Little Chinese Girl Throws Baby Boy Off Building in Chongqing

Yuan Yuan, the little 1.5-year-old Chinese baby boy who was viciously beaten by a girl in an elevator in Chongqing.

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@新浪新闻视频: Surveillance Video: Little Girl Throws Down and Beats Infant Boy, Suspected of Throwing Him Down 25 Floors — A few days ago, Ms. Wu in Chongqing took her 1.5-year-old grandson downstairs downstairs to play. As Ms. Wu was moving the child’s stroller out of the elevator, the elevator door happened to close with the infant boy inside. 5 minutes later, to everyone’s surprise, they saw the infant boy covered with blood at the bottom of the residential building. Surveillance footage showed that a small girl threw down and beat the infant boy and ultimately threw him out of the elevator…

Elevator surveillance footage showing the girl throwing around, hitting, and kicking the little baby boy.

The above links to a video clip of a Chongqing television news report of the story hosted on Sina Video. The clip has been viewed over 10m times since it was uploaded nearly 2 days ago.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


So cruel!


[怒][怒][怒] Just perverse/sick.




Chongqing people, hehe.


Watching this makes me want to vomit. What’s wrong with children these days? [生病][生病][生病][生病][生病][生病][生病][生病][生病][生病]


This girl cannot be kept, just 10 years old and already so perverse. Will definitely become a demon that plagues humanity and society in the future.


What’s wrong with this world?


A girl just 10 years old being able to do this kind of thing… truly unimaginable.


Sick! What a twisted mind! Must have something to do with the family! Poor Yuan Yuan [the infant boy], may you be out of life-threatening danger soon and be healthy and safe! I pray for you!


That girl must have psychological problems, or there’s a trend of domestic violence.

Yuan Yuan's grandmother crying at the spot where he fell.

Photo is of the child’s grandmother weeping bitterly where the child fell down from the building.

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From NetEase:

Girl Throws Down and Beats Infant Boy in Elevator, Suspected of Throwing Him Down 25 Floors

A 1.5-year-old baby boy was accidentally left in an elevator by his Grandma Wu and picked up by a little girl in the elevator. After the elevator door closed, the little girl instead threw the baby boy on the ground, fiercely kicking it. The baby boy’s grandmother chased the elevator down to the 25th floor but could not find her grandson. The little girl even patted the elderly woman saying “Auntie, don’t worry!” Afterward, the child was found, covered in blood lying at the bottom of the residential community, close to death.

Yesterday late at night, a Chongqing television channel news video showed: On November 25th, Ms. Wu of Chongqing city Changshou district took her 1.5-year-old grandson Yuan Yuan downstairs from their 7th floor home to play. However, when they reached the first floor and as Ms. Wu was moving the stroller out of the elevator, the elevator doors closed with Yuan Yuan inside. Just a short 5 minutes later, everyone unexpectedly saw Yuan Yuan covered in blood lying at the bottom of the residential building. From when the incident happened that afternoon up until the television channel reported the news, Yuan Yuan has remained in a coma, his life in danger.

The security camera in the residential neighborhood’s elevator shows that an eleven- or twelve-year-old girl threw Yuan Yuan onto the floor and hit him, ultimately throwing him out of the elevator.

Elevator closes with baby boy inside

According to Ms. Wu, the incident happened after 4pm on November 25th, when she took her grandson downstairs on the elevator. When the elevator reached the first floor, she lead the way first pulling her grandson’s toy stroller out the elevator.

Just as Ms. Wu exited the elevator, an eleven- or twelve-year-old little girl entered the elevator, and then picked up the child. As Ms. Wu pushed the toy stroller out and turned around to pick up the child, the elevator doors closed. Ms. Wu rushed to press the elevator button but was too late.

With her grandson closed in the elevator with the ten-something-year-old little girl, Ms. Wu was extremely worried. Seeing the elevator stop on the 25th floor, she immediately rushed up there.

Girl says child was carried off by someone

Arriving on the 25th floor, Ms. Wu happened to see that little girl come out of apartment #6.

Ms. Wu: “I said, ‘Little girl, where is the child? Hurry and tell me, I’ll go find him,’ and she even patted me, saying, ‘Auntie, don’t worry.’ She said the child was carried away by a boy and then said a girl carried him away. I asked, ‘So was it a boy or a girl who carried him away’, and she said she didn’t see clearly.”

Security guard finds child downstairs on the ground

After the little girl took Ms. Wu downstairs in the elevator, the two of them split up to search. 5 minutes later, the residential community security guard discovered Ms. Wu’s grandson. Yuan Yuan lay on the brick ground downstairs, covered in blood.

Ms. Wu: “His eyes were bulging, head swollen all over, already unconscious, blood all over his face.”

Ms. Wu rushed to take Yuan Yuan to the nearby Changshou District People’s Hospital and because of multiple fractures in Yuan Yuan’s head and chest with serious blood loss, Yuan Yuan remains unconscious to this day.

Surveillance video of the inside of the elevator where the little girl repeatedly threw the infant boy on the ground, hit, and kicked him.Surveillance video of the inside of the elevator where the little girl repeatedly threw the infant boy on the ground, hit, and kicked him.

Footage of the elevator’s surveillance video shows that the boy was beaten by a girl in the elevator.

Security camera restores the terrible scene inside the elevator

Because Yuan Yuan’s injuries are very severe, at present he has already been transferred to the Chongqing Children’s Hospital for treatment. After the incident, there remained questions in the hearts of Yuan Yuan’s family: just what happened in the short 5 minutes after the elevator closed with the child in it? What’s the relationship between the little girl who had been in the elevator with Yuan Yuan and what happened? To untie the knot of suspicions in their hearts, Yuan Yuan’s family checked the residential community’s surveillance footage of the inside of the elevator, and the truth of the matter shocked everyone.

The surveillance footage of the elevator’s interior showed that Ms. Wu took the elevator downstairs at 4:12pm. Just as Ms. Wu described, as she walked out of the elevator, a little girl with a schoolbag walked into the elevator and picked up her grandson. Then the elevator doors closed.

The scene that followed was hard to imagine. The little girl who picked up Yuan Yuan unexpectedly began cruelly beating Yuan Yuan. Yuan Yuan’s family member said: “(The girl) threw Yuan Yuan on the floor, kicked the child, then picked him back up to throw him back down, kicking his head. When the elevator door opened, she simply threw the child out of it, and then a hand can be seen in the video carrying the child away.

5 minutes later, everyone discovered a blood-covered Yuan Yuan downstairs. There was a large gap in the underbrush about seven or eight meters away from where the child was found, and the tree branches above were also snapped.

The residential building Yuan Yuan fell from.A crowd of residents around where Yuan Yuan's bloody body was found after he fell from his residential building.

Photos are screenshots form the video. The boy is suspected to have been thrown down from the 25th floor.

Just how did the boy fall down the building

From the situation on the scene and Yuan Yuan’s injuries, everyone conjectured that the child had fallen down into the underbrush from high up in the residential building and subsequently moved to the side.

Yuan Yuan’s family member expressed: “The police are still investigating, so we can’t say, but logically, he fell from a balcony.


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Comments from NetEase:

遗体捐赠 [网易浙江省湖州市网友]:

The little girl even patted the elderly woman saying “Auntie, don’t worry!”

Fuck, able to be so calm/nonchalant after doing this kind of thing, talk about fucking scary.

