Li Na to Ignore Invitation to Appear on Spring Festival Gala

Li Na holding Daphne Akhurst Memorial Cup triophy after winning 2014 Australian Open.


From NetEase:

Li Na Declares She Resolutely Will Not Appear in the Spring Festival Gala: If Feng Xiaogang Calls, I’ll Turn Off My Phone

[Summary:] When asked whether or not she has been invited to appear on this year’s Spring Festival Gala, the answer Li Na gave was very arrogant/self-assured: “I’ll turn off (the mobile phone). I won’t go on the Spring Festival Gala. It’s rare that I have time to be with family, so I’ll be at home, and won’t accept any invitation.” Sister Na will be returning to Wuhan this week, and as for when she’ll return to competition, there so far remains no information.

Holding up the Australian Open’s Daphne Akhurst Cup, standing on the soft sand of the Melbourne seaside, the Southern Hemisphere sunshine paling in comparison to Sister Na’s smile. Yesterday, new Australian Open champion Li Na enjoyed the routine celebration of the Grand Slam champion in Melbourne–taking photographs with the trophy cup. Filled with the happiness of being the champion, the one thing she thought of most was going home squeezed among the crowds of Chun Yun [the peak travel season during the Spring Festival holiday].


Taking pictures, not afraid of panda arms

Because of the Australian Open, shores of Port Philip Bay were very lively, with over a hundred journalists squatting early at the location where Sister Na would come to take photos. Different from Chinese-styled skirt she wore after winning the French Open, this time, her dress was very simple–a form-fitting, blue dress. Over the past half-month, the harsh Australian sun has viciously darkened Sister Na’s skin, with her arms even tanned into become “panda arms”, but Sister Na doesn’t mind in the slightest, neither concealing nor dressing up it up, calmly and confidently walking onto the beach.

After the photos were taken, Sister Na even popped open a bottle of champagne with her team, the splashing white foam accompanying Sister Na’s unrestrained smiles, blending into the blue skies and seawater, happy, natural, and real.


Returning home, not afraid of Chun Yun crowds

Yesterday, almost all the leads stories of the domestic newspapers were dedicated to Sister Na, and even the front-page headline of The People’s Daily was all about Sister Na. It goes without saying that she also swept all the sports sections, going to show just how powerful “Tornado Na” is.

Now with both fame and fortune, what other plans does Sister Na have? An Australian reporter asked Sister Na if she had any plans to stay a few days, even consider settling down in Melbourne after retiring. In response to this excessive enthusiasm, Sister Na humorously joked, “Forget it, I should probably still go home with the Chun Yun crowds.” In fact, returning home to celebrate the [Chinese] new year is Sister Na’s biggest wish, “the good thing is that I got the championship, and can go home to spend the new year with my mom.”


Spring Festival Gala, resolutely will not participate

Actually, after making it to the Australian Open finals for the first time in 2011, having Sister Na appear on the Spring Festival Gala had already become a hot desire of netizens, and at the time, Sister Na had tactfully declined. Three years later, after finally realizing her dream in Melbourne, netizens again call for her to appear on the Spring Festival Gala. After winning the championship, fans wildly besieged Spring Festival Gala director Feng Xiaogang on Sina Weibo [microblogging social network], leaving comments: “Director Feng, Li Na is very popular, it’d be a shame if she doesn’t go on the Spring Festival Gala!”

Media reporters immediately posed this question to Sister Na, “What will you do if Spring Festival Gala director Feng Xiaogang calls to invite Li Na to appear on the the Spring Festival Gala?” The answer Sister Na gave was very arrogant/self-assured: “I’ll turn off (the mobile phone). I won’t go on the Spring Festival Gala. It’s rare that I have time to be with family, so I’ll be at home, and won’t accept any invitation.” Sister Na will be returning to Wuhan this week, and as for when she’ll return to competition, there so far remains no information.

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Comments from NetEase:

网易广西梧州市网友 ip:221.7.*.*:

Every year the Spring Festival segments with the Olympic champions are the most garbage. People like Liu Xiang, Li Xiaoshuang, and the like have all been on it. And sometimes they even sing, when they can’t even sing in tune. Sister Na is awesome, refusing to touch it [play the game, be coopted]. There are plenty of slaves/flunkeys in China, always thanking the government and other bullshit flattery. Achievements are the result of one’s own efforts. The government providing a good work and living environment is something it should do. Otherwise, you [the government] can get lost. Every year, you spend the money of taxpayers, and you want people to thank you? Do you still have any shame at all?

