“Lu Meimei” & China-Africa Project Hope Controversy

Lu Xingyu.

Lu Xingyu.

From Sina:

24-year-old “second-generation rich” Lu Xingyu who controls 1.5 billion Project Hope fund becomes famous

After Guo Meimei, another charity-related internet celebrity named Lu Xingyu has been born. What has ignited heated discussion along with Lu Xingyu is the “taking 1.5 billion yuan to help build Hope primary schools in Africa while taking 10% of all donations as a management fee” China-Africa Project Hope project, and Lu Xingyu happens to be responsible for this project. However, as the person involved, Lu Xingyu has publicly responded that this management fee is given to the China Youth Development Foundation (hereinafter referred to as CYDF), and a representative of the CYDF has also expressed that this management fee is reasonable. They also stated that money donated to the China Project Hope definitely will not go to the China-Africa Project Hope operations.

Internet explosion, limelight on Lu Xingyu surpasses Guo Meimei

According to a June 13th Xinhua report, “China-Africa Project Hope” will within 10 years help build 1000 Hope schools, at a cost of around 2 billion RMB

Many netizens discovered that the person managing this 2 billion RMB project is a 24-year-old “second-generation rich” [child of rich parents] Lu Xingyu. As a result, on August 16th, the real name verified China-Africa Project Hope Executive Chairman and Secretary-General Lu Xingyu ignited heated online discussion.

“Lu Xingyu became famous overnight, her limelight surpassing Guo Meimei! So that project where China takes out 1.5 billion to help build 1000 Hope schools in Africa is managed by a little girl born in 1987, the daughter of billionaire Lu Junqing. The charity she runs is the same as the Red Cross Society, extracting 10% from all donations as a management fee. The management fee for 1.5 billion alone is 150 million. No wonder she doesn’t care if our own country’s children can’t afford to go to school yet is keen on helping African children go to school.” This microblog message has been reposted 23,836 times as of 17:00 since it was posted at 7:25 on August 17th.

Lu Xingqu and father Lu Junqing.
Lu Xingqu and father Lu Junqing.
Lu Xingqu and former American president George HW Bush.
Lu Xingqu and former American President George HW Bush.
Lu Xingyu and former American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
Lu Xingyu and former American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

From Youku:

“Lu Meimei” bombastically responds to netizen criticisms

English Translation of Lu Xingyu’s response above to netizens:

I personally really like the land of Africa, especially when I am there and I see how the children really need help. I know a lot of netizens say, “China also has a lot of children who need help, why do you have to go to Africa to provide help?” Well, I want to stress that we say love is without national borders, we’re all people, so why should those of us with the heart suffer being criticized/denounced?

If you really believe China has a lot of people who need help, yes, indeed there are a lot of people who need help, but you need to first consider for a moment that before you judge others, you have to consider what you yourself do, whether you yourself have personally made contributions to them [those people in China who need help] or are you just grumbling/complaining all the time on the internet? Have you actually done anything real to help them, or do you only know how to attack others? And when you attack others, what do you get from it? Is it personal comfort or a meaningful result?

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For example, some people will say, “Ai, you doing this is too unpatriotic [shows too little concern for your own country]. You want to go to Africa, are you African?” That there are these kind of comments I think is laughable/ridiculous. Us going to Africa to do this is a project the country very much supports, our government very much supports, African governments very much support, and what more, the African peoples extremely extremely welcome. This is something that brings honor to our country. This is definitely patriotic behavior. So those people who say I’m not patriotic [don’t love my country], I don’t know what they are thinking.

The above video was viewed over 400k times making it one of the most viewed videos on popular Chinese video-sharing website Youku the day it was uploaded. It currently has nearly 4,000 comments spanning 132 pages.

Comments from Youku:


搞笑搞笑 Laughable, laughable, so laughable. Are you explaining? Or are you questioning netizens? We say something about you and you get mad. How inexperienced. 搞笑


You fucking even dare to respond with criticism, the masses have sharp eyes, don’t you know! The more you explain, the blacker [more evil/corrupt] you are.


You take netizen comments as grumbling, take netizen opinion as nonsense? On this point alone you are unpatriotic, because you simply don’t know that a country needs a proper voice, needs a clear mind, and not your kind of blind so-called “caring action”!!!! 吐


So young and already such greatness, truly a good child fostered by Americans for Chinese!!!


I’m speechless… Lu Meimei, even you yourself have said that your own motherland needs help, so why do you not first help your own country? Love has no national borders? It should be money has no national borders, and that you’re just doing this to accomplish something that benefits your own wallet only. If you truly cared, please extend some concern for the children of your own country as they are our future and if they don’t have any education, with what are they going to develop China? Unless you’re thinking we’ll be able to depend on Africa in the future to support our motherland? Everyone already knows you don’t have any heart [genuine concern]… but you do have self-interest… However, there is one good thing, that being that we now know that China’s education level far surpasses foreign countries. Through your speech, we have deeply understood that the level of foreign education cannot compare to our country’s primary school level.


The “country supports” is referring to what exactly? The people? Do you think the people in the country who can’t even afford to go to school would support you? Love has no national borders? Just whose money are you using? You’ve used Grandpa Deng Xiaoping’s teaching of common prosperity on Africa, can it be that you only see Africa’s hardships and believe everything in your own [country] is great?~ Pei!


[You] ramble, all of your speech is unsophisticated. I don’t know what the circumstances is for such a person in such an important post, when you can’t even speak well… and what more, your premises don’t even have a foot to stand on, your arguments are also a mess, and were it not for me eventually understanding your point, I would’ve thought you were telling a cold joke [dry joke]…


One of the recipient countries of China-Africa Project Hope is Kenya, whose education spending amounts to 7% of domestic GDP, reaching the average international standard. So to have a country whose education spending only amounts to 4% do Project Hope for a 7% education-rich country is truly something I cannot understand~~ Are your brains cooked?


Garbage! Not a bit of patriotism in her.


Don’t rush to explain, netizens aren’t idiots. If you’re going to launder money, then do so quietly. If you can’t even handle being wronged a bit in order to make money, then why come out at all~~? You need to keep cool in order to launder money~~ Be wary of netizens exposing your dubious past, because the results for the second Meimei isn’t going to be any better than the first~~ Good luck~~


China has innumerable children without schooling watching you, innumerable run-down schools and resource-poor schools watching you. When those children who cannot attend school because of their family’s poverty and are thus forced to enter [working] society early in order to help bear the heavy burdens of their family, when those children in mountainous areas of different grade levels must all crowd into a single run-down classroom to listen to a single teacher teach class, I think they will definitely feel very confused, asking why when we’re this poor and distressed that you would instead run abroad to help foreigners and argue something about love having no national borders here or how the government and the African people are very supportive. I’ll tell you that the entire world’s people all support you and only China’s ordinary common folk do not support you. And you’re even here saying we shouldn’t criticize you. You have no right, not when we toil every month in the offices and factories working only to get so little in wages and still donate our blood and sweat money to the Black Cross Society [corrupt Red Cross]. What are you doing?


All of you must have gone crazy from poverty. She can give her own money to whomever she wants. Her father has money, she can spend it however she wants. Her father has worked hard his entire life, yet she doesn’t go online every day cursing everyone. But you guys who go online every day cursing everyone, no wonder you are poor. This is what is known as being jealous and envious.


You can first stop rushing to respond, don’t you know that netizens currently like to investigate for the facts and truth? The more you reply, the more netizens will investigate, and they will be able to uncover and expose everything about your past/family. Besides, who doesn’t know that you guys are are just using a foreign route to launder money?


I simply can’t stand the sight of you, fuck you! Pretentious cunt!! Now she offends all netizens! Now she offends all netizens! Now she offends all netizens! Now she offends all netizens! Now she offends all netizens! Now she offends all netizens! Now she offends all netizens! Now she offends all netizens!


Actually, the happiest person should be Guo Meimei~ She’s probably secretly laughing/rejoicing [that the spotlight is now off her]!

What do you think? About China-Africa Project Hope? About Lu Xingyu’s response to netizens? Do you think China or Chinese people should donate money to be used in Africa? Or should they use the money in China for the children in China first?

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More in-depth information about the “Lu Meimei” scandal (in English):

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • The video started out on the level, and then ended crookedly.

    The truth has a way of coming out.

    • Brett Hunan

      Right… Sounds like she was tripping up towards the end. Probably should have rehearsed what she wanted to convey.

      You know what they say: “time is money”

  • Heard about this crazy bitch last week,

    Song of the Article



    • toto?? TOTO??? Seriously, who the hell is toto?

      This one is obvious comrade.

      “Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)”

      by Shakira

      You should write some self-criticisms and re-think your ideology.

      10 CENTS!!!

      • Tengu


        Songs of Africa
        – Insingizi

        “Toto” is from LA
        Shakira is a Colombiana
        “Insingizi” is from Zimbabwe

        • mr. weiner

          How about “the lion sleeps tonight” by the Tokens?

          • Tengu

            Loved it and you would have a winner, but I GOOGLED it and found a bunch of doughy middle-aged “ofay” singing.

            “Waka Waka” sounds too “Sesame Street”.

            And the “Who the hell is Toto?” – Minus 15 pints. Mark your card. DO it now.

            I say it goes to Kedafu, he has a pretty strong record and he’s always fast out of the gate.

            I have arbitrarily elected myself the occasional sole arbiter of the “song of the article” here, for no apparent reason. it’s a useless job, no one really has to do it, but I’ll check in when I’m not bored with other things and make totally subjective rulings which have no real weight at all.

        • Justin

          I nominate


          By Fela Kuti

          “International Thief Thief!

          International thief
          International rogue

          During the time them come colonize us
          Them come teach us to carry shit
          Long, long, long, long time ago
          African man we no dey carry shit”

          • Love Fela, see O.D.O.O. (Overtake Don’ Overtake Overtake) for more examples of his particular brand of awesomeness. China could do with a Kuti.

        • mr. weiner

          I would protest that a bunch of ofay whiteys singing a song they ripped off from some Zulu guy [Soloman Linda] carries many similarities to this story about some overprivaliged little rich bitch starting a charity racket to supposedly “help” the poor in Africa.

      • 平凡人

        You do not know ToTo? These guys won a grammy! Where are you from?

        • Did the dog from “the Wizard of Oz” also write “Rosanna”, or are they different lyrcis to the same song?

          • Tengu

            Different dog….

          • darkandlovelykissedbythe

            Africans-by Nneka
            Mama Africa-by Akon
            Senegal-by Akon
            Robbie Robertson-Unbound
            Deep Forest-Deep Forest

            Fiddy Cent

      • Joe

        >doesn’t know about the band Toto

  • Patrick

    She’s actually touched a Bush, can’t be trusted.

    • Andeli

      I too have touched a bush… scared me for life. I now only live to touched other maybe even a full bush.

      When does the Basketball story come on??

    • Joe

      lol I was thinking the same thing.

  • mp

    Liberalism will ruin China. This misplaced “feel sorry for Africans” is completely wrongheaded. The West has wasted tens of billions of dollars in Africa and achieved essentially nothing. The majority of blacks, left to their own, will never appreciate high culture, the root of which is education. That is why they are Africans.

    I suggest this lady use “her” money to do something in China. If Chinese are interested in understanding Africa they should live for a month or two in Guangdong chocolate city. Or visit Detroit, where one can, first hand, enjoy the benefits of Western style education on blacks. The city of Atlanta GA recently found out that it is impossible to educate the majority of blacks to Western standards.

