Legalization of Prostitution NPC Proposal, Chinese Reactions

Chinese prostitutes hiding their face during a police bust.

Chinese prostitutes hiding their face from the camera.

From Tianya:

China National People's Congress representative Chi Susheng, proposed the legalization of prostitution.

Do you support “legalizing prostitution”?

During this year’s “Lianghui” [English: “Two Meetings” or “Two Sessions”, the annual meeting of the NPC and CPPCC], there were plenty of rather controversial proposals and motions that have without exception attracted the attention of the numerous netizens, such as delegates suggesting the drafting of “criminalizing denial of the Nanjing Massacre” and making the Spring Festival Gala a comprehensive arts and entertainment show lasting 7 days. National People’s Congress representative and Heilongjiang Susheng Law Office director Chi Susheng’s suggestion of legalizing prostitution stood out even more from the rest, successfully attracting our attention, once again causing a contentious collision between human rights and public morals.

Chinese prostitutes hiding their face from the camera.

Comments from Tianya:


If a girl is raped, the rapist leaves 100 yuan behind, the girl reports it to the police, and the rapist claims the girl consented to selling sex, what then?


In some places, it is legal. The excuse for where it is illegal has instead become a method for some authorities to make money, so why not demarcate some districts where it is legal? It is both easier to manage and it solves a lot of social problems.


Licensed [prostitution]. Professionalism and peace of mind.


Many evils begin with licentiousness, so its better to not [legalize prostitution].

May I ask who is willing to have one’s own mother, sisters, daughter undertake sex work?
Who is willing to have one’s own father, brothers, son go visit prostitutes?

Chinese society has truly become degenerate, for an aunty to actually suggest this kind of thing.


I express support of this. Tell me, where isn’t there the phenomenon of prostitution? Many places just treat it with one eye open and one eye closed, where the police even extract benefits from it, nakedly ruining society’s atmosphere. Just legalize it, and it’ll help prevent the spread of some diseases. Otherwise, you want China’s 30 million men who can’t find wives resort to rape?


Legalizing prostitution will only lead to even more human trafficking of females forced into prostitution, and even more young girls will be devastated!! How many of the females in prostitution in the old society were willing?


Forced prostitution and voluntary prostitution are two entirely different types of behavior. The former is criminal, and the latter should be legalized. Providing sexual services as a method of earning a living needs the law’s protection.


What kind of people’s representative is this?!!! Have her mother, her sisters, and her own daughter sell sex to the entire country’s people! Only this will make her happy!!!


Support legalization of prostitution. They too are providing labor and resources for a return, which is more worthy of respect than the great majority of civil servants.

Acknowledging the legal status of those who have taken a wrong step in life is also a sort of progress in human rights.

Taking a step further, legalizing prostitution is also a sort of safeguarding of the people’s sexual freedom.

What’s more, will people stop visiting prostitutes and selling sex if you don’t legalize it? Since keeping mistresses and whatnot aren’t illegal, finding a prostitute is simply a short-term mistress, there’s no basic difference, both are females or males providing paid sexual services for remuneration. With prostitution being illegal while keeping mistresses is unrestricted, this is the law slapping its own mouth.


The person making this proposal should be imprisoned! In this area, China used to be at the forefront of the world, why are we now going backwards?

Do we start allowing murder by saying murder can be used to reduce the population!?

Truly fucking pig-brained!


Support, Singapore is an example of where it is legal, where it is licensed, and I think its not bad, solves the physiological issues of foreign personnel.


Actually, regardless of how this represented raises the proposal, it won’t be adopted, but that doesn’t mean prostitution will be put to an end.

Maintaining the current situation, if you have money, you can find both cheap and high-end [prostitutes]. The government sometimes cracking down on it and sometimes turning a blind eye is the government’s consistent pattern of behavior, both not offending people and solving a part of the problem.

If it is legalized, many traditional Chinese people will definitely be disappointed with the government. Putting an end to it completely, well that’s impossible.

May I ask, what country doesn’t have hookers these days?


Gambling and women are both things people want…so just legalize them.


Legalizing prostitution will bring new problems, but these are all problems with progress, and doesn’t mean legalization is wrong/a mistake. Just like using cars has brought society car accidents, but we can’t prohibit using cars because of this.


First everyone needs to be clear on what is prostitution. If women who have taken a wrong turn in life is prostitution, are those mistresses considered prostitutes? One is retail, one is wholesale. So wholesale of cunt is legal but retail is illegal?


How come no one agrees? This is just putting a phenomenon that has always existed on the table…legalizing it would at least allow those sex workers to live with some dignity.


Many people mix up morality and law. Legalizing prostitution isn’t necessarily encouraging men to go whoring or encouraging women to go sell themselves. On morality, you can still persuade your husband not to go visit whores or teach your daughter to go prostitute herself. The law legalizing prostitution is just to protect those who are forced to engage in this occupation in order to survive, so while they are engaging in this work they don’t have to suffer the dual extortion of the criminal underworld and government authorities. They depend on selling their bodies in order to get what they need to keep living. Why doesn’t the law protect them?


I think either you completely eradicate it, or you might as well legalize it. Right now its not managing normally not doing anything, collecting protection money monthly, and then every now and then catching a batch to fine a batch~


Brainless, it could never be legalized.
If it were legalized, where do you expect our respected police to go find extra income?


Support, there’s a serious imbalance in the male to female sex ratio. Who do you want those tens of millions of lonely men to go find?
However, this also isn’t very realistic…when even websites are shut down…the rest…

What do you think?

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