Liu Xiang Announces Divorce due to Personality Clashes



Former olympic hurdler Liu Xiang announced an impending divorce from actress Ge Tian after only 9 months of marriage, citing incompatible personalities. Many netizens speculated that Ge Tian’s role in an anti-Japanese TV series had something to do with the divorce. The show was canceled after a racy scene in which Ge Tian’s character hides a grenade in her pants. Liu writes that “We hope we can each live a better life from today on.” Amused netizens circulated the hashtag “crotch-hidden bomb” on Weibo, one netizen joking that “Using a hand grenade is enough; no need for a man anymore.”

Source: Netease

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  • redlobster

    The pictures in the article do not load anymore.

  • StronzoBestiale

    A novel update on a girl having ants in her pants.

  • donscarletti

    Seeing that video made me think: “Ho fo sho.”