Maldives Resorts Stop Providing Hot Water to Chinese Tourists

Beach House Irevuli, Maldives.

From NetEase:

Maldives Resorts Stop Providing Hot Water to Chinese Tourists to Prevent Them From Eating Instant Noodles

From TaihaiNet March 11 news, according to a China Economic Net report, Hong Kong media claim that according to information from multiple Chinese travel agencies, tourists who like eating instant noodles should think twice before booking a holiday to resorts in the Maldives. Some high-end vacation resorts have already stopped providing Chinese tourists with hot water, in order to prevent them from eating only instant noodles and not spending money in restaurants.

A March 8th news report from the website of Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post says that according to former guest service manager Zhao Jianke of the 5-star Beach House Iruveli holiday resort in the northern part of the Maldives, some are even saying the meaning of China’s abbreviation “CN” is “cup noodle” {instant noodles). Zhao Jianke worked at this resort from 2012 October to 2013 February.

Zhao Jianke’s post describing the discriminatory practices of the Beach House Iruveli has triggered anger on Chinese social media in recent days, with netizens calling for boycotts against this resort. Many potential tourists claim that they will not go vacationing to this island country in the Indian Ocean, until this resort makes officially apologizes.

Zhao Jianke says, ever since the new general manager assumed office in 2012 December, employees have been required to treat Chinese tourists differently.

Zhao Jianke’s says in his statement that the new general manager requires them to remove the kettles in every Chinese tourist’s room, while the kettles in the rooms of European tourists remained. This statement has already been forwarded/reshared tens of thousands of times on Weibo.

Zhao Jianke says, although Chinese tourists have constantly complained, especially the elderly and couples on holiday with their children, the general manager refuses to provide kettles.

Zhao Jianke claims this general manager remarked in public occasions that “CN” means “cup noodles”, and refuses to welcome Chinese tourists when they arrive at the pier, while always welcoming the European tourists.

Zhao Jianke states that a Chinese chef was later fired, and other employees, including himself, were also forced to quit.

The news report points out that an official statement by the Beach House Iruveli claims these criticisms are “vicious slander” and they do not treat Chinese tourists differently. The statement says: “The Chinese market is extremely important to us, and we have always warmly welcomed Chinese tourists to stay with us.”

Spokeswoman Linda Petrie on March 8th said: “Because tourists have damaged the kettles by cooking with them, our resort did indeed remove some of the damaged kettles from the rooms. This was just routine maintenance/precaution.”

The report say that on China’s Weibo, some people have expressed their shock and disappointment.

An agent in Beijing who’s specializes in Maldives tourism named Jenny expressed that some tourists have canceled their travel plans to the Maldives. Jenny admits that this kind of discrimination is “very rare” in Maldives resorts.

After Zhao Jianke’s expose, many travel agencies have stopped recommending the Beach House Iruveli resort to their clients. Jenny says: “After this incident, all my clients have made a new request when booking holiday resorts: No discrimination.”

Beach House Irevuli, Maldives.

Comments from NetEase:

石门一只眼 [网易河北省网友]:

On our own country’s high-speed railways, you also can’t eat instant noodles. Even our own people treat us like this, much less outsiders. Sigh.

能出名么 [网易辽宁省沈阳市网友]: (responding to above)

Aren’t you misleading people here? And there are even over 200 [20,919 at time of translation] stupid cunts who have upvoted you. Don’t you know that the high-speed rail trains are fully sealed, and that the smell of instant noodles isn’t able to dissipate?

盖尔森 [网易江苏省南京市网友]: (responding to above)

If it’s fully sealed, how come it didn’t suffocate a hillbilly like you???

能出名么 [网易辽宁省沈阳市网友]: (responding to above)

Fuck your mother, you big stupid cunt, go ride in a high-speed rail train if you haven’t yet, you simpleton.

fish腥 [网易广东省云浮市网友]: (responding to 能出名么)

The second floor [the first person who responds to a comment] is related to high-speed rail staff, I presume? Sooner or later a train will kill you, you stupid cunt.

ewq112ewq [网易上海市网友]: (responding to 能出名么)

Is there a problem with the air conditioning systems on high-speed trains?

能出名么 [ 网易辽宁省沈阳市网友]: (responding to fish腥)

Your mother’s cunt, just because you’re not allowed to eat food that smells means I’m related to high-speed rail staff? Stupid cunt, fuck your mother. Just so you can eat poop in the train car, you’d have others suffer.

把民主踏碎 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]: (responding to 石门一只眼)

The first floor [the first commenter at the top of a discussion thread to which all the others responded] is obviously a poor cunt, You can’t fucking buy some food service and have to eat your motherfucking instant noodle?

网易广东省深圳市网友 ip:113.90.*.*: (responding to 石门一只眼)

You’re just spreading rumours, have you even traveled on the high-speed rail before?

bfett16 [网易浙江省温州市网友]:

If you don’t provide us hot water for instant noodles, we’ll just eat it dry, leaving dried noodle bits all over the floor! Then cover the floor with pickings from our feet! Then dirty your bathroom! And before we leave, we’ll take away all the bath supplies, and shine our shoes with your bedsheets, heh heh…

周辉4 [网易湖北省武汉市网友]: (responding to above)

Enough, you win, here’s your hot water.

撸紧tao [网易海南省海口市网友]: (responding to bfett16)

Looks like this brother does this often, knowing the sequence so well.

网易北京市网友 ip:114.250.*.*: (responding to bfett16)

Then toss used condoms in the room, and make other people disgusted, right? This is the characters of you Shina people, the most inferior race in the world.
An American person, a Japanese person, and a Shina pig were captured by a man-eating tribe while exploring the jungle, but the chief of the tribe says: “I’m in a good mood today, I won’t eat you, but all of you must be spanked 100 times, but before you are spanked, you can have one wish granted.” The first one to be spanked was the Shina pig, and he says: “Before I am spanked, first put 10 cushions on my butt.” After the cushions were placed, the spanking came like pouring rain. The first 70 spankings were okay, but after the first 70 spankings, the cushions were all destroyed, and each spanking that came after drew blood. After the spanking was over, the Shina pig held his butt with his hands and waited to see what would happen with the other two. Seeing this, the Japanese demanded 100 mattresses, and after the 100 spanks were done, he dusted off his butt without a scratch, then opened his stinky mouth to brag about his ability to imitate and improve, and sat down on the side to see the American guy get spanked. The American slowly lay face down, and casually said: “Come, put the Shina pig on me, Oh, and with his body face upwards.”

网易湖北省武汉市手机网友 ip:113.57.*.*: (responding to bfett16)

Brothers, you’re a newbie, let brother [referring to the person himself] tell you his story. In 2004, I was on a business trip in Haibowan district in Wuhai [of Inner Mongolia] and stayed at the Haibowan Hotel where the staff offended me. I peed in the kettle, took a shit directly on the bed, covered it with the blankets, cut the TV cable (turned on), and drained all the water from the water dispenser.

XL35800 [网易北京市网友]:

Eating instant noodles on a vacation, just think about how struggling Chinese people are within.

Comments from Sina Weibo (1 & 2):


Ah, then wouldn’t people like me who bring electric cookers with them on vacation have their power/electricity cut…?


If you go there you should of course have the seafood there… why be so wretched as to eat instant noodles…


It’s not that we don’t go spend money, it’s because we genuinely can’t get used to the food there. It’s not western food, nor pure Indian cuisine, the taste is so light. Coming back after eating the beach dinner every day, my husband would still eat instant noodles.


Somebody’s intentionally smearing [Maldives tourism]!


Not all of our compatriots are lavish spenders, there are more that are hardworking economical common people. Promote frugality, even when abroad! Ding.


I was thinking about spending my honeymoon there, now I can only he he. Would people who have spent so much money, to travel that far away, and stay in such an expensive hotel be so stingy about a few meals? Fuck your mother’s cunt!


Naked discrimination, now I’m really angry.


So embarrassing… This time when I go I’m going to pretend to be a Japanese…


Sigh, our compatriots are all diao si!


They really don’t know how to do business. Chinese people’s wits is unstoppable, an electric cup and a heating rod will do.

Beach House Irevuli, Maldives. Pool by the sea.

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  • Alex

    Probably because the people in the rooms next to the chinese ones could hear people sipping noodles at 2 am at a volume over 80db

    • slob

      I love the rising intonation in the sound when they eat instant noodles. It’s the sort of sound that can only come from inhaling at such depth as one might do when taking one final breath before submerging underwater.

  • wafflestomp

    I’m fine with this. Chinese tourists need special regulations as they’re typically littering/spitting/fecal spewing animals. They gladly shit in their own cereal, and will do it to yours without a second though. Ever seen Hainan after a major festival? Holy shit littering.

    Alex: I agree, the sound/smell is probably also an issue.

    • rareking

      now I know why the need for new islands. to do the Hainan again.

    • Tadd

      You racist prick

      • Jahar

        His disdain is based on nationality, not race. HKers, Taiwanese, and ABCs(and those from other countries) are generally much much better behaved.

        • wafflestomp

          Exactly such.

        • Kristy

          Foreigners in their own countries behave to much better than in China. Unfortunately, the scum of the world decide to live in China and wreak havok.

          One of my friends (top 5 university) became an exchange student in China. She told me the expat guys at the bars had eyes on the top of their heads despite how ugly and what loser jobs they had. EW

          • Jahar

            what does that even mean? eyes on the top of their heads?

          • cheong

            It means looking down upon others.

            Chinese saying: “eyes grow on the forehead”

            have a nice day.

    • grovesman

      I went to Borneo for a week last month. When we pulled up to the main hotel there were three buses in front of us filled with Chinese tourists. I was, to say the least, disheartened. But when we showed and employee our itinerary, they told us our room wasn’t at that facility. We were promptly shuttled to seaside villa. I went a whole week without hearing anyone hocking up a loogie. Complete bliss.

    • Shoot I guess my Mexican neighbor is really Chinese. She takes her wishbone rat and leaves the piles of shit in our own backyard.

  • Tricksy Riddlesome

    Shhh…. don’t let the Chinese know that instant noodles come from Japan! <_<

    • kevin lin

      and perhaps Korea? LOL

      • robero1

        the chinese don’t have problems with koreans.

        • tawhaki

          hah! good one.

        • kevin lin

          they definitely do lmao.

      • lacompacida

        It originated in Japan, and then Taiwan, Korea and China copied it. Now it is all over the world. And that was in 1960’s.

        • meo fio

          Inventor is Chinese-japanese, Chinese name is Wu Paifu

          • mr.wiener

            Taiwanese-Japanese thank you very much.

          • meo fio

            Taiwan is an island, chinese is an ethnicity

          • Powerlurker

            Han is an ethnicity, Chinese is a nationality.

          • Jahar

            We have a winner. Just get everyone else on board.

          • tomfoolery69

            Another… thank you

          • Kristy

            A nation is a group of people with the same culture and language. A nation doesn’t need to be bound by territory. For example, the Kurds are a nation every though they don’t have a united land.

            Therefore, Taiwanese are Chinese by nationality.

          • Pablo

            By that reasoning, aren’t Canadians actually Americans?

          • mr.wiener

            I know I’m not going to change your mind on this issue and I respect that, but I’m going to serve you up this riddle , just to bake your noodle.

            The last Japanese soldier to surrender was not in fact Japanese…or was he?:

            Intelligence officer Hiroo Onoda, who was relieved of duty by his former commanding officer on Lubang Island in the Philippines in March 1974, and Teruo Nakamura, who was stationed on Morotai Island in Indonesia and surrendered in December 1974, were the last confirmed holdouts, though rumors persisted of others.