网易重庆市沙坪坝区手机网友 [布什是我偶像]:

It is so like Li Na to have that sort of character, speaking without thinking, only someone who is retarded would invite her onto the Spring Festival Gala.

扬科维奇的弟弟 [网易重庆市网友]: (responding to above)

I think it is you who is retarded! What a laughable loser!

网易辽宁省营口市网友 ip:113.236.*.*:

What is CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala? It’s for CCTV leaders to masturbate with.

网易黑龙江省哈尔滨市网友 ip:61.158.*.*:

Sister Na is NB!

耍猴有风险老婆的情夫 [网易广东省网友]:

Sister Na said it right, I’m going to turn off my mobile phone right now, lest Feng Xiaogang calls me.

网易江苏省手机网友 [批评也是爱]:

Joining the Chun Yun crowds to go home instead of staying in Australia, this is called loving one’s home and loving one’s country.

网易上海市手机网友 ip:116.228.*.*: (responding to above)

This is well said!

夜撸大学访问学者 [网易江西省赣州市手机网友]:

Every acceptance speech of Li Na’s causes waves on the internet, because what she says are human words from her heart. Someone commented: Every single cent she has earned is clean, she has haughtily taking a professional path where she is not provided for by a system [national sports system] costing taxpayers money.


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • mr.wiener

    Chinese new year is about family, good on her.

  • FYIADragoon

    Props to her. Hopefully there will be more athletes shunning the state run sports system.

  • Lord_Helmet

    Good decision!
    If she appeared on that show, she would probably be constantly pressured into being more “Chinese” when abroad. Li Na gets it!
    “Li Na was on the beach and didn’t care about getting tan, with her dark arms………blah” Fucks sake!!

    • moeimoei

      True! Chinese do tend to put a lot of pressure on their celebrities and athletes…in the end it just messes them up…

    • Repatriated

      I was wondering when the media would be talking about her tan when I first saw the article about her win. Apparently Chinese reporters don’t get that, while it’s easy to transport your whole family on an ebike while holding a “sunbrella”, the same can’t be said about playing tennis….LOL.

    • hehehehh

      Lina is so hot like this

  • Markoff

    Finally role model China needs. Someone successful on her own without stealing and down to earth.

    Btw. with all her money, why just not fly all her relatives out of China to some nice destination to celebrate CNY, why suffer with all the pollution, noise and crowds? I am sure gov would not dare to make them trouble with passports/visa. I guess that would be last drop before becoming Singaporean.

    Recommended reading to learn about sick Chinese sport system:

    • FYIADragoon

      Spring Festival is 50% about family, 50% about hometown. You need both of them for the authentic experience.

      • chosan

        yeah hurray for Chinese new year!!! this year i don’t want to hear no christian-muslim-hindu crap. the jews are quiet anyway so i won’t mention em.

        • mr.wiener

          ..and the best of seasons beatings to you;)

        • FYIADragoon

          I’m not sure as to what you refer to?

        • Zappa Frank

          the whole year? what about muslims and christians chinese?
          jewish are quite? … i think are the most talkative of minorities…

          • Rick in China

            He’s obviously megatrolling, ignore the fool :)

        • markus peg


  • Wodowsan

    When I saw the movie “The Hunger Games” the stage show they put on to broadcast to all the districts from the Capital city reminded me greatly of the CCTVs Spring Festival Gala shows.

  • Wodowsan

    I never understood why they call it the Spring Festival when it is the middle of Winter. Shouldn’t it be called the Winter Festival or at least “We are looking forward to Spring Coming Soon Festival.”

    In Taiwan it was always “Xin Nian kuai lae” (New Year Happy) or Happy Chinese New Year in English. Is the lunar calendar so messed up that Spring Festival was actually in the Spring in the past, but now it lands in the Winter?

    • YourSupremeCommander

      And you understand thanksgiving? White people got help from the Indians and they thank them by killing them off? And then they celebrate the killings very year afterwards by eating turkey? That makes a lot of sense too bro.

      • mr.wiener

        I’m still trying to get my head around the Easter bunny.

        • Wodowsan

          I agree I do not understand the whole Eastern Bunny thing too. Perhaps because Easter is also based on the Lunar calendar.