遗体捐赠 [网易浙江省湖州市网友]:

Simply an evil creature, hurry and euthanize her, to avoid her growing up to become a scourge of humanity.

我老婆是婊子 [网易广东省广州市海珠区网友]:

The child’s parents should kill this little beast.

Allen8711 [网易上海市网友]:

Too frightening, just what is wrong with this [girl’s] humanity???
Just what kind of upbringing is this???
Just who turned her into a demon???

秦仁杰 [网易上海市浦东新区网友]:

Demon girl!!!

Yuan Yuan's father.

2013 December 5, Chongqing Children’s Hospital, Li X, the father of Yuan Yuan, the child who was thrown down.

From NetEase:

Girl Throws Down and Beats Baby Boy, Parents Have Already Paid 58,000 Yuan in Compensation

The Beijing News report — Relatives have just confirmed to The Beijing Times that Yuan Yuan, the boy who had been thrown down [from a building], awoke from his coma around 5pm on December 3rd. Relatives disclosed that Yuan Yuan’s skull is fractured and is bleeding in his lungs. At present, Yuan Yuan remains in the intensive care unit for observation and the hospital is arranging specialists for consultation with plans to perform surgery in the next few days. Doctors have told relatives, “the risks for this surgery are extremely high.”

Relatives have disclosed that after the incident, the parents of the little girl have over three instances given Yuan Yuan’s family a total of 58,000 >kuai [RMB]. However, Yuan Yuan’s medical expenses at present have already exceeded 50,000 yuan [RMB]. Yuan Yuan’s parents are local construction workers, and at present can only contact the girl’s parents through the police, and the family expresses worries over the medical expenses to come.

The Beijing Times reporter learned that yesterday, the mother of the child Chongqing Changshou district child who was thrown down, Ms. Zeng, went to the Changshou District People’s Court to file a civil lawsuit against the Li family of the little girl who threw Yuan Yuan down.

Comments from NetEase:

诸葛不亮V [网易美国网友]:

网易重庆市网友 [abc66947] 的原贴:5
Don’t know why, but my comment from this morning has been deleted. I only said what really happened, did the editor/moderator have to delete it? I’m a native of Changshou district. I’ve only seen the news video once, and truly don’t have the courage to watch it a second time, it is too upsetting. After this incident happened, it has had an extremely negative effect locally, with everyone talking about it. The Pengyun Left Bank Residential Community where this little girl lives has had people there every day over the past two weeks demanding an explanation. The little girl’s family are considered middle-upper class locally, her maternal grandfather a Plant Director for a state-owned enterprise (Sinopec Sichuan Weinilun Plant). Because of this connection, her father also works at that corporation, and is currently in a management/leadership position. After the incident occurred, the little girl’s family has used their connections to apply pressure, suggesting to privately resolve the matter with 500,000 yuan, but was rejected. Now the little girl has already been taken out of school and sent towards Xinjiang by her parents (Sinopec Sichuan Weinilun Plant has a project in Xinjiang, and has sent workers over). Now the little girl’s parents are already preparing to put their Pengyun Left Bank Residential Community apartment on the market. Everything I am saying is the truth, and yesterday it was rumored that the boy had passed away at Chongqing Children’s Hospital due to his severe injures. My wife cried when she heard this news and is truly really happy now that she has learned that Yuan Yuan is no longer in life-threatening danger. I don’t know why the editor/moderators would delete the content of my comment. If I’m lying, may my entire hukou booklet die [may my entire family die].

liping780909 [网易江苏省徐州市手机网友]:

The damn child is sick [has mental problems], and will be nothing good when she grows up either.

zoudj12345 [网易江西省九江市网友]:

Provide a method for donating money, but forget about it if it’s the Red Cross Society. How about a Hong Kong or Taiwan charity provide some help?

That the news doesn’t say anything about this girl is one thing, but as to why this girl is like this, at least the girl’s parents should give an explanation. Who knows, maybe she grew up being abused as well.

meteordragon [网易新疆手机网友]:

May the girl’s parents come out and share their abnormal child-raising methods.

网易湖北省手机网友 ip:119.103.*.*: (responding to 诸葛不亮)

My first reaction was to believe what [the original poster] said.

网易重庆市丰都县网友 ip:222.180.*.*: (also responding to 诸葛不亮)

Pengyun Left Bank Residential Community, Building 2, Unit 2, 25-6
The little devil — Li Yirui
in the 5th grade Class 3 of Changshou District No. 2 Experimental Primary School
Xinjiang Bayin’guoleng Mongol autonomous prefecture, Korla city economic technology development zone, South Ring road, Xinjiang Weimei Chemical Limited Company

我们到底需要什么 [网易山西省太原市小店区网友]: (also responding to 诸葛不亮)

NetEase probably took black money [bribes], deleting comments here and promoting comments there. Just look at the most upvoted one and you know.

Yuan Yuan, the little 1.5-year-old Chinese baby boy who was viciously beaten by a girl in an elevator in Chongqing.

From NetEase:

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Father of Girl Involved in Chongqing Thrown Infant Case: The Baby Boy Fell off 25th Floor On His Own After Being Startled

The Beijing Times: #Newsflash# Girl Who Threw Baby Boy Has Already Transferred Schools, Principal Claims There Was Nothing Out of the Ordinary Normally — Tonight, Principal Liu of Taoyuan Primary School said to this The Beijing Times reporter that the little girl had already applied to transfer schools after the incident. It was not until December 2nd that the school learned about the matter of the girl throwing down the baby boy; the principal learned from the head teacher that she was friendly with her classmates. Before the incident, teachers also did not discover anything out of the ordinary with her. Additionally, as confirmed by the girl’s father, at present, his wife has already taken their daughter to Xinjiang.

@央视新闻 [CCTV News]: #Chongqing Baby Boy Thrown Down and Beaten# As understood by CCTV reporters, it has been 10 days since Little Yuan Yuan was, is responding positively, but has not yet awaken. Little Yuan Yuan’s father confirmed that he has received the over 50,000 yuan for medical expenses advanced by the girl’s family through the police. However, the girl’s parents have not yet met Little Yuan Yuan’s family yet, nor have they yet expressed apology. Chongqing police will soon make public the progress in the case.

The Beijing Times report: Today, the little girl’s father Mr. Li told this The Beijing Times reporter that he doesn’t agree with the outside world’s accusation of his daughter intentionally throwing the baby boy down from the 25th floor. “Through the police’s investigation, the girl and the boy were on the balcony and there was kicking and hitting actions but no intentional throwing of the little boy down.” As for the reason for the boy falling off the building, Mr. Li says there was some dog barks at the time, “the boy was startled and fell off the building by himself.”

Mr. Li claims his daughter normally really likes children and little animals, “but there are problems with how she expresses [that like].” Mr. Li says, after the incident, he asked his daughter why she kicked and hit the boy, “my daughter said the boy made faces at her and wasn’t friendly”. Mr. Li believes that hurting the baby boy was just his daughter’s way of expressing affection. “She wanted the boy to smile at her, to be friendly to her.”

Mr. Li states he and his wife normally do hit and scold their daughter, which more or less has affected their daughter’s disposition. After the incident, their daughter kept crying and making a fuss, and at present has already been taken to Xinjiang by his wife for relocation.

He expressed that he has actively cooperated with the police investigation after the incident, and is fine with [the girl’s] family filing a lawsuit with the court. “I will actively cooperate with the compensation process that will follow, and do what should be done.”

