Lovers Locked Inside Hotel Bathroom Smash Hole to Escape

Lovers Locked Inside Hotel Bathroom Smash Hole to Escape

Recently at a Dalian hotel, a couple washing their faces in the bathroom suddenly found themselves locked inside. When cries for help failed, the man spent over 40 minutes pounding on the door with his bare hands and feet until he finally smashed a hole large enough for him to crawl out. Hotel maintenance personnel was summoned to come unlock the door, and his lover was finally freed as well. One netizen commented: “If they were just washing their faces, why did they need to close the door? Just confess to bathing together!” Other netizens speculate the lovers were doing more than just bathing.

Source: Netease

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  • KamikaziPilot

    The same thing happened to me, albeit at home. Usually I don’t close the door when I got to the bathroom but the doorknob on my bathroom door was acting funny so I stupidly decided what would happen if I closed the door. Well I went inside, closed the door, and after I finished I couldn’t open it. The knob could turn but I think it was disconnected from the locking mechanism. Good thing my wife was home at the time, she slid a kitchen knife under the door and I sawed my way out. I cut a rectangle shape so I could climb through and for the next week or so we had to climb through the hole I cut in order to use the bathroom every time. Good thing it was only an old, wooden door that was hollow inside. Wonder if this guy hurt his hand breaking out of the bathroom. Maybe he should have used the toilet cover, it’s pretty solid.

  • Amused

    Soooo. Homeboy forgot how to slip a lock in his haste to get out of there after he came, huh?

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