Man Blocks Ambulance After Minor Accident, Patient Dies


From NetEase:

Ambulance Blocked For Nearly Half an Hour, Patient Waiting for Ambulance Dies

“Don’t you leave. You hit me and you want to run? All of you, get out of the vehicle!” Yesterday morning at 8am, a young man blocked an ambulance at the morning market on Dongtao Road in Dadong district [in Shenyang city] that was on its way to save someone, and prevented the paramedics from getting out. After the police arrived on the scene, this man instead fled. By this time, the patient waiting upstairs was no longer breathing…

Man blocks ambulance during morning market

Around 8am on March 7th, in front of the morning market on Dongtao Road in Dadong district, a young man with strainers in both hands banged them against a 120 [emergency medical assistance number] ambulance, “Stop the car, and get out!” With the morning market, people immediately gathered around. The ambulance driver rolled down his window, and the man emotionally said: “Do you know you hit my car? So you hit my car and run?” The ambulance driver said he didn’t realize and what more, didn’t mean to do so, “Someone called 120, we’re headed to pick up the patient, and it’s a bit urgent. If our vehicle hit your car, you can call 122 to resolve it.”

The young man however wasn’t satisfied, with both hands holding strainers continuously pointing at the ambulance, insisting that the driver provide an explanation [resolution]. At this moment, a young woman ran up from behind and pulled the emotional young man away. The woman said they were driving a grey van heading east to west on the right-most lane when this ambulance overtook them and heavily sideswiped them, “Thankfully we braked in time, otherwise we would’ve definitely crashed into other cars.”

Brandishing dough scraper demanding an resolution

The man was very angry after being sideswiped, stopped the car in its place, got out, and chased after the ambulance, and since the ambulance happened to slow down due to the morning market traffic, it was caught by the man. This man’s strainers were grabbed from a morning market vendor selling youtiao. Afterward, with the woman doing everything she could to restrain the man, the ambulance continued onward driving into a residential neighborhood.

Just when everyone thought the scene was over, and perhaps because he only got angrier the more he thought about it, this man then grabbed a dough scraper from the youtiao vendor, ran into the residential neighborhood the ambulance had driven into, and continued to demand a resolution. Seeing the man holding a knife and in an extremely agitated state, repeatedly berating the drive, no one on the ambulance dared to get out. At this time, quite a few residents were gathered around the vehicle, and after understanding the sequence of events, everyone tried to persuade the man, “They didn’t mean to; they were just in a rush to save someone; you have to be understanding.” There was even a resident who got fed up and said: “Yielding for 110, 119, 120 [police, firefighters, ambulance] carrying out their duty is basic common sense, don’t you know?”

By the time the scene ended, the patient was no longer breathing

No matter how everyone tried to reason with him, the man refused to be moved, with even the relatives who had called the 120 hotline coming downstairs to explain the situation without success. Left without a choice, both the paramedics and the relatives both called 110 for the police, but upon seeing them call the police, the man quickly left the residential neighborhood. By the time the paramedics rushed up to the patient’s home, the patient no longer had any life signs, and was pronounced dead. At that time, nearly half an hour had passed since the man had first blocked the ambulance.

Relatives said the patient had cancer, and upon noticing something wrong had called the 120 emergency medical number. With regards to the man’s obstruction of the ambulance due to personal reasons, residents all expressed condemnation, “He was too young [immature], behaving rashly because of his own unhappiness, and regardless of whether or not he had held up the rescue, he should suffer punishment!” Around noon, the deceased was taken away by 96144 [coroner/funeral parlor]. As for how the relatives plan to handle this matter but in view of the relatives making funeral arrangements, this reporter did not disturb them to inquire.

Comments from NetEase:

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网易上海市杨浦区手机网友 ip:222.70.*.*

Yet another selfish SB.

MaoZedong伟大的政治家 [网易上海市网友]:

The crime of endangering public safety! Obstructing medical personnel in a rescue, causing a patient to die, is indirect homicide!

rocking210 [网易江西省网友]:

This must result in at least 15 days detention.

网易福建省厦门市手机网友 ip:27.159.*.* (responding to above)

Wrongful death?

网易江苏省常州市手机网友 ip:180.115.*.*

This man should be shot.

m180****0215 [网易河南省郑州市手机网友]:

Hospitals should not admit this kind of person when he is sick/injured in the future.

