Li Tianyi Guilty of Gang Rape: Sentenced 10 Years in Prison

[]Li Tianyi's mother Meng Ge in court to hear the verdict and sentencing of her son.
Li Tianyi's mother Meng Ge in court to hear the verdict and sentencing of her son.
Li Tianyi receives 10 years for rape, (mother) Meng Ge appears at sentencing.

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Li Tianyi Convicted of Rape, Sentenced to 10 Years of Prison

ChinaNews September 26 report — According to information from the official Beijing Court weibo “京法网事”, the Beijing Haidian Court publicly pronounced the sentence in the gang rape case involving five defendants including Li X this morning. The court believes that the truth of the five defendants having committed the crime of rape is clear, that the evidence is sufficient, the criminal charge stands, and the actions of the five defendants constitute gang rape.

The court believes: Defendants Li X, Wang X, Wei X (elder brother), Zhang X, and Wei X (younger brother) violated the will of the woman, jointly used violence to rape the woman, and that their actions uniformly constitute gang rape. The facts of the rape charge of the Beijing Municipal Haidian District People’s Prosecutor’s Office against the five defendants are clear, the evidence indeed sufficient, and the criminal charge holds. The five defendants’ actions constitute gang rape, caused harm to the victim both physically and mentally, its very nature vile, of great harm to society, and should be punished in accordance with the law. The indecent acts done to the victim during the crime should be viewed as part of the overall criminal act of rape, and was taken into consideration in the sentencing.

2013 September 19, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Haidian Sub-Bureau received a female victim’s reporting of a crime. According to the female victim’s claims, on the night of February 17th, after drinking with Li X and company in a nightclub/bar in Haidian district, she was taken to a hotel and gang-raped. February 20th, after the Haidian Public Security Sub-Bureau launched an investigation, it arrested the 5 people involved including Li X. The 5 people were then detained as criminals under suspicion of rape. July 8th, Haidian prosecutors publicly charged the five defendants including Li X on suspicion of rape.

August 28, the case of five people including Li X suspected of rape went to trial in the Haidian Court #17 courtroom, with the trial lasting two days. Because the case involved minors and individual privacy, according to legal regulations, the court lawfully did not make public the trial. During the trial, the victim Yang X did not appear in court due to her poor mental and physical condition.

Crowds outside the Beijing court in support of the gang rape victim's lawyer on the morning where the verdict/sentencing was publicly announced in the controversial Li Tianyi gang rape case..
Photo is of the masses outside the court supporting the victim’s lawyer.

Meng Ge, the mother of Li Tianyi, arriving at court to hear the sentencing of her son in a controversial gang rape case.Meng Ge, the mother of Li Tianyi, arriving at court to hear the sentencing of her son in a controversial gang rape case.

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Defense lawyers Lan He and Chen Shu were beseiged by media outside the court at the sentencing of the defendents in the controversial Li Tianyi gang rape case.Defense lawyers Lan He and Chen Shu were beseiged by media outside the court at the sentencing of the defendents in the controversial Li Tianyi gang rape case.

Defense lawyers Lan He and Chen Shu were beseiged by media outside the court at the sentencing of the defendents in the controversial Li Tianyi gang rape case.
Lawyers Lan He and Chen Shu were besieged outside the court.

Comments on NetEase (1 & 2):

网易山东省青岛市网友 ip:221.215.*.*:

The Haidian Court is worth being known as “old name” [established, renown, reputable] court, upholding [justice] when put to the test [by the influence of people with power] in a key moment. No matter who it is, those who commit crimes must receive punishment and those who vainly attempt to interfere with the judicial process, the only people who lose must be themselves.

SeptLeather [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

This can still be considered just/fair. Meng Ge [Li Tianyi‘s mother] smug wishful calculations have been ruined.

网易河北省石家庄市网友 ip:121.28.*.*:

Guilty and deserved punishment. The law protects minors but definitely will not protect minor criminals.

网易广西南宁市网友 ip:180.143.*.*:

Tianyi’s current situation cannot be divorced from his parents’ upbringing. I hope this case gives his parents a bit of a wake-up call, that spoiling a child is definitely not truly loving a child.

网易江苏省常州市网友 ip:222.185.*.*:

This child is incorrigible, always strutting around blustering. His previous case of assault was savage enough and this time he’s truly overplayed his hand that no one can cover it up for him. Better go in and reflect hard on yourself.

网易河北省石家庄市网友 ip:121.28.*.*:

Everyone take this as a warning, those who are parents must pay more attention to their child. Don’t just focus on making money, don’t wait until it’s too late!!!

网易安徽省合肥市网友 ip:223.240.*.*:

The verdict/sentencing of this case is just and transparent. Although it is just an ordinary rape case, it is still progress for China’s judicial system.

网易河南省郑州市网友 ip:219.147.*.*:

The sentencing of the Li X case reflects the problem of parents spoiling their children. I hope parents can properly guide their children’s life values.

网易辽宁省葫芦岛市网友 ip:59.45.*.*:

Young people are the hope of out homeland’s future. Spend more efforts in learning knowledge and developing skills, don’t let cleverness overreach itself [be too smart for one’s own good]!

网易江苏省南京市手机网友 [nanjingxp]:

10 years.

清风泛舟 [网易广东省佛山市网友]: (responding to above)

Actually, even sentencing him to 20 years wouldn’t be satisfying enough. However, it is gratifying enough that he was judged as guilty.

网易北京市网友 [大中华区跟贴局局长]: (responding to above)

The people of the capital city send their congratulations [rejoice]!

网易山西省晋中市网友 [大丈夫比天高]: (responding to above)

The people of Shandong send their congratulations!

网易广东省广州市网友 [好好哥俩]: (responding to above)

The people of Guangdong send their congratulations!

网易海南省海口市网友 [淫民日报日淫民]: (responding to above)

The people of Haikou send their congratulations!

庄子和孔子 [网易四川省南充市网友]: (responding to above)

The people of Sichuan send their congratulations!

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  • Lord_Helmet

    Now I can only hope that the Chinese prisoners show him how it feels.