    But she’s probably just looking to scam some yuan, so caveat emptor, a fool and their money, and all the rest apply.

    • GodsHammer

      So, you actually think that the melanin content of a persons skin is in direct correlation with their ability to appreciate ‘culture’ or absorb education?
      You actually have no idea where a lot of your ‘culture’ originated.
      Ridiculous for you to even be given forum amongst sentient adults.

      • Tengu

        @Godshammer. God love you.

        I can’t even begin to respond to these comments. Good luck. My head hurts. It’s like they’re living in 1953 Selma Alabama, the only thing missing from these clowns is a white hood and a rope.

        “Everything I Need to Know About Blacks I Learned From Uncle Tom’s Cabin”

        “…will never appreciate high culture,” – Like opera, ballet and the symphony?

        “That is why they are Africans.”

        “The city of Atlanta GA recently found out that it is impossible to educate the majority of blacks to Western standards.” – One minute we’re “Amerikunts”, now for some reason we are suddenly blessed with “western standards.”

        “The ridiculous liberal notion that all men are equal…”

        “Chinese people, especially from Guangdong and Shanghai, arent any better than niggers.”

        “What the nigs lack in education and culture.” – “nigs”…you’re shitting me.

        You’re a bunch of xenophobic, racist, self-righteous, indignant and clueless clowns.

        How you manage to simultaneously maintain such a degree of self-loathing and superiority complex is astounding.

        No one who has the temerity to use the word “nigger”, “nig” possesses any intelligence, education, or high culture themselves.

        You’re ignorant, small-minded, witless people.

        • Brett Hunan

          mp and Hongjian should just meet up and fuck and get it over with.

          A couple of hatemongers who come up with rediculous ideals based on nothing but ignorance.

          mp do you have any numbers for your claims, or did “tens of billions” get pulled out of your ass? A lot of the work done in Africa, along with food and money, is out of goodwill. When you help others you don’t always* expect to get something in return. This is a very typical mindset in China however— “I’ll scratch your back, ONLY if you scratch mine”.

          Hongjian Tengu is right on about “niggers” and “nigs”. That word is pretty much hate-filled and only shows lack of patience, education, and ability to empathize.

          • mp

            “mp do you have any numbers for your claims…”

            According to the Congressional Research Office, between 1999 and 2009 the figure was about 10 billion. It was 9 Billion in 2009, and 7 billion in 2010. According to Brookings, the Blair government, through the G8, would like to see the figure at about 25 billion per year.

            I understand that reality is difficult for some of you to parse, or get comfortable with. But that is not my fault.

          • mp

            BTW, the global total according to Brookings is 75 billion USD. So it is clear, that Africa needs Lu’s charity, since they can’t do it on their own in spit of 75 billion, etc.

          • Brett Hunan

            I guess you missed the second half of my post. Let me rephrase. Money spent or money given does not equate to money wasted, solely because it is Africa.

            KKK fanboys apparently know how to use google. I do too.

            When President Bush came to power in 2001, the US spent $1.4bn a year on humanitarian and development aid in Africa. By 2006, the figure had quadrupled to $5.6bn a year.
            18billion for AIDS. Wasted?

            Not to mention- Europe and America have recieved in natural resources much more than the “tens of billions” you mentioned. Again, how is it the west has gotten nothing in return? http://www.markswatson.com/afrioil.html

          • mp

            “Money spent or money given does not equate to money wasted, solely because it is Africa.”

            What you say is certainly true, but I would argue that it is merely trivially true, because ALL money so spent is likely money wasted, due to its being misallocated by government in the first place, and secondly, it is usually swallowed up inside a bureaucracy that is inefficient and often corrupt, once it is allocated. This, of course, is not strictly an “African thing.”

            Generally, what are thought to be social problems are not amenable to effective government propagated social solutions, simply because they are primarily individual behavioral problems, and individual behavior is least likely to be corrected by non-coercive government policy.

            Nevertheless, the fact remains that due to certain indigenous factors not present within the general demographics of the West or East Asia (China, Japan, etc), sub-Saharan Africa will never prosper on its own. Northern Africa is somewhat different, because of different demographics.

          • cb4242

            I understand that reality is difficult for some of you to parse, or get comfortable with. But that is not my fault.

            No. it is NOT your fault that you are a racist bigot that will over-generalize and rant about a group of people you know nothing about.
            Exactly, not your fault. Ignorance is bliss.

            I wouldn’t have so much of a problem with you if you spoke like in your last post about the demographics and social economical and political problems affecting these nations, but you often go over the top equating race as a sole factor for most of these problems and that just isn’t true, Race has nothing to do with it.

          • mp

            @ CB4242. Usually, it is my experience that when someone has neither a viable, nor a particularly interesting argument, they resort to name calling. “Racist bigot” is a good one, but I have heard others. Calling someone a name when one does not have a good argument is rather vulgar, although it may make the accuser feel a bit better, at least temporarily.

            Anent one of your specific points: whether you have “a problem” with what I write, is really not my problem at all, but yours. I will nevertheless take some time to explain further, though.

            Group behavior is always delimited by demographic factors, and the two can always be reliably correlated to a degree. Race is, of course, a primary component. But this can itself be broken down into simpler aspects. Race is a biological trait(s) that manifests socially in addition to phenotype, and we may cite principally genetic features such as intelligence, innate adaptability, and other psycho-physiological factors such as tendencies toward aggression or passivity, and so on and so forth. Often these traits are associated with hormonal biological processes, such as onset of maturation, etc. All of this argues against equality in any meaningful natural biological sense.

            But what about social and political equality?

            Politically, the idea that people are essentially equal in all aspects, and are therefore distinctly interchangeable, is a relatively recent idea stemming from, first, late scholastic nominalism (the denial of the ontological reality of universals), and, secondly, pre-Enlightenment liberal political philosophy (beginning with Hobbes, but taken up by Locke and Rousseau, and finally made into a quasi religion by Marx and his latter day followers within the social sciences). Here, everyone is deemed to be equal in all important social aspects.

            Nothing could be further from the truth. But because people have abandoned a study of nature in favor of ideology, the inherent equality of unequals is now accepted very uncritically. One can see it on popular sites such as this venue. But when faced with reality, dissonance sets in. When people find out that equality in the real world does not exist, they fall back on ideology (which is all the uncritical thinker has), believing that inequality must necessarily be a product of some disequilibrium within a contingent social order.

            And because of this wrongheaded notion, these folks want to believe that wherever inequality exists, such as Africa, it must therefore be amenable to social (i.e., government) correction. Yet all the money in the world, and all the schooling in the world, will not be able to change the nature of certain peoples–at least in the aggregate, as their are always individual exceptions to the rule.

            Finally, I do not mind attempting to explain my position, but if all you (or others) can offer is name calling, then there is not much point to it, really. Cheers…

          • Just John

            mp, I think he was more remarking on your character then calling you on your argument.

            Also, your selective population sampling paints a completely erroneous picture. In fact, whites going to many of the same “low black IQ schools” also tend to exhibit the same issues.

            You need to have adequate socio-economic factors and environmental factors, and most of the studies to say “blacks are stupider then whites” are based on these same selective sampling, not accurately comparing apples to apples, but with some slightly magical hand-waving, compare apples to oranges and try to make you think the oranges are apples.
            Guess what, the oranges are still not red, no matter what color you painted them.

            Here, I gave this information to another, so you can also use it:
            “Some have suggested that the Flynn effect implies that the 1 standard deviation difference in the mean Black–White IQ difference in the United States will gradually disappear over time (Flynn, 1999).”


          • mp

            @ Just John. I think you misunderstand the research, especially the Flynn effect which denies the fact of regression to the mean, for the most part. Obviously environment is a factor, however the ground is heritability. I suggest reviewing Rushton, Jensen, et.al. It is difficult to report research due to the political climate, but not impossible. Also, the often given argument that IQ testing is culturally biased is a canard, as can be easily seen by reviewing the background on such tests such as the TONI and Raven Matrices, tests that are essentially non verbal and that do not depend upon language.

            One must eventually (I suppose) come to the conclusion that people are different, and that differences manifest among groups in different ways. Or, one can continue to go on as they have, ignoring the world as it is.

          • Just John

            Actually, you are correct in Flynn analysis. I just pointed out to Kyle this issue. Guess if you want to join in, you can jump over to the trash kids article and join in with him on proving where I am right and wrong.

            I still intend to show though that research says that blacks and others have no discernible difference in iq levels.

            In fact, I think I already confused your Alabama reference with Kyle’s response.

          • mp

            These are important issues and they deserve serious discussion. I apologize to all since this has gone on too long, perhaps, and I know this is not the correct forum. On the other hand, anyone whose reaction to these ideas is to engage in name calling is doing everyone a worse disservice, and is doing nothing that will help anyone arrive at any serious conclusions. With that, I’ve said more than this venue warrants and will move on to the next topic.

      • Silent Observer

        Dont even pay attention he’s just itching for an argument.

    • sumyonggai

      I can’t see China celebrating wannabee gansta rioters as victims though!

      Why did the UK ever start giving out passports, instead of visas?

      To be British these days is merely a bureaucratic process. The ridiculous liberal notion that all men are equal to one another has borne a cancer, incurable and relentless.

      China would never make the same mistake.

    • Hongjian

      mp is right.

      sadly, as much as the criticism of black africans is correct, Chinese people, especially from Guangdong and Shanghai, arent any better than niggers.

      What the nigs lack in education and culture, Chinese lack in honesty, discipline and spine, while both of them are lazy fucks who will only do their work right if there is a political officer holding the muzzle of a gun at their heads 24/7.
      All the corruption, food security and shoddy building cases of China are providing ample evidence that, despite China being ruled autocratically, the people are still not giving a fuck about national coherence and that all talk about patriotism ends when it comes down to can own a black Audi.

      Liberalism is a ruinous power. But in China’s case, it already ruined the country and people since Deng ended the age of hardcore repression of nineteen-eighty four style.

      • GodsHammer

        The sad part is that if the internet needed you to show real I.D. to post all of you would be so politically correct.

        • Tengu

          I guess would they be so politically incorrect and have the balls to speak this boldly, if their real names and locations were visible…

          Easy to hide behind some bullshit ID and be bold, no accountability.

          I think most would quiver if their neighbors or employers could see their names…

          Let’s start using our real names, locations and photos.

          Anyone have the balls?

          I’m Dennis, Danvers, MA.

          • Alex

            Yeah? flat number? phone number? keep it coming mr balls

          • As you seen, I changed my “avatar” photo, from tankboy to me
            at MIDI Beijing 2011,

            Now you can put a face to the name,

            if you want to personally tell me to fuck off or say hello
            you can find me on Facebook or QQ

            I hate fakers!
            Love Music and China!

            Coming at you from Dalian, Earth

          • Kedafu – Don’t know why you’re letting the haters on this site rile you.

            Song of the comment:

            Don’t let it bring you down
            – Neil Young

            50 Pence

          • Tengu

            “Mr. Balls.”…can I use or did you blow your creativity wad coming up with that one.

            Where are you from Alex, baby steps, City/State/Country…?

          • Kip

            HAha… that is such a big fail. John Hancock…. from China, that small little country over in Asia. Agreed: Kendafu. Haters? Not.

