Li Keqiang Urges Cheaper, Faster Internet For China

Li Keqiang Urges Cheaper, Faster Internet For China

Prime Minister Li Keqiang announced that he would like to see cheaper, faster Internet available in China. According to research by Internet giants Tencent and Sina, almost 70% of netizens claimed to pay between 50 and 200 RMB per month for Internet services, and more than 65% believe Internet speeds are too slow. Many Chinese Internet users believe the lack of competition has caused Internet providers to become stagnant. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced that they will work with related departments to carry out the “broadband China” strategy, with the goal of increasing speeds and reducing prices for consumers.

Source: Sina

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  • asian don draper

    get reliable internet before even thinking about getting it cheaper

  • RagnarDanneskjold

    In China, you can download a 1GB torrent faster than you can open a webpage.

  • JayJay

    How about freer internet??

    what does he know, Li is on the way out anyway…

  • SimpsonsGoldenAge

    What’s the point of this website without comments? I’m confused…

    • Alex Dương

      As you can see on the main page, the articles are now split between “digests” and “translations.” The full announcement will come shortly.

  • Amused

    How about some internet I don’t need a VPN/proxy to actually use properly…

  • Insomnicide

    Which Li Keqiang….?

  • tracy leon

    Internet is limited in china but still users can choose vpn for accessing blocked content.. Just choose reliable Purevpn that’s work perfect in china for internet users: Source vpnranks.

  • Foreign Devil

    I recently visited China after 2 years absence. .the internet situation is absolutely terrible now. I coudn’t use the “free WiFi” in any airports because you need a local Chinese phone number to get the password sent to you. I had a VPN setup in my phone but it only would work with private WiFi. . Hotel Wifi and almost any Wifi in Shanghai I could not connect my VPN.

    Also in hotels you have to provide your passport or Chinese ID card to use their Wifi. China economy is taking a turn for the worse. . seems they want to drive away foreign business travelers.

    • Maybe that tells us they are feeling the financial downturn and pinching pennies where they can?

    • CCCP

      Not sure about other airports, but in Beijing capital airport they have these machines where you can scan your passport and it prints out a receit with the wifi password for you. Used this once a couple of years ago when I had no money left on my Chinese card.

      • Foreign Devil

        THanks CCP I will look out for that in future. I didn’t see it in Shanghai or Chengdu international airports. but maybe they have it somewhere.

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