    • Marcus Muller

      This would probably be the ONLY reason I would want to be in prison in China…

      I’d welcome him real good…

      • Guest

        Hopefully he become a gang-rape victim himself.

        • mr.wiener

          That is an understandable but not nice thing to think…….I’d totally do his mom though[consensually of course!]

          • guest

            ^^ thats understandable too but its also not a nice thing to think about even if consensually, who would want to do such a women, well maybe if you duct taped her mouth shut….

          • mr.wiener

            I’m sure I could find a way to make her unable to talk. [Consentual! honestly!]

          • Germandude

            In such a case, just make sure you are using a condom. You’ve seen what can come out of her…

      • Germandude

        Did you just now indirectly admit that you think Li Tianyi is handsome and that you would like to pick up the soap for him?

        • Marcus Muller

          He looks feminine enough to pass as a girl.. In prison, a man has needs to fulfill..

      • alabamaBAM

        That’s HOT!

    • YourSupremeCommander

      The way he looks and dresses, they will probably sent him to the women’s cell, where it would be like a candy store for him, like Xmas morning 24/7.

    • GermanExpat

      I wonder if they let him wear pink shirts in prison. Would make it easier to spot him. Well, with his f*** face he can’t hide for long anyway.

      • alabamaBAM

        With his soft cheeks, lovely mop of hair, and lithe body, let him share a cell with Jerry Sandusky.

  • Elmo

    The People East Asia Sends Their Congratulations

    • The Enlightened One

      Canada sends their Congratulations!

      All the best to Li TianYi in prison, with that awesome haircut, tight jeans and pink shirt! God speed my boy!

    • hiten

      The people of South East Asia sends their congratulations!

    • Germandude

      The inmates of Chinese prisons send their congratulations.

    • firebert5

      The People of the United States send their congratulations.

    • alabamaBAM

      The People of Pepto Bismol and RuPaul’s Drag Race send their Congratulations (for the shirt).

      • linette lee

        people of metamucil and colace send their congratulations.

        • alabamaBAM

          The People of Rohypnol and Ambien send their congratulations.

          • linette lee

            kekek..the people of xanax and lunesta send their congratulations.

    • mr.wiener

      The people of Taiwan send their congratulations…..actually it didn’t even make the news here, but I’m happy enough for everyone.

    • SOP

      Senkaku Island Sends its Congratulations :D

  • YourSupremeCommander

    China seems to be cracking down on high profile people with strong backings lately. Hope this is for real and not just some show they are putting on.

    • Zhegezhege

      Well, it could be for real…
      …or Li Tianyi is just the latest loathed goon from a class of loathed goons that pushed his luck a bit too far and is being pushed overboard to send a warning to the other loaned goons (and give some entertainment to the proles).

      • I think that’s nothing more than a warning to themselves, while they still have some power, ’cause obviously it would not be good for them if Chinese people take the matter in their own hands… again.

        Jiefang motherfuckers !!!! (liberation)


        • Zhegezhege

          Yeah, I reckon the case has been allowed (and encouraged) to have this level of publicity precisely because it sends a message to China’s odious rich kids that publicly rip through the national median annual salary on a typical weekend and have open contempt for anyone not of comparable wealth. That message is: you are not as untouchable as you may think you are (so be more discrete and stop doing things that might comprimise the good racket your parents and their friends have going here).

    • nqk123

      This Li guy is not even that influential. who would be stupid enough to risk their position to save this guy. it’s still a freaking show to me

      • YourSupremeCommander

        But the parents are.

    • Cracking down on one of these kids doesn’t necessarily mean they’re doing it on all high profile people.

      Chinese are somewhat resentful with all the things such people get away with so this case is clearly something to calm their blood thirst. But I sincerely believe putting this kid in jail is not enough. Chinese people have a long way to go with this matter.

      As far as I know Li Gang’s son and others are still free.

    • Don

      Are you kidding me? How many of your Wall Street goons go to jail for the subprime debacle? When is America going to get real? Hope and change please…..

    • Repatriated

      Probably should remember that throughout this whole process, there have likely been countless other brats getting away with shit, simply because it wasn’t in the media. Moral of story: if your brat gets himself in some shit…don’t let the media in on it….

      • firebert5

        Then there is this statement:
        “I hope this case gives his parents a bit of a wake-up call, that spoiling a child is definitely not truly loving a child.”

        It’s a little too late for that now. But it could (or at least should) serve as a wake-up call to parents whose kids are not yet in jail.

        • Gordon Gogodancer

          Yeah reminds me of my patriotic/ Brainless Chinese teacher back in Beijing in 2008 telling me how Chinese mothers love their child sooo much!
          Have you notice when (some/a lot) of Chinese say something positive about their own country (which is perfectly okay) they always make it sound like your country is just a pile of shit? :p
          “Chinese mother love their child soooo much” = Your foreigner mother was a whore and you were brought up in an orphanage so you don’t know her
          I’m exaggerating a bit but you get my point :D

          • 二奶头发

            Well if li tian yi’s mom loves her son so much she can always live in the cell next to him.

          • Zhegezhege

            Haha, yes!
            “Chinese people are very kind”.
            “Chinese people are very clever”.

            The obverse of this hyper-awareness of the face of the nation, drummed in by school and TV through hours of brainwa- I mean, history and national education, is that whenever you say something positive about any waiguo (but in particular your own country), this can end up being taken as a sleight against China, as your conversation partner assumes that you are doing the same thing they would.

          • Had this spiel just this week:

            “We Chinese often don’t live together before marriage!”

            It was not really said in a nasty way, but in a more serious way like a christian may believe jesus walked on water. Impossible to prove or deny. And of course I totally believed her, no chinese have sex before marriage, do they?:D

          • Probotector

            “We Chinese often don’t live together before marriage!”

            No it is actually true, and I’m going through this right now with my fiancee. She’s pregnant as well, and they won’t even let me look after her. I even offered to let her mother move in with her as a sort of compromise, but of course this is unacceptable because tradition trumps all.

