humiliating these poor girls who have no other choice than this because if she is not tall, no wide eyes and pointy nose, she cant get a job, dont get me started on if she has not finished school then she knows a 100% that her life will suck for the rest of her life…reply me in a negative way if you want but you know in your stupid stinky mind (foreigner or chinese) that all i said is true and if you dare to reply then you have a blanket over your eyes which is actually sad for nowadays cause u r late!!!…
    wow!! I am crazy..dont even know how i got angry…hahahaha!!!!

  • I SUPPORT LEGSALISATION, but my only concern is what if events like this happen just like in america:

    • your fucking retarded.

    • GodsHammer

      Wow, you’re stupid.

    • notorious

      right, and there no white rapists in america. Sigh.

      And why are white men ALWAYS pedophiles and serial killers and hunters? Also, what is the relevancy of your video?

      • notorious

        no offense to the white brothers here, just making a point that any psycho can be a rapist.

        speaking of rape, have any of you guys ever read that report from human rights watch about prison rape? Wow, heart breaking letters from scores of prisoners talking about being assaulted and some of them getting aids. worth reading and it’s an eye opener.

        • A GUY

          Why is the header on the video about the races of the two rapists. I feel for this girl, but whoever put the title on is inciting racial tension. Claiming you are protecting the women folk has always been the quickest way to justify violence and hate.

          Real title of your post:

          Birth of a retardation!!!!

          PS: what does that have to do with legalizing prostitution, if anything legalization would lessen these sorts of instances.

        • Justin

          I’ve actually read another report in my sociology of criminal justice class in college based on an empirical study and not anecdotal evidence that the majority of sex in prison is consensual despite popular belief to the contrary. (Saum et. al 1995)

          • mr. wiener

            Cool article, thanks mate.

      • donscarletti

        Stop getting trolled and stop drawing these forums into some race war that most of us have absolutely no part in.

        I have no idea what was in that Youtube video because I don’t have a VPN set up, maybe it was some full on Birth of a Nation KKK propaganda, it’s not relevant. What is relevant is that if you reply to hate with hate, you’re just part of the racism of this world.

    • bscalled

      let’s see… a single, white girl hanging out with 2 black guys – no – no way, they wouldn’t even think of having sex with her under any circumstances. even if they were all at home drinking alcohol and partying, getting high together, or whatever, those 2 black guys wouldn’t touch her cute, little, white, ass.

      • notorious

        i don’t know if everybody thinks that a girl is so damned ‘irresistable’ that someone would lose it and start raping them lmao. an opportunist will rape any woman. it’s not about attraction it’s about power and abuse. secondly, it’s not the black guys coming on to white women. these topics are annoying because white guys who complain about this think black guys go after white women when it’s usually the other way around with women coming on to them. like, my brother had his first blow job from a white girl who said, “please let me do this for you”. He was stunned, told me about it when he came home from a party. the same thing happened to my nephew who was 16 and still a virgin when he was left alone with an 18 year old white girl. he walked away still a virgin, but having had his first sexual situation because she gave him a blow job. they couldn’t continue when his uncle came home. even worse, the woman was the daughter of my uncle’s girlfriend.

        most of you guys blame the black guys for hooking up with white women but from what i know it’s the other way around. im not trying to speak ill on white girls, i just happen to think they are extremely sexually attracted to black men.

        white women chase black men because they refuse to let white men control their sexuality, their reproductive habits (like birth control/abortion) and they certainly won’t allow white men to tell them who they are allowed to screw. They like black men because black men are taboo and are also easier to control financially than a white male who is used to being the head of household.

        some of you guys don’t know what really go on behind closed doors because a white woman would never share that with you. they love black penis but black men are always getting blamed.

        i have nothing against interracial couples. but it’s a little irritating sometimes because i see more black men/white women couples than i see black men/black women couples. in fact, where i live people do a double take when they see a normal looking black couple walking together. that’s how rare it is. here, black men and white women are a commonly married couple. they go after each other and there’s nothing you can do about it.

