Male Secretary Confused About Being Sex Slave To Boss

Asian female boss wearing fur coat.

From Sina:

The term “unspoken rules” is a popular phrase in today’s society, and those who suffer the consequences from unspoken rules are often women, especially those “pretty flowers” that are already popular or want to be popular. Due to widespread conversation and concern, this matter has increasingly become one of society’s biggest moral debates. However, everyone seems to have neglected the other gender’s experience with “unspoken rules”. Even though males in society occupy a position of strength, he will inevitably suffer from “unspoken rules” to a certain degree, especially those in the special line of work of being male secretaries.

Due to a strange set of circumstances, I ended up enrolling in the secretary profession at a “not well-known” college after my college entrance exams. On the day that new students report in, I saw my class was “a field of red flowers”, “green leaves” [i.e. men] were indeed very few, and the strange thought that “at last, now is the time that men must endure the role of being red flowers” inexplicably exploded into my mind. The secretarial profession is least-scared of artistic performance, to the point where droves will boldly show up for even one performance, but for sport competitions, we are viewed as “a handicapped group” in need of special care.

In the blink of an eye, I graduated college, and after experiencing a round of bitter defeat, I finally got my wish by finding a job that fit my major with the sole regret being: I would be a “little secretary” [slightly derogatory term] for a middle-aged woman. My job was in a medium-sized trading company which was said to be established by my boss and her husband. Later on, the husband fulfilled the popular saying that “men who get money become bad” by taking his deserved share of the assets before he “dusted off his sleeves and left” [Chinese proverb]. My female boss is forty or so this year, other than “money” and “power”, I do not see any virtue in her, but these two are enough for countless people to grovel beneath her “pomegranate skirt” [sic, i.e. submit to her will]. According to a colleague: the female boss has a depraved lifestyle, and at any point in time she switches between a variety of “little white faces” [white-skinned, cute/effeminate boys]. They even warned me to be careful, don’t become her “little sweetheart”. At the time, I thought to myself that I’m just working here, she won’t try to “lay her hand on me” [i.e. make a move], moreover, my looks are mediocre, average temperament, I reckon she won’t be attracted to me. After working at the company for almost two months, nothing happened, the female boss gave me appropriate tasks and didn’t have any desires for me “in that way”.

One day in July 2009, the female boss wanted me to accompany her to see a client who came from the south, to be a secretary. Accompanying a boss for social gatherings is very normal, so I didn’t think too much about it, and I went with her after work. I rode in the female boss’ Benz with the assumption of going to the “Hong Ning Hotel” which is often used by our company for receiving clients, but the car was headed in the opposite direction. I didn’t think too much of it, maybe we were receiving rather important clients and switched to another hotel? After about half an hour, the female boss’ car reached a neighborhood of villas. I once saw an ad in the newspaper for this neighborhood, the housing price for one square meter is comparable to half of my yearly salary. I wondered why we had to come here? I asked the female boss: Chief Liu, aren’t we going to meet the clients? The female boss said: We’re not going to the hotel today, this client is a friend of mine, so might as well receive him at home. I didn’t say anything but did feel a faint pain of discomfort. The Benz stopped at a villa, the female boss and I got off and went inside.

The instant that the doors of the villa swung open, my eyes were stupefied, it would not be an exaggeration to describe the interior design and furnishings as “splendorous and majestic”. I didn’t even get a chance to examine things closely before the female boss wanted me to sit on the couch. She said to wait a bit since the client hasn’t arrived yet, and she would go upstairs to change into another outfit. I sat on the couch while looking in every direction, and before long, the female boss came down from upstairs, but she wasn’t wearing any clothes, not a single thread of clothing was on her. I really didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know what she was going to do. The female boss casually walked to my side, both her eyes gazed tightly on me and said: Xiao Zhao, am I beautiful? I was scared stupid and stammered: Liu…. Chief Liu….Client….. Where’s the client? The female boss laughed scornfully: There are no clients, we are the only ones in this house. Come, tonight I’m yours. I didn’t know how to respond, only dumbstruck and looking at her stupidly. The female boss saw that I wasn’t responding and continued to say: Xiao Zhao, if you’re with me, the company’s deputy chief position is yours, I will also give you a BMW. For a kid who came from the countryside, it’s hard for me to resist material temptation. Just like that, I submitted to the female boss’ money and power, my first time was given to the “middle-aged but still somewhat attractive” female boss.

The next day, the female boss announced to everyone that I was promoted to deputy chief and was allocated a BMW. I used my one night in exchange for what these other people had no way of getting in their entire lifetime, but am I really happy? I, myself, am very confused, I don’t know how I would face my relatives and friends, I also don’t know if what I did is right or wrong? From this point onward, the female boss would often bring me to different inns, hotels, and the villa to provide her with “pleasure”, I’ve simply become a “machine” to satisfy her lust. I’m truly nauseated to see her disgusting face and body, but the temptation of money makes it impossible for me to stop. I can sense my colleagues’ superficial respect, but behind my back they are all gossiping. What path should I take? I’m really in agony, can everyone please help me out, ok?

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Comments from Sina:


Encountering “unspoken rules” does not distinguish between men and women.


Wah…old buddy….Your taste is this strong/heavy~~!


Forget it, just endure it.


Each must do what’s necessary, clear your conscience. If you feel ashamed don’t do such shady things.


Accept reality~~~~!~~!~~~


From what I see, examples like this are too many, lo.


From an outsider’s perspective, this in fact is very simple.
Material temptation and the body, the consensus is it’s hard to resist.
My thinking is if you really have the ability to take such a position, you certainly can escape all this.
If you do not have the ability, and you still want to be treated better, you certainly will be captive to materialism.
Clearly, you are the latter, society’s rules told you that you can be like this.
But I think your life is not very happy.
This is desire’s mistake, if you are a person who can satisfy the necessities of life, you can certainly rely on just one or two thousand and live peacefully: however, you’re not. Be more balanced, and you’ll be better off.
I think your strategy is to wait until you’ve got enough money and then leave, fortunately, you’re not a female secretary.


Got money, what else is there.


What’s the way to determine unspoken rules?

I don’t know what unspoken rules really are.
But I’ve always believed that if you protect yourself well, others won’t risk the dangers of breaking the law to engage in unspoken rules with you.
Your definitely gave others the chance and excuse to engage in unspoken rules.

Unspoken rules are actually someone estimating their own worth, comparing it to what one wants and many other things.

Other peoples’ darkness and immorality are their own,
but you’ve encountered unspoken rules, don’t blame it entirely on your environment, because the internal reason determines the external reason, the external reason merely brings about the opposite of the internal reason.


Your life is so good.


Take the money and leave.


Eating soft food [sic] also takes skill, congratulations.


This is the results after meeting a wealthy woman. Brother, don’t be too virtuous, use this chance to your advantage. Fight to get something useful out of this, and take a leading role in society!


You win some, you lose some. When you get what you wanted, you can go find what you lost. Not much to it.


This is not unspoken rules, but your own system of values.


To be an old woman’s male secretary, if you don’t do it, someone else will.


Little buddy, your fate is so good, old chap here has worked away from home for 10 years without bumping into a good occasion such as this. The paths for seeking one’s livelihood are myriad, in today’s society, to have money is to have status! Be a little realistic, build your center around economics.


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