Li Chengpeng: Beijing Rainstorm Reveals Humanity and Truth

The heaviest rainstorm in 61 years flooded Beijing in July 2012.

The heaviest rainstorm in 61 years flooded Beijing in July 2012.

Li Chengpeng

Li Chengpeng is often described as a famous Chinese social commentator, opinion-leader, essayist, best-selling author, and popular Chinese blogger. He was also formerly known for being a famous football [soccer] journalist and is nicknamed “Li Big Eyes”. The following blog post on his popular Sina-hosted blog has already been deleted and is no longer accessible…

From Sina Blog:


When the largest rainstorm in 61 years fell upon Beijing, I was a thousand kilometers away writing an article about how central government ministries and commissions spent 6 billion yuan buying cars for official use last year. It’s so sad that the emperor’s city became a swamp, and yet only private cars were seen taking to the streets rescuing those trapped, while the 6 billion performed no heroic deeds.

Just as another round of crackdowns on rumor mongering on weibo is happening, weibo begins saving people, providing information that is accurate, regular and thorough, specialized and with division of labor. The people on their own decided that every rescuing car would turn on its emergency flashers, with all the lights throughout the city a beating heart. At this moment, “Character Theory” [discussions about the quality of Chinese people’s characters] seems so ridiculous. From Wenchuan to Yushu to the train accident to yesterday’s worst-in-61-years, compared to the chaos of the hurricane in New Orleans [Hurricane Katrina] several years ago, the characters of Chinese people are not actually low/poor. But here comes the problem——why do Chinese people only temporarily reveal such high characters when disasters occur? Normally, just squeezing onto a crowded bus requires people throwing curses at each other while just lining up to buy Spring Festival Chun Yun tickets results in fighting and brawling, yet at this moment, they vaguely possess the gentlemanly chivalry seen right before the Titanic sank. When my friends joined the rescue at Guangqumen Bridge, the moment their cars arrived, people all yelled “let the women and children go first”.

Chinese people’s characters are ordinarily suppressed by a certain power. When a nation is only keen on purchasing cars for officials instead of building up public transportation, when the Ministry of Railways only cares for major construction projects instead of doing a better job on public service, people have to have low characters simply for self-protection. But the humanity is there, like a luminous pearl, normally ordinary and unremarkable like a rock, but in the key moment shining brightly. Everybody knows——that old man in the water clearing the clogged drains and sewers, those sanitation workers who stood in front of the open sewer manholes [to prevent others from falling in], those men carrying bottled water and bread who rushed into the rainy night to search for trapped people, those city residents who normally would be paranoid by by a crossed line at this moment bravely publicizing their own addresses and cell phone numbers to provide food, shelter, and a hot bath… I don’t actually want to use the stirring “we are all Chinese” view here, because what I really want to say is that this is Chinese people’s civic awareness growing. Which is to say, when you participate in community self-government and self-management, you’ll feel a strong sense of existence and security.

This is what being civilized is, all for one, and one for all, we are all citizens. I appreciate what Mr. Zhao Chu wrote about the spirit of new Beijing citizens, and I don’t believe there are two different Beijings before and after the rainstorm. There has always been one Beijing, it’s just that a certain power artificially caused people’s isolation/division. About two years ago, Beijing’s real estate purchase limitation for waidiren [outsiders, non-native Beijingers] erupted in a battle of war of words between the locals and the outsiders, with Beijingers saying “outsiders should get the fuck out of the capital” while the outsiders said “what makes Beijingers so great? The Real Beijingers are in Zhoukoudian [where Peking Man was found]”. Graduatlly, everyone learned that in this country, those who don’t have money are all outsiders, while the real “locals” live in Zhongnanhai [the seat of government]. When modern civilization cast a light through the window, when the entire city turns into an ocean, outsiders/locals becomes a very false/meaningless concept. Last night, my friend Yang Fei, a typical rich second generation spent the whole night driving his Hummer around to help people get home. Last night, 五岳散人 [a well-known freelance writer] provided shelter for trapped people. Last night, many locals post on their microblogs drawing attention to all of those beipiao migrants and petitioners living underground in Beijing’s subterranean housing. Last night, a police director named Li Fanghong died in the line of duty while relocating others… The isolation/division of people broke down and the reason people reunited so reasonably and fair is because this is humanity.

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But isolation/division still remains. Just as ordinary city residents were opening the doors to their homes, just as private car owners risked hydrolock to lend a hand to those trapped on the streets… the public buses that the government manages still stopped service at their designated times, highway toll stations continued to collect fare from the cars providing rescue and assistance, while the chengguan who normally would charge like wild beasts whenever they spot a street peddler were nowhere to be seen. The government completely failed to realize that this was a good opportunity to put on a show/pull a publicity stunt [do something that earns the good will of the public], even if it were booking hourly rate rooms at chain hotels near those trapped [by the rain/flooded and unable to get home]. It never crossed their minds, just as it never crossed their minds that in addition to dressing up the city and making it pretty, they should’ve also built a functional drainage system. They only know how to turn on the faucet of positive propaganda, not knowing that public opinion is the most important drainage system… This is essentially a totem, only as good as water, but never accepting good counsel. It’s not the city that is insufficient, it’s the work done that is insufficient, a single drainage pipe that divides you and me.

For the 2008 Beijing Olympics Liu Huan sang “You and Me” [the Beijing Olympic theme song], and it is indeed one world, but it isn’t one dream. Government officials only know to go abroad to “observe and study” [how other countries do things], without ever being seen on the streets inspecting [actual conditions in the country]; owning 6 billion yuan worth of new cars, but not driving seen driving them out to rescue people on the streets. The latest joke I’ve heard is that this city’s city management department [chengguan] said they began organizing a 100,000-strong army of people as a preventative contingency plan to deal with the rainstorm two days ago. A 100,000-strong army of people to respond to the rainstorm and still ten lives have been lost. This just goes to show just how this city built according to a “grand narrative” is so very fragile.

