Little Girl Punished to Do Homework on Knees in the Hot Sun

The little girl is doing her homework in the sun.

The little girl is doing her homework in the sun.

From Sina:

Father Forced Little Daughter to Do Homework While Kneeling in 40°C [104°F] Weather, Claimed She Can Stand It, July 26 — According to a Shanghai Morning Post report, yesterday [July 25], Shanghai Meteorological Bureau issued a high temperature red alert, and the highest temperature in Shanghai stayed at 39.3°C [102.74°F]. However, on such a hot day, at a factory at No.23, 185 Lane of Hongxing Road, an 8-year-old girl was seen kneeling on the ground doing homework for as long as 3 hours [pictured above].

Girl was too afraid of her father to stand up

Yesterday [July 25] morning, at a factory at No.23, 185 Lane of Hongxing Road in Pudong Chuansha, a girl in a pink t-shirt kneeled under the scorching sun doing her homework, wearing shorts on her lower body, her bare knees kneeling on the scalding cement ground. A netizen took a photo of the scene and posted it online, accusing the girl’s parents of corporal punishment.

The reporter of this article then arrived at No.23, 185 Lane of Hongxing Road. This place is a factory area, with several small enterprises manufacturing chemical or rubber products. The old gatekeeper of the factory area confirmed that there was indeed a little girl doing homework on her knees under the scorching sun. He said the surface temperature of the ground was close to 50 °C, and the little girl’s head was bathed in sweat; having been kneeling since 8:30am until 11:30am when she was finally “given permission” to stand up. During this time, a woman passing by who could not bear the sight of it tried to persuade the girl and pull her up, but the girl replied with: “Without my dad’s permission, I don’t dare get up!” According to nearby residents, the girl’s dad was punishing her for her poor marks in school and unfinished homework by having her kneel on the cement ground of the factory and do her homework.”

Neighbors claim this kind of punishment has happened more than once

A woman living nearby told this reporter that the girl’s family was from Anhui Province, and that the father runs a factory and the mother looks after the child at home. “Their family lives on the 2nd floor of the workshop building by the gate. This wasn’t the first time there has been a kneeling punishment like this, I often see it. The old gatekeeper has tried to talk the girl’s father out of it before, but was given the cold eye and sneered at.”

This reporter went up to the second floor of the workshop building, and the room to the right of the stairwell is where the girl’s family lives. The girl’s father is in his 30s, not particularly tall man, and was wearing shorts and sandals. Upon hearing that it was a reporter here to interview him, he immediately waved his hands to drive the reporter out. When this reported asked whether educating his daughter by punishing her to kneel on the ground was appropriate, he said: “My family’s business is not your concern. Off you go, go do what you ought to do.” This reporter continued asking: “With such hot weather, you’re not worried about your daughter getting sunstroke/heatstroke?” “She can stand it,” the father answered confidently. When this reporter tried to approach the little girl, the girl’s father became even more anxious, and pushed this reporter out of the building. ”

Corporal punishment may cause abnormal development of child’s character

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Yesterday [July 25], according to the relevant authorities in Pudong New District Tang Town, after the town’s Youth Protection Department learned of this matter, they joined with community police and paid a visit to the child’s home to discuss the matter. After persuasion, the girl’s parent indicated that he understood his mistake, and promised this kind of thing would never happen again.

With regards to this, East China Normal University’s Psychological Consultation Center’s Children and Adolescents’ Psychological Consultant Expert Chen Mo indicated that this kind of behavior is an insult to a child’s dignity. Chen mo especially warned those impulsive parents that this kind of corporal punishment is very likely to cause abnormal development in a child’s character.

Shanghai Zhengming Law Firm lawyer Chen Xin believes, from the perspective of the law, the “Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Minors” stipulates that [teaching and administrative staff] may not use corporal punishment, disguised corporal punishment, or any other act that humiliates personal dignity on minors and children. But when it comes to specific law enforcement, parents who engage in corporal punishment of children do so mainly for education, and is not considered [merely] discipline.

Comments from Sina:

wangxiubin55555 [黑龙江大庆]:

The desire for his daughter to do well is good. However, not every child has the ability to get high scores. Every teacher knows that academic study requires innate talent. It’s like how birds are born to fly, but fishes can only swim in the water. Can you say that fish are not as good as birds? This kind of punishment will only harm the child. Imagine you at the age of 80, and your child asks you to go carry a 50kg burlap sack or else you must kneel on the ground. That day will come. Education should be rational, and love should be stored.

晓雨211 [上海]:

All fathers like this are mental deviants without knowledge, cultivation, education, ability, and self-respect! This kind of person is not qualified to have children!

大美人紫色的梦 [天津]:

Is this [what] a father [ought to be like]? To say you’re abusing your child is not the least bit exaggerating. [I] Condemn you!

没文化的继电器 [上海]:

Children shouldn’t be spoiled like Mengge [the mother of Li Tianyi] did to her son, nor abused like the man did in this article.

手机用户 [广西南宁]:

[I] Feel sad for the little girl. Inhuman father…!!!

手机用户 [北京]:

Men like this have tendencies towards domestic violence; women should keep their distance from men like this.

手机用户 [上海]:

Loving mothers tend to have failing children [mothers who spoil their children often have children who end up being failures]. Little children should be punished, but there should be a limit, and one must not overdo it.

传递正能量YEAH [浙江绍兴]:

Clearly abusing the child, he has no right to do that, and should be deprived of custody!

lcfpb [河北邢台]:

You don’t need to criticize the parents, they [simply] want their child to do successful in life. In fact, they may be very good [to their daughter] normally. Sometimes, it’s really frustrating when children do poorly in school, and the worse the children are in school, the more worried the parents will be. Actually, parents too are reluctant to use corporal punishments on their children. However, when words of praise and encouragement are exhausted, there is only this one way left.

手机用户 [浙江杭州]:

I think this may not necessarily be a bad thing. There is a saying, loving fathers tend to have failing children [similar meaning as Loving mothers tend to have failing children].

What do you think? What was the worst punishment you’ve experienced from your parents?

  • The Enlightened One

    It’s extreme, but it is better than beating the kid up and traumatizing her for life.

    The kid will remember to get the homework done next time. I dunno, I think this is a step in the right direction.

    It is much better than letting little your kids run wild and be spoiled little shits that don’t listen to anyone and think society owes them a job.

    Besides 8:30am to 11:30am… isn’t TOO bad… if it was 11:30am to 2:30pm… then I would feel bad for the kid.

    • Robin Xi

      Yeah, the morning is OK. Otherwise she’ll get too tanned, ruining her changes of marriage…

      • The Enlightened One

        Hey, at least the father is more worried about her brains and work ethic than her looks… am I right?

        She can earn money herself to buy bleach or something later, but a lazy, spoiled dolt is incurable!

        • Seems like theres more anger to his actions than wanting a studious child.

