Local Official Sacked After Mistress Reports Him for Adultery

Travelling souvenir picture with Pan Changwu

Travelling souvenir picture with Pan Changwu

From NetEase:

Woman Using Her Real Name Reports Adultery with Government Official; Posts Intimate Photos Together

Red Net Changsha, November 6th report — For several days now, a “Reporting Lanshan County Forestry Bureau Director Pan Changwu’s life of corruption, sleeping around” appeared on Red Net and other websites, inciting heated discussion among netizens. On November 6th, the Lanshan County Committee Propaganda Department responded on the Red Net “Voice of the Ordinary Common People” column that the Discipline Inspection Commission has determined after investigation that he Pan Changwu had committed adultery with a woman causing a harmful influence and has been removed from his post.

Poster Tang X claimed she and Lanshan County Forestry Bureau Director Pan Changwu maintained a long-term illicit sexual relationship. She also posted several pictures of the two of them together on the post, as well as records of a large number of text messages.

The main leaders of the Lanshan Party Committee, county government, county People’s Congress, and county Discipline Inspection Commission attached great importance to this matter. Through the county Discipline Inspection Commission’s investigation, on November 5th, the Lanshan county Standing Committee considered and decided to remove Pan Changwu as Deputy Secretary and member of the county’s Forestry Bureau Party Committee, as well as Political Commissar of the county’s Forestry Public Security Bureau. In addition, in accordance with legal procedure, it proposed to the county People’s Congress Standing Committee that he be removed from his position as Director of the county’s Forestry Bureau.

The Lanshan County Committee Propaganda Department claims that in early September of this year, the Lanshan county Discipline Inspection Commission received a real-name [not anonymous] report from female worker Tang X from a county water company, detailing that she and Pan Changwu had an extramarital affair. After the county Discipline Inspection Commission opened and invested the case, [they] determined that Pan Changwu, as a Communist Party member, leader, and cadre, committing adultery with her had a negative effect [on society], and so gave him a serious warning punishment within the Park on October 23rd. According to the “Regulations for the Selection, Appointment, and Work of Party and Government Leaders and Cadres”, the county Standing Committee considered and decided to dismiss him from his relevant positions.

Travelling souvenir picture with Pan Changwu

Travelling souvenir picture with Pan Changwu

Records of messages from Pan Changwu

Comments from NetEase:

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网易湖北省武汉市网友 ip:221.232.*.*:

Turns out fighting corruption still relies on xiao san [mistresses]!

网易吉林省长春市网友 [驱除赤斐还我中华]: (responding to above)

I salute the xiao san.

网易福建省厦门市网友 ip:58.23.*.*: (responding to above)

They should enact a regulation where xiao san who report [their corrupt lovers] can get 1/3 of the assets of the person being reported.

中国淫荡局党组书记 [网易浙江省金华市网友]:

This is news?

江苏警察 [网易江苏省无锡市网友]:

A few photos can’t prove anything. Assessing one of our cadres requires a comprehensive/holistic investigation.

网易上海市网友 ip:112.65.*.*:

Female mastermind…

shenhang89 [网易山东省泰安市网友]:

What people are doing, God/Heaven is watching!

UChicago [网易重庆市网友]:

I suggest training a batch of professional mistresses, to be weapons in the fight against corruption!!

ztbjdrazb [网易云南省大理州网友]:

This woman is so shameless! She was committing adultery with others and still has the nerve! She is probably a prostitute.

网易黑龙江省齐齐哈尔市网友 ip:218.7.*.*:

It could only be said that China’s government officials have so much free time that their balls ache, while the real workers are tired [laboring] to death!

yifayu0 [网易安徽省安庆市网友]:

Does Pan Changwu have financial problems????????

Comments from Phoenix Online:

凤凰网新浪微博网友: 请盛_光_祖辞职:

No wonder so many people take the civil service examination.