            Teruo Nakamura was in fact a Taiwanese aboriginal of the Amis tribe. He was undoubtably a Japanese soldier, but was not of Japanese heritage. He was Taiwanese, but not ethnically Chinese. When he surrendered he was stateless, the home he had known had moved on.

            I serve you up this story to point out that things are not as black and white as we’d like to believe :)

          • Adding to your point.

            Nationality is more important than ethnicity: Nationality is “official,” it determines what kind of rights you have; where you can legally work, hold property, visit, claim welfare, etc.

            Ethnicity is not bound by where your were born or your ancestry. It is your cultural group.

            If you eat, speak, dress, act like an American, your ethnicity is probably American. Regardless of nationality or where you were born or your ancestry (though they certainly contribute). This also means that you can be culturally somewhere in between. Where you don’t fit in with either Chinese or Japanese cultural groups; but rather somewhere in between: This results in Chinese-Japanese.

            In conclusion, this man could have been ethnically Taiwanese or Japanese, or even German for that matter.

          • turtlek11

            I’m pretty sure it has already split off. Just like how Taiwan is very different from mainland China right now

          • linette lee

            I think he is japanese born in Taiwan. So he is Japanese.

          • linette lee

            Ok. I did some research. The dude who invented instant noodle he was Chinese. He was chinese born in Taiwan(taiwanese) but later on moved to Japan and took Japan citizenship. His chinese name was Wu Pai-fu 吳百福 and he used the japanese name Momofuku Ando 安藤百福. He was the founder of Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd

            Instant noodle must be the biggest invention in Asia ever. Take that Einstein. You invented atomic bomb, the chinese invented instant noodle.

          • turtlek11

            what the heck…. Einstein didn’t invent atomic bomb….

          • tomfoolery69

            thank you

          • linette lee

            einstein didn’t participate in the manhattan project of making the atomic bomb but he helped and instructed. They used the theory he invented E=mc2. So in my book einstein invented atomic bomb. They tested their ABomb on Japan. That was their second testing of ABomb, which also ended WWII.

          • The Enlightened One

            Actually Robert Oppenheimer is accredited with creating the Atomic Bomb as the head scientist on the project. Einstein didn’t really instruct them but he did support them in ways, including the formula you mentioned. He was worried the Nazi’s would create the bomb before the Americans.

          • Jahar

            you mean the name he doesn’t use?

          • meo fio

            Doesn’t use? His Japanese name momofuku is simply the Japanese pronunciation of his Chinese given name.

        • ScottLoar

          Instant noodles languished on the market in Taiwan until a typhoon disaster obliged the government to provide quick food relief. Instant noodles were supplied and after that sales took off as people took to the convenience and taste.

        • kevin lin

          Cup noodles go wayyy back? Didnt know :D

    • meo fio

      He is actually Chinese-japanese, Chinese name is Wu Paifu

      • You meant Taiwanese-Japanese? ;)

        • meo fio

          taiwan is the name of an island, chinese is an ethnicity.

          • Well, Tricksy Riddlesome’s point is, do you want to be the one who tell the China-born Chinese that the noodles they eat was made by a Taiwan-born Japanese?

            Personally I think racism is ridiculous, but the general Chinese perception is that they are superior, they invented everything and everyone must bow to them, which is just not true, and this thread is just poking fun at that fact.

          • meo fio

            But he is not ethnic japanese, he is a taiwan born chinese who immigrated to Japan.

          • You missed my point. I’m not disputing his ethnicity. Think, if he were born in mainland China would he have had the condition to start a business and invent the same thing in the ’60s?

          • meo fio

            i don’t think anyone dispute that japan had prosperous economy in the 1950s. But Taiwan was then part of the Japanese empire, and all taiwanese children were required to learn japanese. So it was easy for him to move to japan and he already speak the language.

          • Yes, so now you are agreeing with me that he invented instant noodles not because he was Chinese or Taiwanese or Japanese but because he was in Japan and had the conditions, right? ;)

          • meo fio

            well i guess you can attribute just about anything to luck.

          • don mario

            in denial…

          • turtlek11

            Really? Do you think they wouldn’t discriminate against those other Chinese?

            Anyways, the reason mainlanders are like this is cuz of the poor times they suffered during communism. It’s kind of unfair to make fun of them for it. (Although if they can afford to go to maldives, why bring cup noodles?)

          • Kristy

            It might not be a matter of money but familiarity and unwillingness to try strange foods. I have an American friend who bring pop tarts on vacations and only eat pop tarts.

          • mr.wiener

            He probably considered himself Japanese.

  • mattsm84

    Obviously the best part of this is the flame war that went on in the comments over whether or not you could eat ramen noodles on a high speed train. (YOU CAN! AND I SWEAR TO FUCKING CHRIST THAT I’LL CUT YOU IF YOU SAY OTHERWISE!)

    • BiggJ

      Yeah don’t disrespect cancer causing chinese

    • jeffli

      “OTHERWISE”…… bite me! lol

      • mattsm84

        Your Mother’s Cunt!

        • mr.wiener

          …… is a shady place to rest.
          …… available on lend/lease.
          …… the last one of these you’ll ever see.
          …… an example of the germanic pronounciation of latin profanities.
          Other suggested endings for this sentence are welcome. First prize is 2 lewd pictures of Linette Lee :P

          • mattsm84

            …validates parking
            …is filled with eels
            …makes the sound of the ocean if you put your ear next to it

          • mr.wiener

            Please contact Dr Sun for your photos.

          • carmouflagger

            …Smells like cancer
            …went down in history
            …sits there with a dunce cap

    • The hungus

      They are right- you can. I have.

  • Hateful comments in 5….4….3….2……

    • Pickle

      The Chinese netizens are way ahead of you on that.

    • Jahar

      Oh, so clever. Gonna start callign people “haters” next? Or tell someone to “rinse and repeat”?

      • And we have liftoff.

        • Jahar

          congratulations. And the comment was directed at you, not the story.

  • cheong

    Now this is really terrible & ridiculous. LOL.

    I am an old oversea Chinese Taoist/Buddhist who have done much traveling especially to China.

    Imagine me as a Chinese, yet I find that the food in China are not to my liking.

    I not a poor person, LOL.

    I can afford whatever food price that would be dished to me even the food’ price of Shangri-La Hotel (5 stars) in Shenzhen.

    some of the food price runs up to thousands of RMB in Shenzhen, Guangzhou
    or even Guilin. It is no problem, we expected it.

    (But the only food I liked was the seafood in Shenzhen, cheap & nice, still it cost more than a thousand RMB for 2 pax)

    It is not the money, its just that the food is not to my taste.
    They taste different our regular Cantonese food.

    So ,what I normally do is to get back to my hotel & open up my travel electric
    cooker & boil an instant noodle which was most satisfying plus an
    egg or some local canned food, especially in the middle of the night during winter.

    I have been doing that for many decades & i have no problem with any hotelier.

    So, what is the problem with this hotelier in Maldive, are they so
    desperate for foreign exchange?

    If so, just go to another hotel or
    better still go to other places where you are treated as a valued guest.

    Remember this, if you are not welcome, dont go.

    In Chinese, we have a saying: If with money, why go and buy “suffering”


    Maybe I should ask my son if it is true, coz he is working there as a diver.
    Maybe the hotelier & travel agent should inform all guests

    that no outside food are allowed to avoid this problem, that includes littering, spiting, no chewing gum, no condom, no sex, no gay, no lesbian, no dogs, no cats, no loud talking, no loud eating or whatever they dont allow.

    Just make the the rules & regulations, LOUD & CLEAR !!!!

    (min bai ma??)

    Oh, talking about loud eating of noodle??

    I just remember my Japanese friend (Sato) who was a cook many years ago,

    he said Japanese slurp their noodle very loud as a sign or indication that the food is nice & it is a must otherwise the person who served you the noodle will think that you don like the food.

    f there is a Guinness world Record for loud eating of noodle. the Japanese will win beat us Chinese hands down, LOL.

    Anyway, all these are small matter, one shouldnt get your knicker in a twist.
    Just have a nice holiday will you?? LOL.

    Dont make a mountain out of a mole’ hill.

    Otherwise it will be a field day for the China Bashers, ROLOL.

    Have a nice day you all, you hear???

    • don mario

      how about other food from around the world? or other asian food? do u like it? or is cantonese cuisine the one and only?

      • cheong

        Thank you for your question.
        Actually, mostly Cantonese food are to our liking.

        As for other Asian are also be acceptable but we dont really like it.
        But then again we can get use to it, eg: curry, it not a problem.
        We can have curry, day in, day out, and no problem, but we dont like it.

        We can get use to any food that are dished to us but we dont really like it.

        Speaking for myself, I dont quite like the food there especially in Guilin, when visiting my god daughter & family.
        I usually end up with an instant noodle in my hotel room.

        “One’ man meat is another man’ poison”

        More so, I more of veggie’ person than meat’ person.
        especially being an old Taoist/Buddhist, I have abstained from consuming beef & many other meat.
        Beside it is healthier to consume less meat but more on veggie

        Have a nice day, please.

        • don mario

          i can understand that, i prefer to eat more veg also after i got used to chinese food. i dont really understand the discrimination though still. in my eyes food is food! and i have had great food every place i have travelled to.

  • La Mano Gaucha

    I doubt that this has a lot to do with them not going to the restaurants… To hell with them. If they habitually damage the kettles, and presumably make tons of disgusting noises and toss the spent or half-spent noodle cups anywhere they please, then they can either make do without the hot water, take a dump in some other place, or stay home. A better solution would be for them to stop behaving like peasants and ruining everything for everyone, but that’s not likely to happen during our lifetime.

  • TheDon

    If you go to an expensive holiday resort you might as well want to enjoy some good food. Keep the needles for when you are traveling in the over populated Chinese trains.

  • La Mano Gaucha

    I might be wrong, but I vaguely recall reading a few years ago about some Singapore hotels outright refusing to check in mainlanders. If so, is this (understandable) practice still going on?

    • TJDubs

      If the Mainlanders insisted on bringing their durians into the hotel, that’s probably why.

      • cheong

        LOL, you know what is a durian.

        I have “no liking” for it.

        It is banned in all Asean countries’ hotels.

        It is the most smelling fruit of all fruits.
        It called the King of all fruits.

        But it has the greatest taste of all.
        And it is the most expensive fruit of all.

        Have a nice day.

    • BiggJ

      Yeah, also a french hotel if i recall.

  • cheong

    When one stay in an expensive hotel, eg 5 stars, any damages or losses done to the properties will charged double, triple or more, so just charge them.
    So, what is the problem here??

    Have anyone eaten an instant noodle when hungry, well, let me tell, it taste really good, just like a burger when you are hunger. Nothing beat that.
    Especially in the middle of the night.

    FYI, a kettle cost less than USD10, so just charge them USD50 & they will pay.
    so what’s the big deal??
    Normally a price list will be displayed in the hotel room.

    Does anyone know how much are the hotel rates in Maldive??

    Well I was told it cost about few hundreds USD a night for a simple room, not a 5 star.
    And the food are only so so.

    According to CNN news, Maldive is one of the top 10 holiday resorts in the world & most expensive, too.

    So, with so much profit, what is the problem losing one or two kettles???
    This particular hotel is using the kettle issue as an excuse, lame excuse, if you ask me.

