A Little Beggar Child In China


From Sina: “The Little Beggar”

These days, being a beggar has become a type of job. Large streets and small alleys, you can see them everywhere. Basically, they are all organized and disciplined. and wide in variety. The young ones organize behind the scenes so that the children and old people go beg, not for food, but for money. For some, if you give them food, not only will he refuse, he will also yell at you. The money they beg for must be handed over to those above them. Even worse, the phenomenon of holding onto young girls and not letting them go in order to successfully get money happens too often. Dealing with beggars has become a kind of burden. Dealing with one group after another, it is truly annoying. What makes people feel the most unhappy is using children only a few years old to go beg. Doing this is a kind of abuse towards children, a kind of destruction, that will result in great harm to their growth and psychological health. Because of phenomenon like this, all of society should pay more attention towards children beggars, and safeguard children’s lawful rights and interests. Towards those manipulating behind the scenes, society should also investigate responsibility, so that these children can live, learn, and grow up healthy like normal children.

The disabled man beside the little beggar directs his begging.
Is this his father?
He already knows from whom he should beg.
If you do not give, do not think of walking away.
无奈之下 只有给了
Without a choice, she can only give.
Afterwards, he is pleased with himself.
He is pound of what he just did.
The little beggar that begs by blocking the road (he and the little girl here are the same age).
There are also those who are afraid.
Chase after them.
After all, he is just an innocent child.
So innocent.
The little beggar.
Avoiding the camera.

Comments from Sina:


Whatever allows you to live is wonderful, hehe, so why insult beggars? Why do you not talk about beggar’s helplessness?


To be a beggar, one also needs courage, because life is shit. But with regards to underage “beggars,” the government and society should take responsibility for their duties under “the Constitution” and “Underage Protection Law”…


Is there anyone who can save this child? What kind of person he will become in the future???


What a cute child!
What will his future be like?
Pitiful, tragic, unfortunate, detestable!


It does not matter if he is a professional beggar or if he was forced,
a child is always innocent.
When they see this kind of situation,
I do not know what the hell our worthy government is doing.


How will he get past this winter? Who is that man beside him? “Father”, “relative”, or “bad man”? Is there no department to verity that?…so sad.


These days, I no longer dare to believe beggars, chasing you to beg for money. Even though he is small, he is still a little…do not say that I do not have sympathy, I have already been cheated by beggars n times.


So sad!! What can he do after growing up? He cannot be like this his entire life!


Professional beggar, there is no need to pity him.
These children are also victims, the detestable thing are those adults who use sympathy as their tool for making money.
Arrest them and shoot them all.


Everything is done to survive.
What they need is not attention but help.
No one with a job, money, or works in the government goes to beg.
Help our compatriots who beg to survive.


I do not know when Chinese became like this? Is it their fault our our fault?
The world should be perfect! But what is it like in his world!?? What exactly are we doing?!!
Everyday feasting, living luxuriously, and wasting!! Indeed, living like we have no conscience!! I suddenly feel the world is like hell!!


The smiling face in the third picture is the same innocence as so many other people’s children!! After all, he is still too young, there is much he does not know or understand…children are innocent. The government ought to start doing something, right? … (Please allow me to naively think like this, Buddha preserve me!!)…


Talking about beggars, everyone will very naturally think of that pitiful person with dirty, ragged clothes, extending a hand to beg. A sympathetic heart, everyone has. Facing those people who have such miserable and bitter fates, there is probably no one who would not automatically reach into their pockets and feel around [for money].


…the child is innocent, even if the person next to him is his father. So why are they like this? Maybe this is the only way to survive…maybe only such an innocent child can successfully beg for money. If it was just his father by himself, would you give? He is so innocent, so cute…look at this smile…little naughty…not a thread of hypocrisy. His innocent, anxious, naughty expression is so penetrating. Maybe life is just like this. There are tens of millions of people who are all like this…


In the whole world, only in China is the “servant” [government] living a more comfortable life than the “master” [the people]! Only in China! The feeling of “being the master of one’s house” is nothing special.


Just like me, I was born in a very poor family. When I was one years old, my father passed away! But my mother would not go be a beggar!! In my opinion, no matter what kind of people we are, we would not be beggars!! We should have our our dreams and ideals!


This child has no shortage of cuteness. If you change him into a set of new clothes, he would be very likable. The regret is that he has “sunk” to this level. But as a profession that is not a profession, a beggar’s existence is inevitable.


There are those who use our sympathy to trick us into helping. That is why people these days have all been cheated numb!! Therefore, there are those who need our help but do not get our help.

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Written by Shaohua

Shao-hua is a Chemical/Project Engineer for the German Linde Group, and one of the largest gas and engineering companies. His working site is a Linde Group plant in Taiyuan of Shanxi province.

He graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University in 2006 with a major in Chemical Engineering. he soon found a job with the Linde Group as an Operation Trainee working for their joint venture with TISCO (Taiyuan Iron Steel Company), one of China's largest steel producers. As a employee of a international company, English is a very important tool for communications. In order to improve his English level, he particularly enjoys reading western media such as the Economist and the Guardian, which are his favorites, and he especially focuses on opinions of China. he became a translator for chinaSMACK in September, 2008, and posted his first and second articles with the help of Fauna.

His biggest dream is to go to the Linde Group in Germany and experience what is truly international. he is now working hard to make this come true, not only through my English, but also through my professional knowledge.


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