        • A Crowley

          Lazy, see I was under the impression most foreigners are lazy in China to begin with, let’s face it, no retirement pension for “backpackers” as you called anyone who is a foreigner in China in one of your videos is there. Some people perhaps like being lazy, and that is hard for some to swallow. Speaking of swallow, I will open another bottle of tsingtao beer which is affordable even for a poor backpacker FT, cheers sir!!!

        • Germandude

          From the article: “…but the girl replied with: “Without my dad’s permission, I don’t dare get up!””

          The dad let the kid like this for 3 hours on those temperatures. And yes, 8:30 am to 11:30 am it was super hot already.
          I would actually be interested in what other kind of punishments the guy is dishing out to his daughter when she is afraid of getting up and rather takes this kind of punishment than resisting.
          The guy is a sicko.

    • Mihel

      The shame felt for being publicly humiliated kneeling on the street is traumatizing as well.

      • The Enlightened One

        Nah, kids jump around on the streets for fun anyways. They don’t care…. if it were an adult they may feel humiliated. I am pretty sure the kid is more concerned with not making her father anymore angry and getting the homework done.

        Chinese sleep on the roads and anywhere else if they can without any humiliation, it is very common (maybe not in 40 degree celius weather but, some of them still do). They also relieve themselves often in public (well the rural ones do)….

        • Mihel

          While it is true than many chinese sleep on the roads and that children jump and play on the streets, they willingly chose to do so.

          I doubt a 8 years old child can do anything that warrants a pubblic punishment, children have a sense of dignity too, and toying with it shouldn’t be a metod of behavioral correction.
          Even if the streets were the cleanliest streets on earth, forcing someone to kneel on the ground in public is an act of humiliation. (Note I’m specifically talking about forcing this upon other people, not when people willingly kneel because of traditions/customs).

    • WoRPt

      Good point, but the problem with your theory is that, in some cases, they aren’t punished so much for anything but tests and homework. So, beating the crap out of a classmate? No worries. He did his homework. You tend to see this when the kids (especially middle school and some high school) are walking home from school. I’ve seen quite a few litter, fight, run across busy streets… but I’m sure they all do their homework.

      • The Enlightened One

        That’s true, but it’s all about baby steps. Better manners and treatment of each other… will come soon… hopefully?

    • A Crowley

      No,no, this is all arse backwards, children are to be loved and nurtured not beaten. What are your views on animals and do you have a girlfriend in China, all good fun, guffaw guffaw

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        Well there needs to be some negative reinforcement somewhere. Something to tell the child that there are consequences for actions.

        Nothing as cruel as this mind you. Something like a ‘timeout’, or ‘no for amount of time.’ You go over the top like this, and they’ll be scared into not doing it. They’ll be scared into not doing anything ever.

        • A Crowley

          The only reinforcement in the posts on these boards is from a bare faced liar who calls himself a Brit, and if he posts back here, I will tell him to take a hike!

    • mr.wiener

      I’d be interested to hear how this man did in school…….. There is being a responsible parent [and god knows, China could do with some of those] and then there is being a bully. Children respect a parent who is just, but they fear a bully.
      A spoiled brat , or a traumatised and broken child? Neither is a good out come. a balance must be struck.

      • Mighty曹

        The balance is in punishment and rewards. My father dished out some harsh ones like ‘kneeling and staring at the clock until the designated time’ but we would be rewarded with money, special food/snacks, fun trips, etc. whenever we did something well or better than expected.

        • Gordon Gogodancer

          i never got rewarded with money :(

          • biggj

            My reward was just not getting beat. haha

          • linette lee

            hahaha…that’s a good one. Your mom promised you she won’t beat you if you do your homework. That’s a good one. Anything else you get agood beating. :)

          • Mighty曹

            It was just enough for a chocolate bar. :(

        • linette lee

          staring at clock..hahahhahaha…….lol That is funny. But psychological maybe that actually works. He is trying to explain to you how you were just wasting time wasting your life away when you are not learning. lol.

          • Mighty曹

            Haha… yeah, but it wasn’t funny at the time. One hour felt like an eternity.

      • The Enlightened One

        Yeah, he probably did very poorly… which is part of the reason why the punishment is so severe. He doesn’t want his daughter growing up to be a xiao san, factory worker or something.

        His methods are extreme, and I probably wouldn’t go that far,but the results may be more in her favor long-term. I still think it is better than blaming the teacher or letting the kid turn out lazy and spoiled.

        Let’s see what she says in twenty years… I bet it will be something like this:

        “Although, my father was very harsh and his punishments were very brutal… through them, I learned the importance of deadlines and hard work. Because of this, I am now a manager at X company instead of a better on the streets. Thank you father!”

        She may have bitter feelings towards him though, but that’s the trade off.

        • mr.wiener

          Never mind she can pack him off to a urine soaked former political prisoner camp turned retirement home in Hubei [Thanks Dad! Don’t worry, you can take it]

          • elizabeth

            It’ll be interesting to do a survey of who are the ones sending their parents off to perpetual summer camp.

        • Daddy issues
          Not good in the long term

        • Lee McKinnis

          >Let’s see what she says in twenty years.

          >She may have bitter feelings towards him though, but that’s the trade off.

          Yeah bro, I am sure Qin Shi Huang Di was the shit, based off this logic of yours.

    • biggj

      Yeah, it’s not so bad. I agree she will get her homework done next time. I’ve had way worse things done to me by my mother. If the teacher would call home for whatever reason….beating….if I had a letter sent home from the school….beating… I just learned not to do anything to make the teacher call home or send a letter home.It taught me a valuable lesson. Don’t get caught for doing bad things. And buy the smart girls food in morning so I can copy their homework….and I guess the best lesson from all of it was to listen in class. I never had to study as long as I paid attention in class. I guess getting beating taught me about loop holes in systems. I don’t think that is what my mom was going for….but I’m glad she did it.

    • lin

      Uh no it’s not ok. If you actually read, it was 102 degrees that day! You could probably boil an egg if you left it out in the sun for a whole day!
      She is suffering from the heat AND she’s kneeling. She could have suffered from dehydration in such hot weather. And for THREE hours???!!!
      That is the definition of torture…it is wrong on so many levels. Torture is immoral, and plus she’s a child

      • A Crowley

        Here we see the harmony of confucianism, that puts girls on a lesser scale than boys. And one wonders why the highest female suicide rate?

    • Repatriated

      It’s in the morning. Nothing wrong with a little discipline for unruly children. Elementary school is NOT hard, even in China. If a kid is doing badly, it’s likely because they aren’t trying. This shouldn’t even be news FFS. Would you rather he beat the child? Or worse yet, and far too common in China, send the child off to be spoiled rotten by the grandparents?

      If this kid was running all around with friends and actually exerting herself in the same sun, on the same day, nobody would think anything of it.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      My parents did similar things to me.

      Children can be twisted by things like this.

      • Gordon Gogodancer

        I used to sleep in the snow as a child…but that had nothing to with my parents, i just enjoyed it

        • lonetrey / Dan

          That’s nice, I guess?

