Lion and Lioness During Hunt, Chinese Netizen Reactions

A lion and lioness in the middle of a catching and killing prey.

A lion and lioness in the middle of a catching and killing prey.

From Sina Weibo:

@妖妖小精: What you see below is a husband and wife lion hunting together.


Comments from Sina Weibo:


Shang, shang, shang, shang shang… I didn’t say shang me… !!!

[Note: This comment involves a pun on the word 上 shang. The lioness is first telling the lion repeatedly to “join” the hunt and help her. He instead “mounts/fucks” her, which is another meaning of the word. (h/t: Nat)]


A 99999 point critical hit on the bachelor cow/ox. Hunting success.


Working women are the sexiest.


“Oh hey, my wife is hunting.” “Looks like she’s working quite hard too.” “My wife is the sexiest when she’s working hard.” “Okay, I have to bust a nut now.”




Just how sad the bull must feel.


The bachelor cow/ox must be hysterical, to have to see such a demoralizing live broadcast right before death. ⊙﹏⊙


“You little minx, I don’t want to eat him, I want to eat you!”


The big black ox is dumbfounded: TMD, are you guys going to hunt me or not?!


Honey, you’re just too sexy when you’re making food, I simply couldn’t control myself.


Male Lion: “Thank you, my ox brother! Without your help, I wouldn’t have been able to take this little bitch!”


Hahaha, the love of the young comes when it comes.


What the lioness caused was physical harm, but what the lion caused was emotional/psychological harm.


The urge came and couldn’t be held back.


It’s just that your pose was so sexy, so I got hard… The male lion’s inner dialogue.


Early in the morning, the male lion turned to the female lioness and pouted, “I’m hungry and want to eat something…” The lioness laughed, got up, and went to the kitchen, put on an apron, and the kitchen was filled with the sounds of preparing breakfast. However, throughout this, the lion gazed upon the uncovered parts of the lioness’s statuesque body, the hair that fell upon her neck, her faintly discernible breasts, her round and perky buttocks, the repeated movement of her flesh. The lion suddenly wrapped his arms around the lioness from behind, “What I want to eat is you…”


Hubby, now! Now… dammit, I didn’t say to get on me. [Involves the same pun as the first translated comment.]


…The wild ox says: Can you two please take this more seriously?

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