Just like in the past, the story will have to develop along the narratives of how love knows no boundaries, of singing praises for great deeds, and of how disasters bring us together. If my guess is correct, headlines like “Rainstorm Washes out True Love Between the People” will yet again appear. These kind of headlines make me sick, because it isn’t that a rainstorm washed out the love between the people, but rather that a rainstorm has washed out the truth, and the truth is: a city that can’t even build a working drainage system can never be ranked an international city, and when the entire nation can’t build a working drainage systems, it should know why the nation is always waterlogged with public opinion.

Alright, I’ll stop here, on my way to the airport, flying south. I won’t say a word, won’t write a thing, I’ll only light a memorial candle.

The Beijing rainstorm.

Comments from Sina Weibo:

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Sina’s chief editor contacted me and said that Beijing city leaders strongly insisted that this article be deleted. I have a question, why must my articles be deleted every time? Am I fixed for deletion? Please save it to your hard disk.

Silent_Hero: (responding to above)

The leaders are so busy. Instead of rushing to drain the water and repair pipes, they’re busy staring at Big Eyes’ blog. Such die-hard fans~~~

决不说话: (responding to 李承鹏)

Although it’s relevant, it’s useless. What you see is only the surface/appearance, you can’t see inside. To only dwell on the negative side of complaining, of course it was deleted. But of course, if you wrote about the inside, you might be inside [jail] now.


Governance without sincerity risks the truth being exposed at any time, maybe in an earthquake, a rainstorm, a torrential flood, a frost, or even a fight between street vendors and chengguan. That the sewers aren’t built well is because they’re underground.


Every time the government uses the people’s self-organization and initiative to conceal the government’s failure to do their jobs!!! Is it right?


The Beijing rainstorm truly was terrible, ai ya.


When I saw the private cars in Beijing flashing their emergency flashers, I was truly moved to tears. In the crucial moment, we ordinary common people can still be trusted, can still be depended on!


Up to date, fast, original, analytical, deep, and done. Praises!


I feel that there’s already no one we can rely on.


The sewers have to have an outlet, and there area around Beijing simply doesn’t have a place for water to drain. Blaming the government for this is indeed not very reasonable. You’d be better off making sure one is prepared and figuring out what to do when this happens again in the future.


Learn from foreign countries, the sewer systems were built in the 17th century, and are still in use today. We may not want to worship foreign thing and fawn on foreign countries, but for some things, you’ve got to admit [we should learn from abroad].


So fucking ridiculous. It was just a super heavy rainstorm. If it happened in any city in the US, they may not necessarily come out of it better than Beijing [in terms of devastation and civic action].


Don’t have brains, if you’re stupid, just learn from/copy Obama, who halted his election campaign because of the shooting, though ultimately precisely for his election campaign.


After a disaster, there will definitely be praises for good deeds, and shameless clowns will soon come on stage.

What do you think? Is Chinese civic awareness growing?

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The largest rainstorm in 61 years flooded Beijing in July 2012.

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

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      Dear “Rain Man”,

      you’re never supposed to ever go “full retard”.

      • Jealousy does not become you, son.

        • terroir

          But being jealous would mean that people envy you for acting like a selfish asshat on a story about a disaster in which many people died.

          As the Man in the Yellow Hat says: Dubious, George.

          • Not very impressed by Li Chengpeng’s sentimental, overwrought prose here.

            In fact, I’m kind of glad they yanked it, for it is surely guilty of the crime of Portentous Overreaching for Profound Significance.

            And you could stand to tone it down a notch or two yourself.

          • I mean, look at Li Chengpeng’s picture with his finger on his lips. Guaranteed if you saw the bottom half of that photo you’d see his pants pulled down to his knees and a freshly fucked cat on the floor.

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            Very funny.

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          At a glance, he’s a Californian who likes magazines, books, and writing about them.

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        Ahahaha, nice. The song, it’s kinda stuck in my head now XD

  • terroir

    The Chinese headlines all shout the same things:”The civic-mindedness of Beijing’s citizens shines through”. This spotlight on the peeps, while cool, takes the focus away from the people in charge who should be responsible. In essence, the people need to rise to the occasion because the government isn’t going to help them.

    It was a huge rainfall, lasted for hours, so of course there will be fatalities, right? But so many… did they have to die? Yup. They needed to die so that change happens, cause the death toll is the only uncontrollable factor that a government without elections needs to be accountable for (cause inflation and the economy you can “control”).

    BJ Town’s infrastructure sucks. Anytime it rains in BJ it rains hard, and when that happens there is flooding. You’d think that changes would be made so that underpasses wouldn’t be flooded, but no. And since the rain came down hard, folks like the guy who wouldn’t leave his flooded SUV died as a result.

    (Hot trending topic in China now: should I equip my car with a hammer in case I need to break the glass in case of flooding? And still no one wonders: why am I, a resident of the capital of China, located way away from the ocean and in the middle of the crappy desert, in danger of flooding and being trapped in my submerged car?)

    HK is a place that’s been hit with typhoons year after year, and despite their stickerage for not eating on the subway, it is a town that has basically completed its municipal infrastructure with drainage and hill reinforcement (but no monorail or “Futurama” tube commuting yet). They did all that because folks there get upset if someone dies and it was preventable. Because HKer’s maintain a high-quality of life.

