Male Secretary Confused About Being Sex Slave To Boss

Asian female boss wearing fur coat.

From Sina:

The term “unspoken rules” is a popular phrase in today’s society, and those who suffer the consequences from unspoken rules are often women, especially those “pretty flowers” that are already popular or want to be popular. Due to widespread conversation and concern, this matter has increasingly become one of society’s biggest moral debates. However, everyone seems to have neglected the other gender’s experience with “unspoken rules”. Even though males in society occupy a position of strength, he will inevitably suffer from “unspoken rules” to a certain degree, especially those in the special line of work of being male secretaries.

Due to a strange set of circumstances, I ended up enrolling in the secretary profession at a “not well-known” college after my college entrance exams. On the day that new students report in, I saw my class was “a field of red flowers”, “green leaves” [i.e. men] were indeed very few, and the strange thought that “at last, now is the time that men must endure the role of being red flowers” inexplicably exploded into my mind. The secretarial profession is least-scared of artistic performance, to the point where droves will boldly show up for even one performance, but for sport competitions, we are viewed as “a handicapped group” in need of special care.

In the blink of an eye, I graduated college, and after experiencing a round of bitter defeat, I finally got my wish by finding a job that fit my major with the sole regret being: I would be a “little secretary” [slightly derogatory term] for a middle-aged woman. My job was in a medium-sized trading company which was said to be established by my boss and her husband. Later on, the husband fulfilled the popular saying that “men who get money become bad” by taking his deserved share of the assets before he “dusted off his sleeves and left” [Chinese proverb]. My female boss is forty or so this year, other than “money” and “power”, I do not see any virtue in her, but these two are enough for countless people to grovel beneath her “pomegranate skirt” [sic, i.e. submit to her will]. According to a colleague: the female boss has a depraved lifestyle, and at any point in time she switches between a variety of “little white faces” [white-skinned, cute/effeminate boys]. They even warned me to be careful, don’t become her “little sweetheart”. At the time, I thought to myself that I’m just working here, she won’t try to “lay her hand on me” [i.e. make a move], moreover, my looks are mediocre, average temperament, I reckon she won’t be attracted to me. After working at the company for almost two months, nothing happened, the female boss gave me appropriate tasks and didn’t have any desires for me “in that way”.

One day in July 2009, the female boss wanted me to accompany her to see a client who came from the south, to be a secretary. Accompanying a boss for social gatherings is very normal, so I didn’t think too much about it, and I went with her after work. I rode in the female boss’ Benz with the assumption of going to the “Hong Ning Hotel” which is often used by our company for receiving clients, but the car was headed in the opposite direction. I didn’t think too much of it, maybe we were receiving rather important clients and switched to another hotel? After about half an hour, the female boss’ car reached a neighborhood of villas. I once saw an ad in the newspaper for this neighborhood, the housing price for one square meter is comparable to half of my yearly salary. I wondered why we had to come here? I asked the female boss: Chief Liu, aren’t we going to meet the clients? The female boss said: We’re not going to the hotel today, this client is a friend of mine, so might as well receive him at home. I didn’t say anything but did feel a faint pain of discomfort. The Benz stopped at a villa, the female boss and I got off and went inside.

The instant that the doors of the villa swung open, my eyes were stupefied, it would not be an exaggeration to describe the interior design and furnishings as “splendorous and majestic”. I didn’t even get a chance to examine things closely before the female boss wanted me to sit on the couch. She said to wait a bit since the client hasn’t arrived yet, and she would go upstairs to change into another outfit. I sat on the couch while looking in every direction, and before long, the female boss came down from upstairs, but she wasn’t wearing any clothes, not a single thread of clothing was on her. I really didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know what she was going to do. The female boss casually walked to my side, both her eyes gazed tightly on me and said: Xiao Zhao, am I beautiful? I was scared stupid and stammered: Liu…. Chief Liu….Client….. Where’s the client? The female boss laughed scornfully: There are no clients, we are the only ones in this house. Come, tonight I’m yours. I didn’t know how to respond, only dumbstruck and looking at her stupidly. The female boss saw that I wasn’t responding and continued to say: Xiao Zhao, if you’re with me, the company’s deputy chief position is yours, I will also give you a BMW. For a kid who came from the countryside, it’s hard for me to resist material temptation. Just like that, I submitted to the female boss’ money and power, my first time was given to the “middle-aged but still somewhat attractive” female boss.

