Li Tianyi Claims Rape Victim Was a Hostess, Pleads Innocent

Li Tianyi (aka Li Guanfeng).

From Sina:

Li Tianyi’s Party Accuses Victim of Being a Hostess, Pleas Innocence

According to Shenzhen Evening News, Li X is being publicly prosecuted for being involved in a gang-rape case. There are lots of twists and turns among his attorneys–first, two attorneys have resigned from the case, and now this new attorney claims they’re going to plea innocent.

Yesterday [July 14], an insider revealed to the reporter of this article the reason the attorneys resigned, and he also revealed that because Li X is a juvenile, his guardians must be present when he’s brought to the trail. Every time when Li X meets them he’d ask “when will you come again”, which makes his mother determined to “save” her son.

Why did the two attorneys resign from the case?

The client’s demands are too difficult to achieve

As it is understood, Li X’s first attorney resigned from the case because “the case is complicated, he’s unable to fulfill the client’s demands”.

The insider revealed that when the crime was first discovered, Li X’s mother had already completely “freaked out”, and had gone through friends to find lawyer Yuan Chenghui of Beijing City Weiheng Law Firm to be her son’s attorney.

The insider claims that because some of the client’s ideas/desires made the attorney feel they would be very difficult to achieve through the legal process, the first attorney resigned from the case in early March.

Xue Zhenyuan, the second attorney for Li X Case asked to resign on May 20. His reason for resigning is also that “there are some reasons that are inconvenient and unable to be spoken”.

Why do they want the attorney to plea not guilty?

They think the case doesn’t match what has been reported

As it is understood, when Li X was first arrested, Li’s family already had doubts about this case: Was the girl involved a hostess at the bar [someone who drinks and gives company to customers for money]?

According to the insider, Li’s family learned from Li X’s own mouth that when he was drinking during the night the incident happened, those with Li X at the scene were not only the 5 people involved in this case but also Li X’s other friends.

When leaving the bar, the girl didn’t resist, and here Li X and his friends parted ways. When [Li X, the girl, and the other people involved in this case] arrived at the hotel, the victim didn’t show any sign of obvious resistance, nor was the victim’s state of “drunkenness” clear.

Although these details contradict the reports of many press, Li’s family still believe there were so many people at the scene who can testify, and furthermore, the hotel also has surveillance footage. Therefore, Li X’s mother and others concerned want the attorney to enter a plea of not guilty.

According to Mr. Liu who has worked in the involved bar Global Club, bars and other kind of nightclubs often have female hostesses to fill up the venue. They are young, beautiful, all dressed up, and are paid a fixed 200 yuan per day by the bar or nightclub.

Comments from Sina:

深焙咖啡 [湖北武汉]:

Hostesses are also human beings. Is gang-raping a hostess not counted as gang-rape? In the eyes of Meng Ge [Li Tianyi’s mother], hostesses are not human? And thus can be gang-raped?

林丛Lintsong381519092 [北京]:

Prostitutes are also human, but beasts always stay as beasts, no matter what.

青春太白 [陕西西安]:

Prostitutes are first women, and gang-raping a prostitute should also be punished by the law. The law can’t be lenient to criminals just because the victim is a prostitute.

手机用户 [北京]:

So shameless. You can’t rape her even if she’s a prostitute.

六六 [美国加利福尼亚]:

The family is protecting an asshole.

feiranyi [河北邯郸]:

Whores always sees others as whores.

秘斗鱼 [浙江杭州]:

Waiting for the result. Hope the law won’t be gang-raped again.

手机用户 [上海]:

Hostesses are not human? What kind of logic do these beasts have?

沙漠之狐2011 [北京]:

She’s a hostess, so what? She only drinks with customers!

cherisher1999 [北京]:

Extremely shameless!

Comments from NetEase:

江小i美 [网易特克斯和凯科斯群岛网友]:

Me and my little friends are stupefied: Hostesses also have human rights. 62%-80% prostitutes have the experiences of being raped. Tianyi, you’ve succeeded!

小鸡哔哔哔哔哔 [网易浙江省杭州市手机网友]:

Meng Ge is the one who didn’t show any sighs of obvious resistance. Grass mud horse.

第一时评 [网易福建省手机网友]:

It’s said that if you say Tianyi is shameless, countless people will ding your comment. I don’t believe it, so I’m here to give it a try?! [28,083 upvotes during the time of translation]

边走边看shv [网易中国手机网友]:

The girl’s identity has no necessary connection to the crime.

网易福建省厦门市手机网友 ip:27.154.*.*:

Execute this bastard.

Comments from Sohu:

结满地瓜的石榴树 [搜狐北京市网友]:

★Scumbags have no right to criticize “whores”★

According to logic, Li Tianyi’s attorney entering a plea of innocent on behalf of Li Tianyi is a right the law has given to him. There’s nothing inappropriate about that. The lawyer is also completely free to seek various kinds of evidence to prove that Li Tianyi didn’t do the crime in order to save him. But what’s ridiculous is that the evidence they think proves Li Tianyi’s innocence turns out to be that “the victim is a hostess”. If Li Shuangjiang and Meng Ge [Li Tianyi’s parents] think so, that can be forgiven on account of love, but for a lawyer well-versed in the law to agree with them, that’s just unacceptable.