Comments from NetEase:

网易山东省济南市网友 ip:60.208.*.*:

Come here, father of the little girl, my method of expressing myself also has problems.

网易广东省广州市手机网友 ip:14.150.*.*:

A sick/abnormal family.

驰云拓野 [网易北京市手机网友]:

Fuck, is this what a human would say? Bastard!

我们到底需要什么 [网易山西省太原市小店区网友]: (responding to above)

He’s just making up shit, how could a 1-year-old infant make faces? Just watched the video again. That girl picked up the baby the moment she went in [the elevator], so how could there have been time for him to make a face? Seeing the elevator close, [she] immediately threw the baby onto the floor. Fuck! This entire family are devils!


Having read many netizen comments and discussions, to be honest, other than feeling heartache for the little baby, there is now some indescribable sadness. A lot of people are commenting like this: Kill her! Kill this little girl! Throw her down from the 25th floor as well! If it were my child, I’d just beat her to death and be done with it… and such comments. I wonder if the netizens who are saying this have thought before: If you were to really do this, how would you be any different from this girl who beat the the baby? She’s 12 years old but also a child. Even with psychological problems, she is still a child. If this incident were of an adult abusing and beating a 12-year-old little girl then throwing her off the building, how would we see it? What we should reflect upon is the problems of this society, the problems of education/upbringing, the problems of protecting minors and the psychological counseling of minors. Was the child doing this spontaneous [out of the blue]? Is she like this when she’s at school, playing, in life? Did her family, teachers, and adults around her not notice she was different from other children? These are the things we urgently suffer and must reflect upon. The girl’s mistakes indeed are unforgivable, but can everyone please stop using such vicious language to denounce [her]. One child’s life has already been destroyed, must we continue to destroy a child whose life may already be doomed or ruined? So much malicious language, is it not precisely one cause for so many mentally disturbed children in society!? Those people who say they want to rip/split apart the 12-year-old girl’s body, just how are you raising your own children? Maybe it is just an exaggeration in a heated moment, but have you consider the long-term influence it comes with? How to avoid the recurrence of a tragedy is what we should really should be reflecting upon! Let us pray for the little baby, and hope that he can survive! May he be healthy and happy!

网易辽宁省沈阳市网友 ip:119.118.*.*: (responding to above)

She we can forgive, but her father is too shameless, unbelievably finding such an illogical reason as an excuse for this incident. I hope his conscience is at peace, and can eat hot pot.

网易广东省深圳市网友 [林书记]:

I hereby offer a bounty of 1000 yuan to have this 10-year-old murderer and devil beaten into lifelong disability. Whatever strong and courageous person completes this task, directly contact me.
I definitely won’t go back on my word!

网易上海市网友(101.87.*.*): (responding to above)

I’ll add 50.

网易上海市网友(180.158.*.*): (responding to above)


网易湖南省长沙市手机网友 [丶木鱼丶]: (responding to above)


网易西藏拉萨市网友 [htfxs0814]: (responding to above)

I’ll add 1000, and may my entire family die if I break my promise.

网易广西来宾市象州县网友 [8CNMING]: (responding to above)

+10 kuai, a day’s lunch money.

网易山东省青岛市手机网友 ip:112.224.*.*: (responding to above)

Where’s the wu mao? Where’s the wu mao!!

Yuan Yuan, the little 1.5-year-old Chinese baby boy who was viciously beaten by a girl in an elevator in Chongqing.

From NetEase:

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Chongqing Makes Announcement in Baby Boy Thrown Down and Beaten Case: Girl Claims Playing on Balcony Caused Fall


Through investigation, at 4:10pm on November 25th, 10-year-old girl resident of this residential community Li X went home after school. When arriving at the elevators for Building 2 Unit 2, she encountered Yuan Yuan (nickname, boy, 1 year old) and his grandmother exiting. As Yuan Yuan’s grandmother exited the elevator, she picked up Yuan Yuan, and the elevator doors automatically closed. Video from the security camera in the elevator shows Li X assaulting Yuan Yuan in the elevator.

According to Li X’s statement, she carried Yuan Yuan from the elevator back to her home on the 25th floor where she beat Yuan Yuan on the living room sofa before carrying him out to the balcony where she toyed with him on the railing, causing Yuan Yuan to fall from the balcony railing.

Yuan Yuan’s grandmother saw the elevator stop on the 25th floor and then rushed up to the 25th floor to look for him. Encountering Li X coming out of her home, she asked Li X about Yuan Yuan’s whereabouts. Li X lied that Yuan Yuan had already been carried away by someone. Li X and Yuan Yuan’s grandmother together rode the elevator downstairs to search. After going down, the two split up. Li X detouring to where Yuan Yuan had landed, moving Yuan Yuan from the shrubs about seven or eight meters away onto a small pathway, and then returned home. Yuan Yuan’s grandmother directly went to the residential community’s security office to check the surveillance cameras.

The Public Security Bureau [police] has already notified the people and guardians of both parties involved of the results of the investigation. Because the perpetrator Li X is only 10-years-old, not yet reaching the legal age of criminal liability, the Public Security Bureau did not open a criminal investigation case in accordance with the law.

Li X’s parent are both employees of a certain chemical corporation. When the incident occurred, only Li X was at home after school. December 2nd, Li X’s mother transferred to a Xinjiang subsidiary of her company, with Li X going with her. Before leaving, the police handling the case personally informed Yuan Yuan’s family and their lawyer of Li X and her mother going to Xinjiang. The Ministry of Public Security will continue to investigate the facts and detailed specifics of the incident, and handle it strictly in accordance with the law.


Comments from NetEase:

网易内蒙古手机网友 ip:123.178.*.*

Talk about really knowing how to fucking fabricate [probably referring to the girl’s father’s statements in the previous news report]. Come, let’s have a 1-year-old child of your family take a misstep and fall [off a building] and see. Motherfucker, not even having any common sense. A child that has just begun walking and can’t even walk steadily jumping off a building! No wonder there are so many miscarriages of justice, there are pig brains like this solving cases, it’s impossible to not feel grievances!

网易山东省潍坊市网友 ip:112.244.*.*:

“…she beat Yuan Yuan on the living room sofa before carrying him out to the balcony where she toyed with him on the railing, causing Yuan Yuan to fall from the balcony railing.”
How can she be so cruel, intentionally murdering someone and still being able to wipe her hands and walk away? I demand justice and everything be exposed.

网易广东省肇庆市网友 ip:221.5.*.*:

This 10-year-old despicable girl should be given 100 school principals. Don’t TM say she doesn’t know what she’s doing; if she doesn’t know what she’s doing, wouldn’t she go run her own head into the wall and go jump off a building herself?

网易河北省张家口市手机网友 ip:60.8.*.*:

The little girl’s thinking is very much like that of an adult’s. A 10-year-old child knowing to deceive adults and then go downstairs to move the little boy is impressive!

网易广东省肇庆市网友 ip:221.5.*.*:

I truly am unable to understand how there could be a child like this. When I was 10 years old and in 4th grade of elementary school, I’d be heartbroken for half a day after stepping on and killing an ant.

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  • My_honourable_lord

    Sadly Sofa

  • My_honourable_lord

    If this baby boy survives, and grows, and makes a full recovery, i would hope that he will find this girl. That video? Please CS post some warnings about content.

    • Free Man

      Worse than a video, its a GIF, always repeating …

      • My_honourable_lord

        There are a few people at the cafe I am in, they have crowded my laptop and are in complete shock at this article. I’m not in china at the moment, they are asking questions. I mean, where do I begin…?