The next day, the female boss announced to everyone that I was promoted to deputy chief and was allocated a BMW. I used my one night in exchange for what these other people had no way of getting in their entire lifetime, but am I really happy? I, myself, am very confused, I don’t know how I would face my relatives and friends, I also don’t know if what I did is right or wrong? From this point onward, the female boss would often bring me to different inns, hotels, and the villa to provide her with “pleasure”, I’ve simply become a “machine” to satisfy her lust. I’m truly nauseated to see her disgusting face and body, but the temptation of money makes it impossible for me to stop. I can sense my colleagues’ superficial respect, but behind my back they are all gossiping. What path should I take? I’m really in agony, can everyone please help me out, ok?

Note: The above image is not related to this story.

Comments from Sina:

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Encountering “unspoken rules” does not distinguish between men and women.


Wah…old buddy….Your taste is this strong/heavy~~!


Forget it, just endure it.


Each must do what’s necessary, clear your conscience. If you feel ashamed don’t do such shady things.


Accept reality~~~~!~~!~~~


From what I see, examples like this are too many, lo.


From an outsider’s perspective, this in fact is very simple.
Material temptation and the body, the consensus is it’s hard to resist.
My thinking is if you really have the ability to take such a position, you certainly can escape all this.
If you do not have the ability, and you still want to be treated better, you certainly will be captive to materialism.
Clearly, you are the latter, society’s rules told you that you can be like this.
But I think your life is not very happy.
This is desire’s mistake, if you are a person who can satisfy the necessities of life, you can certainly rely on just one or two thousand and live peacefully: however, you’re not. Be more balanced, and you’ll be better off.
I think your strategy is to wait until you’ve got enough money and then leave, fortunately, you’re not a female secretary.


Got money, what else is there.


What’s the way to determine unspoken rules?

I don’t know what unspoken rules really are.
But I’ve always believed that if you protect yourself well, others won’t risk the dangers of breaking the law to engage in unspoken rules with you.
Your definitely gave others the chance and excuse to engage in unspoken rules.

Unspoken rules are actually someone estimating their own worth, comparing it to what one wants and many other things.

Other peoples’ darkness and immorality are their own,
but you’ve encountered unspoken rules, don’t blame it entirely on your environment, because the internal reason determines the external reason, the external reason merely brings about the opposite of the internal reason.


Your life is so good.


Take the money and leave.


Eating soft food [sic] also takes skill, congratulations.


This is the results after meeting a wealthy woman. Brother, don’t be too virtuous, use this chance to your advantage. Fight to get something useful out of this, and take a leading role in society!


You win some, you lose some. When you get what you wanted, you can go find what you lost. Not much to it.


This is not unspoken rules, but your own system of values.


To be an old woman’s male secretary, if you don’t do it, someone else will.


Little buddy, your fate is so good, old chap here has worked away from home for 10 years without bumping into a good occasion such as this. The paths for seeking one’s livelihood are myriad, in today’s society, to have money is to have status! Be a little realistic, build your center around economics.

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  • As long as they did it on the sofa, no problem.

  • Amberjack

    Money is money, power is power. You marry a sweet young thing and in 10 years she will look like your mistress perhaps and you will be married to her perhaps for the rest of your life. Love and beauty sometime fades with time, especially the beauty part. Money invested properly will only get stronger.

    • GameAddict

      Wow! Thanks for brightening my day. Guess I should just give up and shoot myself now.

  • Jean

    if i were her, i would shut up and do my job!

  • zammo hung

    Made up story. Thumb up ass etc etc..

    Wouldnt use her shite for toothpaste, mind you. Even for a BMW.

    • gth793y

      Completely agree,

      sexing your boss once will at most get you a little pay raise, but promotion to deputy chief and a bmw?


    • Spencer

      Please stop making that reference. It is truly repulsive and no woman is worth using her excrement as toothpaste.

      • zammo hung

        You just havent met the right woman yet.

  • blaeh

    Male Secretary Writes A Story About His Wishful Thoughts

    BTW: I expected a BDSM outfit.