First of all, when someone knows that he’s guilty, but he still fights back, he’s been unreasonable. It is simple if they want to prove that Li Tianyi is not guilty. They only have to prove that he’s not involved in the rape, or that him having sex with the victim is consensual. Otherwise, it’s rape! But up till now, the attorney has said nothing on this matter, but arguing when the crime is already a fact, covering it up with all means, and even denying the truth. This itself has violated the basic professional integrity of a lawyer.

Secondly, the facts and [the victim’s] identity are unrelated. Even if the victim is a “prostitute”, should we take Li Tianyi’s action for granted? Should we consider forcing a “hostess” to have sex no longer rape? Of course not! Not to mention how shameless it is to maliciously abuse the victim, it can’t even justify oneself even according to legal principle. It is clear that he himself is a scumbag, but he insists on denouncing the “whore” as cheap. At all times and in all over the world, where does this kind of logic come from?! Therefore, both Meng Ge and Li Tianyi’s attorney should remember: scumbags have no right to accuse “whores”.

壹个潒夏天壹个像秋忝 [搜狐广西壮族自治区桂林市网友]:

If this guy is not severely punished, it can’t be tolerated by heaven. Up till now, his guardians haven’t shown a shred of apology to the victim (whether she’s a hostess at the bar or not) . Just for their unrepentant attitude after they’ve done something wrong, they should be punished by the law. To make them know their faults, to make them be repentant for what they’ve done, so they can change~!

啊郎2010 [搜狐浙江省网友]:

His father is merely a singer, what great deeds has he done? He is canonized as General, what kind of benefits does he receive from the country? He should be humble, he should live with his tail between his legs. But he is not grateful, but spoils his son to harm the society, to be abusively domineering, to place himself above the people. This kind of scumbag must be severely punished, to be made an example out of, so as to ease the people’s anger.

Li Tianyi must be sentenced to 30 years of prison time. 1, He has a criminal record, driving without a driver’s license and assaulting people.  2, Li Shuangjiang, as a state cadre, indulges his son to break the law, to commit crimes. Doesn’t he know what his son has done? 3, After the crime happened, he didn’t comfort or compensate for the victim. Is this how a state cadre should behave? 4, After the crime happened, he even made reprisals and threatened the victim. He is worse than pigs and dogs. 5, In knowing that her son is guilty, Meng Ge the Whore still does all that she can to help her bastard of a son escape the punishment of the law. It’s a contempt of court. No matter from which point above, there’s no way that Li’s penalty can be reduced. And based on the points above, it is even completely OK to add a few more years. So, if Li’s prison time is less than 15 years, the general public will not agree. Those who agree with me, ding. [6,888 upvotes during the time of translation]


According to the press, Li Tianyi’s family questions if the plaintiff was a hostess at the bar, so they want to plead innocent. What does this have anything to do with whether the plaintiff is a hostess or not? Hostesses are also human. Is gang-raping a hostess not counted as gang-rape?


The black becomes the white, the twisted become the straight. Those who have public power can say whatever they want to say. I’m so worried for the entertainment industry.

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  • In Italy there is one very old saying.. “Every cockroach is good for its mother”… aaaa the wisdom of old people still works in modern times…..

  • BiggJ

    All they need to do is get Johnnie Cochran on the case. Not only will he get off scott free…..the rape victim will go to jail and have to pay him money.

    Also i would love to strike this guy in face hard as I can…like really knock his block right off. Not because of what he did…just his face….his face pisses me off so much!!! Fuck sakes…his face….god, just one punch…please,…all it would take.

    • filabusta

      I know and they keep putting it up on Chinasmack to taunt us.

    • I love Sexy Chinese girls

      I don’t know why, but i feel the same. Every time I see his face, i wanted to punch it, cut it and replace his face with a monkey’s face (I know monkey will disagree with me).

      • BiggJ

        If my dog had his face, I would shave it’s ass and teach it to walk backwards.

      • Washington Bullets

        That should be a legal form of punishment.

    • Germandude

      Is it because in almost all of the pictures he has his mouth partly open, just like he was implying: “Look at me, if I am not busy raping girls, I like to suck cocks”?

      • BiggJ

        That’s part of it… but it’s everything about his face. Imagine if he was sent to an American prison….they would have fun with him.

        • Mighty曹

          I bet HE will have more fun getting butt banged.

      • Li Tianyi

        The Chinese user feiranyi posted:

        feiranyi [河北邯郸]:
        Whores always sees others as whores.

        Which is just like saying “takes one to know one”.

        Now, I’m not going to get too deep as far as the logic of this statement goes, but I will say that it definitely does have some truth to it.

