Malaysia Airlines MH370 Plane Crash, Chinese Reactions

Malaysia Airlines airplane.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 dominated the headlines today on the Chinese internet, as the top story on China’s web portals and microblogging social networks. The most commented article on NetEase, posted at 8:30am…

From NetEase:

Malaysia Airlines Passenger Plane Missing

According to Agence France Presse (AFP), Malaysia Airlines has reported that they have lost contact with a plane carrying 239 people.

Comments from NetEase:

网易江苏省南京市手机网友 ip:112.4.*.*:

May God keep them safe and sound.

网易江苏省常州市手机网友 ip:180.115.*.*:

There are no territories, there are no borders, may all the people on the plane be safe! May God protect them!

新浪让包子飞y [网易四川省网友]:

May it please just be a communications system malfunction.

网易浙江省宁波市手机网友 ip:60.55.*.*:

Hope all the people on the plane are safe and sound. My prayers.

李学良书生 [网易北京市手机网友]:

Doesn’t matter if it’s God, Buddha, or Jesus, please keep them safe and sound!!

On China’s leading microblogging platform Sina Weibo, “Malaysia to Beijing Flight Missing” is amongst the top trending topics, while #MH370 Search#, #Prayers for Malaysian Flight#, and #Malaysia Airlines Plane Missing# are amongst the most used user-generated hashtags.

Half of the Top 10 hottest individual microblog posts of the day on Sina Weibo are also about the flight, and all of the Top 3. In chronological order…

Posted at 9:10am by state-broadcaster CCTV, with over 165k reshares/forwards and 25k comments, and currently ranked #2 for the day…

From Sina Weibo:

@央视新闻: #Malaysia Airlines Plane Goes Missing# A Flight with 239 People Flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing Has Gone Missing, 160 Chinese Nationals On Board — Malaysia Airlines has issued a statement saying they have lost contact with one of the company’s planes flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The flight number is MH370, a Boeing model 777-200, carrying 239 people, including two infants. Originally scheduled to land in Beijing at 6:30 today; it has gone missing after contact with Vietnamese air traffic control. At present, a search has already been launched. Our prayers that they are safe and sound!


So watching too many Korean TV serial dramas really does make one retarded. At this kind of time where others are all worried about the safety of the people on board, those people mentioning My Love from the Star [Korean: 별에서 온 그대, Chinese: 来自星星的你, Lai Zi Xing Xing De Ni], calling on Professor [the profession of the character played by actor Kim Soo-hyun in the series], you people have once again demonstrated that your reputation for being retards is justified.

[This comment is referring to a few comments by Chinese netizens alluding to the series, calling for the alien to save these people with his time-stopping powers. The overwhelming majority of comments are prayers for the plane and passengers.]


Hope all of the people will be safe and fortunate, that they’ll all be sound, and have a safe landing.


Could it be a problem with space-time/reality/dimension [such as Lost or Bermuda Triangle]? That they entered another space-time? In recent times, we’ve discovered this kind of incident. If communications is lost and wreckage is not found, then it means the plane did not land or crash, and may have entered another space-time! It’s not as if this kind of thing hasn’t happened before. If they really entered [another dimension], then they should search along their [flight path], because no traces of the plane have been found so far, and maybe they will reappear at any moment, where a lot of time has passed for us but only a few minutes has passed for them.


With Kuala Lumpur as the center, draw a circle with a radius 1.5 times the longest distance a plane of this model can fly in 7 hours to search! I recommend the military get involved! My prayers for all of the passengers.


Live — Beijing Capital Airport T3 Terminal: There are family members who have broken down emotionally. Also, there is news that a large number of journalists heading towards the Beijing Capital Airport to interview family members, and here I earnestly request that our journalists comrades set aside their desire to get exclusives, wait for official information, and also give the family members space. At this time, what they need more is peace and quiet, and don’t want to be disturbed or interviewed.

Ranked #1 for the day, posted at 1:34pm, by newspaper The People’s Daily, and currently with nearly 200k reshares/forwards and over 45k comments…

From Sina Weibo:

@人民日报: Vietnamese Navy Confirms Plane Crash — The People’s Daily reporter Yang Ye reports, Vietnam’s Fifth Naval Region political commissar Rear Admiral Ngo Van Phat claims the plane crashed 153 nautical miles from Tho Chu Island, near the border between Vietnamese and Malaysian territorial waters. Vietnamese search and rescue teams have already been dispatched. Our prayers!!!


Comments from Sina Weibo:


Regardless of whether they are dead or alive, bring every Chinese person back home.


If the plane was forced to land and was successful, floating on the ocean, then all the people will be standing on the plane. It has to be like this.


A really really really really large sea turtle has people standing on its back right now.


Aircraft accidents have the lowest probability of all transportation accidents, but the probability of death is the highest. Allow me to meekly ask, is it really not possible to place parachutes underneath each seat? Or have every seat be its own parachute system, where if there’s an accident, the plane’s belly will automatically drops open and the seat instantly becomes an escape pod?


The people in the comments blaming Malaysia Airlines sure are amusing. No one wants accidents to happen. After an incident, is there any use incessantly blaming others?

Currently ranked #8 is a list of the passengers , posted at 1:36pm…

From Sina Weibo:

@头条新闻: Partial List of Chinese Passengers on the Missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 Flight (152 Names) — Sina exclusive partial passenger list. (There may be discrepancies in the compiling of the list).

[Click to view passenger list]

At #3 for the day is this post by a Chinese air traffic controller in Guangzhou, posted at 1:48pm, with over 100k reshares/forwards and 16k comments…

From Sina Weibo:

@航空管制锐RAY-ATC: Malaysia Airlines 370, air traffic control radar hopes to see you, and if you can hear this, please maintain your current altitude, and proceed directly to your destination. Know that we have applied for a direct route for you, and other kind-hearted flights will accommodate you in giving you way. Everyone is willing to let you be the first to land. The weather for your route is currently sunny and cloudless, with the air temperature at your destination Beijing being 5 degrees, a little cold, so dress warmly when disembarking. Remember to hug the friends and family who have come to pick you up, because they love you very much. Good day.