    Beside it is normal for hotel to charge double or triple or more for whatever losses caused by the guest.
    All guest knows that and it is the norm.

    Have a nice day, you hear??

    if this hotel or any hotels in Maldive have a problem with mainland Chinese, just say it out LOUD & CLEAR.

    Post it in all travel agencies in China.

    “No Chink, chinaman, ching chong, yellow skin are allow.
    Whites & Dogs & Cats are allowed.”

    ps: I am an old oversea Chinese Taoist/Buddhist.
    so, I am am a chink, a chinaman, a ching chong & a yellow skin, so be it, if that makes you happy.

    But most of all I am a Taoist/Buddhist and an old one, too.

    Namo Orr Mi Tau Futt

    May our goddess of Mercy (Kwan Yin) & Lord Buddha give guidance to you all even though we bashed left & right & even below the belt.

    Have a nice day.

    • Jahar

      Contrary to popular belief, many people would rather not have a problem to fix than have someone pay to fix it. Also, who want’s to go on a luxury vacation and see peasants in the room next to them?

    • matt

      Because this is most likely slander as the article says. In other words this guy is bullshitting. He probably was fired for gross incompetence, or maybe they found a cute Chinese girl that could act as a translator to the guests and fired him. Really most of the netizens commenting probably couldn’t afford a trip to the Maldives.

      I work in the hotel industry and we had one Chinese guest who shat in the toilet wiped his ass with the toilet paper then dropped it on the floor and proceeded to his bed where he got more toilet paper to continue wiping his ass on the bed, then he dropped that shitty toilet paper on the floor. But guess what!! that isn’t the worst thing I’ve seen in the hotel, generally Chinese guests abroad aren’t bad they don’t complain, they are polite, they aren’t noisy, they leave their rooms tidy and they pay there bill. I’ve had an Australian gentleman check into a room (looked very respectable), checked out early and when the housekeeping staff went to clean the room they found a 6 pack of empty Guinness cans, He pissed all over the bed in his sleep.

      Some people are just dicks. This guy obviously has a grudge, I don’t go around removing toilet paper from chinese guests rooms because of one guy (that would be like biting the hand that feeds you) I don’t go put on plastic bed wetting sheets on Australian Mens beds either.

      • Jahar

        I worked in a hotel in Canada and we never had chinese tourists but they still had to clean shit off the walls on occasion.

      • cheong

        I totally agree with you.

        Have a nice day

  • cheong

    A few years ago or should I say, many years ago and up to now,

    Singapore have many mainland Chinese, granted PR & citizenship due to their ability to contribute to Singapore economy.

    Of course, there are some resentment from the local due their inability to compete with the mainland Chinese.

    FYI, about75% of Singaporean are Chinese originated from the Southern provinces of China, just like us.

    • ScottLoar

      “(T)here are (sic) some resentment from the local (sic) due (sic) their inability to compete with the mainland Chinese.”

      No, Singaporeans – which includes Singaporean Chinese – resent the mainland Chinese as interlopers who do not respect local courtesies and customs, and look down on their lack of manners and bad habits. A good example is the mainland Chinese couple who asked their Indian neighbor not to cook curry until the couple had left their house. This insensitivity towards others so outraged Singaporeans (again, that includes Singaporean Chinese) that curry was declared the national dish and a National Curry Day was established. The Singapore government’s recent change to severely restricting mainland Chinese immigration and residency was forced by popular demand.

      In Singapore most of the Chinese servers in restaurants and a goodly number of the prostitutes are mainland Chinese, which does not serve your argument that the locals cannot compete with the mainland Chinese. Everyone in Malaysia and Singapore understands the phrase 大陸妹. Cheong, just read the local Chinese newspapers.

      • WastheHotelDirectorFRENCH

        The funny part is Singaporeans can be complete a-holes when travelling themselves, despite most thinking they’re nice. I once witnessed a sing couple fight tooth and nail at the cashier’s in a grand hyatt chicago embarassing themselves over in-room charges, to the point where the woman told her husband “We will fight till we die over this $50! Never give them their money!”, and then there was the occasion in Bangkok where a sing family (they were all carrying sing passports and talking about sing in mandarin all the time) was literally yelling and screaming into one another in an elevator. The poor Japanese executive next to me looked absolutely petrified, and when they exited, I asked him if he knew where they were from, and he replied “Chugokujin!!” which means Chinese. When I pretended to express surprise, he was adamant, “Chugokujin, chugokujin!” when it was a bunch of low-life sings who did the damage, that was kinda hillarious! In short, unless the sings are upper class types, their mid to low range tourists can behave just as bad as pondscum anywhere else.

        • ScottLoar

          Mine was no defense of Singaporean Chinese who are commonly regarded by Chinese in Malaysia as arrogant, tight-fisted, and generally insufferable. In a traffic jam on the causeway across the strait Singapore drivers sometimes go at each other with tire irons. Still, Singapore had a balance between the Chinese, Indians and Malays (as always the local European population is aloof from all this being few in number and without any effect) which balance was upset by the hoards of mainland Chinese coming in, wholly alien to Singapore. The result is as I described. So, too, look to Mark’s comments, obviously a man who finds himself disenfranchised by the very government importing cheap labor.

    • Mark

      Ignorant old man………The main problem is that SG Govt policies made Singaporean citizens uncompetitive and expensive relative to PRC/Indians/Pinoy.

      1) Singaporeans need 16% employer’s CPF contributions, and another 20% employee’s CPF contributions. For a $3000 job, an employer pays $3480 while the citizen only gets $2400. For the same job, the employer can pay $2480 to a foreigner. The foreigner gets $80 more cash in hand than the local, and the employer saves $1000 (which is ~US$800 or ~5000 rmb). This economics make citizens uncompetitive relative to foreigners, simple.

      2) Male Singaporean need to serve annual military reservist training, which typically takes up 2 weeks per year. Out of 52 weeks per year, it means that a male citizen worker will be automatically absent from work ~4% each year. Why hire someone who is more expensive (as stated in 1) and work 4% less each year???

      3) Foreigners with spouse who get a PR in Singapore (easily obtainable) can buy a SUBSIDIZED PUBLIC HOUSING in the Singapore open market. A poor male Singaporean who dedicated 2.5 years of his life to military service (getting miserly US$300 monthly allowance) cannot buy such subsidized housing if he is not married……..Again, this reduce the economic power of true blue Singaporean citizens, making them uncompetitive.

      4) Singaporean ladies I met and I know will at least demand the guy purchase a 5-room flat in decent location that costs about S$600000+ (US$500000). Ladies from China whom I know will be happy with a 4-room flat that costs about S$500000 (US$400000), and they can fine with renting out 2 spare bedrooms to tenants, earning S$1300 (~US$1050) per month as extra income. I have China classmates which married each other and are renting out their spare rooms.

      It sucks to be a Singaporeans nowadays. For me, I am working overseas and plan to get an overseas spouse who will be more competitve relative to Singapore girls! Furthermore, no more military training for me! The solution is to vote out this crap self-serving government.

      Btw, I have top degrees from NUS and NTU. My family has extra properties in Singapore and China. We are middle class and not some whiny losers. The Singapore Government has really let its citizens down through those stupid policies. But I have to admit that the average Singaporean Joe is not well-read, ignorant (just like you) of worldly knowledge, and hence cannot figure out that they had been sold out by their Government!!!

      • Pickle

        In the US, there are policies that screw over the native born citizens while giving freebies to illegals and immigrants. When people bring it up, they get called racist.
        There’s probably some foreign rich interest people giving your politicians a payoff to get these things for themselves.

  • Bolo

    Any respectable hotel has “no cooking” rules, it stops the place being stunk up.

    • Jahar

      The lack of cooking facilities kinda makes that clear too.

  • cheong

    Not ONLY any respectable hotel, matter of fact all hotels in the world have “no cooking’ rule.

    Define cooking, please.

    Is boiling an instant noodle considered cooking?
    If it is then boiling water for a cup of tea should be considered as cooking or an egg.

    Of course, I do agree that boiling an instant noodle in a kettle is not right thing to do
    same as boiling an egg in a kettle.

    But pouring hot water in a cup with the instant noodle inside should not be a problem.

    Min bai ma??

    have a nice day, please.

    • narsfweasels

      Perhaps the Chinese tourists should respect the cultural sensibilities of the country they are staying in – it may be acceptable to cook instant noodles in China, but in other countries not so much.

      Visitors to China should respect local Chinese customs – e.g. no littering, no spitting in public, no smoking in lifts, buildings or restaurants., no defecating or public urination. These rules are all Chinese rules and foreigners should learn to respect them.

      Poker face.

      • turtlek11

        I don’t understand how bringing instant noodles is not respecting their culture?? Does this mean people can’t bring crackers to eat in their hotel room? Fruit? Any food? Maybe all hotels should have a no food in room policy then.

        As long as they’re not damaging the hotel items and causing a nuisance to other guests, I don’t see why their actions need to be a certain way, especially in private

        • narsfweasels

          “I don’t understand”

          You’re right, you don’t.

          China is famous for coming up with arbitrary rules and customs to enforce on non-chinese in the country in order to see what they can squeeze out of Johnny Foreigner, that someone does the same to them is commendable.

          Furthermore, my point was – and this is the part you missed – there are rules and laws in China that exist to create a more culturally and ethical society that are simply ignored for the sake of convenience, or because people simply know that others will not call them out for their bad behaviour. And now this attitude is being exported to other countries as well.

    • LuoyangLaowai

      i dont know about other western countries, but i know there are many hotels in america that have full kitchens in the rooms.

  • TJDubs

    The thing is, Maerdaifu is one of literally 5 countries Mainlanders can travel without a visa. That makes it a high-demand destination and gives them some leverage against Chinese tourists.

    On the instant noodles, though, it’s standard practice, when a Mainlander takes a vacation to Waiguo, that they bring 2 suitcases. One for their personal effects, and one filled with fangbianmian that they can eat instead of having to choke down that shitty xican. As the noodle suitcase empties, they can fill it with Western luxury products.

    • cheong

      LOL, I like your statement:

      “when a Mainlander takes a vacation to Waiguo, that they bring 2
      suitcases. One for their personal effects, and one filled with

      Well, when I go to China, visiting friend & relatives, I do the same, one big suitcase & one small suitcase which is filled with, you know what, LOL.

      And when it is emptied, I fill it with all Chinese products to the brim. LOL.

      Have a nice day

      • TJDubs

        I over-generalize, I admit. But I have met many Chinese who are pretty international in general, but for some reason, couldn’t get over the mental hurdle of eating food so different from what they’re used to. I’m not blaming them, just sharing an anecdote that I have had multiple times.

        Now that I’m not in China, I would probably fill at least part of a suitcase with Chinese goodies coming back from a trip there. Haidilao hot pot soup base would be in there, for sure. A bottle of baijiu or three.

        • cheong

          No, you did not over generalize, maybe a wee bit. LOL.
          Mainland Chinese are mainland Chinese, if you know what I mean.

          I know, my ancestor home is still in China so are my friends & relatives.
          But mainland Chinese really needs to “upgrade” themselves when in a foreign country especially those who have never been out China.

          You should try Moutai.
          The Red Indian will really say: WOW !! The Real FIRE WATER, LOL.
          It will really knock you off after a glass or two or maybe three. LOL.

          Have a nice day

          • jeffli

            Maotai company is subject to an investigation!

        • don mario

          i agree with that, but i think the noodle thing is just to save money. i cant get my head around why they will travel around europe and every day eat in a chinese restaurant..