        • Germandude

          The story goes like this: Once there was a time, during which the whole world was suffocating from cruelty, envy, selfishness, carelessness, reckless behaviour, radicalization and the constant questioning of why the status quo is not changed.

          The WHOLE world? No, in a country far away from this chaos, there was a country, unknown to most others, in which people lived peacefully together, in which one cared for another, where reason and a helping hand was not far. A country which is standing strong to protect its peace and not let intruders interfere with the omnipresent harmony.

          Hold on, or was it the other way around? I am confused. Jeez, forget about it…

          • xuedi

            hehe, nice one ++

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        Your reply is still awaiting moderation so i can read it but can’t reply directly to it. But yes, i did exactly as you advised:-)

  • mr.wiener

    sick twisted little girl, her father’s explanations for her actions were particularly bizarre.

    • My_honourable_lord

      How the fuck does that wanker of a father begin to justify this shit? And where do they take the girl? To Xinjiang. Of all places. Where she can happily kick uyghur babies around and chuck them off buildings.

      • mr.wiener

        I once had a mother of one of my students deny that he was playing with his ji-ji in class. Her explanation? He had genital lice …….it just somehow seems to make it all worse.

        • My_honourable_lord

          Ok i just had to laugh at that one. Genital lice to her seems more face saving that her little prick playing with his little prick. One thing about china though, never ceases to surprise, shock, gob smack.

          • whuddyasack

            Yeah, actually I found that funny too.

          • TJDubs

            Right. The compulsion to save face seems to force many Chinese into making preposterous rationalizations.

          • My_honourable_lord

            Thank you for saying ‘many’ and not ‘all’.

          • My_honourable_lord

            Man, you know what? This baby just got thrown from the 25th floor. I could not give two fucks for nationalistic views. Nor for my own usual sarcastic shit.

            This baby boy? We are here, casually writing comments while he remains in intensive care, fighting for a life he has barely had a moment to breathe. Lets just pray for his recovery. This had burnt me to the core. Let’s leave aside all personal crap on this page out of respect of a fluttering life.

            Please. Let’s show some respect to this kid. All of you.

          • TJDubs

            It’s not nationalistic or meant as sarcastic, just a cultural observation.

            Feel free to disagree and/or provide alternate explanations for the phenomenon.

          • My_honourable_lord

            You misunderstand me Sir. I agree with you wholeheartedly. But I am trying, out of respect for this child who is fighting for his life, to refrain from personal observations.

            I agree with you, for the record.

            edit: i don’t want to wake up tomorrow to find the baby has died. If that happens, i will get banned from cs by tomorrow afternoon.

          • Kai

            I would say it is questionable that you think it is a “cultural observation” and exoticize it as “saving face” when the propensity for a parent to rationalize away something they consider embarrassing or otherwise stick their head in the sand refusing to believe something about their children is not remotely specific to Chinese culture.

            Too many people abuse blaming negative phenomenon on “Chinese face culture”.

          • Jahar

            Yeah parents all over the world have difficulty accepting that their children are less than perfect.

        • My_honourable_lord
        • 5,000 years of uncivilization

          Oh… then that’s ok. Ever wonder why so many government cars have such black tinted windows? There’s a future for that little snake spanker.

      • TheSOP

        Like father like daughter perhaps? The whole family should be on lock down, a threat to public safety.

        • My_honourable_lord

          Absolutely! Maybe labour camp has a function after all.

        • linette lee

          “The whole family should be on lock down, a threat to public safety.”

          I have to agree with you on this one. The whole family is sick. The father said the daughter expresses her feeling “differently” so he admits she has a problem and he doesn’t take responsibility of getting her medical attention. They whole family needs to be locked up to protect the public. She probably go throw another child off the building and her parents will say the same thing.

          • My_honourable_lord

            Thank you sister.

          • SonofSpermcube

            I wonder how the father acts toward his subordinates at work.

          • My_honourable_lord

            ‘I wonder how the father acts toward his subordinates at work.’

            I would imagine he looks down on them. After he has thrown them off the roof…

        • Germandude

          Yes, since through history kin liability has proven to be a great tool to reduce crime.

          Ask Hitler, Mao and Kim Yong…

      • whuddyasack

        Ya know, I actually agreed with this comment, even if the girl was actually 10 years old:

        “I wonder if the netizens who are saying this have thought before:
        If you were to really do this, how would you be any different from this
        girl who beat the the baby? She’s 12 years old but also a child.”

        It’s definitely wrong to speak of torturing or killing her as adults, or actually doing it, but there’s a just one loophole in Xinjiang. The basic rule is if she beats down and abuse one Uighur baby, then its siblings and neighbors would come to put her head on a long kebab stick. Uighurs are clannish for all the right reasons.

        • My_honourable_lord

          Ok you definitely nailed that one.

        • linette lee

          If she really throw this boy out of a building she really has some kind of mental illness. Normal people are not that cruel. Even if you are an angry child emotionally unstable you don’t throw another child out of balcony off 25 floors. That is just really sick and twisted in the head. She needs to be locked up and protect the public. She needs psychiatric help.

          • whuddyasack

            True that. It’s been a while Linette but I’m back at last. Happy New Year.

            新年快乐. 愿节日的愉快伴你一生!

          • linette lee


    • My_honourable_lord

      Love this comment by one of the chinese netizens:

      ‘Come here, father of the little girl, my method of expressing myself also has problems.’

      • whuddyasack

        Yeah. Likewise.

  • NoSpamReceived
    • My_honourable_lord

      ‘Psychopathy transcends age, race & culture…’

      But china excels. As with PISA.

    • whuddyasack

      Actually this is an interesting point. The girl actually does fit the classical profile of a psychopath. From what we know of them, it’s clear that they show very little emotion and lack the ability to empathize or feel guilt. Childhood psychopathy is perhaps one of the most interesting and least studied fields of Science.

      A few weeks ago, I was discussing about this with a friend over at Jcrush.

      20 years ago, in England, a 2 year old boy was murdered. This landmark case shocked the world, shook our imaginations and was perhaps the start of a study that has since become increasingly more important in forensics and law enforcement.

      There is unsettling similarities between Yuan Yuan’s case and Bulgar’s case. The 2 boys were also both 10 years old while Bulgar was about Yuan’s age.

      Li has just joined a select group of the truly twisted, but only this time, we get to see how twisted her father also is.

      • My_honourable_lord

        Bulger’s case was far, far more sadistic. Far more. I recall those days, it sent shockwaves all over England.

        • whuddyasack

          Yes I agree. Not just England, but the entire world. I think this case is often referenced in both psychology and criminal law.

          • My_honourable_lord

            Not all of it but, but many crimes are influenced by what these kids pollute their minds with in terms of entertainment, be that movies or, violent video games. As I said, not all of it, many cases are also results of abuse at a young age. I think in Malaysia they have marriage courses where before people get married, they enrol on the course and study biology, psychology etc. They discuss various elements of marriage, men learn about women and vice versa, then they learn about raising children.

            I’m not saying Malaysia is free of problems but I believe marriage courses are great concept and can be built upon. It won’t eliminate problems but can certainly help to reduce them.

          • whuddyasack

            Actually I do think entertainment and the media, games, movies, songs or forums play a much bigger part in child violence then given credit for. Often, when it comes to psychopaths, they are excused away by having suffered severe child abuse or being severely disadvantaged. Many of the worst however, seem to come from perfectly normal families and showed little signs of abuse. Ted Bundy himself said he was influenced by his grandfather’s collection of pornography although most have dismissed this. Personally, I think he is telling the truth when you actually pay attention to what he says about his victims.