    I don’t come off so moralizing usually, but it’s impossible to ignore it: the deaths from this disaster (sure to never rise above 40) did not all have to happen (the policeman one sounds like out of a movie). BJ Town has a terrible infrastructure system. All it required was a big storm for it to happen. It did happen. And now we’re left to just say “Hey citizens, good on you!” because BJ’ers in fact live in a crappy city that looks good for international showcases but is made out of cardboard and old “Powercrunch” energy bars on the inside.

    Yes. It’s tragic that so many people died, but its good thing they died so that changes can be made to prevent something like this happening again; that’s the way China works. Of course, unless it’s not enough, to which I’m sure more people have to die in order to make a point.

    Also: white T-shirts.

    • jon

      Nobody cares, people die and will die. When I read the news i didn’t flinch or bat an eye even. Chinese people is African people???

      • mr. wiener

        Nice to see you put a value on it. With this logic we’ll have to see which nationality counts as above or below yours. So where you from Jon?

      • terroir

        To whom are Chinese people the same as African people? Stephen Colbert, who doesn’t see race?

        Anyways, not that it is mentioned above, but the tally is in: several million Weibo comments criticizing municipal oversight including many newspapers, including the myopic and errantly named Global Times.

        So the fallout from this has already begun to spin, but then this proves the old adage: for change to happen in China, a country with no change in regime, people must die.

        So that’s why there are new school buses and food regulations. With more to come.

      • SuperHappyCow

        Jon, what the fuck does anything here have to do with Africans?

        • mr. wiener

          It has absolutely nothing to do with Africans , but I think Jon was trying to say to him Chinese lives are as valueless as African lives.
          Of course I could be wrong, bigots are not exactly known for using logic.

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      The most telling part of the culture wars between east and west at the cS battlegrounds is that all of the people who cry “First!” or “sofa!” have perfect English grammar.

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      If you’re 3 or 4 comments late, then don’t bother trying.

  • Ian G

    Well done Li Chengpeng for the blog, shame on sina for deleting it!
    Well done too for the people that helped others during the flood, and shame shame as always for the officials and pissant thugocracy that calls itself a government.

  • XiaoHei


    The ones that talk, don’t do…

    • Archie

      What about the ones that don’t talk and don’t do, surely they’re far worse?

    • Craig

      The ones that do have always been inspired by the ones that talk.

      • XiaoHei

        I meant to imply ‘…that talk a lot in a pretentious manner’. Especially, since this guy saw it fit to wax eloquent on ‘Chinese people this and Chinese people that’ when all he said could be shortened to a couple of paragraphs.

        • You’re right Xiaohei, we’ve seen this all before after the Sichuan earthquake and Chinese talking heads boasting how they handled it so well, with all the pride of a toddler that made his first “doody” in the potty.

  • Nanny Hiccups

    I wonder if it’s the same storm that hit us last week in my town. COuldn’t even see through the windshield it was pouring down so badly and the water was up past the tires, like a small river, i thought my car was going to be ruined.

    the next day my flowers in my garden were nearly ruined from overwatering and there were two , two gallon buckets outside overflowing with water, filled up from the rain. It was pretty bad.

    • fabulous

      One bucket overflowing into another sealed bucket or two buckets side by side?

  • Jeremy

    Well done Li Chengpeng.
    I am very confused of some (rich) Chinese politicians. Li Chengpeng saying is true.
    At first, they said they want to make the Chinese society better but they don’t spend their own money in order make a “harmonious” society. They didn’t show any examples for the society. They even ask to other to do it for them. (True story)
    In the other way, when every goes wrong, they blame the Chinese society and the system, and rejecting any responsabilities by censoring internet.. How can you improve yourself if you don’t accept your failure? Accept it and move on!

    “China” have to be more mature.

  • Rod

    Not just on this article, but on quite a few recent ones, I feel like the commenter’s are pretty logical… at least according to my definition of logical. Why is everyone I meet IRL such a dick?

    • Gontraf

      How do you know people you meet online aren’t dicks IRL?

      • Rod

        True. Seems kind of the opposite in the west. Perfectly normal people turn into trolls extraordinaire online.

  • whiskersthecat

    We had a pretty bad rain storm a year or so ago back home. I live on top of a mountain, so the flooding was quick to flow elsewhere, but for a few hours it overpowered the flood drainage systems and I ended up walking through freezing water up to my thigh to get home (which luckily was just high enough to avoid damage). I’m not joking when I say that the only person to die in all of it was a Chinese lady who I guess thought her car could ford a flooded, torrential creek. It’s no doubt that these flooding situations are dangerous, but the real danger is a lack of knowledge on how to stay safe when such a situation arises.

  • eattot

    why i dislike this lichengpeng so much….from the firs time i saw him on tv…
    maybe because he surppots han han or maybe i just dislike men with huge eyes like dragonfly…

    • Guang Xiang

      Yet a well-written blog isn’t enough to make you more objective towards him.

      • David Fishman

        But at least she would never evaluate someone’s words based on who they are. She takes time to logically evaluate what they have to say and judges based on their thoughts, right?

        The guy writes a long, thoughtful, and totally correct article and all you can comment on is his eyes? You really are very Chinese eattot. Here’s a new chengyu for you: 不以人废言. Try it.

        • Ryo

          This made me lol’d… thanks…

        • anon

          Come on now, judging a person by their looks is hardly a “Chinese” trait. It’s little nuggets of suggestive stupidity like this that undermine the rest of what you had to say.

    • Little Wolf

      “supports Han Han” is all I need to know not to waste my time reading his shit.

    • Hongjian

      He’s just another of those “public intellectuals” spawning in the chinese web like fungus. Their style of writing is always the same.

