Macedonia Praises Quality of School Buses Donated By China

One of 23 Chinese-made school bus donated to Macedonia by China.

One of 23 Chinese-made school bus donated to Macedonia by China.

From NetEase:

Macedonian Prime Minister Praises Quality of School Buses Given by China

2011 November, news about China donating 23 school buses to Macedonia after frequent [domestic] school bus accidents attracted society’s attention. May 14th in Beijing, the Macedonian Prime Minister expressed that the quality of the school buses donated by China were very good and the school buses are currently being put to good use at schools in Macedonia. Macedonia has already purchased 202 buses produced in Zhengzhou, used to improve its country’s public transportation situation.

From NetEase:

China Donates School Buses to European Country Macedonia

[2011] November 25th, the ceremony for China Aiding Macedonia School Bus Project Handover Ceremony was held at the Macedonian seat of government. Chinese envoy to Macedonia Cui Zhiwei says China is a developing country and although it itself faces many challenges, it has always provided the aid it can provide to others. China has already successively provided Macedonia with school rebuilding, computer supplies, and other aid projects, as contributions to the development of Macedonia’s economic society.

Chinese ambassador Cui with Macedonian Deputy Prime Minister Arifi during the handover of 23 Chinese-made school buses to Macedonia.

Chinese government representative and envoy to Macedonia Cui Zhiwei formally handed over the donated school buses to Macedonian Deputy Prime Minister Teuta Arifi. Photo is of Cui Zhiwei (left) looking over the school buses.

A row of Chinese-made school buses donated to Macedonia by China.

A representative for the manufacturer of the donated buses, China Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Corporation, attended the ceremony and introduced the features of the school buses. Photo is of the Chinese donated buses.

Chinese ambassador Cui and Macedonia Deputy Prime Minister Arifi at a ceremony for the donation of 23 school buses from China to Macedonia.

Deputy Prime Minister Arifi expressed appreciation to China for the no cost aid, and expressed that it will henceforth cooperate closely with China and promote the further development of exchanges and cooperation in various areas. Photo is of Ambassador Cui and Deputy Prime Minister Arifi exchanging an official document for the gift of school buses.

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Comments from NetEase:

红海一粟 [网易广东省网友]:

Yep, they only dare to publish this kind of news in the middle of the night. [The article was published at 11:24pm on NetEase.]

dnzy333 [网易福建省厦门市网友]:

Can I use profanity?


I thought I would become numb after going abroad, but hearing this kind of news, I still feel upset. [This commenter is posting from Argentina.]

跟帖局小刘 [网易湖南省岳阳市网友]:

Government leaders say they will once again gift 100 buses at nose cost…

zmhongzm0 [网易甘肃省网友]:

But of course. This is the result of our country’s comprehensive national strength. Not only are the quality of the school buses we have given you good, the agricultural products we export to Korean and Japan are also very good; The consumer goods exported to Europe and America are also very good, the railroads we build in Africa are also very good, and even the water we send to Hong Kong is very good. So jealous… [Alluding to the widespread belief that China gives everyone the best goods while reserving the worst for its own people.]

开往春天的手扶拖拉机 [网易辽宁省沈阳市网友]: (responding to above)


全球冷笑话精选 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

Brother pats the head of certain people’s dogs and laughs without saying anything else~~

Jack590 [网易新疆乌鲁木齐市手机网友]:

Can I use profanity? If not, then I have nothing to say…

购头像宝贝请淘宝搜索ONEE [网易湖南省网友]:

Don’t know what to say!


No matter how bad things are here, we can’t let Macedonian children suffer~


But of course, the standards for exported goods are simply better than those for domestic use, for face.

hedian199297 [网易北京市网友]:

No wonder China is so popular with foreigners.

customkey [网易广东省网友]:

The leaders are very happy hearing this.


Macedonian children are so blessed…

xiongyangwan [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

You need to know that when foreign companies come to China, foreign governments also have to provide aid to China. Just look at back when little Japan also provided a lot of aid to China. Now there are so many little Japanese companies making so much money in China. When you guys go to the bank to withdraw money, pay attention to what brand the ATM machine is. Then look at what brand all the cars on the street are.
This is like catching a chicken. If you don’t scatter some feed, how do you expect to catch the chicken?


What’s exported always has better quality than what is provided to our country’s people, is this strange anymore?

宋扬159 [网易江苏省淮安市网友]:

China’s children sure have it tough! Macedonia, give us back our school buses!


I believe it, what we export is always the good stuff.

What do you think? Should a country first solve its domestic problems first before providing aid to other countries?

Written by Fauna

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  • Brett Hunan

    Funny how the Chinese flag is bigger than the Macedonian flag.

    I do understand the sentiments of the netizens. China could make some better buses available for its own citizens.

    • Loopins

      It’s crazy. The crap buses they have running around China and they give those “luxury” buses away. Talk about priorities.

      • mr. wiener

        Face is a funny thang.

        • This will definitely end well…

          Gain face by gifting 12 buses in return for a purchase order of 202 buses.

          Lose face when one of those buses ends up in a horrific crash with the proud chinese glag front and center in the wreckage.

          Lose more face when an investigation into the buses reveal the numerous problems and safety deficits.

          Blame temporary workers and/or foreign media negatively potraying china.