Posted at 6:41pm, the following update reached 4th place momentarily before currently falling down to 5th place…

From Sina Weibo:

@叶千荣: Kyodo News Agency newsflash: Vietnam’s Navy has discovered a 20 kilometer large oil slick in the waters it was searching.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Can only ask that there be survivors! No matter what nationality.


Don’t give up until the end, my prayers that all are safe and sound.

樱桃瘦肉丸子: (responding to above)

Yeah, we can’t give up until the end! That time with 500 people on Japan Air, because of the pilot’s excellent skill, there were still survivors, but search times abandoned the search because of night, resulting in some of the survivors dying, and the search team leader also committed suicide because of his guilt from this, so I hope such a tragedy won’t happen again!


I hope it was the pilot releasing fuel in order to land. I hope they had time to put on their life vest. I hope they are all wearing life vest in the sea waiting for rescue. The day is already dark, hurry and find them.


Seeing so many elderly people born in the 1930s and ’40s on the passenger list, I’m unbearably saddened. Having survived from that era, they’ve suffered already too much hardship. Heaven protect them, let them safely come out of this!!!


If it was released before normal landing, it wouldn’t be limited to a 20km range. There are only two possibilities: A sudden incident caused the plane to quickly fall, and it was quickly released in an emergency descent, or it is oil/fuel that flowed out after the plane fell into the ocean. Either way, this oil was released from the plane’s body at low-altitude or sea-level. However, the probability of a mid-air explosion should be able to be ruled out now.


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  • DearDairy


    • YourSupremeCommander

      YOU are sofa king lame.

      • DearDairy

        Free speech brah, your opinion is duly noted. We all have our reasons for being here, and not everyone is here to prove how insightful they are to the internet.=)

        • mr.wiener

          A little empathy would be nice none the less. I’ve “sofa[ed]! before on sad articles like this and I’m not proud of it now.

          • DearDairy

            I was at Jenny Lou’s a few weeks ago when this old Chinaman cuts in front everyone to buy a light bulb. The cashier tells him, “sir, there’s a line”. Typically, he gets angry and insists that he didn’t cut. The cashier, with reluctance, lets him go. As soon as the transaction is over, the man fumbles his light bulb and it lands on the ground, with an audible smashing sound. This guy nearby yells out “that’s what you get for cutting you fucking cunt” and laughs at his face. The old man walks out of the store and says nothing.

            This is China. I don’t know those people on the plane and I don’t care about them one tiny bit. Neither does anyone here.

            A lot of people die everyday, what makes these people different? Nothing except they were on a plane we could have been on.

            I literally LOLd when I read that a woman yelped out “My son is only 40, what am I going to do now?”. I don’t know, I don’t care. Continuing cutting in life and talking loudly?

            I wondered: why can’t these people control their emotions? Your son is dead, yelping about it at the airport isn’t going raise him from the dead like Jesus. Have some dignity for once in your life.

            What would I do in this situation? I would go somewhere private and mourn. Not embarrass myself in public with my grief and make a spectacle of myself.

            The worse are people who are behaving as if they have a personal stake in all this. What about all the people getting murdered and raped in Africa on a daily basis? Where is you sympathy then?

            I see no reason for the BS unless you are personally acquainted with someone on that plane. If so, sorry for your loss. Otherwise its just a knee jerk reaction to some hypotheticals and a list of names.

            I do appreciate your comment Mr. W. no homo, for real.

            I for one second, asked myself, after reading your comment, “am I ashamed of LOL’ing at the misery of others?” The answer is: YES. For being so petty.
            Otherwise no. 150 dead mainlanders? Prolly amongst them some young pussy I’ll never get the chance to hit. Whatever. Life Goes On. =0

          • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

            You are of course free to state your opinion as much as I’m free to say your opinion is a steaming load.

          • DearDairy

            Duly Noted Khan.

          • ScottLoar

            At The Battle of the Nile during the Napoleonic Wars the
            French flagship L’Orient under heavy fire exploded at 10 p.m. on 1 August 1798 ; the sound was heard by French troops miles inland, and neighboring French vessels thought their own ships had exploded. More than a 1000 men died instantaneously with limbs and debris falling on the French and British ships. Stunned by the ferocity of the explosion and the certain knowledge that more than a thousand men died in an instant both sides paused in the battle, the gun crews unable to bring themselves to continue firing; they could not immediately overcome the enormity of so many men dying at once.

            So these hard, hard men, navy crews of the 18th century in desperate battle could understand the enormity of so many dead in an instant but you, the supposedly civilized creature of the late 20th century wholly removed from combat and untouched by tragedies , can’t find compassion and sympathy for 239 innocent people lost in a plane crash, except to regret that among them might have been a “pussy” you won’t have the chance to fuck.

            You are a sad, sad fuck.

          • DearDairy

            I couldn’t care any less about some dead chinamen guy. They were prolly trying to get their carry luggage as the plane was falling out of the sky screaming “My IPAD3, my IPAD3!”. On Noes!

          • ScottLoar

            Just recognize yourself for what you are and how everyone else sees you as well: A sad, sad fuck.

          • Commander Jameson

            You’re only saying that because you’re a mod now. Lamer

          • mr.wiener

            Well golly-gosh, would you prefer I go all keyboard warrior on him and flame him for being an insensitive tool bag?
            Then we would be 2 idiots arguing over our own perceived sense of dignity and all those people would still be dead.
            That would be truly lame.

          • DearDairy

            Absolutely right.

  • Surfeit

    Godspeed to anyone who might have survived. I hope the cause of this catastrophe is unrooted and eliminated.

  • anon101

    aliens again :-(

    • Luck Of Fire

      Yup those green faggots.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Breaking news: 2 people who were supposed to be on the flight never boarded.
    My gut feeling, terrorists bombed the plane.

