‘Loving You’ Sung By Chinese Boy With High-Pitched Voice

Here is the “Loving You” sung by 张靓颖 (Zhang Liangyin) that many Chinese netizens are familiar with:Comments from Mop:


This kid is constipated.


Why is grabbing his JB to sing?


Damn! The sound of a mouse’s son…


My balls are swollen [from pain] just listening to this haha.


Talented talented! This post will be hot!


Too incredible! His appearance is okay. Such a waste! This song has completely destroyed him!


To tell the truth,
[I] can sometimes make this sound farting.


Do not admire/be obsessed with brother…brother is a brother who has eaten rat poison.


Even though I laughed, it is very harmful for such an old person making this kind of sound. I couldn’t make this kind of sound after my voice changed.


Kao~ I had just took a drink of coke and this brother made his crazy sound. My monitor…


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Written by Fauna

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