网易广东省佛山市手机网友 ip:121.9.*.*

Indirect homicide! Revoke his driver’s license.

tanying19850613 [网易河北省邯郸市手机网友]:

Is this Shenyang’s Dadong district?

牛求异 [网易浙江省温州市网友]:

This kind of thing has happened to the head of a committee before in the past. We can only say the patient was unlucky.

很狠爱自己 [网易河北省石家庄市手机网友]:

To pester endlessly has now become a man’s privilege as well.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Luke the Duke

    Jesus. That asshole should consider himself extremely fortunate that the patient’s relatives didn’t beat him to a pulp there and then. That would be the standard reaction when a family member is slowly dying upstairs and some prick is holding the ambulance crew hostage downstairs for something as petty as what was presumably an attempt at extorting compensation.

    • Poodle Tooth

      Now the tables are turned.

  • MidniteOwl

    This generation in mainland China and the impact on civil society… much like the pollution documentary, this too needs a documentary. But I heard the pollution one is already banned in China. sigh.

    • mwal

      This is one guy on one day out of 1.3 billion people for four-and-twenty years’ worth of days.

      With that number of people, over time, just about every good and bad thing is bound to happen, possibly many times — e.g. how many times have people gone to great trouble to get out of the way of ambulances, etc?

      The causal problem is that the good things are rarely reported, which speaks more of the minds and hearts of those reporting than it speaks of society.

      The resultant problem is that if people only get to see bad things, then people start to believe that if there are only bad things, and that doing bad things is OK.

      • Pete

        “how many times have people gone to great trouble to get out of the way of ambulances, etc?”

        I live next to a hospital, and from what I can observe the answer is “not many”

        Take a walk through any Chinese city at any time, and see how people behave. This was an unique result, but it’s not an unique behavior in China, sadly.

        • ArcTanGentleman

          This is why obstructing an ambulance is a crime in the U.S. However, arguably, in a country with such an overpopulation problem and formerly a 1-child limit, it makes me wonder if they hold the same value of a single life… however, someone from China would need to answer that one.

          This is very interesting to read after this article.

      • DazeofThunder

        it’s ridiculous that you are implying that this is not typical behavior. it is a fact that mainlanders are incredibly selfish and oftentimes do not consider the welfare of strangers.

        • mwal

          What would be more ridiculous would be your believing that your behaviour is not racist, which does not consider anything at all about your fellow human beings.

          Have you never thrown a petty tantrum? That’s all that happened, here; the only difference being that this one particular petty tantrum, out of billions of petty tantrums that occur every year, had tragic results.

          One out of billions of petty tantrum has tragic results? That’s a statistical certainty.

          Most petty tantrums are mindless, and do not have any ill effect on the world.

          But all instances of racism are small- or evil-minded, and do have ill effects.

          Unless you’re talking about the Welsh, of course. You can say what you like about them.

          • hypebeast88

            Do you live in china?

          • mwal

            Not all year. Do you?

          • hypebeast88

            for half the year i live in china, so since you haven’t lived in china you cant give a comment like this because you don’t know what your talking about, most the people on this forum live in china.

          • mwal

            Yes, you’re right, because I don’t live in China, I’m completely stupid and don’t even have half a brain. No-one who does not live in China has any knowledge whatsoever about human behaviour.

            Let me guess: is everyone who lives in China but who does not live in your house an idiot, too?

            So the entire population of the world except you is either monsters or idiots.

            Only a moron would think like that. And one would have to be even below that level to post a comment like it on the Internet.

            I hope your current and/or future employers never see you make such comments.

            Go on. Have a tantrum in response. Just remember that having a tantrum in the wrong place at the wrong time can have a terrible outcome.

          • hypebeast88

            lol I’m just going to laugh at you, you obviously don’t know what you talking about as it seems you’ve never visited china so I’m going to take it easy on you. In china you’re called a 装逼。

          • mwal

            How intelligent you are.

            I’m in awe of your greatness.

            Small wonder that you hide your activities on Discus.

            You apparently seem unable to learn the simple fact that is proven by this incident, however: That bad behaviour can have unfortunate consequences that you may not foresee whilst you are behaving badly (e.g. when throwing a tantrum, acting in a racist way, or pretending that you’re cleverer than you are).

            But it is phenomenally rare, so you just carry on acting like you own the world; you’ll probably get away with it for a long time.