凤凰网腾讯微博网友: 黄杰敏

There are more and more people who keep mistresses, while those who are taking care of their grandmas are becoming less and less [the original Chinese sentence relies on the juxtaposition of 二奶 er nai and 奶奶 nai nai]; There are more and more people who publishing books, while people who are reading books are becoming less and less; There are more and more people who play tricks, while people who have genuine craftsmanship becoming less and less; There are more and more people who are not married but live together, while married people who live together are becoming less and less; There are more and more people who have big tummies [are pregnant], but people who have big magnanimity [tolerance] are becoming less and less; There are more and more people who know Zhou Xun, but people who know Lu Xun are becoming less and less.

凤凰网重庆市九龙坡区网友: wsgfx

This woman is involved in the exchange of sex for power/authority, and must have had some purpose she failed to achieve so she instead reported the [government official]. [Someone] who digs a pit to harm others [entrapment] is not a good bird [person] either!!!


Today he is removed from office here but tomorrow he will take up another post there. Dammit: Might as well just remove public offices [in general]!


The lover of the past becomes the enemy of the present. A warning for those men: One’s own wife can be the only one!


The current situation with Chinese government officials: 1. Salary is not high but have no shortage of savings/assets; 2. Don’t know foreign languages but go abroad quite often; 3. Don’t touch their wives but have no shortage of bedroom activity; 4. Don’t work much but have no shortage of social engagements; 5. Speech is not proficient but no shortage of applause; 6. Skill at playing cards is not good but no shortage of winning money; 7. Handle affairs without fairness but no shortage of money raked in; 8. Don’t work much but no shortage of recognition for meritorious service; 9. Don’t have much ability but have no shortage of titles; 10. Don’t pay into social security but enjoys no shortage of [government welfare benefits].

  • Irvin

    Stupid people cheats, smart people don’t get caught.

    • loki

      don’t lie about it and then its not really cheating …

  • Cauffiel

    This man is an idiot. You don’t take photos with a mistress, you make sex tapes.

    • Germandude


      On a sidenote: Who do you think is more attractive? Him or her? haha

      • David

        He probably didn’t pay her enough, that is why she was pissed. Even with her blurred face she is prettier than him. He is an ugly cuss.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      With photographs, you can claim being framed by Photoshop from a political rival. They know their own countrymen’s fondness of Photoshop.

      • SonofSpermcube

        That won’t work because they also know their own countrymen’s skill with Photoshop.

  • Cauffiel

    I don’t understand why this is corruption, unless he was using public funds to buy her expensive gifts. But the article doesn’t say anything like that. Is an extramarital affair corrupt?

    • mr.wiener

      His adultery “had a negative effect on society” ie:he was compromised and people will associate his behaviour with all civil servants.
      Seriously, do these guys all shop at the same clothing store?

      I wonder what the market is like for one slightly used xiao san?

      • Riddler

        Seriously, do these guys all shop at the same clothing store?


        • Probotector

          They’re either standard issue for govt. officials, or govt. officials themselves are assembled in factories from the remains of dead peasants.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        Centuries later, we find out that all these Chinese officials with xiaosan’s were all part of a Chinese government project that focused on using reverse-psychology to trick the real Chinese officials into never committing adultery under threat of public humiliation and loss of power.

        Soon after reading Chinasmack comments, this particular branch of the government starts telling their employees to stop wearing standardized identical clothing, for Buddha’s sake.

    • Riddler

      Is an extramarital affair corrupt?


    • David

      As Mr. W has said, the charge was “had a negative effect on society”. This of course is a BS charge that can be used against just about anybody at just about anytime in China if they do anything to upset the apple cart. The thing about having a society which allows such levels of corruption that go unchecked is that what worked in your favor on the way up will knock you down twice as fast if you fall out of favor (ask Bo Xilai about that) with somebody above you.

  • Probotector

    Why is having a mistress such a common practice in China? Can’t they just be happy with their wives? I mean, if she’s not satisfying you, or right for you, don’t marry her!

    • Riddler

      On top of which, they treat them better than they treat their wives. Both parties are a nasty as each other. He obviously spent money for and on this whore. And bought her ‘treats’ i bet. In the end, it was her screwing him harder than he ever did to her.

      • Probotector

        Who the hell downvoted me? I guess monogamy is considered an imperialist foreign poison too.