        The truth to it can be seen in the fact that to make a statement or know something about someone, you must first know what you’re talking about and that knowledge comes from experience of having done a similar thing yourself.

        So, Germandude, given these facts, and your statement of: “Is it because in almost all of the pictures he has his mouth partly
        open, just like he was implying: “Look at me, if I am not busy raping girls, I like to suck cocks”?”, we all now know that you, Germandude, also like to suck the cock.

        • Mighty曹

          You made an astute observation. However, Germandude never mentioned the ‘similarity’ of the adage ‘takes one to know one’ as you so clearly referenced. It is you who saw the correlation. So, Little White Cotton Panties, you also like to suck cocks.

          • Li Tianyi

            haha nice try, but your logic doesn’t work. Go back, analyze your logic and write a new algorithm.

          • Algorithms doesn’t imply logic but a direction to solve a problem. I could write a random function and see if that yields logic. Nice try but go back to output ” hello world”.

            Edit: my wordssssssss. %

          • Li Tianyi

            You posted Algorithm in the plural but used the contraction doesn’t. Algorithms don’t imply logic but a direction to solve a problem requires logic. Whether you could write another Stuxnet or not doesnt matter because by the logic of feiranyi [河北邯郸]: Whores always sees others as whores. Cocksuckers always see others as Cocksuckers so German dude still sucks the cock.

          • Mighty曹

            Since you are the only one who sees the logic of feiranyi [河北邯郸. You’re the one sucking cocks.
            Btw, are you multitasking?

          • Li Tianyi

            negative ghostrider, The original cockposter was germandude. I only derived the logic from Germandude’s freudian brainfart and feiranyi’s tidbit of wisdom. Ah, multitasking, it looks like feiranyi’s little proverb is accurate again in the form of mighty曹.

          • Mighty曹

            Plural/Singular error is meaningless (and petty to point out) if the reader is intelligent enough to understand, using logic, of course. The fact is, what I said about your observation does not warrant such complicated ‘algorithm’ analyzing.

            I’m heading out for lunch. It’s more perplexing to 1) decide what type of food to eat and then 2) selecting from the menu.

          • my point is your logic is flawed. what does it mean x_type people ALWAYS see other_types as itself?

          • Li Tianyi

            I know what the problem is now, you think my logic is flawed because your English reading comprehension level is shit. I can tell this just by looking at your grammar and syntax

          • Hahahaha, ever try learning any other language? chinese, deutsche, espanol etc.??? Grammar and syntax has no rhyme or logic.

          • Li Tianyi

            “Grammar and syntax has no rhyme or logic.” ok. you don’t connect dots very well do you?

          • Were you not talking about english as a language with “logical” grammar as I was talking about various languages in general? So whoooooooo can’t connect the dots? lol.

          • Mighty曹

            What does ‘algorithm’ has to do with what’s being discussed? It’s just a plain and simple fact that you likened the similarity of ‘takes one to know one’. Nothing to analyze. You suck cocks.

          • Li Tianyi

            An algorithm is a line of logic to solve a problem. Your logic is flawed so you can write an algorithm so that your little brain would be able to see things logically. The original cockposter was Germandude therefore I made the observation that ‘takes one to know one’ is the same as what feiranyi said and there for Germandude sucks the cock. You, in his defense asked me if I’m multitasking. By the same logic that would make you a multitasker. The conclusion of the logic is that I don’t suck cocks, German dude sucks the cock and Mighty曹 is a multitasker. This just goes to prove that all people who talk shit about me and my family on the web are childish little fucked in the heads who couldn’t think their way out of a box. Fuck this website for posting all this bullshit about me and my family so that everyone in the world thinks I’m a rapist and very politely fuck you too and all the other posters who talked this about me and my family. peace out faggots.

          • Mighty曹

            Relax, Li Tianyi. I know you didn’t rape that girl, or any girl. You are such a flaming fag that it’s difficult to even imagine that you would touch a person of the opposite sex, let alone rape one. I do have another theory on your dilemma, which I shall post after this.

        • Germandude

          Man, your observation skills and your outstanding theories are Einstein-like. In fact, let me call you “an Einstein” for this.

          That makes me an Einstein now as well according to your logic.
          See what I did there?

        • Aiken

          Wow you’re so dumb

      • grant

        is it appropriate to say that to a 14 year old?

        • Germandude

          I don’t know. Is it appropriate to rape a girl or run around and call bar-girls whores? I don’t know where you are from, but age is not an excuse.

        • GiannaFox

          The more shocking thing here is that a 14 year old could be so misogynistic and hateful already.

    • mr.wiener

      I think that is how most people in China are feeling by this stage.

      • BiggJ

        Oh for what he did makes it even worse. But for me, this guy could have found the cure for cancer and just saved 10 kittens from a burning building and I would still hit him right in face…hard as a could.

        • Washington Bullets

          I think that would be hilarious. Just the scenario you mentioned. The headlines would read: “Hero punched in face for looking like a douche. Public satisfied.”

