Lives Like Garbage: Children with Birth Defects Abandoned

A Chinese child with cerebral palsy licks milk powder off a bed to feed.

A Chinese child with cerebral palsy licks milk powder off a bed to feed.

From ifeng & NetEase:

Photo Story: Lives like garbage

Since 1986, Henan Lankao County’s Yuan Lihai has already adopted over 100 foundlings [abandoned babies]. Those who have grown up to marry and work have left, and there are still 39 with her today, some suffering from albinism, some with cleft palates. Yuan Lihai peddles goods on the street to make a living for herself and these abandoned babies, while her husband who opposed her taking in abandoned babies has separated from her. Photography: Lu Guang from the August issue of Lens magazine. [click to enlarge]

Five abandoned Chinese children adopted by a Yuan Lihai lie on a straw bed in Henan.

Five foundlings lie on a bed made of a straw mattress and dirty bedding, some playing, some dozing. The honeycomb briquettes at the head of the bed are stacked very high and could easily fall onto the bed if not careful. This is a residence of Henan Lankao County’s Yuan Lihai. Beginning in 1987, Yuan Lihai has taken in handicapped or diseased children, having adopted over 100 over the past 25 years, with some of the children having died due to severe illness and inadequate medical treatment. Yuan Lihai is rather well-known locally, with the ordinary common people, hospital, and even 110 [police, emergency services] all sending children they have found to her. At a certain level, the inadequacy of public welfare institutions [orphanages] has pushed these kinds of “private orphanages” towards complications between morality, law, and interest/profit.

Two foster children, one an albino, in dirty clothes donated by kind-hearted people.

Yuan Lihai does not have a permanent residence in Lankao County, normally living in a tent where she peddles goods on the street. She has a total of four places where the children live, with dozens of children living in two small homes. No far in the back are Lankao’s high-end villas. Compared to feeding, the problem of clothing the children is slightly easier to overcome. In the past, it was always the neighbors or the people’s government who would provide a little and scavenging some off the streets. Those that the larer children have outgrown, the smaller children can continue wearing. When the clothes have holes, Yuan Lihai would patch them up. After gradually becoming known, many kind-hearted people have donated their old clothes and shoes for the children to wear, resulting in a heap that has become a small mountain.

A Chinese foster child who is tied to a bed.

In certain places of Yuanping in Shanxin province, adoption/foster care has already become a business. However, foster families often cannot provide foundlings very good care. In order to lessen the hassles of watching [the child], this household has used a rope to tie this foster boy to the heatable brick bed, restricting his movement. (This photo’s photographer: Yang Meng)

Several foster children in China lying on a bed.

Shanxi Jiexiu County’s Mao Naifeng gave birth to a set of fraternal twins, the children’s arrival having brought great joy to the entire family. However, 14 months later they discovered that of the two children, one has encephalatrophy and the other has hydrocephalus, resulting in lower-body paralysis, unable to walk. However, Mao Naifeng and her husband did not give up, the wife persisting in massaging and moving the child’s four limbs in hopes of rehabilitation. At present, the incidence of birth defects in China is 13-15%, with the majority occurring in the rural countryside, not without relation to the lack of pregnancy exams, environmental pollution, and other reasons. However, in certain developed countries of Europe and America, the incidence of deformity is basically kept at 3-4%. Due to the amount and limits of public welfare coverage, many families are often pushed to poverty by handicap and disability, and often forced into the ethical dilemma of abandoning such babies.

Several children adopted by Yuan Lihai surround an abandoned baby who has just passed away from illness.

2010 September 23 night, this mentally handicapped child who had been fostered for six months died from illness. Because he had not reached one year, he doesn’t have a name. This was the 21st infant Yuan Lihai found last year, as well as the tenth baby to die from sickness. Children who spend every day with each other surround their just passed away little brother, reluctant to leave his side.

An old Chinese man burying a dead baby in a field.