          Continue as usual…

          • Alan

            Gain face by gifting 12 buses in return for a purchase order of 202 buses.

            Lose face when one of those buses ends up in a horrific crash with the proud chinese glag front and center in the wreckage.

            Lose more face when an investigation into the buses reveal the numerous problems and safety deficits.

            Blame temporary workers and/or foreign media negatively potraying china.

            Continue as usual…

            Another racist post from goateed, star tattooed one as usual. You can argue your wife is half taiwanese (still half chinese, whether she likes it or not!) but your problem is one of racism.

            I take it things are not going well with your half half wife. Never mind plenty of girls in China who wouldn’t even want a loser like you….and that is why you hate China, because you couldn’t score, as you are plainly not a gentleman! Go away you white trailer trash scumbag forever…everyone hates you!!!

          • Retarded stalker troll is retarded.

            Found a video of it.



          • Alan

            That video cannot be me, as I do not even have a youtube account, nor a smartphone to browse the mobile site.

            Try again fat fake canuck boy….btw, you really need a diet, just checked your blog again.

          • 白鬼 bái guǐ (aka coala banana)

            gotta agree with ya alan.

            what is his blog address ?

          • Alan
          • Brett Hunan

            Elijah, I always imagined you with dark curly locks…

            Alan, that was coala banana (another Elijah non-fan), and I don’t think it is right for you to post Elijah’s blog address. If he wants to do so, it is his right. Unless he gave you permission I feel like you are overstepping boundaries.

          • anon

            He used to have it as the link in his name, after the link to Encyclopedia Dramatic and before the link to his China forums. That’s probably how Alan knows about it.

          • Alan

            and I don’t think it is right for you to post Elijah’s blog address. If he wants to do so, it is his right. Unless he gave you permission I feel like you are overstepping boundaries.

            Brett, I am sure you are a decent guy, and I respect your posts, but on this I disagree, his blog is not password protected like a qqzone and open for all of the public to search on google and click through to easily. He posts a supposed video link of me on youtube, what if that was really me? I would be able to make the same claims against E, that you are making against me?

            I don’t need or require or seek his permission, as he would never ask for mine.

            Again, nothing personal to you.

      • Alan

        Three words!


    • rollin wit 9’s

      Funny how its even on a MACEDONIAN fcking school bus in the first place.
      Seriously, there’s no canadian flag on US school buses. Astronauts dont go into space sporting 2 nationalities on their shoulder. There’s no american flag on Yamaha motorcycles made in the US so WTF. Id say fck China, take the flag off or you can keep your school buses! Bitches!

      • Dynasty

        The buses are donated; the motorcycles are not. That probably accounts for the flag, genius.

        • rollin wit 9’s

          yeeaahhh well, donated clothes don’t have a flag on them HA!
          and dont count the made in … on the tag.
          and check mate

          • Dynasty

            Can’t tell if trolling or just stupid.

    • anon

      The Macedonian flag is simply wider than it is tall. It isn’t the standard dimensions and covers less area. The flags are the same width, but that’s why the Macedonian flag seems smaller.

      • Brett Hunan

        If the width is the same but the height is in favor of the Chinese flag then the Chinese flag is, in fact, bigger… the Macedonian flag, smaller.

        • anon

          Right, covers less area. My point was I doubt they intentionally made the Chinese flag bigger and the Macedonian flag smaller out of pettiness. I’m fairly sure that’s just the by-product of the different aspect ratios and the idea was simply to put the two flags symbolically side-by-side.

          • Brett Hunan

            anon, the Chinese flag does appear bigger upon first glance, and still does after looking at it for a second. I think the opposite of you, that they intentionally made it bigger.. they donated the buses, so maybe they want to take the liberty.

            If both flags had the same height, the Macedonian flag would not be noticeably larger (lengthwise) than the Chinese, why not make them the same size by height?

            I respect your eagerness to try and not assume the worst in any given situation, but in this instance, I think you are purposefully overlooking what was most likely the case.

          • anon

            “‘Purposely’ overlooking” is quite the strong accusation and I think it’s unwarranted. I have no vested interest in defending Chinese government vanity. I just don’t try to assume the worst in people, as you acknowledged, without more substantial cause than two flags of equal width but differing heights due to Macedonia having a different aspect ratio national flag.

            I agree that they definitely could’ve opted to match the flags by height instead of length. I’m just not willing to say I believe they definitely 1) actually thought of it, and 2) consciously decided to go with length after realizing that going by height would make the Chinese flag smaller. I just think that’s a lot of malice to assume. Moreover, I wouldn’t begrudge the Chinese for consciously choosing matching widths intead of height either, as they’re the donor and by national flag protocol, they do deserve a position of honor.

            If the two flags had the same aspect ratios and the Chinese made their flag larger, then I think there’s enough reason to deride the Chinese as vain. But that’s not the case here and I think its overeager to make this criticism.

          • Brett Hunan

            To each his own.

    • 白鬼 bái guǐ (aka coala banana)

      they could. Same with all kind of products. Problem is that no one in china is willing to pay for better quality. Most likely the same company produce a crappy version for the domestic market and make even more money with it then with the “luxury” export version. The profit on chinas better quality products is not as big as you might think. They produce them in better quality cause of higher standards and requirements in overseas markets. Such requirements don’t really exist in china, and even they do, no one really follows them. This, and the corruption which goes along results in much higher profits from cheap ass products sold to you own people, then higher Q products sold overseas.