            Interesting concept in Malaysia, they are also an Islamic country so that might also explain their rather conservative attitudes and seriousness in marriage/child rearing. Having said that, things like this still happen (and yes, I believe the media is to blame):


          • My_honourable_lord

            Incidently, today in the UK, there is a nasty article about a 12 year old boy raping his under 10 sister for a period of a year. And? He was watching porn while at school. I’ll try and get the link for you. Its on the

            I think we will be seeing more of child on child violence if something is not done. As they say, violence begets violence. Lots of soul searching needs to be done.

          • whuddyasack

            Thank you for that. It’s been something that I’ve constantly suggested and was met with much ridicule amongst peers. I always said that the media incited and influenced young minds to be violent. But they always gave examples such as Japan has the most perverted, violent media in the world and yet have one of the lowest crime rates, blah, blah, blah…or other forms of deflections such as CoD being more influential for school shootings than a movie like Scream.

            I’ll try to be quite neutral with my tone but I did read one article suggesting violence/sadism in pornographic magazines and I think that’s the problem.

            Least I found one person that agreed with me.

          • My_honourable_lord

            Thanks for the insight on this. Here’s the article I mentioned, I saw it today but actually it the story dates to last month. It highlights the same points you have raised so, the judge dealing with the case also thinks along the same lines as you:-)

            This is not pleasant:


  • Alexander

    We can all act like animals when we don’t believe in any higher power except ourselves. If we are the same as monkeys, then who cares if we are murderers because we’ll all just die and turn to dust….. consumerism and atheism together breed that kind of mentality…. a different approach like Buddhism would teach people to appreciate life rather than destroy it. I suppose that’s why it seems every time I read about these horrible things its always in mainland China and not in Hong Kong, Singapore or Taiwan…….

    • My_honourable_lord

      All religions are in essence peaceful. The departure between religions is found not in the moral code, which is largely the same across the board but, in how they deal with breaches of the moral code. Then we have ideological religious people and, more dangerously, sociologically aligned ‘religious’ people who are often referenced as hooligans. Every religion has its representatives. The scholastic and learned, who strangely enough are in contact with different religions and their learned groups. While the hooligans rip each other to shreds.

      • Alexander

        Don’t over think it or over complicate it. I’m just saying that moral concepts within religions help people to contemplate things more carefully before making decisions. With teens and adults its a much more complex issue, but with children its much more likely to have an effect. Case in point be good or Santa Clause won’t bring you any Christmas presents….. Secondly, China Smack covers news about Chinese people in many places around the world. Why then are these horrible child acts occurring in mainland China and not other populous Chinese places such as Hong Kong or Singapore? Proof is in the pudding…..

        • My_honourable_lord

          You raise dangerous questions yet valid ones.

          Respects and regards.

          • Alexander

            I’m not sure they are dangerous. I don’t feel in any danger, do you?

          • My_honourable_lord

            Not at all Sir. I see you eye to eye on your comment. To ME they are reasonable and rational. But to others?

        • Kai

          To be clear, cS focuses on what is trending on the mainland Chinese internet, which naturally focuses mostly on what happens in mainland China. While there has been news involving Chinese people in other places, this doesn’t mean the Chinese internet is paying the same amount of attention to “horrible child acts” occuring in “other populous Chinee places”. Therefore, neither the Chinese internet nor cS by extension is a logical indicator much less “proof” of how much more “horrible child acts” occur in mainland China than other places.

          People really shouldn’t let popular news stories cause them to generalize the level of decency or humanity of an entire nation of people.

          • Alexander

            True. But if some horrible act like this occurred in Hong Kong, I’m sure China Smack would cover it…. I mean if there is an article about President Obama’s policies, then why wouldn’t there be stuff on Hong Kong…..

          • Kai

            A lot of interesting (incl. horrible) things happen every day that commands the attention of a lot of people. cS updates about once day.

            Moreover, what gets translated and then published by us is influenced by what our translators run across that they consider popular/trending.

            Therefore, just because cS has covered stuff about Obama and Hong Kong, that doesn’t mean cS covers eveyrthing of note by Obama or Hong Kong.

            Likewise, there are a lot of horrible acts like this that have occured in Hong Kong and a very high probability that they didn’t or won’t make it onto cS.

            Doesn’t mean they didn’t happen. Just means either they didn’t get much attention from mainland Chinese netizens on the mainland Chinese internet or a cS translator didn’t notice it.

          • Alexander

            I understand what you are saying. In the same token there is also a lot of English news posted about China that is not on CS but on other websites. Still, I have yet to come across something about kids killing kids in Hong Kong or Singapore….

    • Germandude

      Son, thank you for promoting the path of Jesus Christ, Allah, Buddha and all those other higher powers that people like to homage for a better life. Without the values of the church and the final judge, our god, people couldn’t determine right from wrong and evil would spread across mankind. Following the path of Jesus Christ, Allah, Buddha and the like however, and you will truely cherish the believer next to you.

      Once in a while, Christians and Muslims have to call out for war against the non-believers or when their religion is losing market share, but nobody speaks about the victims of the crusades, jihads, inquisitions and all other regrettable events that, I must assume, happened through mislead beliefs.

      Then again, I am an Atheist, and I simply don’t give a fuck…

      • Alexander

        You provided the point exactly, “I simply don’t give a fuck”, and why should you if you believe that humans are just empty vessels that simply turn to dust when they die. Crusades happened 1000 years ago…. you are really going to bring that up? Perhaps you would also like to bring-up the brutality of the Mongol conquest too? Whether there is religion or no religion people in power will continue to commit human rights abuses. I am talking about individuals and children specifically that moral values can indeed help them. What you are talking about like jihad and crusades is political quests for power and extremism. But it really doesn’t matter what you or I think, but it does matter what President Xi Jiping thinks and if you knew anything you would know that he said “he hopes traditional faiths can fill the moral voids in China”. Here is an article so you can catch-up…..

        • Germandude

          Oh, i brought up the Crusades because they are great examples for misleading behaviour/beliefs in the name of god. You know, where the institution for brainwashing the masses (the church) decided it’s time to increase market share while killing non-believers.

          How come that in the name of god, millions of people were killed, but the church is still regarded as “the good side”? When did the church apologize for its crimes?

          And by the way, why talking about the crusades? Have a look at today and check out where the church is very active at the moment. Surprisingly it’s at the most fucked up places in the world (in regards towards poverty and wars). While it’s disguised as aid for refugees, religion also plays a great part in keeping those conflicts running. You know, keeping the cash-flow for tomorrow…

          I agree with you that children need to be taught moral values. I am disagreeing on the church doing that. Luckily, in Germany we are slowly banning crosses from school (eventhough out of false intentions) and changing our Religion-classes into more useful courses such as “Moral & Ethics”.

          In regards towards China: What China lacks in this regard are 3 things:
          1. A definition of what morals and ethics are
          2. A general acceptance of the public upon those
          3. A support by law that is practiced to show what’s “unmorally”

          PS: 10.40 AM here. Damn, missed going to church again… Will probably go to hell.

          • Alexander

            1. Crusades happened hundreds of years ago. Many messed-up things happened in the world with and without religion. Do you think the atheist communists murdering people is any more just?