          • mr.wiener

            Nope, the Christians pinched the approximate time of the pagan spring festival I think. The rabbit is a fertility symbol appropriated by the Christians due to a belief that rabbits could give birth without having sex [virgin Mary] The eggs was a Lutheran middle finger at the Catholics as they weren’t allowed to eat eggs during Lent, The decoration is Pagan, the Chocolate thing came later in America.
            So by this convoluted tread we arrive a a bunny giving you chocolate eggs to celebrate the resurrection of a Jewish dude that died , rose from the dead [without being a flesh eating zombie] and we aren’t sure of the date.
            My apologies to any Christian I might have offended.

          • Wodowsan

            Thanks, I found your post about Easter informative. It is interesting how tradition evolve. That is why I am sincerely curious why they call it Spring Festival When I have always known it, even on Taiwan, as Chinese New Year.

          • Germandude

            Wasn’t the easter bunny created by Lutherans in Germany based on a tale of the easter bunny judging children’s behaviour previously to Easter? The bunny would give eggs to the kids for the reason’s you mentioned (Lutheran middle finger at the Catholics). I think colored eggs were given to children that were behaving exceptionally well.

            I could be wrong though as religion means nothing to me.

          • Rick in China

            That’s correct, *too*, but the whole bunny thing was largely pulled from pagan beliefs, can look up the Goddess Eostre as it refers to this case. Lots of Christian beliefs have pagan roots…they just gank shit and modify it to fit their norms, it’s easier to convert people if there is not a significant shift in habits.

            Oh, no apologies if I offend any Christians with this post.

          • David

            Easter is based in the Jewish holiday of Passover. Since Christ was crucified during passover this is the period that is used to commemorate and think about his crucifixion and resurrection. Easter is not supped to be the exact day Jesus died just a symbolic day. It is a holiday based on the lunar cycle. Other holidays associated with it (Ash Wed, Palm Sunday, Pentecost etc. . .) are calculated off Easter. As for the Bunny, well, we know it came to America with the Germans in the 17th century and that bunnies are certainly a symbol of fertility (as are eggs) an Spring is the fertility season but your guess is as goo as mine.

      • Wodowsan

        Thanksgiving is about celebrating the harvest. It is about being thankful frost, too much rain, or too little rain did not destroy their crops that year. Is that really hard to understand?

        They “killed off” the Indians? There are no more Indians? Then why are all the buses full of Chinese going to gamble at Indian owned Casinos?
        I guess you do not realize that Native Americans are not all the same peoples they consist of different tribes with different cultures and languages.

        I guess you are one of those that think the Native Americans were living in the Garden of Eden before the terrible white men arrived? You have been taught that they were prancing around the woods with a spiritual connection with nature and mother Gaia? Like in the movie Avatar? That they knew nothing about war,cruelty, human sacrifices, or slavery until the white man reached the American shores?

        Native Americans had wars and killings just like Europeans and Asians. Tribes fought against tribes and survivors of those conflicts became slaves. All before Europeans arrived in the Americas.

        I recommend you read the History of the King Philip’s War to get a better understanding of American History.

        I am not saying that many injustices were not done to the Native Americans especially by the American government, There were, treaties broken, massacres like Wounded Knee, but like most conflicts horrible things were done by sides. Tribes would ally themselves with the whites to defeat other tribes they had long histories of conflicts with. Cortes did not defeat the Aztecs with only his handful of men. Surrounding tribes that had been tormented by the Aztecs for generations filled the bulk of his ranks.

        Besides I didn’t say I didn’t understand why they celebrate Chinese New Year, that I understand. I just do not understand why they call it “Spring Festival” when it is in the middle of the winter.

        • David

          Very True. KP war is a perfect example of what has happened around the world. People always ask “Why didn’t the Indonesians kick the Dutch out?” “Why were the Indians ruled by the British?” “How could Cortez conquor the natives with only 100 men?”. They fail to understand that those who live at the time often saw the new whites as less of a threat than their ancestral enemies (who they had been fighting for thousands of years). You always had one group of elites and their followers, use the new tecnology of the whites to kill another group of elites and their people. King Philip saw the writing on the wall and tried to organize Native Americans from different tribes to resist the British and French, but even after so many previous skirmishes many would rather fight him than unite behind him as their leader (after all if Native Americans had been one big happy family, there is no way a few thousand white settlers would have taken over North America, even in a few hundred years).