      • Ana Belen Ruiz

        please tell me is a joke

        • lonetrey / Dan

          Why do you think this is a joke?

          Chinese parents really do do some stupid things when they don’t know what to do with a child. I was the first child, my sister being the second one had it better.

          • Ana Belen Ruiz

            so sorry to read that. I hope it didn’t affect you

          • lonetrey / Dan

            I’m learning to live with it. Thanks for your thoughts though.

          • Gordon Gogodancer

            Well can somehow related to that. As far as i know my eldest brother didn’t have it as good as i did.

          • A Crowley

            it has nothing to do with chinese parents and everything to do with confucianism body!!!! End of story

          • Lee McKinnis

            Confucius didn’t say ‘do fucked up shit to your daughters if they don’t do homework’.He wrote what he considered to be a better societal design because he grew up/lived in an er of war. He also justified overthrowing OPPRESSIVE TYRANTS (note this: douchebag fathet)

          • A Crowley

            The problem is, it is opposed to rule of law, as in the west, as it is based on rule BY law. Hence contracts, in written form, are disregarded so easily. Can you trust people in east asia just by their words, ie a verbal contract?!?!

    • Ana Belen Ruiz

      you are insane

      • The Enlightened One

        Thank you for your diagnosis Dr. Ana Belen Ruiz.

      • AnthonyLudovici

        Do you have daddy issues Ana?

        Every girl I’ve ever been involved with did. There’s something immeasurably attractive about it.

    • Jahar

      does it have to be one or the other? spoil your kid or make them suffer through cruel punishments? why not just be a good parent?

      • The Enlightened One

        Teaching your child the cold-hard truth is a part of being a good parent. Loving them and supporting them to deal with this world and enjoy it is part of that as well.

        But the world isn’t going to take an easy on the kid when she screws up, is it? Especially in a place like China as a lower-class citizen.

        There are 1.4 billion people in China and all of them are competing for a living. They aren’t handing out jobs like they do for foreign English teachers. And pretty much everyone looks down on you here if your family isn’t well-off or has connections.

        I don’t think there is any college fund for this kid, probably no school loans if her father is a factory worker with a meager wage. It’s up to her to get out of the situation and she best know it now.

        • A Crowley

          They aren’t handing out jobs like they do for foreign English teachers

          Totally different ball game, they make money off foreign teachers, even by cheat and deceit, hook nor crook…..

        • Lee McKinnis

          Given it’s easier to get a job in China than in the US, you seem to be full of shit. What, she can’t get a factory job? Since when is ‘the cold heard truth’ being made to stand in a fucking burning floor?

  • biggj


  • asian don draper

    better than being spoiled.. maybe a bit too far.

  • Mighty曹

    This borders on ‘child abuse’. If she was placed in the shade, instead of under direct sunlight, it would’ve been less ‘cruel’. But it’s always good to see kids not being spoiled to become little assholes like this:


    why this is even a discussion ?

    – are u guys gave housing, food, school tuition, toys, cloth, love to the child ?
    ( every family has rules and regulation how to discipline their kids, and the kid looks focus, clean, enough to eat, clean cloth, healthy, nice hair cut, not even a scratch or sign of abuse in her body …. she really look focus and trying )
    – is the father beating the kid ? if yes, call the police, .. if not .. well its not of ur business … its family matter
    – the father & mother do really spend time to teach / punish their children for her own future
    – i can bet / hope she will grow up to be strong and independent woman with great education & manner
    – with the one child policy .. parents treat their child like diamond ,.. and grow up just to be a piece of glass … break easily

    ps : be happy that our education still allow a litte of caporal punishment
    look at american student … a bit coporal punisment will resulted parent sued school ect ..
    look at how many kids really violent in america .. and the do often thinking of killing people and some of the really killed people in a double digit number

    lets the teacher be teacher
    lets parent be parent
    as long as they both thinking of the child future
    a bit punishment goes a long way

    • Mihel

      Oh god, why is it that every time something stupid happens in China there’s always someone that moans “OMG BUT AMERICANS DID THAT TOO.”


        we learn from history .. the good and the bad
        we take a lesson from the good
        and we trying to avoid the bad from ever happen again

        • biggj

          “Yeah well…yeah well…..yeah well…..We have bigger penises. Checkmate chinamen.” Says the ‘Murican

          • FOR FUN

            hahaha, from brain debate to penis …

            yes bro … longer but flaccid …
            using penis as ego measurement
            pay ur debt please … ( june 2011 $1.16 trillion to china )

            ” The Treasury Department reported Tuesday that the national debt had topped $16 trillion ”

            u take a shit in the street ?
            [[ When I’m take a shit in street in Canada and someone sees me I just say. ” Hey do you know how many people do this in china?” Make me feel much better. lol]] biggj

            did ur parent drop u when ur a kids ?
            did u inhale to much drug ?
            are u depress ?
            do u need a pill ?
            is obama care covered ” big flacid penis & shitting in street ”

            hahaha …

            bro , just joking & messing around .. no hard feeling

          • biggj

            Oh yeah don’t worry about, It’s all just bullshit talk anyway for shits and giggles. Speaking of American debt, I was reading an artical the other day on how america owns most of american debt. It’s over 10 trillion. Then comes china and then Japan. That’s crazy.

            By the way, Say what you want about amercia…I could care less and may even join you. lol As a Canadian my biggest concern is what kind of maple syrup im going to put on my pan cakes in morning.

        • Mihel

          Let me remind you north american schools is where 42% of privileged chinese students chose to go according to this very site. A strange way of avoiding the “bad”, as you put it.

          Also yes, USA has the worst record of school shootings, I guess comparing yourself with the worst things makes you look better in perspective.

          Btw thanks for linking to a wikipedia article, I didn’t know USA had lots of school shootings, like never heard that ever.

          • DANGEROUS MIND

            hi, sorry for the school shooting reference offended you ..

            yes, most of the best university in the world is at the united state … ( which all the student all over the world, after they graduate from “high school from their own country” , would feel privilege to enter one of these university for “4 years – 6 years” )

            so they usually stayed in usa for 4-6 years after they received education in their own native country

            the main topic is caporal punishment , good or bad ?
            is a bit caporal punishment better than detention ? ,
            is teacher & school is so afraid to be sued by parent ?
            ( are some of these parent opportunistic ? )

            minus the gun, ( if gun is ban )
            how bout we gave them knive … ( more easy to buy )
            will the still resolved to violent ?
            if the set of mind wanted to hurt somebody , can they also used fork to killed people … ?

            yes gun takes more life , knives less life
            but if the mind set in killing people , gun or no gun,
            they will do it …

            sorry for the usa reference in shooting accident in school but they do have the higher rate … gun or no gun these children plan to killed people and carried it out

            just wondering …
            is caporal punishment will toughen up the character & they dont blame in being bully , video games, or something …
            will it work ?

            japanese student committed suicide if their grade is bad,
            im not saying this is good thing … but they dont drag people / their friend / classmate to die together …
            and japanese is big on caporal punishment …

            so is caporal punishment has an effect ?