      Useless pretentious fucks, a waste of precious living-space and an insult to actual intellectuals:

    • lonetrey

      I have to say… I had thought better of you eattot.

  • Jin

    This is why China and Chinese people are so great! they help each other in real time of tragedies unlike Americans..Hurricane Katrina show exactly how cruel and heartless white and black people can be. Not only did their own goverment not help the people but the people themselves were looting and acting like real savages.

    Down with white propaganda shameless bullshit.

    • moop

      you’re a full blown retard. average people were the first responders in katrina, giving aid and sharing their generators, shelter, water, and food long before the government got there. oh and it was a massive catergory 4 hurricane, not some shittty rainstorm. there is nothing for you to be proud of in this situation. i guess you didnt read that actual article above about beijing’s actual situation this past weekend.

      • Jin

        Yes they were helping all right! helping themselves to some else belongings!!
        Just Google “people looting hurricane katrina” and you see the thousands of stories most were of black people looting but that’s a given.

        It doesn’t matter how strong the storm was it was the fact local people helping local people which you westerners just do not understand.

        • mr. wiener

          What’s the weather like in the reality you live in? Blustery with a chance of bile perhaps?
          With Chinese characteristics of course.

        • moop

          “It doesn’t matter how strong the storm was it was the fact local people helping local people which you westerners just do not understand.”

          you should ask 小月月 if she feels that way.

          • mr. wiener

            …… that the sound of an awkward silence I hear?

    • mr. wiener

      Oh dry up and blow away you tunnel-vision twit. Disasters bring out the best and worst in people everywhere. How you can blather on about Chinese having the market cornered in civil spirit, or Americans are all selfish, beggars belief.
      I hope you not think I’m being to much of an “internet bully” or a member of the “KKK” by not agreeing with you.
      I hope your life is saved by a black American one day. You can compliment him\her on their smell.

      • Jin

        I rather die then have a black touch me..savages right under them are the whitey.

        • moop

          here’s to wishful thinking! i’m crossing my fingers

          • Jin

            pity your mother didn’t cross her legs when she was raped by your dad to have you.

          • moop

            did the girls in school teach you that? i doubt it works, i mean your half-japanese mongrel father was birthed afterall


          • anon

            I’m afraid if we ask for Jin to be banned, at least half of the comments on this site would be banned along with him.

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            I don’t think the mods have to delete the posts. Just quietly push the button that reads “IP ban fo life, yo”

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            Haven’t heard from the fella in a while either he got bored with provoking people and then acting the victim or Fauna hit the “Smite” button.
            I agree with you anon, hard to get someone banned if he’s being as foul mouthed as everyone else. Not that I’m blaming Moop for calling a douche a douche.

        • David Fishman

          Lol Jin, you aren’t Chinese are you. You’re obviously trolling and pretending to be Chinese, while trying to misrepresent Chinese people. How old are you? Think about how pointless your existence is.

      • mr. wiener

        Moop, I suspect we are being trolled by someone possible not even Asian. Jin seems just too much of a Han chauvinist to be true.

        Sirre you have my grudging respect for having spun me along this long, unfortunately I’m too much of an optimist [of the human condition] to think that these hate filed ideas are really yours. To me you have a strange sense of what is funny , but whatever, it is your crank to wank.
        I’ll treat you posts with the silence they deserve in the future

        • Jin

          Yes that’s right Mr. Wirner and moop. Anyone who don’t agree with your views and opinion are fake and trolling on the internet. I never asked for you to make comments to my posts nor am i a racist or bigoted person these are titles you like to put onto any Asians that do not agree with your views. You both made offensive attacks on people on this site who do not agree with you and when they fight back you use personal degrading terms.

          Good i am glad in future you will not address my comments on this website since i do not care.

          • mr. wiener

            That would be “wiener” with a small case “w” thanks.

          • Jin

            like i care mr wanker

          • linette

            Jin,不要與他們爭論了。 每個人都有一點點種族歧視。我們個個都有錯.

          • moop

            you are racist

          • Jin

            linette yes you are right..typical imperialist pigs. Come to china sponge off the country and act like know it all with their “wisdom”.

          • moop

            “sponging?” kinda like the mainlanders do in hongkong? or how about the 70+% of mainlanders who never come back to china after studying in the states?

          • David Fishman

            Jin, you’re a moron.

            We disagree with you because you’re wrong, and racist, and rather unintelligent. It shows very clearly in your comments, in your thoughts, and in your limited worldview.

            We believe in the best of people, and don’t want to think that a Chinese people could actually be so stupid, so we assume that you’re trolling and pretending to be Chinese.

            I personally like Chinese people a lot, so I too wish that you weren’t Chinese and hope that you’re trolling. If you actually are Chinese, you lose a lot of face for China.

          • Jin

            moop..HK belongs to China so everything in HK belongs to the Chinese governments and people including the hongnese people.

            Second students who go overseas to study comes from well to do families and to get a visa they have to show they have enough money to live for the whole duration of their studies.

            David Fishman – i can only guess your one of the fat ugly laowai here for cheap sex with young Asian girls or boys? which ever the case i am more then happy you do not think i am one of the Chinese you can take advantage of.

          • Nyancat

            moot & wiener you guys are wasting ur time on a troll, the most effective way is to ignore him as he probably gets aroused when he gets responses to his comments, for all you guys know he may be fapping right now in anticipation to another response. god forbid he actually climaxes, ignore him and let his boner die.

          • moop

            funny, HKers see themselves as hongkongers and not chinese.


            you still need a passport to go there and the only access you have to their social services is when you STEAL them

          • Me

            The stop in traffic due to the storm probably prevented the daily death toll due to traffic accidents which is way higher than 37. The rain storm probably saved lives.