    • Surfeit

      Why they no board? Sad face for your bombing theory.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        You have just answered your own question there champ.

        If it was some mechanical failure or this silly report floating around that the plane was not fueled, you would think the pilots would have at least 5 seconds to send out a mayday or sos signal before they are gone?

        Sudden disappearance from the sky usually mean bad things happened.


        • Surfeit

          Just read. There were two passengers on there with stolen passports, but the passengers were accounted for.

          “After officials in Rome and Vienna confirmed that the names of an Italian and an Austrian listed on the manifest of the missing flight matched the names on two passports reported stolen in Thailand”

          It does seem afoul.

        • Fumanchu

          It would seem China has finally caught up with the rest of the world in regard to being the target of terrorists

          • linette lee

            Maybe the two terrorists were trying to copycat 911 and crash the plane into China world trade center but they got lost. They couldn’t see due to the smog. China’s air pollution finally did something useful by protecting Beijing from air attack. The fxcking terrorist couldn’t see. Complete fail.

          • Fumanchu

            it disappeared south of Vietnam, it never reached China Linette

          • linette lee

            I was just kidding. I have a feeling the crashed already. Rest in Peace.

    • Not boarding isn’t really as big a deal (I’ve missed a flight before) as the two people with stolen passports.

      • Fumanchu

        Drunk in the bar, watch set to the wrong time zone ??

        • Late start to my drive to DFW, and got pulled over by the state troopers on the way for speeding a little : /

      • comradewang

        Airport security is a joke, TSA is a joke. If you have Netflix, I highly recommend the documentary “Please Remove Your Shoes”. The doc explains how airline companies and the FAA don’t give a rats ass about the safety of their passengers, it’s all about politics, fucked up politics at that. It’s ironic that I was in the middle of watching that documentary when I saw the first news about the missing plane. Prayers out to the families, hope they stay strong and make it through.

        • linette lee

          Really? The USA airport security here is no joke. So is Hong Kong. They check everything. They don’t allow people to walk in and out without checking.

          Airport should be a place for high security. That is the entrance for unwanted visitors.

          • comradewang

            Checking everything doesn’t necessarily mean safer. Reports and investigations were done revealing many of the technologies used at the security points fail to detect explosive materials. TSOs often times would harass innocent passengers over nothing while real terrorist were allowed through. There seems to be a lot of corruptions in the TSA system.


          • DearDairy

            Spend less time watching you tube, more time avoiding saying “a lot of corruptions”. You’ll be taken more seriously.

          • comradewang

            I don’t expect a troll like you to take anything seriously.

          • DearDairy

            Learn English.

          • mr.wiener

            I’ve always thought playing the grammar card the poorest kind of retort.

          • DearDairy

            I already said I was petty. Is this news?

          • mr.wiener

            No, it’s not news, but if you ever want people people to consider you anything but petty you might want to consider a better way to counter his argument.

          • DearDairy

            We have a guy who watches something on the internet, then uses it as a basis for argument publicly without a hint of irony. What could I possibly say to this man? This is the world we live in.

            I am in China on contract with my MNC to supersize my career when I go home in 1.25 years. I make good money, I pound clueless local girls who have poor personal hygiene, at will. I tell this fun story: “My friends would love you back at home!”….”You’d love Paris…we’ll go when I have time!”….”You’re different from other Chinese girls…”. Drop a G at dinner, let them see you pay. Whatever. Easy. Hint at their possible escape plan from this hellhole, “I want you to meet my mom!” Pretend like you don’t know they are conniving. Pretend to be clueless to their game. Fuck that night. Welcome to China. White man’s paradise. Chinese girls, so easy. When it’s not easy: 300RMB – 1000RMB. Done.

            I’m young, rich (comparatively), and don’t really care about anything but myself and my own pleasure. So what? I’m not pretending to be anything but me. Not like these other people trying to be pretend they are not fulfilled emotionally, trying to earn respect, or get recognition for their “brilliance” or “insight” or “cleverness”. We all have are reasons for being here. I don’t judge anyone. it is what it is.

            I despise living in China but it’s a necessary sacrifice for my long term goals. And I enjoy being a dick on the internet because I’m a keyboard warrior. And? So? What? Cowardly? Probably. And the world goes on.

            No matter how little you think of me, it doesn’t change the fact that China still sucks. People here are generally, are fucking retarded animals. And no, I still don’t give a fuck about some Chinamen on a plane or whatever else these locals are yelping about. AIYOOOOOO!

            These people here are hypocrites. Some plane explodes and people get all self-righteous. Cry me a river about all the trafficked women all over Germany, Hong Kong, wherever….what about the cages people live in I read about on Shanghaiist.

            In the end, I will leave this place with my loot and a trail of broken hearts behind me. I don’t care if anyone takes me seriously. Whatever. As I assdrill some local girl while her best galpal eats out my crack. I LOVE IT .

          • mr.wiener

            Well good luck with that, At least you are honest which will make your future much easier.
            Incidentally ,How do you make god laugh?

          • DearDairy

            IDK subjugate others in the name of christ?

          • mr.wiener

            Nope…Tell him how you think your life will turn out :)

          • Weidi

            If you do not care about anything then just don’t post here anymore. ’cause you wouldn’t write your opinion, so much about yourself, letting everyone know what you do, how rich you are blabla. You are just one of those who have the urge to repeat to everyone over and over again “how you don’t care about anyone’s opinion” and how you give a rats about anyone else. And you know what? In the end you DO care what others think of you … Although it is, in my opinion, a quite retarded way of getting “acknowledged” ..

          • comradewang

            Dear DearDairy, I want to first thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts. I’m sure after reading your post talking about yourself, many of us have a great insight on exactly what type of self-centered, narcissistic (petty) person you are, LOL.