          • jeffli

            Because they are narrow minded!, you see foreigners in China trying Chinese food (of which most is substandard anyway) Then Chinese in Europe/America/Canada/AUS /NZ complain the “western” food is not good!

            What a load of bullshit!

            Food in China has problems! Oh lets have aother slice of F’n watermelon…. NOT!

          • slob

            “Food in China has problems! Oh lets have aother slice of F’n watermelon…. NOT!”
            I laughed so hard in real life at this it put me in tears. Thank you sir.

          • there there

            chinese restaurants overseas taste shit.

          • now now. thats just not fair.

            There are many VERY good Chinese restaurants overseas. You just have to know where to find them. It takes a local to tell you which chinese restaurants are good and which are bad..

            Unless of course, you have yelp. :D

            BTW: If you have been taking chinese tour bus’s that always stop at Chinese Buffet. That doesn’t really count as chinese food, thats dog food. Sorry people who actually like the cheap buffets tour bus’ stop at..

          • Kristy

            As a Chinese food snob, I have to tell you that Yelp is not trustworthy when it comes to good Chinese restaurants.

            I can’t believe how many people rate a Chinese restaurant based on sweet and sour chicken. UGH

          • don mario

            so its even more weird that they eat in them instead of trying the local food. its a madness.

          • Kai

            Aw come on, you guys are being too harsh. There’s a lot more to why Chinese tour groups go to lousy Chinese restaurants rather than local restaurants than being discriminatory against the local food.

            Remember, tour groups are a compromise. You want to go somewhere but you don’t know how to get around or know the language, so you pay for someone to take you around. Either that, or you join it for the cheaper package price. For those benefits, various strings are attached. Tour operators control your schedule and where you go, often including what meals are had where and when. For the cheaper price, they also often get special deals, commissions, or kick-backs from the establishments they bring customers to. This is true of tour packages everywhere. The cheaper it is, the more strings are attached.

            Taking busloads of Chinese tourists who don’t speak functional English to Chinese restaurants is often a combination of convenience (for everyone involved, the tourists, the restaurant, and the tour operator) and cost-savings/profit. Do you think a tour guide is going to introduce all the local restaurants and translate local menus for an entire busload of people? The tour guide and waiters would go nuts. It isn’t worth it. That said, most tour groups do include meals involving local food, as it is often considered part of the experience. But they’re tightly controlled and preplanned, with set menus and often an expecting restaurant. Not every restaurant is going to work with tour groups either.

            Don’t forget that tour itineraries often include free time, and the more adventurous tourists will try to eat something local, with the less adventurous ones who don’t want to bother with language barriers might just resort to eating something familiar.

            Rarely is there a situation where a tourist goes somewhere and abjectly refuses to at least try the local food once, just as there are rarely any foreigners visiting China who categorically refuse to eat Chinese food at least once. More often than not, tourists fall back on what’s familiar for comfort and convenience, not necessarily out of some arrogant, insular, and discriminatory attitude. Generalizing this phenomenon as “narrow-minded” is unfair. Especially when this sort of behavior isn’t remotely limited to Chinese tour groups. The same thing happens with Japanese and Korean tour groups. It’s more about language and logistics than it is about being stuck-up.

          • don mario

            there is some truth to it though, mainlanders are a bit close minded with their food.

          • Kai

            I’m not sure I would readily agree. I agree that some people certainly are, and old people set in their ways tend to be, but I think it really has a lot more to do with how much exposure you have to other cuisines than Chinese simply being ethnocentric. A lot of people in China simply haven’t had regular exposure to foreign cuisine, and generally much less compared to those of us from first-world multicultural societies. It’s like rural Americans who can’t wrap their head around sushi because all they’ve had in their lives was bacon and grits. The younger and more cosmopolitan they are, the less likely you run into them being so ethnocentric.

            Oh, and just to be clear, don mario, I wasn’t responding specifically to you but to multiple people throughout this discussion thread on the overall notion of Chinese people being close-minded about what they eat. You just happened to be where I hit the reply button. Hope you didn’t think I was singling you out, though my comment does also address what you said. But overall, I’m just explaining why Chinese tour groups going to Chinese restaurants isn’t really that strange or indicative of some sort of ethnocentrism.

          • bert

            Good grief Kai. You simply write too much, and stop trying to explain everything.

          • Kai

            Good grief, bert, other people offer their explanations so I’ll offer mine.

          • The Hungus

            Absolute bollocks-
            You’re in the country for a week or two at most- why would you need to ”fall back on something familiar”?
            Chinese sound worse than the British and that’s saying something.

          • Kai

            Maybe you don’t speak the language to figure out what to order? Maybe you don’t have the time at the moment? Maybe you’re just one of those people who are picky eaters? Maybe you miss home already and didn’t want to be on the vacation in the first place?

            Come on, there are tons of obvious possible reasons for why people fall back on the familiar. It’s as if you’ve never personally or have never seen anyone else do something similar on a trip, vacation, or tour group to a foreign country. I find that improbable.

          • Anon992

            Today Kai argues that it is wrong to think the Chinese are narrow-minded and arrogant about food.

            Yeah, you’re right Kai. The mainland Chinese are really open-minded aren’t they? I mean most Chinese people I speak to tell me how much they love foods from around the world. Yeah, every Chinese person who I have spoken to who has gone abroad has said ‘loved the food in that country. Wonderful cuisine. Took a while to get used to but fantastic if you find the right restaurants’.

            Come on Kai. Stop baiting people. You know full well that generally the mainland Chinese are closed minded and arrogant about their food. Some don’t try at all and those that do will, after a few closed-minded sittings, decree they don’t like it and, ‘it’s not as nice as our China food.’ It’s just an emotional reaction because you don’t like to see foreign people agreeing on a negative issue about the mainland Chinese.

            The only valid point in your comments on this topic is the reason behind their narrow-mindedness, which is of course, China’s lack of exposure to foreign culture. That was a good point worth making. It’s possibly also worth making the point about US (or any other country) being also closed-minded at times. However, like most of these things, this is on a different scale to China.

          • Kai

            I argued that some opinions expressed might be too harsh and fail to account for what I consider confounding factors that explain the behaviors being criticized by those opinions.

            I’m not baiting people any more than someone who expresses such opinions is intentionally baiting me. Some people are content with their conclusions and opinions. When I’m not, I may share competing conclusions and opinions.

          • bert

            And Chinese restaurants in China use shit to cook with.

          • carmouflagger

            Tahahahaha :’D

          • Justin

            for the same reason my dad wanted to eat sandwiches, burgers and American-style breakfast in China.

        • grovesman

          Baijiu? Really? BAIJIU?

          I call it “Sweaty Plumber’s Ass Crack.” Not that I’ve ever tasted a sweaty plumber’s ass crack, but I can imagine if I ever did, it would probably taste like BaiJiu.

          • Jahar

            That’s an insult to sweaty plumbers. And ass cracks.

          • Kai

            I say the same thing about tequila. Baijiu is simply rubbing alcohol to me. I’ve had good and bad, of both, and the good ones are simply easier to swallow without gagging.

          • TJDubs

            I’d say it “tastes like China”. Depending on the variety, you can taste complex flavors that include berries, pineapple, caraway, rice, wood smoke, chou doufu, deer antler, tiger penis, public defecation, dead babies and/or pigs in a river.

            And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

        • manujoro

          This is also my experience. I get to travel to Europe with Chinese customers quite often and I noticed that some of them dare to try local food. They find what foods suits then and they just stick to it. But they also bring instant noodles, especially on the first trip. Just in case.
          There are others who just refuse to try anything or even if they do, they say that it tastes bad or that they are not used to it and eat instant noodles in the hotel room.
          What also impresses me is the fact that a lot of them don’t bring many clothes. Once I traveled with a guy who had a very big suitcase, which turned out to be full with instant noodles and presents for Chinese friends living in Europe, including a lot of spices. He only had one set of clothes with him!!! The ones he was wearing! It was a week-long trip and I had to travel with him in a car every day! Needless to say that he smokes all the time, so you can imagine the smell after few days.
          On a different trip two other customers also didn’t bring any spare clothes. By the end of the trip they smelled so bad, that even they couldn’t take it. So they went to a mall, but instead of buying clothes they bought perfume and started spraying each other backs! In their suitcases they only had noodles, pickles and cigarettes.
          On my last trip to the Netherlands there were no kettles in the hotel where we stayed. When we asked why, the staff told us that they do not provide them anymore because too many guests were cooking their noodles in them, so they just removed them all. We can all guess where these guests came from…

          • ScottLoar

            I suspect that those were the same people who passed by my seat on the airplane aisle, the stink of their clothes so rich it lingered behind them for minutes.

          • linette lee

            After reading your post I want to vomit. How can anyone wear the same set of clothes the whole week? Are these men from shanghai big cities? Where are these men from? I think men in China need to study hygiene and public manners. Something is wrong with them. They should have these taught in school during young age in China. I hate men walking around smelling like cigarrette and bad breath. OMG! Go brush their teeth and use an antibacterial mouth wash. So disgusting. Bad hygiene is a major turn off. No women want men with bad hygiene. No way.

          • rollin wit 9’s

            haha, you sound like my grandma bless her heart. You have to get the full name in there (antibacterial mouthwash) who says all that haha. I remember her words now every time i go in the fridge. “Did you wash your hands? Go in the bathroom and use some of that Ivory antibacterial soap.”

            Good times~

      • Mark

        On your previous post, you are just an ignorant old man………The main problem is that SG Govt policies made Singaporean citizens uncompetitive and expensive relative to PRC/Indians/Pinoy.

        1) Singaporeans need 16% employer’s CPF contributions, and another 20% employee’s CPF contributions. For a $3000 job, an employer pays $3480 while the citizen only gets $2400. For the same job, the employer can pay $2480 to a foreigner. The foreigner gets $80 more cash in hand than the local, and the employer saves $1000 (which is ~US$800 or ~5000 rmb). This economics make citizens uncompetitive relative to foreigners, simple.

        2) Male Singaporean need to serve annual military reservist training, which typically takes up 2 weeks per year. Out of 52 weeks per year, it means that a male citizen worker will be automatically absent from work ~4% each year. Why hire someone who is more expensive (as stated in 1) and work 4% less each year???

        3) Foreigners with spouse who get a PR in Singapore (easily obtainable) can buy a SUBSIDIZED PUBLIC HOUSING in the Singapore open market. A poor male Singaporean who dedicated 2.5 years of his life to military service (getting miserly US$300 monthly allowance) cannot buy such subsidized housing if he is not married……..Again, this reduce the economic power of true blue Singaporean citizens, making them uncompetitive.

        4) Singaporean ladies I met and I know will at least demand the guy purchase a 5-room flat in decent location that costs about S$600000+ (US$500000). Ladies from China whom I know will be happy with a 4-room flat that costs about S$500000 (US$400000), and they can fine with renting out 2 spare bedrooms to tenants, earning S$1300 (~US$1050) per month as extra income. I have China classmates which married each other and are renting out their spare rooms.

        It sucks to be a Singaporeans nowadays. For me, I am working overseas and plan to get an overseas spouse who will be more competitve relative to Singapore girls! Furthermore, no more military training for me! The solution is to vote out this crap self-serving government.

        Btw, I have top degrees from NUS and NTU. My family has extra properties in Singapore and China. We are middle class and not some whiny losers. The Singapore Government has really let its citizens down through those stupid policies. But I have to admit that the average Singaporean Joe is not well-read, ignorant (just like you) of worldly knowledge, and hence cannot figure out that they had been sold out by their Government!!!