          • hypebeast88

            Lol, have fun with your long winded tangents, and baseless inferences.

          • mwal


          • hypebeast88

            I’m honestly curious why you wasted such a long time writing meaningless essays?

          • mwal

            Google “*plonk*”, newbie.

          • mr.wiener

            Enough please, agree to differ and have done with it.

          • mwal

            I plonked this thread two hours ago. Why are people still replying to me?

          • mr.wiener

            Probably because you are still replying to them.

          • mwal

            OK, it has to be three hours since I plonked this thread, but there are still people replying, so the local n00b1tud3 level must be quite high.

            For reference, if someone plonks a thread, they will neither read nor reply to any points made in any reply — total blindness to what is said, no matter how clever or eloquent the poster think the words are — so it is a complete waste of time to reply.

            Welcome to the Internet. I hope you enjoy your stay.

          • mr.wiener

            For me “Plonk” is cheap red wine.

          • AbC

            Same here. I’m glad I’m not the only one not familiar about the use of “plonk” to end a thread.

          • James

            I actually agree with mwal. Yes, mainland Chinese can be extremely selfish but it isn’t all mainland Chinese. None of my Chinese friends would react like this to an ambulance bumping them. It’s foolish to judge a whole nation by the actions of a few uncivilized nongs… no matter how many there are.

          • Tony Gambino

            While it is not ALL, it is more than “a few” as you say. The numbers are substantial. Just to say its not ALL is not valid. Not ALL Al Qaeda members would harm you if they saw you. But a very large number would.

          • James

            Erm, whilst I do like the point you are trying to make, it’s not a great example to liken Al Qaeda to mainland uncultured nongs. Al Qaeda have a religious purpose to spread terror in the west… mainland Chinese don’t have any reason to prevent ambulances from doing their job.

            The point I’m trying to make is that the quiet and civilized Chinese don’t stand out as they are always in the background and go unnoticed.

            Just be a little careful of grouping a whole nation by the actions of the few loud c*nts that often leave the biggest impression. I hate it when Chinese do this about me because of my country and can only lead by example in showing those Chinese how not to wrongly stereotype those from a different nation.

          • Bman

            That is true. Awal was defending that idiot; you’re defending Chinese people. And that’s the diff.
            Chinese people on average are great people, and I wouldn’t live in China if I didn’t respect most of them.
            The world is an unfair and selfish place, and some people react poorly to that. Everywhere…not just in China.

          • BrandeX

            Not only did you read the replies, you replied again yourself.

          • Bman

            Your first plonks were test plonks then, I see. Cuz you kept replying. You know, for reference.
            Welcome to the internet? Lol, haven’t heard that in awhile.
            What are you, 12?
            Plonkety plonk plonk.
            Or whatever.
            Stick your plonk up your plonk and plonk on it.


            Haha, fooled ya didn’t I!

            Now, for real…
            …or is it…?

          • hypebeast88

            Hey mr mod, is this guy new to this site, or is he usually trolling this type of 装逼nonsense?

          • Poodle Tooth

            Disqus has killfiles?

          • Ralphrepo

            Great! So all Chinese can finally just STFU about the United States! LOL…

            But seriously, idiots who block ambulances are just self serving dolts that care little about anything other than themselves. Oh and for that matter, it happens in the US too. Having worked in Emergency Care for a lifetime, it’s shocking to me how little some people can care about the lives of others when it comes to their own sense of entitlement, especially if it’s colored with a grievance. I’ve had people, on more than one occasion, tell me “I don’t care about the other man dying, that’s HIS problem; you need to take care of me FIRST!”

            …and this is in the good ole US of A. In essence, there are dirt bags all over the world.

          • Bman

            “Yes, you’re right, because I don’t live in China, I’m completely stupid and don’t even have half a brain.”

            Agreed. But I’ll blame it on 1 part genetics, 1 part being hurt as a child.
            Let the tears flow my little boy, so that you can move on and heal your ever so evil ways.

          • BrandeX

            “Not all year.”


          • BrandeX

            “China” is not a race. Being “yellow” is racially “East Asian”.

          • Bman

            The guy held up an ambulance.
            An ambulance I said.
            It is NOT petty.
            A F-ing ambulance!
            You, sir, are an idiot, a jerk, and you also are an asshole for defending this guy.
            He held up an ambulance…and she died!