            As for the Youtube video that I posted…it was a trailer to an informative documentary I saw on Netflix that exposes the flaws of the TSA and air safety in general. It’s based on hard facts and testimonials from the people working on the inside. And if you do a little digging, you’ll find many supporting articles and information on the topic. So no, I’m not basing my views on some “youtube video” that I saw, and no, I’m not trying to lecture anyone, I’m just merely sharing my opinion.

            Lastly, English is not my first language, and I’m well aware of the fact that it’s not perfect. But hey, thank you very much again for pointing out that I should continue to learn and perfect English. I’m curious to see how well you can speak and write Chinese…I bet it’s perfect! Oh and btw, have fun banging unhygienic-golddigging girls in China, because I’m sure those are the only ones you’d be able to attract…other than the 300-1000RMB hookers.

          • mwanafa

            You comradewang, you are the best.

          • comradewang

            no mwanafa, you are the best! :)

          • wnsk

            LOL. Wow that’s really pathetic. Yadda yadda.

          • linette lee

            The only girls you get to fxck in China are the retard ones just like you. Like attract like. So don’t feel bad. You folks deserve each other. lol

            The only reason why men fly half way around the world for a career is:
            1) loser who couldn’t make it in their own country….you.
            If successful in your own country you don’t need to fly to country that you hate to work right. lol. Only loser will have no choice.
            2)men who love the Chinese culture and looking for Chinese spouse…..not you.

          • Gordon Gogodancer

            your 1st point is typically a Chinese prejudice that all young foreigners have to face here in China when they are in their students year of having a break. “losers who couldn’t make it in their own country” Chinese retards love saying this as if losers would bother coming all the way to China. Any foreign guy according to this local prejudiced mentality can be suspected of being a “white trash loser” if: 1)look like they like girls 2)look like they are enjoying themselves in China 3) don’t look like they have a lot of money (like most students from where i’m from). 4) most importantly look like they could be like the kind of people that could be exactly what Chinese prejudice wants them to be.

          • Zappa Frank

            there is no escape than.. anyone fit to one category…
            I wonder why the same does not apply for Chinese abroad.
            let me ask her..

          • linette lee

            YOu don’t seems to understand what I wrote. I am saying for people who have choice to choose where they want to live or work, why would they stay in a workplace or live in a country they hate? If DearDaiyr has better option why would he stay live and work in China when he keeps complaining how much he hates China and Chinese. He is apparently a loser with no better choice, and very bitter.
            And I am not saying all expats in China are losers. I am only saying the ones who hate China complaining all day long about China and Chinese, but yet they wouldn’t leave to live their lives the way they want. They are very bitter because they don’t have better options in their own country.

          • Zappa Frank

            does the point one can be applied to you too? why did you come in US? weren’t you able to find a job in your own country?

          • linette lee

            I don’t hate USA. I love working in USA and live there. And I have the option to fly back to Hong Kong and stay in HK too. I love both USA and HK my homes. My two favorite places in the world.
            DearDairy was saying how much he/she hate China but he is stuck there. What a loser.

          • wnsk

            She only said “men.”

            She is not a man and is therefore exempt. Women get away with everything, nationality/race notwithstanding.

          • mwanafa

            Didn’t Bruce lee, Jackie Chan, Jet lee and the list goes on, of whom are the people I respect wholeheartedly as distinctively talented people.
            Or yourself for that matter, or is it just those who fly to China?

          • Thor

            You forgot : 3) people sent by their employer to prospect the market of a rising economy =majority of expats.

          • Kai

            There’s respect for honesty, but not so much for being honest about intentionally being a dick on the internet. You also pretty much judged a bunch of people in the course of being a dick on the internet and then said you don’t judge anyone. People took issue with your now self-admitted trolling and then you write a non sequitur. While it’s halfway cool that you’re at least somewhat “bipartisan” in your contempt for other commenters, you’re still knowingly violating our comment policy.

          • ScottLoar

            “In the end, I will leave this place with my loot and a trail of broken hearts behind me.” Both are lies. The truth is no money and no one will regret you leaving.

          • Gordon Gogodancer

            You have to right not too like a place. There is a whole lot of shite i hate in China myself! And it’s nice to be honest and have a goal in life, but from what you write you just appear to be a guy without a conscience. No honesty and “long term goal” is any excuse from looking down on people. I believe if you have such a negative opinion of China i’m sure eventually you’ll have a similar negative opinion of you own country (but just for different reasons). The real problem (and i’m not saying this to be mean) is yourself. And i know what i’m talking about

          • DearDairy

            You’re defending a guy who makes arguments based on something he saw on youtube.

          • mr.wiener

            True, but at least it is more constructive than some of the bullshit speculation that some people have been indulging in on this post….Meteor strikes?…Alien abduction? …poisoning the cabin crew?….Jihaddis? Christ on a bike, some of this has been truly ridiculous.

          • milkbarf

            Your true colors are showing deardiary, bright white!

          • cstung

            no joke, did they feel you up?

          • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

            I can’t get through the TSA without having someone put their hands between my legs. Wouldn’t be surprised if linette was felt up.

          • donscarletti

            The TSA is a joke, more so than any other security screening service. Just a huge show put on to show that the government is getting tough on terrorism.

          • masonman

            Who are you to say who is “unwanted”?

        • DearDairy

          So you watched something on the internet…and feel the need to lecture us all about how we are all being duped. Very convincing argument you have there. Anything else?

    • Nilerafter24

      I doubt that… if terrorists, it could have been a sophisticated hijacking. A plane bomb would have terrorist groups already claiming responsibility.
      My theory: A freak accident of some kind, like an unforeseen lighting storm or some other strange phenomena that killed all communication ability and took that plane down very suddenly…

      • NeverMind

        I hope you are right. However, in reply to your doubts, I feel it is
        possible that it was a ‘lone wolf’ attack with a couple of people
        without any affiliation to any organization acting on their own. Also,
        it is possible that even if an organization had planned and executed
        such an operation, they would choose to remain quiet about it as
        speaking out loud would mean being declared a terrorist organization immediately or getting ready to face the onslaught of the Chinese military in a couple of days. Maybe, they wanted to send out a secret message to the Chinese government?