        • cheong

          Thank you for calling me name, if it make you happy.

          I was born & live in this part of the world & you think you knows better than us in Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia.??

          Have a nice day. please

          • Mark

            Cheong, I was a civil servant in Singapore. I know what I am talking about.

    • Kate

      I’m shipping an american food care package to Korea ^_^ You can’t but crisco in Korea.

      • Dr Sun

        I don’t think your government will allow you to send it to the North where it’s needed.

        • Kate

          :( poor hungry north korean babies :*(

          • G$

            Why would you want crisco? I cook every day and have never used it, but I guess I do seldom bake… Ideas? Suggestions? I’m a curious cook :)

          • Kai

            All I know is it is easier to make grilled cheese sandwiches with Crisco than regular butter.

          • donscarletti

            You put butter/shortening on grilled cheese sandwiches? Isn’t the fat content from the cheese enough?

          • ScottLoar

            The Crisco or butter goes on the outside of the sandwich to properly brown it on the griddle, not inside the sandwich next to the cheese.

          • Kai

            I haven’t actually made a grilled cheese sandwich since perhaps my college days but that’s the trick I learned from a roommate when it comes to making them with a frying pan versus, I guess, an actual grill?

            Some people make them by toasting the bread in a bread toaster and then hope the residual heat will melt the cheese enough but that’s not that effective in my experience. You could also toast it in a toaster over with the cheese on it, and that works better, but that’s if you like your bread to be hard and dry. The really good grilled cheese sandwiches aren’t really toasted and the bread isn’t hard but perhaps kinda firm and they’re usually either buttered or Crisco’d in my experience, like at diners or whatever.

            Butter can still result in charring but for some reason Crisco works just right all the time. Shrug.

            If you’re eating a grilled cheese sandwich, fat content probably isn’t really what you’re worried about anyway. :)

          • Weezy F. Beiber

            Use a non-stick pan, and put the cheese between the bread. Cook on medium and you don’t need any oil or butter.

          • Kai

            That could work. I suppose the trick is in controlling the heat so that the bread doesn’t toast too quickly and char. That said, I still associate most of the best grilled cheese sandwiches I’ve had with being buttered. I guess it’s like buttered toast, tastes better.

          • Ami

            I’m from the American South, where crisco,lard and butter are law. As much as I love soul food I’ve never messed with crisco or lard if I could avoid them BUT i do know what they’re used for:
            *Pie crusts
            *Fried chicken and other deep fried things

            Supposedly, Butter crisco is even better than butter in pies because of flavor and texture it imparts. I’ve heard people swear by this offline and on.I don’t use crisco for DF’ing before but again its something sworn by.

            Anyway, shortening is certainly not something you want to substitute daily in place of other oils (olive,canola,etc) but (if you know how to use it!) its probably a great pantry investment for people who love biscuits or even deep fried foods.

          • Ami

            Huh, didn’t realize I wrote that much… Can I get an award for the most detailed post about crisco on ChinaSmack?

          • ScottLoar

            Sorry, but pie dough is best made with equal parts of Crisco and butter, each having its own texture and taste which butter Crisco cannot match, and not with lard which is just too heavy. Biscuits, too, are best made with Crisco and when cooking pancakes always use Crisco on the griddle, not butter which burns and is too greasy. Fried chicken cooked without Crisco in a cast iron skillet is a tragedy, not a meal; in fact, cast iron skillets and Crisco are made for each other.

          • rollin wit 9’s

            canola oil by default for me when cooking me pancakes. I think ill die if i use crisco.

          • ScottLoar

            Friends would always ask how’d I make such great tasting hash browns, but I never told them the secret: pan frying in duck fat, same for braised red cabbage. No one ever died from eating my hash browns cooked in duck fat, nor braised red cabbage.

          • rollin wit 9’s

            Finally someone who know wtf they are talking about. And if health conscious just use ‘i can’t believe its not butter’ haha

          • DavidisDawei

            Ami, I think I gained 5KG just from reading your post!

      • DavidisDawei

        Oh Kate, Crisco is a Killer… go with Coconut or Olive Oil Instead for cooking. Unless you are using it for some other purpose; haha

    • Rainer

      You are obviously wrong that only “5 countries Mainlanders can travel without a visa”. There are over several dozens countries. If you dont read Chinese, you can still recognize country names here:

      • TJDubs

        Sarcastic exaggeration. The point is, they don’t have a lot of options. Outside of Indian Ocean tropical paradises (of which the Maldives is one), they’ve got Syria (the quintessential example of why disobeying the government is bad), Nepal (Tibet without Han people – why bother?), and a few spots in the Caribbean.

        • Justin

          well if you are being sarcastic, you shouldn’t prefix it with the word “literally” because then you’re just contradicting yourself as sarcasm, or verbal irony, means saying the opposite of your literal intention. Don’t mess with the English language sucka, or you’ll get owned by an editor with too much time on his hands.

        • Hongwu Emperor

          All are nice places. except Syria with this terrible war currently going on.

      • BiggJ

        Most of them countries I would not even let my dog stay there.

      • Alphy

        Not really. I looked at the site, and some of them are wrong. Take Malaysia for example, they clearly state Chinese need a visa before entering Malaysia:

        Also in a practical perspective, Chinese immigration do not allow Chinese national to board a outbound flight even if the country of destination do not require visa. You must get one regardless if you need it or not. My friend just went through the problem for Indonesia and Thailand. You can call the Chinese immigration to confirm this.

  • cheong

    Has anyone been to a football match in UK?? eg: the FA cup matches.

    What was is like after the matches???

    Cor Blimmey !! what have we got here, vandalism, fighting, drunkard, rioting, burning of vehicles or maybe a killing or two.

    Correct me if I am wrong. please.

    FYI, i did live many years in Bayswater, London, near Queenway.

    So, what is so big a deal with some littering after a festival.
    Have anyone not been to a festival???
    Spick & spank???

    Have a nice day. please.

    • Dr Sun

      got any links to the killings and burning vehicles ?

      • BiggJ

        just google” england soccer riots”

    • BiggJ

      This is not a festival, It’s a resort.

      • cheong

        You are correct, this is not a festival but a resort.

        I posted the comment above was because someone was comparing Hainan festival with the resort.

        I did it on purpose by not directly answering to the person comment.

        As an old Taoist/Buddhist, I have no wish to counter his comment directly as it will be a sheer waste of time.

        As Mark Twain have once said:

        “Do not argue with a mad man, otherwise he will bring you down with his madness”

        Take it as though I am thinking out loud.

        So, there you are, even being called an ignorant old fool by someone above, it alright with me, if it make him happy or you happy or for that matter anyone happy.

        We, were taught and abide by our philosophy as an Taoist/Buddhist,
        we should humble and accept whatever is being thrown us.

        “Sticks & Stones will not break our bones”

        Have a nice day, please.

    • xiaohouzi

      Good point but we all know that football hooligans are like that. My answer: ban football games. The issue here is about a resort hotel, not a football stadium.

      • if you ban football games in England i am afraid you will cause a revolution and civil war over there.

        • xiaohouzi

          You’re probably right. Just saying… that’s what i would do. I have no use for football or it’s hooligan fans.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    What about hang drying your clothes & underpants on the balcony at these resorts when there’s a laundry service? BAM, Chinese person.

    • Hanging clothes out on the balcony, yes. The laundry service always feels like a sham to me though.

    • TJDubs

      If you only brought one set of clothes, it’s not economical to pay for a whole load of laundry.

  • WastheHotelDirectorFRENCH

    Racism is racism, I don’t care if the excuse is ramen or bagels. That being said, I’ve often carried stuff like shawarma takeaways and pizzas into hotels when on travels, I tend to grab a drink at the lobby bar first (my hotel food tax I guess) before heading up. I’ve never been stopped, and I don’t give a toss if others stare at me either, I’m NOT a friendly traveller. As for the Maldives hotel excuse that the Chinese used the kettle to “cook food”, its complete BS since ramen is easily prepared by pouring boiling water over the noodles in a bowl, there would be absolutely no need to squeeze the dried noodle into a tiny kettle. I say just boycott the Maldives (they seem to be having some terror insurgency problems anyway), and spend the money in the Seychelles instead!

    • You suck at cooking ramen. Go to college.

  • jcyin

    Its pretty much a basic standard that all hotels should provide kettles to guests. Let alone a five star hotel. What if the Chinese guest wanted to make some tea? Buy a $100 cup from room service?

    Lol such a lame excuse from the hotel. If a guest damages some equipment you BUY a new one. Wtf is this logic “oh if a guest damages a kettle, lets remove ALL kettles from the rooms of the same race. Denying them this basic necessity”.

    And this is blatently racis, how can anyone refute it. The article clearly says ONLY Chinese people’s rooms had the kettles removed. Only Chinese guests were denied any welcoming from the manager and it was Chinese who were nicknamed “cup noodle”.

    So only racism against blacks count as racism? I wonder what the reaction would be if the hotel forced all nigger guests to stay in black wallpapered rooms with black mattresses and bedsheets and only fed them chocolate. Would that be “racist”?

    • Jahar

      Chinese is a nationality, not a race.

  • magarity

    You have to read the whole article but it does say that because Chinese people were COOKING IN in the kettles, they had to be removed. They weren’t removing just the kettles to not provide hot water. I mean, who can blame them? If you’d pour the hot water into a bowl to cook instant noodles then everything would be OK. But cooking noodles directly in a water kettle? What do you expect?

    • Did it directly say they were cooking in the kettle?

    • WastheHotelDirectorFRENCH

      That’s why I said it was a lame and flimsy excuse on the hotel’s part. “Cooking” the ramen in a tiny hotel kettle would entail breaking the dried noodle cake, contaminating the food itself since these kettles are usually BLACK/dirty at the bottom, and removing the cooked items would be well neigh impossible. In short, they wouldn’t have done that, and its not just the Chinese, but any white American college student who has prepared and eaten ramen in his/her would agree too!

      • Jahar

        They wouldn’t have? really? really. Don’t understimate the mainlander.

        • Kristy

          Racist Pig

          • Jahar

            I’m racist to say mainlanders would be willing to cook ramen in a kettle? Also, mainlander isn’t a race.

  • ScottLoar

    A hotel depends on services and good will to attract and retain guests
    and so is not likely to deny a guest request without good cause, so there’s probably more to this story than reported. Most Chinese hotel guests leave their room looking like a busy fast-food bar, ask the maid service, and if the hotel did ask the guests not to cook in their rooms it was probably ignored.

  • cooter

    If the Chinese will promise to 100% boycott the Maldives, I will promise to take my next vacation there!

    Me and my Chinese gf went to the Philippines for a vacation during this past Spring Festival. As I live and work in China, it was a good chance to get the eff out! She had some initial reservations about going there, due to the spat between China’s and Philippines’ government, but I coaxed her into it. I thought that would be a GOOD thing as hopefully fewer Chinese people would be there.

    Boy howdy was I wrong. Fuck, Chinese everywhere. More Chinese tourists than all others combined, sometimes more than the locals! Stayed in two different hotels on two different islands. Both times our next door neighbors were Chinese. Loud, crude, and rude at all hours. Almost everytime we went to dinner, had to listen to a rowdy table full of Chinese seeing who could yell the loudest, gan bei the most, treat the waitresses the worst. Luckily, Philippine cuisine doesn’t call for a lot of bone spitting, or there’d be spitting contests too! Really felt bad for the waitresses, because you know those fuckers left jack shit for a tip, even after the waitresses had to struggle to understand their garbled up chinglish and putting up with the sub-human treatment. And these are so-called “cultured” or “worldly” Chinese, with enough money and sense to get out of China…..hardly.