2010 September 23 day, this foundling without a name has been taken to a distant place to be buried, the child’s eyes still slightly open, as if with a sliver of attachment to this world it never knew.

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Comments from NetEase:

发盖煨 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

Bastards! May all the people of the government, Red Cross, and charity organizations all die without none left!!!!

美文化 [网易河南省网友]:

A good person… A kind old grandpa… May you be healthy and live a long life… If interested, click my name…

月君怡然 [网易江苏省连云港市网友]:

2010 September 23 day, this foundling without a name has been taken to a distant place to be buried, the child’s eyes still slightly open, as if with a sliver of attachment to this world it never knew.

骑着牛去上网 [网易山东省青岛市网友]:

Even the ones 110 [police] find are sent here? There’s no orphanage?
No Red Cross Society? A bunch of people can’t even compare with one old person? I will never donate again, not even one cent.

正18 [网易浙江省绍兴市网友]:

The Black Cross Society [refers to a corrupt Red Cross Society] is very calm~~~~~~~ Charity organizations express no pressure~~~~~~

kaifengsyb [网易河南省三门峡市网友]:

Lives like garbage, isn’t it so for ourselves as well!


After reading this, I find myself unable to say anything. Hope these children can live healthily and happily.
Those human scum: CNM!!!!!

网易浙江省绍兴市网友 [shanbudeniu]:

Actually, donating money cannot completely solve the problem. Those people who abandon these babies should take responsibility. The government has responsibility for giving a normal life to these innocent abandoned children. Poverty really isn’t a very big problem, I was poor too when I was small. When I was 8-years-ol, my family often could not afford to eat. I trust that a lot of people were poor when they were small, but my parents were always with me, I always had a family’s warmth, never abandoned.

awewadw [网易广东省网友]:

Strongly request that Yuan Lihai’s bank account number be provided, I hope I can provide all that I can to help!!

hisin [网易浙江省宁波市网友]:

Brother [referring to self] is very moved. Though brother currently has no car nor house, and can’t afford to find a wife, brother is willing to make a one time donation of 1000!

命若垃圾 [网易浙江省网友]:

Really, even as a grown man, my face is covered in tears reading this. These poor lives. God, why have you so heartlessly abandoned these little lives? “They” may not care, but you don’t care either?

醉酒中 [网易江苏省无锡市网友]:

Beasts, irresponsible parents. If you give birth to them, then you should take responsibility, even if they suffer from congenital diseases.

無毛誤國 [网易山东省潍坊市网友]:

The responsibilities of the government are given to the ordinary common people to do, and the ordinary common people’s money is taken by the government.


WY (NetEase), if you’re going to report this, then you might as well go all the way.
Not much money, [but] bank account number, bank account number, bank account number…


I wonder just how many of these children’s lives could be saved with just one of Guo Meimei‘s bags…

Some additional pictures and captions on Sina:

A Chinese child with cerebral palsy licks milk powder off a bed to feed.

Amongst the children Chen Tianwen has adopted, many of them suffer from cleft palates, leg deformities, cerebral palsy, and polio. Dang Xiaohu, bent over the heatable brick bed, was born with cerebral palsy. With stiff/rigid limbs, he is unable to take care of himself. When eating, he can only lick with his mouth. Chen Tianwen husband and wife pour milk powder on the bed for the children with cerebral palsy to eat.

A Chinese boy with cerebral palsy needs his mother's help when urinating.

Shanxi Jiexiu County, Chang Haodong is 6-years-old this year, born with cerebral palsy, and walks around like a duck, and still needs his mother’s help to urinate. His daddy and mommy have persisted in getting him treatment, as well as sending him to a nearby kindergarten, having him learn with normal children.

A little girl with a tumor on her back sits on the edge of a bed unable to play with the other kids.