          • But for all of them? There was a whole “village” outside one uni in Guangdong (enlightened by chinese standards?) of unmarried students living together in small rooms, off campus. Also a college in Sichuan had rooms for rent by the hour or so, just off the campus, and apartments for rent.

          • SOP

            My Chinese teacher was similar always trying to talk about “you Westerners” and “us Asians” like he knew anything about the West or the US (he’d never been out of China) yet quick to say we couldn’t “understand” because it was some how to complex for our “Western” minds, such utter rubbish. China isn’t exotic or difficult to understand, its painfully easy to understand a lot of what goes on in this country and the motivations behind the actions.

          • yet quick to say we couldn’t “understand” because it was some how to complex for our “Western” minds

            Ah, that old line, like Koreans saying only Koreans can make soju, and that no other country in the world has the knowledge to ferment grain or grape into a smooth drink. No, Russia or Poland does not make Vodka, Spain does not make Wine, and Britain and France don’t make cider. Silly hairy monkey me, to think we don’t know how to make booze, and for not bowing down to the east asian all knowing god of booze making?!

          • SonofSpermcube

            Okay okay, so maybe other countries do know how to make good liquor. But only Korea has mastered the distillation of nationalism.

          • Indeed

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Many Chinese can speak/write western language(s), but very few westerners can speak/write Chinese. If the Chinese language is too complex for westerners, then I guess many other things would also be too complex for you.

          • Wrong. Many can speak and even read and write fluently, even as non natives. I speak fluent mandarin and can read SOME but not all characters. Other foreigners I have met can read and write “han zi”, with no problems. Too complex to stereotype every westerner?!?!

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Almost every single Chinese live in western countries can speak and read and write the local language, would you say that it is also true for every westerner in China? In real life I haven’t met a single westerner that can pronouce “四声” properly, not to mention speaking “fluent mandarin”. On the Internet I haven’t seem a single westerner that can communicate with a Chinese person using Chinese characters. On the other hand, just on Chinasmack there are many Chinese people commenting in English.

          • Then you have not met ALL of us. Believe you me, there are many westerners, who can speak “fluent mandarin”. Only four tones, tis not that difficult. Get it now, got it, good.

          • 二奶头发

            I’ve met many westerners who’s chinese level is fluent (speaking and writing) searching weibo is one way to find them.

            I wouldn’t waste your time with this 白色纯棉 person..trying to convince him is like …对牛弹琴

          • True, you are dead right!!! I shall not feed the troll, and he can get stuffed!!!

          • jixiang

            “Almost every single Chinese live in western countries can speak and read and write the local language, would you say that it is also true for every westerner in China?”

            That is just so untrue. I grew up in Italy, and I can assure you that most of the Chinese in Italy speak very little Italian, even the ones who live there for 20 years and have a business of their own. Most of the Chinese shopkeepers in Rome only know how to say the name of the things they are selling and the price in Italian. The same is true in other European countries.

            Perhaps Italian culture is just too complex for your Chinese minds? After all most Italians would say that Italian is simple. If you find it so difficult, it must be because it’s too complex for you.

          • Clive Rowland

            Many of the Chinese people that live in the west were born there, plus, many of them moved to the west with full intentions of never returning home. If their stay in the west was seen as temporary, I doubt their English would be so ‘good’.
            How many westerners have Chinese language classes from primary school? On the same topic, how many Chinese students have YEARS of English classes and still cant pronounce frigging “hello” properly? I meet them daily, and whats with the mentality that just saying the word is somehow f’king hilarious?

            As for perfect pronunciation, I have met many Asians in the west and in China who can speak excellent English but their pronunciation is far from perfect, westerners just don’t get up their own ass about it.

          • Probotector

            ” I meet them daily, and whats with the mentality that just saying the word is somehow f’king hilarious?”

            Well they hate us all, feel insecure about our presence in THEIR territory, and mocking us with our language is all they have. Plus they’re simpletons with little knowledge of anything, and like any disenfranchised simpleton, bullying is what they turn to to address their personal shortcomings and insecurities. That’s basically why saying ‘hello’ and laughing out loud is common practice here, and it transcends all ages, professions, genders and levels of intelligence; everyone does it. They also like to just laugh at foreigners on sight as well for some reason.

          • Take5

            I have to agree with you, i think westerns try hard to understand the multitude of broken english we hear, if this was 40 years ago maybe it would be a different story. Many Chinese have horrible accents making their pronunciations beyond understand. Some write English very well but they speak it horribly.

          • Paul Schoe

            I disagree with your statement that “almost every single Chinese live in western countries can speak and read and write the local language“. Among the foreigners moving to “western countries”, the Chinese are often the ones who are least integrated. They often flock together and many, many miss even basic communication skills in the local language even after they have lived there for years or even decades(!).

            This doesn’t take away that they are also hard working, not depending on social securlity and many other items, but stating that Chinese immigrants are so good in their language skills goes against the experience in many Western countries. It is simply not true.

          • mr.wiener

            ….Also. even in China, Chinese have to consult their dictionaries to see how characters are written at regular intervals. Hence the prevalence of route learning in the Chinese education system. I’m not saying English is easy, but Chinese is hell on wheels, even to the locals.

            @白色纯棉小裤裤. Stop being the argumentative “You don’t understand Chinese ’cause you ain’t Chinese beotch “troll. Cultural difference are cultural difference and will continue to be so. NOT because other races are thicker than yours.

          • Paul Schoe

            I particularly enjoy it when Chinese people speak to each other and then they don’t understand what is said because they do not know which character is pronounced.

            It is almost common with names, where people constantly have to explain which character is used in their name, but it even happens in normal sentences, where they have to explain which character they use before people grasp the real meaning of a sentence.

            But for ‘White Cotton Panties’, fellow native speakers who do not understand each other and have to ask which characters are being used, are apparently normal things to happen in a simple language.

            I am very happy with our European languages, where, when you say ‘Wiener’ over the phone, I immediately know how to write it, and do not have to ask three times: “which Wiener?“, as we all can hear almost every day when we hear two strangers speak over the phone in ‘simple’ Mandarin.