        I feel terrible about it though. It doesn’t matter what is the nationality or religion of these people, these are innocent people and are our brothers and sisters. God bless them and may their souls rest in peace.

      • Ruaraidh

        They’re pretty hot on storms down there, Kuala Lumpur is a serious thunderstorm area. I doubt it’s that or we’d be hearing about it.

    • Torgrim

      I’m going with a bombing or some instantaneous accidental explosion. At 35,000 feet a 777 would have 100+ miles gliding time in the case of a less than cataclysmic failure.

      The two stolen passports are very suspect, unless stolen passports are so common that they are used on every flight…

    • Ruaraidh

      In order for there to be an oil slick that suggests at least one wing hit the water intact. Otherwise when an aircraft jettisons fuel it only comes out at a rate of something like 2 tonnes a minute and will evaporate long before it reaches the ocean.

      Whether that means the aircraft crashed into the water and then broke up, or whether it was subject to an explosion or some catastrophic mechanical failure that caused it to break apart in the air but spared at least one wing (where the fuel is kept) has yet to be seen.

    • Insomnicide

      Apparently those two had stolen passports.

    • markus peg

      I’m thinking it was a takeover that went wrong.

      • linette lee

        Two stolen passports? Don’t sound good. Don’t they have tight security in their airport?

        • Ryo Saeba

          I’m betting the quality of security will differ significantly from country to country.

    • DearDairy

      Breaking news: man on internet gains gets +1 for Self-esteem and +2 for Heroism every time he has “gut feeling” and posts about it online.

  • cb4242

    Amazing how the rest of the media are careful about saying the plane crashed when there is still no clear evidence of it and yet, the Chinese media just belts out that the plane crashed. Rule 1: in journalism, always make sure you have your facts backed up, before you make that accusation, even if your gut instincts tell you something you know might possibly be true.

    • lacompacida

      There is a difference in journalistic ethics.

    • Fumanchu

      tell that to News international or Fox news, please !

      • cb4242

        What are you talking about? Don’t be a moron.

        • Fumanchu

          I guess you work for news international

    • I’m kind of confused why chinaSMACK has indicated the plane has crashed in the title of this article. Seems a little premature at this stage. As far as I’m aware, there is no confirmation yet, despite one of the translated Sina Weibo posts.

      Here’s the passenger list, for anyone wondering:
      1. China – 152 plus 1 infant
      2. Malaysia – 38
      3. Indonesia – 12
      4. Australia – 7
      5. France – 3
      6. United States of America – 3 plus 1 infant
      7. New Zealand – 2
      8. Ukraine – 2
      9. Canada – 2
      10. Russia – 1
      11. Italy – 1
      12. Taiwan – 1
      13. Netherlands – 1
      14. Austria – 1

      Between this and the Kunming knife attack, this hasn’t been a great week to be Chinese…

      • Joe

        I don’t see the issue, other media have already labeled it as a crash or disaster. If the plane have enough fuel for only 7 hours and it has been 20 hours since last contact, one thing is for sure- it is not in the air.

        • I was hoping for a Captain Sullenberger-type landing. It’s still possible, so long as wreckage has yet to be found…

          *crosses fingers*

          I do admit that this probably didn’t turn out well…

          • Joe

            The miracle on the Hudson was on a river with fairly calm waters and significant river traffic to allow for a quick rescue. The ocean is another matter.

            Keep in mind when Air France 447 was lost at sea in 2009 it took nearly 2 years to discover it, just to show how difficult it is to find a lost plane in the oceans

          • Well, maybe they found a river…

            [/trying to remain optimistic]

          • linette lee

            Wasn’t that a miracle. The Hudson River landing. God bless America. I hate the foreign Policy but I love this country.


      • Commander Jameson

        I think it’s fairly obvious the plane crashed at this point mate.

      • Mihel

        There were no italian passengers on the plane, just a stolen italian passport.

        • Eurotrash

          No Austrian, either; just a stolen passport.

  • hehehehh

    so what is it? some sources said they found the plane, some said they didn…..

  • lacompacida

    US must review its foreign policy to see why terrorists target Americans.

    • 5000 years of history

      So must the Russians British and Chinese?

    • FYIADragoon

      No idea what this has to do with the article. Also, the American masters in Tel Aviv won’t allow the USA to do that.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      …because they don’t like Americans?

      This isn’t rocket science.

  • Fumanchu

    Word on the street is that it was either shot down by Xijiang separatists or the Chinese navy to blame on the Xijiang freedom fighters

    • cantonizi

      Don’t you know by now that the US Navy owns all of the South China Seas and waters there, and China ships are not allowed there at all, so says Obumma of another father not like his brother in China.

      • ScottLoar

        It is China claiming to own all of the South China Sea; it is the US, and Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, the European Union, Singapore and others who do not recognize that claim and insist it remain international waters free to traffic.

        • DearDairy

          The sky is blue. Rocks are hard. Any other revelations boss?

  • Freddi BuBu

    When all contact is lost suddenly more likely than not an explosion was involved – along with the 2 stolen passports this is looking like a terrorist act….

  • vonskippy

    The Langoliers strike again.

    • mr.wiener

      I thought they could only get you on the ground?

    • Kai

      Holy shit, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought of that book, especially after that one Chinese netizen’s space time distortion comment.

  • FYIADragoon

    Chinese systems really need an upgrade. The fact that they let two stolen passports go through is rather embarrassing and reflects very poorly on their government’s abilities. China Southern is an SOE. This is seriously sounding like a terrorist attack. The loss of contact with the plane is really suspicious, along with the 2 stolen passports used to book tickets (seriously, China?).

    • death_by_ivory

      But they were leaving Malaysia so it is their issue.Just saying…

      • FYIADragoon

        Read above response…

    • Raymond Ngu

      1. Malaysia Airlines
      2. The entire crew is Malaysian
      3. Departed from Malaysia

      How is this China’s responsibility?