        • Just John

          Actually, my engadget profile uses my real name, first and last, and I still call people out on their BS. In fact, if you want to understand how little real names help curtail people speaking their minds, even when they should stfu, please check the following:

          • Tengu

            “Inspector Gadget”…good article.
            Never understood the lack of personal editing of Facebook, I would assume it all depends on the type of social media being used.
            First thing I do in the hiring process is take their resume and crossfoot it across LinkedIn, Facebook et al.

            “Hope God kills them all.” not going to work for pretty much anyone I know and easy enough to find anyone depending on what you use to find background information.

            Been doing this for over 30 years. The interwebs, although simply a series of tubes, is forever! Best policy, people should do on the web what they SHOULD do in real life. They should think, then think again before they post or speak…probably never happen.

          • B-real

            bad example because half those names could be fake too. Facebook is just as anonymous as chinasmack if the user wanted to be a dick with out all the people trying to hunt him down fake names are great. Unfortunatly for IT people who can ID people thru IP ID software, anonymity can only take you so far as a simple online dick.

          • Tengu

            @B-Real – very true, but for purposes of background check it’s just one of many things in the arsenal. IP address only gets you so much in real time. Most people don’t have a static IP address, and unless you get a court order (US) you’re not going to get the ID of anyone who used a dynamically genned IP Address from an ISP on any given day.

            Internet cafes with hotmail and gmail…forget it.

            My badly posited point in the above was I’m amazed what legitimate people will post. It’s like the concept of “This is going to be on a disk drive for the next 20 years” is lost on everyone.

            You know, I know we’re saving EVERYTHING, no matter what anyone thinks.

      • mr. weiner

        Despite your well put arguments [which I’m sure you believe in] you just f*ck yourself up every time you say “Nigger” or even “Nig” [I haven’t heard anyone say that since my grandmother’s day]
        Instead of using that word could you skim through your comments and insert “Jew” , “Kike” , “Wetback” or even “Hakka” instead and see how ridiculous it seems after that? Because that’s how stupid you appear to my eyes and I’m sure to many other people here as well

      • Silent Observer


        What a sorry individual you are. I bet you wouldn’t say that to a guy like 50 cents face, or any black guy for that matter. hahaha very sorry.

    • cb4242

      Mp, still on your racist rant, eh. Still trying to generalize Blacks as a singe entity. I love how racist idiots such as yourself don’t know ANYTHING about Blacks, and I am not talking about what you watch on NBC. And the constant rants and lies that you spew, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Joe

      This is not Stormfront. Go fuck yourself.

    • Silent Observer

      Oh how “intelligent” you are. Why, did some black guy bang your girlfriend? Its usually the case of the racist angry white/Asian guy

  • Rhys

    The guy on the left of Condy and Lu Xingyu is either Bob Hawke, former Australian PM, or someone who really looks like him.

  • Brett Hunan

    If only it was this easy to launder money in the west.

    Oh wait……..

  • eattot

    with such big money, why still dress so cheap?
    use some money, do some plastic surgery also…but with this kinda background, no matter how she looks like, a group of men will stick to her!!!hahaha!
    sure, someone gonna jump out say i am jealous blahblah…
    i am not, i only admire sexy and beautiful women, that’s it! sometimes truly makes me jealous a bit.

    • baijiansi

      You have fucked up values.

      • Agreed, Eattot is about as deep as a tea spoon.

        Eattot sounds suspiciously like retard for some reason…..

        PS. No, I wouldn’t go for a misinformed, bitter, hopeless, racist, blind girl like you. Check my website to see your superior.


        • eattot

          no, i do not check anybody’s link, since i am such a super egoist,enough for you?

          • cb4242

            At least you spoke the truth. Love it when people can see their own idiotic flaws.

      • hanyucha

        Why? If Obama wants to get donations, you think he turns up in shitty clothes? No, he puts on his Armani. A sad rule of thumb is that money attracts money.

        • Tengu

          For the time being, Obama wears Hickey Freeman, but they filed for bankruptcy. My guess is he’ll switch to Oxxford.

    • donscarletti

      No matter how rich, there’s nothing like a girl in a ¥30 polyester minidress. Just that image of utter achievability.

    • hoots

      I agree. Totally not feeling that blouse.

      • Just John

        I would love to feel that blouse. After all, they all feel good in the dark and you can drown your sorrows of her looks with that much money.

    • cb4242

      Shouldn’t you be watching QVC or the fashion Network. Seems like you got lost on commenting on something NO ONE gives a rats ass about. What the hell do they feed you?

  • baijiansi

    “However, there is one good thing, that being that we now know that China’s education level far surpasses foreign countries. Through your speech, we have deeply understood that the level of foreign education cannot compare to our country’s primary school level.”


    What? He wasn’t joking?

    • donscarletti

      Well, I went through a western education system (state schooled), went to a world top 20 engineering faculty and now I work in China.Although as a software engineer, I do a lot of design and programming, but I guess my most useful job is answering questions. My secret is, I don’t really know _anything_ but if you ask me a question that has correct answer, I can usually give it to you. How did I learn this skill? I guess by taking exams for classes I did not attend at university for four years, something Chinese students could never do. Also, if I may boast, I do work a fair bit quicker than my peers through writing and submitting my _own_ assignment (on pain of expulsion) the night before it is due.Chinese education sucks in the eyes of Chinese because they want the teacher to tell them the answer to every question and they cannot. Chinese education sucks in the eyes of westerners because the teacher answers every question on the examination paper so one can succeed by remembering only what the teacher has said.If I have learned anything it is that Chinese who are smart and Chinese who openly profess to be superior are disjoint sets. You want to see your threat, it’s that guy who humbly and quietly gives a succinct answer at the end of a discussion and everyone falls silent. He knows the answer, he’s just listening to see if he hears anything better. He knows how to learn. The guy who’s making that claim about Chinese education, he’s just carrying on with the same empty gloating that caused America to fall apart without the Soviet Union. It’s not true and even if it were true, he is only screwing himself.

      • baijiansi

        I’m not Chinese.

        But if you are in China, look around you. Do you have Chinese friends that you don’t want to fuck (if you could)?

        No? Why is that?

        Because people in China are bland. It’s not a race thing; HK and Taiwan people are pretty cool. No, it’s the Mainland Chinese education system that produces boring, immature, unimaginative serfs.

        • donscarletti

          You’re not Chinese? Well, you don’t say.

          But you’re right about expatriates making up for loneliness with promiscuity though.

        • Tengu

          “…boring, immature, unimaginative serfs….”

          I don’t find residents of PRC “…boring, immature, unimaginative serfs…”

          This is another gross racist generalization. In the USA , we produce a pretty heft ( and I do mean “hefty”) amount of dullards. Sort of a worldwide phenomenon.

          “It’s not a race” thing, pray tell how exactly would you describe the wide swathe you just cut through the entire population of mainland Chinese?

          Ethnocentric? Xenophobic? Just being a dick? ” Just a simple hatred for the people of the mainland, no harm intended, my good man!”

        • Joe

          “It’s not a race thing.”
          “I’m not racist.”
          – White people

  • rollin wit 9’s

    85% of chinese I see on a daily basis can’t even walk past someone with the skin color of an african or african american without staring, shouting racist sh!t, whispering in their friends ear (turn around and look) or just being plain idiotic and stupid. If Chinese or any of you believe this then you will believe anything.
    Welcome to the Governments Republic of China.

    • Kristine

      Yeah, but that doesn’t only go for black people tho. They also stare and comment at white people, fat people, tall people, mixed couples… basically anybody not Chinese/different from themselves. I honestly don’t think they’re racist, just plain out ignorant.

  • Anon

    I hear that China is about to play sugar daddy to bankrupt nations? Do not do that until ALL Municipal debts or state and national debts are PAID OFF IN FULL.

    Unless China wants to become a ‘debtor nation’ like USA, I suggest any massive monies they have now earmarked for ‘donations’, regardless of GDP, be used to ensure that every single cent of internal debt is paid off or at the very least to set up housing for poor, subsidise poor staple foods systems (with help of tycoons for example), or set up homeless shelters and food kitchens.

    Try a ” No Hunger in China ” programme where free non-GMO congee/with balanced nutrition (powdered eggs?) and necessary fibre components and tea are available FOR FREE at every street corner via a state sponsored ‘CCP brand’ vending machine. Ship a few to Africa for good measure in due time when debts are cleared.

    Fundamentals of a nation are not based on what singular top tier cities have but also include local debt of ALL cities and China it appears has massive debt in Municipal councils. At the very least pick 1000 of the poorest in Beijing and give them a new life. What are you sending off money overseas for? Existing growth of private sector collaborations should be enough as they are to grow African-Chinese economies and relations.

    Remember there is the ENTIRE Western region of China to develop and hundreds of millions of poor not living in major cities (one railway does not a developed nation make, how about a ‘Great Wall’ or at least a new series of fortresses/bunker networks in the East, better than sending money overseas) and you’re sending money overseas which could be used to pay debt?

    Remember American exceptionalism via donation, I don’t think China is ready to play Most Favoured Nation Games anytime soon. There are beggars ad homeless or terrible conditions in cramped apartments in China. There are pollution problems. There are orphans and elderly in unpleasant creches and homes. There are a handful of nuclear plants in potential quake zone areas to shut down if China is to be pro-active about energy issue. Even address inflation first. Build some desalination plants, dig some aquifers and store some water.

    China has FALLEN behind but does not know it, besides massive internal debt, China has inferior manufacturing paradigms that are not very green and too costly. Put that money into developing a (after taxes) 6,333.34 RMB car in answer to Tata Nano’s 1200 cc 12,666.68 RMB one to remain competitive.

    Try a 300 cc engine Tung infused Jute bodywork and Bamboo chasis car – save fuel costs, save manufacture costs, save on repair costs – steel body works and chasis will not be missed . . .

    Address a stock market rife with shady practices and a lower and mid tier bureaucracy teeming with corrupt . . .

    With those raised funds, help clear the Municipal debt at home first or clear the debts of the poorest individuals at least Ms. Lu.

  • ThomasR

    Incredible. I was expecting about half the comments to be positive and half negative. But apparently not a single Chinese netizen thinks helping Africans is a good thing.

    • Hongjian

      It isnt. Helping is just making them dependent upon your “benevolence” for ever.
      China experienced that and luckily Mao rather made China starve in socialism than to accept the wheat of the capitalists, who offered their “help”.

      In the end, everyone has to help themselves – nothing good will come out by giving beggars money and making them accept their fate and rely on your offerings.

      Best solution is to starve the fuck out of everyone until they realize that they have to kick themselves in the ass and unfuck themselves and start to think about solutions. Even China could do this, so why not the Africans?

      • Brett Hunan

        So eloquently put…

        I understand your point will not argue that relying on others for everything is bad.

        Justifying millions of deaths with this point is, well, personal.

        Africa still has a ways to go. Many of the African countries cant get their shit together enough to form something like the EU where all the countries can depend on each other and require cooperation to succeed.

        Fuck, we have a couple of political revolutions and a country with pirates running the show.

        Give her some time, and Africa may be just fine.

        • vic2u

          Time they have and time they have spend fucking each other time and time again.

          It’s when time runs out for them that than they might do something to change their fucking ways.

