Liaoning Police Officer Stabbed To Death In Public

The elder brother of the killer (white) tries talking to the killer.

From NetEase, Tianya, Xici, and Tiexue: (all no longer accessible)

Liaoning Dandong, a traffic police officer murdered on the streets. Suspect subdued.

Summary: July 31 noon, a police officer in Dandong, Liaoning Province, was stabbed to death by a man. After the incident, the suspect armed with two daggers confronted the police. After the warning shots fired by the police had no effect, they shot him down, and after subduing him, sent him to the hospital for treatment. The officer stabbed died on the scene.

In Liaoning, China, a policeman lies on the street having been stabbed to death while his assailant sits on a beer crate at a distance.

After the assailant stabbed the police officer, he purchased beer and sat upon a crate.

The elder brother of the killer (white) tries talking to the killer.

Here, a middle-aged male motorcyclist wearing white appeared, probably the murderer’s elder brother, and he went up to intervene, but because of the distance, I could only faintly hear several sentences of dialogue. The murderer’s brother: “What are you doing? You’ve stabbed a person.” The murdered yelled: “So what? They deserve to die, all police deserve to die. Since I’ve already killed one, killing a few more would be even better. Each one that comes is each one that I will kill.”

Police officers have shot and subdued the killer.

With warning shots ineffective, the police open fired and brought down the suspect.

Rescue workers confirm that the stabbed policeman is already dead.

Paramedics rush to the scene, the stabbed police already dead.

Comments from NetEase: (no longer accessible)


What was the motive for the crime? I need to understand the truth.


There is no love without reason, nor is there hate without reason, there is something here to think about. Harmony borne out of violence suppressing violence is only superficial, and the real seed of hatred will eventually still sprout.


I sympathize with the police-killer.


I think it is a tragedy, and that man’s name is ruined.


Messed up, killing someone and then sitting on a beer crate drinking beer, is it true calm or having already lost all hope? Who can give us an answer?


Society these days is too crazy…


This time, the traffic police have finally become victims of a strong man.


[They] did not deal with it decisively enough, adversely affecting the time for saving the police officer!


The masses/people must know the truth!!


The police observed for 40 minutes before opening fire, otherwise the traffic officer may still be alive.
Because of this, the Dandong police are being questioned by the masses/people.

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Written by Fauna

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  • rumbler

    Universally equal application of the law is the issue. As long as police is being abused as an instrument of injustice and oppression rather than being a friend and helper, police will be resented.

    All articles of the constitution must be implemented first. Then the judiciary needs to be reformed to guarantee equality before the law. All civil servants, politicians and the military must be accountable and be subjected to the law.

    Then police have a chance to be truly respected, as representative of a benevolent, amiable government and not as corrupt thugs of an unjust oppressive government.

    Apart from that, I suggest the Communist Party registers properly, as required by law.

    Looking forward to ‘China is different’, ‘you don’t understand’ and ‘such big population needs a strong hand’ and other baseless nonsense repeated from the communist propaganda machine.

  • aisha

    It’s so wrong. I think I’m becoming immune to the fact that China has no problem with displaying atrocities (like murder) for the whole world to see.
    Honestly, would you take pictures of a dead man and then show everyone? Insensitive!

  • ……
    deserved! once a cop in my hometown chased me, my mother wanted me to accept so much, i told her, i will never marry a guy i look down, and we all know what kind of people they are. she did not say anything any more.

    • Zardoz

      So what’s the professional of the guy that you did marry?

    • Chunghwa

      ehhh… what?

      this cop deserved being killed, because a cop in your hometown pursued you?

      I don’t see the logic. That’s like saying that all healthcare volunteers deserve to die, because one of them proposed to you, but you didn’t like him because he was too ugly. Or something. Care to explain?

  • Blacky_Chan

    Lol Asian people complaining about police

    • Chunghwa

      reminder: this isn’t LA.

  • Gaz

    What? Why are they all supporting the murderer?

