Mainland Girls Arrested in Taiwan for Prostitution, Reactions

The arrested mainland women who committed prostitution.

One of the mainland prostitutes.

From NetEase:

Mainland Women Who Go to Taiwan to Sell Sex Investigated, Over 100 Johns in 14 Days

One of the mainland prostitutes.

September 3, Taiwan’s National Immigration Agency [hereinafter referred to as TNIA] struck at the break of dawn, and cracked down on the largest prostitution ring in the Shuangbei area, arresting more than 20 suspects, a shocking number of people involved. According to Taiwan press, a mainland woman surnamed Wu who resembled mainland Chinese star Fan Bingbing had arrived in Taiwan under the guise of seeking medical/cosmetic consultation to commit prostitution. Due to her good look and skills in bed, she became a hot item, and in as short as 14 days, she had at least 110 customers. Just as she was about to return [back to mainland] with the money she made, she was arrested by the TNIA. According to the TNIA, there have consecutively more than 100 mainland women prostituting under this call-girl joint, and its annual profit was as much as 100 million yuan [NTD].

The arrested mainland women who committed prostitution.

Reports claim the mainland woman surnamed Wu nicknamed “Xue’er” is from Guizhou Province, 25 years of age, has long hair and skin as white as snow. She came to Taiwan under the guise of being an administrative staff for an electronics company looking to have a medical/cosmetic consultation, but as soon as she arrived, she was picked up by a snakehead and taken to the call-girl joint. Her sweet voice and willingness to please, allowing johns to not wear condoms and have both vaginal and anal sex, immediately made her a hot item for the call-girl joint. The TNIA learned from seized accounting books that Wu’s original price when she first arrived in Taiwan was 8,000 yuan (New Taiwan Dollar, the same hereinafter), but because business was so good, it was revised up to 12,000 yuan.

One of the arrested mainland prostitutes.

Besides Xue’er, the call-girl joint also had a girl surnamed Kuang, who was a sophomore from an art college in the mainland’s Zhejiang province and just 20 years old. Her fondness for the LV [Louis Vuitton] luxury brand and vanity left her unable to make ends meet, and allowed herself to be enticed by snakeheads. Relying on her good body and dancer’s background, she went to Taiwan twice under the guise of going for a medical/cosmetic consultation.

One of the arrested mainland prostitutes.

According to reports, the TNIA Taipei City special team received a tip last December that many hot girls wearing heavy make-up and revealing outfits were often seen outside a spiritual community center located in Xinbei City Sanchong District. Following the tip, it was discovered that they were prostitutes from the mainland working for the call-girl joint run by 55-year old Wu Zonghan and his 28-year old mainland girlfriend Peng Yurong, and that Peng had also used a fake marriage to enter Taiwan [get legal residency]. Under the command of Ye Huiyan, prosecuting attorney of Taipei Prosecutors Office, the special task force deployed 100 policemen and struck at the break of dawn, busting the call-girl joint in one go, apprehending altogether 24 suspects, including Wu Zonghan, the room keeper, the pimp, the middleman, the accountant, as well as 12 mainland prostitutes.

One of the arrested mainland prostitutes.

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According to the TNIA’s investigation, this call-girl joint had been in operation for over a year, with 60% of its prostitutes coming to Taiwan to sell sex under visas for medical/cosmetic consultation and independent tourism [as opposed to visas for group tours]. They would avoid their monthly periods and come to Taiwan for a big payday. Since they can stay in Taiwan for 15 days at a time, apart from having a physical check-up at the hospital on the first day, the other days would be spent taking customers. These women are young and good-looking, with slender bodies, many of them students, shop assistants, teachers, and housewives. The ring’s daily income was 500,000 yuan, with over 100 million yuan in illegal profit in a year.

The arrested mainland women who committed prostitution.

The TNIA pointed out that the mainland women get less than 30% of the money from their prostitution after the snakehead organization, the call-girl joint, the middleman, and the pimps get their cut. However, the mainland women still rely on taking on more johns to make make more money. This case is currently under further investigation by the prosecuting attorney.

Comments from NetEase:

外貌协会CEO [网易广西贵港市网友]:

Dongguan, when can you return back to your former glory? I’m waiting with savings ready.