          • Mihel

            Look I have no idea what half of your post said, but I can see you’re not a native speaker (I’m neither) so I’ll summarize.

            – Yes, US has lots of school shooting. It is common knowledge.
            – Corporal punishment is better than detention.
            – Corporal punishment is worse than other forms of punishment that don’t involve humiliation. You can punish a child without humiliating him.
            – Mistreating children is better(?) than spoiling children.
            – Mistreating children is worse than careful parenting.
            – Comparing yourself to bad things makes you look better.
            – Comparing yourself to things better than you makes you look worse! Better avoid that, right?

            I don’t know what Japan has to do with anything… Oh btw Pigmies look tall compared to dwarf people.

      • biggj


      • biggj

        When I’m taking a shit in street in Canada and someone sees me I just say. ” Hey do you know how many people do this in china?” Make me feel much better. lol

        • The Enlightened One

          Haha… they are like…

          “Oh, okay… well if a 5000+ year old civilization does it, then it must be okay… poo away boy… poo away!”

          I get tired of the comparisons as well. I guess we have only two countries in the world… “Middle Kingdom” and “Beautiful Country (America)”… the rest are full of savages!

      • biggj

        Actually, America and china do opposite of each other for same reason. For example Americans will always compare themselves to a shitty country to make themselves feel better, and china compares themselves to better countries for the same reason. America does something fucked up “well in Iraq they do_________.” and Chinese say ” well in America they do_________” all to make themselves feel better or not as guilty about what they are doing.

      • Germandude

        It’s called penis-envy or sth like that.

    • elizabeth

      Yes, I have always wondered whether kids who resort to violence (or suicide) do so because they do not know how else to handle challenges, opposition or not getting their way all the time.

      There has to be a balance in disciplinary methods between the east and west which are often two diabolic extremes of a spectrum.

    • Jahar

      I’d rather have my fater cuff me and make me do my homework at the kitchent table than so what this kid did. Not beating the kid? this is torture. we used to do this in prison as extra punishment. cruel and unusual punishment.

  • markus peg

    Quote “She can stand it”
    some people die from such heat, WTF does he know.
    How can she study like that?

    • christina

      Bingo. I suffered from heatstroke 3 summers ago in Shanghai standing in line for a ride at an amusement park. It was 39C that day. Never been the same since- can’t handle temperatures above 35C for more than 5 minutes at a time anymore.

      • Germandude

        So how do you then handle the current temperatures? By not going out these days?
        I feel this summer has been the hottest by far for the last 10 years. Luckily, the pollution is not as bad as e.g. last year.

        • christina

          I only come back for vacations now, and even then, only in early summer. I also drive/taxi everywhere- it’s a small price to pay to avoid suffering. I’m sorry to hear that this is the hottest it’s been in 10 years- normal summer temperatures are already unbearable :/

      • A Crowley

        Fair enough, in Oman when I worked there, my friends car registered 45C inside, with the air con on!!! If you were to stand outside in midday, you would feel your sandals melting, never ever known as hot a place as that, shanghai or hangzhou this summer, comes a close second.

  • TJDubs

    If all goes according to plan, she’ll give similar horseshit punishments to her children out of 孝 for her own parents, keeping the eternal cycle unbroken.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    No wonder these Chinese kids are 100x better in math than everyone else.

    • Claude

      Have you read Malcolm Gladwells Outliers? He has an interesting theory why the Chinese are good at math.

      • Gordon Gogodancer

        interesting indeed

      • Cauffiel

        This fits pretty well with something I’ve read about how linguistics strongly influences world view and culture among its native speakers.

        Good post, thanks.

      • vincent_t

        It is true for Chinese but not all Asian. Some Asian languages could be difficult for math tho.
        Similar study has performed in my country too, comparing Bahasa Malaysia vs Chinese vs English, which 9: Nine (English), jiu (chinese), SEMBILAN!! (B. Malaysia),

    • Cauffiel

      Ha…. THEY’RE NOT.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        Ha… you are JEALOUS.

        • Cauffiel

          Ha…. NOT JEALOUS. I AM A MATH IDIOT. I’m always impressed by people who are really good at math. But I have never been impressed by anyone in China for any reason, math or otherwise.

          Except you, of course, my supreme commander! :-D

          • A Crowley

            Maths is bleeding useless unless you want to be a rocket scientist or nuclear physicist. Used to be bored witless at maths and physics and school, whatever side of the brain it is that is creative as opposed to being good at maths and science, that was me. Equations bored me to tears:( Writing stories, learning german to order beer and seduce frauleins, now that was more like it:)

    • Cauffiel

      Ah! I read “math and science.” I don’t know what the ridiculous standardized tests say, but I’ve had class after class of science idiots over the past 3 years. I’m super happy I don’t have to teach it.

    • vonskippy

      China and Japan have the best parrots ever – but I’ll take a European or American or Aussie any day for a lab intern – spitting out memorized facts may look could on a test – but in real world applications – you need to be able to think.

  • elizabeth

    I think in this case, the father genuinely cared for the child and he probably thought it was good for her to learn how to handle some suffering. To him, it might not be that bad because he is most likely used to working under the hot sun given the nature of his work. And it’s not a regular thing or done without reason. He also finally understood his mistake.

    Not saying that what he did was right, but this seems to be a case of ignorance rather than outright child abuse. Talk about humiliation and child abuse can sometimes be overdone or sensationalized.

    Well at least he did not smash her against the ground like some lunatic who couldn’t wait to park his car.

    • Jahar

      he genuinely cared for her, did he? good for her to learn some suffering? does this logic work for the girl im stalking too?

      And why do people think this is less harmful than a spanking? ask any kid who has gotten both, im sure they are going to take the spanking.

      • elizabeth

        Surely you aren’t stalking the girl for her own good?
        If you would only read my post carefully, it is not about the punishment but the motive for doing so.

        If he didn’t care, he would not have bothered to make her do her homework. Or he could have used worse methods for maximum effect, but he didn’t, although that seems to be common in this country.

      • linette lee

        Exposing a child to skin cancer poison UV light for 3 hours is DEFINITELY much much much harmful than a light spanking. I am glad you point that out. The child was being roasted under the sun. Maybe someone should take the father and lock him up in the tanning bed for three hours exposing to UV light. Watch his skin peeling off. Let him get some skin cancer. What a dumb bastard.

        • biggj

          I think UV rays are the least of this kids worries living in china and next to a rubber and chemical manufacturing factories.

          • linette lee

            That’s another thing. They live next to factories so they are already breathing in toxic cancer air.