    • 5000 years of history

      Johnny Cochran died a few years ago. Ghost brides now ghost lawyers…

      • BiggJ

        You think Cochran has to be alive to win cases? All you have to do is believe. lol

        • Washington Bullets

          I’m not sure if a Chinese lawyer could use the Chewbacca Defense though.

    • Atlas

      I kow what’s wrong with this face:

      1- Femininity: He looks like a girl

      2- Girly hairstyle,girly clothes

      3- Round face suggests gluttony

      4- Empty eyes – soulless

      5-Featureless face – looks like a fucking dummy

      • Linette lee

        one word…………..GAY

        • Atlas

          Homosexuality has nothing to do with this. I have gay friends and you wouldn’t know unless you asked them.

          • Do you have 2 dueling personalities?

          • Atlas

            Why would that be? He looks girly and this is bad. Him being gay wouldn’t make me want to punch him. His girly soulless face does though.

          • The reply id now nulled since it had showed up as a linette reply on my phone instead of yours. #mistake.

          • Washington Bullets

            The guy is indeed very effeminate though. Granted, not all homosexuals are effeminate.


            But most effeminate guys are homos, well at least in the U.S.

          • So all of California basically?


            Nah not all of California, maybe most of San Francisco though.

          • MrT

            did you have to ask them when they climbed in bed with you?

          • Atlas

            Well when one of your friends tells you he dreams of fellating you since you first met, Id say that raises a few red flags.

        • His hair is spot-on the same as my lesbian aunt’s.

          • linette lee

            hahaha….you are funny.

            How does he mark on application forms?

            sex: female male undecided.


          Where’s your pic of you sitting in the chair with a T-shirt, I wanna see that pic in again.

        • Mudy

          haha. nice one.. enough evidence… just cuz he’s a gay, he can never ever rape a ‘girl’…. file closed. case dismissed… free to go. lmao..

        • Chinkicide

          No, not gay. Chinese.

      • Linette lee

        I wonder where he learn to dress like that because majority of Chinese male celebrities don’t dress like that. They are more clean cut and little or almost no make up. Chinese like their male celebrities clean cut tall and fit. Not girly high heel shoes and so feminine.

      • Ana Belen Ruiz

        I don’t see anything wrong with his face, lol…you people are so intolerant xD
        seriously, he is the last person I’d suspect of rape case, he looks childish

        • Mighty曹

          Would you have him as your boyfriend? Yes or No.

          • Ana Belen Ruiz

            wtf is that question? Knowing how horrible person he seems to be, of course not. Anyways, It’s not precisely my type, too tender. I prefer the one Linette Lee posted. But If he were a good guy, who knows. I’m not that superficial.

          • Mighty曹

            The question was based on your focus of his ‘face’ because you said you find nothing wrong with it. So my simple question was would you have him (someone with that face) as your boyfriend. Your defensive tone means “yes”. So never mind.

          • Ana Belen Ruiz

            I’m not good at yes/no questions. Everything is relative for me. :P

          • Mighty曹

            Haha… I know, that was an interrogative question meant to pressure you into answering. :p

          • linette lee

            hahaha… I will have him as a sister. But he is a bad guy and he raped girl while wearing a pink shirt so not thank you. lol….

          • Mighty曹

            I still doubt he raped any ‘girl’.

      • grant

        that’s because he was 14 when those photos were taken. they first appeared on the internet in 2011 when he was arrested for beating up a couple.

        • Atlas

          When I was 14 I could already kill grizzly bears with my chin if I had to. Age is no excuse.

      • Chinkicide

        You just described a common chinese.

        • azurewanderling

          What in the world is wrong with you? Why are you even here if you are so racist? This is a site all about the news and reactions in CHINA, by your insensitive, unimaginative username I can see you should find some other site to vent your bitter hate.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      I don’t think even Cochran can repair the damage of ‘but she was just a prostitute’ argument. Even a Chewbacca defense may not be enough…

    • lonetrey / Dan

      Honestly, the idea of touching this guy’s skin makes my own skin crawl. I would probably use a baseball bat and go to town on his face instead.

    • glenn

      you only find him repulsive because what he did not because how he looked.

      the picture was obviously taken when he was 14, before he went to juvenile detention centre when he was 15 for beating up a couple. though he is a despicable person, are you saying you want to punch a 14 year old just by looking at his picture?

      • He’s not 14 anymore. Posting an image of him online does not send us all back in time to when the photo was taken.

        • grant

          that’s my point. people hate him for what he did not because how he looked in those photos.

          • No, he still looks like a little shit head even at 14. Apparently he was if only a year later he goes to juvi for assaulting a couple.

    • recknec

      what if a foreigner force a Chinese hostess into bed, is it gonna be another innocent stuff?