  • MAX

    lol Brett Hunan is right

  • Chad

    I’m getting the feeling that you can replace every translated Chinese comment in every article with: [incessant whining and self-hatred] and you’d get the point across.

    • anon

      Better than [incessant whining and super nationalism]. Humility is a good thing.

      • Dr Hung Low

        Yeah, because the chinese arent a brainwashed nationalistic lot themselves

        • anon

          I fail to see the relevance of this comment. Isn’t it already common knowledge that there are brainwashed nationalistic Chinese netizens just as there are whining self-hating Chinese netizens?

      • dim mak

        I’ll take super nationalism over self-hating liberal faggery anyday. That goes for China’s enemies too. At least we’d be having an honest conversation.

        • Alan
          • dim mak

            Goebbels is shit compared to me or any real Chinese patriot. Difference: we actually believe what we say.

        • Notorious

          why do people hate liberals? Because they try to see everyone’s point of view and make life fair for everybody? Even if such efforts won’t get them anywhere, at least they care and try to look out for the little guy, right? Huh huh ?

          • dim mak

            No, because most of the time practical things like wealth, power, national unity and interests are more important than niceness, fairness, moralism and all that humanist crap

            Sure we’d all love to live in a fair and tolerant world, but it ain’t like that and we gotta have realistic priorities first. Competition demands that sometimes you need to act in a self-interested, assholish way to protect yourself or just maintain parity with rivals. Everything else is secondary.

            Asian liberals maintain a degree of nationalism, but liberals elsewhere can be so steeped in their own beliefs they’d take every chance to sympathize with their rivals and pull some self flagellating “but my country does bad things too” shit just so they can vent their feelings against their own government under the guise of political ideology

            Don’t want any of that shit in China, sorry

          • Notorious

            I think if we all took others into consideration instead of our own selfish power-hungry desires would cure all the ills of the world. Do you not think? I am so tired of all the wickedness, greed, war, and all those other plagues afflicting human kind. WE need a better system than simply adhering to the status quo. More liberalism. Wasn’t the world better when during the flower child movement of the sixties?

          • dim mak

            Well if you can get everyone in the world to hold hands and dance in a circle you ring me up cuz I’d want in on that

            But something tells me as long as humans are humans 99% of us will remain prejudiced and self-interested one way or the other

            Ergo if China must compete, then we don’t plan on losing, and thus do whatever it takes to secure a good position in the world. I imagine this is how all countries/peoples feel as well

          • Notorious

            the problem is that too many people suffer from mental illnesses thus the need to be aggressors. they are functionally crazy and throw the world into imbalance.

          • moop

            “Wasn’t the world better when during the flower child movement of the sixties?”
            yeah, the world was heaven on earth during the 60s: the cold war, vietnam war, bay of pigs, portuguese colonial war, the troubles in northern ireland, pakistan and indai fougth a war, arab-israeli conflicts, nigeria civil war, algerian war, cultural revolution in china, The tlatelolco massacre in mexico, coups in iraq, greece and libya (ghaddaffi came to power), cuban missle crisis, over 30 african countries gained independence in the 60s, shortly followed by narchy and civil war in most of them, assassinations of mlk, malcolm x, patrice lumumba, grigoris lambrakis, medgar evers, ngo dinh diem, jfk, hendrik verwoerd, robert kennedey. WHERE’S MY TIME MACHINE??? I WANNA GO BACK! HURRRRRRRR just because some hippies tripped on lsd and sang songs about world peace doesn’t make it some glorious time in history.

          • 白鬼 bái guǐ (aka coala banana)

            what is the use if they care, when their efforts don’t get them anywhere ? “but at least” shouldn’t be reason enough to vote for them…question is if they can get the job done !

        • Alan

          Difference: we actually believe what we say.

          So which are you, Chinese, Honk konker, or Viet?

          A whole world of difference, dear boy…..

    • *sigh*

      And you can replace most comments on those articles on this site with [incessant whining about China and the Chinese].

      • 404 name not found

        ^ This

      • typingfromwork

        So true.

      • Chad

        That’s true.

  • Christina

    UGH seriously- and less than a year after the fatal school “bus” crashes???

    • Nyancat

      The government has always had a penchant for doing things at the wrong time, that being said this is real bullshit. Instead of providing decent transportation to the future generation of China or even providing rural kids with a normal standard of life they gift away these buses *facepalm*

      • Chad

        No, it’s because they actually know what the hell they’re doing, which frankly a lot of netizens don’t. When a country sends aid to another, it’s rarely out of the goodness of their hearts. They’re always looking for something in return. Why do you think the US gives aid to Pakistan? Because they want to feel good? No, it’s to placate them as they shoot missiles at them and cause collateral damage. I’ve a feeling Macedonia is going to be buying a lot of Chinese buses and opening up trade soon enough.