        • narsfweasels

          “Happily married” is a false Western construct created by the insidious NSA to bring about the collapse of China!

          • DavidisDawei

            If 60% of the marriages eventually end in divorce, safe to say those probably weren’t happy marriages.
            Out of those not divorced, let’s assume 60% of those are not happy, but can’t get divorced for whatever reason, add another (.6 x .4) 24%.
            Very few think about it when they get married , but statistics (84% chance) say you better think twice.
            Maybe establish a 10 year contract instead with an option to renew?

      • Why is she a whore?

        • Riddler

          Not sure as to why she chose that as a path in life. They all have their reasons. Maybe you could ask her? Looks like she’s single these days.

        • mr.wiener

          I prefer the term: “mistress”
          It is between mister and mattress :)

    • Germandude

      In a nutshell:

      Family pressure leads to many marriages that are not based on love.
      A lot of couples over time realize that they married the wrong person and that “this can’t be it”.
      Divorce is a huge loss of face, especially for the parents of the couple.
      Men usually get a lover or become regular customers of massage salons.
      Women become more and more demanding and bitchy.

      This goes for couples that have problems. Seen the same process 100s of times and still am surprised that so few couples actually try to hide that. Especially guys that invite others to join for karaoke or massage…

    • Guest23

      You could say it’s the culture, the concubine practice which dates back during the dynasty periods ago is still kinda practiced albeit illegally and discreetly, plus matchmaking and the deals between both families on compatibility not based on love or intimate relationship between bride and groom makes it not so hard to see how it will go in the long run.

    • the ace of books

      Germandude, Riddler, and Guest23 gave some good answers above, and I’ll put in my oar:

      Because they get married just out of college after never having been allowed to date until college (and sometimes not even then – dating takes time away from studyin, don’tchaknow?).

      Because dating isn’t dating, it’s a precursor to marriage: if you have more than one boyfriend you’re a slutty mcslut, and if you have more than two girlfriends you’re wasting time and don’t know what you want. Dating is always looked at as a direct route to marriage, as opposed to a test-drive.

      Because the lack of good examples is damn scary round here – couples are people who live in the same house, but often have no intersecting interests or reasons to be together. When that’s all you see or know, (other than friggin TV dramas, or talk shows where you have to be griled on how much shit you own) then you’re not going to be capable of looking for better.

      And finally: because financial stability is valued far above personal compatibility. “合适” means “is at the right societal status for me and we can provide for our future child”, and personality-compatibility is assessed by zodiac signs, blood type, and whether they can impress the folks.

      • Guest23

        Gotta admit, we could say it’s the media’s fault for making the standards of “Ideal Romance/Love” a little too high, example seems to be those *Confession of Love* stories that some Asian countries think as a precursor for marriage, very skewed view till reality sets in when financial stability is top priority.

        On a funny note, read some stories on “Dating Education” on some High Schools in China, Korea, and Japan.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        so….. essentially, “upon their own heads”?

      • David

        Some good points. Many people will give you the “oh it is the culture, don’t try to explain it” but that is a bit of a cop out. After all plenty of men (and women) in the west cheat on their spouse. However, massage parlors and prostitution is illegal almost everywhere in the U.S. and having a lover is something most people hide from their spouse and are ashamed of if they are caught.

      • hs

        You are right, chinese culture is incredibly old fashioned (from the stone age) and hold good values for their people (in chinese it is called”face”). Material value is more valued than anything else, except for keeping face, the value of chinese “culture” or lack thereof is really only worth a few coins.

  • Elijah

    All these fools running around with mistresses when they should either have married the right person or not married at all.

    If you are in a proper relationship based on communication, trust and respect, why would you ever compromise it or risk losing it for some paid for pussy? Then there’s the serious risk of losing face and losing half in a divorce etc. It’s really not worth it.

    If you can’t commit to a monogamous relationship, then don’t. Stay single or unmarried.

    Luckily I hit the sweetest jackpot of all: A wife who goes for a 3p every now and then with the right lady.

    • Klove

      Where are you these days dear boy, Canada or Taiwan?

    • mr.wiener

      hope you and the lovely lady are doing well.

