Little Blue and Little Yellow Picture Book in Chinese

"Little Blue and Little Yellow"
"Little Blue and Little Yellow"
Little Blue and Little Yellow

From Sina Weibo:

@正常人办不出这种事儿: Bear in mind that this is a book that sells for 29.8 [RMB]! How can it be so headstrong!!! [拜拜]

"This is Little Blue."
“This is Little Blue.”
"Little Blue has many friends."
“Little Blue has many friends.”
"But his best friend is Little Yellow."
“But his best friend is Little Yellow.”
"They happily hugged each other."
“They happily hugged each other.”
"Hugged and hugged."
“Hugged and hugged.”
"Then they became green."
“Then they became green.”
"The story is finished."
“The story is finished.”

"Price: 29.80 yuan [<5 USD]" “Price: 29.80 yuan [<5 USD]"[/caption] Comments from Sina Weibo:


This is a very famous picture book, okay? There’s also a lot of pages of content; did you eat it all? It’s to allow children to understand how colors change when they are mixed… You can’t use an adult’s way of looking at things to judge children’s reading material, okay…?


Please write a note!!! Other than the first picture, all of the images after it are all TM mine! Thanks!


This is a rather good children’s book, one that has been recommended before for children’s reading courses, to allow a child to understand the three primary colors. It’s very creative.


Bullshit! With such a thick book, how could it just have those few pages!


[笑cry] I happen to be writing an English thesis on this book. [笑cry][笑cry][笑cry] Do you think the author is really simple? [笑cry][笑cry] He is a humanist illustrator who casually and easily made this book while amusing children on a train and then published it. [喵喵][喵喵] How come you guys don’t know he is Leo Lionni? [笑cry] A great illustrator.


Children really like it. Really. A child’s world is not the same as ours.


He! he! Seeing this kind of microblog post really makes me especially angry!!! Don’t think children’s teachers only need to take care of children eating and sleeping. What we have to learn and know how to do far exceeds what you can imagine! If you can’t understand a children’s picture book, then just shut your mouth, okay? A kindergarten I went to last time that emphasized art had an entire staircase wall decorated with this picture book. [拜拜]


If you don’t know/understand something, don’t blindly comment. This is a picture book for pre-school children, able to stimulate a child’s unlimited imagination. In the middle, there are also many pictures of little blues and little yellows in class together, playing games, playing hide-and-seek, going into caves that you did not photograph for everyone to see. Even though they are all blobs of different colors, children enjoy reading it. This is Leo Lionni’s classic picture book, which has won major awards in America, and only introduced into China after domestic children’s education expert Peng Yi translated it.


This is a very famous picture book, okay? There’s also a lot of pages of content; did you eat it all? It’s to allow children to understand how colors change when they are mixed!! My former primary school teacher bought one for his son to read!! This microblog user is a stupid cunt!! Unfollow, unfollow! [拜拜]


This can be used for kindergarten class. Picture books are all this price.

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