        • Nyancat

          I already considered that but what you don’t realize is that whatever China is able to get in return from other countries be it rights to mine natural resources or whatever, it doesn’t go back to the general populace, I mean all that investment in Africa does what exactly for the common man in China? Whatever benefit is acquired goes to the government who in turn do nothing much to improve the situation in China, inflation is on the rise and do you see any increases in salary? Even if they are it’s negligible, a country’s greatest asset is it’s people improve the quality of life, education and so on and it will bring benefits in time.
          I understand you might only see things at face value, and your quip about netizens not understanding is quite hilarious and ironic, as I feel they understand the situation more than you do as it’s their money (taxes ) that the government throws around.

          • jennster

            the govt has zillions atm and can’t even invest overseas due to blockage. a LOT are from taxes, some from trade. wouldn’t it be great to split those zillions amongst the 1.3 billion so everyones income gets much higher. such potential but not done. :(

          • linette


            So true. 90% of the China government officials need to be removed from their positions and power. The whole China government system needs to be reformed. They should follow the government model of Hong kong. Let Hong kongese go in and teach the people of this big giant China how a democratic country should be run.

          • Alan

            They should follow the government model of Hong kong. Let Hong kongese go in and teach the people of this big giant China how a democratic country should be run.

            @linette: It WONT work.

            HK is a small territory. China, what , 1.5 billion people?

            I used to believe like you, it would, but if you replace the party with democracy, like Russia, it will not change. Just an ironman will replace the party….so which is the lesser of two evils, you tell me?

          • Chad

            What does African investment do for the Chinese? Well first there are a ton of Chinese employed there and making good coin. The Chinese are notorious for using their own workers for everything. Also, in Africa for example, the locals complain of the thousands of cheaper Chinese goods flooding their markets (but they still buy them). What if those goods weren’t being sold to Africans? They would sitting in warehouses and Chinese workers would be fired. Second, there IS a trickle effect on the economy when you secure resources. Third, the job experience improves the skills of those workers. China does a lot of hospital building and other infrastructure projects in Africa to trade for resources. That is their investment. It is akin to the Europeans and the US bombing Libya to install their puppet government so that said puppet government gives them good deals on oil. I think the Chinese method is a bit more efficient though.

            Yes salary is growing! GDP per capita has risen every year by about at least 7% in the past several years. You can say these numbers are fudged by the government but there’s always articles on clothing manufacturers moving to Vietnam because pay has been rising so quickly in China. I’ve seen a lot of articles on salaries rising rapidly in electronics factories as well which is putting pressure on the owners. It’s a simple fact of moving up the value chain. Labour costs rise, thus lower value industries move out and higher value industries move in, so yes, salary has been rising and the consequences are being seen to prove that these aren’t just numbers.

            Inflation is high as well but you have to look at things in context. Inflation in other booming places like India and Brazil have even higher inflation and they are growing slower! China’s is around 3.5% and India is at around 7%. Also, inflation growth rate has been DROPPING since last year. It’s generally been dropping in most countries. Pay attention. Also, inflation has to be seen in context of growth. Spain has inflation of 2%, but 50% of their youth are unemployed and GDP growth is negative.

            Yes, the average netizen doesn’t know what the heck is going on. Your post is a clear example of that. This applies not only to the Chinese but also any American, Canadian or whatnot.

          • Duh

            It is basic knowledge that foreign reserves cannot be used domestically as the money has already been exchanged and injected into the market in forms of RMB. Minus that, and the Chinese government is actually in debt. Besides, splitting zillions amongst the population will only create whole lot of inflation, as in 1000% inflation. You can ask the Russians how that felt. Funny thing about economy is that inequality works much better than equality, which is why communism failed. Giving a zillion dollar to 100 people instead of 1 billion and you’ll have much better chance of running a healthy economy. Life is never fair.

          • Nyancat

            Inflation increases in places like India and Brazil for various other reasons, China has an abundance of coal therefore making it energy rich, while India is energy poor having to import oil from places like Iran and such which increases inflation and the ineptitude of the current government in making foreign investment a pain in the ass has contributed even more to inflation and the depreciation of the rupee, if the government makes the right choices India will manage to improve its economic standing, and Brazil is planning to compete with China for resources in Africa as well, wonder how that’s going to turn out.
            Even with an increase in GDP inflation has been catching up to it, and worse in 2012, GDP actually went down which shows signs of the economy slowing down here.
            Do you think a place like Africa which is notorious for its volatile political systems is actually a good investment idea? China has a minuscule amount of people in Africa when you compare it to China’s massive population.
            In the short term taking resources from Africa might work but even now there is turmoil with Chinese owned businesses in Africa. What happens when the locals feel that they are being taken advantage of ? You might wanna read the news I think you’re not aware of the whites in south africa being run out of their own homes and land, do you honestly think that the Africa’s will stand idly by while China harvests their resources? The consensus is that that Africa is being exploited.
            We are talking about a place that kicked white south africans out from their homes and farms, they aren’t afraid to take matters into their own hands.
            You think too simply that’s the problem, while numbers are indicators of a countries progress there are many other factors that affect the rates of inflation, unemployment and so on that vary from country to country. You are going to have to do more in depth research to understand the various social, economic and political factors.
            China operates very simply, it has an omnipotent government that makes all the decisions while collecting money from its citizens to hand out to other countries.
            You also might want to take into account China’s ‘expertise’ in infrastructure building, such as for example buildings that start to go into a state of disrepair a few years after being built, I mean the Sichuan Earthquake was an incident that highlighted the shady practices involved in real estate development, I could go on and on about that but I’m not going to.
            What you should understand is quite simple if u want to build something that can stand the test of time, you have to have a strong foundation, the foundation in this case are the citizens of China.
            Invest in them and China’s future is secured with that not with securing natural resources. China needs friends in Asia, right now lets count and see how many friends it has, 1) North Korea 2) Pakistan I don’t have to go into detail on how useful they will be in case China goes into conflict with the rest of Asia.
            Build a strong foundation and actually try to help out poorer countries with infrastructure and such without expecting something in return, that’s how China can make friends and truly in the whole sense of the word become a superpower.
            So look at the big picture, remember that the Roman Empire was huge and it did fall too, the same thing can happen to China unless it takes necessary action.

