Man Beats Woman In Public, Husband Apologizes

Man Beats Woman In Public, Husband Apologizes

A woman wanting to buy a purse has been met with her husband’s rejection. The husband ended up beating his wife in the street, and she consequently jumped into a lake. The woman was later rescued by the police, and said that at home she frequently suffered domestic abuse. The police have mediated, he has apologized and has pledged to no longer beat her. Chinese netizens have replied, saying “The man has only guaranteed that he won’t beat her to death”. Furthermore, they believe that the two should divorce.

Source: Netease

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  • Jahar

    I’ve heard several stories similar to this one, but in those, the police actually pressured the woman to forgive her husband/boyfriend. They said things like, “He didn’t mean to,” and “He’s really sorry.” The police were actually supporting the offender instead of the victim.

    • Amused

      That’s just heinous man :(

    • donscarletti

      Probably telling the man to next time beat her at home so as to not disturb the peace.

      Mediation is bullshit anyway. Pretending to get involved and not take sides always leads to taking sides without due process. Authorities are there to follow process, assess evidence and to make rulings.

      If Bao Zheng was there, he wouldn’t say shit, he’d just get his bodyguards to beat the shit out of that guy. Or then again, maybe he wouldn’t, since beating your wife was legal in the Song Dynasty. Either way, he wouldn’t mediate.

  • redlobster

    Let her get a purse you monster.

  • what the fk!
    better live alone than marry a poor loser and miser!

    • Amused

      I agree! Poor women are just good to date and then dump when you meet something better! I mean, what? Do they think they are special and human or something?

      • but in china, there are more men than women, women here always can find a man to marry. really no need to waste life with this kinda misers.

        • Amused

          Why bother marrying Chinese women? Too poor, too farmer, not traditional. Far better to just play with them and marry a nice girl from a traditional culture like Japan or Africa :)

          • so you are a black man, no woman gives u a hit here no wonder why you hate so much!

          • Amused

            Oh no, I’m a proud white American, tho if I was black I’d be proud of that too. I just prefer good traditional women over skanky gold digging whores :)

          • what made you use whore to insult women here?
            jap girls sell very young at school, black women i do not even wanna talk about it.
            so, good, just go find one. of cos, poor men talk about pure love without any conditions, especially when they are poor and ugly, no woman wants to take a look.
            good looking poor men dream of rich women often. it’s a real world, not for some losers make day dreams.

          • Amused

            Western men don’t like gold diggers sweetheart.
            As the great American philosopher Snoop Dogg used to say,”we don’t love these hoes”.

          • ha!
            i even met several white male gold diggers in shanghai.
            go fk yrself!

          • Amused

            Why go fuck myself when I can stay and fuck myself? Poor little crumb hustler… I almost feel sorry for you. You probably don’t even notice everyone laughing when you walk by :)

          • ?????
            go fk yourself! i am sure you wanna be hustler but no one gives u a shit!

          • Amused

            Why would I hustle sweetheart? I’m happily married. Something you sadly, never will be. I’m sure your mother will be very proud when you are 50 and alone :)

          • hahahahaha!
            really happily married???? only youself knows! being married is sth worthy to show off nowaday?
            be careful, maybe your kids even not urs.

          • Amused

            Hahaha! You’re so funny! We all know your kids won’t be yours. After all, a uterus can only withstand so many abortions. How many are you up to now?

          • son, your mom is tired of this kinda online bullshit game!

          • Amused

            Hahaha, never change or go away SB, and I mean that seriously.
            After all, you’re the only person here who has a more abrasive personality than me :)

        • bujiebuke

          How do you explain the left-over women phenomenon?

          • coz they look for better life, china is getting richer and richer, so the situation is getting closer as west.

          • bujiebuke


          • buy a cheap bag will make this husband die?
            plus the real reason is he beats her often!

          • bujiebuke

            我跟你同意打他的爱人是不对, 可是用这个理由跳海怎的是太过分。

          • who cares! the one jumped into water is not me! how can i know how she thinks!

          • bujiebuke

            makes perfect sense…

          • Teacher in China

            Because of all the women like her who think that since there are sooooo many desperate men out there, there must be a prince charming just waiting around the next corner, and so they end up waiting and waiting until they hit 30+, at which point it’s far too late. All those rich guys are looking for a hotty in her early 20s; the only ones settling for 30+ are divorced with kids or money problems or low-paying jobs, and yet these left-over women still fool themselves into thinking that they can do better, so they wait some more. It’s a symptom of the over-emphasis of wealth accumulation and consumer culture. If he can’t buy me an iPhone 13+ and an LV bag, then he’s worthless!

          • i do not mind wait a while either!
            even my father told me so, never rush since you have been waiting this long.
            the guy wants to marry me so much, he tried to buy me ring in mall, but refused by me and my mom, coz we are not that kinda persons.if we not make up mind, not take anyone’s gift.
            now he is trying to buy apt in sh, coz he thinks if buy apt in my county then i may not leave any more.
            but i tell him, let me think a while.
            marry young does not mean you win. with this kinda thinking already is a loser.
            and plus, you are a teacher teach in poor place, i do not see anything good to marry sb as u either.

          • Teacher in China

            I think for women in China it’s a really tricky line to balance and a lot of women end up getting burned by waiting too long. Of course, I agree with you that getting married too young is a bad idea, and getting married just to get married isn’t a good idea either – that’s why the divorce rate in China is skyrocketing as well. But I think really that once you hit 30, your stock falls significantly in the eyes of the successful men (and especially their mothers!), so like I said, women have a tough time in this regard.

          • bujiebuke

            It’s a symptom of the over-emphasis of wealth accumulation and consumer culture.

            I think what you describe is a fairly accurate description of that demographic. I would add that there are a mix of people (men and women) that just don’t want to marry and have children. There are also those who prefer to have children later on in life. Having money allows people to have more options in this case.

          • KamikaziPilot

            I wonder once these women are say, 40+ and haven’t married or had kids and their prospects really start to dim. I wonder what their attitude at that point is? Do they regret not marrying or having kids? Do they say it’s no problem but really feel depressed about it? Or do they sincerely think it’s not a problem and just be happy? I know a big emphasis in Chinese culture is having kids so they can take care of their parents, although this belief is possibly diminishing so I’m wondering what happens to these older ladies who aren’t married or have kids. I personally haven’t know any Chinese woman very well that are 50+ that haven’t had kids or were at least married once.

          • Teacher in China

            Yeah the kids thing is tough. I knew a woman who underwent a lot of procedures because she was desperate to have a kid even though she was past 40. She got lucky, but I’d guess a lot of women end up having to just forgo it, or maybe adopt.

          • Zappa Frank

            you want eattot to explain something?

          • bujiebuke

            Hehe, I tried to communicate in her own language and look where that got me…

  • 穷逼男人真该死!
    maybe know quite several rich men in our team, really can not stand poor loser and miser any more.

  • Zappa Frank

    only in china:

    -The husband ended up beating his wife in the street, and she consequently jumped into a lake.

    why chinese women always jump in the water?

    -The woman was later rescued by the police, and said that at home
    she frequently suffered domestic abuse. The police have mediated, he has
    apologized and has pledged to no longer beat her.

    well, good job police… no charges for someone that usually beat his wife, just a “promise” that he would not do it again… why bother to enforce the law when we can simply ‘mediate’ crimes?

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