          Afrika is for Afrikans, China gals keep your legs closed or you may add a few black kids of your own to the problem.

      • GodsHammer

        That’s why schools are a good thing and bags of rice are not. See? The whole ‘teach a man to fish’ concept.

    • Kip

      If your family is sick, and need medical attention, and you decide to give all your money away to help Jack from dunno-where, what would your family think? Not that helping about Africa is not a good thing, but when the next story is Chinese kids digging through a mountain of trash? Thin line we step on… selfishness of the Chinese, or lack of patriotism? My heart goes out to those kids in developed countries not being able to afford school, clothes, and food…. burn in hell, Chinese netizens.

    • Anon

      Who says Chinese netizens think helping Africans is a bad thing?

      By investing sincerely via building infrastructure and creating jobs (rather than the resource stripping of the colonial era), bringing a cosmopolitan and international feel by settling there (shows that Africans don’t aren’t cannibals – couldn’t resist, I blame the stupidly but NLP contrived titled “Last King of Scotland” 2006 film by Kevin Macdonald . . . ), China is already helping.

      By quantitative easing and fractional gold trading, USA is NOT helping. By trying to keep valuable farm lands bought for a song or even militarily captured, post-colonial whites are not helping.

      By saying Chinese netizens think helping Africans is not a good thing, you @ThomasR are not helping relations between Africans and Chinese. It is also true though that Chinese netizens, largely are not in the position to help Africans, or have any way of helping Africans struggling as most of them are. Don’t forget all the other Chinese who are there as citizens and trade partners that are indeed helping via investment. @ThomasB’s assessment is quite one sided.

  • 吴兰

    “Unpatriotic”, ha ha – good joke. She’s being a young, silly, inexperienced face for an extremely “patriotic”, massive project. I agree with the criticism that there’s plenty to do in China first. And there is no doubt it should be done (Anon, above, having explained clearly why). But don’t forget that the land in China is shrinking. With the demand they have, they buy most of the natural resources they need abroad. Soon enough, they will have to start buying more food because they’ll not be able to feed themselves. Some of the rice you eat daily is actually imported as the climate change, the non-industrialised and ineffective agriculture affected by floods, draughts and other natural disasters, topped by a massive buy-out off land for industrial purposes are already not enough to let the Beijing government guarantee the food produce prices like they have been doing for a long time. Africa has plenty of land. It had plenty of natural resources they are themselves unable to extract and sell on the global market. Africa is tired of listening to Europe and the US bitch and moan about human rights, tired of having them interfere in their internal affairs and politics (or, more often, manslaughter) in exchange for financial aid and investments. Chinese don’t impose any other than economic conditions on the aid and investment they provide. They don’t care about human rights and manslaughter as long as they can own their land to farm and get that oil/gas or whatever else there is in the area. It was very recently that I’ve read an article on how the Chinese built a very good road in Congo and very cheap too. And they got 70% of shares in the local mines as well as licences to search for more mineral deposit and exploit them when found.
    This girl is silly. This girl is inexperienced and young. This girl is a perfect face for China’s most “patriotic” project in the modern history.

    • 吴兰

      After I have posted this comment, I found this:


      Very interesting, for those who wish to ask the question about what China is actually doing in Africa.

      • GodsHammer

        Yeah…a ‘Guns for Gold’ program basically.

        • Anon

          Gold is worth NOTHING but everything if you want to consider it’s conductivity (alongside radioactivity as elements of planetary sentience).

          Even coweries are more useful as currency.

          Maybe gold as a component in antiquated computers at most which is fast passing. For a futuristic view on metals and mining, not necessarily too far in the future where they are truly a barbaric relic, think barter trade and bio-organic circuitry (computers will be grown in the future and powered by nutrient soups), making mining of metals and currencies PM or fiat entirely obsolete.

          Or even self maintaining armour or housing ‘hives’ that grow themselves much like ant colonies occupy. A GMO form human sized affair is not inconceivable.


          As for Guns, that is even more obsolete. Satellite and telco based weapons are already in place that can fry or manipulate brains. Do you think the Africans are totally unaware?

          This BRICS thing is to counter potential neocolonialism (maybe a Caliphate if they apply wisdom a little, or an Egyptian Pharoahnate – which will be massively subversive against the largely Egypto-centric Masonic groups supposedly centred in England and America as well) and to ensure a Multipolar World Order, so that NATO/IMF/UN won’t pull a Libya or a Bay of Pigs or a 1958 Sukarno Insurgency.

          Both gold and guns are already outdated. It’s just a matter of proprietary copyrights and franchising and mass production of existing technologies mentioned above that the next world leader needs to focus on. BRICS being brimful of cheap labour and massive funds, looks set to take on the task and consolidate next generation for humanity technology. On the GMO solutions issue though, parallel transfer issues or at least DNA pollution ‘seals’ should be addressed before moving forward.

          The last thing China needs is this sort of thing, especially in the ‘ant colony in columbus cactus’ based housing idea – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2011541/Giant-hogweed-cause-BLINDNESS-invades-New-York.html

          Both gold and guns are already outdated.

          • Joe

            Nobody buys gold because it is ridiculously useful. It is purchased because there is a limited quantity and it cannot be created out of thin air economically. The term guns is a generalization for weapons.

            Basically your entire argument is based on ignorance as to why people buy gold, and semantics as to what guns are.

        • Anon

          Basically your entire comeback is based on ignorance of my points on why gold is a dated unit of currency that will be phased out for greener options.

          As to semantics as to what guns are, you’re showing your own ignorance that we are in a invasion intolerant era (Brits laying off Libya entirely), where conventional small arms based conflicts that do not punch holes in entire civilisations are a necessity.

          Misconstruing what others have made clear, also show of what people with disaffected attitudes count as mental exercise.

          Imagining that larger weapons can even be used for anything other than to shoot a government in it’s own foot at high cost, makes you not as tongue-in-cheek as you try to sound. Pres. Ahmedinejad knows the uselessness of ‘guns’ as you speak of, you or at least @GodsHammer presumes much in thinking guns means larger weapons.

    • Silent Observer

      well put my friend

  • I bet that very soon we will see another video with her. This story is far from the end.

    • Agree; and this won’t be a scandal so much as one person shooting her mouth off and paying for it.

  • Tengu

    Guo Meimei, Lu Xingyu…I’d tap both of them.

    ” I like ’em… I dunno, kinda dirty or something.”
    – Vincent ‘Vinnie’ Antonelli, “My Blue Heaven”

    • Keat

      WTF is wrong with you. I hope you don’t talk to all women like that. If you actually knew Lu Xingyu on a personal level you would know she’s a good person and extremely caring and passionate about her cause. You’re just another hater.

      • Tengu

        Much like you, I do not personally know her.

        One word for you….”joke” and I am far from a “hater.”

        Check a little higher up in the posts my fine feathered friend.

        Obviously I wasn’t specifically speaking to ANY woman, it was directed at the audience out here, which tends to be more ribald and less, shall we say, priggish.

        So try not to judge how you may think I may interact with women based on a single joke pulled from a pretty funny comedy, starring a very funny comedian.

        You people out here are either incredibly angry, ridiculously racist or remarkably sensitive…try a more “middle of the road” approach to life. You’ll live longer.

        Best of luck.

        • Keat

          “Much like you, I do not personally know her.” Wrong, I actually do know her. I only replied this ridiculous comment because it had nothing to do with the article. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but name calling and vulgar statements grats bro you’re an official hater. Keep talking smack behind a computer screen you’re just another e-thug out in cyberspace.

          • Just John

            Yes, because jokes = e-thugs.

            Internet is serious business.

            Smack that all on the floor
            smack that till you get sore
            Smack that give me some more
            Smack that ohh

          • Tengu

            keep talking smack behind a computer screen, exactly, that’s why I’m SURE know her my dear young fellow and that’s why you’re singling out this mundane quote from a move for it’s lack of relevance.

            Have you actually read the other posts? I think not, because you’d be bringing your priggish, little, soft, gentle hands down on everyone.

            I must say I do enjoy “e-thug.”

            I would say if you actually “know here” and were salivating to save her virtue you may want to refer to one of the posts below and take them to task.

            How about:
            “Heard about this crazy bitch last week,”

            “No matter how rich, there’s nothing like a girl in a ¥30 polyester minidress. ”

            “She’s being a young, silly, inexperienced face for an extremely “patriotic”, massive project.”

            “At her age, rubbing shoulders with right-wing conservatives like Bush, Rice and others has poisoned her mind.”

            “china has too many bitches..they should be lined up, undressed, and had their breasts tattooed “Pretentious Cunt” as netizen above had suggested”

            “Not a real charity unless management is FREE and VOLUNTEER based. Otherwise it’s a scam.

            So you don’t mind her being called on running a “scam” or being referred to as “pretentious cunt?”

            As far as the continuity or lack thereof out here, get a grip, have you noticed the stream of consciousness whgich flows out here on a abnormal day?

            Grow some balls go defend your “friend” from those who actually said she was running a scam or a pretentious cunt.”

            Come on, I’ll wait, you can do it.

            Put those little soft fingers on the keyboard…DO IT!

            I just assume you don’t have the balls to go after anyone who called her a “pretentious cunt” or a “scam”

            So keep talking shit and being brave from behind your computer screen and don’t defend your “friend” like you should, defend her honor, tell them it’s not a “scam” tel them she’s not a “pretentious cunt”

            C’MON DEFEND HER FROM THE OTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Tengu

            @ Just John.

            The Series of tubes is serious business, not to be taken lightly, because our words carry so much gravitas….evi-fucking-dently.

            First the “Unsavory Incident of The Ginger” and now this.

            Pssssttttt..sssshhhhh….there’s a guy on this thread who says he actually knows this “pretentious cunt?”

            I kind of like being an “e-thug”, I’ll get us armbands, maybe some jaunty caps. We’ll need a logo.

            I’ll get one called “e-prig” for him!

            BTW – you know there’s a guy out here who thinks we’re the same person in spite of completely different compositional styles. One post we spelled the same “phrase” differently in response to each other. “Proof I say!”

            And we thought OUR conspiracy theorists were nuts …at least ours think big! 9/11 not a goddamn blog!

        • Just John


          Ever heard of Rodney Carrington?

          I think we need to get some women in here to solve all the hatred of the world.

          “Oh it seems to me
          This whole world’s gone crazy
          And there’s too much hate and killing going on
          But when I see the bare chest of a woman
          My worries and my problems are all gone
          No one thinks of fighin’
          When they see a topless girl
          Any maybe if you would show yours too
          We could save the world

          Show them to me
          Show them to me
          Unclasp your bra and set those puppies free
          They’d look a whole better without that sweather
          baby, I’m sure you’ll agree
          If you got two fun bags
          Show them to me

          I don’t care if they don’t match
          Or one’s bigger than the other
          You can show me one
          And I’ll imagine the other
          Even if you’re really old
          There’s nothing wrong
          Don’t be sad your boobs ain’t bad
          They’re just alittle long

          Show them to me
          Show them to me
          Lift up your shirt and let the whole world see
          Just disrobe show your globes
          And a happy man I’ll be
          If you got those chi chi’s
          Show them to me

          I’ve met allot of them
          But never one I’ve hated
          Even if you’ve had thirteen kids
          And you think they look deflated
          There’s no such thing as a bad breast
          I believe this much is true
          If your a big fat man I’m a titty fan
          And I’d love to see yours too

          Show them to me
          Show them to me
          Just like the Girls Gone Wild on TV
          Just lean back and show your rack
          And I’ll be extasy
          If you got two Kasaba’s
          Show them to me

          All the world will live in harmony
          It’ll do ya good and it’ll give me wood
          And we’ll make history
          If you love your country
          I’m going to say it one more time…
          I said If you love your country Yeah…

          Then stand up your ass up and show those big ole tittes to meee
          (Show them to me) “

          • Tengu

            I hope terroir sees this.