          • David Fishman

            Wrong again Jin, but that doesn’t matter, since you’re already convinced that you know what the world is like.

            I’m more educated that you are, I’m probably younger than you are, I’m in excellent shape, I’m here to develop my business, and I speak fluent Chinese. I guess the only thing you got right about me is that I’m a laowai. But I basically told you that.

            Even though I’ve here for a while, I spend far more time making sure that your crooked countrymen don’t take advantage of ME than taking advantage of anyone.

            Sorry to burst your bubble. You’re still just wrong, and now borderline incoherent. Give up while you’re only a little behind.

          • Jin

            Hongnese are imperialist pigs ass lickers. They also think they are ‘white” the Chinese goverment will soon teach them how “white” they can be soon when we fully take back control.

            You do not know what passport i hold so you have no idea wanker. so save your personal attacks for someone who cares.

            Yes Chinese “STEAL” from hk (which belongs to china in the first place) what about you imperialist pigs here stealing from China?

          • moop

            please give an example of imperialist stealing something in china right now? the only thing we are “stealing” is air particulants that get stuck in our lungs

          • whiskersthecat

            Either Jin is a troll or he’s never set foot outside of China.

          • terroir

            Jin, as you rail against Western imperialism, please don’t forget to blame McD’s and KFC for being the gateway drug that leads doe-eyed impressionable young Chinesemen into drinking and recreational drugs.

            This foray of yours into awkwardly denying your racist attitudes while directly lying isn’t as funny as your earlier material.

          • terroir

            “Hongnese are imperialist pigs ass lickers”.

            And adds: “But they’re OUR imperialist pigs ass lickers! You can’t have them!” As she turns away to run back to the toy chest, Jin hears a breath taken in prelude to an objection, so she adds: “Since Hongnese are China’s, that means we have the right to look down upon them! Because they are us! We are all victims!”

          • Jin

            terroir i never made any personal attacks on anyone here and if i did it was only after i have been provoked.

            second – yes you are right i do not care much for black people and this is from my 6 months experiences living in New York but i do not hate them like Hitler hates the Jews. I do not wish them harm or a member of any hate group against black people. I rather not have them around me which is just a personal thing.

            Western imperialism – Yes i do have issue with Americans and other developed countries. They have exploited and today still continue to exploit the cheap labor force in Asia (not just China) for their middle class life style. Environmental impacts did not concern them until Asia started to also want a piece of the middle class pie. You are all so blinded by your own greed you think your wisdom and way of life is how everyone should live but yous till happy to step the heads of the poor Chinese making your clothes and farming your food.

            One day all 3rd world country and that includes Africans to show the western imperialist that they are not the sold heir to this planet resources. Its starting to happen now you see so many westerners in china working for local Chinese bosses.

          • whiskersthecat

            Jin, you never lived in New York.

          • Jin

            whiskersthecat i do not care what you think or believe so these post you put up are as unless as your life.

          • whiskersthecat

            That’s terrible that they’re as “unless” as my life.
            Anyway, yeah, you’ve never left China. Stop lying.

          • terroir

            Nope. You can’t “show and tell” unless you tell us the whole hog.

            What transpired in those eventful 6 months that would lead someone like you to “hate black people but not like Hitler” (imo, that’s a line that draws more comparisons rather than distinguishes).

            What happened? Did a black person look at you? Did they ask you for the time? Please share your life story for us so that we may appreciate the nuanced tapestry of Jin, she that “hates black people” but is not racist.

          • moop

            she was walking in the bronx one day and some brothers were like “damn girl, gimme sum a dat sushi” and she was like “eww” and some white guy was like “don’t pay attention to them. are you ok? here, i live just around the corner, lets have some tea and then you can pee on me”. frightened, she made her way through a group of puerto rican females who all sucked their teeth at her as she walked by in unison giving her quite the fright turned her head around startled and walked right into a hasidic jew who was like “i got this sheet with a hole in it. lts fuck”. it was a bad six months for poor poor jin

          • Nyancat

            ^dat sushi hahaha

          • terroir


            That’s clearly unfair. I think it’s a blatant mischaracterization to leave out the part that Jin had bought some sushi for take-out, and when she was walking away the black guy was all like, “But … but sushi is among my top three favorite boutique snacks!”

          • linette

            I think Hong kong people want to see China reform their China gov’t system and make it more like HK gov’t system. A gov’t system where you are allow to vote, have universal health care and equal access to education for all citizens. etc… A society free of segregation in rich urban from poor rural. Hong kong people are still waiting and hoping it will happen one day. Just like the south koreans are waiting to get together with the north koreans.

            We are family.

          • donscarletti


            That’s exactly what the PRC needs, functional constituencies, where your boss votes for you. Currently the NPC follows the foreign model of one person one vote (even though luckily the candidates are limited to those who the incumbent knows you should vote for).

        • Dr SUN

          Why you all even waste your time replying to him/her, is beyond me.
          I have a suspicion you enjoy it though.

          • jin

            jesus christ, what Dr SUN said, first of all, this Jin is not even chinese. second of all, its clear that hes trolling (since his first few posts are the opposite of what hes saying now) third of all, stop making him cum from all the attention hes getting.

  • Rick in China

    Saying ” I won’t say a word, won’t write a thing, I’ll only light a memorial candle.” at the end of a long narrative riddled with opinion and criticism is a little meaningless. If he had written this at the start, and “ended there”, it would have saved my 15 minutes reading drivel.

