List of Strange and Ridiculous Buildings In China, Reactions

In the light of a recent comment by Chinese president Xi Jinping to not build any more strange buildings, news sites assembled a collection of weird and absurd buildings constructed in China in recent years.

From QQ:


February 2nd, Chongqing Guotai Art Center newly unveiled itself, it will be an art center devoted to Bachu Culture and will be completed by the end of this year.


The “Century Sail” signature tower at Shandong Rizhao Water Sports Center.


In Sanya, Hainan, the Phoenix Island development complex that cost average of 90k yuan per square meter.


The “long johns tower” made fun of by many netizens, also known as the “Gate of the Orient” is currently under rapid construction.


The “Linda Haiyu Plaza” located on the 4th ring of Beijing, the outside was designed to resemble a fish.


The “wine bottle” office building located on the campus of Daohuaxiang Corporation in Yiling District of Yichang, Hubei.


Taihu Pearl Hotel – also known as the Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort


December 15th, 2009 in Hebei Yanjiao, at the Le Grand Large Hotel that was once called the “most shocking in history” by netizens. The outer form of the hotel was made up of the 3 Taoist gods of wealth, fame, and long life, with a total height of 41.6 meters. It was said that this hotel was already granted in 2001, the title of the “largest statue building” published in the Guinness Book of World Records and won best in that category. It was at the time the largest statue building of its type.


Shenyang’s Financial Development Area have an unique building – the Fang Yuan Building. The building was based on the shape of an “ancient coin” with outside being round and the inside being square, in doing so it can bestow good fortune to the occupying businesses. On January 10th, 2012 the travel site under the American cable news channel (CNNgo) selected the top 10 ugliest buildings in the world, the Fang Yuan building designed by Taiwanese architect Li Zuyuan was unfortunately selected. Li Zuyuan was the also the designers of Taipei 101. CNNgo believes, Fang Yuan building in an attempt to combine both Eastern and Western styles, failed to appear harmonious. Because “aesthetics” is subjective, CNNgo added a note, that a more truthful description is that this can be considered one of the 10 most controversial buildings.


The north gate of Yichuan in Henan. Netizens called this gate of Yichuan as resembling a belt.


Yuhua District Government in Nanjing. [The building] closely resembles the US Capitol Building.


Fushun’s new landmark – the ring of life is nearing completion, with a total diameter of 157 meters equivalent to a 50 story building. It’s installed with 12,000 LED lights, constructed using 3000 tons of steels, costing several hundred million yuan. The local government responded that this massive structure is a landmark, its only purpose is its “view”.


In Chongqing, netizens claim the 4 sides of the facade resembles an athletic jacket, the top of the building is the zipper of the athletic jacket.


On Chongqing’s Foreigner Street there is a “ramshackle” of a building.


Located on the 4th ring in Beijing a closeup of the Sphinx building.

Comments on QQ:


Government and State Enterprises’ buildings must not come in strange and odd shapes, it will only cost more money, it betrays spirit of the Eight Provisions and the spirit anti-corruptions campaign. After All China still have 200 million people living in poverty.


In reality the appearance of strange building is not a surprise, it is all due to local governments wanting a good record, building face projects, and wanting to be appreciated. Else the relevant leaders would have not approved [such projects]. We know this because we work in architecture design.


Local people can’t even feed and clothes themselves, yet local governments are thinking of using large sums to construct buildings in order to attract attention, so that they can prove they are doing a good job, and are rich. Xi Dada’s [nickname for Xi Jinping] intention I think is to restrain local governments, to have local governments do more practical things, to care more for people’s livelihood, rather than competing to see who can build the tallest building. Like in picture 12, spend hundreds of millions to build a ring, what is the point? Did it improve people’s lives? Did building a ring helped people get out of poverty? Have money? In addition, our nation have many shanzhai buildings, like the White House or the Kremlin, the local governments only want to attract attention, so that they can be seen as taking care of the people. I think Xi Dada is talking about precisely these people, no matter what I will support Xi Dada, you can scold me all you want!

♂ Yo baby↘forever:

Zhenzhou’s giant duck eggs!



Check out our Jinan’s sexual organ building. It is definitely erect!



Guangzhou’s round building.



If all the buildings are the same, then what is the point of art? We can’t deny all of them, there must be a combination of both practicality and artistic style, where can it be both scenic and have practical value. Wouldn’t that be great.


If these buildings are placed in foreign countries many people will say foreigners are so innovative and imaginative, but in the Heavenly Kingdom certain people will make it derogatory! Everyone can make their own judgement, don’t go with the current.


Waste of manpower and money, despicable! Emperor Qin Shihuang wasted manpower and money building the Great Wall for defense against the enemy, what use do these buildings have?


If China can conquer both the White House and the Kremlin, what can’t they do?


The Chairman said: do not build anymore strange buildings.


Bird’s Nest, CCTV building, People’s Daily building, Shanghai Convention Center, the result of merging all four buildings.



Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai


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