  • filabusta

    There was a kid at my kindergarten about a year ago. My life teacher told him not to run to the bathroom and to go back to his chair and walk. This made him quite upset, so he went home and told his mom that she made him walk for an hour outside of the school in the rain. Of course his mom believed every word he said because how could her little angel lie? She proceeded to call every mom in our class and tell them what my life teacher had done to her little boy and pulled the boy out of the school the next day. I guess this kid had to learn his lesson the hard way by being abruptly separated from all his friends. Shame his mom will never learn that kids lie and a good parent can discern the lies from the truth. To believe everything that they say and give them everything they want will just perpetuate their self-centered thinking and keep them in a five year old mentality. I think this is Li Tianyi’s moment to learn that lying to your gullible mother won’t get you out of every problem.

    • BiggJ

      Hold on a sec….What the fuck is a life teacher?

      • filabusta

        Its the PC way of saying classroom ayi.

        • BiggJ

          Ok I see. Just wondering about what that was that’s all. I thought it was some new chinese teacher that teachers kids how to

  • B*tches, Leave

    Oh, no … not this girl again …
    Advise: if you’re already feminine looking, don’t sport female haircuts and girly clothes. Replace the jewelry for dumbbells … just saying … oh, and raping is wrong!

    • markus peg

      He thought raping would make him seem more manly

  • Marcellus Wallace

    Never heard of woman on woman rape before. emm.

    • ikoihil

      Is woman on woman rape only common in the US prison system?

      • Uncle Tommy

        I don’t know. I am not American.

        • ikoihil

          In the US, its common knowledge that rape happens frequently in female prisons. I was just curious about whether that happened in other countries as well.

  • mr.wiener

    Song of the article: An Indian song no one seems to know the name of ,but the chorus sounds a hell of a lot like “Girly Man”.

    Warning: this is a rip off of “Thriller” and the chorus will get in your head…….Girly man! Girly man! man! man!

    • My loony bun is fine Benny Lava

      • mr.wiener

        Minor bun engine made Benny Lava.

        • Catchiest hilarious song on Youtube. I think if I do end up going back for my master’s, I’ll get with the Indian student association and put together a dance number to this, starring yours truly.

    • Mighty曹

      I still want that leather outfit.

  • BiggJ

    How great would it be for that guy to come up to you and say this.
    Anyone know how to put a .gif on here? This should move.

    • markus peg

      Cant put a gif on here =[

    • He has, without a doubt, the most punch-able face on the planet right now.

      • mattman_183

        No, that award goes to this guy.

        • Yes and no. At least we can discern that he is a douche king.

        • Raminess

          The main difference between the two being one is actually a fictional character and one is a supposed human being. I tend to think the latter deserves a punch in the face more. At least the former is playing a role, following a script for a television show. There’s no excuse for the latter.

        • Joffrey would still act more manly when being slapped across the face by a dwarf than Li Tianyi would.

          • mattman_183

            Well, the cop did kinda push him in the face….

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Raping a hooker is not rape…
    Their punishment was giving birth to a boy that looks like a girl…
    I say there is a GOD after all.

    • Mighty曹

      Last time you said, “You cannot rape a woman when you don’t even have a dick.”, did you mean him?

      • A nub. A tiny.

        • Mighty曹

          Its only function is to urinate.

          • Tell/ask the females?

          • Mighty曹


          • It is not it’s ONLY function. Main …maybe. /end topic.

          • Mighty曹

            Ok, he may occasionally use it for sex.

    • GiannaFox

      I hope that’s sarcasm, because if it’s not, you’re fucked up.





  • Story aside, it seems that netizens are more condoning to hostesses and prostitutes because they dislike the spoil brat more than the general ill towards prostitutes.

  • donscarletti

    Anyone else think that “Temporary Crime on a Whim” picture is fantastic?

    It doesn’t even look like rape to me, I have in my imagination an expression of excited anticipation on the woman’s face.

  • I bet if you cut this guy, a rainbow of confetti would burst out of his veins.

    • well if he shoots rainbows and unicorns, there may not be proof of rape…

    • Mighty曹

      I thought they did that during the gay pride parade

  • mattman_183

    Why did Chinasmack post a picture of the victim at the top?!

    • Mighty曹

      Hahaha… good one!

  • Mighty曹

    This is nothing but an elaborate hoax conceived by the family in an attempt to mislead the public into thinking that their girly-boybitch son is, in fact, a man who participated in a manly gang bang of a girl.

    Next week the ‘victim’ will drop charges and everyone’s life is back to normal.

    • GiannaFox

      There is nothing MANLY in gang-raping women.

      • Mighty曹

        I should’ve put quotation marks on ‘manly’ to imply that’s what the family perceived.

        • GiannaFox

          That’s right. I was outraged at the fact that his family would perceive his actions as ”manly”. I don’t wanna know what other ”brilliant” ideas they have on other things.

  • A lawyer who doesn’t want to make money? TWO? That´s GOTTA be a truly fucked up family in a truly fucked up situation. I bet nobody can stand this guys mother. Absolutely no one

  • MrT

    Hard to say it was gang bang, it would take at least 5 Chinese guys to make her high tide once and still only take 5 minutes.