    • Cardaver

      Yeah, I only read about a third of it, then scrolled down, and actually laughed when he goes “I won’t write a word, won’t say a thing”… I’m sure he meant to put the word ‘another’ in there, maybe the translation was wrong… anyone in beijing, who reads this, hope you’re doing ok….

      • Brett Hunan

        Translation is okay. Pretty funny though after writing so much.

      • terroir

        And yet it was harmonized all the same for saying too much. Chinese expression is all symbolism and suggestion rather than the Western way of “getting to the point”, so don’t look at it for what it is saying, but rather what it doesn’t say.

        (see what I did there?)

  • Jahar

    How can so many people drown in the rain? I just can’t picture it.

    Also, due to my inability to reply, I’ll post here. Based one my awesome talent for judging people based on little or no information, I’ve concluded that Jin’s animosity towards black(which he says isn’t racist), stems from his secret desire to be mounted by a large black man.

    • Cardaver

      he says blacks are savages, and he’d rather die than be touched by one, and then says he’s not a racist… I think somebody needs to quickly google the definition of ‘racism’

      • terroir

        Becuz the only racist people in the world are black people! That’s why everybody hates them!

        *wins gold medal for internet logic*

        • Jin

          Black people are one of the most racist people in the world! But somehow when blacks makes racist remarks against Mexicans, Asians, Jews or white people its funny and OK but if its the other way they cry murder?

          • terroir


            So the very clear and simple explanation as to why there isn’t racism in China and, thus, racists, is because there isn’t black people in China.

            Once all the technological know-how and managerial experitise is sucked out of the low-why’s and they are kicked out of China, then China will be the pure, harmonious feudal state that it existed in before Westerners messed up everything!

            Hey, Dane Cook, here is your next inspiration. Get to it.

          • terroir

            To wit: if you’re watching Chris Rock or Tracey Morgan and not laughing, please do remember that they are comedians. They are paid money to be funny.

          • Brett Hunan
          • hess

            haha oh the comments on that article
            “You are wrong,Chinese treat white people and black people with respect. You don’t like Communism,do you know we don’t like Capitalism?
            You don’t like racism in China,but do you know who killed Martin Ruud Kim?And why he killed Martin Ruud Kim?Haha,i bet you don’t know who is Martin Ruud Kim?We will not discriminate other countries and their citizens(except for Japanese).”

          • linette

            I think the stereotype in China is white men are all English teachers and Black men are drug dealers. Am I right? I know it sounds bad but that is the stereotype.

    • Dan

      I remember in Cali there was a snowstorm that effectively sealed off a mountain pass. Everyone thought that their little shitty car could power through it. Hell, even the tow trucks thought that they could get through it. They all got stuck.

      The universal truth here is that people are retarded. I honestly have no idea how the hell you can manage to drown yourself in a car in 2~4m of water. Roll down the window before water completely covers it? Smash a window? You don’t even need to escape from the window itself if it doesn’t break wide open. Once the car has enough water in it, the door can open again. This ain’t rocket science and it only speaks towards people not being willing to abandon their precious car.

      • mr. wiener

        These things can all happen very fast Dan, panic and hyperventilation set in before you know it or can prepare. We are but monkeys with mobile phones after all. It is impossible to know how you are going to react unless you have actually experienced it yourself.
        I unwisely tried to swim across a a 100 mt section of a slow flowing river last month. I am a strong swimmer and can swim kilometers at a time and float for hours , but I was still recovering from a shoulder injury and kept my shoes on. Big mistake, I was getting more than a little worried by the time I got across and I refused to kick my shoes off too, stupid or what?

        • Jin

          what a shame you survived and making stupid posts on chinasmack

          • mr. wiener

            Jin, is that a note of petulance I hear?
            I’ve resolved to not respond to any more of your post unless they are addressing me personally or in reply to my posts.
            Please extend me the same courtesy.

    • terroir

      “How can so many people drown in the rain? I just can’t picture it. ”

      Okay, dig it. BJ town is out in the desert, only that it isn’t since it’s in the middle of this valley (guard against siege, water resources). Anything that collects in this bowl will stay in this bowl, like PM2.5 particles or common H2O.

      You’ve likely seen BJ town from having watched the 2008 Olym’s. See how shiny and perfect it looks? Well, it really does look that way, only that what something looks like doesn’t necessarily function. For example, a storm drain looks like a storm drain, but doesn’t act like a storm drain and, you know, work.

      Thus underpasses get filled with rain. Drivers in big ol’ SUV’s that feel invincible think that they can muscle through it like a crowd of people, but get stuck. So, a guy that was unwilling to leave his car (I think a Toyota SUV) just drowned in it when he got trapped in it.

      So, to picture it: imagine a city that only looks like a city, but doesn’t have any of the infrastructure to go along with it. Basically, BJ town can only be accepted as a bright, shiny cosmopolitan city if all you’re interested in is eating the chocolate of it after peeling off the foil.

      • Foreign Devil

        So nobody here is living in BJ and can comment on the rain storm from personal experience? I bet BJ smells horrible right now with all the back up sewers.

    • cc

      Go to Jeddah in there very short rainy season, hundreds of thick stupid bastards die there every year, have been for years and will continue to for years.

      • 404 name not found

        Its understandable, how many times a year does it rain in Jeddah? 1-3 times? (Im talking about Jeddah in Saudi Arabia)

        • cc

          Yep, Jeddah Saudi Arabia, when the water comes down from the mountains the whole place floods, has done since Mo’s time.
          And its not understandable, years ago they installed storm drains all over the place and still it floods and still people drive like cunts and drown in there cars.

    • Rick in China

      Jahar, people don’t necessarily drown, in fact, here’s some information on the dead:

      “A policeman who was electrocuted by a fallen power line during a rescue operation was among the fatalities, while others were killed in traffic accidents and roof collapses, it said.