The children in Chen Tianwen’s home all must frolic/romp a bit before going to bed each night. On the edge of the heatable brick bed is Dang Ouou who can only meekly sit. On her back is a tumor that impacts her nerves, paralyzing her lower half. Since she has not yet undergone surgery, Ouou currently finds it uncomfortable when sleeping.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Tom

    Disabled children in China are seen as more of a curse than a blessing. Fights regularly break out in my hospital when children are born with deformities, the parents scream because they missed the chance to kill the child legally. ( Once they are born there are few options for their parents, it is a very sad situation.

    • The parents can always claim the child was born with the worst deformity of all: Japanese ethnicity. It’s rare, but deadly!

      That way it is perfectly legal to load the kid into a cannon to shoot them out of.

      • Tengu

        Like a circus cannon and shoot them into North Korea.

      • Ignorant Racists

        bite your tongue next time .. with that kind of attitude and unabashed callousness you’ll probably be cursed with deformed children or worse sterility

        • Why the hot blistering fuck would sterility be worse than having deformed children?

        • I didn’t clarify: the cannon is firing at the enemies of China, each “foundling bullet” taking down scores of infidels and unbelievers.

          I think the worst children to have would be those who can’t take a joke. Life would be grim for them at the orphanage, but their bitterness will keep them warm through the night.

    • hooots

      Is it usually the father or the mother that doesn’t want to keep the kid?

      • Tengu

        For me…it was BOTH!

        • b. prichard

          Did you have to rely on friendly wolves to raise you as I did?

    • San Migs

      A bit like Nazi Germany in their quest for the “perfect” child?

      • Tengu

        That was real fast….

        Godwin’s Law:
        “”As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1 (100%).”

        • Maitiu

          Well, to be fair, if the jackboot fits…

    • Fred

      How can albinism or a cleft palate be considered a disability? This gives the lie to the claim that people reject disabled children because they worry they won’t be able to look after them in their old age.

      Many of these children are not mentally or physically disadvantaged in any way. Their parents are rejecting them because they are “ugly”. And this is the real ugliness of this story.

      • I agree. Albinism has little to no effect on a child’s mental and physical capabilities. A cleft palate causes speech and eating problems, sure, but it’s easily overcome.

        The Chinese government is great at pushing for a specific kind of “citizen”, it wouldn’t be hard for them to flex their infinite power and take care of these children. Although I doubt it’s the central government turning a blind eye, something tells me that state governments are the ones to blame.

  • Alex

    ok the dead baby waiting to be buried might be the worst thing i’v ever seen,

    • Stu

      Agreed. It’s an incredible photo, really.

  • Forget aircraft carriers; what china needs are pants. For kids.

    • Tengu

      Aircraft Carrier (singular)…Italy has three.

      The Russians have some used kids pants you can grab.

      Yuan Lihai is like the Mother Theresa of Henan. She lives in a tent, took in 21 kids last rear and had 10 die. That’s an amazing woman, too bad she didn’t have more assistance from the outside.

      @ Alex that is one of the worst things I’ve seen.

      The little girl with the tumor on her back, the baby being buried in the field….Christ, how lucky are the rest of us?

    • Just John

      And easily removable garments for Shanghai metro female passengers?

      Just putting it out there…

      • Tengu

        Always thinking outside the box!!!!!!!!

  • John Wayne

    Guess China has not copied America’s residential treatment centers yet. China did a good jobn copying our clothes, cars, and now a warship. How come they can’t copy our treatment centers for abandoned youth with medical or mental porblems?

    • Tengu

      We don’t exactly have it down to a science, in 1980 massachusetts had Proposition 2 1/12 to tighten the budget, they closed the “State Hospitals”, they all wound up on the street.

      Walter Reed was closed when they found out veterans were wallowing in filth and cockroaches there.

      They combined it with the Naval Hospital in Bethesda, they’re just adding on, not building an entirely new facility.

      Abandoned Youth programs in the US? Where?

      Most of our young kids with drug, alcohol, or mental problems usually just cycle through our criminal justice system, we ‘re not doing anything incredibly pro-active.

    • Tengu

      It’s an aircraft carrier and the got it USED from the Russians!!!!!