    • Mighty曹

      Hahaha… OUCH!

      • MrT

        no ouch, that’s the thing, more of a tickle.

        • Mighty曹

          That’s kinky.

  • Li Tianyi

    The events in my life over the last year are a perfect example of how being famous and having an event blown out of proportion by the media can ruin one’s life. I know this firsthand because as I sit here writing this, I feel the hopelesness and utter despair of being alone. What do I mean by alone? It’s hard to describe unless you’ve been through something like this but I can only explain it like this: There are people around me, my parents, the police, my lawyers, but when it comes down to it, every night I have to go to sleep and know that no one can really help me because it’s all useless in the face of that bitch’s accusations and the total incompetence of those other four in getting their stories straight.

    So, I’m just going to tell you exactly what happened in February.

    First of all, I didn’t rape that bitch. To make a long story short, this is what really happened.

    Me and four other friends went out for a weekend to have some fun. When I say “went out” we usually leave home on Friday and we’ll just stay in hotels until Monday morning. So anyway, Sunday came around and we had already been partying and hanging around for two nights, so we decided to go to the Wudaokou just because it’s got a nice atmostphere and it’s not as loud and wild as the places we’d been the last two nights. Also, one of the four I was with had friends that we were going to meet there. So anyway, we’re having a good time, nothing much is going on, there’s us four, their friends and the occasional bar girl drops by from time to time wanting to know if they can drink with us. So I’m sitting there kind of spaced out just drinking and chilling. One of the dudes sitting next to me is kind of the same way, not saying much just smoking a cigarette every now and then. Now this guy is older than me and I notice he keeps looking at this one girl. I can tell she’s a bar girl and so I nudge his shoulder and I say “hey what do you think of that one?” He smiles and says “9 out of 10” We both chuckle and then he says “I’ll bag her by the night’s end” as soon as I hear this I’m like “whatever! That bitch is for sale! It’s not even a challenge! I tell you what I bet I could get her and not even have to pay her! In fact, by the end of the night she’ll be wanting to give ME money! ” So the guy let’s out a big laugh and we’re like harharharhar and just continue bullshitting. So roll around to a little before 2 am and I have that bitch sitting at our little table drinking with us. She’s kind of quiet and polite but can drink rather well. My buddy keeps on chatting her up but every few minutes she turns her attention to me, saying some flattering bullshit. So anyway, the bar is closing so we all decide to go get something to eat and naturally I get her to go with us. Funny thing is that by now, she hasn’t asked for any money for drinking with us at the bar.

    Now by this time I’m pretty drunk, but not along the lines of passing out drunk and I’m thinking about how to bed this bitch without really offending my buddy who saw her first. So after the meal and about an hour or so of more bullshit it’s time to leave. My buddy’s friends go their ways and then it’s just us six. Four of my friends and that bitch. So by this time I’m just like, “whatever, I’m taking this bitch back to the hotel room and whatever happens, happens.”

    There’s nothing illegal here right? Did I give her money? NO, I was just out on the town having a good time.

    So the bitch is sitting close to my side by now and my buddy is still chatting her up and keeps on kind of looking at me to see what my reaction is. So we all get up and we go get rooms just down the road at a hotel near the 气象局. We get 3 rooms, 2 rooms for the four of us guys and 1 other room, which I pay for, for that bitch. So we get off the elevator and I give my room card to my buddy and we’re all still bullshitting about this and that and I just walk that bitch to her room and we go inside leaving my buddies to get to their rooms by themselves. All of the rooms were at most just one door apart.

    Now at this time I was still drunk but what happened next was all consensual. Once in the room we both took a shower and just talked for a while and then after being in there for about 20 minutes I banged her. Yes, I used a fucking condom. Yes I lasted 15 minutes cause I know you fuckers are all wondering this shit. And yes it was fucking consensual and yes I made good on my promise previously in the night that I would bed that bitch without paying her. When I was done I washed myself and told her that I was going to see what my buddies were doing. She says ok and tells me to come back soon. I’m like ok whatever bitch and I make my way down the hall. I went to the room where my one buddy was staying, the one who had had eyes for her at the beginning of the night and got him to open the door. He was in the room with another one of the dudes and they were smoking and bullshitting.

    At this point I was like whatever, I’m going to fucking sleep and these two assholes are pestering me about what just happened, how big her tits are, and how good of a lay she is. They finally ask me if I gave her money and this question actually gets and answer from me in a very clear NO. To this they laugh wildly and say some other bullshit which i didn’t really pay any attention to. I just kind of chuckle and tell them to leave me the fuck alone. At this point I’m laying on the bed and my cell phone, and other shit is sitting on the night stand next to me. I know my shit was on the nightstand but I can’t remember how many room cards I had for that bitch’s room and I can’t remember if there was one on the nightstand. I know that the dude that was looking at this bitch earlier is a little peeved that I screwed her, but I’ve known him for a while and we’ve been out on the town alot together so I didn’t think any of this was a big deal. Whatever, it’s not my business now and I’m going to sleep.