            He’s the third side of the equilateral triangle that believes titties are the ambassadors of goodwill.

            “There’s no such thing as a bad breast
            I believe this much is true
            If your a big fat man I’m a titty fan
            And I’d love to see yours too”

            After I copied this I realized I’d heard him once before, heard that line, loved and had no idea who he was. I think I saw him on You Tube.

            We can get You Tube on our interwebs, but not on the “Chinese Internet?”

            He’s going to track me down and snatch the life from me…soon.

          • Tengu

            Watching it now…dying…

      • Tengu

        BTW – “Guo Meimei, Lu Xingyu…I’d tap both of them.”

        That one statement out of all these posts is the one you decided to put yourself on the line over, be horrified at?

        The following posted above by someone else didn’t bother you quite so much:”
        “sadly, as much as the criticism of black africans is correct, Chinese people, especially from Guangdong and Shanghai, arent any better than niggers.

        What the nigs lack in education and culture, Chinese lack in honesty, discipline and spine, while both of them are lazy fucks…”

        “Nigs/niggers” is fine with you, so we can surmise you condone blatant racism.

        Try carrying a larger caliber, load them heavy, file an “x” in the tips or use an oil filter for a handy throw away silencer (they’re hard to trace), but have the balls to start gunning for the actual haters.

  • Breakinglass

    First post and it’s a sofa.

    Also, love the Hawaiian shirts, it’s a good look.

    • Breakinglass

      wait, nevermind. still love the aloha prints though.

  • Alex

    She has done much more than those wankers that just criticize her on the internet.

    Internet one of the worst things on the world for stuff like this. Well, it’s not that internet made us this way, we were originally like this, but like I saw in a very beautiful diagram:

    Normal Person + Internet + Audience + Anonymity = A Total Dipshit

    • Just John

      Welcome to the tabloids Anonymous Alex.
      Does that mean that, based on your diagram, Alex = A Total Dipshit?

    • Let’s expand on that thought, shall we? You say that the internet is a tool in which people can broadcast their base and untempered misgivings onto the web. Fine. But, the opposite is true as well. The internet can bring out the best in people.

      While that statement will fall flat in many cultures, it doesn’t in China because of what kind of tool the internet here is. Chinese live anonymous lives in which many expectations are put upon they to act a certain way at all times. For Chinese, anonyminity is empowering because it lets them become something — something greater than they’re allowed to be in real life.

      While some use that power for the purposes you have articulated so as to color the world with crayons of ignorance (oh, just look around here and you’ll see an example), the opposite is also true. This isn’t the right post, but in China, on the internet, people are allowed to be as GOOD as they can be. And anonymity allows that.

      So add that to your equation and re-access your ability to generalize. What ever 2+2 adds up to (and yes, you should be free to say 4), you don’t have to feel smug about it.

      • Just John

        For you terroir, I suggest the following article:

        It talks about the very empowerment offered through anonymity and is a pretty good read (Can you tell techdirt is my second favorite blog?).

        • Thanks dude, I read up your link; that’s a pretty dry blog, no? It has like a thousand comments, that story.

          For me, net anonymity is the same as Mexican lucha libre wrestling; when I come off the top turnbuckle with that elbow smash, it’s not a man who is coming up with with these witty aphorisms – instead, it’s an ideal, a dream. Well, maybe. I don’t have a cape yet.

          Of course, when I get up from the computer and leave my mask in the ring, I’m like anybody else who has two legs and puts on pants with one of them at a time. But to live life large as an alter ego – that’s why we’re all here. Sure, some of us are heels and use the mask to hide behind, but true to kafaybe.. there are those that use the mask of anonymity to be the heros of ideals and dreams that we all strive to be.

          • Just John

            Well, given it’s a legal blog, many would agree with you.

            For you, I would recommend http://www.erosblog.com/.
            Careful, it’s not safe for work.

          • “Well, given it’s a legal blog…”

            I thought they were called briefs for a reason. So that I don’t have to read them.

            Speaking of briefs and knickers, I’m not impressed with your link, sorry. I was a big fan of fleshbot back in the day; Altrose Lux or whatever is a hoot, but since Gawker amalgamized it’s just too Giulianni 00’s NYC, you know? Anyways, I like to take the hunter spell rather than the gatherer when it comes to seeking out skin – I mean, where’s the thrill of the chase?

          • And more thing…

            I love being wrong. Check out this gem to bring up at your next deer hunt meeting:
            “When a girl looks interested in a sermon, she is generally thinking how she would like to lie flat on her back with her knees up. ”

            Anyways /derail

  • mlgb

    Someone obviously doesn’t know how to take video. Surely if halfway through you rotated your iPhone, then when looking back over the footage before uploading you’d realise that most people don’t like looking at footage sideways and you’d film it again.

    • I think we can take it to mean: if we are gullible enough to follow her discussion by also craning our necks to the side, then we would also be more culpable to swallow every indignant word.

  • Kyle

    Here we go with more of the building schools for Africans. First it was Europeans and Americans doing it. Now it is the Chinese. The problem with Africa NOT that there aren’t enough schools. The problem with Africa is that there aren’t enough Africans smart enough to learn anything from these schools.


    China will learn soon enough that schools for Africans is a waste of money. Nothing will come out of it.

    The money would be better spent helping Chinese kids in China who ARE smart enough to benefit from an education.

  • fabulous

    That’s old Bob isn’t it?

  • ZNK

    Sofa. Good job goading the sleeping giant that is a flesh engine

  • 平凡人

    We are missing the point here, who are the donors? If someone is willing to donate, so be it. However, 10% management fees, that is questionable if it is for a good course; I need much lesser than that to manage the funds.

    Donating to other countries is okay if there is really a need. Back in 1984, a group of musicians and recording artists gathered to form “Band Aid” and made a record (Do they know it’s Christmas). Revenue from the sales went to Ethiopia where the people were starving. The band was formed with British and Irish.

    • hanyucha

      see my point below…

    • Yeah, Band-Aid, from which neither the singers nor the organisers made a penny – everything went to delivering food to the starving. Hence “Charity”, as in not making a profit.

      • hanyucha

        Yeah, but none of the money reached its destination because they couldn’t afford to hire talented people to deliver the aid.

        • 平凡人

          get your facts right kid.

          • hanyucha

            @平凡人: Sorry Dad!


            The aim will be to raise awareness of Make Poverty History, a campaign to get the richest nations to cancel debt and increase aid to developing countries, and to promote fair trade.

            The G8 summit takes place from 6 to 8 July at Gleneagles in Scotland.

            Jamiroquai will perform at the concert in Paris

            Some economists were sceptical the aims of the Make Poverty History campaign would help the people it was targeted at.

            Kendra Okonski, of the International Policy Network, said debt relief, aid and trade justice had been a “demonstrable failure” for decades.

            “Aid has tended to reward failing governments and undermine democracy,” she said.

            “In the case of Uganda, they’re waging an illegal war with aid money that’s given by the United States.

            “Debt per se is not a bad thing. Lots of us have mortgages.

            “If you say all debts are forgiven it actually punishes countries which are doing a good job paying back their debt.”

            Geldof said the event was “not for charity but political justice”, adding that organisers had “scrambled like crazy” to stage the concerts to highlight the plight of Africa.

        • Yeah, people “talented” at being born to billionaires. That’s some “talent”!

          Meantime, the food arrived, so I guess you’re not so “talented” at getting your facts straight.

          • @Hanyucha – Here’s an idea, maybe you should pay someone “talented” 10% of your 5 mao to fix your comments for you?

    • Anon

      Not a real charity unless management is FREE and VOLUNTEER based. Otherwise it’s a scam.

  • Foreign Devil

    I refuse to believe that ordinary CHinese citizens gave that much money to this African charity cause. The money must have come from somewhere else.

    • Or maybe they’re over-estimating on the take. No idea why they would do that . . . .

  • hanyucha

    Give her a break – Jeez, ten percent management fee isn’t so bad. Take the UK for example, they are cutting all the politician’s salaries.

    If they do that then where in the hell are they going to get any talent. This girl is talented, give her the cash and let her do her job.

    Charity these days is a business. What would you prefer, give 1.5 billion to the government and let them take fifty percent, or give it to girly and let her take her ten.

    • 平凡人

      The lesser of the two evil? I choose neither.

    • Yeah, she made the very wise decision of being born to a billionaire. Damn, why didn’t the rest of us think of that? I mean, someone clever enough to do that obviously deserves this kind of post . . .

  • ##BlothaLonely##

    she’s ugly as fuck..

    • Tengu

      Bring two bags, if the one over her face breaks, you can still hide.

      She’ll give you 10%…

      • ##BlothaLonely##

        I am really disappointed by the recent articles. We’ve lost all the raunchiness in the topics…


        • Tengu

          We have been “chided”….we ran amok on the Weepy Thai Ad.

  • Andy

    What has she done wrong ? Nothing that I can see ? She hasn’t been accused of stealing money, or misappropriating it. So what is her crime ? Being young ?

    The Chinese are criticizing her for not helping Chinese first ? Typical selfish Chinese.

    Seems this woman is doing a good thing, but because she is doing it for BLACK PEOPLE then she gets shit for it.

    • eattot

      yes, she controls the money, she can choose to do whatever she likes.
      but first, the basic condition of Africa is so low, help their education? why not just protect them from starving first? it’s such a big hole to fill in, in china at least you throw money in water still can hear some sound back.
      1.5 billion, her family donated 100 million, but she takes 10% as management cost…already benifit a lot back…behind this 1.5 billion, either a huge joke or huge plot…wait and see!
      and, she can proof

    • hoots

      Exactly. If she wasn’t the daughter of a rich guy, probably nobody would care or say anything about it. But, mix in that she is an attractive, young, rich, Chinese girl that is helping black people and you’ve got the perfect victim for Chinese netizens to hate on.

      I feel bad for her and all the stuff she will have to go through because of this. It seems as though she was trying to do something good in the world, but will now be the infamous second generation girl who stole money to give to black people. It appears that she has been honest the whole time and this is what happens.

      I think so much of it comes down to just plain jealousy.

      • cb4242

        Yep, couldn’t have summed that one better. You hit the nail on the head! Excellent point.

        • undertaker

          this really makes me laugh.so china also need help?i dont think so.you pple here always talk stupid things at time like its only africa who need help and china doesnt .just the the fact that she is chinese i want to help Africa its when you guys are acceting the fact that china need help.hhaahahahahahahaa

    • Nope. Not jealous. And let’s ignore the patriotic rumblings for now and the charges of racism (go to the above posts of anon and 吴兰 to figure out what she’s really doing in Africa).

      To use a visual metaphor to explain what’s going on here: this is China seeing it’s own face in the mirror, attacking it, and then eating its own face.