  • eattot

    if those parents, they know they should go to hospital do DNA test when pregnant to make sure kids are healthy, then at least not so many sad stories.
    that’s what our high school biology teacher told us.

    • Tengu

      With a deformity rate of 13-15% nationwide amniocentesis should be a requirement.

      “Hooots” isn’t here yet, what say you and I….

      • hooots

        …The more the merrier… ;)

        • Tengu

          Gonna take some doing talking her into a three-way.

          We just got her to stop taking our ears off, she’s using a kaiken instead of her katana. Baby steps…

    • Just John

      Ahh, glad to see old eattot back, whom I can respect.

      Problem is though eattot, while there are some things a prenatal check can spot, there are many that it cannot.

      In fact, many of these comes from mothers not receiving the proper medical care while they are pregnant, resulting in missing dietary nutrients, low birth weights, premature births, all of which increases the rate of birth defects.

      Instead of trying to do extensive testing to ensure the baby is healthy, the focus should be on mothers making sure they are healthy during pregnancy, which would cut down the rates dramatically.

      So, if you know a pregnant mother, make sure she has her regular checkups, takes her prenatal vitamins, and stays in healthy environments so pollutants cannot increase the chance of birth defects.

      If you want more on this topic, see this site:

      There are many more like that if you want more information, just look up in Google the terms: preventing birth defects.

      • Tengu

        As the Bard says…”Therein lies the rub!”

        Most polluted country on the planet, incidence is high in the rural; areas, not seeing much of a move to help the rural areas other than decimate the male population for workers building the skyscraper forest.

        “Chemicals spill into Chinese rivers nearly every day, and have left nearly all of the nation’s surface water unfit for human consumption.”

        The Yellow River is virtually dead, beyond reclamation…never be productive again.

        We’re way downstream of hoping these rural woman have regular checkups.

        I think the true results of this are simply beginning to pop up and these kids are proof of that, they’re the “canaries in the coal mine.”

    • Yes. If for once and for all they can isolate that terrible “poors” gene, we can finally get rid of this “poor” problem once and for all!

      The only other solution I can think of is to surgically remove your conscience so such stories won’t make you feel bad.

    • Brett Hunan

      Your high school biology teacher needs to study more biology. Tengu and John have already posted, so I will make this short. You can’t test for many of these problems, and it is not a cheap process. Most likely far too expensive for anyone living in the countryside (where the water and air quality have been known to lead to birth defects much higher than the normal percentage).

    • mr. weiner

      I wonder how many future Steven Hawkins and Einsteins would be aborted thanks to your DNA testing?, the kids ain’t the problem, it’s the attitude that heaven is punishing you if you have a kid the isn’t normal

    • hooots

      Don’t worry everybody. eattot and I are expecting a beautiful healthy baby named hooottot (thanks Tengu) in exactly 8 months 30 days and 23 hours.


      Time for a cigarette and a nap!

      High five!

      • hooots

        And I can assure all of you that it will be neither poor nor ugly. But, it might breathe fire.

  • Foreign Devil

    I’m surprised to see the albino boy there. Knowing Chinese love for all things white. . I would have thought he would be a hot commodity! He could even pass himself off as a “bai pifu laowai xuesheng” when he gets older to get some good money.

    • Tengu

      Well there wroth about $250,000 for “parts” in Tanzania. Kenyans have been kidnapping the, promising them jobs, moving them to the Tanzania/Burundi border, selling them to middle men who turn them over to witch doctors…they get dismembered.

      What a fucked world we live in…

      Although it is heartening to see Kenyans have interests other than coming into my damn city and winning the marathon every year…18 times since 1988!

      You know what country is conspicuous by its absence and just to add gasoline to the fire…Japan has 8 wins.

      • King Tubby

        Yes, and it seems that the rest of the north African distance dudes have Scandanavian Aryan passports, so they are covering all geographical bases. One was hard pressed sighting a honky in any just about any event.