          • Xiu

            Western countries have been open to Chinese immigrants for hundreds of years though, and China has only really been open to foreigners since the 80’s. And when you say Chinese can speak/read/write local language, I guess you mean English. ‘Tone’ and ‘Hanzi’ are the ONLY difficult things about mandarin. The grammar is childlike compared to English or Francoise, or Suomi, Cymraeg, Espanol, etc.Why then do so few westerners speak fluent Chinese? Because very few care to, that’s why. Nobody cares about your so-called 5000 year old culture. Foreign people only really care about your 60 year old culture. ie, the real China, not the fake ‘image of China’ China

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            You don’t care to learn the language of the place where you live work and/or study? That’s pretty ignorant.

          • K.

            My 四声 is probably not perfect, but I can read, type, and speak Chinese, as most of my foreign friends can. Most Chinese in western countries do not have perfect English, either. Your first few words contain a grammatical error, for instance. So please refrain from making such general statements.

          • Atlas

            Maybe it’s a bit complicated for you to understand so I’ll make it easier:

            a) Chinese national looking up an English word: I’ll just type them in the proper sequence on my computer and get the translation, reading and so on.

            b) Foreigner in China who can’t read a set of words: I’ll just type them in the proper sequence on my computer and get the translation, reading and so on. Oh wait. Thousands of characters! Nima!

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            When I am having a conversation with someone on the internet I don’t need to lookup any dictionary.
            But I have never seem any westerner who can have a conversation in Chinese without the help of google translator.

            Furthermore, lookup Chinese characters is very easy. When I was in grade one I can handle that like a piece of cake. Nowadays you can even draw the character in your “输入法” and it would tell you how to type it immediately.

            Again, what I could say is, it is too complex for westerners.

          • Probotector

            So what’s your point? Because some foreigners are bad at Chinese, they are all stupid and inferior and shouldn’t be taken seriously? Again, is language the only argument you have? Grow up.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            If you don’t even know the language how would you dare to say you know everything about the country.

            I use language because its something easy to be proved right here right now.

            And seriously, If a westerner talk with a Chinese in fluent Mandarin, he would never get a reply like “you could never understand this or that about China”.

          • Probotector

            You can learn about a country without having complete grasp of its language. However, you are correct in that you can’t know everything about said country without knowing its language, and, in any case, people should attempt to learn the language of the culture they are in. However, no Westerner on CS has claimed they know everything about China.

            To address your second point, language is not the be all, end all determiner or someone’s knowledge or intelligence. It’s just that for most Chinese people, the Chinese language is the only thing they know more about than a foreigner, so they exploit this line of argument no end, as you are doing now.

            Also, how can you prove that me and the other people arguing against you have little or no knowledge of Chinese?

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            This reminds me of those people arguing with me that arse-raping is a common practice in Chinese prison because “We westerners do so”.

          • jixiang

            “Almost every single Chinese live in western countries can speak and read and write the local language, would you say that it is also true for every westerner in China?”

            Out of all the things you said, this one is the most stupid. I grew up in Italy, and I can assure you that most of the Chinese in Italy speak very little Italian, even the ones who live there for 20 years and have a business of their own. Most of the Chinese shopkeepers in Rome only know how to say the name of the things they are selling and the price in Italian. The same is true in other European countries.

            Perhaps Italian culture is just too complex for your Chinese minds? After all most Italians would say that Italian is simple. If you find it so difficult, it must be because it’s too complex for you.

          • You are off topic with that post, and remember, you are the one that started all this to being with. No, noone was criticizing you or your people, or their ability to learn English. But while you are banging on about foreigners, why all the importance about English? How many Chinese speak french, german or spanish fluently? Not very many pal!! Whereas a lot of westerners can be fluent in two or more languages. Keep trolling and you will garner responses you may not like to read.

          • Randall Fields

            Yes you are right

          • jixiang

            I sometimes speak to Chinese people in Mandarin, and I still get that reply.

          • TheSOP

            So by your logic the many Chinese guys I’ve met (including my former teacher) who spout off about the West and America yet have often never traveled outside China and don’t speak English at all or in a very limited capacity, these guys are complete and total idiots that have no idea about the West? Well I agree to a degree, but it is mostly because they only manage to recite talking point they’ve seen in the truly ignorant Chinese media.

          • QZ2347

            Your grammar is a little off in this post, therefore – using your own logic – I can now formally doubt your grasp of Western culture.

            Of course I could be reasonable and acknowledge that everyone makes typos from time to time, but a troll doesn’t deserve that courtesy.

            Feel free to try and redeem yourself though! I would hope that someone intelligent enough to learn English to your level would be a bit more open-minded.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            I have never said that I know alot about western culture, actually I am not interested in western culture at all.
            So feel free to doubt my grasp of Western culture.

          • That shines through with your pro asian gambits, get lost shill!!!

          • QZ2347

            I appreciate your honesty; your level-headed reply has redeemed you somewhat – in my eyes anyway.

            If you have no interest in Western culture though, why study English to
            such an extent? I realize it’s part of the curriculum in Chinese
            schools and all, but there doesn’t seem to be as strong an emphasis on
            English language skill in terms of hiring or employment as in, say,
            South Korea.

            Feel free to respond to or ignore this post – I’m just curious!

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Because the majority of technical and scientific documents are written in English, many of them don’t have any translations. As a science/engineering student, it is necessary to learn English.

          • jixiang

            Sorry, 白色纯棉小裤裤,but your arguments are lacking. I am a Westerner, and I have conversations in Chinese on the internet almost every day. I am not the only Westerner who is able to do so. Yes, the way I express myself sounds strange, and yes I sometimes have to look words up in a dictionary, but really how many Chinese don’t sound strange when they write in English?

            And look, it is true that there are some Chinese people, including you, who manage to aquire reasonable English. Having said that, how many Chinese are unable to say almost anything in English, after learning it for years? Does that mean the language and culture of English speaking countries is “too complex for you”?

