Lei Zhang’s Donation To Yale University, Chinese Reactions

From NetEase:

Summary: According to news on Yale University’s website, Yale 2002 graduate Zhang Lei has already committed to donate 8,888,888 USD to Yale University’s School of Management (SOM). This is the largest donation to Yale University’s School of Management to date.

Comments from NetEase:


Very proper, very good, at least it is donating to justice, donating to hope…


I once previously contacted my alma mater Hua Nan XX University to donate 100,000 RMB to assist impoverished students, and the school told me to just directly deposit the money in their [the school’s] account. When I said, “Tell me who are the students that need help, and I will directly give the funds to them”, and the school if I did it like this then they are no longer interested. Hahaha.


In China, I bet the amount that would actually be properly used would be missing one “8”.


[If it were] given in China, it would be a miracle if there were 80,000 left [to be properly used] in the end.


SB, traitor, were you born with the knowledge you had before going to America?


A SB, why not donate the money to those in China who cannot afford to go to school, the impoverished areas who cannot afford to build schools? Double-crossing bastard, a dog who grew up eating China’s food [a “dog” who was “raised” by China but does not repay China afterward].


Our China has people who cannot afford to go to school, impoverished areas that cannot afford to build schools? Even a small leader [government official] in these kind of places drive luxury cars that cost hundreds of thousands, live in luxury residences that cost millions. I really envy the leaders of those impoverished areas!


From an objective perspective, who others donate their money to is their personal business, and there is no reason they must donate to China.


Country and government are two different things! Two different concepts! We should all love our country [be patriotic], but…


All day [talking about] betrayal betrayal? Who is betraying? What did the country give you? Whose country is this? Your country?
For you, “country” is paying taxes, is high housing prices, is high fuel prices, is monopoly, is no speech, is 70 km/h, is crooked building
To the country, you are just a “pi” [fart].


If you have so much money, why not donate it to China’s Project Hope schools? China still has a lot of impoverished areas.


Did China not give birth to you, raise you? What kind of person are you? Were you raised by wolves, China gave you your life…


To say what shouldn’t be said, with China today, prices rise, but wages do not, we almost have to start begging for food, yet no one donates to us. Sigh.


Even Qian Xuesen wanted permanent residence in America, so this and whether one is patriotic are two different things. Yale helped him achieve his current career and he is gratefully repaying them, we should be pleased. Their education is definitely more advanced and, what more, many of their graduates donate to their alma mater after becoming famous/successful. In China, even if you donated, you wouldn’t know where the money was spent.


Donating money to Americans, the Americans who have the most money in the world! Cups!


Why not make your own foundation and give the money to China’s most disadvantaged group of people?


China’s education system does not produce elites. The majority of elites are all produced abroad, including Qian Xuesen. China should deeply reflect on its own education methods.
He did nothing wrong. It was Yale that produced what he is today. At least, there are two points about him worthy of our respect: 1, he worked hard and 2, he is grateful.
You will say, why didn’t he donate to China? In our lives, we will have many teachers who have taught us, yet we will not appreciate every one of them, and not every one of them are able to change our lives. But those who changed our lives you would remember your entire life.

This story has spread to Sina and KDS now. Sina has a poll:

“What do you think about Chinese graduates donating large sums of money to Yale?”

  • “Understandable. There is nothing wrong with a person allocating his own money.” — 48.9%
  • “Not understandable. He should first donate to his own country’s education.” — 39.5%
  • “No opinion.” — 11.6%

At this time, there are nearly 45,000 votes.


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