Ma Ying-jeou’s Savings Higher Than Salary, Taiwanese Reactions

From Yahoo Taiwan:

Ma’s monthly salary 470,000, monthly savings 480,000

[Taiwan’s] Control Yuan yesterday published its most recent property declaration information, showing that President Ma Ying-jeou’s wealth had increased by 3,890,000 in the last 8 months, with his average monthly deposits being over 480,000 TWD, exceeding his monthly salary of 476,169 TWD. […]

Ma’s declared property, including five properties, four buildings, investment funds worth 150,000 TWD, and domestic shares of 710,000 TWD; this July were reported to total 77,610,000 TWD, which compared to his savings last November of 73,720,000 TWD, increased by 3,890,000 in the eight months between.

Vice President Wu Den-yih’s portfolio remained steady with two properties, and one building. His declared wealth this July was 15,360,000 TWD, an increase on his reported wealth in February of approximately 1,040,000.

Comments on Facebook:


The country’s biggest fat-cat.


He receives the people’s money, uses the people’s money, and saves the people’s money in his own bank account.

Lolo Peter:

The people suffer! The President laughs!

Pu Jeng:

Making money while eating, making money while sleeping, even making money while shitting. No wonder his savings is more than his monthly salary.

Darkjack Huang:

I think civil servants salaries should change to being performance-based!! If their performance is bad then don’t give them a single cent!


I don’t know what’s so special about this news, don’t you know what investments are?

Jeff Sn:

470,000 a month. Some people don’t make that much in a year. No wonder he doesn’t appreciate the difficulty of others’ lives.


If only his governance of the country was as good as his management of his finances!!

BBárryy CChángg:

Incompetence is much more frightening than corruption! Incompetence affects all 23 million-some citizens throughout the country.

Nick Chen:

A-bian’s [former President Chen Shui-bian] corruption was financial groups’ money, Emperor Ma’s corruption is the people’s money.

Amy Kuo:

No wonder he [Ma] is calling on us to be frugal. God, please make him leave Taiwan as soon as possible! Save Taiwan!


Fuck! Just Who is giving money to [or who voted for] him, dammit.

What do you think? Suspicious? Or a big deal about nothing?

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  • Snicker

    And he won’t even buy me a sofa…

  • lonetrey

    Man…. China and corruption are synonymous now. Even Mitt Romney references them in the 2012 Presidential Debate in Denver.

    “crack down on China if and when they cheat”, I think were the words that were used.

    Yes, yes, disclaimer here: I know not all chinese companies, politicians, blah blah blah are like this.

    • This is in Taiwan, not China.

      • Snicker

        So says tail, not whiskersthecat

      • UpRising

        I c wut u did thar

        Memes aside, I’ve had a few people correcting me when I said they were from China, and they said they’re from Taiwan.

        • fliegendehollander

          I had to correct people saying I’m from Singapore, not China.

          • lonetrey

            … I know that Singapore is not located in China, but aren’t many people originally from China? o_O

            I guess to be fair, I don’t know the context of your situation, perhaps they didn’t have that direct Chinese background.

          • Sg

            1st of all, we are Singaporean, we hold a different passport
            and we are having different nationality. Anyway I think i know what your question was referring so my answer is: Yes, some of us are ethnically Chinese and have direct Chinese background, some of us are well versed in Mandarin but generally we don’t behave like most of the mainland Chinese.

            No offense, but there is a culture gap between SEA Chinese and mainland Chinese. I am not saying which side is better but at least for me, I feel like home when i visit Taiwan but I have way too many cultures shocks when I come to China.

      • lonetrey

        I guess I shouldn’t lump Taiwanese people with Chinese people. I don’t see Chinese people as Taiwanese, but I can still see Taiwanese people as “Chinese”, you know?

        Like, if Mitt Romney had said “Taiwanese people might cheat!” and this guy in the article was from mainland China, then I might not have bothered mentioning it.

    • Ma Xiu

      That was not referring to corruption. It was referring to international trade. Pay attention brah.

      • Getrealson

        It was refering to corruption of international trade!

    • wacky

      and mitt romney is the honest and clean man in america ever

    • elizabeth

      Do you honestly think unemployment dipped to its lowest since Obama took office, right after he had lost to Romney in the presidential debate?

  • BigJ

    This guy is my hero. ;)

  • Jennster

    who cares. their money is worthless.

    • Snicker

      You’re just sayin’ that because you know you don’t have a chance with ’em! Ouch.

      • Jennster

        what? i mean taiwan currency.

  • donscarletti

    It probably means his investments are giving him an income or even appreciating. Why else would he have those investments?

    Are people really that dumb?

    • He probably doesn’t have a lot of direct expenses as President and has rent coming in from his properties. So this makes sense. He’d be stupid to do anything corrupt while in office with this level of transparency and if he is, he isn’t making much from it.

    • Brett Hunan

      Some people just love scandals.

  • Taimerican

    This figures appear to be completely legit and even small by comparison to other countries. What people are forgetting here is to do the math…the figures are in Taiwan Dollars, not RMB or USD. NT$470,000=US$16,000=RMB$101,000…a paltry sum compared to the US president and corrupt Chinese politicians at the same level.

    • Jennster

      even a small family business that manufactures/sells it’s own things in mainland can make 30k profit rmb per month. and that’s just considered small business.

      • jeffli

        30k profit! Not bad at all. I’m assuming thats is the “declared ” figures, In reality that figure could mean 40-50k profit including undeclared revenue.
        so why is the middle classes whining so much

  • Cleo

    That’s so Chinese. I love that kind of thoughtful frugality. Owning income property is very Chinese.

    It’s a more thrilling pleasure to save money than it is to “splurge” on a pair of overpriced shoes.

  • Harland

    Oh, come on…not Taiwanese politics. Keep the emphasis on China, please. You can go on and on about Taiwanese politicians and never stop. There are articles like this all the time. I don’t read this site for Taiwan crap.

    Comments on facebook *facepalm*

  • BigJ

    What!?!?!?! A politician that is stealing money??Can’t be… :)

    Actually, you want a story people will care about, Show us one that doesn’t steal money. Now that’s fucking hard to find and should be front fucking page. :)

  • MrT

    So having the right to vote your politicians in doesn’t actual work in Asia.
    You still end up with a bunch of crooks in power.

    • Zappa Frank

      Italy is the same

  • Cleo
  • “To get rich is glorious” – Deng Xiaoping