      One woman died after her car was engulfed with water in an underpass on Beijing’s central second ring road that was flooded with up to three metres (10 feet) of water.”

      It’s not like people are walking in the rain and suddenly drown. Your inability to think about how massive flooding and heavy storms results in death demonstrates your lack of intellect – you’d probably be able to find a way yourself to ‘drown in the rain’, come to think of it.

      • Jahar

        Rick, your inability to not be a tool demonstrates your lack of intellect. I read a damn article that clearly stated 27 people “drowned”. Get of your high horse Mr. Perfect Awesome. Consider that someone might have a reason for what they say other than you think they are stupid. Jackass. Wow I can’t get over how much of a douchebag you are.

        • Fuck Jahar, I fail to see anything douchebaggery or jackassedness about Rick’s comment.(ok..maybe a bit insulting towards the end there but lightweight for this site) What the hell is going on around here? Jahar is normally a good guy. Is it the heat? I assume most of you are typing in the comfort of your local air-conditioned Starbucks and taking advantage of that free wi-fi. Are people on edge because the end is nigh? Just 5 months til December 21st, people. Get your affairs in order. Linette, Eattot…what about a threesome on December 20th. Might as well go out with some style. I’ll bring “The Box”.

          • linette

            Threesome with who? lol…

          • Little Wolf

            Well…if I’m bringing “The Box” I assumed it was a given that I was going to be there. And then there’s Eattot :)

          • linette

            hahaha…okay. But I thought originally I am having a threesome with eattot and Christina. lol
            Only one of you man can join us. Let see…who’s in the story. You, Brett, Wiener, moop, who else?
            You can all post a shirtless photo of yourself on the avatar and us girls can pick the hottest looking dude. lol….

          • Little Wolf

            Ok….I’m on it. Gimmee a few moments.

          • Ok…linette. My Gravatar is not working….again. But if you click on my name it will go to my music site where you can actually see the ripped muscles through my shirt. Brett, moop and wiener don’t stand a chance.(Sorry guys….better luck next time)

          • linette

            wow..those muscles are awesome. hahhaa….But I still need to see the other contestants. I must be fair. Also eattot and Christine have to vote. It’s not entirely up to me. lol.

          • haha….fair enough. But you ladies should pick me just on the contents of “The Box” alone. The muscles are just a bonus :)

          • linette

            you need to talk to eattot.. hehe..

          • haha…I always talk to eattot. We are QQ buddys.

          • moop

            bro! i’ll be your qq buddy

          • Ok….I’ll send to your e-mail

          • Jahar

            man, just the more I wrote, the more irritated I got. friggin china daily says 25 people drown(not 27, my mistake). And this guy starts calling me down for a “lack of intellect” and saying I’m stupid enough to drown in the rain. I’m not gonna say thanks. He’s the one that should be toning it down, not me. And good luck with the 3some.

          • Jahar: I suppose Rick was being a little bit snippy but it’s hard for me to burn on him since he’s one of the few foreigners that I’ve come across that knocked a shit-head on his ass and when “shit-head” saw a cash cow he basically said “not today fucker” and didn’t scream “Jail? Oh the horror!” I don’t know what the status of his case is but you gotta give Rick some skin for not taking that shit and making them work for it.

            But there will surely be a camera in “The Box” and I’ll try to send you some snapshots before the world explodes.

          • Rick in China

            Jahar I called you an idiot for not realizing that people die in extreme floods, your comment was ignorant. “How can people die in the rain!” seemingly oblivious that people aren’t actually walking with their mouth open and choking on the rain that’s falling from the sky – but rather being stuck in circumstance during extreme floods that results in their death in many potential ways. Instead of showing some humanity and sympathy for people who are being fucked by heavy rains, your comment did nothing more than make you look like a fucking asshat douchebag who essentially tried to say “what kind of fucking moron dies in the rain” rather than “wow, that’s terrible” and THAT, Jahar, is why I pointed out your lack of intellect. I should say it isn’t just a lack of intellect, but a lack of humanity or compassion for people who are in a really shitty place right now, and losing their friends/familiy as a result. Go fuck yourself.

          • Rick in China

            Still pending court results. After court, it takes an unknown time but seems several months, to get the result. Means still on bail. Means still no work visa renew, and still can’t leave the city (officially… least can’t fly). It’s a bunch of bullshit. I did refuse to give that fat fuck the 40k he wanted and instead said let the courts sort it out, which basically I was told would lead to less cash for him and potentially harsher penalty for me – but, I’m the type to take the punishment just to make sure that fuck face gets as little as possible. :D

          • Rick…I’ve seen so many neutered motherfuckers let themselves get punked by these people, I would think Simon and Jahar should show a little respect since who knows if they might someday benefit from the message you’re sending. I feel just like you. Put me in jail fuckers…it’s going to cost you more in the long run. It’s clear that your providing employment and quality product to this country. They’re probably stalling your case hoping somebody will just drop it…but you would know more about that than me. I can’t believe they even let it go this far. But your defiance must certainly causing them some major tantrums. Hope it all works out, Bud.

          • simon

            honestly little wolf, don’t bring me into a conversation that doesn’t involve me. i couldn’t care less about Rick’s personal problems.

          • Simon…what Rick is doing indirectly involves every foreigner in this country. You don’t have to like him but he deserves some respect. He’s taking a bullet for every foreigner that’s been fucked over by some weasel. But I will refrain from your own discussions with him.

      • simon

        rick you’ve just given an example of a person drowing you retard:

        “One woman died after her car was engulfed with water in an underpass on Beijing’s central second ring road that was flooded with up to three metres (10 feet) of water.”