      • Rob Roh

        Your continued insults and aid of others that do has not gone
        unnoticed. Insult one and you insult all. Never forget that you are nothing more than an immigrant in a foreign land.

        Your insolence, arrogance, and all the ways in which you engage in cover-up is grave insult to humanity. Do not believe for a second that there will be false flag on my watch.

        cS: Be cognizant of duty. Strip this man of his moderator powers today.

        • Klove

          Where are you, america?

          • Robert Rou

            You’re talking to American right here.

          • Klove

            so are you american or chinese, because you CANNOT be both! Which is it?

          • Robert Rou

            Ever heard of Chinese-American before? You must be our Einstein.

          • Nessquick Choco

            Robert finaly blocked, seems like. It was fast. He deserved it.

          • Klove

            Thats good news he has been blocked. He was merely trolling and winding people up.

      • Elijah

        We are doing fantastic, just a month or two away from her having her Maple card and coming to Canada. It’s been incredibly difficult, but we have persevered through it because…… wait for it……..

        We have a genuinely amazing relationship! Ta-Da! Simple.

        PS. I’m so thrilled that when I logged on, Rou’s comments were already deleted. Bravo to the moderators for finally taking action. Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!

    • Klove

      what is a 3p? Only a 1 penny piece in england.

      • Probotector

        It’s a threesome dude.

    • Comebackkid13

      Sometimes whats right when you are 25 may have turned into something quite different when you are in your 40’s. Don’t judge. If the man is in a sexually unsatisfying relationship with his wife, its not that big of a deal.

      • Probotector

        So… why not just divorce his wife?

        • Comebackkid13

          For the kids sake

          • Probotector

            If he doesn’t care about his wife’s happiness, why would he care about the kid’s?

          • Comebackkid13

            Good grief, you really only think in black and white, don’t you? A is A, so B must also be A? I am not speaking for this man, I can’t. I have no way to accurately ascertain his situation. Just like you don’t. Your ethical standpoint is admirable, but naive at best. Why would a man keep his marriage together for the sake of his kids? I don’t know, ask one of the millions of fathers that do in order to maintain the household unity until their children are adults. Ask one of the millions of women who have affairs but still maintain an air of loyalty for the sake of domestic harmony. This has been going on since people first thought of the crazy idea that they can have a lifetime monogamous relationship. And you don’t have the right to judge them because many times it takes a sense of commitment to something other than yourself, like your children, in order to do so. Again, I am not speaking for this man, rather in abstraction.

            Have you ever been around a good, long term couple? You know what they always say? “I’m lucky.” It’s because they are well aware that not only are they lucky that they met someone compatible, but that the compatibility endured. You have no way of foreseeing this.

            I merely wish people like you would stop raining judgement on situations like this from atop your little white ponies of moral purity, when you have no possible way to form a basis or develop an understanding of the situation. Almost as if you are offended, and then try to desperately separate yourself from the offenders and reinforce your own weak core confidence by fatuously trumpeting how “they” would never do what “those people” did. Especially for something as irrelevant as a middle-aged government official having an affair.

            I rather believe remaining an attitude of passive observation is much more useful. Doesn’t mean you have to support it. That being said, there are the shamelessly unfaithful. However, what a waste of time trying to discern them.

          • Probotector

            Marriage is supposed to be a life long commitment. It’s not that hard to stay monogamous, one just needs self-control. The fact that marriages and relationships break down nowadays is more an indictment of the prevalent selfishness of modern society, not a fault with the institution of marriage itself. In any case, it seems like you openly advocate cheating on women as long as you’re satisfied.

            “some men just love women. I know I do. I love being around them, doing stuff with them, talking with them, and all the other delicious activities. On a side note, you can have great sex up until you are about 45. That isnt really that long. Why just waste time, especially if you are in a sexually unsatisfying relationship with your wife. Rather use my peter while I can. The more the merrier :)”

    • DearDairy

      I see you’re still bragging on the internet about how great you are. Pride comes before the fall.

      • Elijah

        Dear Diary,

        Today I tried to troll someone despite my tenuous grasp of the conversation (and English in general it seems) but failed miserably because no one could make any sense of what I’d written. I even tried to slap on a common saying to appear wise and worldly, but it too fell flat because it was poorly thought out.