  • blaeh

    Also, I wonder if the creater of this story has played to many dating sims…

  • georges

    Another thread to help people spanking it with a thumb up their asses. I wonder if that put a thumb up his or up the ass of his boss ?

  • Be a real man, fuck her, and look for more…

  • germancockroach

    The one in the picture looks like only a vigorous fisting would satisfy her.

  • You are the boy toy

    Obviously there are women who do this. Only they know what they are after and they have to sell their soul.

    This guy did it, but didn’t really know women bosses do this.

    Don’t worry Xiao Zhao, you will be ok. Live it up and visit lots of KTV, have a nice girl on the side, get married and you will eventually keep an “Er Nai” on the side.

  • Technocrat

    People who support the male secretary’s decision are signs that this world is heading for a doom.
    If I am a dictator, I will send my secret police to execute you.

    Stop leeching other people and earn money yourself. What have you done in this society to deserve such a sum of money. The founding of a civilization is made by hardworking people. From the people who grow our food, people who manufacture automobile, built our homes. It is disgusting many people are willing to take short-cut by being immoral.

    The notion that being wealthy will make a human is bad is ridiculous. It all depends on the personality of each. You know what, I am rich too (USD$1 million a year take home)but I have decent virtues. I am probably good looking too, considering I have 95% hit rate on picking up girls in clubs. But I would never cheat on my lover.

    You immoral people should burn in hell.

    • Chris

      Yeah. Right. What else do you dream about?

      All riches are made by leeching off other people in one form or another. At least the poster, if it is a true story, is leeching off someone who can afford it.

  • germancockroach

    “Little Zhao, are you in yet? I can’t feel anything.”

    “Yes Boss. I’m hard and in but it’s like a chopstick in a wok”


    “I mean it feels like heaven!”

    “I can’t feel anything. What are you playing at? Are you rubbing yourself again without serving me?”

    “No Boss! What do you want me to do now?”

    “You know what I want.”

    “Have you showered recently?”

    “Last week. Now start licking! Not like that! It’s not pork, be gentle, lick it like it’s tofu! O yeah, that’s the way I like it. O yeah. Now tweak my two headlights! O yeah. A little faster. O yeah.

    “Boss, I heard of something new the Americans do.”

    “Really? Oh, I’m sure it’s good! We must try it! They are always coming up with something new and interesting for us to copy.”

    “When you were a girl did you play any musical instruments at school?”

    “Yes, I played a wooden flute.”

    “Good Boss! I’m sure you were an excellent wooden flute player.”

    “Yes I was, now quit patting the horse’s behind, Ok! What do we do?”

    “The Americans call this Playing The Rusty Trombone.”

    “Wow! That’s sounds really exciting!”

    • georges

      your story will be an invitation to many to spank it with a thumb up the ass.

      • germancockroach

        Is that what you do? Is it good?

  • Spanky

    I had a male x-boss here in Shanghai that allegedly interviewed female candidates in hotel rooms. I raised the issue with US HR. No result except I’m no longer employed there.

    • VeerLeft

      BWAHAHAHAHAH!!! Mind your business!!! LOL… wow…you must have been new at that juncture.

  • fireworks

    Tough choice for working for a female boss. I guess if he wants to keep the BMW, he still needs to bone her but use a paper bag. The female boss looks kinda butch. This guy will need to see a shrink when he has moved on…

    • FYIADragoon

      Above picture isn’t the same woman or else he probably would have killed himself from the shame afterwards.

  • bs called

    I don’t doubt that some Women take advantage of their position to sleep with Men, but I think most Men would see this as a “good thing” – especially when there are benefits. I also know the story is fake when he said, “the female boss came down from upstairs, but she wasn’t wearing any clothes, not a single thread of clothing was on her”. This is a guy who probably has no experience with Women.

  • FYIADragoon

    I have too much pride to do this.

  • of Canada

    Some of the hottest Chinese women I’ve seen were secretaries and receptionists for big companies. Usually very young and unskilled. No coincidence there.

    • georges

      but perform excellent BJ.

  • VanMan

    They all look the same with the lights off. Soldier on son.

  • fabi

    whats wrong about sex slaves?

  • 苏联人

    Disgusting, this guy is a whore whichever way you look at it.

  • Matthew

    what is not your will be taken from you. this is the law of universe. you might enjoy the moment but in later life, you will suffer to balance out your life equation. It is better to earn your living although income is low. you are selling your soul at this moment.

