Ma Ying-jeou’s Savings Higher Than Salary, Taiwanese Reactions

From Yahoo Taiwan:

Ma’s monthly salary 470,000, monthly savings 480,000

[Taiwan’s] Control Yuan yesterday published its most recent property declaration information, showing that President Ma Ying-jeou’s wealth had increased by 3,890,000 in the last 8 months, with his average monthly deposits being over 480,000 TWD, exceeding his monthly salary of 476,169 TWD. […]

Ma’s declared property, including five properties, four buildings, investment funds worth 150,000 TWD, and domestic shares of 710,000 TWD; this July were reported to total 77,610,000 TWD, which compared to his savings last November of 73,720,000 TWD, increased by 3,890,000 in the eight months between.

Vice President Wu Den-yih’s portfolio remained steady with two properties, and one building. His declared wealth this July was 15,360,000 TWD, an increase on his reported wealth in February of approximately 1,040,000.

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The country’s biggest fat-cat.


He receives the people’s money, uses the people’s money, and saves the people’s money in his own bank account.

Lolo Peter:

The people suffer! The President laughs!

Pu Jeng:

Making money while eating, making money while sleeping, even making money while shitting. No wonder his savings is more than his monthly salary.

Darkjack Huang:

I think civil servants salaries should change to being performance-based!! If their performance is bad then don’t give them a single cent!


I don’t know what’s so special about this news, don’t you know what investments are?

Jeff Sn:

470,000 a month. Some people don’t make that much in a year. No wonder he doesn’t appreciate the difficulty of others’ lives.


If only his governance of the country was as good as his management of his finances!!

BBárryy CChángg:

Incompetence is much more frightening than corruption! Incompetence affects all 23 million-some citizens throughout the country.

Nick Chen:

A-bian’s [former President Chen Shui-bian] corruption was financial groups’ money, Emperor Ma’s corruption is the people’s money.

Amy Kuo:

No wonder he [Ma] is calling on us to be frugal. God, please make him leave Taiwan as soon as possible! Save Taiwan!


Fuck! Just Who is giving money to [or who voted for] him, dammit.

What do you think? Suspicious? Or a big deal about nothing?


Written by Stuart Dingle


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