        • notorious

          writing my opinion on this subject makes me feel dirty and i just want to forget it now. wishes for delete button. lol

        • mr. wiener

          You kind of lost me in the middle of your argument..”White women chase black men because they refuse to let white men control their sexuality…”
          ….Ummm ok if you say so.
          I think what you are trying to say is it’s a money thing? White guys got the money and the power. White chicks will marry white guys [for the money and security], but use black guys as sexual playthings as they lack the power[financial] and can be controlled right?
          Personally I think people screw other people for all sorts of reasons. Real life is seldom easy to catagorise.

          • notorious

            Mr. Weiner I think you got the jist of what I was saying. the things is, black men don’t get in their business, they are there for o ne reason and know their place when it comes to white women which is to keep them sexually satisfied. they keep their relationships simple. feed me, fuck me, sweet talk me, and an occassional “support my dreams” is what they want. end of story.

            that being said, i don’t know what goes on in relationships between white women and white men. they seem to have good partnerships or it could be the same as a relationship with a black man though i doubt its some superficial ‘the world is against our love’ bullshit that helps them bond. What I do know is that they HATE each other when they get divorced. all i keep thinking is, what went so horribly wrong that these people are treating each other this way?

          • mr. wiener

            I think all divorces suck. more so when you have more to lose.

            Oh, and I dare say your nephew wasn’t thinking “I’m being used as a sexual spitoon” after he got felated, it was probably more like “YeeHa!!”. We men are simple animals after all.

          • notorious

            that is true about divorce. i thi nk out of all interracial dating white women and black men make up the biggest group so it irritates me when i see guys come here and try to portray black men as rapists or as drooling over white women when i would honestly state i n my openly in the u.s. white women pursue black men very aggressively and i think the guys who come here can’t handle it so they complain. i don’t think this situation is as prevalent in places like australia or the uk as it is here in the u .s. a. one more thing…

            black men gravitate toward white women or non-black women because they are so often raised by single mothers. in doing so, they don’t see black women in two ways… as completely unappealing sexually because they were disciplined exclusively by black women because of the lack of father in the household. it’s easier to gravitate towards a woman who is completely different from the person who was an intense authority figure in their lives.

            the alternative is that, they see every woman as a whore except their mothers. hence, loyalty to her, refusing to marry any woman, even the ones who bear their children.

          • notorious

            if you can make sense of what i wrote, i will give you a reward lmao.

          • mr. wiener

            Inter-racial relations in Oz have always largely been about Asians. Our aboriginals whom we fucked over three ways from Sunday make up a negligable part of our population and hardly at all on the East coast where most of our population centres are.
            I can makes sense of what you wrote and thank you for your honesty.

          • notorious

            thanks mr. weiner. i re-read what i wrote and it was a bit nonsensical. i’m just waiting to fall off to sleep after a long day. i generally become slightly incoherent at this time lol.

        • Snarl

          Some research has been conducted by the Pew and other organizations about this, and I could cite them, but just speaking in anecdotes, white women are clearly attracted to black men and vice versa. Conversely, black women almost exclusively pursue black men. This produces a left-over scenario for black women, which is a little bit unfortunate for them, but c’est la vie. However, there comes a double standard when accusing white men of “yellow fever” when they’re attracted to Asian women, who are clearly attracted to white men (somewhere around 31% of Asian females who married in the US in 2010, married to white men. See Pew research for details). So with that said, I have nothing against white women going interracial, but I have everything against double standards. I know you didn’t have this double standard in your post, but I’m pointing this out more to make the point in general.
          As for the reasons you give for why white girls go for black guys, you’re just talking out of your arse there. I’m not going to argue about it, but it’s a little bit annoying to read, because otherwise you seem like an intelligent guy.
          Congrats to your nephew, by the way.

          • mr. wiener

            The dude is a lady.
            Double congrats to the nephew , at 16 too the lucky swine! :)

          • notorious

            snarl, im a woman lol but no congrats to the nephew. i was a little disgusted and avoided him the rest of his visit. the whole thing = gross to me. black women exclusively pursue black men, i believe they fear being rejected by other men. if you ask them about a white man or any other race they will become beligerant and declare their undying love for black men. i always say, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

            men traditionally are the ones who keep the institution of racism alive so are less likely to date outside of their races than their female counterparts. especially if she’s black. black women know this and subconsciously would rather not deal with the rejection. i think, a woman’s ego is too fragile.