清风泛舟 [网易广东省佛山市网友]:

Legs spread open and ass bent upwards (vaginal and anal sex), and Yin Min Bi [“lascivious people’s money”, homophonic to RMB] is put in place. You invite and I’m willing (to not wear a condom), and Tai Bi [NTD] is ushered by trillions of tadpoles [spearm] into a warm palace [womb].

[Note: The original Chinese reads as a rhyming couplet with multiple metaphorical interpretations.]

诗奴L [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

There is no mention here of “[girls/women who have] taken a wrong step in life” [a common euphemism for why women become prostitutes].
Over a hundred johns in 14 days, at least 7 johns and up per day, even one cast in iron would suffer wear and tear.
Rampant materialism shouldn’t be blamed on the individual, but to the group [society].
Vanity is tantamount to greed.
Sometimes, beauty is merely a skin.

网易江苏省徐州市网友 ip:49.68.*.*:

It’s all because of Dongguan, refusing to leave people be [by cracking down on the prostitution industry there].

呀哑吖呸 [网易广东省佛山市顺德区网友]:

Model workers!

abcd5160 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

“allowing johns to not wear condoms and have both vaginal and anal sex” …when I read this, I wanted to cum.

新闻联播倒数第二集 [网易福建省网友]:

Hopefully when betel nut beauties come to the west side of the Strait [between mainland and Taiwan], they will be taken care of as our Taiwan compatriots.

wjhuangg [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

Dongguan, jiayou!

Comments from QQ:

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Without trade, there is no harm.

[Note: This is a popular slogan usually used by animal protection organizations referring to the trade of such things as ivory, rhino horns, and shark fin, and that without demand, there wouldn’t be a profitable trade, and thus no harm would come to the animals.]


Putting money first, without regard for the process, but only the result.


You were beautiful ladies, why become bad!

The rush of time:

Ha~~ Spotted my co-worker’s wife [in one of the pictures]!!!


Why are they wearing face masks? Probably because they want to make money but still get married one day, right? There is an old saying in China: if you dare to do something, you should also dare to bear responsibility. It’s not as if face can be sold for money.


Nowadays women are becoming more and more shameless.


You weren’t ashamed when prostituting, but now you’re pretending to be chastely by wearing face masks?


Making fools of themselves in Taiwan! Of all the things you could have been, you had to be whores. Of all the work you could have done, you had to go be prostitutes. Don’t you feel sorry for your parents? For your families? Everybody’s got two hands [to work]. It might be hard, but it makes an honest living. There may be sweat and tears, but that is a necessary suffering in life! I hope you can live a decent life!


Because of our homeland’s beautiful women, rapes in Taiwan have plateaued and dropped. A warm welcome for the victorious return of these many beauties!


Silly kids. If you don’t want to be arrested but still make money, get into show biz, and become actresses. Just look at these actresses in our country, where the men visit whores and the women prostitute themselves, happily and harmoniously, with some even becoming famous through this.

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • Amused

    “Bitches ain’t shit but hos ‘n tricks…”
    Enjoy those courtesy STDs morons.

    • Irvin

      Prostitutes are people too, in a way their profession is alot more honest than others out there like politicians, lobbyist and religious leaders.

      • Amused

        Yeah, but bareback a bitch who’s doing 10 dudes a day, odds are you’re going to be feeling a burning sensation. She’s a walking petri dish.

        • SongYii

          yeah, thats pretty crazy. shows they have little sex education. talk about moral failings… a country repulsed by the natural functions of the human body.

        • Lwcasu

          Odds are it will be worse than a burning sensation.

      • Charles

        In what screwed up world do you think prostitutes are more honest than religious leaders… Come one! Get real! Since when did embracing man’s basest vices become a moral victory?

        • mr.wiener

          I’d hardly call doing the beast with two backs our basest vice. I can think of much worse.

          • Amused

            Yeah, like Jenga. People who play that game are the devil!

          • mr.wiener

            Jenga is the debil! Twister is an open invitation to same sex marriage.

          • Amused

            Just skip to the most heinous of all….Chutes ‘N Ladders… Yeah, I said it…

          • Ha! But you wussy colonials only have “chutes and ladders” because the proper game (“Snakes and Ladders”) is too hard-core for ya!

        • Irvin

          In this world where religious leader tell their followers to fly planes into buildings, where the pope goes to africa (a country most ravaged by aids) and tell them they can’t use condoms.