    • linette lee

      elizabeth, coming from you I am surprised. This father has no interest in making sure his daughter is learning and thus gets good grade. He was more interested in controlling her. Also her not giving him problem if she fails in school. What do you think the child accomplished by kneeling in the burning sun doing her homework? You think the child actually learned during those three hours of torture? She was more focusing on the pain and did not learn anything to improve her grade. If she is a bad child and doesnt do her homework, the parents should be more involve with the child’s school work. Not beating her up and torture her with sunburn. They should limit TV or video game time. Set up a quiet study area where the parents can supervise her studying and not tell the child to do homework in the noisy street. Find out what subject the child has problem with and go review the subject with the child or hire a tutor. That is the only way to improve the grades of a child. Hitting the child will not improve the child’s grade nor make the child learn. Half of the stuff taught in school are garbage anyway. Just tons of useless homework.

      • elizabeth

        Linette, you may well be right, or you can also be wrong about the father. Different people love differently. That does not mean that people who love can do no wrong to the ones they love. Why? Because they see things from their perspective. To some, it’s the ultimate torture even to sit down in an air-conditioned room reading about atrocious acts committed against innocent children. On the other extreme, their are parents who rather kill their children before committing suicide so that their children will not have to suffer alone in this world. To them, it is love, but to us, it is murder.

        Why is this so, because each of us is looking at the issue from our own perspectives, given our own upbringing, cushy/doggone lives, privileges/deprivation. Yes, there should be a reference point from which we judge if something is right or wrong, but then, does it matter to people who do subscribe to our version of right or wrong?

        Of course, causing suffering is a bad thing, but how bad is it compared to the possibility that she may end up as, say, an uneducated school-dropout prostitute for life? That might be what this father is thinking. Given that he is a blue collar worker, he might have gone through life differently compared to those who have got it better.

        So, where does this lead us to? We could condemn, judge, even throw him in prison, but how does that help the child? At this point, we need to try to understand the motive behind the actions before we could say whether he belongs in prison or otherwise.

        To me, based on the facts presented in this article, he isn’t the outright father-from-hell who manipulates his daughter for his own benefit, such as getting her to sell things in the name of acquiring knowledge. He could be acting out of ignorance, based on his own experiences, to make sure his daughter is on the ‘right’ path.

        It is pointless to debate whether he is right or wrong or to point fingers at anyone. It would be much better to understand the motivation and think of ways to help parents like him, who have good intentions but do not know how to act appropriately on them.

        So, what can be done for ‘ignorant’ parents, for want of a better word? Laws are only as good as they are enforced. Better still, would be to educate them on how to, say, connect with their kids, or what sorts of discipline work better, etc. than shaming them on national TV or newspaper.

        If we think children will respond better that way, why not parents too? Better parents mean better guidance for kids. Conversely, parents who are shamed/put in prison/condemned remain parents who do not know what/how else to show their love. Would that be better for the kids?

        • elizabeth

          …who do not subscribe to our verson…

        • linette lee

          The thing is, those abuser fathers or mothers or adults, they would not inflict the same kind of torture on themselves like they would on a helpless child or another being that is weaker than them. Like this father he himself would not go sit under the burning sun getting sunburn and this isn’t the first he did it to this child. She probably was burned by the sun many times. Like a child rapist he would not let another person rape him but he would go rape a smaller person. Like a teacher herself would not allowed another adult teacher to whack her in her head with a wooden stick because she couldn’t do math suffering brain injury.

          So apparently these abusers do understand that is pain and torture done on purpose to hurt a weaker person a child. So there is no excuse on that. If you don’t like to get sunburn, or brain injury or rape don’t do that to other people. It’s very simple. It’s nothing to do with culture.

          • elizabeth

            It’s probably not culture but his upbringing, life experiences and perhaps circumstances. I would not want assume too much about someone whose life is very much different from mine until he is proven guilty of the vilest intentions. Meanwhile, let’s hope that he has learnt his ‘lesson’ and that the little girl’s mother will know better to protect her daughter if it ever happens again.

            Even criminals deserve a second chance, right?

      • A Crowley

        what about the gang xi nai cha?

  • masonman

    This is abuse. Its not extreme parenting, its not preventing her from being a “spoiled brat,” its abuse. If he did this to his wife nobody, Americans or Chinese, would be defending it. Its amazing how in most societies in the world women (who are voluntarily in the relationship, and have some capacity to defend themselves) are seen as having more rights and being more “human” than a child (who is in an inherently involuntary relationship and has no real capacity to defend himself/herself).

    Also, this is why China is plagued with a creativity problem, and this is why so many Asians countries have such high suicide rates – they learn to fear authority and they learn that their value as a person comes from grades. So when the test comes, some simply cannot handle all that fear from all that psychological manipulation from their parents, and feel it is better to simply end it all.

    They become unbelievably skilled at memorizing facts long enough to ace a test, and they become hugely responsive to authority. The latter is true in most countries – authoritarian parents means children growing up in an authoritarian environment, children growing up in an authoritarian environment feel very “exposed” and not in control when outside an authoritarian environment – they have “normalized” authority – and then the state becomes the “parent.” Hence why all the countries with the most disgustingly abusive “cultural parenting practices” are some of the most authoritarian/imperialistic.

    “Loving mothers tend to have failing children” – that is a disgusting quote. It can only result from a culture of psychologically broken people. Its a textbook example of attempting to normalize abuse. “My abusive mother TRULY loved me – and here is proof: she wasn’t kind to me.”

    You know what loving mothers have? Happy, loving children. I think it says a lot about a person if they would rather have a successful but depressed child as opposed to a happy and loving but less successful child.

    • elizabeth

      Not all children who received corporal punishment end up psychologically damaged and as failures. Not all children who are mollycoddled become happy and successful.

      It’s about moderation.

      • masonman

        Why is it only about moderation with children? If I said “beating your wife doesn’t always make her a better person but not beating your wife doesn’t guarantee she will be a good person either, its all about moderation” you would (rightly) be offended.

        Yet once again the double standard shows itself for children.

        “Not all children who received corporal punishment end up psychologically damaged and as failures”

        Not all? Sure. Do the majority end up this way? Well, take a look at this study:

        I don’t “moderate” the hitting of my friends, or “moderate” the hitting of my family, I just do not hit.

        Seriously guys. Please. I can’t believe I am saying this in the 21st century. Don’t hit, spank, or otherwise physically assault your kids.

        • ellzabeth

          You got me all wrong. By moderation, I mean that the discipline method has to go hand in hand with the situation/misbehavior.

          I have been caned before as a kid, as a last resort, mostly for crying and sulking because I couldn’t get what I wanted. It helped me to grow up. I learnt the value of working for what I wanted, not taking things for granted and that the world does not revolve around me.

          In fact, giving me more candies and attention made me worse because I knew (or thought) that I would eventually get my way if I cried even more.

          That said, I have never caned or hit any child because I know it is painful, from experience, not to mention that kids nowadays are so fragile. So, as a last resort, I would leave him to learn the hard way. It goes something like, “Fine, you do it your way, but you will be responsible for the consequences. Don’t blame me for not warning you.” That usually does the trick.