    Anyways, I say take every damn one of those hot water kettles. Such an easy solution to a dirty problem.

    • meo fio

      The western concept of “tip” is basically a scam.

      • cooter

        Oh, I thought the concept was to incentivize good service from the waiter. My bad, my bad.

        • Ryo

          The incentive to provide good service is because it’s your god damn job! Don’t work at a restaurant if you can’t serve people with a real smile.

          Do it like Hong Kong and have a mandatory 10% service charge and train them correctly.

        • bert

          Yeah, I think tipping should be done away with.

      • filabusta

        I thought that at first. But judging by the quality of service I get here I China I changed my mind.

        • Justin

          So you really expect great service from a 14-year-old girl from a rural area who probably, no, definitely makes less in a year than you do in a month? Quit your bitching and learn how to yell “Fuwuyuan!” like the rest of us.

          • Justin

            I’ve never really had bad service in China, but then again my expectations are pretty low. You can’t expect it to be like in America or whatever western country you’re from where waiters are expected to proactively be very attentive to every customer’s need and refill your glass of ice water before it’s empty. When I want shit, I call the waitress and ask for it. She comes and gives it to me right away. It’s simple.

        • Kristy

          I’ve dined around the world, and Chinese restaurants have some of the best waitresses. Soft-spoken and beautiful.

    • narsfweasels

      “Loud, crude, and rude at all hours.”

      I had a similar problem in Hainan – the people in the next room had the TV on full volume and were having a normal family conversation AT 150 DECIBELS. Why didn’t they just turn the TV down?

    • sendtodave

      You were surprised that a tourist destination close to China had Chinese tourists?

      I’m figuring that you went to the Philippines because it was nearby, and cheap. So did they.

      • cooter

        When I first informed my Chinese colleagues of my travel plans, they were in shock. “Why you want to go there? No Chinese will go there!”. Their reasoning being the spat over the islands in the South China sea, and map in the Chinese passports, and the Philippine retaliation of not stamping their visas into Chinese passports.
        So yeah, a little surprised. Seems some Chinese broke from the flock of sheep and didn’t care too much about those things….who knew ;)

    • Kristy

      You sound like a real pleasure to be around.

      • cooter

        I am pretty awesome, actually. Thanks for agreeing!

  • cc

    Peasants the lot of them, wherever they go, always spitting, pushing, shouting and stinking of shit.

  • lacompacida

    If just by cutting hot water can stop Chinese from visiting, I bet many resorts will copy this trick.

    • This is the best point I’ve read yet. It’s a win win for the resort. Chinese people don’t come or they come and actually buy food.

      • Chinese = $$$

        Chinese tourists to the Maldives total 230,000. 15.6% of the tourists that go there are Chinese. China is the largest source of tourists to the region for the 3rd year running.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    First of all, all you fools failed to see this story is stupid as f***. How, you might ask?

    If I was going to make my own cup noodles, how is cutting off the hot water going affect me?

    a) I would not use the nasty hot water from the faucet to make my noodles first and foremost.
    b) Fine, cut my hot water, I will just use your coffee machine to broil me some hot water.
    c) No hot water means I cannot take a decent shower, in which case, I will demand a partial refund for the unpleasantries it has caused.
    d) I can sue your ass for being prejudice.

    In whichever way you dice this, the resort is the one that’s f***ed.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      But in all honesty, getting stuck in one of these isolated resorts like the one pictured above for a week with a bunch of mainland china tourists, I would go completely bonkers! Not my idea of a serene vacation no doubt.

  • mr.wiener

    Ladies and Gents presenting you your entertainment, the world’s new ugly Americans…………………Chinese!!
    Coming soon to a resort near you.

    Welcome to the bigs China, lol

    • Alphy

      Yeah… American is still hold the top spot for the worst tourist according to survey. From the looks of it though Chinese will be up there soon as well. Sucks to be Chinese American… Sigh…

      • mr.wiener

        I’ll still buy you a drink and try to explain rugby to you mate.

        • Alphy

          Haha thanks man.

        • ScottLoar

          The puzzlement isn’t rugby (played by many university teams in the US), it’s Australian rules and running back and forth between two posts holding a flat bat called cricket that stymies Americans used to football and baseball. I’ve watched both games for hours and left no more enlightened than when I sat down.

  • BiggJ

    Why would you go to a nice resort like that and opt to eat a 2rmb box of noodles? They probably got pissed off at picking up noodles cup and chinese garbage over their beach.

    • Anon992

      “We Chinese don’t like your foreign food. Our Chinese food is most delicious in the world. That’s why we eat delicious gourmet Chinese 2 minute noodles in a cup instead of trying new foreign flavours.”

      • BiggJ

        lol yeah. I hear that all the time. Tell you the truth I find real chinese food is not that good. Chinese food can good if it’s mixed with another cultures food and upgraded a bit.

        • Kristy

          Yeah, the Chinese don’t drench their food with butter and salt.

          On a less racist note, it’s likely a matter of familiarity. When I first came to the us, I thought everything I had was disgusting, including pizza, burger, spaghetti. Now I like it bc I’m used to it.

          • moop

            you’re right they drench it in gutter oil and msg instead. hurrrrrr

      • Beelzebub

        I prefer the xinjiang noodles to the cup ones, much fresher and hand made.

  • Zening Chen

    reminds me of family vacations from my childhood lol

  • BiggJ

    Want a nice place to vacation were there is little to no mainlanders? Go to Mexico.

    My job in Canada allows me to work 6 months of the year and I get 6 months off. “directional oil drilling in the north of Canada” So I go travel around to different places around the world every year. In 2009 I went and paid for 6 months to stay in an all inclusive resort 50km south of Cancun, Mexico.It cost me around $20,000. The only extra expense was cigarettes and weed. Drinks and food all free at any of the restaurants on the resort. Anyway, back to the point. While I was there I made friends with the staff and the manager. The manager told me they don’t advertise in China for this resort. He said they don’t mind chinese americans or Canadians, The manager said people from china are the dirtiest people he’s ever met. He said they take everything that’s not nailed down in room. Leave shit all over the beach and so on. When he’s telling me this over some drinks I was thinking” This guy is just racist and don’t like chinese people” Mind you, This was before I ever visited china. Now that i’ve been here in china for a awhile, I can see what the guy was saying.

    While I was there I met lots of people from around the world, Most were American, Canadians, Some Europeans. The whole while I was there I might have seen 5 asian people. I never once saw a Noodle cup anywhere on the resort. :) And the place was super clean. Not because the cleaners cleaned it up, It’s because people actually put their garbage in the GARBAGE and not on the ground when they were done with it.

    You will begin to see more of this “No chinese allowed” kind of thing around the world as mainlanders begin to travel more. They need to learn some world etiquette. You will be hearing more stories like this in the future from touristy places around the world about chinese.

    • ric

      fuck your oil, beaver!

  • narsfweasels

    One issue that I often hear from hoteliers in Europe is that Chinese guests hire the cheapest rooms and try to sleep three or four in a two person room. Furthermore, the Chinese guest only eat food they bring with them or eat at Chinese restaurants. This may be conjecture on their part, but there are people in the tourist industry that argue Chinese tourists don’t really add much financial benefit.

    On the other hand, there are certainly a lot of wealthy tourists who do contribute greatly to local economies when they visit.

  • xiaohouzi

    What’s with Chinese and their love for instant noodles anyway? There are plenty of other things to eat. Why eat noodles when you go on holiday to a place like that?

  • linette lee

    I Love instant noodle!!!! I just finished one cup before I type this. OMG.

    • Alphy

      Those stuff will wax up your innards.

    • donkeykong

      You just love the large amount of salt and MSG that are found in instant noodles. Check the ingredients, you will see that they are not healthy for you to eat.

  • [email protected]

    Why would anyone want to go on a luxury holiday and eat that garbage anyway? If they want to do it, then let them, but they should pay a fee or something to be allowed to bring a certain number of packs into their suite.

  • civilized

    primitive pigs… go to paradise with expensive watches on your wrist, and LV bags… filled with instant noodles – cheap and primitive. why don’t chinese people just stay home and vacation in hainan? the world doesn’t welcome these villager pigs. stay home in your own pig sh*t.

    • Germandude

      Your comment really makes a lot of sense and goes in line with your name.

      /irony off

    • Tadd

      You racist prick.

      What about the Western tradition involving hotels, you dumb mother-fucker?

      Last I checked, most Western people had the habit of stealing as many things as they could from hotels. Soap, small bottles of shampoo, tissue, hand towels, etc.

      There is even an episode of FRIENDS where Ross is trying to cram as many things as he can in his suitcase. (So the mainstream can validate my stereotype)

      What can I make of this?
      The world doesn’t welcome these “civilized” pigs. Stay home you thieving cunt.

      By the way, I’m British

      • LuoyangLaowai

        Dude. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! Soap? SMALL bottles of shampoo????? Hand towels.!!! That is nothing. There small bottles of shampoo because because hotels EXPECT their guest to take them!! Thats NOTHING compared to what the Chinese do. Chinese are LOUD, They Spit on the floors of rooms and restaurants, They spit thier chewed on chicken bones out on the floor. They have NO MANNER!! THEY ARE UNCIVILIZED PIGS!!! They let their kids run wild and act like the little prince and little princess shits as they are raised. They are a fucking disgusting people. So if you cant see the problem. Keep your stupid Cunt ass here in China where you belong!

      • Paul Schoe

        Hi Tadd,

        You are British? You certainly changed the impression that I had of British people (European myself, lived in the UK and visited it frequently).

        you racist prick“, “dumb mother-fucker“, “thieving cunt“; for somebody who claims that English is his native language, you have an impressive vocabulary and cool set of “manners”.

        It seems that traditional English irony, sarcasm, language skills and politeness are not as widespread anymore as I thought. Thanks for putting a more realistic view on my impression of the British.

        (I once read: “When abroad, we are all ambassadors of our own country.” In the internet age, we don’t even have to be abroad, just participating in international blogs already allows us to present ourselves as representatives of our countries (see you statement: “I am British”).

      • JustaTaddlessplease

        Its not stealing if they are ‘complimentary’ dip shit. Soap ??? shampoo ?? Hope you take your used tissue collection with you Master Bates !

        There’s nothing civilised about Chinese Travelers and they won’t change, that’s the point. They are here to stay, unfortunately for the rest of us who have a moral compass, hygienic habits and treat women with respect ! You stick up for them, why ? Is your boyfriend Chinese ??

    • mr.wiener

      I’m surprised you still have spleen left to vent.

  • Germandude

    The first 10 or so comments let me believe I am reading the lyrics of a Rap song with all it’s fuck your mother, cunt and other vulgar language.

    Besides that, I have many friends working in the hotel business all over the world. Their list of Top 5 UNWANTED guests for misbehaviour and leaving a shithole of a room when checking out are:

    1. Russians
    2. Chinese
    3. Indian
    4. French
    5. British

    When it comes to the most hated guests for extra demands

    1. British
    2. German
    3. Chinese
    4. French
    5. Italian

    Granted, this is not representable but pretty much fits with my own observations and those of basically anybody else I know working in the service industry.

