Liba Girl Owes 60,000 RMB Credit Card Debt

Asian girl with many expensive name brand bags.

From Liba (no longer accessible):

My current monthly income is only 2000. I have 7 credit cards, and now owe 60,000 yuan. I am repaying the least amount, every time only repaying interest. My head really hurts. Does anyone have any ideas, please help give me suggestions. What is the fastest way to repay my debt!!!

Replies on Liba:

Ask your boyfriend or parents to help.

Original Poster:
My parents do not know, and they could not help anyway. Right now, I do not have a boyfriend, so I have to depend on myself. I feel very tired, and a lot of stress/pressure…

My god, what did you buy? How do you owe so much money?

陶瓷c showing her Sly large coat and her closet.

My suggestion. If there is no one you can depend on, your only choice is to force yourself to save money. Every month you get your paycheck, first repay a set sum, then use the rest to live.
But the precondition is that you live with your parents, otherwise 2000 for one person will definitely not be enough [to survive on each month by yourself].

Original Poster:
I applied for the card in 2005 and normally when buying things I always use the card. My expenses and income are disproportionate, leading to the the present situation where I owe more and more. It is now already a bottomless pit.

Original Poster:
Yes, I live with my parents right now, but my income is only enough to repay interest. I want to find a another/part-time job, but I do not have much specialty. Must I find someone to rely on? I bet if they knew I owe so much on my credit card, all the guys will be scared away. My head hurts so much…

Ai! I now tell others if they do not need a credit card to not get one. Credit cards will only encourage spending.

Well-done! Continue.

Apply for more cards, withdraw money, and pay off the original card. Next month, flip it. Do not borrow at high interest, I think it is too dangerous. But, I recommend you be more frugal, and slowly repay [your debt]. Repaying slowly is still better than not repaying! Good luck!

This I have done before, it does not work. Getting another card will only increase the amount.

I bet every time the stores have discounts, “shopping,” all the MM will go. Every time I see crowds inside the stores, I marvel, how are there so many rich people? I bet there is a portion of them who first swipe their credit cards, then worry about how they can repay their credit cards.

陶瓷c in a Junk Food t-shirt and Abercrombie & Fitch with Louis Vuitton shoes.

Even if you do not eat/drink for one year, you will still need to repay over 3 years. You are doomed! Work hard. Work hard finding a good LG [lao gong, husband]!

1. At present, our individual credit rating system has not been completely established. If it was established, MM would definitely have been unable to get 7 credit cards! 2. Right now, banks’ evaluation system has problems, blindly issuing cards, to the point where even a person selling things on the sidewalk can apply for a gold card! 3. MM‘s self-control is too poor, each month making 2000 but still being able to spend 60,000! 4. I bet given MM’s parents’ situation, repaying 60,000 in debt will still be a lot of pressure, so I recommend you do not repay and wait for the bank to sue you. Losing the lawsuit, you can still use your inability to repay debts as a reason to not repay. The courts will not do much over this kind of small sum. At most they will restrict your high level of consumption! 5. MM needs to reflect [on yourself]!!!

MM’s spending is terrifying. If boys find out, they really will be scared away.

Beg your parents for help, otherwise you will never be able to repay [your debt].

LZ, only keep 1-2 cards, cancel the rest. Moreover, when you have nothing to do, do not go to the shopping section [of the BBS]. If there is no need, do not go look at store discounts/sales. If you have time, study or take a refresher course. Raising your income is the most important.

MM, you need to reflect.
Your own income is not high, your parents do not have the ability to help you, how could you spend so much money?
I originally thought spending all your paycheck each month was bad. I did not think there were really people who are “credit card slaves” [people who live on credit cards].
My husband and I are also of the 80s generation, so sad, every month we take 65% of our salaries to first repay our bank loans.

陶瓷c in Talula, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Anna Sui.

I do not think finding another job will do much.

MM’s monthly income is only 2000. Do you have any special skills? Finding a job is not easy right now.
Even if you become an unskilled laborer, waitress, jobs like these, you will not be able to pull together that much money within a short period of time.

I think the most practical method is…

Sell as much stuff as possible. For example, old jewelery, bags, shoes. Sell whatever you can sell.
Then ask your parents to borrow 20,000.
At least think of a way to repay half of it first…
The remainder you will have to depend on scrimping and saving, and slowly repaying.

But I will be honest with you: With MM’s [your] spending…trying to break the habit…is already a very difficult thing to do…

Try spending a few months buying things without using your credit card…I bet you cannot do it…

Because you have already developed a habit. 汗

You should go make this small little wish on KDS.

Yesterday, while watching TV,
I heard you can apply for bankruptcy in other countries.
I am not sure if you can do that in China.