        At least, this time Liu partially justified the 100million RMB plus spend on him since pre-2008. Nonetheless, a crap investment considering Trinidad/Tobago, Ethiopia etc. All that wasted outlay in PRC sport generally: shit, the money could be better spent buying New York or providing all CS commenters with second wives.

        • Tengu

          100 Million RMB , might get you a decent condo with a nice view in Manhattan, that’s about it.

          Most of the “Aryan” tennis players all have passports from Monaco!

          Well, we just gave up, the brothers are more fleet afoot in track and remember “White Men Can’t Jump.”

          Women’s track is mostly sisters, with the occasional mutant from Poland or some other FSU country.

          Is there an ofay on the USA women’s track team…has to be a couple, but not in any of the premier events…maybe “Distance Walking.”

    • Brett Hunan

      I think he’s a pretty handsome kid. Surprised that albinism is seen as a “deformity”. Aside, from some vision problems, Albinistic are usually just as healthy as anyone else.

      I guess it is just that parents are afraid of what other people will think or say about the family…

  • Song of the Article with Love


    • Just John

      Hurt is about self inflicted pain and centered around drug abuse.
      Horrible fit.

      Better is:
      When the children cry
      -White Lion

      • Just John

        Sorry, here are the lyrics and the link for perusal:

        little child
        dry your crying eyes
        how can I explain
        the fear you feel inside
        cause you were born
        into this evil world
        where man is killing man
        and no one knows just why
        what we have become
        just look what we have done
        all that we destroyed
        you must build again

        when the children cry
        let them know we tried
        cause when the children sing
        then the new world begins

        little child
        you must show the way
        to a better day
        for all the young
        cause you were born
        for all the world to see
        that we all can live
        with love and peace
        no more presidents
        and all the wars will end
        one united world
        under god

        when the children cry
        let them know we tried
        cause when the children sing
        then the new world begins

        what we have become
        just look what we have done
        all that we destroyed
        you must build again
        no more presidents
        and all the wars will end
        one united world
        under god

        when the children cry
        let them know we tried
        when the children fight
        let them know it ain’t right
        when the children pray
        let them know the way
        cause when the children sing
        then the new world begins

      • King Tubby

        Save my Child – Jackson Southernaires …totally killer gospel track with on the money lyrics.

        Extend your musical boundaries children, and you don’t need to be a christian to catch the groove.

        Take note Comrade K.

        • King Tubby

          and you too, Mr Terrior.

  • Anon

    Ofas (and how many hundred more to reverse the damage of former plush loving bums . . . ) The vomitous nature of this article has issues we’d rather not talk about. But heres something.

    Anyone want to sponsor cybernetics for these otherwise useful persons’ brains? One neurotech implant short of a new life (who know they’d be perfect ornaments in some collection) . . . some plastic surgery, abit of DBS and wallah, a person capable of earning millions more than most of the graduates posting comments here. Ms Guo?

    • Just John

      Are we talking Johnny Mnemonic, or Ghost in the Shell here?

      If you are not careful, the next step may be The Matrix.

      • Anon

        With some brain implants, cybernetics and plastic surgery, Any rich person could make these broken people into the coolest cyborg soldiers/sex-toys/movie-stars, don’t write them off just yet. In fact those cybernetics which only need so little material would be quite cheap to normalise these people, make them exceptional.

        The Matrix within the Matrix or the Matrix itself? The best way is to REMOVE the limiting laws that some idiots we idiotically elect keep inflicting on us.

        How about this, would you mind driving on a dirt and gravel road in exchange for dropping road tax?

        Would you mind untrimmed hedges, unpruned trees or drains you have to unclog yourselves, leaf littered sidewalks un exchange for an end to property assessments and quit rents?

        Would you boycott paper currencies for precious metals with the support of your local community so that the government will not be able to print currency as it wishes in unlimited supply, doubtless to be distributed to it’s cronies that weaken companies producing real goods? Don’t even think about electronic/credit card cash, thats even worse.