          • mr. wiener

            Maybe not the type of thing you want your aunty to hear.
            As to the other thing: Dung Xiao Ping said: “It doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white, Just so long as it catches mice”.
            I still say: “I never met a pussy I didn’t like” :)

          • Snarl

            notorious, you make a few incendiary claims for which you have absolutely no evidence.

            1. “men traditionally are the ones who keep the institution of racism alive” — If you haven’t noticed, your comments in this thread are helping to keep the institution of racism alive. The literature on this subject would suggest that both men and women are equally likely to be racist. However, in my experience, women have consistently shown to be more negatively prejudiced on the basis of race than men.

            2. “so are less likely to date outside of their races than their female counterparts.” — Pew polling statistics have found the opposite, that women are less likely to date outside of their race than men. Many reports have been compiled on this data or parts of it; you can read one here:

            3. “especially if she’s black. black women know this and subconsciously would rather not deal with the rejection.” — So black women exclusively pursue black men because non-black men don’t pursue black women? Rubbish. Non-black men do pursue black women. Black women are generally the bottom of the American dating pool, as a group, and so they don’t always have high-status guys pursuing them, but perhaps for reasons of racial prejudice (what? women can be racist too?), or market failure they don’t pursue these suitors. There are many potential explanations for the dynamic; however, the reasons you chose are perhaps some of the worst.

          • notorious

            Snarl, you contradicted yourself. You said:

            “Non-black men do pursue black women.”

            and “Black women are generally the bottom of the American dating pool, as a group”.

            Black women in interracial relationships make up less than .001% of couples while black men are much higher. Men are traditionally more racist than women. I don’t think anything I’ve written is racist. Incendiary, or controversial, yes. But racist, no. Truth cannot be racist. Men of EVERY RACE are traditionally more racist than women. They create it, and enforce it. The only time interracial relations occur between group A majority and minority group B without a problem is when someone from group A is taking a woman from the minority group B which no one in the majority group will disagree with UNLESS it’s the other way around. Minority group B cannot have a woman from Majority group A.

            Men of other races traditionally don’t pursue black women because they are afraid of being ostracized by their peers and they are afraid of what people will think. They fear black women don’t like them and ultimate embarrassment and rejection. And again, men are the enforcers of racial separation so they are least likely to encourage relationships with black women. They don’t know how to approach black women – for one, a black woman will never, ever approach you since black women prefer men to be the aggressors as far as pursuing relationships. They are too proud.

          • Snarl

            You are starting off on the wrong foot:

            Snarl, you contradicted yourself. You said:
            “Non-black men do pursue black women.”
            and “Black women are generally the bottom of the American dating pool, as a group”.

            That’s not a contradiction. It’s true. Think about what that means: as a group, black women have the lowest quality choices with potential suitors out of every female race-group. Again, it’s unfortunate that’s the way things are, but I didn’t make the rules. To dispute the veracity of this claim, you would have to take your issue up with the Pew Research Center.

            This comment is incendiary and baseless:

            “Men are traditionally more racist than women. ”

            You will need to cite a credible source when making a claim such as this, otherwise it is only divisive and serves no useful purpose in discourse. The rest of your comment hinges on this claim.

            Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but women are half the picture in who dates whom.

            Food for thought:
            This article talks about how mothers exert greater influence than fathers on the political and religious beliefs of their children:
            Where do you think racism starts?

          • notorious

            Snarl, maybe I am misunderstanding your statement, but if men of all groups are pursuing black women there would not be such a disparity in the dating pool for black women. There would be a greater variety.

            I agree that black women have fewer options. But it’s only because men choose not to pursue them and black men divide their partnerships with women of all races resulting in even fewer options.

            As to who is racist. First define racism. It is acting on one’s prejudice or bigotry. I didn’t say that fewer women were racist, but I believe that men are in general, the creators and enforcers of racism and sexism. How can I be wrong, based on what has happened in history? This is just my opinion. So I won’t have any sources to cite for you.