          • Chad

            So you explain that India’s high inflation is due to its lack of energy yet you also argue that acquiring resources in Africa won’t help the average Chinese person? Come on man lol

            And I don’t know what you’re talking about. GDP did not go down. GDP -growth- went down. Chinese GDP growth has outpaced inflation unlike say.. India which at points had higher inflation I believe.

            Yes, Africa can be a very lucrative place for investment as long as you can keep the place stable. It has worked out very well in some places like Angola which is now China’s biggest oil supplier.

            Yes, there are always risks in Africa, but sentiment towards the Chinese are faaaar better than compared to whites. Yes, I’m aware some whites are discriminated against in SA. The consensus is that China is exploiting them? Go read some African website. Any. Read the comments sections or the opinion pieces. I’ve read dozens in the past year and the consensus is that China is the lesser of two evils (vs Europeans) and that Africa is improving because of China. There’s some worries of course.. there always is when a foreign people come to your land but sentiment is still positive mainly because they reaaally don’t like Europeans. Not sure what you’re reading but it may be some random news articles of isolated incidents in Africa. Also, read The Dragon’s Gift.. an account by a third party and free of the BS you see in the Western media.

            Right, aside from inflation, unemployment, GDP growth, you’re going to educate me on what else we should look at right since you’re telling me that’s not everything? How about HDI? China’s improving on that too very quickly at that.

            You could go on and on about infrastructure, but you’d look silly. Infrastructure has to be looked at in context… a country’s development stage. You cannot expect developed world infrastructure in suburbs in China. I’ve seen no evidence that China’s infrastructure is poorer than say India or the Dominican Republic. I’d say it compares very favourably in fact. Also, Chinese construction companies are starting to win contracts to build in the united states even and in europe as well. That says a lot. Here’s an article on it: “The renovation of the Alexander Hamilton Bridge in New York is being overseen by China Construction America, a subsidiary of the China State Construction Engineering Corporation. The company uses mostly U.S. labor, but many coveted skill jobs such as engineering and design work are Chinese. The profits will also go overseas.”

            Invest in Chinese people yes, but you also need to secure resources especially if you don’t have the luxury of bombing a country every year to get access (aka EU/USA). Don’t want to do that? Then expect extremely high inflation and working your arse off for very little quality of life.

            And you’ve got to be insane if you think there’s going to be a big war in Asia. China hasn’t been to war in 30 years. It has the largest military in Asia by far. No Korean or Japanese is going to risk their life in a war against China because they have a lot to lose. The only countries I can see waging war against China (by firing the first shot) are crazily patriotic and poor ones like the Philippines and Vietnamese. Well, there’s not much to do about that since Philippines is basically a US colony as is Taiwan, S. Korea and Japan. As long as the US is a superpower, their relations with China will not improve. China definitely could improve relations with Vietnam though.

          • dim mak

            ^ This, very accurate

            Chad has real clear vision when he’s not angry

          • Nyancat

            @Chad Do you really believe that China needs more resources? If anything they are stockpiling for the future is it. China is energy rich they have huge reserves of coal enough to last for the next 75 years or so and enough to power the whole country at current consumption. India doesn’t have that luxury meaning they have to spend a sizable amount on just meeting the energy demands of the country.
            Since China has enough coal why would they require more, do you think in the next 75 years they aren’t going to find alternative sources? Such as the use of thorium reactors and such, so why take the coal, let me guess they plan to sell it to other countries when coal reserves that aren’t Chinese start dwindling, like they did for rare earth.
            You reading articles that say that China is beneficial is a lot of hooey, guess who supplied the Sri Lankan government with weapons during their civil war with the tamil tigers, it was a bloodshed that claimed civilian lives. So when the shit hits the fan be sure to back China won’t you Chad.
            As I’ve mentioned before Africa is not a stable country, the situation in Sudan isn’t good, heck some Chinese were kidnapped there a while back.
            Concerning Infrastructure China has more than enough money to provide adequate infrastructure to any part of the country, and if you’re going to compare China with places like India and the Dominican republic? China has plenty of cash I would have expected a higher HDI index, any reason why that shouldn’t be so?
            I mean c’mon the Indian economy was in tatters last year it was the worst performing asian currency and growth had it was still on par with China in the HDI, both countries have similar populations so that’s not going to be an excuse.
            China has to improve on its education sector as well as its healthcare services, don’t tell me those are up to par as well in what is considered to be the world’s second largest economy.
            While the US and European countries do have questionable methods how is China any different? They lay claim to territories that are ‘historically’ in areas that are highly disputed, how do you think that is going to turn out? China must love making more enemies and don’t twist my words, I never said war was a sure thing, but it wouldn’t be a bad thing if they made more friends.
            They did instigate the Sino-Indian war and played a big part in the Korean war and the Sino-Vietnamese war too.
            I think China could easily make friends with other asian countries if they could back-off a little, that incident with the Chiense fishermen and Korean coast guard is one example, the Spratly’s are another issue with the Philippines.
            All in all research a bit more before making your comments, you are still only looking at the surface, see how I have elaborated for you.

