Mainland College Girl Raped by Indian Man in Hong Kong, Reactions

The Suspect Being Arrested

The Suspect Being Arrested

From People’s Daily Online:

Mainland College Girl Goes to Hong Kong for Vacation, Is Raped by Indian Man in Hotel

According to the report by Hong Kong media, a rape case happened early morning on June 2 at Chungking Mansions in Tsim Sha Tsui, known for its cheap hotels and a mixed company of vendors and backpackers from various countries. A college girl of a prestigious university in Beijing traveling in Hong Kong was raped by a south-Asian man who broke into her hotel room. The police were able to arrest the suspect within 5 hours, with the help of the hotel’s closed-circuit television video, and the case had been forwarded to Major Case Squad of Yau Tsim Police District.

Victim Wrapped Only in a Towel Prompted Sexual Assault

The 26-year-old suspect is an Indian citizen. He was a delivery worker in Chungking Mansions and has been living in Hong Kong for years under a “Temporary Certificate of Identity”. The suspect had long been delivering water and other commodities to and from different hotels in the building and lived in a rented room in one of those hotels, therefore was quite familiar with the building’s environment. When the police went over the video, they immediately identified the suspect who was believed to be wearing a distinctive blue cap and pushing a two-wheeled delivery handcart at the time of the crime.

The 21-year-old rape victim was a college student of a prestigious university who arrived in Hong Kong on June 1 with her female classmate. They checked in at a small hotel in Chungking Mansions, 36-44 on Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui. The hotel only has 9 rooms and there are no bathroom in each room, therefore guests there have to take turns using the hotel’s shared communal bathroom.

A little past midnight on June 2, the victim, wrapped in a towel after bathing, went back to her room to let her traveling companion go take a bath. She was alone in the room and possibly left the door ajar when a south-Asian man with a delivery handcart went past and saw her with just a towel around her. The suspect then intruded into her room, threatened her against screaming or struggling in English, pushed her over onto the bed and raped her. After about 6 minutes, the suspect heard some noise outside, panicked and rushed out without finishing. A while later, her companion returned after her bath, saw her crying, and after learning what happened immediately called the police.

Closed-Circuit Television Video Solved the Case

When the police arrived on the scene, they arranged an ambulance to take the victim to Queen Elizabeth Hospital to be examined. Owing to the the severity of the case, the Yau Tsim Police District Major Case Squad immediately launched an investigation after getting the victim’s testimony. They asked hotel management staff and other guests for information, reviewed the closed-circuit television video of the hotel overnight, and in accordance with the description given by the victim, quickly zeroed in on a south-Asian man responsible for deliveries in the building.

At 4:50am June 2, detectives arrested the suspected 26-year-old south-Asian man in another hotel in the building, and took evidence from his room such as a blue cap, a pair of black sport shoes and a handcart.

Chungking Mansions

Chungking Mansions Known As Seedy Place

There are numerous cheap hotels in Chungking Mansions; rooms as cheap as 100 HKD attracting travelers from all places. Mr. Li, who regularly travels from the mainland to Hong Kong, says he stays at Chungking Mansions every time he visits Hong Kong. He says that although the room without a bathroom is the cheapest, you need to use the shared toilet and bathroom, which is rather inconvenient for female travelers, and presents a certain risk, because the people going in and out of Chungking Mansions can remind you of the United Nations, people of all races and from all kinds of countries.

Built in 1961, Chungking Mansions consist of 5 adjoining buildings, each has 17 floors. According to relevant documents, there are about 160 small hotels and more than 500 apartments for rent in the building, and people staying there are of all different races. Some proprietors claim that there are also African prostitutes in the neighborhood and every now and again the patrol would come to prevent/stop drug-involved activities. For security reasons and fire protection as well, there are over 50 closed-circuit televisions and over 330 cameras covering all public areas inside and outside the building.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


India really does produce an abundance of rapists.


The girl is an idiot as well! Such poor awareness of how to protect herself! With a shared bathroom, why not bring your clothes with you and dress before coming out? And when traveling, why didn’t you guys lock the door?!


Prohibit Indians from entering our borders.


She clearly knows it’s a cheap hotel, doesn’t take into account the surrounding public security situation, and comes out of the shared bathroom wrapped in a towel! What the A-san [Chinese slang, a disparaging and offensive name for Indians] did is disgusting of course, but who can she blame when she puts herself out there in such a titillating manner?


Wong Kar-wai is to blame! Such a shitty hotel yet in his art film [Chungking Express] it suddenly seems so artistic! Isn’t this just a trap deceiving artsy young girls? Hong Kong women themselves would never dare step in this place without taking two mastiffs and being escorted by police officers!!!


So many people commented that it’s the girl’s fault for just wrapping herself in a towel, that it’s her fault for stay in a cheap hotel. Fuck! It’s always the criminal’s fault in a rape case!!! And it’s always the local government’s fault if the area has public safety problems. You wretches are hurting the victim!


I would never dare stay at Chungking Mansions! It’s only foreign paupers who stay there.


Hehe, some people commenting here must have had their brains eaten by dogs or something. People can wear bikinis at the beach abroad without anything happening to them, yet instead of blaming the rapist here, you go blame the victim!? And there are even stupid cunts saying how the victim can no longer demand her fiancé to have an apartment and car [because she has been raped]! Only the worst bitches could say something like that!


I think with this kind of thing happening so often these days, it’s fundamentally because girls themselves are not protecting and acting respectably themselves, and them being pitiful after being rape doesn’t deserve complete sympathy~


Confiscate the thing he used to commit the crime.


Wants to go to Hong Kong but stays in a hotel that only has shared bathrooms…why bother? If you don’t have the money then just don’t go.


India…truly, other than their funny accent, I have no favorable impression…


I finally understand why the India’s population growth remains so high over the years.


Girls who dare stay at Chungking Mansions must be extremely thrifty and extremely brave.


Written by Li Hao

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