      The above can just be a metaphor or be as gross as your imagination allows. Explanation:

      Once things hit the public consciousness in China, they stay there (mostly a hype thing). So when a kid gets killed by an escalator, every single escalator incident gets blown out of proportion (like when some idiot kid presses the stop button and that becomes news), and everybody knows Guo Meimei know so much that donations to the Red Cross have been decreased.

      So, Guo Meimei is in the public consciousness, and the Chinese netizen feels empowered and aware, and find a new target: the hilariously nicknamed Lu Meimei (me, I’ll call her “Donation Beauty”). It seems the first charges against her are of nepotism, and things spiraled from there with other charges about patriotism and racism and all that we’ll ignore for now.

      So, no scandal, right? It sure is suspicious that someone so young gets such a great job, but you know, she’s received the best education, met the evilest US politicians, has all the guanxi, yep yep. Maybe she is qualified for the job, but I’m not her boss/dad.

      If Donation Beauty was smart, she’d just ride out a non-event. Angelina Jolie stole Jennifer Anniston’s boyfriend and she never talked about it — and he’s Brad Pitt! Haven’t you seen him in A River Runs Through It?

      And so this is what Crystal was talking about before, and she hit it on the head: Donation Beauty is making a scandal where there is no scandal. Why? Because of self-entitlement, and that’s what makes this story so popular.

      Look at the title of the video: Fauna translated it using the word “Bombastic”, and she picked a good word. I don’t know how the video sounds to a someone who doesn’t speak putonghua, but in the video Donation Beauty speaks with the utmost gratingly patronizing and condescending tone. She even smiles at some point and even seems relaxed about it, but no: she is completely bombastic – she talks to you as if your fudge missed the toilet bowl.

      While this wouldnt’ be a big deal if she was Jessi Slaughter’s deceased father (except for the awesome memes that came out of that), it is a big deal here because she represents 1.5 billion chinese pesoes, and she also exposes the sheer arrogence of the rich/have do’s.

      Before, if you were successful in China everyone has to kiss your ass: you have a niche, and everyone has their niche, and harmony et all. But, now a social structure exists in China in which people can step out of their social limitations of the pyramid structure they were born into and openly challenge these upper do’s.

      This infuriates Donation Beauty who thinks she’s entitled to everything since she’s born to a billionaire, and so, by equal standards, thinks she a laowai. While she should have practiced “noodle or starbuck diplomacy” like other us officials by acting humbly and talking logic, she goes on the offensive and so has now caused her own scandal. This is what Crystal was talking about. Maybe.

      Anyways, China eating its own face: someone within the “China rules” has gotten to a position of grandeur, and due to the same rules, will flaunt that position (Guo Meimei) or in this case act arrogently and self-entitled; on the other side, while there are many in China who follow “China rules”, there are now those outside its rigid social hierarchy in the anonymous internet who target these people for being corrupt and arrogent, and so attack the very dream that many Chinese have of one day becomng in the future.

      I think I said this on the guo meimei story: “China, welcome to yourself.” This is what I mean.

      • My opinion still stands, but I couldn’t be more wrong that there isn’t an actual scandal right now. The opinions of the commenters above gloss on the superficial with charges of racisim and patriotism, and have will lead us to have a wrong idea of what accusations are being levelled at “Donation Beauty” and the 1.5billion RMB she represents.

        Check it out at the sublime yet dry China Media Project:

        Some highlights:
        *they’re not actually a charity (they’re not licenced as one)
        *they’re not affiliated with the UN
        *false credentials and publications
        *exaggerating donation amounts

        In short, a real scandal.

        In regards to my comment, I think it still stands because if we ignore all of this LOGIC, there still exists a state of aggression and animosity because Donation Beauty and Joe-Wang-Qingdao that has still yet to be explained. And there you go.

        • hoots

          After doing some more research on the subject my opinion has completely changed. Thanks for the link. It does appear that WECBA and her father operate in a less than honest way. But to me, it’s almost no surprise that a super rich man in China has acquired great wealth in shady ways. The super rich in China are almost always suspected to have operated this way. I think it is tied into China’s recent ‘compete and win at all costs’ mentality. I see it with my coworkers, my friends, and especially my students. Cheat to win is the preferred method all to often. There is an open academic cheating economy. Cheat to win is something utilized and applied since childhood so it’s no surprise that this permeates every level of society from the bottom to the top. I’ve found that in China, doing things in a completely honest and straight up way is usually impossible. Forge something here, pay the guy over there and you get the job done. Not really a surprise that this kind of crookedness and dishonesty is alive and well even in the charity business. And business is exactly what it is it appears.

          However, the girl’s knowledge of all the shadiness is in question though. She seems absolutely committed to keep her and her family’s name clean in a naive and bull headed way–a way that would make me want to believe that she doesn’t really know how deep this whole ‘build schools in Africa’ thing goes… Young, naive, rich and caught up in a scandal that probably wasn’t really all her fault. Sad situation.

          “That’s right. I was the first to give one million yuan [to the charity], all my own pocket money, my allowance money. All of the money in our company goes to charity work, not a cent is reimbursed [or expensed] (报销).”

          … one million in pocket money, allowance money… I now better understand people’s distain….

        • Joe

          I think you’re a dumbass for extrapolating what you see on internet discussion boards to all of China.

          • hoots

            I think you’re a dumbass, dumbass.

          • Just John

            You of course understand he posts articles on this site, meaning he is translating the articles from Chinese to English for us to use?

            You understand that terroir probably knows what goes on in Chinese mindset then you do because of the fact that he probably speaks Chinese and is immersed in the culture, right?

            I believe terroir is Chinese (terroir would need to confirm or deny this for a 100% proof), and as such would understand the Chinese mindset, culture, and other things given that it is his culture, mindset, etc.

            I think you are a bit of a dumbass for not studying up on who exactly it is you are making random accusations of before you start labeling others a dumbass.

  • Justin

    at least she actually does something at her company. All the second generation rich at my company do is play World of Warcraft if they are guys or chat on QQ if they are girls.

    There’s this one girl in my department. I don’t know what the hell she does but she’s obviously someone important’s daughter because she has her own car.

    I work for a certain top state media outlet that will remain nameless and once she was assigned to do some kind of write-up about Qingming Festival and what does this lazy bitch do? She copies the whole thing out of Wikipedia! Not even written in her own words. She just cut and pasted the damn thing complete with all the citations and everything. I mean, if you’re going to plagiarize and cheat, at least put a LITTLE effort into it.

    • You work at a certain top state media outlet, and yet you come to chinaSMACK.

      I never thought of myself as anybody important or special, so ha?

      Anyways, China is on it’s 2nd out of 3 generations on its road from rich to ruins. Let’s consider Qingming girl a talent for knowing how to CTRL-C and CTRL-V.

      Excuse me, a “talent beauty”.

      • Justin

        Never said I was special. The English department of my company is such a rag-tag low-budget operation that uses mostly interns to translate articles from the main paper and they use me (the only Native English speaker) to polish it up. I’m more of a well-compensated mule than anything. And the stories I edit are of little consequence to anyone.

        And my description of the media outlet as being “top” is a matter of accuracy not bragging, and you would agree if I were to name it, which I won’t. Anyways, I suspect I will be changing jobs soon to another state media company that pays better and has a lighter work load. Going for an interview today.

        • Oh, dude. I think I missed out on a question mark in my comment, might have been more straightforward than I wanted it. I meant it more to say that I’m surprised by the people who come to chinaSMACK to rub shoulders — but then, I’m not really.

          Amongst other analogies, chinaSMACK is the hole in the tree in 2046 that you can whisper your thoughts to anonymously. Pretention aside.

          Anyways, good luck with your job interview. How’s one state-run job different from another?

          • darkandlovelykissedbythe

            One of my all time favorite movies.

          • @darkandallthat:

            You must love watching perfume bottle commercials then. At least with those a logo flashes at the end of 30 nonsensical beautiful seconds to tie it all thematically together.

          • darkandlovelykissedbythe

            Keep guessing terrior.
            So, I will tell you a little bit about who I am. I am that dream, nebulous dream you have, about reaching out to touch something you greatly desire. I am that indefinable craving for something you have a taste for. I am water when you are thirsty, and a cool breeze when you are hot. I am not going to tell you all that I am, but trust me, one encounter with me, and you will never be the same!
            My name is darkandlovelykissedbythesun.
            Terrior just when I was starting to fall in love with you too darnit! Oops, meant to whisper that in the tree with the hole in it from 2046 .

          • @Sunkist:
            You should have told me that bit about the bird that has no legs, and how you must continually fly, fly, fly without ever having to nest.

            Then you could have had me on the bathroom counter at the restaurant. Before ordering.

          • donscarletti

            My next suggestions would be:
            -I am that waft of Chanel No. 5 when the only people nearby are fat truck drivers.

            -I am the feeling you get when you leave your apartment and you start to wonder about whether you turned the air-conditioner off, even though you always do.

            -I am that button on the postmix machine for an apple flavoured drink that they never seem to have any syrup for.

            -I am a small city you pass by on the highway back to your home town and you look down off the overpass and wonder if the have any good pub where you can get a steak and chips but no beer because you’re driving.

            Wow, now that’s mystique, I’m titillated by my own prose.

    • Glowndark

      china has too many bitches..they should be lined up, undressed, and had their breasts tattooed “Pretentious Cunt” as netizen above had suggested

      • Just John

        I will agree with the lined up and undressed part, but I strenuously object the the thought of ruining perfectly good funbags. Imagine, ruining a good pair of boobies.

        terroir, back me up here Mr. “There are no such thing as bad boobies!”

        So, tell me where your line up is occurring, I want to come voyeur.

        • donscarletti

          Agreed, spare the tattoos. They should be lined up, undressed and be forced to serve me and my guests drinks until their pretension dries up. That will teach them humility.

          And I will have the best parties in the universe.

        • Tengu

          I believe he referred to them as “…ambassadors of good will” at one point.

          Personally I’ve never met a titty that didn’t make me smile, but “Pretentious Cunt” emblazoned across multiple areolae may bring on a frowny face.

        • I’ve been quoted. High-leeriness: people are reading.

          You folks know that if I have a fault, it’s that I do “love the ladies” (amirite? amirite?); but I don’t get this use of anonymous commenting to subjugate woman harshly. It can be fun to joke around (if I ever have participated in such proclivities) but I don’t get this projection of anger and fear upon the ladies (more to do with glowndark than the jazzman): you’re just indulging in it and you won’t sway any to your persuasions: that’s why jokes are great, it’s funny and when you walk away it doesn’t matter.

          I could go to town on the “sweater meat” gravy train of jokes, but since the topic in question is about the actual worth of women, I will say that it is they that will by far change China; they have already, too. We can’t dismiss them for their worth, for they will always remind us.

          Look for my next article, “Chinese Spring Break: Wet T-Shirts with Chinese Characteristics” coming soon

          • Tengu

            I think I popped some wood thinking about your next article.

            You know Figgy John and I are “Amerikunts” so make sure there are translations. While no sexist I, the mere sight of a well proportioned A or B cup on even the most gifted PhD brings a tear of longing to my eye.

            Women tend to be the harbingers of change. I have met the most articulate, well spoken and well educated women when I have been in other countries. China at this moment pretty much has a lock on it. True we have them here, they are everywhere, in every country, but women are more able to work together whereas men love to compete and compare dick sizes. China’s true change will begin from within and it will start with women.

