Li Na to Ignore Invitation to Appear on Spring Festival Gala

Li Na holding Daphne Akhurst Memorial Cup triophy after winning 2014 Australian Open.


From NetEase:

Li Na Declares She Resolutely Will Not Appear in the Spring Festival Gala: If Feng Xiaogang Calls, I’ll Turn Off My Phone

[Summary:] When asked whether or not she has been invited to appear on this year’s Spring Festival Gala, the answer Li Na gave was very arrogant/self-assured: “I’ll turn off (the mobile phone). I won’t go on the Spring Festival Gala. It’s rare that I have time to be with family, so I’ll be at home, and won’t accept any invitation.” Sister Na will be returning to Wuhan this week, and as for when she’ll return to competition, there so far remains no information.

Holding up the Australian Open’s Daphne Akhurst Cup, standing on the soft sand of the Melbourne seaside, the Southern Hemisphere sunshine paling in comparison to Sister Na’s smile. Yesterday, new Australian Open champion Li Na enjoyed the routine celebration of the Grand Slam champion in Melbourne–taking photographs with the trophy cup. Filled with the happiness of being the champion, the one thing she thought of most was going home squeezed among the crowds of Chun Yun [the peak travel season during the Spring Festival holiday].


Taking pictures, not afraid of panda arms

Because of the Australian Open, shores of Port Philip Bay were very lively, with over a hundred journalists squatting early at the location where Sister Na would come to take photos. Different from Chinese-styled skirt she wore after winning the French Open, this time, her dress was very simple–a form-fitting, blue dress. Over the past half-month, the harsh Australian sun has viciously darkened Sister Na’s skin, with her arms even tanned into become “panda arms”, but Sister Na doesn’t mind in the slightest, neither concealing nor dressing up it up, calmly and confidently walking onto the beach.

After the photos were taken, Sister Na even popped open a bottle of champagne with her team, the splashing white foam accompanying Sister Na’s unrestrained smiles, blending into the blue skies and seawater, happy, natural, and real.


Returning home, not afraid of Chun Yun crowds

Yesterday, almost all the leads stories of the domestic newspapers were dedicated to Sister Na, and even the front-page headline of The People’s Daily was all about Sister Na. It goes without saying that she also swept all the sports sections, going to show just how powerful “Tornado Na” is.

Now with both fame and fortune, what other plans does Sister Na have? An Australian reporter asked Sister Na if she had any plans to stay a few days, even consider settling down in Melbourne after retiring. In response to this excessive enthusiasm, Sister Na humorously joked, “Forget it, I should probably still go home with the Chun Yun crowds.” In fact, returning home to celebrate the [Chinese] new year is Sister Na’s biggest wish, “the good thing is that I got the championship, and can go home to spend the new year with my mom.”


Spring Festival Gala, resolutely will not participate

Actually, after making it to the Australian Open finals for the first time in 2011, having Sister Na appear on the Spring Festival Gala had already become a hot desire of netizens, and at the time, Sister Na had tactfully declined. Three years later, after finally realizing her dream in Melbourne, netizens again call for her to appear on the Spring Festival Gala. After winning the championship, fans wildly besieged Spring Festival Gala director Feng Xiaogang on Sina Weibo [microblogging social network], leaving comments: “Director Feng, Li Na is very popular, it’d be a shame if she doesn’t go on the Spring Festival Gala!”

Media reporters immediately posed this question to Sister Na, “What will you do if Spring Festival Gala director Feng Xiaogang calls to invite Li Na to appear on the the Spring Festival Gala?” The answer Sister Na gave was very arrogant/self-assured: “I’ll turn off (the mobile phone). I won’t go on the Spring Festival Gala. It’s rare that I have time to be with family, so I’ll be at home, and won’t accept any invitation.” Sister Na will be returning to Wuhan this week, and as for when she’ll return to competition, there so far remains no information.

Comments from NetEase:

网易广西梧州市网友 ip:221.7.*.*:

Every year the Spring Festival segments with the Olympic champions are the most garbage. People like Liu Xiang, Li Xiaoshuang, and the like have all been on it. And sometimes they even sing, when they can’t even sing in tune. Sister Na is awesome, refusing to touch it [play the game, be coopted]. There are plenty of slaves/flunkeys in China, always thanking the government and other bullshit flattery. Achievements are the result of one’s own efforts. The government providing a good work and living environment is something it should do. Otherwise, you [the government] can get lost. Every year, you spend the money of taxpayers, and you want people to thank you? Do you still have any shame at all?

网易重庆市沙坪坝区手机网友 [布什是我偶像]:

It is so like Li Na to have that sort of character, speaking without thinking, only someone who is retarded would invite her onto the Spring Festival Gala.

扬科维奇的弟弟 [网易重庆市网友]: (responding to above)

I think it is you who is retarded! What a laughable loser!

网易辽宁省营口市网友 ip:113.236.*.*:

What is CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala? It’s for CCTV leaders to masturbate with.

网易黑龙江省哈尔滨市网友 ip:61.158.*.*:

Sister Na is NB!

耍猴有风险老婆的情夫 [网易广东省网友]:

Sister Na said it right, I’m going to turn off my mobile phone right now, lest Feng Xiaogang calls me.

网易江苏省手机网友 [批评也是爱]:

Joining the Chun Yun crowds to go home instead of staying in Australia, this is called loving one’s home and loving one’s country.

网易上海市手机网友 ip:116.228.*.*: (responding to above)

This is well said!

夜撸大学访问学者 [网易江西省赣州市手机网友]:

Every acceptance speech of Li Na’s causes waves on the internet, because what she says are human words from her heart. Someone commented: Every single cent she has earned is clean, she has haughtily taking a professional path where she is not provided for by a system [national sports system] costing taxpayers money.



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