          Prostitution on the other hand leaves little to interpretation, the prostitute know they are selling sex, and the client knows he’s buying sex. A very simple and *honest* transaction.

  • lacompacida

    Another success of the cross strait trade pushed eagerly by PRC

    • Irvin

      It’s only a success if they weren’t busted.

      • mr.wiener

        It is a success for the big fish who are not busted.

  • AbC

    They were tipped off December last year and only initiated the operation in September? The TINA undercover investigators must have gathered a lot of ‘evidence’ during that time.

    • SonofSpermcube

      And they’ve got the medical records to prove it.

    • Slayer

      Taiwan is not the mainland where things can be acted on at whim without review from courts for warrants, building of cases that will be prosecutable, and so forth. This is particularly true for attempting to prosecute the big bosses. It’s possible that they hoped to go to a higher source of how the prostitutes are being moved and at a certain point the mainland agrees to assist if as much as we see her is proven.

      There’s many reasons one can imagine that it’s taken awhile before a big bust comes through. No pun intended

    • Brido227

      Deposited a lot of ‘evidence’ too, I’d wager

  • Sean Van Cura

    Prostitution is not a crime.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      Never understood why people in today’s day and age haven’t already legalized it and started taxing it.

      • Because politicians and high-ranking police officers don’t want “their” women touched by just anyone who can pay a few bucks.

    • Irvin

      What constitute as a crime is determine by the law which is set by the government, not personal sentiments. As long as there isn’t enough people that opposed said law and change it, it is a crime.

      • namepen

        I know it is a crime, but these women got exploited by pimps, used by over a hundred guys and now they are not going to have a penny to show for all their trouble.

        By all means lock up the gang members, but they should let the women go.

        • ElectricTurtle

          Arrest everybody or arrest nobody. Anything else is sexism. Being or not being a woman should not be a determining factor in criminal charges in a (presumably) mutually voluntary act.

          • Guest

            So if I buy a car from you and you don’t pay the taxes on your earnings, I should get audited too? Retard.

          • ElectricTurtle

            You are the retard for thinking that’s a parallel analogy. Not paying taxes is a crime committed by one person. There is no liability for nor conspiracy with a person who happens to tender the payment upon which taxes are evaded. Furthermore there is nothing inherently illegal in selling a car that one legitimately has title to.

            Prostitution on the other hand is something which is not legal to solicit or to consume. It is illegal on both sides of the voluntary exchange. It would not occur without both actors, so both are and should be liable and culpable.

            The practice shouldn’t be illegal at all, but while it is, whatever punishment is visited upon consumers should be equally visited upon providers. It literally takes two parties for the “crime” to exist.

    • Insomnicide

      Morality, ethics and law are separate things.

    • mr.wiener

      It is in Taiwan. China too for that matter. Prostitution perhaps should not be illegal, but at the moment it is against the law.

      • Don’t Believe the Hype

        Understanding that it is illegal, I once read that prostitution is in large part run by the PLA, and that this is largely ignored because civilian politicians don’t want to aggravate their relationship with the military.
        I’ve also seen red light districts in virtually every city that i’ve been to in China (including many small, medium and large sized cities of eastern and western provinces) so i’m sure it isn’t just the military, but I’m curious if you have heard similar rumours about the military’s role in this?

  • Irvin

    1.2 mil in 10 days…..someone is making a killing. If I was a girl I’ll do it too.

    • Jahar

      I’d assume that the advantage of costing 12k per would be that you wouldnt have to take 10 a day.

  • Insomnicide

    Do you miss Dongguan now?

  • SongYii

    Dongguan is starting to get back to normal. Dont.worry, mainland girls, soon you will be able to take the train to your summer job.

  • diverdude7

    NIA – ‘nigga inna attitude’

  • Silver

    I wonder why in Shanghai at Judy’s club and Manhattan Bar both are full of working girls from Vietnam but they never get busted. The girls get tourist visas every 30 days. Someone is making some big money turn an eye.

  • ClausRasmussen

    I don’t think they are the officers involved in the arrest but officers from the (female) prison where the girls were detained

  • What is it with Asian women and Louis Vuitton bags?

    Don’t Chinese girls realise how f*ugly the bags are, not to mention their being ridiculously overpriced?