      • tomoe723

        You have a point, statistically speaking. But only if we don’t attribute any characteristics to a particular group of people living in a certain region. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for population groups. Call it racist if you want, but it’s a general observation and a valid population description. It’s the “nature” of living things. Your (this) type of “statistical tolerance” only works for inaminate things where environmental or genetic traits have no (negligible) effect whatsoever. But for population genetics, you’re in denial of obvious observations (or you just want to give them more chances, but you’ll be disappointed sooner or later.)

        • mwal

          I didn’t say that it’s forgivable, or that the guy should be left alone — he should be punished for it; that much is plain.

          What I said was don’t be surprised if bad things happen occasionally because of Normal Human Behaviour (e.g. someone throwing a hissy fit, as in this case), and don’t blow it out of all proportion by stating that an entire nation of people are animals when something that is statistically inevitable happens.

          The number of people, in the whole, wide world, that are genuinely evil is so low that it can be statistically ignored.

          “Statistically ignored” does not mean “left free to do evil”; they still have to be locked up.

          However, racist diatribes appear to be the order of the day, here, so intelligent discussion is assailed with moronic, racist replies.

          Should I assume, because of this, that the entire population of HK or Taiwan, or wherever it is, comprises racist monsters?

          In this environment, that would perhaps be appropriate.

          • hypebeast88

            Lol, you’re still here talking nonsensical bullshit? I thought you “plonked” the thread, and btw no one uses that antiquitated term anymore lol, I’m downgrading you from 装逼 to 傻逼

          • mwal

            So you’re a n00b who doesn’t know what “plonk” means, doesn’t know what a thread is, and who thinks that people who spend half their time in China can’t speak Chinese.

            I dare say that you can’t speak any of the other languages i speak, either.

            Non mi parlare ancore, ‘che un bambino egoistico come te non ha niente da dire che io vorrei sentire.

          • hypebeast88

            Lol, oh man you’re too much, this isn’t a usenet forum so we don’t use plonk, this isn’t a thread so there is no plonking to do. This is the comment section of an article. Please get over yourself, no one here cares what other languages you speak lol

          • mwal

            I find the concept of plankies — especially Californians — telling others to “get over themselves” to be highly amusing.

            If plankies had any idea what irony is, I’d think it were a joke.

          • Bman

            lol…he called him a noob! With big zeroes too!
            I remember the kids used to spout that playing computer games.
            Ahh the memories :)

      • Tony Gambino

        It’s more than one guy on one day. You can see similar things in China at almost every hour. Maybe not this exact thing, but some incidence of rudeness, selfishness, violence, or some other horrible manner. The ambulance should have run them over.

    • ArcTanGentleman

      So find information and documentaries on other subjects, and assemble one. Start from the source of the pollution, edit like crazy.

  • Matt

    He is nothing short of a murderer and should be punished as one.

    • left nut

      At the least Man Slaughter…

  • Juenboo

    This is so sad and and makes me incredibly angry. I just hope that the Chinese government soon do something idk maybe with banning people from blocking ambulances either risk a fine or something. I hope they will change this before China becomes like SKorea in this regard. On related note it’s long overdue for China to install good Samaritan law

    • wrle

      “becomes like Skorea”? what are you talking about? China has a long way to go before it even it comes close.

      • Boris

        There was a similar news not too long ago with similar events happening in South Korea. It was on the sister site KoreaBang. I am guessing the OP is referring to that when he meant ‘becomes like SKorea in this regard’. Personally, they are both the same in this regard.

    • Bman

      “risk a fine”
      Oh yah, that’ll stop ’em. Life will certainly hold more value if they know it can cost them 50 yuan.

  • lacompacida

    Charge him with murder, and settle for man slaughter.

    • bprichard

      Given the nature of the Chinese legal system, prosecutors never have to settle for a lesser charge.

      • AbC

        Unless the accused has parents of significant political influence and/or

      • AbC

        Unless the accused has (or has parents of) significant political influence and/or considerate wealth. Then there’s even a chance of the charges being thrown out all together.

        • Cynic-Al

          Dude was driving a grey van. Highly unlikely.

          • AbC

            True. Plus this guy is an idiot for trying to extort money from a government body (assuming ambos in China are government run)

            My comment was in regards to the legal system rather than this particular case.

  • Jay K.

    O China!
    Thy home and native land!
    True selfish despots love in all thy greeds command.