        Note to self: Must head to the pharmacy for more Preparation H, my butthurt is really acting up.

        • DearDairy

          LOL what a loser you are. Tenuous grasp on English? You have a tenuous grasp on reality son.

          One day years from now, when your wife has divorced you after securing a green card and successfully brought over her entire family over to Canada and your usefulness is gone, you’ll be booted onto the street, jobless, broke and old, and you’ll only have your ignorance, arrogance and loutish behaviour to keep you comfort at night. And also maybe that you “won” this flame war, “embarrassed” me (DearDairy is a pun and word play you stupid fuck, like if I were to say For Whom the Bell Moans) and impressed a whole lot of strangers on Chinasmack. WIN FOR YOU.

          • Elijah

            Dear Diary,

            Today I told a cool story, but no one cared. I really felt better when I shat all over the keyboard and ragequit although it seems to have aggravated the butthurt.

            Note to self: What does hackneyed mean?

          • DearDairy

            LOL no one cared except you who needed to reply to tell me no one cared. What a little bitch you are.

          • DearDairy

            20XX – Canada

            Today Successful Factory owner and Business man XXXX successfully gained permanent residency in Canada. Immediately moving into his daughter’s home who had married and moved to Canada year earlier by marrying a clueless and self-deluded Canadian, he booted out his son-in-law, whom his family used like a condom to gain residency in the country.

            “I was worried that he’d figure out no parent, especially one who is as business savvy as myself, would actually approve of his daughter marrying a low-life worthless uneducated POS, that in fact, all this was just a ruse to get us over to Canada.” said Factory owner and Successful businessman.

            “Luckily however, his stupidity was deeper than I imagined. A normal person would have questioned why a great family like mine, would allow someone like him, who contributes absolutely nothing, to join. But not him. He is as clueless as he is short. But thank god, because otherwise, I’d wouldn’t be here today! God bless Canada, and god less people like my former son-in-law. I hope he’ll be happy moving back in with his elderly parents.”

            FUCK YOU.

          • Elijah

            Dear Diary,

            Today I got mad and told everyone my story. They still didn’t care. Why am I always alone? I wish you were real, then I’d have someone who listens to me. But you couldn’t ever leave me or else I would have to hobble you. I have to go now, the wifi connection under the bridge is failing

            Note to self: Must find out what “projection” is and how it applies to me.

          • 如果你能读懂这些文字,你就是个老外

            yeah i doubt the stability of that 3p relationship as well, but that’s Elijah’s live no?

            On the other hand, having all these successful biz men from China moving to Canada, Europe and the USA, with all their family and their funds ;-) should raise some good questions (for you and all the other fenqing around u)

            questions about the quality of live and the devotion of its citizens, in and to the great great land of harmony (with 50000000 years of history), no?

  • the ace of books

    First question: what’s her angle?

    She’s got to have a reason for this. Much as I like the corruption-fighting aspect of this, it can’t be denied that she was engaged in an illicit relationship. So – what benefits does she hope to gain out of this exposure that would outweigh the social contempt brought by “getting caught”?

    Second question: what was her original motive in being in an affair with this guy?

    If it was, as affairs might often be, motivated by two people who jsut can’t control themselves, sure. But if it was a honeypot kind of thing, then that’s jsut wrong – you don’t tempt people just to see if they can withstand the temptation, because that’s fucking sick: people are fallible and silly and, by and large, won’t withstand the temptation. It’s stupid to be disappointed at a guy who ran after a girl when she wanted to catch him for corruption. (Ditto this in the other direction, too – guys doing this to women isn’t any fairer.)

    OTOH, if he’s had other corruption issues, but, a la Al Capone, could only be caught by the most banal, then I’ve got to say it’s a masterstroke.

    Third question: why is this being reported?