    I thought my wife was joking, when we were in Paris a few months back, and she said that we should go into the Louis Vuitton store to see all the Chinese women there — but she was dead right; the shop was full of customers, and I only saw three that were not Asian women.

    If you’re so insecure that you have to carry a status symbol, at least pick one that’s nice to look at.

    • SongYii

      they love prada and chanel too. it is incomprehensible.

    • Don’t Believe the Hype

      i think it is more of a status thing. they probably (hopefully) realize the bag itself is ugly as hell

    • DC

      what is it with white women and their JC Penny trashbags?

  • It seems like you can fk mainland girls ANYWHERE in the world just like how you’ll find Made in China products EVERYWHERE in the world

  • Gordon Gogodancer

    haha this an anthem?

  • Slayer

    “Stuck up real bitch” – terminology used by someone with zero game whatsoever and a likely manipulative and cowardly personality. Furthermore there are many ways to meet great girls, in China or elsewhere, that don’t involve bars, the inter webs, or prostitutes.

    You’re a misogynistic chump and the incentive for girls like this to take 110 dicks in 2 weeks is people like you and your cash.

  • 小狼果

    How many people does it take to escort a few girls? Oh yea, they’re gonna strong arm some officers and break free. I don’t see any pictures of the human traffickers, the pimps, the accountant, the middlemen, and the snakehead gangstas. Media-bias much?

    • Don’t Believe the Hype

      I know right ? This happens in many counties. Catching the ring leaders is the only way to get a real victory

  • Don’t Believe the Hype

    Don’t any of these princelings have little sisters…oh right

  • Don’t Believe the Hype

    Ouch, I could agree only if the choice is not made out of impoverished conditions, but who’s to say how many myriad f’d up things can happen to a young girl. Not saying it’s right, just saying the culture is usually partly to blame

  • DC

    just another misguided effort to tax a victimless crime…

  • ElectricTurtle

    I know former prostitutes with masters degrees. Selling sex isn’t stupid when the pay is high, especially with no middleman and a responsible approach. I’ve seen it done. (Who needs pimps anymore? Ask an independent netscort.)

    • b duck

      its true.
      i read online that in usa also quite some women doing pt selling jobs. some of them are well-educated office lady, some are single divorced…
      maybe let’s do it directly : women want money, men want sex. this world will be much easier.

  • ElectricTurtle

    Now stay here and think of a better Cheat Commandos name! *wheeeeeeeee*

    • firebert5

      “Buy all our playsets and toys!”

  • Misiooo

    Wow, chinaman from one chinaland pretend to be higher in “morals” than chinaman from another. Funny, a few years ago, it was pussy made in Taiwan competing for western markets. Pathetic. Just feel sorry for these poor girls, who just try to make ends meet.

    • Fadil

      “Chinaman” is a racist term that is as offensive as “nigger”. I am surprised that the moderators of Chinasmack approved that comment.

      • Kai

        Don’t be surprised. We didn’t approve the comment. Since Misioo is on a registered Disqus account, his comments are posted immediately without having to be manually approved by a moderator, unlike those commenting as a guest.

        Judging by his comment history, we’re pretty sure he knows how offensive and inflammatory “chinaman” is, so his decision to liberally sprinkle it in the 5 comments he made today in one go suggests an intent to troll people. We’re not cool with that.

  • Let the prostitutes alone. It’s just a job, for god’ sake

  • James Jones

    there is a huge market for prostitution. that means big buckss for those who are willing to maybe start a business. Surprisingly, many of the women who join these rings know what they’re doing and even enjoy the lifestyle of being a call girl.

    However, when something like these guys taking 70% of the money and leaving the scraps for these girls, that’s exploitation. Perhaps if it were legalized and monitored the girls may be better protected and compensated and PROVIDED HEALTH CARE. No one likes to wear a condom [unless you (Pre-Ej)] but in this industry you have to wear one.

    I hope these ladies are not just labeled as criminals and tossed in some dank prison cell, but given counseling and medical treatment. It would be really terrible if they went from the brutal hands of the gang to the calloused ones of the gov’t.

  • Smith_90125

    There wouldn’t be any prostitution if there weren’t any Johns. Don’t blame the sellers who are filling the demand. Blame the customers who are creating it.

  • David Lee Stevenson

    Now what will the police and government officials do? I’m sure they were the best customers!!!!

  • jonny

    no wonder my penis is bright purple after that night