      • FYIADragoon

        Read above response.

    • mr.wiener

      Malaysian Airlines dude, flying from KL to Beijing.

      • FYIADragoon

        They clearly state that the tickets were bought via China Southern services.

        • Kai

          I’m confused. You only need to provide a passport number when booking tickets, so if they booked through China Southern, there’s no actual protocol for confirming the identities. The tickets merely need to be issued with a corresponding travel document number. This is so when they actually check-in and go through customs/immigration, the person can be matched as the actual ticket-holder.

          Since this is a Malaysian Airlines plane, I thought they checked in through Malaysian AIrlines, which would put the responsibility of checking identity against passport at check-in on Malaysian Airlines. If they pass through the Malaysian Airport, checking identity against passport at customs/immigration would also be on Malaysian authorities. Checking identity against passport at boarding should also be done by Malaysian Airlines staff.

          I remember reading a report form CNN that Malaysian airlines did not check the passports against Interpol, which should’ve flagged at least one of the stolen passports as stolen. The other one wasn’t on Interpol’s database or something.

          This all said, while security failures need to be investigated and held accountable to avoid future negligence and breaches, I’m not sure its wise to make this into a finger-pointing blame game. So far, I haven’t read much about China Southern bearing responsibility though. Do you have some links you can refer me to?

  • death_by_ivory

    How common it is for people with stolen passports to slip security?
    Also obvious question: If your passport is stolen,you report it,it get flagged,no?How can someone else use it?
    If I would believe in miracles,I would say there are survivors.It is hard to be positive.:-(

    • Eurotrash

      All stolen passports are reported to Interpol, and customs checks that when you go through. If these two guys got through customs with stolen passports, there must have been someone there to help them through.

      • Fumanchu

        but they didn’t go through security did they, they never boarded, they just checked their luggage in (a big frigging bomb)

        • Eurotrash

          Who said there was a bomb? That’s pure speculation. Anyhow, that’s not how it works. If you have luggage on a plane and you don’t board, for whatever reason, the airline will remove your luggage from the aircraft.

          • Fumanchu

            you know for certain that’s common practice in malaysia, ?

          • Eurotrash

            Absolutely, barring human/computer error. In fact, reports say that 5 people who checked in but did not board. Their luggage was subsequently removed. All in all, it seems like a strange flight to begin with. 2 pax flying on stolen passports, 5 pax did not board at all.

          • Fumanchu

            well their going to say they removed the luggage aren’t they, but did they..did they really ?
            Blown to pieces at 35000 or abducted by aliens, only way a plan can vanish that quick, no sudden decent on radar, no mayday calls…..vaparized by one of them thermite bombs they used against the the terrorists on the Rock.

  • Mighty曹

    I don’t believe an all out brawl between unruly Chinese passengers caused the plane to lose control. May they rest in peace.

  • Surfeit

    The news just keeps letting worse. Deepest sympathies out to the families; Parents, brothers, sisters, and children aboard.

  • Markoff

    Breaking news: first survivors found!

    Austrian and Italian citizen who “were on board” are enjoying good health and laughing at 3rd world Thai and Malaysian level of security. I hope if their (AT/IT) families were notified by MAS, they will sue their ass until bancruptcy (which they are very close now anyway with all this mess) for the emotional stress/trauma they caused by their lack of security and spreading false information about passengers.

  • linette lee

    “So watching too many Korean TV serial dramas really does make one retarded. At this kind of time where others are all worried about the safety of the people on board, those people mentioning My Love from the Star [Korean: 별에서 온 그대, Chinese: 来自星星的你, Lai Zi Xing Xing De Ni], calling on Professor [the profession of the character played by actor Kim Soo-hyun in the series], you people have once again demonstrated that your reputation for being retards is justified.” Those retards are your housewives and teenage girls. lol. Don’t you see the news how they wait 8 hours in the airports to see the drama stars. Causing traffic and congestion and disorder at the airport. I wonder why don’t the airport police arrest them? Anybody disrupting public place should be fined or arrested. I bet if in Russia Putin will order to shoot these housewives and teenage girls. lol.

    • DearDairy

      Every time I see you post, I thank god no one is stupid or desperate enough to help you reproduce.

      • linette lee

        Oh be quiet. Go back to watch your sissy dramas. You need a box of tissues?

        • DearDairy

          It must be hard to be so old, so unattractive and so single with the internet as your only friend. =(

      • Germandude

        Unfortunately, dumb fucks well and if your theory was true, intelligence would outnumber foolishness. Looking at the population of this planet, I’d say the fools are holding the majority.

    • Germandude

      Don’t you see the news how they wait 8 hours in the airports to see the drama stars. Causing traffic and congestion and disorder at the airport. I wonder why don’t the airport police arrest them?

      Hey, have you seen the last gig of Justin Biber? Me neither, but I suspect many groupies to have piled up early just to catch a glance on their idol. I don’t wonder why the police didn’t arrest them.
      While I don’t like those teens acting crazy and while I dislike Biber, freedom of gathering in groups is a democratic right that I don’t want to be missed.

      Anybody disrupting public place should be fined or arrested. I bet if in Russia Putin will order to shoot these housewives and teenage girls

      That’s why Russia is the the star when it comes to human rights. Also, your comment that shows stunning ignorance and lack of intelligence makes that bureaucrat that granted you a US passport look like a fool. I hope he has learned the system is sick and gathers with others to protest letting folks like you in. Unbelievable what kind of bullshit you can post and then, top it with the next one…

      P.S. And no need to post your regular “lol, kidding, haha, you’re funny, lol” bullshit. Thanks

      • kooo

        cab’t agree more …

      • ScottLoar

        Germandude, fair comment, you’re spot on, spot on.

      • linette lee

        I have no problem with public gathering, or public speech, or public performances…etc…..but not at a highly secure area like the airport.