    The cynical view: A Lanshan little guy takes a fall. That’s okay, because he was from some little-ass county in Whereverthehell, Hunan. A safe scandal to have, since it’s little, local, and outrageous enough that people can make a noise without a problem. (Song of the Article: “Big Brother”)

    The idealistic view: the press is genuinely catching up with corruption and is able, now, to make waves about this kind of thing. (Song of the Article: “Another One Bites The Dust”)

    The realistic view: prolly somewhere in between: It’s okay to report this kind of stuff at the local level now, which is a good few steps forward of what things used to be like, but it’s still unkosher to do this for Real Important People. (Song of the Article: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want (But Sometimes You Can Try)”)

    • Riddler

      First question: what’s her angle?


  • ophiolater

    A good warning for men!

  • lonetrey / Dan

    They probably love the danger, so as dangerous as domestic xiaosans become they’ll never be out of fashion.

  • Dax


  • Cauffiel

    The moralizing here is pretty disgusting. As bad as that of evangelical Christians in the U.S.

  • David

    Are all comments being approved now or is it just me? Seems like every
    time I leave a comment it says “your comment is awaiting moderation.” What is that about?

  • David

    I love it. Can I play Bosley?

  • The mistress did it for love, because
    men with a thirst for power, will not choose love. The only way for her to
    conquer his heart, is to take away what he wants most and make him direct all
    that energy and passion towards her. To replace his obsession with
    herself. Then she will sooth his pain, that everything is all right, because
    love conquers all. She did it for love. *sigh*

    • Cauffiel

      That was beautiful and heart wrenching.

      • lol, isnt it? thats love. Youre feeling it.

        • whuddyasack

          I’m feeling it.


          But really, have you ever considered being a writer? That was really good. :-)
          My apologies if you already are one.

          • thanks for the compliment. Its my hobby to write, and I only do so to amuse myself and others. I do not have a desire to be a real writer.

          • whuddyasack

            Well, you do it very well. Amusing indeed.

    • Riddler

      ‘…. and make him direct all that energy and passion towards her…’

      With a hatchet.

  • narsfweasels

    An she was perfectly happy with him right up until the point he refused her a new Gucci bag/Longines watch/Prada dress.

    Was she fired as well? Will she have her name thrown all over the place? She is just as guilty.

  • Riddler

    ‘ MAINSTREAM china doesnt care about fashion regarding clothes’

    You can say that again…

  • whuddyasack

    Yet another “China threat” troll comment from our resident “laowai” hahaha. Actually, you don’t even qualify as a laowai; More like amerieuronazipatriot reject. Dude you’ve never even left your trailer, so just stop speculating about how things are like based on snippets of your edumacation.

    Those Chinese criticisms are in your head; the vast majority of Chinese aren’t fixated on bashing the “West” the same way you guys are murderously hating the Chinese.

    There are many, many people living in poverty in China. So of course she’s plagued by the burdens of other third world countries, problems that include prostitution, corruption and pollution (especially since manufacturing is the life source of China). On a per capita basis, China actually pollutes less than most Western countries. I’m guessing that fact eludes you, and what I’m telling you is just gonna come splatting out your other ear.

    • Klove

      Show evidence, like the fenqings say, verifiable evidence that china pollutes less, there, not so easy is it, when things are reversed. No way do western countries pollute on anywhere near the same scale. Come for a walk around where I live, I will educate you dear boy.

      • 白色纯棉小裤裤
        • Klove

          thank you, but I still don’t believe it, based on visual evidence and comparing and contrasting.

          • Kai

            So what you’re saying is that you only believe what your own eyes and limited experience tell you? That all information, observations, and data by other people outside of you and your own two eyes are to be categorically dismissed?

            Whuddyasack’s has a penchant for bashing those he considers to have a penchant for bashing China, no question about it. But there’s no point in dismissing valid points. The point that China pollutes less in SOME notable measures on a PER CAPITA basis compared to many Western countries is not remotely something new.

            Most importantly, you in all your time here through all your various names have seen the same point and information before in the comments section and likely elsewhere too given your interest in China. So why be disingenuous about it? Unless you’re intentionally feigning ignorance in order to wind up whomever you see as your “opposition”?

          • Probotector

            “So what you’re saying is that you only believe what your own eyes and limited experience tell you? ”

            Has a familiar ring doesn’t it Kai?