  • Jablay

    grow up man. you’re hurting no one on this matter.

    enjoy your job.

  • Lord Byron (aka Chris Devonshire-Ellis)

    Its a hoax was written by a foreigner. Chinese do not compose their English like that, and certainly not young ‘male’ secretarial staff on what can be only be about RMB4,000 a month. You’ve all been had.

    [Note from Fauna: Please do not use multiple names.]

  • Zebadee

    It won’t kill you, just endure it while it lasts!

  • DonHuerto

    yeah,i agree, like most ppl said you should endure it and try to take advantage of it. Try to invest the money u are getting now in case anything goes wrong in the future. Honestly this is not something you should be crying about, as long as she still gives you time to do your own things, you will get might as well find someone you really love and your boss will have to understand that…with time the way she is requesting for your” services” will just fade away…good luck

  • kimboslice

    I only wonder why this guy is so upset? Just get what you can out of this situation. Once you have some money saved up, try to find another job. Either way, prepare to be thrown away by the ugly woman, she’ll someday find another victim. Force her to perform oral sex on you. Do nasty things to her and make her your sex slave. Stick things up her “asterisk”. Can you keep that BMW? I’d sell it if I had the title and buy a cheaper car. Get some evidence so you can blackmail the hag if she gets difficult. Take some pictures of her in compromising positions. Have fun planning revenge even if it is never necessary. You also need to find some outside cute girl (but never tell anyone). Make money while you can and forget the guilt. Don’t worry what your friends or parents think. It’s only a woman after all. They all need sex, the dirtier the better.

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  • hoklodude

    Some guys will poke anything on 2 legs whether they have the opportunity to work for a boss which looks of Ivanka Trump or a Margaret Thatcher. They are on the conquest to the top of the corporate ladder, nothing will stop in their tracks.

  • vivian

    I can not agree with you. You are such a young guy. Don’t you think it is a shame. In this world we can choose how to live. To exchange dignity with money is so stupid. however I should say it is up to you. anyway this is legal.

  • Jub

    luck bastard…

  • VeerLeft

    Maggie Thatcher would make one hell of a DOM….lol

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  • jonsjon

    chinese sell their soul everyday for money, theres nothing wrong going on here. It’s the chinese spirit!

  • Shanghairocks

    Is this a continuation of the “Perverted Chinese Girls” series??

  • Jean

    is that the pic of the boss or of the secretary??

  • InstantNoodles

    I find it hard to believe as well. If I were a middle-aged sugar mama in an environment where this kind of shit is an “unspoken rule”, I’d tell the guy to either get down or get fired. No raise no BMW.

    And by the original wording, the woman was “of middle age but a bombshell when she was younger”. Now, the choice is to find a younger girl who you have to pay for (unless you bought her from Vietnam, in which case you pay less), or go with a not bad looking older lady who is paying for you.

  • RayJay

    Dude, if this shits for real, blackmail the Bitch into next week.

  • Chinglish is good. I always like to use Chinglish to say something Chinese, for it manifests Chinese culture.
    This is China Smack!

  • Blaise

    No. you shouldn’t continue. Tell her that you don’t like her in that way, but you respect her thats why you’re doing this. You must see her truthful reaction.

  • zee

    cash rules everything around me
    get the money
    dolla dolla bill yall

  • Tyler

    DAAAAMMMNNNN she turned u n2 HO… a prostitute… a ho is sum1 who sleaps with sum1 else for money/objects/nething n return… YOU’RE A HO

  • James

    So let me get this straight. This guy gets laid, and his own testimony by his attractive female boss.!Gets a mother F-ing BMW free and paid for!! With the added cherry of getting an amazing promotion!!!

    This guy has no moral dilemma. If anything Gods smiling upon him.

  • Harry

    If you are not interested, give her me. I would be happy.

  • Mark

    Is this a true story?

  • I can empathize with her. My situation is very similar since I too work for a Lesbian Boss. Being post operative she uses a strap on to penetrate me however I must confess she is a great lover and I feel complete as a woman having such intense orgasims.

  • Maid Angela

    She is the boss and she has bought you so you are now her property. Just do as you are told and make sure she gets value for money out of you.

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