            They did a study a while ago. Women scored better across the boards; with one exception:
            “On the whole, men are better at folding maps.”

            We have maps down, which explains why we never ask for directions. Thank god for Garmin.

            Lot of angry men out there; I’ve never understood why so much misogyny exists, women are wonderful creatures and comments like you mention are possibly meant to shock, but to be honest, I always think they’re a peeks into the personal pathologies of those who are posting. We get to pull back the cover on the basket of snakes they call their “personality”

            What ever happened to “Jones?” We lost a comrade, Jonesy…we hardly knew ye!

            “Sweater Meat” can’t be beat, it tastes so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I serious think Chinese men would rather dig ditches and not ask questions. It’s the whole “I’m able, I have the ability, who needs logic or reason”. I can’t say for sure why, but this makes me suspect why over 90% of English students post-high school seem to be chicks. Unless they’re fishing for a husband.

            I have a few stories in the pipe at the moment, and I’ll let you down easily: it doesn’t take place at Fort Lauderdale. Besides the one (maybe split into halvsies), the rest are downers. I think it has influenced my mood. You’ll see whenever it comes out.

    • Dude. Basically, why the hell are you working for Chinese State media? Don’t you have any self-respect? I mean, you must have read the garbage they print before you joined, so why did you do it? Do you really think it’s going to help your career to have “Agit-Prop Daily” front-and-centre on your resume?

      As far as I’m concerned , you get all you deserve.

    • dim mak

      You mean Baidu Baike right, no one uses Wikipedia in China

      And I think you already said you worked for Global Times before

      • Stimpy

        Snap. He certainly told us before.

    • Stimpy

      You work for Global Times, you told us before. I have friends who work for Global Times in Shanghai.

  • China

    Can someone do a photo analysis of with former President Bush and Secretary of State Rice? The pics look photo-shopped. The tones look off and the the lines are too crisp around the outlines of the figures in the picture. If you take a closer look and compare the two pics with the pciture of her and her father they look fake, as if the young lady is just trying to show off.

    • Tengu

      George H.W Bush looks like a cardboard cutout, but he was so two dimensional when he was president…I couldn’t possibly tell the difference.

  • wallimo

    Old man in the fourth picture with Condoleezza Rice is Bob Hawke former prime minister of Australia, for what it’s worth

    • so: yet another rich, old white dude taking a picture next to a young, ambition chinese girl. He could have been the pool janitor, there’s no diff.

  • Weird, so many people hating on this girl, when what they’re really complaining about is how little the Chinese government spends on education.

    Take the 4% figure for example – last year Chinese spending on the military increased by more than 12% – did education see the same increase? No.

    The people hating on this spoilt girl are probably the same ones who carry on about crushing the Japanese, the same people who glory in the launch of the new aircraft carrier and of the latest manned space mission.

    • Hongjian

      China’s education system is so fucked up beyond repair, that even a 500% increase cannot fix it.
      Same as with the Chinese society, that remained braindead since centuries, the chinese education system has no problem in terms of money or spending, but a problem of method and the fact that it is being forced into the disgusting form it is today by the braindead society.
      Excercising international math-olympiad with six sure is “fun” and impressive, but it will teach the students shit about utilizing what they’ve learned for real applications.
      Many western companies in China complain about the garbage that are the chinese college graduates, who just attained their many degrees by rote-“learning”, cheating or outright bribery and sexual intercourse with the professor. These kids, one of the half a million plus graduates per year Chinese people seemed to be so proud of, are useless cunts who cannot even read a simple construction manual when they attempt to join Shanghai Volkswagen etc. How could they? They spent their time at school with rote-learning useless garbage and college time with whoring around infront of rich boys & girls and generally being pretentious little shits.

      Fact is; Chinese education system is crap since it is dictated by the fucked up societal norms, that respects rich 2nd generations faggots and guo meimei’s more than learned and professional, honourable craftsmen who are working their asses off for little money to keep the toilets of those pretentious shanghainese richfags from overflowing by their own shit.
      As long as the society and people of China are the sick man of asia, the govt. can spend 50% of their GDP on education, and they wont still solve shit. Literally.
      The treshold where simple educational spending can actually solve educational problems, like literacy and basic knowledge, was long stepped over in the 50’s and 60’s. Now China has to go onto the next level of education, but this requires a transformation of the society for that matter.

      That there are exceptions from that rule, though, can be seen in the military modernization you attempted to bash. The J-20 Stealth Fighter, the Ex-Varyag Aircraft-Carrier and the Shenzhou space station program arent going to work themselves out without a small but very dedicated and capable elite of learned engineers and professionals.
      I guess noone of these elites spent their times in college with whoring, bribing and partying – they learned and understood what they have learned to use it in service to the nation and country, so that at least these small elite can help to protect the assess of the pretentiously useless majority.


      americunts should all be lined up and shot.

      • Actually, back when I first arrived in Mainland China, I worked at the university where they helped design some of the guidance systems for the DongFeng rockets, the spacesuits used by Chinese astronauts, and the latest Chinese UAV. Forget about it – the best stuff in all these projects was bought off-the-shelf from the Russians. Sure, there’s plenty of skilled people working in tech in China (I saw that working in the patenting department at Foxconn) but the defence industry is not the place you look to see Chinese invention.

        • Hongjian

          Actually, the defense industry is one of the few places to see Chinese engineering skills, even if there isnt any ‘inventions’.

          Take the long and hard road to build an indigenous high-thrust turbofan engine for example. Sure, they could have just copied the AL-31F supplied to them by the russians via the licence of producing the Su-27 Fighter, but instead they tried 20 years to reverse engineer the core of the civilian CFM-56 high-bypass turbofan engine, to construct the WS-10 low-bypass military turbofan out of it. This development had many setbacks and showed Chinese deficiencies in terms of basic research and material science, proving that even buying ‘off-the-shelf’ dual-use hardware still needs a skilled workforce and a working eduational infrastructure.
          In the end, by 2009, China finally reached their objective of being capable of producing the WS-10 Taihang engine for the use on their military aircrafts, and became of the few nations capable of producing indigenous high-thrust turbofans. For comparisson; there are nine nuclear powers in the world, but only five of them (China now included) can produce indigenous engines.

          Best anti-thesis is India. In comparrisson to China, who was denied the licence production of the AL-31F engine for their Flanker jets, the Indians were allowed to produce their Su-30MKI’s 100% indigenous (China, for that matter was only allowed to produce the airframe and had to import the engines from Russia) – But they still failed. Hard.
          The Indians lacked so much in the engineering and educational field, that they couldnt even do the maintenance and overhaul work on their AL-31’s themselves and had to send them back to russia for that matter, let alone to produce these engines indigenously, even with technology transfer granted, since the single-crystal fan-blade technology and the compressor materials to withstand the intense heat would require ‘quantum leaps’ in the field of their deficient material or even basic sciences.
          China, on the other hand, was reported to be able to completely maintain and overhaul their imported engines without any spare parts supplied by Russia, while prolonging these engine’s lifetime by another 500 hours with extensive replacements of parts from own production. Not that they will continue to rely on these russian hulks anymore, since the Taihang is now ready.

          So, buying off the shelf is not automatically an evidence for deficiences in sciencetific field – The unsuccessful integration and indigenous production in mass-scale is.
          China’s advancement on the field of defense science and industry was pretty much proven after the J-20 flew january this year. And here one can see where the few talents prodced by the FUBAR chinese educational system went, while the civilian industry et al are struggling.

          • hoots

            Hongjian, I think I’m in love.

          • Joe

            I think China has a better foundation because it received tons of aid from the Soviets back in the day.

    • nobel peace prize

      This girl graduated from a good university in US of A.

    • SonofSpermcube

      They’re gearing up in case they have an internal shitstorm, and they need to put people’s minds on external threats.

  • dim mak

    Leave them to their own devices. Let Westerners play the failing game that is humanitarian aid. Let them toss their money into the pit. Last time I checked African didn’t really appreciate the West either, it was quite the opposite in fact. They should be left to fight it out, whoever comes out dominant in Africa might actually be worthy of diplomatic interaction.

  • Suijen

    I think Meng Zi would disagree with many of his net-surfing ancestors. A country that cares only for its own interests produces ministers who cares only for their own families. This is turn produces men who care only for themselves rather than for their families. And of course, every philosopher from the Warring States period believed that a benevolent state is a great state. The general “why not help our own country before helping others” is not unique to China (as some posters have mentioned). I’m sure if you look at the comments from Yahoo news and see any article related to foreign aid, and you’ll get a pretty good idea of how similar Americans and Chinese think.

    Mp, racist as he is, is right in one regard. Africa has received plenty of aid, loans, and natural resources like oil and diamonds, but Africa’s gain has been minimal. Aid is usually siphoned off via corruption, and even forcing structural reforms for loans has failed miserably. There are several African states that do have their act together, such as Botswana, but they’re unfortunately more the exception than the rule.

    China can create schools/hospitals/railways/infrastructure, etc, as they’ve done since Mao’s day and still do now, but it’s questionable how useful this is. If you create a railway, you have to provide the tools and instruction to maintain it. If you create schools, you have to provide jobs that require such skills. If you give an African a Ph. D but no job, all he’s going to do is go overseas and create a brain drain. It’s a positive gesture, but I don’t think it’s going to create real effective change. That’s the responsibility of Africa’s governments.

  • mama-africa

    You come to MY homeland i KICK your SORRY ASS out!!! Be ready Chinese in Africa, a storm is coming for YOU, get out now or YOU WILL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCIES….saying you building schools….you bastard liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • yeah….. YEAH! I love it 大妈-非洲! (big mama-africa)

      You come to my homeland…..China

      This song is 4 U

      -Rachid Taha

      from blackhawkdown


      It is 1:20am China time….

      Say No to D+B (drinking and blogging)

      do you know where your children are?

      • mama-africa

        anyway…i am in china taking back their money back to my home and looking at them from afar….seeing how they think that we are stupid and we act stupid, letting them think so, waiting in the corner patiently…
        dont worry bro, i need a clear mind to eradicate these pests from cameroon stealing our african rice and leaving the hard brown ones saying its free rice while my people are breaking their teeth with that dirty rice…i am not gonna intoxcicate my mind with alcohol..hehe

        • yeah! Mama Africa you replied!
          you are in China too! nice!

          as, I write this, am listening to

          Paranoid, Black Sabbath!

          I had a problem with some Nigerians in Guangdong 7 years ago…..

          tell me it was not you?!

          catch you on the next article…..

          2:20am China time….. give or take…..

          am off to bed

          nothing but love and peace big mama!

          yours faithfully


    • vic2u

      I agree with you mama-africa, China get your sorry asses out of Afrika and don’t go back.

      Now bitch, that means you banana chum.

  • [email protected]

    At her age, rubbing shoulders with right-wing conservatives like Bush, Rice and others has poisoned her mind.
    It is not a case anymore that she doesn’t know or doesn’t realize/recognize her duty to China first. She is now tainted by the impressions and the advices of those who used America’s capital gains for their own pocket-lining, effectively raping the economy, bankrupting the country and securing their own future at the expense of the country and thousands who died in America’s wars.
    If she is getting advice from people like that, then it is unsurprising that this girl is starting off on the same road.
    10 percent fee is probably a low cut for those guys.
    Check back with her 10 years from now and she will be living abroad, filthy rich, corrupt and the little African kids will still be uneducated, living in poverty and starving to death.