          • Snarl

            “This is just my opinion.”

            You’re entitled to your opinions, but you may find that it communicates better to preface your more controversial opinions with “I think” or “in my opinion.” Simply saying “Group A are traditionally more ____ than Group B” is generally how facts and theories are communicated. That said, we can respectfully and thoroughly disagree on all points and leave it at that.

            To reply to your comment “if men of all groups are pursuing black women there would not be such a disparity in the dating pool for black women,” there certainly can be. Men of all race groups do pursue black women, but statistics show (and I’ll cite some sources for this later if necessary) that these men are generally of lower socioeconomic standing than non-black men who pursue and marry non-black women. That is why black women have fewer quality options, but not necessarily fewer quantity options.

          • notorious

            I disagree. Men of other races do not pursue black women. Teenagers do, as I dated outside of my race through my teen years but adult men I think it is safe to say are afraid of crossing some social barriers. I am a black woman. An attractive one with a great career. I know women from every economic level who are black and not one of them has ever had an adult male of another race approach them.

            My daughter has been was asked out by boys who were not black (One white, another Hmong) and only one biracial black kid. She declined them all.

            I’ve had men talk to me and show interest but they never follow through. I’m hard to read, and I’m sure that’s off putting but overall, having spent my entire life around black women who are attractive and some not so traditionally attractive, I can only account for two who were married to men who were not black. I have two married friends, the rest are all single.

            Trust me, from experience, men of other races do not approach black women in any manner at any time. One of my two friends who was married to a non black male was married to someone who had previously been in prison. So it wasn’t like he was a good catch. But that’s the point you were making, that non black men from a lower socioeconomic status date black women. Even that’s not true. It’s extremely rare.

          • eattot

            i like you, because you are very real too.

          • Snarl

            “from experience, men of other races do not approach black women in any manner at any time. […] non black men from a lower socioeconomic status date black women. Even that’s not true. It’s extremely rare.”

            It’s unfortunate that you’ve had that experience, but what I have observed is quite different. Certainly, in Balkanized cities, where blacks are highly segregated from other race groups, the chances of a non-black entering the dating market of a black neighborhood is slim, but that’s just as much a matter of exposure and barriers to entry as it is lack of interest. However, my most revealing experiences have been in cities where neighborhoods are more racially diverse. In more diverse neighborhoods, more interracial couples form, including with black women. To better understand what goes on in the dating world, an analogy can be drawn to the analysis of why women make 75 cents per every dollar males make. If you run the numbers without any consideration of what inputs are in them, then you can make any argument you want about it, but you’d be comparing apples to oranges. A better analysis would compare people with the same job skills, educational backgrounds, human networks, and other background factors. Economists have found that with these considerations, women earn 98 cents for every dollar men make. In interracial dating, the same factors are quite necessary to account for.
            Now, with that said, you may have noticed that I never said that just as many men approach black women as other races. I’m quite certain that it is less. That does not preclude non-black men from approaching them though. When I have observed white men hitting on black women, I consistently see a culture gap that is much wider than what whites experience with other race groups. This may help to explain why fewer of them end up marrying.

          • donscarletti

            You have all been trolled by “themig” who brought up something with nothing to do with this thread. Please, for the love of god stop replying.

          • notorious

            I’m pretty sure that there is less interracial dating in segregated urban areas. But I can assure you that it does not happen whether you are in a segregated urban metropolis or culturally diverse city. The city I live in is a predominately white college town (ranked #1 best city in the U.S. by Money Magazine 3 times). I work in the epi-center of the city, by the capital and live ten minutes away from it as well. So I am surrounded by people from different cultures. We all interact and spend time with each other socially. My brother’s fiance is white, they have a baby. My sons both date non black girls (both of them latina). So I am surrounded by diversity.

            I should not pretend that guys don’t approach me. But they are all in their 20s and every date I have been on has been with foreigners. But i wouldn’t date a foreigner because I know some of them want greencards (like an african guy I went on a few dates with was already talking marriage! Some of them have secret wives in Africa). If he’s american, he’s usually toothless. Which is insulting enough for me to wonder, if he really thought he had a chance or did he think I was desperate?

