Liu Xiang Retires, Chinese Netizens Divided on His Legacy

Liu Xiang Retires, Chinese Netizens Divided on His Legacy

Liu Xiang, world renowned 110 meter hurdler and Olympic gold medalist, announced his retirement on Chinese microblogging platform Sina Weibo with a 2,000-word article, ‘My track, my hurdle’. The news caused a sensation in China. While his newlywed wife posted words of encouragement and Nike, his biggest sponsor for 13 years, made a series of ads speaking highly of his athletic spirit, Chinese netizens seemed divided between those who hailed him as a national hero wishing him all the best and those who still resented his withdrawal from the 2008 Olympics and his stumble at the 2012 Olympics.

Source: Netease

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  • Guest

    does anyone know what happened to chinasmack? o_o

    • Guest

      never mind i read comments in other article ><

      • Mighty曹

        Nah, let’s keep them. That’s more entertaining than what’s been provided here.

      • 山炮 ShanPao

        Be careful, Alex Durag will get you!

        • Alex Dương

          Dunno what your beef is.

          • 山炮 ShanPao

            Smoked with cheese.

          • mr.wiener

            More like turkey on rye.
            Could you leave out the spam? You are giving me a haddock.

          • Jahar

            Smoked meat, Montreal style . Add some mustard and sauerkraut.

          • mr.wiener

            Cold roast lamb with last nights gravy thinly spread on sour dough bread with some fresh coriander leaf (cilantro)

          • Jahar

            was with you til you said cilantro

    • dag

      The original Chinasmack went where all turds go to.

  • Xia

    I like him more now as the athlete who did not give up and gave his all to his sport than when he was hyped as a gold medalist.

  • Dolph Grunt

    I’m still trying to decide if I like the new format to Chinasmack. In the past, the way I generally read ChinaSmack was to read the headline, skip down to the Chinese comments then skim through your guys comments. One of those options be missing now.

    Stories like this particular one are pretty useless to post if you’re not going to have the Chinese comments. I’m not trying to be insulting, just plain accurate. This story shows up on a number of regular news searches with much more information. Putting it on ChinaSmack without the comments makes it just fluff.

    Who knows. Maybe this is the beginning of something big and I’m an idiot. Right now it just feels like the meat has been replaced by tofu in the Chinasmack hamburger.

    Anyways, the Disqus comments are still entertaining.

    • 42

      Maybe the focus now is on your comment and the news article, instead of the opinion of others in a foreign country.

      Tend to think of it, it is utter pathetic and rude to talk behind peoples back and ridicule and critisize their internet comments without them even knowing it. I mean, get a life!

      It is sad to see people cannot discuss on the news subject at hand when there is nothing to bash about…..

      • Yolanee

        But the comments were what was interesting about chinasmack, it’s interesting to know what people inside think about it.

        If I just want plain old news and then talk about them there are many other sites to do that.

      • Jahar

        Uh, he’s not talking behind anyone’s back. Learn to read. As for when people do ridicule and criticize them, it’s not behind their backs. This isn’t a secret website. It’s neither easy nor convenient for us to post on those websites, otherwise we wouldn’t have to do it here. If you want to translate all our posts and re-post them back there, go ahead.

      • Dolph Grunt

        I don’t understand your reference to “talk behind people’s backs.”

        Who is talking behind who’s back?

      • mwal

        42 posted: “Maybe the focus now is on your comment and the news article, instead of the opinion of others in a foreign country.”

        What foreign country? It’s the country where the news items take place.

        I’m not interested in how the Japanese, Americans, or even Patagonians feel about the things happening in China, because their opinions are biased according to their own country’s views.

        With Chinese opinion absent, all that’s left is “the opinion of others in a foreign country”, and the site becomes useless.

  • Luke the Duke

    This reformat is incredibly boring. Tiny short summary of a story, no netizen comments… Why, Chinasmack, why?

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    The prince of flop finally couldn’t face his countrymen any longer! If he didn’t retire now and the country enlisted him, he won’t even have a legitimate reason to refuse! You can flop on the tracks…but you absolutely cannot flop in bed! Ge Tian’s (Liu Xiang’s wife) libido isn’t just strong, it’s pretty incredible! As those who have tried her already know!
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    Those dissing Liu Xiang are all motherfucking bitches, he fought for the country’s honour, could you? He’s a hero!
    网易浙江省温州市手机网友 宗泽大元帅:3959


    All this glory, but due to one injury and one fall, the encouragements and applause stopped, only the smear campaign remained unending. He’s a legend, but alas he was born in the wrong place, a place where people are disturbed and twisted.


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    The best actor.


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    Liu Xiang of 12.8 seconds, you’ve been beaten by Lei Zheng Fu. (A corrupt official who is well-known for coming too fast during sex.)

  • Vance

    Judging from what I am reading in the Chinasmack comments regarding the current format, and that the translations of the Chinese netizens comments are missing, I think a lesson has been learned here: That the world would be a boring place without Chinese people.

  • Alex Dương


    1. Liu continued to win major events and set a world record after his “flash in the pan.”

    2. Li won two major titles.

    3. Lin is in his fourth season in the NBA.

    I doubt you’ve accomplished anything close to what they have.

    • biggj

      Don’t be a dick.

      • Alex Dương

        I think you should tell Juan that. He seems to have issues with Chinese people rooting for their own athletes or athletes of Chinese / Taiwanese ancestry.

  • Jahar

    The writer doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of “world renowned.”

    • Alex Dương

      Olympic gold medal, World Championship gold medal, World Indoor Championship gold medal, world record holder, yeah, Jahar…totally not world renowned.

      • Jahar

        It’s fucking hurdles.

        • Alex Dương

          And? So the only “world renowned” people that count are the people who do things you follow?

          • Jahar

            well, when I’m fucking talking about my fucking opinion, of course only fucking people who do things that i fucking follow fucking count. Are you fucking retarded?

          • Jahar

            And yes I know I said ” the meaning of”

          • Alex Dương

            Then you’re fucking selfish. Grow up.

  • JayJay

    The title suggests division amongst netizens… So where are the comments??

  • Balkan

    The new format is seriously disappointing. Why did you guys destroy the best and unique feature of Chinasmack?

    • daz

      Why do you care? Most of the time the comments are lost in translation or, if they do make sense, posters here just use them as an excuse to point out how petty Chinese are in comparison to the awesome whiteys. :-)

      • Alex Dương

        I agree that some people unfairly cherry pick to push a view that the Chinese are this or that. You can see that in this article where some people seem to have issues with Chinese people being proud of Liu Xiang’s accomplishments. But I wouldn’t say that this is the case “most of the time.”

  • Adam McMurchie

    I have been reading Chinasmack for years, but they stop translating the neitizens comments then I am going to leave and my friends will too..

    • Donesque

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out mate.

  • Balkan

    Yeah, it’s sad. They have destroyed it and haven’t even bothered to offer an explanation why they did it. Very disappointing:-(

    • Alex Dương

      chinaSMACK is undergoing changes. These shorter posts will be a mainstay from now on, but the plan is to still translate what’s popular and trending, including the netizens’ comments.

  • daz

    Winning a gold medal (or a grand slam) is a ‘flash in the pan’? What do you smoke?

  • dag

    One in a billion!!!

  • dag

    Liu Xiang is not a virgin any more.

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