            Other point: it is true that only a minority of the Westerners who live in China learn the language decently. Then again, most of them don’t really try. Out of the ones who make an effort to learn Chinese, I think most end up at least being able to have a conversation without too many problems. It is untrue that the Chinese language is “just too complex for us”, an opinion which frankly comes across as rather insulting, as if we are not intelligent enough to learn your language. What is true is that because of the inefficient writing system with thousands of characters, learning Chinese does take a lot of time and repetition, probably more than other languages. Not everyone wants to spend so much time learning it, and that is quite understandable.

            I do agree that without knowing at least some Chinese you can’t understand certain things about the country. Having said that, I think it is not necessary to have perfect Chinese or to know the difference between 横 pronounced hèng and 横 pronounced héng in order to understand the country and the culture. Since it is pretty much impossible to learn a language perfectly as an adult, such an argument could always be used against any foreigner whose opinions about China you dislike, and that would be unfair.

          • TheSOP

            Balanced and well put. I have a feeling that this poster’s biased (racist) way of thinking has a larger presence in China than is healthy. It is part and parcel of the xenophobia, victim complex, and insecurity that courses through modern China.

          • TheSOP

            Obviously we Westerners are to complex for your feeble mind to comprehend. Sure you can handle rote memorization like a good little borg but critical thinking is much beyond your capacity.

          • Probotector

            Ah, white cotton panties, are you still here trolling? English is a significantly easier language to learn than Chinese. Moreover, many westerners have no chance to learn it in their own countries or over here, compared to Chinese people, who nowadays learn the incredibly easy language of English as early as kindergarten.

            Nevertheless, in spite of this, as Malfeitor points out, there are plenty “傻屄洋鬼子” who can still learn it and speak it fluently.

            If language is the only card you have to play against us, then your hand is pretty weak.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            How do you suppose to learn about a country if you can’t even speak and read and write the language?

            Average Chinese people don’t feel that Chinese is a hard language, it is hard probably because its too complex for you.

          • Atlas

            Lol at Chinese being too complex.

            If a Chinese farmer can do it, then so can I.

          • TheSOP

            The most complex thing in China is the persistent inferiority complex displayed by so many Chinese posters. Its a complex complex… or is it?

          • Probotector

            The average Chinese person thinks Chinese is easy because it’s your native language. Anyone with think their native language is easy because they grow up with it from birth. I was referring to the concept of learning it as a second language, in which case English is clearly easier than Chinese. Hell, most Chinese people (and most Asians to be fair) speak English atrociously. It is only the adaptable flexibility of English that allows you to be understood at all. Bear in mind that Chinese can effectively communicate in English, not because they are good at it, but because we are good at figuring out what you’re trying to say.

            Now, we can go round and round arguing this, but the point is, you shouldn’t patronise foreigners by saying “China’s ways are too complex for you” just because we don’t always accept them.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            So to conclude your comment, English is simple for Chinese and Chinese is too complex for westerners.
            We are done.

          • Probotector

            That wasn’t my point at all. Your comprehension is clearly poor.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            That’s how I read “Chinese is hard as a second language.”
            Something you think is hard equals something that is too complex for you.
            Any problems?

          • Atlas

            What he said is Westerners can decipher the atrocious blasphemy coming out of your mouths when you try to communicate in English whilst the reverse is not true because Chinese people are too slow/stubborn/restricted/whathaveyou to interpret foreign accented speech.

          • Probotector

            The point is that you make Westerners out to be dumb and retarded because, in your own words:

            “If the Chinese language is too complex for westerners, then I guess many other things would also be too complex for you”.

            The basis of claiming that foreigners can’t understand “many things” because their grasp of a notoriously and intentionally difficult language is sometimes poor, is pretty weak.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Again because the language is also a prerequisite to understand many other things.

            For example, the jokes translated on CS are often regarded by westerners who don’t know Chinese as “Not funny at all”

          • Probotector

            Granted, but it’s not the be all, end all prerequisite. I am not disputing that language is important and often necessary to understanding a culture or a society, but it is still possible for a foreigner to understand to some extent how China works, even if they don’t know the language fluently.

          • Take5

            But i have one question, maybe you can answer. Why is it when i speak my broken Mandarin to a Chinese man or woman they get so excited? Some Westerners say it is easy to get impress a Chinese woman this way, even if they are broke. When I meet a Chinese speaking broken english or even decent english it is not that big of a deal for me. I am happy they are trying to learn english so they can participate in society better, but I never felt compelled to date them or go gah gah over it.

          • Probotector

            Because Chinese people really think we’re stupid, and when you defy that with the slightest utterance of putonghua, it blows their mind.

          • boo

            because most chinese don’t know much about foreigners. they are either narrow-minded due to lack of education or made narrow-minded by the education they receive. china’s education is a big failure.

          • mr.wiener

            [drunken moderator comments] …or a big success, depending on your point of view. What better way to keep 1.3 billion people under control?

          • brrrrrrrr

            then i won’t call it education. it is BRAIN WASHING.

          • Probotector

            “they are either narrow-minded due to lack of education or made narrow-minded by the education they receive.”

            Lol, I like that, it’s kinda like damned if they do; damned if they don’t.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Because a westerner speaking mandarin, even a broken one, is rare.

            On the other hand, every Chinese under age of 40 can speak atleast some english.

          • Randall Fields

            I know Chinese who have learned English as a second language but don’t know shit about Western Culture…But that’s besides the point. You don’t have to perfect the language to understand your culture….

            Why are mainlanders so dumb about cultures other than their own?

            A: Mao, great leap forward, CR, Gang of 4, Fear, Han arrogance, nationalism

            Why is face more important than any other thing?

            A: Confucious bs, sexism, inferiority complex, too lazy to take responsibility..

            Why is it ok for a rich married Chinese male to have 100 mistresses but a single laowai can’t go on a banging bonanza?

            A: Mainlanders are striving so hard to become the emperors of old….how dare a laowai try and become an emperor…he is not Chinese…Greed, inferiority complex, ratio of men to women too high

            Why do mainlanders shit and piss in public, including trains and grocery stores…

            A: Who knows, but they can get the Darwin award…

            Why can’t a mainlander be trusted in business?