    With blackened hearts we see thee rise,
    The Middle Kingdom how the rich do flee!

    From rags to riches,
    O China, we bow to corrupt Confucius glee..

    Uncle Xi keep our land glorious and free!
    O China, thy wrestle with immoralities.

    O China, thou sickens me!

    • mwal

      “With blackened hearts we …”

      That means that “we” are the bad guys. The good guys — and even the not-totally-and-completely-evil guys — don’t have black hearts.

      Maybe you should post it in Chinese, anyway, because it must be losing a lot in translation (it reads like a disjointed nursery rhyme)

      • Robert

        It’s taken from the Canadian anthem, shame.

  • Neobooper

    I can only hope one day he’s the one that need help and some other idiot blocking the ambulance

  • Chaz

    Is anyone truly…TRULY surprised or shocked by this? Typical. Five thousand years of glorious culture and civilization…

  • FYIADragoon

    In the US, this would be involuntary manslaughter and carry a price tag of 5-10 years in prison. I’m assuming in this case, the kid is going to be bled dry for all the cash he has in a settlement (as he deserves) and will escape without a sentencing.

    • Vance

      This is true. ALthough I suppose they would have to prove that the patient had a good chance of surviving had she reached the hospital in a timely manner. Also law, which is generally followed, is that all traffic stops and makes way for emergency vehicles with sirens and lights on. Had that idiot done that, his car would not have been hit, I would think.

      • mr.wiener

        The only small conselation was it was some old guy dying of cancer, but imagine if this had been child!?… everyone is shocked at this man’s selfishness,but it seems to be a daily occurence(not just in China,there was a similar story in Koreabang).
        Find this man and shame him.

        • Mark

          “The only small conselation was it was some old guy dying of cancer, but imagine if this had been child!?”

          So not all life is equal in your eyes. Interesting to say the least.

          • mr.wiener

            Not so much as question of all life being unequal, as being accepting or expecting death.
            I’ll give you an example, my granny died a number of years ago[aged 87], I remember the funeral as almost being fun, lots of her friends were there, lots of stories told about her i didn’t know when she was young, it was bitter sweet.

            A couple of years ago my brother’s little daughter aged 2 1/2 managed to overturn a cupboard on herself [she’d pulled all the drawers out to make it into a set of stairs]…it severed her windpipe. That funeral I remember was an awful sad thing to attend..

            Now maybe I’m assuming a bit here, but if someone is old and has a terminal cancer, it could seem like a relief, both for them and their family when they die. That is the difference I meant.

          • Mark

            Obviously someone who is terminally ill and dying after a long fight with something will be ready to go. My grandmother right now is in the same position.

            The fact that it was an emergency vehicle trying to get to the person kind of changes that fact, no? This is the kind of logic I would expect this dude who blocked the ambulance to take. “Hey, at least it wasn’t a kid, it was just an old man!”

            Anytime someone dies tragically it is a sad event, whether that person is 87 years old or 3 years old. Condolences to your family, as it sounds like you’ve been through a lot, but a tragic death is a tragic death. I feel very uncomfortable when people start putting qualifiers on age and the tragedy of death.

  • David

    The good news (well for China, not the dead guy) is that many of the people there condemned the man and acknowledged it was bad behavior. That is something.

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      ..but they wouldn’t move their car out of the way to let an ambulance pass…

      • Free Man

        Chinese saying: all the good people are on the internet, only the bad people are on the streets.

        • Paul Schoe

          :-) :-) :-)

  • narsfweasels

    Accessory to manslaughter? Manslaughter?

  • Raymond

    I would’ve been upset too. So you’re driving and a reckless ambulance, yes reckless, sideswipes you and almost caused you to crash into other cars, but doesn’t even stop to check up on what happened. I’m not condoning the man’s actions. He should’ve just called the police to report what happened. But I can understand his rage. I’m not sure if the man pulled to the side to accommodate the ambulance coming up from behind, but it’s no excuse for the ambulance to put other drivers in danger to save the one in the ambulance.

    “The woman said they were driving a grey van heading east to west on the right-most lane when this ambulance overtook them and heavily sideswiped them, “Thankfully we braked in time, otherwise we would’ve definitely crashed into other cars.””

    • AbC

      They are rushing to a dying man (who happens to die half an hour later). Every second matters. It’s ignorant to suggest an ambulance should stop to discuss a traffic event (regardless of fault) whilst somebody waiting for it is dying.