          • Kai

            Please go ahead and tell me who you are thinking of and examples of such.

          • Klove

            Saying limited, only displays arrogance on your behalf. How do you know my experience is limited? Not trying to wind up anyone, even the most polluted river in the UK is a tranquil brook in comparison to the canals around this part. Come and I will show you. Gandhi said the right statement, even if you are a minority of one the truth is the truth.

          • Kai

            You misunderstand the inflection. I’m not saying you have “little” experience, I’m saying your experience is by definition “limited” because you’re not omniscient. No one is. That’s why we do and should give due weight to information and knowledge beyond what our own two eyes, our own faculties of comparing and contrasting, tell us.

            Little White Panties provided relevant information and you dismissed it, citing your personal experiences and observations as the reason you “don’t believe” that information.

            Is that argument remotely persuasive? If I told you I’ve never seen a Chinese husband beat his wife and thus I “don’t believe” other people’s information and evidence of such a phenomenon, would you take me seriously?

            Little White Panties didn’t say the most polluted river in the UK is worse than the canals wherever you are. He simply substantiated the point that per capita CO2 emissions from China aren’t as high as many other countries. You refused to “believe it” and I questioned why you would do such a thing…and you challenge me to come visit you? Wha? You’re misrepresenting the point in contention, and Ghandi is rolling in his grave with your abuse of his ethics.

            You’ve been commenting on this site for a long time. A lot of people don’t know because you regularly change your identity, but I do because I’ve been here as long as you have. You know the point that was in contention but you intentionally substituted another one. When you do this consciously, yes, you are trying to wind people up. It’s conscious dishonesty in argumentation. And why? Can’t per capita CO2 levels in China be lower than elsewhere AND the canals wherever you are be worse than the most polluted river in the UK? Why can’t truth coexist with truth? Why does one truth have to be disbelieved and dismissed in order for another truth to remain true in your mind?

        • whuddyasack

          Thanks, saved me the trouble :-)

      • whuddyasack

        Good sir,

        白色纯棉小裤裤 already provided the verifiable evidence so I won’t post it again. And I bet it wasn’t hard :-)

        I think you misunderstand me, unlike many others, I never post claims if I never had anything to back myself up or it wasn’t something I came across somewhere. It’s unsightly to spread brash misinformation as truth.

        Now if you had read my earlier post carefully, you’d notice the words “per capita” AND “manufacturing”.

        All it means is that I recognize China has a pollution problem and am in no way insinuating that the “West is worse”. I’m just laying out the reasons why that is.

        Now I’ve genuinely been a fan of you and still am, my good man. For that reason, I have to warn you when you start becoming more like the demented SOP, or more appropriately POS.

    • moop

      those pollution numbers are fairly irrelevant because of the level of development in most of china, if you look at per capita usage in big cities like shanghai or beijing, its pretty similar to what you find in LA or Paris

      • Kai

        I wouldn’t say they’re irrelevant because they’re definitely relevant to certain points, but thanks, moop, it’s good that you’re making a point worth discussing without the irrelevant pro/anti-China posturing above.

        Also of relevance, something interesting: http://phys.org/news/2011-01-big-cities-biggest-polluters.html

        When researchers looked at cities in Asia, Latin America and Africa, they found low emissions per person across the board.

        “This paper reminds us that it is the world’s wealthiest cities and their wealthiest inhabitants that cause unsustainable levels of greenhouse gas emissions, not cities in general,” said editor David Satterthwaite, a senior fellow at the International Institute for Environment and Development.

        “Most cities in Africa, Asia and Latin America have low emissions per person. The challenge for them is to keep these emissions low even as their wealth grows.”

        But read the entire thing if you can because it says more that is relevant to this discussion, like:

        Even Denver’s per capita emissions, at 21.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, were sharply higher than Shanghai at 11.2 tCO2e, Paris (5.2) and Athens (10.4).

        Chinese cities stood out from the rest of the world because their average emissions were far higher — for instance with Beijing emitting 10.1 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent — than the country as a whole which emits 3.4 tCO2e.