    • You’ve been keeping a list based on your friends input regarding those two issues at hand?

      • Germandude

        Pretty much, yes because I am travelling a lot and as stated: it also fits my observations when travelling and while working in the service industry myself.

        • Now I’m just more curious why they are specifically ranked in the order. For example, why are Russians more unwanted than Chinese and then Chinese than Indians.

          I travel a decent amount too, but I don’t exactly go around looking at people’s rooms after they check out and then asking the staff which nationality they are. I assume you’re just referring to you starting conversations with the staff about this specific topic.

          • Germandude

            What are you trying to achieve? Shall I give you a list with my own observations now? Or shall I write a detailed summary from my conversations with my friends?
            A very quick summary from what I remember right now: Russians are often doing the “Mallorca-style” holidays that were popular for the European middle classes in the 70s or by European students up to now. Cheap hotel room, all-in, getting up at 7 am, have breakfast, go to the bar at 8, wait until it opens at 10 am, stay there until midnight. Being drunk, loud, tough on the staff and annoying other guests, up to the point of starting fights.
            Chinese are often dirty when it comes to how they leave their rooms, beach areas (such as loungers etc.), during meal times. Noisy and shouting for the waitress if she is not there the second she was asked. Indians are famous for complaining, complaining, complaining, being dirty and asking for discounts because “this differs from the pics of your brochures/webpage”. French are super-stingy. British are regarded as a very light version of the “average” (see the ” “?) Russian tourist.
            As I said: many of my friends work for hotels, incl. Thailand, Maledives, Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Philippines and Australia. I have travelled to 5 continents multiple times and yes, have made similar experiences.
            Want me to write down my own experiences or what?
            Funny thing though is that I have never heard or experienced myself too much misbehavior of any nationality when travelling in the Nethrlands, Germany or Austria. That includes European tourists as much as Chinese. Seems that the rules there are set and followed towards strictly.

          • Thanks for the additional insight. I actually just think it’s an interesting topic. I don’t really have much to say about it as I’ve not really considered it or made any observations about it.

            My first thoughts were I’d be discarding the nationality while looking more at the age range and make of the group. For example, a mix of teens on vacation could spell trouble. A couple might be easier to handle. Any family with children might leave a bit more of a mess behind.

            Though I do realize nationality will certainly effect the general results as well. Mostly because of cultural things. Such as leaving trays on the table at fast food places in China compared to cleaning up ourselves in most Western countries.

          • Germandude

            Exactly. And that’s why I am not against any kind of nationality. It’s about being informed or experienced with one country’s etiquette. Until today, I am bringing my shit away when I finished eating at Mc Donald’s for example. Eventhough I can’t stand the strange looks I am receiving.
            I am actually shocked by having been in hotels in Turkey that advertised online and having huge signs to every entry to hotel facilities that state “Russians out”, “Russians not welcome”, “Be assured, no Russian guests are here” or “Germans, British, Dutch, Italian, Spanish etc. are welcome guests” while leaving out others.
            Same I have seen in Thailand in one resort.

          • Wow, I’ve never seen signs on hotels that explicitly exclude a certain nationality from staying or indirectly exclude them by not including them. I do know some Russian and Polish friends that do seem to often take some crazy trips to Croatia and Turkey.

          • donkeykong

            Go to Japan. There are hotels, clubs, restaurants, and apartments that exclude anyone not Japanese.

          • WastheHotelDirectorFRENCH

            To be fair to the Russians, I’ve travelled with Russians, their problem is more of stuff they do to hurt themselves while travelling than to the condition of the rooms etc. The mainland Chinese can get irritating too (though they’re friendly to me coz I speak mandarin with a Beijing accent!), and I’ve heard of the mess they leave behind in rooms. That being said, the Euros aren’t that much better themselves. The Finns would get drunk, puke all over the place and almost always invite security action, the Germans are racists as hell, they go about taunting non-whites who don’t even know them, had to straighten out a few obertstrumbahnfuerhers out in my own travels too! The Brits are ok until they get drunk (and they can’t hold their liquor to the last man/woman), and then they wreck structures, start fights (usualy with white travellers since they’re afraid of getting jailed by local police in Asia for example!), the French are just loud, eat and litter everywhere and act as if they own every turf the crawl over, and the Serbs, Poles whatever, just look no further than their football “fans”/gangs.
            I’d say I won’t trust a Euro or Asian tourist as far as security can fling em, but Americans and Canadians are far better as a whole, not that I check-into tourist crapholes these days, I tend to go for more boutique (sometimes by invitation) “hotels” only, reciprocal country-clubs included as well.

          • mr.wiener

            You forgot Australians, we can be pricks with the best of them too!

          • WastheHotelDirectorFRENCH

            You guys are the funniest of the lot. Just about every Asian I know has complained incessantly about you buggers, but whenever I bumped up with you guys, everyone was sweet as cupcakes! and I didn’t have to buy no one free drinks too, must be my sense of humour or something! :P

          • cc

            I challenge you to a drinking competition.

          • WastheHotelDirectorFRENCH

            Its on! Where and when? :)

          • cc

            In the IV tonight when the rugby is on, Lido

    • Jahar

      I’ve actually read that Americans are the most disliked tourists, and the Chinese are #2.

      • CuddlyIrishSexGod

        Rude Ignorant Travelers
        Chinese Men number 1
        Russians number 2
        Fat American Women 3
        Les Arrogants 4
        Skowsas 5
        Mancs 6
        The trouble is numbers, they’ll just keep coming, and it will only get worse, as more less enlightened Splitz spill over into ‘Our World’, get used to it, Europeans, North Americans, and you very very annoying Antip’s have all crossed the Ocean’s for centuries drunkenly annoying the phuk out of poor locals, now its the Chinaman’s turn, unlucky, he ain’t gunna change his ways for a few whinging whities, NEVA ! Haha, grin and bear it, and I mean bear it, its he who shouts loudest wins in the good old PRC !

    • Which is weird because in Chinese and Indian hotels they don’t give you shit.

  • This article slightly lost its credibility half way down when I saw the poster lost their job. That adds a lot of motive to slander the employer using a common Chinese stereotype. Now if this was from actual guests being refused hot water that would carry more weight.

    • Nick in Beijing

      I also made that observation.

      • Dutchy

        Shanghai Daily today: A CLAIM that kettles were removed from the rooms of Chinese guests at a
        luxury resort in the Maldives to stop them eating instant noodles
        instead of hotel meals was denied yesterday.

        The hotel said the
        claim came from a disgruntled former Chinese worker refused a contract
        because of poor performance during a trial period.

        to the South China Morning Post, Zhao Jianke said staff at the five-star
        Beach House Iruveli resort were asked to remove kettles from Chinese
        guests’ rooms after the appointment of a new general manager in

        Zhao said the new general manager referred to China as “cup noodle” in public because of its “CN” acronym.

        information is absolutely wrong,” Indika Manoj, the resort’s front
        office manager, said yesterday. The hotel had never discriminated
        against tourists from China.

        Some kettles had been removed, she
        said, because they had been damaged by guests using them to boil food,
        but that was just routine maintenance.

        She said Zhao had worked
        in the hotel’s front office for less than three months, and he wasn’t
        kept on because he did not perform well.

        Furious reaction

        said the hotel had not witnessed a drop in the number of Chinese
        tourists because of the allegation, which Zhao first aired in an online
        post on March 1.

        Between then and this Monday, the resort had
        received 314 Chinese guests, about the same number as last year in the
        same off-season period.

        Yesterday, there were 29 Chinese tourists among the hotel’s 95 guests, she said.

        post sparked a furious reaction from Internet users in China. Some
        people called for a boycott of the resort, while some potential tourists
        said they would not be going to the Maldives until the resort

        Chinese tourists are now traveling more and
        farther, but while contributing to a booming tourism market elsewhere,
        their behavior has come under some scrutiny.

        Reports in the
        Maldives media posted online said that despite Chinese people accounting
        for almost a quarter of all visitors to the Indian Ocean island nation
        in 2012, many resorts regarded Chinese guests as relatively “low-yield”
        due to low spending on extras such as food and drink, but they were
        welcome as they boosted occupancy rates during the off-season.

        Adheeb, the Maldives tourism minister, said no formal complaints had
        been received by authorities over alleged discrimination at the
        country’s resorts, but such incidents were taken seriously.

        seven-day stay at Beach House Iruveli costs 20,000 to 30,000 yuan
        (US$3,200-US$4,800) with air tickets included, according to a travel
        agency in Shanghai.

        City travel agencies said reports of discrimination against Chinese tourists at hotels in the Maldives were “very rare.”

        tourists took instant noodles to India to eat due to concerns over
        hygiene, but such things should not happen in the Maldives, said Yang
        Yanping, manager of the Asian department at Shanghai China Travel
        International Co Ltd.

        Dai Mingyu, a Shanghai resident who was a
        guest at the resort in November, said he did not encounter unfair
        treatment. “I think its service and facilities are good,” Dai said.

        In 2011, some 20,298 Shanghai residents booked holidays in the Maldives, 18 percent up on the previous year.

  • Zebadee

    Discrimination and/or the treatment of Chinese tourists abroad is actually widespread. Their conduct and antisocial behaviour in many foreign resorts with their throwing away of rubbish everywhere, drunken fighting, and noise, has (perhaps rather unfortunately) prompted many resorts around the world to institute “preventative measures” and “precautions” which are often criticised as ‘discriminatory.’

    In the case of the Maldives, I’m going to assume it’s more of a littering thing when Chinese discard their empty instant noodle cups and other rubbish around the island causing untold environmental damage and spoiling it for European tourists who are more responsible. Look at the articles about the damage caused to Hainan beaches and other beach resorts around China on this website for good examples.

    British newspapers have moderated their reporting of, but once made a big thing out of, Chinese tourists in London. Police being called to hotels at night because of noise, the damage to rented rooms and the conditions they were left in has (again) prompted many hotels in London to refuse bookings to Chinese tourists.

    More resorts around the world will be more accepting of Chinese tourists only when they learn to be more respectful of the foreign country they are staying in and learn that these lands will not tolerate being treated like a pig’s sty.

    • cooter

      This is true. One resort we went to in the Philippines had some signs posted in simplified Chinese in the communal areas. “请安静” There was no English or other translations on the sign, only Chinese. I’m sure some Chinese mainlanders staying there felt discriminated against, being told to “Please be quiet” in advance by way of signage. Hah!

      • Tadd

        Seriously dude, were you wronged in some way? What’s with all the hate? Why are you laughing at that situation? Don’t you think it is discriminative?

        (The following to be read in the voice of Samuel Jackson)
        Everyone has a reason for being racist. You are quite clearly a racist, dumb mother-fucker; so what’s your reason? Share with the rest of us. I dare you, I triple dare you…

        • cooter

          Um, I’ve been living in mainland China for the past 3 years, working as a chemical engineer (IE – not dumb) and I’ve been with my CHINESE girlfriend for the last year (IE – not racist).
          Also in these past 3 years, I’ve been stared at, poked at, laughed at, pushed, shoved, spit at, called names. I’ve witnessed public urination, public defecation, spitting, littering, queue cutting, shit driving, smoking in elevators, etc etc.
          When I’m in China, I can deal with these things…because, you know, Chinese “culture” and all. But when I leave China for vacation or whatever, I also expect to leave all that other nasty shit behind as well. But no, because it seems there’s no escaping China’s influx (exflux?) of tourists, who bring all their nasty habits and “culture” with them.
          So basically, fuck you, you China loving whinger :)

          • turtlek11

            wtf…. how does having a chinese gf count as not racist??