      • Raymond

        I agree with you. Ambulances shouldn’t have to waste time to explain. However, the car almost crashed because the ambulance knocked into its side, which shouldn’t have happened in the first place. I think the ambulance driver needs better driving lessons.

        • Leila

          Or Chinese drivers can learn to move out of the way when an ambulance is trying to come through (based on personal observation, most of them don’t do that)

  • Balkan

    I think he should be found, arrested and accused of involuntary slaughter. No matter one how emotional one can be, it would be clear to anyone reasonable person what a rushing ambulance means someone’s life is in danger.

    • Mighty曹

      Agreed. Except for ‘accused’, which should by ‘charged’.

  • That’s marvelous

    This happened in Korea recently too (see Koreabang). There the driver got arrested and went to jail for a few years.

    In this case, I’m guessing the car got sideswiped because he didnt want to yield for the ambulance in the first place.

  • Every angle of this story is filled with unfortunate circumstances.

    Having terminal cancer in a developing nation or being an ambulance driver in a country that has no, that I’m aware of, consequences for not yielding to EMS vehicles – are both not enviable positions to be in.

    Thirdly, it may go without saying that this young man has been through situations of being wronged / cheated and a breaking point finally arrived. More unfortunately, was that the breaking point occurred when a person’s life was in the balance, and, an ambulance driver needed to negotiate a lawless traffic situation.

    For the young man who held up the ambulance, the event may not be the source of an epiphany, but hopefully he will have more wisdom in the future. Most likely, the anger he had so far accumulated, was preventing him from acting rationally and out of compassion.

    For those, netizens and others, who have read the story, hopefully this will also stimulate a broader awareness in us when we are going about our daily lives and how our actions can have an impact on others that we may not understand at the moment.


    • Dolph Grunt

      I gave you an upvote for that, you certainly deserve more. That was lovely and very well written. Kudos.

      • Thank you, @dolphgrunt:disqus. Your kind words are appreciated, my friend :-) Peace

    • Bman

      Well said.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Yeah yeah yeah, loads of posts from “outraged” people condemning the actions, but let’s be honest here, how many of you have ever pulled over your car to let an ambulance pass? Right…. Better someone die than you arriving home 2 minutes later.

    • Chris

      In my country (Canada), the punishment for NOT pulling over for an emergency vehicle is quite severe, as it is in the United States. I have ALWAYS pulled over and stopped to let fire, police, and ambulance pass by. And it doesn’t matter which direction they are coming from, either overtaking from behind, or ahead, in the opposite lane. It’s the law.

      • yeser

        blah blah blah, “your country, your country, your country” exactly, that’s your country not China, people knows! most people in the comments section are from a different country, we’re talking about China here, rules don’t apply, you either do something about it, or YOU DON’T, which is what I’m assuming you’ll do.

        • Chris

          The question asked was, “How many of you have ever pulled over your car …”, not, “How many of you have ever pulled over your car in China … “. Pulling over for emergency vehicles is also the law in China. The problem is that people don’t give a shit, they think they own the road, and the cops do nothing to enforce the rules. Foreigners can’t and won’t do anything about it because if they did, they would quickly be told not to interfere in China’s internal affairs. Why don’t YOU, since you appear to be Chinese, do something about it? I’m presuming you won’t, because don’t give a shit, either. If you did, you wouldn’t have made the ‘rules don’t apply’ comment.

        • Dolph Grunt

          “you either do something about it, or YOU DON’T, which is what I’m assuming you’ll do.”

          I have absolutely no idea the point you’re trying to make. Not even slightly.

          Perhaps you could help me by answering a couple of questions.

          1) What is he (someone from Canada) supposed to do about people that don’t yield for emergency vehicles in China?
          2) What exactly do you do “about it”?

          Maybe it’s just the English level, but this post was really confusing, except for the part about China not having rules, which is not entirely true.

          The rule in China is don’t publicly address the fact that there are no rules in China. It’s kinda like Fight Club but bigger, and Brad Pitt’s banned.

      • Dolph Grunt

        It’s funny you posted that, and yes, it’s quite true.

        I remember, years ago, when I got my first car. It was a used 1983 Caprice Classic, which at the time was the same model car being used by unmarked police cars, mostly for speed traps.