            A: Greed, no moral compass

            When someone is dying why do idiots stand and watch…

            A: You say it is because you don’t want trouble, but if you don’t want trouble why stand and watch? Just walk on….No…it’s shadenfreude, the feeling and joy that at least you are not that person. No moral compass, coward

            It’s not hard to understand your culture at all. In fact the only culture that i see right now is car, house, money which is not a a culture…Mainland culture was lost 20 years ago. There is no more culture, only materialism

            Why would I want to understand something like…

            if a family member dies the first thing that comes up is compensation…there is nothing to understand about this. It’s an easy conclusion….Money solves mostly everything here.

            One does not have to perfect the language to know almost everything about the culture…

            Chinese jokes…point granted maybe i don’t understand the jokes but after being here a number of years i can understand the idea that facilitated the joke.

            Maybe I don’t want to understand the culture to perfection because i really do not feel like being indoctrinated. I am on my way out of China anyway.. I learned a lot about Mainland.

            Speaking of culture mainlanders know shit about my African American culture. I bet you can’t name one food from my culture. And Black culture is part of Western culture….so yes you know English, but you don’t know me.

          • TheSOP

            “….so yes you know English, but you don’t know me.”

            Spot on, learning a language and usings ones critical thinking faculties to learn and analyse a culture and society are two different exercises completely. It seems a lot of fenqings come up with the short end of the stick when it comes to logical and critical thinking.

          • blushingpride

            real talk

          • LaoShu

            Lol english is simple for Chinese.. no no no … most Chinese I know and work with claim to “know” English but at the end its as gibberish as my Chinese…

          • Probotector

            “How do you suppose to learn about a country if you can’t even speak and read and write the language?”

            By passive observation.

          • TheSOP

            Observation and empirical study of China is an essential element of understanding a country. Language is one component but it is by no means the sole way of coming to understand a country. Ideally one will have a good grasp of the language but this kid is employing severely handicapped logic to the issue. Does he think someone who speaks Chinese fluently but has never visited Mainland China will have a better grasp of contemporary Chinese society and culture than someone who has rudimentary or functional language abilities yet lives in China? Rubbish, pure and simple. Yet Chinese who have neither been to the West nor speak a western language even functional feel qualified to make broad statements about the West and then have the gall to tell those of us who have spent significant time in China and have a grasp of the language that we cannot understand China??? That simply speaks to their own ignorance and insecurity of being critically analyzed by outsiders.

          • Probotector

            My thoughts exactly. This person (who might be a girl actually) has no coherent argument, and is just doing what all Chinese do, which is argue out with foreigners in an way they can in order to save face.

          • TheSOP

            “If language is the only card you have to play against us, then your hand is pretty weak.”

            That right hook KO’d him hard. The kid is running on fumes, or huffing them….

          • TheSOP

            I don’t find the Chinese language complex at all and grammatically it is kindergarten level difficulty compared to real complex languages such as Japanese, Korean, English, German etc. People are mostly scared of hanzi which appear intimidating at first, but like a lot of things in China once you become acquainted with them the reality is that they are fairly basic and easily understood… Chinese love to put up a veil of exotic mystery around themselves which is effective against those who have never been to China and dont know much about the country, history, and culture. But those of us who have been around for more than a few months see the veil slip pretty quickly and it becomes very evident that the (often petty) motivations that drive Chinese society are in no way that different from the West or any other human cultural entity. Thai’s have a similar outlook, “A smart foreigner is a dangerous foreigner”

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Your words would be convincing only If you could type this paragraph in Chinese.

          • TheSOP

            So basically you have no point to make, nice try chump, better luck next time. Write to me in fluent Japanese and you would be more convincing.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            I have not been to Japan and haven’t learnt Japanese. How is typing in Japanese relavant to the point I am making?

            It is you saying that Chinese is easy so to prove it you have to show some fluency in Chinese.

            BTW If it is that difficult for you to figure out my point I can make it clear for you.

            My point is, the Chinese language is too complex for many westerners to learn, so are other things about china.

          • TheSOP

            Let me break this down Barney style since you seem intent on letting your semi-racist biases cloud your vision:

            Most Chinese start studying English from middle school on racking up years of exposure to English. Meanwhile most Westerners myself included start studying Chinese in university. Yet I can speak Chinese better than 95% of Chinese college students (which still isnt that great haha) despite having far few years of exposure to the language. Very few Chinese speak any Western language any where close to fluently.

            I agree that language is an important part of learning about a country and culture but it is by no means the only way. Saying the Chinese language is too difficult for Westerners is a borderline retarded and only speaks to your deeper racist biases and insecurities.

          • Zhegezhege



          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            You first sentence is just taken from somewhere else.
            Your second sentence looks like generated by google translator because “废话” does not make any sense in this context, we don’t use “废话” as westerners use “bullshit”.
            In conclusion, either you don’t know Chinese or your Chinese sucks.

          • Zhegezhege



          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            你的中文可能是体育老师教的, 我在这里就义务给你解释一下废话的用法.

            废话指的是某样事物是人尽皆知的事实,没有必要说出来, 你说我的话是废话, 就相当于你承认我的话是正确的, 如果你要卖弄你的中文至少先请搞清楚真正的意思, 免得自己打自己的脸, 贻笑大方.

          • linette lee

            對著個肺說話便是講肺話. lol………

          • so are other things about china.

            such as, cooking chinese food? Piece of cake.

            Eating chinese food? Piece of cake.

            Drinking locals under the table? Piece of cake.

            Anything else?

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            History, politics, humanities, literature, art, music, internet humors, the list can go on and on.

            Even a pig can eat and drink, and I doubt how well you can cook since you can’t even read the recipe.

          • I doubt how well you can cook since you can’t even read the recipe.

            And I don’t care for your view whether I can read or not. End of story!!!

          • K.

            …you haven’t learnED Japanese… typing in Japanese relEvant…

            So stop being so judgmental.

          • laoshu

            Excellent comment !

          • agreed, chinese is not difficult (mandarin). But no interest in obnoxious racist japanese and korean languages.