          • Nyancat

            Oh and btw im moving on to the next article, I’m certain that we wont change each other’s point of view and I can dig it.

          • Dawei

            Nyancat, OK basic economics lesson for you, China is now a major world manufacturer and requires a steady supply of raw materials, resources are priced on the world market, but increasingly control of these resources are held between fewer and fewer companies take iron ore for example. So instead of buying iron ore from Rio Tinto, you invest in primary production somewhere else to cut them out of the deal or give you bargaining room. Africa is preferred because they have the resources and are “flexable”.

            It is not coal, China is a net exporter or rare earths again China is a net exporter it is the other resources.

            As to the netziens rage at the export of the best products from China. That is exactly what happened all over Europe after the second world war, so that each country could create jobs using markets outside their own devastated economy. And no one wants goods below the quality they are used too. Hence higher quality exported, lower quality at home. Anyway compared to 20 years ago the difference in quality of export v domestic has narrowed considerably.

        • Chad

          Yes, I do believe China needs more resources.. like most countries in the world. Who said anything about coal? You cannot power a country completely on coal. China is getting a lot of OIL from Africa. There’s a reason why the Forbes 500 is filled with oil companies. It’s also why European and American governments have been trying to woo Angola back from China even though they have access to a lot of oil as well.

          No, I don’t think China should rely on the impending invention and commercialization of thorium inventors or nuclear fusion or whatever.

          Rare earths aren’t actually rare by the way.

          Yup, China sells weapons. As do most major economies. Even Switzerland! The US and Russia are by far the biggest weapons exporters by the way. Not sure why this is relevant to your argument… The EU/US sold weapons to Gadhaffi before they killed him (just adding some more relevant info!). It’s a shame I know. If only China could be the sole saint in the group so people like you wouldn’t be able to act as if China is the nefarious villain behind the scenes causing world ruin.

          China has a lot of foreign exchange reserves but it can’t just blow all of it on infrastructure. Long story short, the reserves have to be converted to domestic currency and this would shoot inflation up like never before. The Davos panel concluded this by the way.

          China is 33 places ahead of India on the HDI so I wouldn’t say the two countries are on par nor did India have the worst performing Asian growth. Heh.. you’re just making up facts now. I’m also not sure why China would need an excuse for far outperforming India on moving up the HDI rankings.

          Being the world’s second largest economy doesn’t mean you’re going to have the second best education system when your population is as large as China’s. They actually do pretty well on PISA by the way and its universities are rising in the ranks.

          How are the US/EU any different in terms of their methods? I’ll put it simply. China hasn’t been in a war for over 30 years. The EU/USA? I’m going to need a few more hands to help me count that. It is a bit amusing to see all the pots calling the kettle black.

          China lays claim to territories that are also claimed by 4-5 other countries. Do you think the foreign policy of those countries are awful as well? Again, oil is important.

          As to the Sino-India war and the Sino-Vietnamese war.. I do have to say it’s amusing people have to bring up wars that occurred over 30 years ago as proof of China’s aggression. Please google the Indian forward policy to find out who “instigated” the war. Also, please check who invaded Cambodia (a Chinese ally at the time) around the time of the Sino-Vietnamese war though I do agree that they instigated it… over 30 years ago.

          “All in all research a bit more before making your comments, you are still only looking at the surface, see how I have elaborated for you.”

          I couldn’t help but quote you. Please heed your own advice ;) I can identify many of your points as the extremely superficial ones commonly found in the mainstream media. Go do some research and you’ll realize there’s more beneath the surface.

          • Nyancat

            Alright I’ll bite you’re right, now on to the story of how Chinese fishermen are being held for ransom by people from North Korea, China’s ally, that’s gotta suck.

    • An anonymous boy…

      Well in April, school bus regulations were tightened in China due to the heavy media coverage of bus accidents…

      However, complaints about one’s own government is usually more popular.

      • Nyancat

        haha u know whats really funny, the complaints and media coverage probably forced the change to happen, if noone cared to complain the chage wouldn’t have been brought about right? ;)

        • An anonymous boy…

          This is true, but sometimes people are so busy yelling at their son to do his homework that they do not hear his reply…

          “I finished that hours ago.”

          That is all I mean…

          • Nyancat

            Ah so true, so true.

  • blues

    Meanwhile in rural China, kids gotta walk 10-20km to and from school…

    • Jeff

      blues that is not true. There are plenty of tuk-tuks that will cram 6 or 10 kids in them and take them home for a few coins.