        Look at these crazy fan girls. They don’t just gather. They push and scream and some attack the security guards and even other passengers at the airport to stay out of their way. And they chase after the idols ,pushing, shoving, causing stampede in the airport. Some climb all over the railings and sneak into restricted areas. Causing disorder and violating the security of airport. The police should be able to arrest them or issue fines. The police in China airport don’t seems to care. In USA if this happens in their airports the police will start arresting. And hahaha..I didn’t say this is funny. I was saying hahaha to deardairy to go watch more drama. And now hahaha to you to be quiet. hahaha ok

        And I don’t think you understand the Idol culture of Asian people. Let me explain. There’s always a group of idols worship people(mostly teenage girls and housewives) who live their lives for dramas. They don’t have anything else in their lives. They cut school. They will commit crime for worshiping their idols such as stealing or trespassing or even prostitution(money to buy tickets to shows or gifts for their idols)

        Their behavior and that they completely lost their minds is the reason why the Chinese general public label them retards.
        So hahahah to you. .

        • Germandude

          And I don’t think you understand the Idol culture of Asian people. Let me explain.

          You don’t need to explain anything to me since you are clueless about your home country Hong Kong and the country that you are living in, USA

          Fans at Hong Kong airport

          Fans at Los Angeles airport

          Besides, I could pick pictures of Germany (e.g. arrival of Bayern Munich at Munich airport after they won the Champions League) or Robbie Williams arriving in London.
          Ever heard about “publicity stunts” as a marketing tool for stars? Yeah, I thought so.

          And last but not least, girls that are cutting school, worshipping idols, some even prostituting themselves for their idols are called what? Groupies. Ever heard that word? Well if you did, you probably blinding it out because it doesn’t fit your picture.

          Clueless girl…

  • whitewalker

    An interesting article here:

    interestingly, those two passports were stolen in Phuket.

  • Luck Of Fire

    My guess is that it is an insider job. Either someone spiked the pilots food causing them to lose conscious or the plane technician being lazy/bad or having some malice at their job.

    • mr.wiener

      Unsubstantiated speculation is just that.

      • Luck Of Fire

        That’s why it is a “guess”

    • Lord_Helmet

      Rumack: What was it we had for dinner tonight?
      Elaine Dickinson: Well, we had a choice of steak or fish.
      Rumack: Yes, yes, I remember, I had lasagna.

  • Gerhana

    4 suspicious name so far, oil found near Vietnam so they expect its a crash, but no debris found.


    …..ooops….I think I clicked on the wrong link….is this the double headed dildo story?

  • Progressive Dubstep

    Good luck to the passengers on board!

  • Marcus Black

    Was this plane carrying mostly Chinese passengers? Maybe this is China’s 911. I just hope the Uighurs don’t discover(start using) guns and explosives to carry out terrorist attacks on the Mainland. You can never negotiate with radical Islam. Never. Either completely exterminate it or throw in the towel. I am not choosing sides here because I know both sides have an argument. The Uighurs who resort to violence kind of spoil it for the rest of their people. There are too many non-violent options available for violence to be the only thing on the table. If only Muslims can be as relaxed as Christians about their religion i.e not trying to kill anyone who they deem the infidel. Probably not going to happen to get ready for the suicide bombings which will have devastating effects on Shanghai or Beijing. China is so crowded that such events will be apocalyptic.

    • DearDairy

      Thanks Boss for your political insights. Thanks for taking the time between meetings at the think tank and the POTUS cabinet, to help us navigate through such treacherous and complicated world affairs. Everything is so much clear now.

    • Germandude

      Religions? Same shit, different colour.

      Your name and avatar suggest you have some roots to the continent in which you can see clearest how religions screw up people.

      • donscarletti

        It’s been 800 years since the 3rd crusade, I think we can pretty easily isolate it from Christianity as it exists today. If you want to go back that far you could also mention for fairness the islamic conquest and forced conversion of the Levant, Persia and North Africa for more wide spread and longer lasting religious war.

        As for Africa, Ethiopia was the third country in the world to adopt Christianity and Africa has produced many of Christianity’s most famous figures such as St Augustine of Hippo and St Anthony the Great. Africans have been following Jesus since back in the day your ancestors worshipped Wotan and Tyr. I’m not sure what trouble the Christian community in Africa has been causing that you refer to, but Missionaries have been bringing literacy and medicine to the communities they go to, since the movement begun. As well as opposing female circumsision, child brides and other such practices.

        • Rick in China

          Um, and most recently encouraging and supporting the Ugandan government in their proposals to kill (although now changed to just life imprisonment) gays.

          Forget the crusades, Christianity is full of hatred against different groups – albeit often passive aggressively – even though it is absolutely not the Christianity that Jesus preached… it’s amazing how people can twist relatively good messages into so much hate, and hypocritically extract tiny tidbits of a message out to use for whatever purpose they desire – yet ignore so many other main themes in the book.

          • donscarletti

            I’m not supporting that particular bill, but the death penalty clause was only included for sexual assault of minors, the disabled or by knowingly HIV carrying men.
            Personally I think that this clause is the least offensive part of the bill. If the bits concerning imprisonment for homosexual relations between consenting HIV negative adults were removed, it would become much more reasonable.

            I would also like to point out that homosexuality (without qualification) is punished by death in Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. All of which have laws based on a particular religion.

          • Rick in China

            Well, re: Uganda, you’re missing the most crucial proposed death penalty bit, ‘repeat offenders’, or ‘serial homosexuals’ – I’m guessing most homosexuals don’t just have sex once. That all aside – I’m not saying many countries don’t have horrible laws or social standards in regards to this particular subject, I think most of Africa does already — I was only pointing out that ‘the church’ or at least many very loud public figures have been supporting this type of movement across the world.. not just Christians, most religions I guess, but that doesn’t mean it’s not Christian mouthpieces being evil none the less :D

        • Germandude

          My comment wasn’t supposed to denounce Christian beliefs. My comment was supposed to counter Marcus Black’s rage on Islam.