        And if you want to be able to prove that most people in this instance did not die from drowning, you’re going to have to do better than give 2 examples, one of which actually points to drowning, or do you not understand what it means to drown? (it includes having your car flooded with water)

        • Jahar

          Thanks, Simon. If I ever get a sofa, I’m giving it to you.

          • simon

            No problem mate, the guy was being such a douche bag with his response i felt like giving him some shit.

        • Rick in China

          Sorry “retard”, she didn’t “drown in the rain” as seemingly mystified Jahar implies. She died from a flooding in an underpass (which resulted from the rain, but wasn’t like she was waltzing around in the rain and suddenly drown). There’s a difference.

          Examples were just the result of a quick and dirty google search. I’m sure there are tons of other examples. People don’t “die in the rain” – they die from tragic events that result because of heavy rain – things collapsing – things being pushed around due to flooding – car accidents – electrocution – and *gasp* being trapped in places with too much water and no way to escape. Oh, god, how CRAZY is that? Let me throw on the analyst cap: the analysis is in! You’re both fools who can’t comprehend basic logical circumstance that lead to death, which implies both of you would likely end up dying in such circumstance due to your own lack of ability to recognize danger.

          • Jahar

            So really, you’re being a prick based on your own cynical interpretation of my comment? Seems like you’re angry about something else.

            You call us fools, and imply that we are so stupid we would die in the rain, at the same time time calling us stupid because you think we think people are stupid enough to die in the rain. By this logic you are mad because we are the same as we think they are.

            25 people drowned. drowned. DROWNED. not electricuted. DROWNED. My original point isnt “how someone can be stupid enough to die in a storm”. It’s “how is it possible that 25 people DROWNED in a rainstorm” (I dont even know if it was a storm, or just heavy rain). It’s not about the people. 1,2, 5. seems possible. but 25?

            Seems you’re a fool who cant imagine that someone would be surprised by the seemly impossibility of 25 people drowning in a modern city in the rain. Also, didn’t you think that maybe our ability to recognize danger is part of the reason we think it’s surprising that this many people DROWNED?

            If this is how you normally think about people, I’m not surprised you’re in whatever situation you are in(wolf referred to it earlier)

          • Rick in China

            I won’t bother explaining how you are proving my point repeatedly, with each of your repetitious stupid comments.

          • simon

            Rick, in actual fact you are a retard who doesn’t realize you’re retarded, as per your response:

            ‘Jahar, people don’t necessarily drown, in fact, here’s some information on the dead:’ than you go and give an example of some person dying in a car flooded with water.

            My god you are stupid, so if you are trapped in a car with too much water and you can’t get out what happens? Here’s a hint dumb ass, you drown, just like if you are in the sea and you can’t swim you also drown.

            Next time don’t flame people for no reason other than being a prick and stop making yourself look stupid, don’t bother replying.

          • Rick in China

            Simon, dumbfuck, I didn’t say nobody drowned, I said flooding/storm doesn’t necessarily mean death only comes in the form of drowning. I cited several other ways this type of tragedy causes death in another post. In this post, I said “in fact, here’s some information on the dead:” which cited 2 examples, one was drowning, one was electrocution. Your misinterpretation of clear English isn’t my fault, “NOT NECESSARILY” means there are other ways, not “there are only other ways” of death. Pull the dick from out your face and maybe you’ll see all the text in a post you’re trying to rip up with your worthless comments.

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  • Matt


  • moop
  • Don

    You are spot on with regards to civic awareness. While the government failed to ensure proper maintanence and upgrades to drainage works, the city dwellers are equally guilty as well, illegal disposal of garbage into the already clogged drains are not helping either. Takes two hands to clap.

  • Bunny99

    “by Peter Barefoot” seems appropriate for an article about flooding

    Hope everyone in Beijing is ok now, and no after effects such as leptospirosis or other flood related epidemics.

    If you were exposed to flood water and suddenly feel feverish or weak (over the next month or so) – go to see a doctor a.s.a.p.

  • Greg (the smart one)

    37? Only 37? Damn it should’ve been 200 000 037. Way too many useless cunty Chinamen on this planet. Forgive me my hatred, just saying.

    • cc

      unfortunately the floods were located to Beijing otherwise we could have had more dead, think of the mayhem it could have caused across the rest of the country

  • Freak on a Mountain

    Looks like the ‘bring water from south to north’ project has gone a bit too far…

  • cc

    Hoho, more dead yellow motherfuckers due on the cards tonight, let’s see if any learnt a lesson from Saturday

  • tai wai

    Disasters often bring out the best in people, and the worst in government. This is pretty much a universal.

    • mr. wiener

      comment of the article 1+

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  • kodi

    Well its a good thing I walked or more accurately swam my lady friend home in 4 1/2 feet of water before I went to help others. That rain was nuts! Mr. Li is a patriot for posting his commentary online for all to see! There is no reason a city as large should flood so badly with only a day of rain. I think the reason the drainage is so bad is because of people dumping grease directly into the drains. Its not like Beijing does not have a freaking river capable of handling more than enough runoff running directly through the center.

    At least in New Orleans there was the mighty Mississippi river to blame, which is a totally unmanageable and overwhelming amount of water which accumulated over days and days of rain, which led to a failure of the levies. One day of rain in a capital city and international hub should be a piece of cake. Another reason why the party is unfit to usher China into the new century. They are so 1900’s.

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  • Jack

    Other governments thought of their people first. Here are some great pictures of Tokyo’s amazing underground flood protection system: 100s of kilometers of tunnels up to 50 meters underground connecting 5 vast silos and one immense water tank