          • Don’t Believe the Hype

            totally agree

          • TheSOP

            BTW, very FEW Chinese speak a western language anywhere near fluent levels. Points for trying though.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            BTW, it is me now having a conversasion with you in ENGLISH.

            Nice try though.

          • TheSOP

            So you are Chinese and speak English so ALL Chinese speak English fluently? Your English is fine but your logic is piss poor. Get back too school, preferably a Western school which can help you with your critical thinking skills and not one of those rote memorization Chinese Borg schools.

            Nice try though chump.

          • blushingpride

            Suggest you first understand the difference between repeating yourself and an actual conversation.

            Then you might begin to see how you’re a living example that knowledge of a language is neither protection from erroneous beliefs, nor a prerequisite for understanding the culture from which it is derived.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            I suggest you take critical thinking 101.

            You are confusing neccessary requirements with sulficient requirements.

            I know the language but I have no interest in the culture, only suggests that, knowing the language is not a sufficient requirement for knowing the culture, but it still can be a neccessary requirement.

            Btw, this is an actual conversation.

          • Don’t Believe the Hype


          • Don’t Believe the Hype

            Which is exactly why the whole “you don’t understand” trick only works on those who have never left their own country (particularly China)

          • Take5

            Is it just me or have you hear the new phrase…”this is China”. I had a bushiness man use that phrase many times. “China is like a family , we will help each other, but if you stray away from the family ( referring to my wife who left china15 years ago) you will be cut off. This is China.” It took all my strength to keep my mouth shut, I wanted to say ” no, this is bologna”. He kept saying i was his only American friend. I thought your not going to keep me as a friend if you don’t stop insulting America.

          • Probotector

            Well they see nothing wrong with both threatening you and talking shit about you (both to your face and behind your back), but at the same time demanding obedience from you, unequivocally. Otherwise, you’re a bad person.

          • Take5

            Yea, i think your right on the money.

          • SonofSpermcube

            Mommy’s little monster can do no wrong.

            That is how Chinese mothers love their children. (Fortunately most Chinese kids aren’t monsters.)

    • firebert5

      Isn’t that something Mao did? Cracking down on corruption of wealthy landowners so that he could consolidate power for his own group and winning the favor of the people at the same time?

      • Paul Schoe

        Nice connection there, Firebert.

        and with the internet, it has never been easier to influence which news items reach the people. As usual, there are many conflicting signs about the social/political developments in China, but this might indeed be a card out of the old book.

    • Gordon Gogodancer

      I think to some extent it’s still inefficient….Just cutting a few heads to make the people feel like there is something being done against injustice, but for one wealthy/ powerful person convicted, how many don’t get in trouble? I guess in this case the people visibility is was got them….

    • Monkeekong

      Firebert5 got it right. They are only cracking down on the ones that are not on their team. i know the grand daughter of emperor Puyi, and she tells me that is what happened to Bo Xilai. Bo Xilai is her second uncle or something. They are all Manchus.

    • Alphy

      This has a lot to do with media landscape of China today. If there weren’t so much social pressure on these high profile cases did you think this would come about?

      The leadership really don’t mind hanging out some signer’s kid out to dry, as it will gainer popularity and focus away from array of other problems.

  • Nicola Collina

    Another verdict UNBELIEVABLE only 10 years ago… china is really changing much faster as i could have imagined…..

    • JoseOle

      With 1.6 Billion people they don’t have the resources to keep everyone in prison.

      • Nessquick Choco

        China is prison. the detention centres are just for those more dangerous. :-)

      • Nicola Collina

        LOL.. right.

  • hess

    The people of Stockholm send their congratulations!

    • waihang

      He just replied back “tack så mycket” and added he’s a big fan of Rudolf H.

  • mr.wiener

    I am so going to throw a “LiTainyi got 10 years party” next week.

    High fives to everyone.

    • The Enlightened One

      Sounds great,

      I will bring the booze and the broads.

  • Fanduril

    If Meng Ge had sucked a few more dongs her son might have been sitting at home a free man.

    • YourSupremeCommander


    • SOP

      How do you think she became a “general” in the PLA? Gotta earn them stars girl!

  • wafflestomp

    He will be out once the public outcry dies down.

    He will also probably hire a prison double to serve his time for him (it happens).

    • Nessquick Choco

      means next week ? :D

  • Claude

    Can you believe that woman is 46? Anyways, it’ll be hard to reform a sociopath. Little bastard was caught punching that woman in the face on CCTV. Good riddance.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      Whoa. O_O

      I just realized that his mom is 46. She looks so young!

      • Claude

        She’s foxy isn’t she? She’s going to need some caring and compassion with her son going to jail. Her husband is older than a Ming vase she probably can’t stand the ole codger touching her.

        • Nessquick Choco

          she looks like, that she need to have her choco-door inspected, lol

    • donscarletti

      When she was 24, she married Li Shuangjiang, who was already 51.

      Son of a dirty old man and a gold digger, explains a lot.

      • linette lee

        Gold digger and dirty old man shouldn’t make babies. Bad for the society. lol.

  • Repatriated

    Unfortunately, he’ll likely get put into the same prison BoXiLai is in…which was liken to a 5 star hotel. He’ll be able to “order” more prostitutes to rape…

    Personally, I think he should be educated abroad. By that, I mean toss his pink shirt sporting ass in a US prison gen pop…and let him learn just what those inmates think about rapists.

    • Repatriated

      Hello, Meng Ge, or should we call you “Minge”? So sorry to hear your kid will be living up to the image below…HAHA.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    As long as his prison sentence isn’t like one of our (America’s) celebrity sentencing, where everything is nice and plush.

    Or like Lindsay Lohan’s stint in prison.

  • The Enlightened One

    A step in the right direction. This sends a clear and powerful message that the rich and wealthy can’t just trample on the common people without some sort of reprisal.

    Well timed too, because I think if this kid got off… … well hundreds of millions of pissed off people isn’t an issue I would like to deal with…

  • biggj

    I wonder how much they are paying his doppelganger to serve his sentence.

    • bprichard

      It must have been tough for them to find another person with a face so homely.