            I realise that guys in my age group are mostly married, which reduces my options even more.

            I asked my sons why they haven’t had a black girlfriend yet. They said black girls are annoying because they “play too much” or the pretty ones reject them for example, the girls have said saying they only date older guys or thugs lol. I don’t know if these are excuses to save face from dating non-black girls when they know how much I disapprove.

            I told them, if they get married one day and have children with a woman who is not black, I will not favor those kids as much as I favor whoever is married to a black woman and has a child that is black.

            But, if my daughter is married to someone who is not black, I will still favor her child equally because I know she has fewer options so I will like her children regardless of whether they are biracial or not. Of course I would love them all, but will show a bit more favor for my black grandchildren. I’m only 37 but I’m thinking ahead!

            When I told this to my sons, they said I was “Bogus” (teenager speak for being “unfair”). But I see it this way… any non-black off spring would have the advantage of being half-white or half-some other race in a world that favors white people or biracial black people. So I would use my power to give any of my grand children who are black every social advantage. Hopefully that will discourage the boys from having serious relationships with non-black women. They claim they don’t like white women, but truthfully, they only date latina girls.

            Funny though. In the urban area I grew up, black women are constantly praised and voraciously pursued. So it was a bit of culture shock to move to a city like the one I live in now, where we are completely ignored. The problem with an urban city is that the men are not my equal socially or economically and as a result, have social or mental problems and thus, unable to maintain stable relationships with women, without the relationship suffering egregious domestic problems.

            So we’re basically damned if we do, damned if we don’t. Bear in mind, I haven’t kissed a man since 2005, much less gone any further than that in more than ten years. So now I’m just weird and forgot how to interact with men. Also an issue.

            Sigh. See all the shit us girls go through lol

        • A GUY

          Anything can be about how white men control people in your eyes. Maybe they like the way black guys look or act, think that they are cool, or just want to make their daddies pissed off. The statement that white girls just love black penis is retarded, can’t you see that they may just fall in love with black men. It seems that you want it to be a strictly sexual thing and that black men are just using white chicks for sex. The reason why black guys so often have the chance to bone white chicks may be because white women just like to have sex with all sorts of men, and if you have a majority of the population trying out a group of men that only comprise 13% of the population you will have those men getting tried at a faster rate. (I know that doesn’t happen with Asians as much but I think that is due to racism and a traditional belittling of Asian men in pop culture, but that tide is turning and I know lots of Asian guys riding the white lightning) Some women really do have a black fetish, like some men have Asian or Black fetishes. I have been with all types of girls and find that in the end they are all women. When I got married it had nothing to do with race. Maybe black girls should try other men and get over their racism. Point of fact since the mid 1980’s they have been, with the rate of black women marrying white and asian men increasing steadily. In the end only about 5% of black people married white people, and .4% of whites to black people. So even if it was due to the pervasiveness of black penis worship, it’s only about one in 250 white girls getting taken from white guys, and one in 25 black guys taken away from black women. I am happy when I see interracial couples cause I know they will make beautiful babies that will bridge racial divides for two families forcing them to see that the other is just like them.

          And yes I know I rambled and that I got trolled but it feels good to say this cause i’m tired of people reading too much into interracial sex. They are two people making love for love or horniness just like two people of the same race. Get your politics out of it, and don’t get butt-hurt because your not getting any.

          • notorious

            hey eattot thanks! I like you too. I think we’re both very real women and sometimes we make these guys squirm with our observations lol.


            We have gotten way off topic here, I agree with some of the other posters. But oh well.

            I don’t believe white women or any other women ignore Asian men. If you have ever lived in or visited California, Asian men get all kinds of booty and women, of any race. It depends on the location. Like I said, in one city, guys voraciously pursue me but the second I cross the border to my home town I’m invisible. Part of it is local culture. For example, black people in Chicago are very self aware and very pro black and LOVE black women but in my current city there is less self awareness and more diversity so men tend to date outside of their race while ignoring their own.