            2. Religion is often times used as a tool by extremists for their political motivations. How can you condemn a whole group of people because of the actions of extremists?

            3. YOU mentioned the Church. I didn’t. I said Buddhism…. So I’m not sure why you brought-up the church. Maybe because you have some guilt issues because your recent German history( within the past 100 years) consists of an man who was an extremist and leader of Germany who used religion as a tool to persecute people….

            4. Instead of recognizing the value of moderate forms of religion, you are accusing them as a whole as being extremists. Now YOU have become the one who is persecuting people by being intolerant of others……

            5. If you really think all religious based things are bad, then you really know nothing. Perhaps you have never heard of mercy ships or St. Judes Childrens hospital But that’s okay, I forgive you for being ignorant, I will be more tolerant than you have been towards me.

          • Germandude

            1. No, not more just. I simply state that no relgious beliefs eliminate the possibility to “killing in the name of a god”.

            2. I don’t condemn people believing in any religion. I only condemn people that try to convince other people into a belief or use the name of heir belief to kill others.

            3. Hitler didn’t use religion as a tool to persecute people. He used race. Another form of retardatious beliefs.

            4. I am not accusing religions as a whole of being extremists. I say that religions cause extremism. And I am countering that me, as an atheist, I don’t need to convince anybody that I am right. I simply know it and leave the choice to you.

            5. Lol. Did I ever say that one should not believe in a religion? Anybody shall believe in what he thinks is right.

            YOU, in the first post that I replied to, stated:

            If we are the same as monkeys, then who cares if we are murderers because we’ll all just die and turn to dust….. consumerism and atheism together breed that kind of mentality….

            Don’t try to flip facts.

          • Alexander

            I don’t agree with your logic. Whether there is religion or not, people will continue to kill each other. By using your logic, then should we also eliminate races, cultures, ethnic groups, social classes just because they might give people another reason to have conflict? Religion as a political force is dangerous, religion as an individual or cultural tradition in someone’s family can help them in life. Many people find peace and harmony in religion and it helps them get through difficult times in their lives, that’s why so many people in prisons find religion. I don’t see what the big deal is considering that throughout the dynasties in China Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism were all common but there was never really any large movement to kill people just because of their religion during those time periods until much later in the Maoist days….

          • Germandude

            You still don’t get it, do you? I am happy for anybody that finds sense in the religion he chooses.
            I don’t need a religious belief and I don’t want you, or any other person that follows any religion trying to convince me that I am missing out, or that I am wrong.
            I have a problem with your statement however that you said consumerism and atheism breed a certain kind of people that are willing to kill because of having no values in life. That’s absolute rubbish.
            I countered that with the endless amount of victims that have died in the past, that die today and that die in the future, in the name of god (whichever god that is).

            over & out

          • Alexander

            Never wanted to talk to you in the first place. I never bothered you or replied to your posts, you replied to mine…… Don’t be so sensitive, notice I said consumerism and atheism….. I didn’t say humbleness and atheism…… see the difference…… Your examples were all of extremism + religion…… None of them were of moderate religious practices….. Also atheism is just as guilty of murder as any of the other religions are….. just think of marxism and atheism and you should be able to figure out the rest. Also your examples of extremist religions were all non-Chinese examples….. give me some Chinese examples and then it would be a fair argument. Here I can give you a good example of horrors of atheism in China…. one word…. Maoism.

            Anything else? Or you want to tell me more about religions from the middle East which have nothing to do with Eastern religions…….

          • Germandude

            You now argue that Maoism caused horrors because no religious values were followed?

            Meanwhile, history is full of wars caused by religions and their wars on people of different beliefs and non-believers.

          • Alexander

            Its not religion that causes wars, its people. Its not atheism that causes wars its people. When you combine extremism whether it be Maoism + atheism or zealotism + religion then of course you will get a negative result…… but religion or atheism purely by themselves is not the issue. Also you must consider the phrase “different strokes for different folks”, so something that one society is missing or in need of my be completely different from what another society might be missing or in need of. Anyways, you seem to have a lot of time on your hand here. I usually just post one or two things and that’s it. It really doesn’t matter what you or I think, and I doubt anyone really cares what you or I have to say. So maybe you want to continue to waste time on this or maybe you have something better to do…….

    • SonofSpermcube

      If you ever have a crisis of faith, will you go on a killing spree?

      • Alexander

        No, but if I had cancer and had only a month to live, I would go on a killing spree of child molesters……especially the ones that travel to Asia…. A person with a crisis of faith still has moral values, a person with no faith and no moral values might be amoral because they have no standard to go by so they might not know the difference between right and wrong, especially in children. That’s why children who are under the age of 12 would rarely ever get the death penalty no matter what they did because society thinks children don’t know the difference between right and wrong, especially if their parent’s don’t teach them anything and let them do whatever they want. No matter what you or I think, but I agree with what President Xi Jiping said….. here is the article….

        • Germandude

          Going on a killing-spree of child molesters?

          Son, didn’t god teach you to forgie those that are wrong? And “Thou shalt not murder”?

          • Alexander

            You really have nothing better to do? I never mentioned God or Christianity, you did. You are assume without knowing what religion I am? I could be Buddhist or Shinto… or some other religion. Why do you insist on showing your ignorance? Why do you call me son when I am probably older than you are…. should I call you child or baby? By the way, you are so ignorant of the Bible it is funny. You quote one piece of the Bible without knowing that God in fact allowed murder of bad people. Perhaps you forgot the story of David and Goliath were David killed Goliath…… man you really don’t know anything….

          • Nessquick Choco

            The ignorance is coming from you. He just say and apply some words, does not push you believe in our God. baby, continue sleep, is sunday. do not bother your brain with thinking too much

          • Alexander

            Yeah! Another person who is persecuting someone….. So many intolerant people….. when did this become a website for teens and bullies? But the truth remains the same, it doesn’t matter what you, me or your boyfriend think….. however, President Xi Jiping has said the same thing which I am saying…. and his point of view actually does matter. Here’s an article, go educate yourself.

          • Nessquick Choco

            Thanks, but I am not willing to read anything stated by your leaders. only some news about visa or air quality improvement are competent news for me. Nothing else I do not care till I am here. Once I leave, I don’t give a [email protected] about this place

    • Dr Sun

      20 of the worlds youngest killers.

      sorry to burst your bubble, none are Chinese, none from the mainland.

      • Alexander

        You didn’t burst my bubble. And what you are talking about is off point. For one, the social issues in one ethnic group or nation are most likely very different from another. That’s why we can’t compare the social issues of Canada to South Sudan because they are very different. Secondly, the list you have has people from over 100 years ago. The social issues from 100 years ago are in many cases very different from today. Lifestyles 100 years ago are very different from our lifestyles now…. So the information you provided is not applicable to this point and case…

        • Dr Sun

          but thats what you are doing in comparing mainland china to HK, Taiwan, singapore if its ok for you to compare the “social issues” (whatever that means) between them, then its ok to compare them to Canada or the UK. Plus do you really think the lifestyle of the poor in 2007 India is incomparable to the poor from the USA/UK 100 years ago ?

          • Alexander

            Same ethnic group of people and also HK is part of China, just the administration of it is different. Singapore is its own country but also it has a majority population of ethnic Chinese….. About India and the USA 100 years ago, India was struggling under colonialism at that time, America on the other hand was own its own 100 years ago and had just finished some years earlier driving Spain out of the Caribbean and the Philippines…. also Coca-Cola was first around in America at that time and had cocaine in it which really made America progress, hence that time period was called the “Progressive era” in America…… (joking)…… so no don’t think they are too comparable…. enough said….