    What happened next is what you’ll have to ask that bitch. Or ask those four assholes. I DON’T KNOW. IT’S NONE OF MY FUCKING BUSINESS. The next morning one of the other guys said they went in one by one and screwed her. How did it happen exactly? Like I said I DON’T FUCKING KNOW BECAUSE I WAS ASLEEP. Ask EVERYONE THERE. All i know now is that I now have FUCKING CHARGES pressed against me FOR RAPE. HOW THE FUCK IS THIS RAPE? Did I fucking rape anyone? Just because that Bitch says I’m involved? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? I haven’t done anything wrong and I sure as fuck didn’t rape anyone.

    That’s what happened and that’s the TRUTH of what happened. If you don’t like it fine, if you don’t like my lifestyle fine too, but if you don’t like the fact that I DIDN’T RAPE ANY BITCH AND WANT TO TALK SHIT ABOUT ME THEN FUCK YOU. I see you all posting your little worthless comments about me and my life. 1st of all YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT ABOUT MY LIFE. And 2nd of all YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED THAT NIGHT. And 3rd of all YOU DON’T KNOW MY FAMILY OR MY PARENTS SO DON’T FUCKING TALK SHIT ABOUT THEM.

    So my life has been ruined my 1 bitch and 4 cocks who couldn’t behave themselves. I really can’t wait for my day in court so that when my story is told and I’m acquitted I can look on weibo and see all of you motherfucker’s useless comments about how I’m still fucking guilty and my dad paid of the judge or some other bullshit about a corrupt system and how it relates to your pathetic little existence. IT’S ALL BULLSHIT, ALL THAT STUFF YOU SEE ON THE WEB. So that’s it. I’m Li Tianyi and everything I’ve written here is true. If you don’t believe it and want to continue posting negative false BULLSHIT about MY FAMILY and me then fuck off and die and suck my 10 inch cock on your way out.

    • TL,DR please. (Just your whiny post, nothing else of yours is long.)

    • Mighty曹

      WOW, that was entertaining! Li Tianyi , ja yio, ja yio!

    • Mighty曹

      You got ’15 guest votes’ in less than 15 minutes. I need to do an algorithm analysis on this.

    • Billy Shakespeare

      Methinks thou dost protest too much.

      • Mighty曹

        I too agreeth with thee and believeth he is but a canker-blossom.

        • Irony for me. “Do not spread compost among the weeds that they may grow ranker.”

          • Mighty曹

            “In the rank sweat of an enseamed bed”.

    • Ondernemer

      Seriously, 10 inch cock but you only last 15 minutes? What a joke.


      Good God where did you copy and paste that from, I really want to strip you naked, bend you over a sofa, then spank you from behind with a wooden paddle until your butt turns lobster red. Then I”ll tie you up and sit on your pouty, feminine face and force you to smell my putrid japanese farts all night long. Hopefully you get traumatized for life after that and have nightmares.

    • mr.wiener

      Well you had me believing you….until the last sentence.

      • Mighty曹

        Hahahahaha…. if it sounds too good to be true… chances are it is.

      • Is it standard to use the English units of measurement when it comes to penile length boasting? I figure everyone outside of the US would have to use centimeters (rimshot)

    • Alphy

      If what you said is true at all, you probably should stop calling her a bitch, and get her to drop charges against you as it was consensual. Through your rant, I don’t think anyone will gain sympathy for you as you merely treated her as an object. You should also get those 4 “friend” of yours to testify that you are indeed asleep from the allege time period, you can probably get them to do that without framing themselves up. While you are at it, go get some better friends.

    • BiggJ

      Let say you are that guy and what you say is true….in the end you will still be known as that guy who gang raped that girl. Even if you don’t get charged with anything. If anything people are going to hate you even more if you get nothing. So the rest of your life you will have to live with this. And your parents now have to deal with this shit too. You also ruined their life. People will look at them and think “That’s the parents of that kid who gang raped that hooker.” I bet your mom’s just crying on in the inside. What a shame.

      You should have known better then to bring one of them hooker KTV skanks back and fuck her. Their job is to pretend to like you and get something out of you. In this case she struck big time. She got a rape charge against a spoiled rich kid. She will get a lot of money from this. There is a reason why she never asked for money. And you are living it right now.

      I got a joke for ya. What’s the difference between a washing machine and KTV skank?
      When you drop your load in washing machine it don’t follow you around and accuse you of rape. haha

      P.S I hate your face.

      • Zhegezhege

        That joke is a versatile classic.