        • YourSupremeCommander

          “They “killed off” the Indians? There are no more Indians? ”

          Hitler didn’t kill off the Jews, so LOL, that’s cool by you too right? What a **** you are.

          • Wodowsan

            I will repeat; I am not denying there were injustices done to the Native Americans, but to compare it to Hitler’s Death camps, an actual attempt to literally kill off several groups of people, not only the Jews, is a ridiculous comparison. If it were not for the Allies defeating Nazi Germany, Hitler would have killed off the Jews in Europe.

            As terrible as American Indian Reservation were, they cannot be compared to anything close to the whole sale death camps of Nazi Germany or even the Gulags and re-education camps of communist regimes.

            Indian Reservations clearly were not the resorts they are today. As Henry Ford once said “Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him, better take a closer look at the American Indian.”

            Thanksgiving was originally a semi-religious holiday. it is not thanking the native Americans. During a time when the majority of Americans strongly believed in the existence and daily influence of God. The Holiday is thanking what God had given them from a bountiful harvest. The forces of nature (deemed controlled by God by the pious) was the greatest enemy to successful harvest. So they thanked God on Thanksgiving Day. I assume you have never experienced an American Thanksgiving and the saying of “grace” before eating. They pray thinking God for what is on the table they are about to eat,

            1621 was the first Thanksgiving in the New World. The King Philip’s War didn’t happen until over two generations later when King Philip of the Wampanoag looked at the increased purchases of lands by the Europeans as a threat to his people.Lands they bought from other Native Americans.

            The first real Indian War began with the native Americans attacking homesteads and killing the colonists and their families, including the women and children.
            I guess can hear you saying “That is ok, because it was their land.”

            Well then, I guess you would then agree with the British today attacking, killing, and burning down the homes of Chinese, Indians, and any other group that did not originate from the British Islands? Would you think that justified because they are defending their culture and lands from foreigners?

            You need to understand in the 17th century in many native American cultures it was considered fair game to wipe out your enemy’s entire family.Children can grow into warriors and women could produce more warriors that would be a future threat to yours. An ideology not that different than that of the Kims in North Korea wiping out the entire families of their political rivals and that of many of the Emperors of China who also killed off the entire families of their political rivals, even if related to the Emperor himself.

            I am sorry if actually knowing my history makes me a “****”. And I sorry that knowledge of history does not fit into your clearly bigoted one-sided politically correct view of world history, but the facts are the facts. There is no group of peoples on this planet that can claim innocents from horrific acts. No one’s ancestors are pure from injustices.

            So perhaps looking back at a time when two different peoples did come together and help each other is something we should try to emulate and be thankful for. Not the whole sale massacres of new immigrants to any of our lands.

        • YourSupremeCommander

          “Thanksgiving is about celebrating the harvest.”

          Let me break it down for you.
          “THANKS” & “GIVING”.
          Got it now? Do Pilgrims & Indians mean anything to you?

          Harvesting? LMAO, bro.

    • Zappa Frank

      i tought it was about the end of the winter and than the spring that is coming.. more or less. Related with agricutural things, maybe somthing to do on the fields…

  • Wodowsan

    Thank you. So then it is that the Lunar calendar counts the start of spring at a different date than the solar calendar.

  • bprichard

    Good lord, the source article is sexist as all get out. At least the majority of the commenters seem pretty sensible. Loved that first one.

  • markus peg

    I like her priorities, family first. well done Li Na, we support you and your decision.

  • ScottLoar

    Oh yes, any real Chinese is the ultimate authority on things Chinese, no matter the subject, yes?

    Likewise, I’m American, so understand that for you, anything I say about the USA is correct. I’ll go further, I’m also a Westerner, so for you anything I say about the West (you define it as Western Europe and North America so I’ll settle for that) is correct and cannot be argued by anyone who is not Western. All of it “verified by a real Westerner, me.”

    Go ahead, please ask me questions or bring up a Western or American subject and I’ll answer with the authority of being American and Western, just like you being Chinese and an authority on everything Chinese.

    Chinese New Year is celebrated in the very dead of winter, the coldest months of the lunar calendar, so please explain how that defines Spring.

    • Rick in China

      It is the dead of winter, and it’s fucking freezing… however, like many things in China, it’s misinterpreted. The basis of “Spring Festival” is in Lichun (

      • ScottLoar

        I was hoping the Chinese authority would chime in rather than Wikipedia reference.