      • Nyancat

        yeah those things are pretty dangerous, if you watch enough thai movies you can see what those things are capable of, you must have been to thailand or something to know the word ‘tuk tuk’

  • Dr Hung Low

    This isnt just China but a lot of companies export their better quality wares and leave the stuff that isnt quite as good for the domestic market. This isnt really anything new…

    Having said that, if the better quality stuff that is made in china is actually sold abroad then anyone that doesnt live here will now know that the stuff that is sold in the domestic market here (in China) really is worse than the shite that says “Made in China” back home.

  • slim shady

    nothing is free, i give you free buses you send me all your white women as fuck toys, chinese people love white bitches

    • Little Wolf

      You must be very popular then.

  • Jeff

    Praises the quality of a Chinese product?

    Hell a FREE BJ is still better than no BJ so OF COURSE they are going to say good things about donated buses.

  • Jeff

    Ask any drug dealer – the first one is ALWAYS free.

    But the constant supply of parts will cost a fortune. And they WILL break down and often.

  • If you were to read the comments on similar articles on the Yahoo American news site, most of the Americans posting there have the exact same complaints about America aiding countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and other African countries.

    ‘xiongyangwan’ above has stated it succinctly. You give some; you get back some more.

    • Liu Xiao Qiang

      why you people never miss the chance to hit Pakistan in your Comments?

      • lonetrey

        Well, this post is barely “hitting” Pakistan…. He’s just stating the facts.

        idk, I feel like “hitting” implies that he went out of his/her way to include someone so as to insult them. XiaoHei’s post is a legitimate and factual one. Americans did complain about aiding the middle eastern countries, and he/she tossed in Africa because it’s the general cliche stereotypical country that everyone provides aid to.

        • 404 name not found

          “Africa because it’s the general cliche stereotypical country”
          “Africa stereotypical country”
          “Africa, Country” O.o
          Lookout we have an American right here ^

        • Liu Xiao Qiang

          xiao hei wrote (America aiding countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and other African countries.)i felt its insult of Pakistan to state it in same sentence with those countries,Aid form America and from whole world toward these countries is not same,world gives aid to Afghanistan and African because they don’t have to eat, they don’t have to wear,and they don’t have home to live.but when Pakistan get aid usually its for the shelter of Afghan migrant,or for the people who got struck by flood or earthquake,If Pakistan gets aid from America then its means they want to use Pakistani land for NATO supply or kill the terrorists in Afghan with the help of Pakistan,this aid is different from the aid of Afghan and Africa, Every country of the world get these kinds of aids Like the aid Pakistan gets.CHINA gets aid from PAKISTAN whenever CHINA struck by floods and earthquakes, Pakistan have aided Hundreds of other countries including China, it dose not mean someone can state China and Japan in same sense and sentence with Africa and afghan,If American do wrong comments on yahoo American news sites. it dose not mean you have to repeat those wrong these in wrong way just to defend your country by insulting your best friend country.

      • Nyancat

        Well pakistan doesn’t really have such a good reputation owing to situation where they found osama living comfortably just a little distance away from a armed forces academy i think, my memory is a bit fuzzy. Plus they get a lot of bad press because people think of the country as a terrorist factory.

        • Liu Xiao Qiang

          if you tell me from where you are? then i can tell you how PAKISTAN has far better reputation then your country.

          • moop

            hahahhhahhahaha, unless he is from north korea, i’d say you’re going to have a hard time convincing us of that

          • Little Wolf

            I’m from….uh……..Tierra Del Fuego.

          • Zagham Naseem

            love you Liu Xiao Qiang

  • Olle

    Well. The main thing is that they are probably 10 times better drivers and the traffic is 10 times more safe, what do you think?

  • [email protected]

    Out of sight, out of mind.

    The principle being the same as parents buying some sweets and not telling their kids about them.
    The kids don’t ask for them, don’t miss them, because they don’t know there are any sweets.

    Having said that, those parents probably don’t give away those lovely sweets to the kids next door, then tell their own kids how they actually had some really nice sweets and how they gave those lovely sweeties to the kids next door and how the kids next door really liked them and how much they appreciated being given those lovely delicious sweeties.

    Well done Public Relations person in China. Well done.

  • Castro

    yeah, nice subtle little mind-fuck there,,, what with making the China flag just a little larger and in the place of honor.

  • Wu

    I think a bigger factor in those fatal bus crashes was the driver’s skill and the skill of the drivers around them, on top of the unpredictable nature of traffic in China. Even after 4 years in the same town I have trouble understanding/guessing what another driver is going to do.

  • JPAX

    I think if China didn’t make crappy stuff then the Chinese nationals wouldn’t have to use the crap quality things. It’s not about government it’s about poor quality manufacturers. Of course other countries around the world are not going to purchase the shoddy equipment to export the choose to buy the quality. So China has the left over stuff that manufacturers have cut costs and corners on when they make it and are unable to sell it elsewhere. Luxury costs money. If Chinese want good quality things they have to pay the price that they cost.

    As for the buses I know they were donated by it looks to me as if 13 were donated and that Macedonia has purchased 202 further buses. That’s good business to me.

  • Nicole

    Just so were clear, “Macedonia” is in Greece. The country you are referring to is called “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia -(FYROM).” They have two different meanings so be careful when referencing

    • mr. wiener

      *sigh* Thank you for clearing up this point in case anyone was wondering.
      BTW Which place has the better economy at present? Time to start speaking Slav :)

    • Chunghwa

      I’d just like to interject fоr a moment. What you’re referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.

      Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called Linux, and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project.

      There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use. Linux is the kernel: the program in the
      system that allocates the machine’s resources to the other programs that you run. The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Linux is normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system is basically GNU with Linux added, or GNU/Linux. All the so-called Linux distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux.

  • Raphael

    Attention Chinese:

    For your benefit, you must know that the real Macedonia is a region in Greece. They are the descendants and cultural successors of the ancient Macedon kingdom. The recipient country of the your generous donation is actually called Fyromia, and the inhabitants, Fyromians.

    • Chunghwa

      Oh look, another asspained Greekfag complaining about what people call a country. How about paying those debts first?

      我想要打插一下。你讲的这个Linux其实应该叫成GNU/Linux,或者跟我最近给它的名称,GNU与Linux。Linux本来自己不是一个电脑操作系统,而是GNU系统的一个部分。有个GNU corelibs,系统中心程序和重要系统组件,它才成为一个全面电脑操作系统,根据POSIX的定义。

      • Alan

        What is with the chinese references to GNU linux?

        • An anonymous boy…

          He is just trolling…

          It is some famous speech by the GNU founder… People just use it to troll usually in response when someone says the word “Linux” in a post.

          See Chunghwa’s statement up a little bit from this one in English that begins with “I’d just like to interject fоr a moment”…

    • dim mak

      So I heard Alexander the Great was totally Macedonian and not a Greek at all
      How does this make you feel?

      • 白鬼 bái guǐ (aka coala banana)

        people like to take pride and credit based on achievements of others. Guess it makes them feel good, and they dont have to think about that they are actually such sore losers ?

  • radbab

    “Alluding to the widespread belief that China gives everyone the best goods while reserving the worst for its own people”

    If they stop exporting top quality they won’t get any cash any more. And if they deny top quality to their own people, what’s going to happen? It’s not like anyone has to face elections here…

  • typingfromwork

    Of course you give away the best. It’s called diplomacy. It’s the same reason why Congress can give out billions in medical aid all over the world while block attempts to provide its own citizens with cheaper health cover. The kudos you gain internationally is much more worth it.

    Considering how they’ve already bought 202 buses giving them 23 more is basically a “buy 10 get 1 free” offer, which lets face it is not all that impressive, but the publicity it generates is absolutely golden.

  • glenn

    so giving out the best for others.. and giving out the whats substandard or average for their own people… gotta love china for that…

  • Shanghairen

    I thought the school buses were to repay Macedonia for their donations after the Wenchuan earthquake.

  • dim mak

    Odd thing to donate though
    Did we run out of pandas or something

    • anon

      School buses are infinitely less exhaustible than pandas.

  • nameless

    lol you give a bus that works and now the world must bow down. What about rotting dry wall, lead poisened toys, and melamine in the baby formula, can we wipe that all of your perfect record? “ai mian zi de ren, ye shi jui bu yao lian de ren”. my 5 mao on this bs story.

  • Cleo

    Well, would you rather be like our Opposite in every way i.e. Japan who “gifts” a bus to the Mongolians where the boarding step is intentionally too high? Or how about sending irradiated rice and canned fish not only to formerly invaded Asian countries but Senegal as well?

  • crimsonarmor

    Yes the government and the manufacturers of the buses are so clever to give some buses away for free only then to entice the Macedonians into placing an order of 202 buses with the the Zhengzhou company.

    I guess the boss of the bus company has read THE ART OF WAR – SUN TZU

    Very clever

    Give a little and then expect a big return.

  • xindai

    why not me?why not us?why ignore the ordinary chinese people?

  • George Washington

    Oh my what nice shiny new school buses. They look like they could be crushed like eggs. So much glass and tin. I bet I could kick a hole through the side of one. These are death traps for children. How do you think they would do in a collision with a truck? We in America would never put our children in these shiny death traps.

  • This is the tactic of the Chinese government to make money by selling spare parts to keep those buses running. But how they were given to many entities, it is possible that they wear them out and not purchase the spare parts and leave those buses out there for corrosion. Then the Chinese government will have money burnt instead of serving the people that sustain it with those buses.

    I have noticed China almost giving the expertise to build those weak buses with an external “makeup” to attract our attention because their external lines go towards our preference for bus body design.

    I knew this blog today and I am impressed with the quality of the texts and comments. As for those government mistakes, similar things happen here in Brazil. The best goes abroad, the remaining “remains” to us to consume. This is typical of third world countries because they cannot compete with the First World countries equally if they export the trash that is left for us to consume.

  • KongMingQin

    Unfortunately,this is costumary in ANY country in the world… goods exported are always better than those sold in its homeland =/

  • Cleo

    That’s nothing. Japan won’t pay to keep the aircon on but it can afford to “donate” military ships to the Philippines while their German best friend forever arrests Sea Shepard skipper Paul Watson so Japan can donate two “whaling ships” to America’s West Coast.

    Ten Japanese “patrol” ships to the South China Sea and two Japanese “whaling” ships headed for the American Northwest Pacific coast – someone is on the warpath even though he wants us to only see him sipping tea with Queen Elizabeth in London today. What a joke. Ming Ren! My Foot!