        1) If that Li Tianyi post is real (i.e. LTY writes English well, or he’s hired a wumao-type agency to take a break from telling us that freedom is slavery and PRC milk powder is definitely safe this time) and he is trying to prove his innocence, it’s pathetic that he is adopting this tone to try to defend himself, saying ‘bitch’ repeatedly (yeah, we get that you are angry at her but calling her names and appealing to the misogyny of the men in the audience, as if the women don’t matter, just makes you look like you’re losing it) and talking about how easy it is him for him to bang bitches (hahahahaha! A famous rich boy thinks he’s cool because he can bang bitches easily! And hookers at that! Well… it’s not going to be as easy from now on, young master Li!)

        2) If LTY is genuinely innocent, and is just another one of those highly hate-able but generally harmless fu’erdai, it shows the power of the hatred that many in China now have for their elites. As we see with Brother Watch and many other cases like it, as far as the Chinese Internet is concerned, one public cock-up and you are out; they don’t want to hear your explanations because they assume it is at best half-truths that insult their intelligence, like everything else your class has ever said to them. They want to see your shame and enjoy your fall. Simply put, if you’re part of the system, you’re fair game and deserve no sympathy.

        3) I hate Li Tianyi’s face, too. And judging by the tone of what we see written above, he and his family continue to try to game the system, feel victimised and haven’t learned any lessons at all.

    • Mighty曹

      LMAO@ ” I wouldn’t fuck her knowing that your fucking face came out of her vagina.” 10 up-votes!

    • G in Xiamen

      You low life ratshit clowndog fuckfool.

      Accept what you did.

      Luckily you’ll be put in a low-security detention prison.

      I was hoping a hardcore prison would be fun.

      You’re fucked. If you or your family ever show your faces in Xiamen you can accept that we will bloodily remove from life.

      Tell your mom, tell your dad. Military, eh? Got nothing on the Cleaver Crew.

      Your dad is marked too.

      Be careful. Very careful.

    • moody

      it’s his normal face, what is he supposed to wipe ?

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Leave her alone, this is NOT her, this is NOT the real Li Tianyi.
    The real one wears a pink shirt!

    • Mighty曹

      Pink shirt with little white cotton panties.

    • Right, this one is purple with fury.

  • Mighty曹

    Second theory: The group invited the girl to join them for a party. Everyone got drunk/wasted/high and soon Li Tianyi was being gang banged by his friends. Upon seeing how much Li Tianyi was enjoying the butt-bang fest the girl decides to distort money from Li Tiany by threatening to report as a victim of ‘gang rape’.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Seriously, it would be very hard for the court to prove how someone with no dick was able to rape a girl.

  • Punk Princess

    So,so,so she was a hostess there for it was ok to gang-rape her? GTFO. i hope he goes to jail. >.>

  • stevelaudig

    an interesting argument, “she is a prostitute” hence “she lies” and ‘she was drunk’ which means he voluntarily associates with prostitutes [and liars and drunks] and his parents [he’s a minor after all] allow their ‘child’ to associate with prostitutes [and liars and drunks]. You can judge people by whom they claim to associate with and with whom they actually associate with. Perhaps the parents should have their parental rights interfered with as they seem to not be doing such a great job and their failings are causing so much disharmony.

  • 平凡人

    A lot of clubs hire pretty young gals to bring up the atmosphere, from the club’s perspective, they are not whores. However, they have a choice to do side line to earn the extra buck but they have a choice who they want to sleep with. This is not the first time this scum bag cause trouble, he should be fried. I cannot believe that by singing, one can become a General; so how many brigade of singers does China has? No wonder the military budget is so high and yet they do not have superior weapons compared to other super powers.

  • The lesbian again…..

  • The Enlightened One

    I don’t care if this kid raped her or not. I hate him.

  • The Enlightened One

    This boy has a growing case of frog face syndrome. I don’t know why but I see a lot of men in China that may have chubby to slimmer bodies but then the fucking round and puffed up face. It looks horrible and disproportionate.

    Kermit the frog lives!

  • Prostitutes are also human, but beasts always stay as beasts, no matter what. Seriously no one else agrees with this?

  • Daniel Chen

    I think there might might be a spelling mistake, i apologize if I’m wrong.

    “…his guardians must be present when he’s brought to the trail.”


  • moody

    So much hate toward the fucker.
    aren’t you guys overdoing it ?
    it’s common knowledge that a lot of wealthy males Chinese attend parties that turns into orgies behind closed doors.
    saw some pics on the www -pics = it did happen-
    parties filled with low moral “hostess” , call them hostess all you like, they are prostitues in the end, they just aren’t walking the streets to earn

    a friend of mine got wrongly accused of rape back home, just a teenager, fired from school, lost all his freinds but it’s closests, several times beat up, and his house got trashed.
    it turned out he got cleared in the end.
    the girl was pure evil and just wanted revenge, a friend of her spoke out and the evil girl finally admitted
    but the stain remain, the school did not take him back, his parents were extremelly mad at him

    why stars have to remain spotless
    they make too easy targets

  • (.__.” }

    Maybe as a punishment they should hire men to gang rape this ‘innocent’ young man.

  • jmzswa

    what a douche

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