        Would you vote for a vetting system, that allows vetted volunteer citizens to uniform and arm themselves, make citizen arrests or issue summonses in exchange for the dismantlement of the Police and even Army?

        Would you vote for a FREE educational system that allows all people to build their own cars (after checking for engine stability), to learn medicine (so that hospitals can become a charitable volunteer based thing – with practicing persons being responsible to treatments to non-doctors) etc..?

        Waste not want not. See only potential, even in the disabled. But those who write laws that have profiteering loopholes, are undemocratic, non-transparent, refuse to declare assets, are full of racist hate, are already disabled and the true trash of society. These pictured souls above just need some investment and ‘repairs’, DNA being what it is even repairable, though for certain ‘Gattaca’ like discrimination would occur even then.

        Anyone take up the challenge if the above considerations? A retarded quadraplegic does not need to be put down. A retarded policy maker needs to immediately be put down, much less a Junta. (Good work on retiring Musharraf . . . entirely military based leadership is passe and barbaric, reeks of the threat of crackdowns.)

        There is no Matrix, though what is the shell without the ghost? If enough people vote correctly, or set their mind to run in politics to do all the above, the world would be an easier place to live in, not filled with roadblocks, regulations, or thieves in politics that corrupt society into voting them again and again while the economy worsens.

  • Yes. This is a horrible article that exceeds that of the “abused boy with caved-in head” story. Anyone with a heart but not eattot will feel bad at reading a story of such misery and desparation; this does not reflect upon Chinese well at all, as does other stories of animal cruelty or racial bigotry or hatred and indifference.

    But. This Yuan Lihai (what a hilarious name/pseudonym) is doing something that is beyond the scope of other Chinese; she’s beyond the system of what other Chinese will do.

    These kids are living a wretched life and not given the rights that human beings should all enjoy – but without “Lihai/the Astounding”, they wouldn’t be alive at all; they’d be left on a hill for coyotes to feed upon, like what would happen in a famine or whatever.

    As I’m always suspicious, I’ll throw it out there that this could be a money-making venture – the ability of people to make certain decisions in order to make money can never ever be underestimated, not since there was counterfeit baby-formula made (how could that not end in infanticide?)

    But: “Lihai/the Awesomest” has been doing this for years, sounds like in the beginning she had no support or “hype”. She’s been doing this even though she has insufficient resources, and though she has suffered set-backs and has had many children die under her care/responsibility, she soldiers on. Even though her husband has left her, she persists. Even though she has her own “job” and doesn’t have to do this, she does.

    It’s tough to see admist all the suffering and misery, but there is hope: it’s through “Lihai/the Bomb” that these kids are given a chance at a life. As terrible as the conditions are, someone is there in the most difficult of conditions to try to do one good thing.

    And, the thing about China and its heroes has always, always been: a hero in China must not only overcome the odds and the adversity to triumph, but they also have to fight the system that is China itself. That’s why to be a hero in China, you also have to be a martyr, usually.

    “Lihai/the Shizzle” doesn’t want to be a hero per se, but what other choice does she have if she wants to save these kids?

    These pictures aren’t just showing misery and desparation, but also hope, in its rawest and ugliest form.

    • Tengu

      Eloquent post…

    • Sunshine

      “hope, in its rawest and ugliest form.”

      Sentence of the day.

  • hooots

    In the US they’d probably make this into a reality show…

    “Baby Hoarders”

    “Which baby will live through the night? Will Al the albino get any food today? Will the baby escape from his tether? Watch tonight and find out….”

    • Tengu

      BTW – Like the “Bubo” avatar!

      • hooots

        Thanks man! I thought I’d class up my chinaSMACK scene with pic. Who is yours a picture of?

        • Tengu

          “Ogami Daigoro”, from the “Lone Wolf and Cub” series, funny scene he’s holding this stick ready to take on a samurai who wants to kill him…he’s like 2 years old.

