Little Chinese Girl Abducted After Wedding, Body Found

Wang Yanwen, a 7-year-old girl who was found murdered.

At time of translation, this was the most-commented article on popular Chinese web portal Tencent News…

From QQ:

Jiangsu 7-Year-Old Girl Missing After Attending Relative’s Wedding, Police Confirm She Was Murdered October 7 report (reporter Cui Jiaming) — Yangzhou Jiangdu county 7-year-old girl Wang Yanwen went missing after attending a relative’s wedding in Taizhou city Jiangyan district Huagang town on October 3rd. On the evening of the 6th, Taizhou police announced to the public that they’ve found the body of the missing girl Wang Yanwen on a riverbank in Jiangyan district Huagang town, confirming that she had been killed.

The victim’s name is Wang Yanwen, born 2007, just 7 years old this year, is from Yangzhou city Jiangdu district, and was in first grade at Jiangdu Experimental Elementary School. After the little girl went missing on the afternoon of the 3rd, and as her family reported it to the police, the child’s father posted a missing person’s notice on the internet through Weibo, etc. offering a reward of 200,000 for her daughter’s whereabouts. “Our daughter has been kidnapped. Whatever kind-hearted person can help me find our daughter, I’ll do anything, even give my life. Please, everyone.”

The missing person’s notice read: “Wang Yanwen went missing at around 3pm on October 3rd near the border between Taizhou and Jiangdu in Jiangsu province. She was wearing a dark blue dotted dress, black pants/stockings. There was a witness who saw the girl being carried away on an electric moped by a man wearing a helmet.”


According to the Taizhou police announcement, after receiving the report, the city police quickly mobilized all sorts of resources and manpower under the command of a “10.3” special investigation group. City police mobilized over 60 personnel, divided into four groups for the investigation, doing everything possible to determine the child’s whereabouts.

October 6th evening, after an extensive search by public security organs, the missing girl’s body was found on a river bank in Huagang town, confirming that she had been murdered. At present, city police are doing everything they can to solve the case.

Comments from QQ:


Children are innocent. Those who put their hands to children must be punished severely.


The outcome no one wants to see, so sad.


The human scum in society have all gone crazy! Why kill a child! It’s such a huge blow to a family! Capture him, he must be put to death!

淡淡的煙味 

She’s about my daughter’s age. No matter what the reason is, it shouldn’t be taken out on a child. Capture the murderer, he must be punished severely!


I want to kill this bastard murderer, slowly with one cut at a time.


Why hurt a child? He must be executed once caught.


This kind of person should be hacked to death when he’s caught, the sick bastard! I hope this kind of thing won’t happen again!


Does the bride’s family have enemies? One suspicious point is that the suspect had a local accent, so it’s possible this was revenge against the bride’s family. Hope the case is cracked soon.

 Dragon 龍慕雪名品馆 

Poor child, why kill a child? The child is so cute. Why not just send her back? At most, it’d just be a crime of kidnapping, why commit murder? Hurry and capture the killer, to give the child’s family justice. My condolences to the child’s parents…


Fucking, this animal should be made into mincemeat once he’s caught, lest he do this kind of thing again in the future when he gets out! I hope this kind of thing won’t happen again…

The most-commented article of the day on Chinese web portal NetEase was that the suspect has been apprehended. Similar to QQ, the top comments call for severe punishment of the criminal.


Written by Fauna

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