    Yeah there might be a back story we don’t know, but murder is murder.

    I support the cops. They could have just shot him in the head right then like that woman a couple of weeks ago, but they tried to do the right thing.

    Maybe the assailant is mentally unstable?

  • EnglishPRC

    Great Job Cop Killer!
    I hate chinese cops, both PSB and traffic police. They are the worst! Fuck em all…
    I especially love the part:-
    The murderer’s brother: “What are you doing? You’ve stabbed a person.” The murdered yelled: “So what? They deserve to die, all police deserve to die. Since I’ve already killed one, killing a few more would be even better. Each one that comes is each one that I will kill.”
    Also love the chinese dude’s comment.

    I sympathize with the police-killer!


    • EnglishPRC

      I was set up twice by chinese cops and once by a traffic police officer,
      And everytime i had to call my lawyer. My company spent more than 100,000 rmb paying the lawayers and as bribes to the cops to let me go. Fucking cynic narcissists.

      Jia you Yang Jia and this anonymous cop killer!

      • crackedbamboo

        Great post! Gives us all a great insight into what fucking cynic narcissists think.

  • Zardoz

    That nurse in the last photo has a nice ass. I wonder what her front looks like.

  • Nereis

    Wait… so they took forty minutes to pull out their guns on some crazy who took the life of one of their own? Only in China. The cops anywhere else would have already put several bullets in his brain.

  • manusan

    what is the brand of the beer ?

    • Chunghwa

      I’m surprised there were no netizen comments along this lines of “I bet this was an ad placement for Tsingtao Beer!”

      • manusan

        I suppose that the guy was drinking beer listening “what a wonderful world”.


    Its quite clear from the posts here that the westerners posting dont understand the first fucking thing about china. They only apply their western thought process to something that didnt happen in the west. Its a different world you stupid fucks. Quit trying to understand it (much less talk about it and sound stupid). If you want to understand it, youve got to live it. If you want to live it then go be a farmer in LiaoNing. Otherwise shut the fuck up.

    • Alikese

      There’s nothing to not understand. It’s a sad situation that should have been handled differently. You can’t always hide behind the “foreigners don’t understand China” veil.

  • damn

    “Copkiller!!!m ma mothafuckin copkillerrrr”-Bodycount

    • Xav

      Damn you beat me!!!
      Love that song

  • Is there any country where people actually LOVE cops?

    • 王子

      I’m white, middle to upper class and male. I love ’em.

    • Shupian

      I love cops, and I’m american. The impression I’m given is the people who hate cops in America are the ones committing the crimes.

      • Or the ones who constantly get profiled by ’em.


        How’d that get in there?

  • Carman

    Traffic cops are annoying anywhere.

    in the zonaeuropa post, it says that the cop started kicking and slapping the killer first. I know what annoying shits such low-level cops can be. he deserved it

  • korean_guy

    they should have called the ahjumma police that put 4 bullets in the bastard who took a hostage!

    they manhandled this f**k with shovels…that’s Police work with Chinese characteristics!


  • Ted

    A real cowardly performance by the cops, letting their comrade bleed to death. No balls at all. One guy with two knives? That nutcase would have been swiss cheese in no time in some other country, and the paramedics could have done their job. Let’s hope your army isn’t such a bunch of wimps!

    • Buckets of Tuna

      The army??? HAHA

      Heaven forbid they break their nose picking nail on their little finger trying to dig a trench or jumping naked into snow.

      They’d probably have a big sooky wah wah session, call their girlfriends and cry because they are latent homosexuals.


    • sino_can

      Did you check out what the Army was doing for the opening ceremony of the BJ olympics? Just imagine the performance they’ll put on before they kick your ass!

      I also think the Chinese curling team are undercover soldiers. Nobody curls sober like soliders do.

      • Ted

        They were indeed impressive in the parade. Parades don’t shoot back, however. They have never been tested. The Iraqi army was once the 5th largest in the world, and they folded like a deck of cards under fire.

