‘Legendary Farthest Right’ Revisited

Four controversial buildings.

The following collection of Chinese internet humor are all “legendary farthest right” Sina Weibo microblog posts, a Chinese internet phenomenon previously introduced.

Since the actual strings showing how any single post was reshared and by whom is largely irrelevant, they have been edited out below to focus on the original microblog post and then the microblog comment on that post that went on to be repeatedly forwarded by amused Chinese netizens on Sina Weibo.

@晓玲有话说: What a big game of chess [idiom referring to an elaborate plan]: Bird’s Nest [Beijing National Stadium], CCTV [Headquarters], Fuck People Newspaper [a nickname for The People’s Daily as 日 means both “daily” and “fuck”], Shanghai International Convention Center. Four great legendary artifacts finally together/copulating.

Four controversial buildings.

@奋壹: A hundred birds returning to the nest. laugh

[Note: A “bird” in Chinese can also allude to a penis.]

@挑战神回复: I count with my fingers—Unless something unexpected happens, this year I’ll be celebrating Singles Day yet again. Forward/reshare if you feel what I’m feeling… Tears.

Singles Day poster.
We singles have strength.

@毒舌之王: May there be many returns of this day [a traditional birthday greeting]. Candle.

@丁来峰: There is not a single political party in the world that places so much emphasis on fighting corruption like our [Communist] Party. —Said Li Xueqin, Director of the Research Office of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China. Thinking

Li Xueqin speaks about the Party's anti-corruption campaigns.

@华夏正道: Only the fat would think about how to lose fat every day.

@英国那些事儿: Haha…a fashion blogger’s advice for men on how to dress… Do dress this way! Don’t dress this way! Please don’t dress this way!!! The “Please Don’t” series are all highlights [funny]…

Fashion advice from the UK

@粗线条的Leo最近炒鸡苦逼: Can the three “Do/Don’t/Please Don’t” be expressed in Chinese as “Between the male god and the male freak is the male homosexual”? Laugh.Laugh.Laugh. After translating this #I feel totally not fine# Chinese teacher, I’ve failed you!!!#

@验算纸:Why are pornos called yellow films [similar to blue films], instead of green films or red films?

@奉天一: 艹[fuck] + 干 [fuck] + 日人 [fuck people] = 黄 [yellow]

@百度: #Baidu Night Chat# If you had only eight years left to live, how would spend those years?

Baidu question.

@肾爹: Five years Gaokao, three years mock [exams].

[Note: “Five years Gaokao, three years mock [exams]” is a pun. This answer is based on the eponymous reference book series for Chinese high school students preparing for the National Higher Education Entrance Examination as well as their teachers. The book series is widely used by high school students and teachers. Classified in terms of Gaokao subjects, every book includes the Gaokao exam questions over the past five years as well as the mock exam questions from different provinces over the past three years.]

@糗事百科: This morning I heard some inspiring news: At Xi’an Jiaotong University, an international student from the U.S. flunked the English final… unbelievably flunked it…

@暗曜流星: As if you guys always pass Chinese exams. →_→

@洗屌少女: The first reactions of grooms upon seeing their bride in her wedding dress…(´・ω・`)

Grooms' first reactions to the brides.

@机智达人: You fucking bought the most expensive one after all.

Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.


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