          • cooter

            How many KKK members do you know with black girlfriends? Oh, right.

          • mr.wiener

            Actually a lot of KKK guys did. It was one reason that the FBI were able to get so many of them to turn informant after they investigated the murder of those 3 civil rights workers in the 60’s
            “Black velvet”, a southern tradition.

          • because sometimes love and hate are indistinguishable….it is enlightening to find out that the hate…. is actually love. What a spiritual journey to those KKK guys with black girlfriend. Its their own version of eat pray love.

          • mr.wiener

            Nice to think of it that way, but this would only be the case if some pecker-head kkk guy decided that a liking for black arse meant all men are brothers and he now realised his people had been pilling racial degradation on others for the last 200 hundred years+.
            Sadly this was not often the case and some of these hypocrites where actually high up in the organization.
            Fortunately such things don’t happen in the enlightened age we live in today. Could you imagine a wealthy and established worldwide organization telling people how to live their live and which genders can’t marry at the same time as people high up in that organization are doing it themselves?
            Hey, they just chose a new pope.

          • unfortunate… and not surprising. Cult leader also tend to be a hypocrite. Like forbidding their legion to sleep with a woman while he himself… sleep with one, and not just any woman, but an old woman =).

          • cooter

            PS – If you haven’t lived in Mainland China, you don’t know what racist is. Chinese are some of the most racist people I’ve ever known. When’s the last time you saw a job advertisement specifically asking for whites only, no blacks or asians? Standard stuff here.

    • Tadd

      For the love of f**king God… pleeeeaaaassse do not be a fellow Englishman. Please be a redneck… just please, please do not hail from the same country as I do.

      You really want to compare Chinese tourists to British tourists?

      What about during the European Championships, when England faced Germany in Germany? What do “those” English tourists do?

      That’s right, those Brits just wander the streets, kick the shit out of anything German, whilst committing acts of arson and destruction to property.
      I’m sure precautions and restrictions were then put into place, as these handfuls of Englishmen, ruined the reputation for the rest of us.

      civilized, your shit stinks. Please, let me know, what’s the reason for all the hate?

      • cc

        There not tourists you tit, there called football hooligans

        • Kai

          Well, technically, aren’t they both? I mean, that’s kinda like saying, “they’re not tourists, they’re just low-class people” or “they’re not Chinese, they’re just obnoxious tourists”.

          • cc

            Technically no there not tourists, they have gone to watch a football match, which makes them supporters of a team. If for instance a bunch of supporters travel from Manchester to Liverpool does that make them a tourist? I think not.

          • Kai

            Dictionary says a tourist is someone who travels for pleasure, and I consider watching a football match to be pleasure. They can be supporters of a team AND a tourist to me. I think most people would consider tourist to be someone who travels far enough to cross some arbitrary line to be in a place they normally wouldn’t be. I’m not sure if enough people consider there being such a line between Manchester and Liverpool, but between England and Germany? I think most people would say there is enough geographic and cultural difference there to say the visiting football hooligans fit the definition of tourist as well.

          • cc

            Have to disagree with you, two groups of football supporters out for a fight, they have no interest in the culture of the country only in kicking the living shite out of each other

          • Kai

            Since this is a game of semantics by now, the definition of tourist doesn’t necessitate an interest in culture, just that one is traveling for pleasure. I still think not mutually exclusive.

  • Alphy

    Funny post with a fun flame war, but it sounds more like a rumor from an ex-employee. I don’t see any comments in there from Tourist that had problem with the hotel. This is how rumor and slander starts people.

    Looks to me this is merely a post on Weibo from one guy without evidence.. Are there cases that confirm his allegations? Anyone?

    • From what I’ve found, no. I did find out that someone complained about Andrew Zhao being “not professional” and “not liked” by a guest.

  • LuoyangLaowai

    GOOD ON YOU Maldives Resorts. Smart Move Keeping the Chinese Trash out of these Islands. I’m sure they are not only keeping these Filthy Chinese Cockroaches from eating Instant Noodles it would also keep these parasitic worms from Littering those Beautiful Islands like they litter their own country. I support those Resorts on their decision all the way.

    • Tadd

      Where you from, mate?

    • LuoyangLaowai

      Just as an Example of the Horror Chinese can do to a place. Check this link out from Chinasmack. This was a story from October,2012 of what Chinese tourist did to a beach on Hainan Island. I would not want chinese tourist doing this to my Countries Beaches. They Obviously dont give a shit about their own country. Why would you want them to do it to yours.

    • [email protected]

      you sure you are on the right website?

    • mr.wiener

      I think the milk of your human kindness has curdled.

      • LuoyangLaowai

        I think it really has. Especially after living in China for 4 years now. Before I got here. I had high hopes for coming to china. I thought I was going to see all this really Cool Ancient stuff. Then I find out Everything here is fake.(WELL, OBVIOUSLY NOT EVERYTHING) But the majority has been rebuilt and what they call ancient is now only about 30 years old at the most. and I spent my first two years walking around blindly to the way china really is spitting, littering, loud, pissing. shitting. cheating. Then my eyes were open. and I saw these people for what they really are. So. Yes. My Milk for the tolerance of The Chinese has now curdled and is chunky as hell. I cant wait until June to get out of here. ALTHOUGH I will have to say I think I will miss some things about china after I am gone.

        • Why didn’t you fucking leave then you racist fucking fuck?
          Oh and: Fuck you racist! And your mother is a whore.

  • PixelPulse

    One of the best things about traveling is getting to try different foods, why anybody would chose instant noodles over fresh food is flying over my head. But, discrimination is discrimination and to cut off hot water to Chinese tourist is incredibly rude.

    • Jahar

      so are they.

    • Kai

      I agree, but I see Chinese people resorting to instant noodles abroad like American resorting to McDonald’s.

      • ric

        hey! maccas in different counties is different so trying one out to save time and money shouldn’t be looked down upon traveling is expensive!

        • Kai

          Heh, yeah, they have some regional menu differences but most tourists going into them do so for familiarity and convenience rather than the adventure of trying out a different menu item.

          If you say traveling is expensive, then we surely can identify with the Chinese tourists who eat instant noodles to save money rather than just because its familiar and convenient.

  • Zhegezhege

    The kettle is not for cooking noodles in. Just like the toilet is
    not a bin, the TV is not there to wake your neighbours up at 6am and the towels aren’t there to wipe your arse after taking a

    • manujoro

      Hotels should just print this and give it to chinese tourists upon check in!!!

  • filabusta

    Oh man. I thought that it was a bit strange to refuse hot water, and then I clicked on the article. I’m still laughing. Maybe Chinese people will realize how rude they are when they travel around.

  • Jay K.


    So embarrassing… This time when I go I’m going to pretend to be a Japanese…”

    This is hilarious, because after several facades people will see through it just out of generalization as to who is who and what is what. Let me give you an example, and a TRUE example.

    Back in spring 2012 my wife (Chinese) and I went back to NY where I’m from to spend our CNY there. Any of you from the ne know there’s Tops and Wegmans stores everywhere. On my way to Washington D.C my wife and I pulled over at a Wegmans grocery store where a tour bus full of Chinese (you’ll know later) went in to buy groceries. I minded my own business until I got to the line. Some old Chinese dude and his daughter(?) got there and they proceeded to just put the shopping cart in the middle of the whole lane and take there things (without saying a word), much to the disgust of the cashier and people waiting in line.

    I then asked why don’t you tell these guys to kindly remind them to put the carts where they belong, they said in rough words of,they just ignore us as if they don’t understand the english…the japs who come here for little league baseball don’t speak a lick of english but they know enough where to put the damn carts.
    (you should know where I was located in Pennsylvania at this point)

    As they were leaving the old man asked his daughter(?) for the bathroom, in a language I was quite familar with, Chinese. That’s when I told them in my rough Chinese “不好意思,请你们放这(hey i dont know the chinese word for shopping cart)个在那边,很多人排队,怎么直走?” (yes its shitty Chinese…sorry to trouble you, but could you please put this over there, many people have lined up but can’t go through[because of the shopping cart])

    they then look at me with shock and I pointed again to where the shopping cart should be placed, and after that I told the old man where the bathroom was.

    I’m not saying all Chinese tourists or guests are ass clowns, but those who do stick out stick, stick out and make the others look bad in a way that it becomes a collective thought to think all are shitty when it comes to manners and etiquette outside of China.

    My wife has gone on enough trips abroad fun or business to realize that sometimes she even looks at her fellow countrymen and realize how materialistically rich they are and at the same time how etiquette-wise they are so low.

    • Kai

      Same. We have to rely on these people to shame the others into improving. Unfortunately, manners of this sort often take a generation to change. :(

  • curl of the burl

    I believe the answer to this dilemma is the same one I’ve been given many a time in China myself – When in Rome, do as the Romans.

    Especially when you’re travelling half way across the world and spending a helluva lot to get there and stay at some ritzy hotel.

    I don’t think it’s wrong just very bad form. Seriously lacks any sort of class.

  • Let’s get the facts straight:

    1) All of this scandal is based on the weibo post by one guy, Andrew Zhao赵建科. He worked at a resort for less than half a year and then got fired. He does not like the new management and has said they have a discriminatory policy towards Chinese.

    2) There aren’t many resorts banding together in a “conspiracy” against Chinese. Well, there may be, but nothing in the article suggests this —- even though it specifically says “a few hotels”.

    3) They aren’t hotels. This is a resort. It’s an island in the middle of nowhere. There is nothing on this small island except for the resort themselves. If you want to eat a steak, they have to fly this steak and some chef to cook it out in the middle of nowhere. Hence, cost.

    So: the title is untrue. It is just an allegation, by one guy, about one place. Buy hey, anger.

  • brotime

    “If you don’t provide us hot water for instant noodles, we’ll just
    eat it dry, leaving dried noodle bits all over the floor! Then cover the
    floor with pickings from our feet! Then dirty your bathroom! And before
    we leave, we’ll take away all the bath supplies, and shine our shoes
    with your bedsheets, heh heh…”

    this is what they do anyway, nobody has internalized après moi, le déluge better than the shina pigs

  • I do not quite understand, why Mainlanders wanna eat Instant Noodle there. I mean they pay so much for the flight and a good hotel, but then instead of just going to a nice local restaurant in the evening, they just eat their instant noodle in their room?

  • garbo

    We had found a nice hotel in New Delhi. It was great until some Chinese tourists got rooms there. They were screaming in the hallway and acting like animals. Not to mention the women act like hos.

  • bert

    So all the Chinese need to do is travel with one of those super safe coils that you plug in and put into the water you want to boil. No kettles but at least you can burn the hotel down.

  • The Maldives just out-Chinesed the Chinese.

  • Daniel Tynan

    Instant Noodle are the asian version of “Kraft dinner” . . . zero nutritional value and more harmful than good for your health. We may have disdain for Chinese thrifty-ness but their penny pinching lifestyle has put China’s economy into a much more stable position than USA or most of Europe. While we are drowning in personal and federal debts. the Chinese are buying up our companies and real estate and pinching pennies so as to not go into debt.

    • cheong

      I really have to totally agree with you especially your statement:

      “We may have disdain for Chinese thrifty-ness but their penny pinching lifestyle”

      Frankly speaking, one does not get rich by just working hard but most important by “saving hard” ie: careful with spending.

      What is the use of having earned a million but spend more than a million??

      Have a nice day, please.

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