          As for studies, we could go there, but much of what is out there is still hotly debated. This is the 21st century, but different folks, different strokes. As long as it is done out of love without undue harm to the child, I won’t insist on all-soft, no-hard approach.

          • Atlas

            “I have been caned before as a kid, as a last resort, mostly for crying and sulking because I couldn’t get what I wanted. It helped me to grow up. I learnt the value of working for what I wanted, not taking things for granted and that the world does not revolve around me.”

            Your argument is ludicrous.


          • elizabeth

            You would be more convincing by explaining your logic instead of posting videos to illustrate your exceptional use of words.

          • Atlas

            I’ll state it simply: You can’t make good human beings by treating them like bad people. You need to show respect to get it back from them because it’s the only way they will learn how to respect others.

            If you don’t like what your child is doing then you have to show him what you want him to do, and explain why it is so important. If you can’t find a convincing argument then maybe the kid was right to reject your request in the first place.

          • elizabeth

            There are kids who aren’t pacified even with convincing arguments. What would you do?

          • Atlas

            Obviously, the best thing to do is to take preventive measures to ensure this doesn’t happen in the first case. It means modeling things like compassion, love, respect, empathy and understanding of others every single day since birth. While there are freak cases, the vast majority of children are like their parents, without the social inhibition. For example, when one of my young students tells his classmates that he is more important than them because his father is so-and-so, I find it very telling of the type of modeling he receives at home. When a student throws a tantrum because he won’t get a candy it tells me a few things:

            -The parents may be like this too,
            -The parents usually cave and give the kid what he wants so he learned to cry when he wants something.

            The first step is to stop escalation: Refuse to take it to a higher level of aggression. If they are endangering their classmates, then you ask the student to step out and if he refuses then you step out with the whole class and continue teaching in another classroom or even the corridor if you have to. You have to refuse anger and aggression as possible solutions.

            The second step is to take it outside the class and work on modeling proper behavior. That means taking time to sit down and talk with your students and knowing them as people. You have to make sure the student understands you are not angry at THEM, but that the behavior is inappropriate. Children often associate their behavior as who they are. Kids who are criticized a lot will tend to not take criticism well in later life because they made a permanent connection between criticism of behavior and criticism of the self.

            The third step is consistency: Students must understand that what you say is what happens. If you say no, then it will always be no. Being flexible is obviously a good thing, but being consistent is even more important. If children know you won’t give in when they get angry, they will be less likely to get angry in the future the next time they want something. If you model a proper way of asking for something, they will adopt this model in the future if it’s success rate is higher than anger and aggression.

            And so on.

            Still, to get back to your original question: Let’s say my kid is crying in a store to get a candy and I say no. I’ll just let the kid cry until he has had enough and stops. After that we will have a talk together abd try to model proper behavior. The next time we are in the same situation, the chances of this happening again are lower than before. No magic bullet, but terribly effective in the long run.

          • elizabeth

            Modeling and preventive measures are of course the ideal. But what about those freak cases you mentioned. What if you had a kid like that in your class. What would you do?

          • Atlas

            Actually I had. My last internship was in a special school. Most of my students were aged 5-12 and had killed or tried to kill other people. Some students were fans of self-mutilation, taking drugs, drinking and having sex for money. I’m still talking about 5-12 y old students here.

            That was an extreme school with extreme cases. But in the end it all boils down to not escalating, modeling and being consistent. Also, because these students were in a very special situation, teaching English had to take the backseat and the primary aspect of my teaching focused on establishing a connection with my students and then using this connection to teach English.

            When my students told me they wanted to kill me, they really meant it. Still, in the end, most of them were made that way by their environment and the abuse they suffered and once you have a real connection with them, then they will respect you and follow your lead.

            Takes time though. Love too.

            To be fair, I had to punch one student one time in that special school: the kid took boxing classes and was extremely strong and one day he went on a rampage. He ate a chunk of flesh off another teacher’s arm (he bit through the arm and really ate the flesh) and had to be stopped or he could have killed someone else or himself. Once he could not fight anymore the police arrived and took him to a hospital where he received some doses of sedatives. I later learned his foster parents thought he wouldn’t need his medication and sold his drugs to some local junkies for money.

          • elizabeth

            Thanks for sharing :)

          • biggj

            Sure that shit may work in controlled environments….But in the outside world he will not ready for other people. What is going to happen to this kid grows up and he makes a mistake at work and his boss yells and screams at him? His brain won’t comprehend what going on. And most likely have a nervous break down.”Why did my boss not sit me down and show me respect just explain to me positive reinforcement what I did wrong?” …..Because the world is not like that. The world can be a back stabbing, awful, violent place. Kid has to be ready for that..

          • Atlas

            Well biggj, if your boss is screaming at you for making a mistake then you obviously have a bigger problem than not knowing how to handle stress and other people don’t you think?

            Tell me if I’m wrong, but is this your view of education: “Treating children badly so they are used to it as they grow up”?

          • elizabeth

            Exactly. As much as children need to be protected, they also need to learn how to handle challenges, disappointments, etc. in life without taking the easy way out.

          • Lee McKinnis

            So how does sitting on the ground make some realize there is backstabbing.

          • masonman

            Yes because that logic works (see image)

            Also, children who grow up around kindness are able to distinguish good people from assholes, so they are better at dealing with them. Why do you think people who are abused more often get themselves into abuse relationships?

          • masonman

            “As long as it is done out of love without undue harm to the child”

            All physical punishments only work because they psychologically harm the child. If they don’t cause any sort of pain, it wouldn’t modify the childs behavior.

            “I have been caned before as a kid, as a last resort, mostly for crying and sulking because I couldn’t get what I wanted. It helped me to grow up.”

            How do you know it did that? You know it modified your behavior. Of course you will look at it in this way. To look at it in a different way would be to accept that your parents did something wrong, something abusive, and that is hard for most people to accept. I’m sorry that you had to experience that as a child. I don’t think anybody deserves that.

            “In fact, giving me more candies and attention made me worse because I knew (or thought) that I would eventually get my way if I cried even more.”

            From what I have seen, this comes from bad parenting in the past. The child has a parent they don’t feel they can communicate with. Parents who ALWAYS – from the moment their child is born – respond and acknowledge and (later on) discuss their feelings and their child’s feelings have children who NEVER have temper tantrums, never feel the need to cry to get their way. Not once. Because the communication is there. They don’t feel like they can only get what they want through manipulation.

          • elizabeth

            Psychological damage?

            If you mean ‘fear’, yes, because fear of pain is a natural deterrent. Psychologically damaged other than fear of pain? No, I learnt the limits of what was acceptable and what was not. The message I got was:

            Wanting something without being good is not acceptable. I have to be good to earn what I want.


            Nope. If you want something and you get positive signals by being satisfied in some ways, you will think it is possible to get what you want with more of the same behavior. That is not manipulation. It’s conditioning.

            Lack of communication?