          Dad shows up…doesn’t end well for one of them.

          Never pick on the Shogun’s former executioner’s kid!

          • hooots

            haha nice. So this kid is the reason why little chinese boys walk into the barber shop and say, “Make it look like I lost a bet.”

            Sounds like I need to check out this movie.

          • Tengu

            I think the flick is called, “Lone Wold and Cub:Babycart in Peril.”

            Kid freaks out the samurai by staring him down…

            Check out the “Hanzo the Razor” series, same actor as the kids father.

      • hooots

        I was once courting a bird watching gal. She was showing me her collection of owl photos. I told her “Those are some big Bubos! I want to pet them.” We made love right there in the Barnes & Noble. Silent, predatory, nocturnal love.

        • Tengu

          Is that a Bubo Virginiansus (sp?)

        • Tengu

          Was she very quiet and had the ability to spin her head almost all the way around?

  • hooots

    Adopting a child is one of the best things you could ever do. This woman is a blessing to the human race. When I see a family with an adopted child it almost makes me want to cry. Giving a parentless child a family is such a beautiful thing. All the In Vitro fertilization stuff that goes on kind of makes me sad when you think about all the children out there that are already here in the world and don’t have parents. I think we should stop trying to scientifically engineer babies and start taking care of the ones already on this earth.

    This woman is a champion. Like Terroir said, she is the, awesome, the shizznit, and astoundingly selfless. I wonder if she has any children of her own?

  • George

    Sad stuff and Sofa perhaps?

  • Visitor

    People lets get our priorities straight. The Red Cross cannot possibly donate money to help these people. If they did that how could the afford the cars, high salaries and expensive meals.

    Plus let us remember that one charity that has 1.5 billion yuan, (mnus 10% administration fees)is going to build 1000 schools in Africa. When this is happening right here in China. Shameful…

  • InShenzhen

    Can anyone help with providing details of how people could donate money? Feel so powerless to read this but knowing I can’t do anything. Certainly I wouldn’t donate to the Chinese red cross as I just don’t trust them at all…


    • awww man – ChinaSmack always shows “0 Comments” for me… until at least after I post…

      • jiayi


        That was funny.

      • Bagga

        How the hell can we give comments BEFORE you post?

  • [email protected]

    I dream undone fortunes and merriment gone and wasted.
    Forked roads like lives sold for shallow bean holes and left my withered vacancy stare places with them for a while.

    This child is burying me said the father but not for long.
    I have not the words said the mother so sold the baby for the bean to plant in one of my less shallow now bean holes.
    I refused to sell to her though.

    She took none and he took some perhaps and that baby left now to die and be a goner. So my bean holes wept. But the baby was dead to those tears. And dead to those other things.

    I recollected a dream and vacancy stare places while my undone dream fortunes became done again perhaps slightly and whole but that baby was still dead.
    Its father silent though now. Its mother silent also.
    The baby’s eyes were slightly open. I don’t know what it saw or felt.

  • jiayi

    Wow, Mao.

    Is this what you dreamed of? What an achievement for your people.

  • Joe

    Asian albinos? They’re called Nordics.

  • Jess

    Gosh, this is depressing. Is the albino kid there simply due to his albinism? Not to sound awful, but I can understand without much difficulty why one would be hesitant to raise a severely mentally or physically disabled child. An albino child, on the other hand? That’s barely a minor inconvenience by comparison.

  • baji

    What I am afraid is when this story reaches the CN gov they’ll arrest Yuan Lihai and send children elsewhere as this situation brings shame to “Chinese face”. They’ll be harmonized.
    Proper way should be to send food, clothes and at least one doctor to help Yuan. This comment: “I wonder just how many of these children’s lives could be saved with just one of Guo Meimei‘s bags…” clearly explains Chinese society at the moment. Sadly, those society is not capable of wide social action.

    PS: Can someone tell me is Yuan Lihai pseudonym or real name and what is the meaning of the name?