摇头 I must read this several times, so I will always remember… [not to be like this girl]

Original Poster:
Actually, I did not really “bai” [buy] any luxurious/expensive “dong dong” [东东 = 东西 = things/stuff], nor do I have any good “dong dong” that I can sell. Owing this much “MONEY,” the bottom line is simply that I do not have control and do not know how to manage my finances. I know jobs are hard to find now, and just depending on my own strength has its limits. I really wish someone could help me now, my family does not have the means.

陶瓷c in Juicy Couture, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Ugg boots.

Comments on KDS:

See if she has good looks. If she is not bad, maybe the rich people of the mountain [KDS is a “mountain] can help her a little.

This kind of thing is too common for LB girls.

This is the character of LB girls.

This is how the sub-prime mortgage crisis happened…

Bandits, charge!

Is she selling? She can make some small money.

Why is this kind of trash still living? It would be better if she just slammed herself into a wall and died.

The evolution of a Liba girl into a whore~~~

Liba girls who have to say this kind of stuff definitely do not look pretty. Otherwise, a little exercise, a little screaming, and they would get their money.

A stupid cunt~other than selling herself, is there any other way?

陶瓷c in Ksubi jeans, Sly coat, and Ugg shoes.

There is something wrong with the bank’s brain. Monthly income 2000 but giving her that much credit? Even if her cards take turns being used up, the card-issuing bank can still use the network system to find out.
The bank deserves to be yelled at more than LB girls.

I was thinking of replying to the topic to ask her if she wanted another job. After seeing that she was [born in] 1982, I was no longer interested…

After seeing that topic, I realized everyone must diligently earn money and save money.
After a few years, when the economy is more bleak, everyone can slowly enjoy low-priced “desperation trades.” [like schoolgirls in Japan who sell their bodies for money]

No boyfriend,
2000 monthly income,
Parents cannot help…
Appraisal: This woman is a “hard disk person.”
[hard disk = Western Digital = WD = WD person = WDR = wai di ren]

Keywords: 2k, 6w, Liba.

I bet this girl has already gotten innumerable PMs [private messages] on Liba already.

60,000 kuai.
If 400 kuai per head…
She would have to do it 150 times.
One month, except for “that time,” can probably do about 20 times.
This way, she would need 7 months before she can pay off her debt.
If interest is taken into consideration, I estimate she has to do it for more than half a year. Pretty tough.

陶瓷c wearing Talula shirt, Ksubi jeans, and Ugg shoes.

Bandits, how about organizing a gang bang?

I will say something from my heart, I pretty much worship her…

Every person 200, how about us bandits organize a group buy to rescue this poor LB girl?

Let me calculate. If we do it like the Japanese style where it is a 1:500 [one girl, 500 men] challenge, from the first person 500 kuai, progressing down to the last person for 1 kuai, one time can bring in 501*250 = 125,250 kuai. Not bad. [I am not sure about this translation]

Pull her over to be KDS’s bandit mistress [like sex slave]. Each bandit will pay 10 kuai to help her repay her debt.

Save money, spend money, save money, spend money…spend money, repay money, spend money, repay money…
I choose the first method of consumption.

Just sell yourself.
365 days, each day 3 times,
1000×60 oh yeah

There are stupid cunts replying and suggesting that she apply for even more credit cards and use them to pay each other off [use one card to pay off another card, then switch]. I do not know how these LB girls grew their brains. Do they really not know how to calculate that doing this will result in them owing more and more money? (must consider each card’s repayment costs, changes in interest rate, in the end, using cards to pay each other off will kill you, you repay more and more.)
And women of this level/status still want to confiscate their men’s salary cards and manage his money for him?

陶瓷c wearing Abercrombie & Fitch, Talula, Odd Molly, and Juicy Couture.

This kind of woman…she would die if asked to move a stool/chair.

Already inquired about price, 1000/night.

Bandits think 60,000 is too much?
You guys are too poor.
Shanghainese people.

Haha, a Beijing “hard disk” person [wai di ren] has come out and IB. He can give 60,000 to buy that one LB girl then go back to his hometown and tell everyone you’ve had an LB girl before.

A stupid idiot, the quicker LB [Liba] girls die, the better.

Notify [America’s] Congress~the source of the economic crisis has been found~ Liba girls uncontrolled credit card usage~inability to repay debt led to banks going bankrupt!!!

Very good, this kind of female is exactly what the AV [adult video] industry hopes for.

Too well said, too bad this is not in Japan.

To tell the truth, other than selling yourself I do not know what else you can do!! Nowadays, getting money is the reason most girls go out and sell themselves!!

In the middle of chatting on MSN. [meaning he is negotiating with the girl, probably just joking]

The original Liba topic is no longer available. Some netizens have wondered if the girl wrote this post to make money, suggesting her story about “debt” is just one way to hide her true motive so it is not so direct. Her story may be true or it may just be a disguise. No one knows for sure.

陶瓷c showing off Abercrombie & Fitch, Juicy Couture, and Ugg boots.

Images: These images are from a Tianya fashion topic that is not related to this Liba topic or original poster.

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