Local Government Official Beats Woman in Front of Her Child

A local party deputy secretary in a town in Shandong province is caught on video manhandling and kicking a woman in front of her 3-year-old child.

A local deputy secretary in a town in Shandong province is caught on video manhandling and kicking a woman in front of her 3-year-old child.

The video below accumulated over 1.3m views within a day of it being posted online…

From QQ:

Shandong Binzhou Woman Beaten by Deputy Secretary for Picking Flowers in the Town Government Courtyard

A woman in Shandong province surnamed Zhang had picked Chinese roses from the courtyard of the Botou Town government building. When this was discovered by personnel of the the town government, she was to be fined 1,000 yuan for the “crime” of damaging public facilities. Zhang thought this was completely unreasonable and refused to pay the fine. So, the town government cut the electricity for both Zhang’s store and the surrounding stores. To avoid her neighbors being affected, Zhang then paid the fine. But on September 9, two young ladies were again found picking flowers in the town government courtyard, and were similarly fined 1,000 yuan each. However, these two ladies were extremely upset about the punishment, and when the Botou Town government workers thought it was the previously fined Zhang inciting them, they once again cut off the electricity for Zhang and her neighbours’ shops. Zhang did not understand what the town government did, so she brought her child to the town government “seeking an explanation”, only for the scene in the video to occur.

Comments from QQ:


So this is the so-called serving the people?? So these are our parent-like government officials [officials who care for the people as parents would take care of their children]?? So this is our modern local government?? May I ask: Are you the local government?? Or are you local gangsters??


Truly losing face for the Communist Party!!! Can [our country] use an official like this???


First of all, a man hitting a woman is already shameful, much less a local official that’s supposed to care for the people as parents care for children. Is this kind of person qualified [for the position]?


A bunch of big men, even well-dressed big men, beating up a young woman–just what kind of society is this?!


Where the hell is the woman’s husband? Does this deputy secretary want to go to hell?


And there’s even such a little kid nearby, how can they beat his mother right in front of the kid’s face~ So outrageous~ Is this even human? How would you feel if you were beaten up in front of your kids? What would the kids think~ Bastards~ I strongly demand that he be removed from office~ Let’s see how arrogant he is then~ What is there that can’t be dealt with reasonably with words? With an ordinary commoner, you need to patiently and properly explain things, because not all people are like you~


The more I watch this video, the angrier I get. Everyone find out where the guy who is doing the beating lives!! And then beat him to death!!


Sigh!!! How come people like this don’t go [or aren’t sent] to Diaoyu Islands? What a talent!!!


There are only too many civil servants like this, nothing to be surprised about. Too many.


Relax, her son will avenge her in the future… in what way though??? Everybody guess.


Getting paid with the people’s hard-earned money yet doing this kind of thing. He’s not human. He doesn’t even know who are the ones feeding him, and I bet he’s nothing good at home either.


Is patriotism about loving these bastards? Why should we be patriotic then?


Must remember this dog. If I was your husband, I’d definitely hack him to death.


Even if the woman is in the wrong, there’s no need to beat her. As a leader, is this the quality of character you have? Even if this video was made intentionally to give you trouble, there still has to be someone willing to be duped. If you had just a bit of good character, you wouldn’t have people trying to give you trouble anyway. I hope our country will severely punish this kind of government leader.


Animal, bastard, garbage, what kind of people’s servant is this! Doesn’t even deserve to be human!

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Fuck. Is this secretary still human! Human flesh search him and ruin him! His behavior is just like the smiling director and the committee member who beat up the airline stewardess!


Aren’t all Party secretaries like this? Other than bullying the ordinary common people, do you expect them to go to the Diaoyu Islands to protest?


Hurry and go to war. Fuck, none of us want war, us ordinary commoners all want peace, but I really wish for war, to reshuffle [the state of things in China, start again]. Even losing is fun, because fucking at least these scumbags won’t have it well either. We can’t punish with them while we’re alive, so let the artillery shells without eyes kill these scum. To hell with the slogan on TV saying they [government officials] are the sons of the people, [they’re just] animals.


That flying-kick had some skill to it! It’s a shame it wasn’t a kick at the Japanese but instead our own compatriots!! This kind of person should be exiled to the Diaoyu Islands! I trust when the Japanese sees that, they’ll no longer want to contest [us for the islands].


There’s no sound, what was said at the time, does anyone care? Everybody gets angry as soon as they heard it’s about officials.


This is how people’s trust in the government is destroyed. It wasn’t a coincidence that this was filmed, but the fact that a person who’s capable of this can become a party secretary is worth thinking about.


[怒骂] These Communist officials are animals dressed in human form, beating up a mother in front of her three-year-old kid as soon as they stepped out of the door, and then continuously going after her and beating her even when there was no resistance or threats. What they did is horrible, unforgivable, and deserving of death! May the Sina webmaster who dares delete this weibo post and this video get retribution and a horrible death!


Game over for yet another stupid cunt of a deputy party secretary. Seeing him reminds me of the evil tyrants and landlords of the evil Old Society [feudal or pre-Communist Revolution China].


If the Chinese People’s Liberation Army were as gei li [bold] as this, and if the Chinese government were as gei li as this when dealing with foreign countries, would we still have any fear being unable to reclaim the Diaoyu Islands? The pity is, like Iraq and Libya, this government that seems so gei li towards its domestic affairs are soft balls [wimps, useless] when it comes to foreign countries.


Using violence in front of children! Can one not be an official unless one is inhuman? Must a person become a beast when they become a government official?! How did this fertile land become increasingly barren, with more and more weeds and pests out to swallow up everything!

The deputy secretary is kicking the woman.


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