        • Rez

          Yup, because the Generals were bought by US Dollars.


    A thug kills a thug….big deal.

    • Peter

      All this encouragement for murdering cops is a bit disturbing.

  • redgirl

    The policeman may have been acting like an arsehole but in no way did it give that knacker! the right to take his life .
    I hate the cops, Ha! say the the same whingers who are calling the cops crying the moment a bad guy shows up.

  • Peter

    I live in Dandong and it is a bit difficult to seperate fact from fiction regarding this story. According to “eye witness reports” the police didn’t take action for more than an hour, though some news reports have stated that the stand off only lasted for 10 minutes. They just let their fellow officer bleed out because they were too afraid to approach the assailant.

    Further more, they didn’t shoot the guy down. According to the rumors, they fired warning shots and then tried to shoot the man but were unable to hit him. Also some people say that there were hundreds of police officers and they were still too cowardly to take action.

    I find this entire story very disturbing. The bottom line is – if you are living in Dandong, and probably many other cities, you will not be protected by the police.

    • sino_can

      When we talk about the police being “afraid,” what are we saying they are afraid of?

      Are they afraid of the man? Are they afraid because they don’t know who the man’s relatives are? Are they afraid of the repercussions from not dealing “harmoniously” with this situation? Are they afraid of the public? Are they afraid of their bosses?

      Who are they afraid of, when taking care of this seemingly straight-forward law enforcement and public protection case?

      • Peter

        Interesting question. In China everything is extremely complicated – even something that should be quite simple like this. The general idea circulating in the rumor mill is that the police were just afraid for their own lives and selfish.

  • John

    Cop killer. His life will now be a living hell.

  • Wang Lao Ji

    I am not surprise. They are chinese farmers, and so is the chinese police. When you have chinese farmers fighting more chinese farmers, of course it’s gonna be a terrible scene.
    Chinese people need more 5000 years to start being civilized!

  • aimz

    “So what? They deserve to die, all police deserve to die. Since I’ve already killed one, killing a few more would be even better. Each one that comes is each one that I will kill.”

    This is why he was shot, he even admitted he was willing to kill more cops. Ofcourse they would shoot him.

  • Master C

    He might have suffered some wrongs by an over-stretched and ‘viewed as uncaring’ government. Land stolen or taken away without just or equitable compensation, justice denied in favour of ‘related’ people, nepotism, cronyism, corruption, state sponsored gangsterism via proxies . . . any and all the above could have caused him to act this way.

    The onus is however on government to ensure that society is harmonized. When authorities err, they must be taken to task otherwise such scenarios would be welcomed instead of denounced, to the detriment of society . . .

  • Chiiinaaa

    they observed the guy for 40 mins?? and let the traffic police guy die. how stupid is that?

    oh well, chinese police, derp derp…

  • karze

    Oppression by police on public seem to be the reason. It should be lesson and warning to those corrupt communist officials.

  • FYIADragoon

    Chinese cops make NYPD and LAPD look like incorruptible angels by comparison. Need more info on the motives or I’m going to assume that the police did something to cause this.

  • Lu

    This is proof society is breaking down in China. Rich getting richer poor getting poorer. It drives individuals to insanity!

    • Sin

      Nah by that logic America should just be rivers of blood by now from the legions of insane cop killers and fucked up people. But they’re still doing alright so I don’t think a couple of psychos are proof of anything.

  • ray67

    What’s this for a commie site?

  • navlys

    this man is a real bold, he surely is..
    he stabbed a cop and instead of getting away somewhere he bought a crate of beers, drinking it while waiting for another cops to show up.
    they should put him to death or he’ll become a threat for the society.


    I LOVE HIS STATEMENT;The murdered yelled: “So what? They deserve to die, all police deserve to die. Since I’ve already killed one, killing a few more would be even better. Each one that comes is each one that I will kill.THE CHINESE POLICE ARE TOO WICKED.

  • Tony

    I think China needs someone likes LKY to shape it up!