            An Asian man in California or even further to boundaries of a place like Las Vegas will find many women available to him if he isn’t shy. Especially if he has what the kids call “swag” so, there are a lot of other factors involved with how Asian men get along with women in the States.

            Some people fall in love and it has nothing to do with race. That’s true and probably more common than not. So I agree with you. But when I see black guys where I live go through life without ever having a single black girlfriend, ie, every woman they have dated is white, then something is wrong. To use my own brother for example, he cheats on his white fiance with a litany of clueless black women. He’s a cheater, and he’s also using vulnerable black women for sex knowing he will never enter a serious arrangement with them. He’s a womanizer. Sex is the only thing AMERICAN black men think black women are good for. But that’s not black man’s fault, black women are to blame for giving the milk away for free. NO need to buy the cow, right? I also recall one professor (a black woman) telling the class (it was a sociology course) that single black women subconsciously use black men as sperm donors. They know they won’t get married so they allow themselves to become pregnant and are often satisfied/content with raising their children alone. It’s nearly every woman’s desire to have children so black women will do it without husbands if they need to. They’re extremely vulnerable.

          • notorious

            oh and p.s. I’m not “butt-hurt” for not getting any. I can walk outside my door and find a man to fuck in five seconds if I wanted. i simply choose to keep my legs close for the right man. And when I do, I will unleash a unholy hell of passion on him hahaha

          • A GUY

            sorry the butt hurt comment was for everyone but it did seem directed only at you.
            I do notice that black men seem to not do well with marriage, i don’t know if I would venture to say that they are all only after sex. I know many black men that are romantic, and good husbands, but the majority I meet are not. I would just like to put it out there that when white men and black women marry they are less likely to divorce than two white people and way less likely than two black people. I’m sure that there are lots of White guys that would like to make you a wife, but good luck anyways finding the right person is a-lot of luck and effort regardless of racial issues.

          • notorious

            Hey guy no worries about your comment, you seem like a well intentioned human being. And for the record I am not looking for a white husband. I don’t a white person to find happiness.

            The right person will come when he comes. I don’t know what race he will be and don’t care as long as he has a good heart and is willing to accept all the love I have to give and is willing to give it in return.

  • dim mak

    I oppose.

    While I can see the benefits in some European countries, this system does not fit Chinese society. China is a huge, ultracapitalist place. Meaning whatever CAN be taken advantage of, WILL be taken advantage of. There must be a million gray-area/abusive practices that could be associated with legalized prostitution, and I’m afraid in China they will be abused to their full extent.

  • Pingback: Chinese politician suggests legalizing prostitution()

  • notorious

    do you think that women are in some way, prostituting themselves in looking for a wealthy husband or a husband who can support them financially? for example, if i said i would never date a man with no money, only a rich guy for me. would that make the woman a prostitute in a different way?

    • dim mak

      Now you know why they say prostitution is the oldest profession. To be fair men also trade their money for hot wives, so it works both ways.

      • notorious

        I love this retort by donald’ trump’s wife when a reporter asked her “would you marry donald trump if he wasn’t rich?” to which she replied “Would donald trump marry me if I wasn’t beautiful?”

        i was like, n ice come back lol

      • mr. wiener

        I heard of a study they were doing to see if they could get chimpanzes to use money. The researchers would take the chimps from their compound and give them chits [plastic casino chips I think] with which the chimps could then exchange for food and treats, Later they would get the chimps to do simple tasks in exchange for the chits.
        Some of the chimps smuggled the chits back to the central compound where they exchanged them with other chimps usually for sex……Apparently it is the worlds oldest profession. No mention if other chimps were acting as pimps though.[chimp pimps !?] . I would love to get confirmation of this story, but it does sound feasible :)

  • Foreign Devil

    It should be legalized and promoted in Chinese tourism brochures. . China has the potential to beat Thailand for sex tourism. WHen I was working there I’d bike past about 10 red light massage parlors everyday. In Canada you only see the occasional strung out independent hooker. . and they all look horrible! But Chinese one’s usually look pretty hot (at least from afar).