  • lonetrey / Dan

    I can’t even think of a comment at the moment.

    I don’t even know where to begin on the right course of action with the little girl, so all I can say is I hope the little boy recovers soon and is safely taken care of afterwards.

    • Guest23

      Think it was two days ago that an article already states that he’s awake, but gotta say, he’s gonna be scared from this, getting beaten by a girl twice his sized and age, falling off 25 floors and getting hit be tree branches while falling down, not gonna be surprised if he’s gonna distrust adults and particularly his parents for not protecting him.

      • mr.wiener

        He’s not going to want to go for a walk with granny again, that’s for sure.

        • Guest23

          And not to mention a distrust and fear of women when he grows up, this is just horrible for the kid.

        • My_honourable_lord

          Ok that is the most acidic wit i have seen yet on Cs. Ouch man….

      • Kai

        I don’t remember shit from when I was “1.5-years-old”. Let’s hope this kid makes a full recovery and doesn’t either.

        • Guest23

          Trauma like this is gonna shape his life subconsciously, he will remember, really hope he gets the help he needs, otherwise this is gonna haunt him when he grows up.

          • the ace of books

            More than likely it’s not that he will remember, it’s that people will remind him of it. A grownup’s not going to remember something that happened when he was one and a half, but he’s damn well going to remember all those sympathy calls and curious reporters and stares and hushed conversations. Every failing in his life is going to be blamed on “maybe it’s because of his bad development ever since That”; “That” will be the defining thing about him.

            So no. The child will not remember. But everyone else will remember for him.

  • Drown that bitch in the river like the good old days.
    Send her father in front of a firing squad.

    • My_honourable_lord

      The girl needs help. The father? Well, do as you please. I just wish the boy recovers, heals, grows into a wise young man and track this girl down. Finds her via some social media site, arranges to meet her without her knowing who he is, meets her in some cafe, pulls out his laptop, shows her the GIF of her kicking him, then looks at her in the eye, and walks away.

      • wingedgenius

        I fear that the boy will be mentally retarded for life, if not in a permanent vegetative state… or dead.

        • My_honourable_lord


  • My_honourable_lord

    Ok fuck it. CS Mods, Kai in particular, you seem rather resourceful. Can you in some way contact this family? I think people need to do the right thing. Forget people, for now i want to contribute to the medical bills for this baby boy. Direct contact with the family only.

    • Guest23

      They’ve already settled it, how they settled it is the good question, some articles say they’re paying the medical bills and profusely apologized, but some other stories saying that the family’s connections are doing damage control on what this little girl did, downplaying some of her actions, that comment where they’re planning to move away is a bit concerning.

  • linette lee

    This girl has psychosis?? Aggressive behavior. She is not normal and the parents don’t restrain her and keep an eye on her. Her father said she expresses affection through hitting. Like what???? If you are the parents and you said that about your own child then for sure your child has psychiatric problem and as parents you don’t get medical help and keep an eye on your child. You are guilty.

    • My_honourable_lord

      Thank you Linette. This is the REAL Linette.

      • linette lee

        You are too cute. :)

    • My_honourable_lord

      That picture of the boy’s father? That is pain, although he tries to compose himself.

    • Teacher in China

      I don’t know that they’re instantly guilty. You know, psychological problems don’t get much play here. I think it would pretty easy for them to just think she was a little odd, and not take it any further than that since they don’t know any better.

      • My_honourable_lord

        ‘ I think it would pretty easy for them to just think she was a little odd’

        A little?

        • Teacher in China

          I mean before this incident, obviously

  • Guest23

    I’m more inclined to ask the girl, “why?”, she’s gonna live for this for her entire life, the explanation from her father protecting his daughter is understandable and a cop-out, I want to hear it from her own mouth, if you switch the boy like one of those pet animals in those crush-videos, nobody would bat an eye, this was particularly brutal.

    • Kai

      Yeah, I’d want to ask “why” too, though I get the feeling she’s a psychopath.

      • Guest23

        Yup, from the articles, she nonchalantly say “Don’t worry auntie” after throwing the boy from the balcony 5 mins after that brutal beat down, I’m gonna go with she’s not sorry she did it, she’s sorry that she got caught, that father is his statement is 100%, he’s saving face and not handling the problem well.

        • Kai

          The father’s statements are rather odd too, or maybe just seem odd because we don’t have them in the context of the original conversation/interview or timeline. The dog barking and kid falling on his own is pretty clearly bullshit, especially since he wasn’t there, but maybe that’s what the girl initially said and he chose to believe her. I wouldn’t necessarily hold that against him.

          The later reports suggest the girl came clean and explained what happened inside the house, and the father has been cooperative. He doesn’t seem to be “saving face” when he has come out and said that the do hit and yell at the girl and it might have influenced her (which sounds like abuse, but the original Chinese just says the parents have done so, not that they do so excessively). Saying the girl has strange ways of expressing herself also doesn’t strike me as “saving face” either, but more or less an admission that the girl has psychological/behavioral issues.

          • Guest23

            His statements were downplaying some of what she did, understandable for the father protecting his child, they seriously need therapy, this is worst than the the terrible sex education, lack of awareness there, and the making faces excuse when she just went full blitz on the kid doesn’t strike me as a good alibi.

          • Kai

            Heh, I suspect the dad knows that’s not a good alibi but if that’s really what she said, it only makes her sound more like a psychopath. Interestingly, when I read that, I kinda wondered if the father was intentionally going for an “insanity defense”.

          • Guest23

            Do they have an insanity defense in China though? they won’t put charges on a minor though, but a court-mandated therapy and probation until she turns legal age, but the scary part is, if that comment on their connections quickly doing damage control and they’re relocating, this problem isn’t done yet.

          • Kai

            I think they do but the phenomenon is not like how it is popularized in Western entertainment/media.

            The latter news report addresses that comment you’re referring to. It suggests while the local people think they’re exploiting connections, that may just be cynical rumormongering, especially if the girl’s family proactively informed the police that they would be taking the girl away. For what she did, she’s probably not really welcome there anyway and it wouldn’t make sense for her to stay unless we’re for vigilante justice.

          • Guest23

            Interesting, wondering how they treat them, if it’s boot camp like that 10,000 mile march camp they did for troubled kids or re-education camps, gonna have to find some articles and sources about this.

            That one report said the mother brought her daughter with her to Xinjiang, and this report of just making compensation is making it apparent that these types of settlements are like fish market haggling to me.

          • Kai

            Given the Wikipedia entry I linked to, I’m not sure there really is any treatment if she truly is just a psychopath. She simply has to figure out how to abide by social norms without any innate empathy or “conscience” to help her. Or someone has to train her to do so. Dexter Morgan, anyone?

            There isn’t much that can be done in terms of “criminal” justice when it involves a minor so it pretty much does boil down to compensation in either a civil lawsuit or a private settlement. That’s always going to feel uncomfortably like putting a price on a life.

          • Guest23

            I wouldn’t think a “Code of Harry” would help her, though if mental illnesses, gonna leave diagnosis the to the reputable professionals.

            There’s only so much you can go with compensation, the kid’s gonna be traumatize, that’s for sure, the money can do good for his treatment or education funds, really need better juvenile punishment or rehabilitation laws, she better be on probation, because that’s another accident waiting to happen if it’s not addressed.