      • whuddyasack

        Read again, you’d see that I did recognize the problems of pollution, prostitution and corruption. However the reason I mentioned a per capita of pollution was to provide a backdrop as to why pollution was so bad in China.

        It is clearly tied to two things, the combination of China being a chiefly manufacturing nation and the overall population of the country. More cars, more factories, more people = more CO2 and other harmful substances. Now add this to the fact that China is the largest consumer of coal and you get the picture.

        Now if anyone thinks I don’t care about or am ignorant of the pollution in China, they wouldn’t know what they’re talking about. In absolute terms, it is the most polluted country on Earth. It’s tragic to hear that children as young as 9 get lung cancer because of this pollution. Childhood lung cancer is a medical anomaly.

        However, I would never use this issue to hate on Chinese or state that x nation is a threat to the world (or China/Chinese are evil). Heck, it’s the Chinese who are suffering most in this and people who use “that” to bash China are far more interested in results. Not with the root causes and that is why I brought up the per capita data. Hardly irrelevant.

        I’d also be more interested in what new insights people might have that are solutions to pollution in China rather than mindless bashing.

        • Probotector

          Didn’t that kid on the Jimmy Kimmel show already provide a solution?

          • whuddyasack

            Yup, and it’s nothing new nor practical. It is pretty much the same as the One Child Policy whom many here seem to abhor. That’s irony for you.

  • whuddyasack

    Actually, it could be anyone giving you the downvotes. I can think of a thousand reasons why someone else would do this. You see I’m afraid the joke’s gone stale from the last thread and addressing someone as the “business lady” is quite unbecoming. It’s also rather pathetic to use someone’s photo without permission for the purpose of some lewd, sexual joke. It doesn’t matter if she put it up publicly. This would count as cyber bullying and criminal charges can apply. Don’t forget the case of Amanda Todd. Just saying.

    FYI, I didn’t downvote you either. :-)

    • Truth

      As a lawyer, I can assure you a court would be hardput to see this as defamation!

  • Vernon Alarcon

    why would any man want two women (or more) – one is trouble enough!!!

    • Comebackkid13

      Because when the second, or third, or so on requests no kids or house, only the occasional dinner and shopping spree, and offers a nice toosh in return, it becomes more than tempting. Furthermore, some men just love women. I know I do. I love being around them, doing stuff with them, talking with them, and all the other delicious activities. On a side note, you can have great sex up until you are about 45. That isnt really that long. Why just waste time, especially if you are in a sexually unsatisfying relationship with your wife. Rather use my peter while I can. The more the merrier :)

  • Comebackkid13

    This is why people can never effect change on politics. The Chinese, and even Americans, all become ravenous for the kill when a politician is caught with a mistress or some other irrelevant “crime.” Then, if the politician is sacked in his position, the common folk sit around with a sumptuous, content look on their faces, spewing babble about how he deserved it and how corruption must be fought, and how the integrity of the politicians is most important. It’s all a
    front. The regular people don’t care about this at all. The only know deep in their hearts that something is unfair about the system so if a member of the politburo gets the axe they feel like some sort of wrong has been righted, or some sort of balance restored. (On a side note, you know how many regular men keep mistresses? Especially in countries like China and Japan.)

    However, this kind of “justice” has no influence whatsoever on true corruption. Especially in a political system like China. As if the government really cares that he kept a mistress, or that the people should care who a man sleeps with anyways. “When the left hand is shaking, watch what the right hand is doing,” as the old adage goes. If the government sates the blood thirst of the fickle masses by sacking a low level official for some completely unimportant, bogus charge, the peasants forget the real crimes taking place. The corrupt officials can offer a low level sacrifice and give the appearance of fighting corruption. All the while, they continue to entrench themselves further and stack the social system in their favor. When the IRS in America was caught targeting Libertarians, what did they do? Sack a bunch of mid-level accountants who had no say in the matter. Have to offer something.

    The best thing people could do in China is ignore posts and reports like this completely. If people want to effect change, stop getting distracted by a pudgy, middle age dude who is having consensual sex, and start focusing only on the problems. Not the parties, not the politicians, not thetheater, just the problems.

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  • Guest

    Why should he have to?