  • My Name is Lee

    Legalization can lead to more regulation, control and laws to protect the workers. Licenses are needed to keep things under control.
    But it will be greed and corruption that fxcks up the system again.

  • jiayi

    Solution – homosexuality! At least 10% of men are gay regardless of nationality, so if China becomes more tolerant, more Chinese men would come out and stop getting married when they are obviously gay just for face, there would be enough women to go around. Problem solved, everybody wins.

    • Shanghairen

      It’s not 10%, moron.

      • jiayi

        Well it fucking should be.


    A reply to zzrm:
    Uhh…legalising it will only allow the sex workers to work
    independantly. The traficcing only comes in picture when it is illegal and the sex workers are afraid to face the law when they have any problems.
    Maybe you should start thinking from your brain and not your balls. And also speak form your mouth and not your anus.
    I am sorry to say that you are one dumb fool…


    Actually prostitution should be leagalised so that desperate sex workers will not get gharassed by cops.
    I have seen with my bare eyes a police officer outside Garden hotel(guangzhou) beating the crap out of the female sex workers on the streets…..shameless men…Maybe thats why chinese girls like foreign men !!!
    Therer are black people selling drugs outside garden hotel in front of police officers…..and no one does anything about it !!!!!
    Can someone go and film these balck people selling drugs out side garden hotel in front of police officers and put it on the net ?????



  • jeffli

    but the evils would be less under government control.

    You really think that? With this govt.? See how they employ thugs to bash and chase peasants off their land just as they get self sufficient?

    I mean ….. who’s birthday is it today? There is no hope!

    The German system in Hamburg seems to be ok.

    But under Chinese government control? did you crack your head on the door frame?
    Have a look around you…..the whole Country is as messy as a Rwandan brothel! they can’t even make a tarmac road without western supervision to keep projects on the straight and narrow.
    You idiots are dreaming!
    poor John.

  • Eidolon

    Legalizing prostitution implies accepting the practice as moral. I don’t think this is healthy for any society. The sex trade is as shady as they come and government intervention by a corrupt government won’t change that. Rather than speed up the spread of STDs in China, I’d rather they informed people more about the problems and dangers of prostitution – that is the best way to keep decent people away. As for the dregs of society, including the dregs at the upper levels of government, they can get STDs and go fuck themselves.

  • Irvin

    I’ve been only gone for a week and I’ve missed THIS????

    OH YES YES YES! LEGALIZE IT!!!!! or don’t……it never stopped anyone anyway. But it would be great not having to go to dongguan everytime I need some professional service. lol

  • Rule of Thumb, sometimes it is easier to make it legal and regulate into oblivion that it is to make it illegal and chase it for decades on end.

  • mike

    So what?
    This is not a big deal. With so many hookers around. Why shouldnt they make it legal? That way there are licensing and better conditions for them. They will do it regardless if its legal or not. so why not make it better for them?
    I mean, do they pay taxes on their income?
    I dislike to visit these types of girls, there are just too many nice women out there, and to me it is unsafe.

    But, even if its not made legal it will continue.

    What should be made illegal is that the ugly should not be allowed in this business haha

    • mr. wiener

      if there were no ugly chicks you’d never get laid Mike.

  • notorious

    i personally don’t think there is anything wrong with a fair exchange for money and sex as long as the woman is in control. when i was 18 i dated a drug dealer who gave me money. i was a student at the time. i was his peace of mind away from all the crazy stuff he had to deal with. he bought things for me, it was fun. a little dangerous. but as a result of being around me, he turned his life around and now works as a government employee. he’s been there for twelve or thirteen years now ha.

    a harmless outcome for all.

  • Legalizing prostitution *might* result in a safer working condition for women. Personally, I do not think the general public should be the ones being asked, I wonder what the men and women who work as prostitutes have to say about it.

  • Dogbert

    Nice girls, sad fate.

    Who is the pig-faced fatty woman with short hair at the beginning of the article? Women with short hair look like men.