    • In the long rambling post of mine about you’ll find out the meaning of Yuan Lihai’s name; don’t know her real name, if that by some twist of fate isn’t it.

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  • Li RuiKe

    I teach math and science in high schools and university programs in China. Often students will tell me how much they admire Albert Einstein, though they rarely can talk about his contributions. I often ask those students if they equally respect Stephen Hawking. None of them ever do. There’s no doubt that Stephen Hawking would have ended up like the children in the photos above is he had been born in China.

    • coala banana

      same experience here, in general chinese don’t grow up with someone educating them regarding social responsibility towards others and their environment. Unfortunately, as nobel as the women’s actions are, she fights a hopeless fight in my opinion.

  • Alvin Phee (Singapore)


    Alvin Phee Xin Xuang from Singapore

  • jeffli

    where is the good communist party’s help now?
    “for the people”

    where is the red cross?
    where is the catholic mission?
    where is the buddhist compassion?

    I’m sure there are temples full of monks or nuns not far. Maybe they’re too busy sucking the tourist dollar? just like any other religion.

    I think the people looking after these kids are heroes – no not chinas heroes thats too demeaning. I’m talking real heroes! Not fictional Lei Feng propagandas.

    China Govt. needs to wake up!

  • jeffli

    You know in Europe in poor villages midwives would stop the new born from breathing if it were obvious that they were deformed.

    some of the children like the little girl with the growing tumour could have been treated at an earlier stage of the disease.

    Anyway I think China needs
    1.another disneyland
    2. more 5 star bathhouse full of prostitutes
    3. another B.S. factory making copy watches.
    4. more melamine production
    3. more tax!
    Aaaahhh I feel better now…what cripple children?

  • dim mak

    The fuck is this shit? These parents much think of their children as merchandise. Toss em if they’re not perfect.

    Cleft lip can be fixed with surgery at any point in life. Albinism barely has an effect on life if you take a few precautions.

  • Xilie

    Bless her heart. I hope this article will cause many people to help. Westerners who are adopting should consider helping these kids out first, since these kids are the most in need of all. If only a trusted system could be set up to donate to her, we could all help. How can we guarantee the money will get to her?? She has a huge heart.

    • Just a Foreigner

      So sad and helpless to see these photos. Do you know the Chinese government will not let an international family even apply to adopt a child from an orphanage there, unless they can prove they have $80,000 net worth? Every one of these children could have parents and a home to call their own — including the girl with the tumor on her back and the kids with CP — if they would just relax this unrealistic requirement for international adoption. It’s tragic.

  • As a person living with a disability in Canada, I thank for this post and all of you for your thoughts on the important subject

    • sonny

      It is human nature to start looking for a target to blame (say the Red Cross or the government as has been done by readers above). But really, we need look no further than ourselves. In any day, surely there is something “bad” that we see and ignore or do something “bad” and hope no one watched. As a token example, take the case of the little chinese girl who was run over multiple times but one came to help her. Or take the example of Indian men who piss openly on the streets without caring about either respecting themselves or the decency of others. (I have never once seen American’s do this). The point I am trying to make is that as humans, we are complicated. But if we just stop to think of our own actions (from the Indian who takes a leak on city streets to the Sudanese warlord who has no qualms about hacking someone’s limbs off because he belongs to a different religion to the rich who buy tobacco products, etc, etc, etc,), then this world would be a better place. So don’t just blame the Red Cross or government who after all are staffed by, you guessed it, people. Gandhi’s quote that one must be the change they want to see in this world is something that I try to remind myself at most times. In small ways or big, we must all try to act on this dictum.

  • What can i do to help. My heart bleeds for these children

  • Smart

    China openly practices a policy of Eugenics. You can see posters all over promoting Abortion. I’ve been here a year and am appalled at the human rights violations that are over looked here. Special needs children are abandoned and left to die or sent to a place where they have no chances of survival. The only place where you can go in this country that actually somewhat helps these kids are in Shanghai.