Looters Steal Over 200,000 RMB Of Clams From Breeding Farm

Looters Steal Over 200,000 RMB Of Clams From Breeding Farm

Opportunist looters walked off with an estimated five tons of clams after descending on a privately run coastal clam farm in Dongling, Hui’an during extremely low waters caused by the effects of a spring tide. Police were largely powerless as over 2000 people scooped up the haul worth over 200,000 RMB, preferring to collect evidence by taking photos which will likely be used later after counter-measures have been decided upon following emergency talks held by Hui’an officials. Many netizens lamented the integrity of their compatriots.

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  • Amused

    Yet another reason I prefer living in an armed society.

    • Tom_the_Jerry

      Yep, totally agree. With just a few guns, a few of your 2000 pals could have kept the owner of the clam farm much better in check and prevented him from making photos or calling the police in the first place while the rest raided his farm.

  • jimmies

    OT: What are those pickled green beans you find at noodle shops called? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    • Bman

      They’re called pickled green beans.
      Check the supermarket section with that wall of small foil pouches, they’ll be there. I love ’em too!

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    It’s China.

    The laws apply to everyone else. I’m the exception for a reason I’ll think up later when I’m getting hauled in.

  • mr.wiener

    Chinese policy prefer to concentrate on crimes that are less obvious.

  • OMG!
    at least i can promise none of my family does things like this.
    my father always throws left veg away when my mom sells veg in street, even fruit. then others take them away.he does not care that kinda little money at all.

    • David

      Well, I am sure most are not like this. However, so many do it that it looks bad and people get a bad impression.

  • Loopins

    “Police were largely powerless”

    Arrest some of them…use them as examples. Fine the shit out of them or put them in prison. Others will see it can happen to them. I read powerless as cant be assed!

    • Jahar

      “Police were largely powerless.” They don’t want to say this too loudly. If the people ever really learn that they have more power than the police, the CCP might be no more.

  • Jahar

    So the lesson here is, “If it’s not yours but it’s outside, you can just take it.”

    • Amused

      An attitude which explains the idiot dredging a public river for ebony too.

    • Rmb.Shanghai

      so the lesson here is ‘I have no grasp of the most generalities of normal civilized culture, even within my own culture….and lord oh lord, forget other cultures.” Behold the product of 5000 years of culture!

  • Rmb.Shanghai

    yet another reason i prefer to live in a civilized society