            I wouldn’t want to have any other for a mother because I can feel her love for us. She would spend time everyday telling us stories, I would watch her sew, cook for us and we would go for walks. When I did not do as well as expected in one of my exams and went home crying, she hugged me and said it was alright and I could always try harder the next time. Those a just some of the things she did for and with us.

            And what was that little bit of caning compared to the hardships my mother had gone through? That made me tough. That taught never to take things for granted.

            Loving parents never hit their child. That may be the message you got from your parents. But loving parents do hit their child. That’s the message I got from mine (although my father always only hit the furniture).

            Just because something worked for you does not mean no other ways would work. There is no one foolproof method of disciplining a child. What works for you may not work for me and vice versa.

          • Lee McKinnis

            >And what was that little bit of caning compared to the hardships my mother had gone through?

            A lesser evil is still an evil.

      • Atlas

        Middle-ground fallacy.

        I guess that could be used for anything right?:

        “Well Mr.Judge, I only raped my neighbor in moderation. Look how careful I have been to avoid the negative effects.”

        Yes, I’m sure that would go well

        Replace raped with: beaten, abused, or any word of your choice.

        • elizabeth


          • Atlas

            No it’s not. A strawman would be rephrasing your argument so that it’s premises would not be the same. You argument is a fallacy of the middle-ground: things in moderation are better than going all the way or not at all.

            Well, turns out bad things, even in moderation, are simply bad. Good things in moderation are also bad: “please don’t love your children too much” <-Wtf?

          • elizabeth

            Moderation isn’t the same as middle ground. You have changed the premises. Please do not argue for argument’s sake.

    • Atlas

      I want to start by saying I love you.

      As a teacher, children abuse is a topic of concern to me and studies after studies have shown as far back as the 1900s that using physical punishment won’t help your children. If they turn up as good people later in life it will be in spite of the abuse, not thanks to it.

      The fact that children are given less respect and consideration than adults or even animals (in the West) is appalling.

  • winterbitten

    Something I’ve been wondering, specifically since I saw a mother take a kid and slam his head into street light during the middle of the day with a lot of people watching. More than once before dragging him down the street around a corner.

    When it comes to children when would you intervene in your home country? Would you react the same way to the same thing here? More specifically with situations that weren’t likely result in a dead kid but bad enough that there would be some kind of serious lasting injury (physical or psychological).

    I can’t remember ever seeing someone stop another person hitting a kid in the US but for sure have seen them at least yell at, badmouth, or try and convince the parent to stop.

    I myself feel a little hesitant to do anything in China specifically because I’m in a smaller town and it would be very easy for that mother to find out where I work/live and come with a mob or some guanxi to retaliate. At the same time I did some nasty things as a kid but never had my head slammed into anything really.. I can’t imagine what a 7 year old could have done to get punished this way (i.e. the mother had no justifiable reason to do so).

    • Cauffiel

      I don’t think you’d have to worry about a mob as much as the woman simply telling the cops you attacked her, and of course the child is not going to disagree with the mother… you’d be screwed, pay out lots of money for her pain and suffering.

  • lin

    8 year old children don’t understand much and aren’t mature yet. She was punished for not completing her homework assignments but here’s a question, where the hell were you (the dad) when she was supposed to do HW???!!! As a parent, how can you not watch your child do her homework or check if her homework was finished????!!!

    When I was younger, my family would check my school planner (where hw was written down in a list) and see if I had completed the assignment. it is a parent’s responsibility to make sure his child is behaving correctly. Because of his own lack of responsibility, he’s making his own daughter suffer -_-”’ If anything, you are the one at the larger fault. She’s a child and you’re an adult, how would a child know better than an adult? Maybe when she’s older but at 8, definitely not.

    • Germandude

      “The fear of the stick is weaker than the taste of the lollipop”.

      I am surprised that studies in all kinds of fields show that kids are more attracted by a short-term reward such as a candy than they are afraid of being punshed for not doing e.g. homework. People can get used to pain because: “Hey, I survived last time, it’s not too bad”, while the attraction of a benefit “Hm, this candy is my favorite, I want more” doesn’t lose attraction much.

      Interesting to see that we have figured out to control lions and dolphins with this whole “do this, receive reward” system of reinforcement. And with kids, people fall back to punishment instead of reward.

      • Atlas

        Actually, rewards are as much damaging as negative reinforcements in the mid-long run. In a nutshell: children will integrate that things are worth doing for the reward and that what they are doing would probably not be worth doing if there were no reward attached to the action. Alternatively, children rewarded for being generous tend on average to be less generous in later life than kids who were not rewarded for being generous.


        • lin

          Please research the definition of negative reinforcement….it is different from a punishment. I took psychology, those 2 terms mean totally different things.

          Positive reinforcement = you did this, great job and you did what you were supposed to do, you get a piece of candy
          Negative reinforcement = becuz you did something wrong or didnt do something that I told you to do, you wont get candy

          And the child would crave for the candy, therefore the child will eventually ALWAYS complete the task given.

          That’s how ppl train dogs, they want more treats, so they “sit” and “roll” to impress you so they could get something extra to eat

          • Atlas

            Yes, we train dogs like this because they are not people. Or are you suggesting that children are like dogs? You were right about the positive/negative reinforcement though. Mixed up my terminology.

            Still, the more you reward children for doing something, the less likely they are to do it in the future. Rewards are for short-term thinkers.

          • lin

            Actually a children’s brain works similarly to a dog’s brain. It’s all about wanting more and being lured. Scientists used dogs to study reinforcement, so really dogs and humans aren’t as different as you think it is. Take a psycology class, it’s quite surprising.
            The children would only refuse to do it in the future if there isn’t negative reinforcement, Because then they think they could just get away from things. Which is why it is important to enforce what is right and what is wrong. But the way the father was doing it was too much. It was 104 degrees…when it’s 90 degrees, we’d all be in our rooms in front of the A/C. Can you imagine a girl in the sun for 3 hours and under 104 degrees???!!! Dehydration and sun burns can sound like nothing but they may also cause pretty severe damage. Even if it doesn’t, it’s still not pleasant for someone to stay under the sun at 104 degrees, It’s torture. He didnt need to taker it that far

          • Atlas

            Instead of a class in psychology, how about an entire degree in education and a masters in progress?

            Also, you don’t enforce right and wrong with children. You teach them to understand the difference between right and wrong and to make the choice to be good.

          • lin

            Yes, explaining what’s right and wrong, that’s what I said in the first freaking comment. But without enforcement, explaining is useless. So both should be done. For example, you can tell a child, “don’t play with the stove” all you want. But they will never stop until you tell them or show that it is a bad thing to do. Cuz then they’ll be like “Well, it doesn’t make it difference whether I touch it or not, so I might as well do it”.

            And also, I only commented to say that what the father did was wrong because the punishment was too cruel…that’s it. I’m not here to say that there should be NO punishment at all, but cruel and unusual punishment should not be allowed

          • Lee McKinnis

            I am sure what the father did was “positive punishment”. Also, children are more well developed than dogs. There’s studied of 8 month old babies displaying signs of empathy.