  • SonofSpermcube

    She is a classy lady with excellent taste and good priorities.

  • linette lee

    She is one strong woman. Chinese New Year is the biggest holiday for Chinese. Of course she should spend time with her family.

  • moeimoei

    Looking sexy with that tan :)
    I’m beginning to like her more and more :)
    so down to earth and natural!!!

  • Freddi BuBu

    Oh, she’s almost 34 already – was wondering why she looked a bit washed up…..

  • mr.wiener

    All Germans may join me in a virtual beer if they promise not to argue about religion.

  • Germandude

    Since you don’t like yellow, I doubt you ate the yellow eggs. Which color did u prefer? As you are a rather old man, it cannot be the green ones either.

    So that leaves red. I hate religious cults but to each their own.

  • Wodowsan

    It is true, small pox could accomplish the same thing. A reason even today there is fear of the disease being weaponized.

    Smallpox can survive on clothes or blankets, the problem in using it purposely as a weapon (especially before the
    20th Century) is that it has as much of chance of infecting the bearer of the blankets as the receiver of the infected blankets.
    There is actually only one documented case of the possible use of smallpox tainted blankets to be used against native Americans. One British general, Lord Jeffery Amherst, during the French and Indian War did write letters suggested using the blankets from a Fort Pitt (today’s Pittsburg, Penn.) where small pox had broken out and presenting it the Indians fighting with the French. The British during the war had their own native American allies and he was not suggesting using against them. He even mentioned in those letters the problem of infecting also those that would be assigned to carry out the plan.

    It is not completely clear if he actually did give the blankets to the Native Americans that were allied with the French. Although one of their villages after his letters were written did break out with the virus.

    Most Native Americans who had died from the disease died from it like most people do; from being exposed to others that had it. Diseases went both ways when the old world met the new. There is much in evidence that Columbus’s crews brought syphilis back to Europe causing a major epidemic in Europe at the time. No one is suggesting that the native Americans purposely infected the Spanish sailors. I do realize many of the revisionist historians do not find it politically correct to mention that fact in the history books of today.

    If the infected smallpox blankets did happen, and let’s assume it did. It was done by a British General of noble
    prestige over a century after the first Thanksgiving and not done by the pilgrim colonists trying to start a new life in North America.

    Am I saying there has been no racism in American history that there have been whites that were bigots and did horrific acts to others just because of the were different? No I am not. But are you saying there is no racism in the past among all other ethnic groups on this planet? If you are, then you are not being intellectually honest.

    The message and meaning of Thanksgiving still holds. It is to be thankful for what we do have. Not what we don’t have or being envious of what others have that we may not.

    • mr.wiener

      The case of native american given smallpox infected blankets has since been proven to be BS or suspect at best. Not saying they wouldn’t have done it if they hadn’t thought of it though.

      Hard to see in the article , but this self acclaimed “native American” was the one who broke the story about the smallpox blankets back in the 70’s

    • ScottLoar

      You are correct, it was Amherst who thought of the idea, then dismissed it.

      I had quoted elsewhere but in reply to the same kind of absurdity William McNeill’s Plagues and Peoples which, as you would suppose, analyses the effect of plagues upon peoples. Eight out of ten North American Indians were felled by plagues to which they had no resistance (Central and South America were just as bad if not worse), as had happened throughout history whenever an insulated group is exposed to a new, virile pathogen for which their bodies have no immunity (even that common childhood ailment measles killed), like the bubonic plague that almost certainly originated out of the Mongolian steppes. Do we blame the Mongols? Do we blame the Chinese for the flu viruses that continue to stream out of south China because of the proximity of people with pigs and chickens? Perhaps it’s all a cunning, low trick of the mainland Chinese against an unprotected world – oh, woe is me, woe is me.

  • Wodowsan

    Seriously. The privileged Party class in the audience broadcasting from the Capital City. The phony forced smile of the M.C. and the nationalist Party propaganda laced through out the stage show. Are you serious you don’t see the similarities? Suzanne Collins must have gotten her inspiration from seeing the Spring Festival Galas.

  • mr.wiener

    Happy Chinese new year everyone.
    May the horse be with you.

    • KamikaziPilot

      Same to you. I look forward to another year of your corny jokes :)

  • mr.wiener

    Care to explain why you think the article is sexist drivel?

  • Zappa Frank

    wow, she lost at the first turn in France to a girl ranked after 100th. It is really hard to remain competitive