Legless Sheep Farmer in Hebei Inspires Chinese Netizens


This was the “hottest” article on Chinese web portal Tencent News at the time of translation…

From QQ:

Photo Story: Hebei “Legless Tough Guy” Becomes Rich Operating Farm

Hebei province Zhangjiakou city Xiyulin village 33-year-old villager Wang Xiaobing had both of his legs amputated because of a burn accident when he was 7 years old. Also, because his family was poor, he only achieved a middle school education before dropping out of school. With the help of the government, friends, and family, the physically handicapped but strong willed Wang Xiaobing learned how to fix shoes, fix locks, make keys and other trades. In 2011, with the support of the village cadre, Wang Xiaobing started a farm to raise sheep, got on the entrepreneurial path to wealth, and is known as the “legless tough guy [a man who doesn’t give up]” by the local people. Photo [above] is of July 14, as Wang Xiaobing climbs over into the sheep pen to feed the sheep. Xinhua News Agency journalist Yang Shiyao.


In the winter of 2008, Hunan Changsha young woman Li Chengmei was moved by him [Wang Xiaobing] and came to Zhangjiakou from afar to marry Wang Xiaobing. Now, they son is already 5 years old, and wife Li Chengmei works in Beijing. July 14, Wang Xiaobing (second from right) and his father chop fodder for the sheep, while his 5-year-old son squats beside him watching. Photos by Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Shiyao.


July 14, Wang Xiaobing helping dress his just awoken child.


July 10, Wang Xiaobing taking his son to climb the Zhangjiakou Dajingmen Great Wall.


July 10, Wang Xiaobing pruning his apricot tree.


July 14, Wang Xiaobing climbs over into the sheep pen to feed his sheep.


July 14, Wang Xiaobing feeding his sheep.

A Chinese man in Hebei has no legs but it hasn't stopped him from making a good life for himself.

July 14, Wang Xiaobing feeding his sheep.

Comments from QQ:


A life without an arm or leg can also be wonderful, and your lives are truly touching, your bodies handicapped but not your wills/ambitions. For those of us who spend all day complaining about life, what is there for us to complain about now? This tough guy is impressive, and the woman who married him is also the world’s most beautiful.


In the photo where he is in front of his son helping him dress, his height is shorter than his son, but I believe the image of him must be very tall/lofty in his son’s heart! May this strong and persevering father’s family be happy and blessed!


What makes life wonderful lies not in material wealth but in one’s attitude towards life! You’ve used your own way to make an an entire family’s life happy, so thank you for reminding me of those who have silently provided for me! Jia you!


[This] is more persuasive than any speech giver, a living lesson, an extremely infectious inspirational story. I hope this can get more media attention.


Praise! Praise! Praise! Because of a car accident in ’09, my left leg was cut off, and as a result, my entire life dithered for two years, at the time feeling my life had come to a complete stop. Fortunately, I eventually got past that period. Every time I see this sort of news and as a disabled person, I am filled with heartfelt admiration. He is a good example, and must be upvoted [praised]!


This guy has no legs and still has lives a wonderful life. Now look at all those complainers who have all four limbs and spend all day holding their mobile phones complaining about the country and complaining about society as if the entire world owes them. Look carefully, a beautiful life is one achieved through one’s own struggles, not through blaming the heavens and other people.


There should be more of this kind of positive news, to give people courage and strength in life. Don’t always report about this or that celebrity gossip.


Let’s also give some praise to the Hunan girl.


I am the same age as him, yet do not have the staunch perseverance and spirit he has. Why are there so few people paying attention to this kind of “positive energy” [positive thing] in society??

Now this is what a real man is like, that many people of sound and robust body are unable to live up to. Don’t complain about how there are too many manly women. If men get tougher, then there will be less manly women naturally. Men these days are too weak and frail, committing suicide or taking revenge on society the moment they encounter some minor setback or difficulty, not hesitating to get on their knees in the pursuit of women. Look at this legless man and how he lives.


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