      • Badenser

        With 5000 year of culture blowing your sails, it is an easy thing to control lions and dolphins with a candy.
        Ever went to the zoo in China? Have a look at their bad teeth. Should be evidence enough….

  • Irvin

    Now you know the true meaning of “college starts at kindergarten”. If parents in china found a way to make their children study right after they’re born, THEY WOULD!

    • Sounds like Chinese people and their ways to have face when their child achieves such and such super stardom in being #1 or going to a prestigeous school

    • Mighty曹

      And people thought ‘Tiger Mom’ is too tough here. lol

  • YourSupremeCommander

    If I was her I would move the 2 feet and be in the shade, na mean?

    • Mighty曹

      If she moved without permission she risks a beating.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        Risking a beating that might or might not happen is way better than cooking in the sun, which is guaranteed. Besides, you are showing your father that you at least got some smarts / common sense out of all this madness and not some retarded kid that only does what they are told.

        • Mighty曹

          Any authority figure who punishes kids like this will not see such action as having “smarts/common sense”. He’ll only see defiance and will likely to get even more pissed off.

  • christina

    I agree that corporal punishment can be useful, but parents have to be finely attuned to the line between effective discipline and abuse. This dad crossed that line.

    • Atlas

      Corporal punishment is useful when you want obedience from someone – not love, respect or any form of peaceful relationship.

      So yes, if you own someone, then violence is definitely useful to maintain control.

      • christina

        Perhaps we’re thinking of different things when we hear “corporal punishment.” When I (purposely) did something wrong as a child, I would get a smack on the palm of my hand or on my bottom with a ruler. The greater the transgression, the more smacks I’d get (averaged about 4 or 5). It didn’t hurt, but the gesture sure made an impression on me and ensured that I would think twice when tempted to do something similar the next time. I respect and love my parents very much, and, growing up, knew without a doubt that they loved me too.

        I don’t consider the corporal punishment I received from my parents violent or abusive, and it did not diminish the love or respect in our relationship- it did, however, increase my obedience (thank goodness, cuz I was a nightmare), which is not mutually exclusive from love and respect.

        • Atlas

          It’s great that you feel that way. Unfortunately, studies have shown time after time that the damage of any form of corporal punishment is greater than the positive outcomes we may pursue.

          Also, I want to challenge the idea that being obedient can go hand in hand with love and respect. Love and respect are exclusive of obedience because if you love and respect someone you will never ask for their obedience. Loving someone implies that what a person is is good in your mind and respect implies that what a person is you will accept. Obedience means doing (or making someone do) things regardless of their natural inclination. We expect obedience from people who are below us (such as slaves). You can’t respect or love someone you think is below you.

      • linette lee

        Young children sometimes light spanking will definitely work. If they are repeat offender even after multiple warnings and explaining. They need a light spanking to fear authority and won’t commit the same offense again. I remember when I was young as a child I would not do my homework even after my mom kept telling me reminding me and explaining to me. I understood I was not doing the right thing but I just didn’t care. After she hit my hand I would fear her and do all my homework without her asking. I didn’t want her to threaten me to hit my hand or butt.

  • Jen_in_NY

    I just don’t see how publicly (or privately, for that matter) humiliating a child and causing him or her to suffer physical pain/discomfort is effective parenting in the long run.

  • Archie

    i love how so many think because there is a saying that fits the situation, that the saying must be true. “Loving mothers tend to have failing children”.

  • AgeofDespair

    Things are pretty messed up in China. Wealth and cultural gaps are getting wider and wider. And exactly why more people should know about. I saw this interesting campaign, some of you may want to read it:

  • linette lee

    Sunburn damage skin = increase risk of skin cancer. Young children are at higher risk. Maybe the father should sit under the sun daily to give himself some sunburn or maybe skin cancer. Only the very uneducated people will do this kind of thing because they don’t understand the medical risk behind it. I bet this father is one of those who put soy sauce on a burn from hot pot or hot water claiming that will stop the burn. Chinese TV should have more educational programs teaching people basic medical stuff and basic safety issue. And maybe those parents to be should go through classes required by the government learning basic child safely to raise children. WTF.

    • When I was about 10, my parents owned this awesome houseboat out on this Lake Greeson that we would hang out on every other weekend or so. This is way back in the days when the Hale Bopp comet was flying over. Anyway one weekend we’re out there, and I get sunburned so bad on my legs that they scab over across my thighs and I’m unable to walk for about a week. By the time I got into my late 20’s, I have had 3 skin cancers removed (one of them just a month or so ago). Luckily they’ve been weak basal cell carcinomas, which are no big deal at all. But yeah, that sun damage will catch up with anyone.

      • linette lee

        hey whisker, I am so glad you are okay. Hope you don’t have to deal with that anymore. Wear sunscreen don’t let yourself get sunburn. :)

  • Karze

    Love and health of Child is more important than education. Success in life is not just dependant on securing high marks in school.

    She must be terrified of the dad. This kind of punishment will instil fear and insecurity in adult life.

  • Karze

    May be the dad never had a loving parent during his childhood. So he perpetuating his life experience on her.

  • shade

    this man should be in jail for child abuse

  • don mario

    promised he would never do this again? i dont think thats quite enough. should of been made to do some kind of public service punishment and threatened with a public chengguan beating if he ever did it again.

    • Cauffiel

      Chengguan only protect their own interests.

  • chai

    typical chinese…

  • Freddi BuBu

    Seriously, are these scenarios staged by you guys at Chinasmack….?!

  • Jay

    While I agree parents have right to educate their child as they see fit. This is child’s abuse!

  • AntiNSA

    I abso;ute;y aprove of the fathers behaviour. There are too many on this board who have not seen babies in the countryside growing up from peasant families eating mice and frogs and facing a life of no-way out. It may appear harsh to you. but you never had to go daily for kilometers to get fresh water to drink or other things. I am sure when she started her work it was shady.

  • Disgusted Westerner

    Chinese people have no compassion. They are savages

  • mackistine

    This is a clear crime and brutality against child. What if this kid don’t get good marks even than , would his father going to give 3rd degree torture to this little girl just in name of well being of this daughter. Chinese culture , Chinese Govt. Chinese law is just disgusting , shameful and based on rule threatening people and same people do in their families. Later if by luck when this little girl became mom and have family she will do same with her kids. Criminal society , criminal country . Nothing glorious about china , even their progress downgraded them futher in human and moral values.

  • mackistine

    It can only be considered as punishment if her father also sat on same floor for same time.

  • NanaOsaki

    This is worse than what I see on the news in Florida for what parents do when a child doesn’t get good grades sometime. They would make the child stand on the side-walk with a sign telling what they did.

    Why not just make the child sit and do homework around the table for that amount of hours or more

  • Mike Lovett

    Give me the address. I will haul that dad out by his ears, strip him down to his underwear, make him lie face down on the ground while I sit on him with my hat on, reading a novel; I will decide when that loathsome prick gets up.