  • Suijen

    I’m afraid China’s own Meng Zi would disagree with many of his net-savvy ancestors. A country that cares only for itself, produces ministers who care only for their own families. This produces people who don’t care about their own families, but care only for their own self-gain. A Chinese philosopher would argue that a benevolent country is a great country.

    The anger of Chinese netizens is understandable. However, if read a Yahoo News article about the US giving foreign aid, you’d find comments by Americans that are remarkably similar to what their Chinese counterparts are writing. I suppose the Chinese and Americans do sometimes think alike.

    And while it’s true that many African countries can definitely use aid, it’s also true what mp said; Africa has received substantial aid and loans, both conditional and freely-given, and the results have been lackluster at best. As bad as donating in China is, it’s far more effective in China than it is in Africa…though considering how China during the 1980s was poorer than most African countries and is now wealthier, I suppose this much is obvious. Aid, like oil, does not necessarily make a situation better. What Africa requires is not aid, but good governance, and that should be provided by Africa’s governments, not by foreign NGOs and organizations.

  • darkandlovelykissedbythe

    donscarletti aka many other names,
    FYI terrior made me laugh, he was just being terrior. You went a little too far. I have never disrespected you. Of course you were turned on by your own prose. I am done with you. This is what you remind me of: dust shaken off of my shoes.

    • Just John

      A rose by any other name still makes me a little bit (t)horny?

      Just throwing it out there.

      • darkandlovelykissedbythe

        Just John, you just made my day!

        • Tengu

          He does that a lot!!!!!!!!!! We like to think it’s part of his charm….

    • donscarletti

      Floating in the sea of ad hominem, profanity and hatred that is Chinasmack commenting, what I said was quite light-hearted and cute. If you actually consider yourself to be a field of wild-flowers and a baby’s first laugh then I can see why you might be offended, but then that’s the least of your worries.

      And I only post with one name, I shortened it to “scarlet” for a while, but Fauna sent me a stern email about that. Not a genuine donscarletti comment without the official symbol of quality.

      • Tengu

        Reprimanded, verified and we now have the donscarletti official seal of approval.

        “My name is donscarletti and I approve this message!”

        Jesus, nothing to do with the article, someone going to give me shit!

        I wish I was a field of flowers….gentle daisies, rubbing elbows with Black-Eyed Susans, Dandelion tufts floating on the breeze.

        I’ve always considered myself that last pungent breath you inhale fetid with the scent of previous victims as the croc drags you down and proceeds to barrel roll a few times.

        Or the deep black of a Great White’s eyes as the nictitating membrane slides over them to keep your splintered bone from affecting his vision during his next feast.

        Or I could be a playful bunny!

        • Just John

          Careful, Bunny stew tastes quite good.

          PS. Don’t say that to Chinese women. They seem to think you should not eat cute and fuzzy.

        • donscarletti

          Unlike other sharks, Great Whites do not have nictitating membranes, they roll their eyes backwards when attacking instead.

          Your comment is provisionally approved pending amendment.

          • Tengu

            “Or the deep black of a Tiger Shark’s eyes as the nictitating membrane slides over them to keep your splintered bone from affecting his vision during his next feast.”

          • donscarletti

            My name is donscarletti and I approve the preceding message

      • darkandlovelykissedbythe
        • TAKE5


  • Pffft!

    Actually she makes a brilliant point. What have you people who complain done? Nothing? She is actively making an effort to enhance the lives of those around the world. This gives China face. If you want China to become a powerful nation, then you have to mature yourselves and act responsibly. All of this renrou so suo and publicly attacking people is bullshit. Grow up!

    • Just John

      Me, I offer starving people free sandwiches.

      Do you need a sandwich?

    • Anon

      ” If you want China to become a powerful nation, then you have to mature yourselves and act responsibly. ” Though it makes sense in absentia of ethical and DEEPER consideration of diplomatic etiquette, @Pffft goes on to prescribe actions that ultimately sabotage China’s face by suggesting the 4 listed reasons why not to send funds below. Ignorance or intentional bad advice?

      No @Pffft, she (and you) doesn’t make a brilliant point, but not because of stupidity (at least in Ms Lu’s case) or self aggrandizement. This is just a display of simple inexperience otherwise and @Pffft’s display and advocacy of wrong values.

      a. Buying friends is an automatic loss of face.
      b. making friends by not being neo-colonialistic gains one face. c. competing with neo-colonialists in buying friends results in loss of face.
      d. ‘Exceptionalism’ of the ‘throwing money at people’ gains one fair weather friends who are a cause loss of face an potential danger of trying to regain face later as in Africa’s cultivation of new and healthier types of diplomacy which do not involve taking money from people or cuktural and religious colonisation that Africa’s best should be aware of and trying to distance itself from.

      The ethical among Africans know the difference between sincerity from not insulting people with buyoffs and structurally poor friends (with unresolved internal problems), and a guilty conscience paid off via fiat at the expense of the rest of the world when they see it.

      Despite good conditions in top tier cities, China is structurally poor because it has as many people as Africa has who are living in poverty – try the Western Regions.

      Do things holistically especially in gathering funds that will be sent overseas. Given the number of poor and possibly starving in China, acting responsibly should be to solve internal issues first, not sending cash overseas. Even if they are poor or needy, that doesn’t mean that people can buy them off or that they have no self respect to want to refuse or to accept so-called aid. Money given in this manner is poison to both giver and receiver.

  • Cleo

    I think it is okay to be reminded that fellow Chinese also need help but I don’t agree that all Chinese must be helped before foreigners. Sorry. Not only because foreigners have helped Chinese including African Americans in the military and South Americans and Southeast Asians who have permitted Chinese to live and work in their countries but also because there is no reason to see someone in dire straits and NOT help them because fellow Chinese take precedence. Why should fellow Chinese take precedence? It is good to be reminded that Chinese people definitely need help but we haven’t turned away foreign assistance by reminding foreigners to not adopt our orphans or accept Chinese nationals into major universities like Harvard because there are deserving Americans who should be assisted first. What about the lesson of the Good Samaritan? Do Chinese only want to be recipients of Good Samaritanism? The Communist Chinese sent workers and technicians to Africa before. I think it’s good for us to help other people as serving basic human needs to get out of poverty and poor living conditions and not because we want to glorify China as richer than other nations. Didn’t the postwar history of China teach Chinese about the global needs of human beings?

    I think the scolding is more about resenting a princess type of Chinese who can socialize with foreigners and not about the actual morality of her good deeds.

    My father sponsored many people from China to America and NONE of them compensated him or kept in touch with them. It didn’t matter to him BUT I can definitely say that he should NEVER have sponsored his own siblings and their children to emigrate. Total strangers deserved American citizenship more than my father’s blood relatives.

    That’s life.

    No rules about racial or national loyalty can change my mind that helping worthy strangers is better than being clannish. We are Chinese. We think independently from one another and NO one can dictate to us. The Japanese and Korean unity is ugly towards outsiders. I don’t want to be like them at all. I don’t think this national characteristic of clannishness against outsiders is acceptable. They can insult us for being like separate grains of sand, but this is how I consciously choose to be.

    Miss Lu can do whatever she wants and anyone who doesn’t like it can SUCK it.

    • Just John

      An old proverb comes to mind about tending your own affairs before worrying about others. Maybe they feel if their own country still needs straightened out before they try to straighten others?

      O, and good showing on again throwing in ignorant stereotypes about other nationalities that have nothing to do with the article to try to drive home your point. You are still showing your ignorance. Better pull up your pants before someone else notices.

    • Anon

      a. Why should fellow Chinese take precedence?

      Aside from earlier reasons, a net multiplier effect for a greater quantum of potential aid occurs when another Chinese is helped than if an African was helped.

      b. No rules about racial or national loyalty can change my mind that helping worthy strangers is better than being clannish.

      There are many worthy strangers that will be cheaper to help locally than overseas (which has a premium due to distance). None are dictating here, giving opinions.

      c. I don’t think this national characteristic of clannishness against outsiders is acceptable.

      Nor are starving or impoverished citizens in the worst of China equally acceptable.

      d. Miss Lu can do whatever she wants and anyone who doesn’t like it can SUCK it.

      @Cleo also can do whatever she wants but I think everyone here who ‘doesn’t like it’ takes exception at the point where you go ‘SUCK it’. I doubt Ms Lu appreciates @Cleo speaking on her behalf like that. She looks too genteel for such language don’t you think?

    • SonofSpermcube

      I don’t think he CAN sponsor anyone but his relatives, unless he’s doing so as an employer.

  • Josey Wales

    waive the 10% percent fee then if you want to do good. This is some scam to curry favours with the corrupt African nations, ie we build the schools, get a 10% cut and surprise surprise valuable agricultural land is ours, or diamonds,rubies (substitute what you want) is theirs at a vary reasonable price.

  • Joe

    The father does not look pure Chinese. He may have some white admixture…

    • cb4242

      White, I highly doubt it. maybe Indonesian or pacific Islander or from some other Asian country, but White, no.

  • TAKE5

    Why would a rich girl shoot a low budget video to address a serious subject. She dose not seem serious sincere.

  • Dan Danger

    i am reading more and more of these “management fees” now in regards to charities here. of course even charities need money to operate on but isn’t 10% of 1.5 billion a bit dubious at best? read the same term about the Red Cross not suing funds people had donated for the earthquake in Yunnan, where like 5 million was kept frozen in an account for future administration needs. Like what? A new SUV and dinner in HK?

    • Anon

      There is a break off point for ratio or percentile based gains. Pre-determined timescales could fix absolute staff salaries based on industry standards. A maximum earmarked amount for management fees rather than a permanent percentile based against the total sum may be fairly levied.

      Depending on the number of staff and number of months operational, 10% could apply up to the first 500,000 RMB raised mark, after that first 500,000 RMB, no further management fees should be levied.

      Of course it would be more charitable in nature if all workers were voluntary and did not charge anything. This is supposed to be for helping the poor, unlike exaltation and transfiguration of the merely rich, to a further gentrified quality, away from Mercantilism towards nobler values and natures etc..

      Thus any fees levied (since it is supposed to be charity for the poor and needs to have a spirit of volunteerism that would preclude keeping any funds raised for oneself) at all are somewhat inappropriate, especially coming from the already rich to begin with ! Always that learning curve, but one wonders what comes AFTER, hence civilisation takes on ever more difficult tasks and against stricter paradigms and ethical considerations to challenge himself.

  • dr_barefoot

    pothead camera guy

  • Doug

    So what makes her qualify at managing schools. Has she run one before? Is she a seasoned manager of welfare funds? How did she even get that job? Cronyism at it’s best. This is what they mean by the “rich get richer.”

  • DRaY

    I finally understand what is happening in this article!!! It is an example of “Yellow Man’s Burden”. The Chinese are “helping” all these African people, trying to create allies, /soldiers, for the master plan of civilizing the white world, and thus making the planet more harmonious.

  • BeijingRafl

    I think it is fantastic that this girl is showing concern for others beyond her countries borders. This goes with my belief that we are all brothers and sisters all over the world and when people help each other regardless of nationality , skin color, etc. then our world will be a much better place.

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  • All I want to know is where is she? Because I am going there, and I am going to fuck her silly, she is so FINE!