          That’s why I stated “Same shit, different colour.” I dislike all religious beliefs equally. Looks like I am more tolerant than believers.

          No need for you to feel the need to defend your beliefs either. I am fine with that. As long as you don’t try converting anybody. (Which the church tries to do in Africa and Asia)

          Also, I appreciate the good the church is doing in communities. The whole topic is not black or white, but grey. I came to the conclusion that I am not holding any of the available banners high.

      • Marcus Black

        You don’t get the point. When was the last crusade? Now tell me when the last suicide bombing by radical muslims was? I thought so.

        • Germandude

          The crusade was driven by the church. Now when was the last Jihad which was organized by recognized, representative islamic institutions? I thought so.

          If you think Al Qaeda is speaking for the muslim world, then let’s argue about how representative Christian preachers on US TV channels are representative for the church? Or Christian extremist groups in the Philippines, Indonesia or Africa.

          As mentioned above, you are raging on a religion based on the actions of a small number of extremists while ignoring the other side of the coin. Christian extremists. Or any other religious extremists of other beliefs.

          • Marcus Black

            It’s the Muslim religious leaders that brainwash and recruit boys and men for jihad in their madrasa. When last did the pope call for a crusade?

  • ScottLoar

    Incidents like this will serve to again prove that the musings of the many here are simply dumb. But when the facts of the matter are fully accounted and explained this forum will have long since moved on to other grist to jaw.

  • Progressive Dubstep

    OH NO

  • DearDairy

    LOL, you care to extent that you hope it’s not you next time a plane goes down Claude. What a phoney you are.

  • Eurotrash

    I read that those satellites did not pick up flashes of light related to an explosion, and they have not spotted the aircraft. That’s a lot of water to search, if you don’t know where to look.

  • Ryo Saeba

    First of all, there is zero evidence of a crash. The oil slick could of been left by some passing ship. If the plane was bombed, there would surely be plenty of fresh debris in the ocean spread across hundreds of miles.

    Second, are passports photos that easy to ‘counterfeit’ these days? I mean, on mine, the photo is part of the page. It’s not some stick on photo. Or when the immigration agents gives you that ‘look’ to see if you match your passport photo is all BS? Perhaps those two guys were masters of disguise and made themselves look like the original owners?

    Third, I wouldn’t be surprise if their passport system wasn’t connected to Interpol’s systems. But I can always rely on my ATM card to connect to my bank from anywhere in the world! Priorities I guess.

  • Glass Heart

    seems a bit odd for it to be a plane crash. two fake passengers who bought their tickets in thailand with thai money who traveled to malaysia and took a flight that disappeared 1 hour in over vietnam… i would imagine it was hijacked and safely landed somewhere in south east asia.

    as for the 239 on board, they’ll either be set free or killed. too many to be responsible for.

  • commander

    There is a media report that a U.S. surveillance system detecting flashes around the world didn’t spot any flashes near the area around the time of the plane disappearance.

    That may point to a possible hijacking as a Maladian minister said they dont rule anything out.

    Is it possible that the large passenger plance vanish into thin air and is not found in a coordninated air to sea search operation involving five countries?

    I doubt it.

  • ScottLoar

    The plane is down.

    The plane did not explode in mid-air, nor break up in the air or on impact; there is no debris field on the water surface, only oil slicks. This, plus the safety record of that aircraft model implied that, no, there was not catastrophic equipment failure. There may have been a failure of altitude reading because the plane was over open water, at night, and could have plowed into the ocean without the pilots sensing the altitude change. This seems the strongest mechanical probability.

    Turn to the human component. If the pilots were overtaken or obliged to follow the instructions of terrorists then why has no one or organization come forward to claim responsibility and state their cause? Terrorism by definition is acts calculated to force reaction or change through fear. A madman or two (the fake passports theory) could somehow have overpowered the cockpit security and obliged the pilots to follow instructions or flew themselves ending in disaster, but this is a convoluted chain of events. The third is that like Egypt Air and Silk Air the pilot committed suicide, which is the strongest human probability.

    The black box signal, now detected by the VN Navy, will lead to recovering the black box and understanding of what happened.

    • Guang Xiang

      Yea, quite tired of people connecting stolen passports to terrorist attacks. Fake identification going through security is quite common (illegal immigrants, human trafficking, etc.) and are only discovered due to the severity of the incident. When Air France 447 crashed, fake passports was discovered too.

      • mr.wiener

        Yes, people really are grasping at straws here.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Close to a hundred ships and airplanes doing the search. But you see, that’s where the problem lies and how conspiracy theories get it’s fuel: why not send in just a few submarines with a lot more capable and sensitive underwater detection systems? The wreckage would have been found already. Not one single submarine in this operation, that’s intriguing right there.

    • Guest23

      Singapore just sent a rescue submarine gonna take some time considering the huge body of water, even with good sonar equipment.

  • Kai

    If you’re interpreting it as the Chinese netizen only caring about Chinese person, that’s probably too pessimistic. There’s a widespread notion amongst Chinese people that the Chinese government doesn’t do enough to protect Chinese citizens abroad and repatriate the remains to their families. This comment is much more likely referring to this, not some selfish notion that only Chinese people matter.

  • Apparently there is a rumour in China about alien abduction…..

  • mr.wiener

    That is an Ethiopian jet from about 20 years ago mate. Ditched after I hijacking if I remember correctly.

  • darrenjh

    We’ll more than likely never find out what happened. Look at all the countries scrambling to get to it.

  • Germandude

    Thanks, but I would have prefered if Marcus had brought up that point as he seems to not understand that difference.

  • whuddyasack

    Very tragic news and my heart goes out to the families concerned. I think we are still a long way to get to the bottom of this mystery and relating this to terrorism is very premature at this stage.

    I’ve read up on similar air disasters such as the Hindenburg and Air France 447 and thin unforeseen circumstances could also be the cause of the MH370’s disappearance.

  • mike921

    The ‘Party’ probably wanted to dispose of someone….
    Wouldn’t be the first time….

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