          • Teacher in China

            Yeah man, to do something like this, you clearly need to be psychopathic. What a damn shame.

  • Ralph Wiggim

    This girl is so evil that the CCP has already given her a senior chair in Beijing. In 20 years she may be the new president of China. Kim Jung Un has sent her a ton of gifts – saying she is his idol and maybe his newest child-bride.

  • the ace of books

    One of my first reactions to this article is surprise that the little boy lived. 25 floors – goddamn! (I live on the 15th floor – that ground is damn far away.) I’m glad the kid survived and I hope he’s still able to make it.

    This seems to be the kind of crime that’s so completely fucked up and out of the blue that no one even know what to do with it. If it’d been an adult who’d done this, netizen comments would unilaterally call for a death penalty. But a child? What could even motivate a child to do something so fucked-up?

    I think that’s why the father gave the rather flaccid excuse he did: he had no idea his daughter was so screwed-up. Probably the family knew she was a little off, lacking affect or something – seeing a child grow up, you’ve got to see signs up abnormal development – but with the total lack of psychologists here they probably had no idea what it meant and convinced themselves their daughter was normal.

    To be honest, psychopathy is one of the hardest types of case to deal with because there’s a tendency to be able to mimic normal behavior while not genuinely feeling it. In close contact you’ll know it’s off, but in casual encounters you can’t tell. As with any psychological treatment, the person had to want to change, but if someone who has no moral compass decides they want to pursue hedonism … what do you do?

    • Kai

      I’m guessing the branches and shrubs helped soften the fall a bit. At that age, I think the bones, especially in the skull, are “softer” as well. I’d fear brain damage though.

      • the ace of books

        I guess so on the trees and shrubs – I guess it’d depend on the kind of tree. If they had proper branches and foliage instead of those stupidly cropped things you see some places, they’ll probably do more for the kid.

        But yeah, brain damage’d be the first thing to look for. After a fall like that, being picked up and moved probably wasn’t best for him either – nerve damage’d be a high likelihood, with neck or spinal problems.

        Gah, poor kid.

      • Kamui04

        Besides the branches and scrubs, there’s the matter of physics. It has to do with size & ratio between the area that provides resistance against the air vs mass/weight. Whereas the area only goes up by the square, weight increases cubically as the size increases. That’s why small insects and animals you can throw them down from heights and they come up unscathed. Even cats can escape unscathed from falls a couple of stories high and some small dogs might only be slightly injured.

        • SonofSpermcube

          There’s also volume to cross-section area ratios…the amount of energy at a particular speed scales with volume, but the strength of a structure scales basically with cross-sectional area. An adult twice as tall as a kid will have bones four times as strong (all else being equal), but weigh eight times as much.

  • Hang Em Man

    I feel bad for everyone involved. The girl must be rehabilitated somehow before she can have babies of her own. If she can’t rehabilitate, than the government should tie her tubes so she can’t have kids and torture them such as this little guy. How does one rehabilitate a 11 year old girl that is ASPD? Beating her is not the answer. But maybe a more rural setting with a children’s treatment center and meds?

  • Rachael Bleymaier

    needs to look into what made the girl do this… good chance she’s been
    abused or something, too! It isn’t normal for a child. If not abuse,
    some kind of trauma or witnessing of violence, or something is wrong
    inside her. Hope she gets help. I am not excusing her, but she is also a child…

  • Anon E Moose

    Nothing to see here, move along now.

    This is merely in harmony w/ the official treatment of all things Precious & Chinese, honoring the much-vaunted 5,000 years of Glorious Chinese History:–try-cover-gluing-together.html

    • Middle_Kingdum

      Funny stuff there.

  • My_honourable_lord

    Now why didn’t we think of that before!?

  • My_honourable_lord

    Do you work for Sony?

  • markus peg

    WTF! WHY!?!?!? I really want to know why she did this..!

  • Cauffiel

    Uncle Mao would be proud.

  • David

    The girl is almost certainly mentally impaired in some way. could be
    anything from altruism (who sometimes have very violent outbursts) to
    full on psychopathy. The only other reasonable explanation is that she
    has been treated this way by her father in the past to such an extent
    that she is broken inside.

    • Guest23

      The comments on her teacher and some neighbors indicate she’s a nice girl most of the time, but she went full psycho on the kid for making faces apparently, there’s still a bit of lacking professionals in China, really high on the stigma of mental illnesses, if the father or mother did have a responsibility for making her act this way, I wonder if people would intervene.

      • David

        lol yes, i am fighting a cold and the blurry eyes do not help the fat fingers.

    • Teacher in China

      Haha, “altruisim” :) I think you mean “autism”…..

      Yeesh, I feel bad even making any kind of joke on this thread…

      Seriously, this kid has something wrong with her clearly, but the fact that she knew enough to move the body of the kid away from the bushes makes me think that she knew exactly what she had done. So she clearly isn’t completely crazy. She knew enough to lie about it to try to cover up her act.

      What a fucked up story.

      • David

        lol yes, sorry, auto correct is a bitch. My last school in America I taught special needs students and autistic children cover the full range of non-violent (or even non-responsive) to self-harming to hurting others.

  • David

    I think you are confusing psychopathy and sociopathy. If you are saying people in finance have no conscious, they would be sociopaths (which of course is ridiculous).

  • Joey

    How the fuck can you forget a baby in the elevator? It’s not a dog.

  • jacaylbaro

    I’m speechless for this little girl cruel action, i think this is new mental illness which hadn’t been discovered yet, like new version of bird flue which H7h100 something like this which twists brain. may the boy swiftly recover from heavy wounds

  • Dr Sun

    WOW! what can you say but ” evil comes in many forms”

  • Jahar

    Don’t know if anyone posted a similar comment, this is the first time i was able to get on here in a week(damn Wuhan internet), but I just want to say, I don’t think this means the kid is evil, I just think she can’t comprehend the consequences of her actions. Children that age, even when they do stupid mean things, don’t understand the gravity of what they are doing. I never killed anyone, but when I was a kid i pulled the legs off of grasshoppers and shit like that. I know it’s nowhere near as serious, but I didn’t really understand that they were living things worthy of respect. I used to steal money and shit, not understanding that the person I was stealing from was losing something.

    I absolutely think the child did something wrong, but I think it was more out of ignorance than anything.

  • Aussie Rick

    Chinese people are heartless and have no honor. I was sucked in to marrying a beautiful Chinese woman who, the moment she got her visa turned as cold as ice. Prior to that for 3 years she had been the most loving woman I ever knew.

    I think there is a coldness that is just part of who they are as a people.

    What she doesn’t know is 5 months after she divorced me, I won the lottery. This year I will visit her parents and family. When she hears of how generous I will be towards them she will kick herself.

  • Tony Heaney

    what the hell is going on inside china??

  • Fliu

    Hmm, is Li X the father of Yuan Yuan or the girl’s family? Is this story fictitious?

  • Stacey

    The girls father claims she was beating that boy to “make him smile at her”. Her father has admitted that she is regularly hit and verbally abused by both her parents. So she was lashing out because she is a victim of abuse. But she’s also clearly got at least one parent that’s loony tunes, and she has no apparent empathy. I have to wonder if Chinese girl children are treated worse than boys there. Because I see a lot of instances of irrational attacks by little girls in that country. Are they still viewed as second class? Do their parents let them know they’d rather have a boy? It’s very odd that the most violence coming from children in that country tends to be girls.

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