  • boo


  • Onionlala

    He’s lucky to be in China. In US, convicted rapist gets the worst shit from other inmates.

  • alabamaBAM

    The Beijing Haidian Court sentenced him to 10 years for rape; the Fashion Police sentenced him to death + 75 “oh no you di’ints” for the shirt.

  • SixAces

    Karma is gonna come around, put on her gigantic triple dong strap on and rape him so hard. But that 10 year sentence is a a stinkin’ joke.

  • narsfweasels

    Oh, what a shame for Meng Ge to be the mother of a convicted rapist after her rapist of a son was convicted for rape.

  • Cauffiel

    If its anything like the U.S., he’ll serve 2!

    • firebert5

      If it’s anything like the rest of the rich in China, a body double will take his place and he’ll serve nothing!

      • Cauffiel

        Does that really happen? I always thought people were joking when they say that.

        • ikoihil

          Its true. I’ve seen a couple of photos of the prosecuted person which do not match the photo of the man being led to jail for the same crime. Similar look, but not always subtle.

  • mr.wiener

    There’s violence on the television,
    And letter bombs in the mail
    But things can’t be all that bad
    ‘Cos Li Tainyi went to jail

    Famine eats up children,
    The peace talks, they always fail
    But things can’t be all that bad
    ‘Cos Li Tainyi went to jail

    You might have double malaria,
    The doctors look at you, they go pale
    But things, they can’t be all that bad
    When Li Tainyi goes to jail

    Christ Himself on the cross
    Told the guy who banged in the nail
    “Mate, things, they can’t be all that bad
    When Li Tianyi goes to jail”

    Don’t you know
    I can take Li Gang’s son,That toad!
    I can take Dexter’s final episode,
    I can take tetraplegia,
    I can take total amnesia,
    I can take pink spiky hair,
    I can take gas warfare,
    I can take ‘recesssion’ and ‘Inflation’,
    I can take hyperventilation,
    I can take total bowel disfunction,
    I can take nuclear destruction,
    I can even take Piers Morgan…. well, only maybe
    But one thing I cannot take is Li .. Fucking.. Tainyi.

    With apologies to TISM.

    • Germandude

      Fucking priceless. I suggest you to get the golden cS award for this.

      Which beat should I listen to while singing this? ;-)

      • mr.wiener

        Mods are exempt from the the golden cS awards. All I want is a new toilet brush.
        I cribbed that verse from an Australian band called “TISM” [This is serious mum] Well worth looking up. Their music was terrible, but their lyrics and antics were priceless.

        • Germandude

          ” All I want is a new toilet brush.”

          Is that the title of your next song?

        • linette lee

          Wiener, do you play piano? Sing this song to your wife. She will love it. :)

          fairy tale 童話

          • mr.wiener

            I have a good singing voice [apparently] and I go to poetry readings.

      • Kedafu

        Song of the Article

      • mwanafa

        I agree, this is amazing.

    • linette lee

      You are brilliant. I am your FAN!!!!!!!!!!! Do you happen to play guitar, piano, and violin? XD

  • moop

    does anyone know how many years the other guilty parties received?

  • He is going to be serious bait in gaol… it female or male gaol!

  • waihang

    Li Jr. I have a gift for you… with love from Russia! <3 <3 <3

  • unplanned_life

    If the media hadn’t and bloggers hadn’t focused on this and if Meng Ge’s PR campaign hadn’t backfired so miserably, the kid would have quietly gotten a year’s punishment.

  • J-PAX

    Wonder who will be doing the time on his behalf.

  • Washington Bullets

    Great start to the weekend. When does his sentence start? I wonder if they can make an exception in terms of prison uniforms by not only letting him keep his flaming pink polo, but making it mandatory for him to wear it on a daily basis.

    On another note, look at this kid, isn’t his dad like some BS PLA singer? Who cares? It’s like if Bob Hope’s kid did something shitty and went to jail. If the elite have to give up one of their own to show there is not nepotism in the system, then it might as well have been this kid. If I were one of the elite, I wouldn’t stick my neck out for the douche in the pink polo.

    I think the Bo case was more of the litmus test for the legal system. This seems to be more of a case of putting the up and coming generation’s spoiled, rich punks in their place. Good shit.

  • Jack the Lad

    The people of Australia rejoice!

  • Kelly Rosenburg

    10yrs is that all… With that much wealth they should of got 10 hookers and have 3soms each….

  • 10 years for gang rape, yet in the Good Ole US of A (louisiana at least!), smoking da chronic, da herb, da reefer, da bud, da mary jane, get’s you 20 years of hard labour on your third strike yo!

    You smokes the pots, you get 20 years hard labor. You are son of singers in one country, you get 10 years with no hard labor.

    • TJDubs

      If you care that much about the chronic, move to Colorado or Washington.

      • Da reefer, don’t really, but there is someone on these boards who does!

  • 二奶头发

    Date mistake in english translation: 2013 September 19 should be 2013 February 19 (2013年2月19日)

  • SOP

    Honestly hope he comes out a broken man

    • alabamaBAM

      Honestly hope he comes out with his dick tied in a knot.

  • maybeabanana

    body double.

  • MrT

    Im not saying anything, Im being watched.

  • anonymous

    Well her face just says everything about her. Delusional, past-it old tart. Eat your humble pie and buy yourself an upgraded son while you’re at it. The judge shouldn’t get a cookie for meeting the requirements of his job.

  • SOP

    Meng Ge…. MoRILF (Mom of a Rapist ILF)???

    • Claude

      Sure, but be careful. She’d steal your fingerprints and frame you for her husbands murder. Sociopathy is genetic, that little prick got the gene from someone.

    • waihang

      looks rather like a wife material for the dear leader of DPRK

  • 剑胆琴心

    good, at least it’s a good sign of justice…

  • Chris Hansen

    Those big dudes in prison are going to force Li Tianyi to drop his soap in the shower 10 times a day….pretty soon that boy is gonna start shitting out pancakes….

  • Washingtonman

    The people of Washington State send their congratz.. :P