  • steve

    works well in Thailand have a look go to Pattaya and have some fun lol 200 rmb a go good for you and good for the girls as well everyone comes out a winner

    • mr. weiner

      Pattaya?….esh!.If I was Thai and saw some fat 60 year old German tourist with a 12 tear old I’d shoot the bastard. Sorry to give the Germans a bad rap, but it was all I seemed to see there…….vomit vomit.

  • bert

    You people are commenting on legalizing and regulating something in CHINA?! Ha! Do any of you actually live here. What, if anything, is actually regulated in this place? Doctors will just be paid off to report that all their ladies are nice and clean. This is a joke whether it is a legalized or not. They need to learn the rule of law before they can even get off the pot.

    Look how this local thinks,

    “Support, Singapore is an example of where it is legal, where it is licensed, and I think its not bad, solves the physiological issues of foreign personnel.”

    Yeah right, most of the millions of pros in China are rented by foreign personnel?
    Does this guy think that China can manage anything like Singapore?

  • [email protected]

    :) If legalized, I’m sure some guys could also make quite a lot of money. Lets face it, while hubby is at the ‘sauna’ maybe wifey could be taking private “dance” lessons.

    • mr. weiner

      Then they would have to legislate that hubby wears a green hat [and not because it’s St Patrick’s day begora!]

  • Tie Ridge

    Why is it if women like to prostitut them self and it such a good job why do they hide there faces. Sell your body sell your soul.

  • Fathom

    Be pragmatic.The world’s oldest profession will continue to exist,even how advanced the countries are, in the world, no matterwhat..It is naive and simplistic to think it will disappear.With licensed brothels, the authorities can better manage it and the same time the taxes will be put to better use instead of filling the pockets of shady underworld figures.

  • ShanghaiGirl

    Everyone knows prostitution is ongoing in China. Any woman who’s ever had a massage there can tell the girls are trained in one thing- and it has nothing to do with legitimate spa services.
    While it’s illegal the prostitutes have no protection under the law and face abuse by law enforcement, customers, and pimps. I don’t know how I feel about legalizing it, but the girls should have rights and protection like anyone else. Few of them chose that field of their own volition; rather life and circumstance has lead them there. They need protection too.

  • MAX


  • Dr SUN

    Men usually are all for it, for obvious reasons.
    Most women dead against it as it destroys “princess power” over monogamy, marriage, house, cars, etc..etc.

  • kodi

    HAHA this is such a funny one! Please show me where police are enforcing anti prostitution policies in China? What a joke! If there are prostitution raids then I will bet that it is because another prostitution ring is using their relationship to eliminate competition and the authorities or either getting kickbacks for protection or simply sacking a scapegoat simply to look like they are upholding the law. If there are no prostitutes in China then where will all the losers,bosses, and emigrant workers go to have sex when they are not crying over their pubes outgrowing their 小弟弟?

    Call it what it is…………. prostitution whether it is legal or not is simply not being policed. If it were legal perhaps it could be regulated and made safer for both the girls and the customers. What guy in his right mind would go to have sex with prostitutes? Guys who are into Russian Roulette?

    • Where prostitution is developed, as in the Geylang area of Singapore, there is a 4 C’s policy, where kissing is discouraged, cunnilingus is discouraged, cleanliness (as in pre-massage showering) is critical, and finally condoms are mandatory. As you say, legalise and regulate. Err on the side of caution and assume that each and every full massage will result in talcummed thighs, erection, and the exchange of money – this is reality.

      • Balotelli2012

        How you know this Lol? other than your source using the prostitute service?

  • Plotter

    fuck this prostitution,no legalisation-my opinion.China is the onliest place in the world where its not legal and Im here thats why.

  • alex_lyan

    Prostitutions should be legalaized. There are prostitutes not only in China, but in all countries, even in muslim countries. So, do you think prohibition will stop girls going out to earn money by selling sex? No, it will not stop!!! Better legalize, give them medical and insurance certificates, control them on timely basis by making them go to hospital for weekly or monthly examination. Prosititution will be controlled, but if not legalized, then country will face a lot of crime, HIV, human trafficking, rape, black money, and many other not good outcomes.

    • In the kingdom of head choppers? They would chop off any parts as a warning!!!

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