        As a joke (and because I was young and stupid) I thought it would be funny to go to Radio Shack and buy a red strobe light. As a joke, I would put it on my dash to freak people out (just friends).

        The first time I tried it, I was on a residential street with little to no traffic, pulling into my friend’s driveway. Within five minutes police arrived and gave me a very stern warning (that just about made me crap my drawers) not to do that again. I also had to give them the light.

        What’s funny about that is, on quite a few occasions, I have seen privately owned vehicles in China go WAY beyond my little teenage prank. I’ve seen shops that will decorate your car like a police car, install the blue/red lights in your dash, give you a megaphone and the police horn.

    • Paul Shanahan

      I, and others, always move out of the way for emergency services in the UK. I am 34 years old and was taught that by my driving instructor 16 years ago (and before that observed my parents’ behaviour when driving). I cannot remember ever seeing anyone NOT move out of the way for emergency vehicles with blue lights/sirens on, unless it was unsafe to do so (e.g. pulling straight into oncoming traffic).

    • Teacher in China

      That’s an idiotic thing to say. In Canada, EVERYONE pulls over when they hear an ambulance coming. It’s ingrained in everyone to follow that procedure. In fact, people are sometimes in such a rush and panic to get out of the way that it causes minor accidents.

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        Before you call me idiotic, remember that we’re on 9gag, discussing a situation in China, not Canada… My comment was directed to Chinese people bashing the guy who blocked the ambulance. How could you possibly think I was addressing Canadians?!

        • Teacher in China

          First, I didn’t call you an idiot. What you wrote was idiotic – there’s a difference.

          Second, go back and look at your original comment. Without any context as to who you are, it’s easy to assume you are taking a defensive position and doing the “but they do it in X country too!” stance which is all too frequent around these parts. For future reference, try to be more clear in your commenting.

        • Dolph Grunt

          “but let’s be honest here, how many of you have ever pulled over your car to let an ambulance pass?”

          Probably should have said “them” and not “you”. “You” implies the Chinasmack commenters, whereas “them” would sound more directed to the Chinese comments.

      • Dolph Grunt

        It’s also HEAVILY enforced. My uncle got a ticket for driving too close behind a fire truck on call years ago in Hamilton, Ontario.

    • NeverMind

      Where I live in the Middle East, all the traffic moves aside and comes to a halt when an ambulance is on its way. The Ambulance drivers don’t have to even worry about the Red light.

      In China, I have seen cars moving in the way of an Ambulance or trying to overtake it. I am not sure about other countries though. Thankfully, I live where I live!

      Another one

    • 宋易

      In the U.S., people very reliably pull over to let any emergency vehicle pass. Police, fire and rescue, and ambulances…. its not just strongly expected, but you can be arrested and charged if you don’t.

      Watch Harry and the Hendersons! Harry imitates a police siren toward the end of the movie, and everyone pulls their cards out of the way.

    • H Janson

      In China? I ALWAYS make room for emergency vehicles. In fact, I will go out of my way to block up traffic so emergency vehicles can get through.

  • R. Vandaka

    Oh my, this very similar incident also occur in South Korea just months ago.

    What wrong with people nowadays?

  • Edward Kay

    At the end of the day, those inside the ambulance are dumb.

    • mr.wiener

      Why is that?

      • Edward Kay

        When reasoning fails, there is only force. One guy with a knife versus ambulance team, relatives and on-lookers? Jab him with anaesthetic from the back (the nice way).

        • Edward Kay

          Btw, is Disqus or CS having a glitch or you blocked me as a troll? Coz, I can’t see this post except to your reply.

  • Mighty曹

    Wow, such passion and determination. This prick probably intentionally positioned his car to be sideswiped so that he can claim ‘compensation/settlement’.

  • Poodle Tooth

    What was he driving?

  • lonetrey / Dan

    The offender better get some jail time.

  • Karze

    This is result of decades of Maoism and Communism that has made Chinese so inanimate creatures like rock.

  • Tony Gambino

    So why isn’t the guy being charged? Brandishing a weapon is not a crime to go to jail for? Also, if all those people were there why didn’t they wrestle the guy down and slap the sh/t out of him until the police arrived?

  • Dolph Grunt

    “Yielding for 110, 119, 120 carrying out their duty is basic common sense, don’t you know?”

    “If our vehicle hit your car, you can call 122 to resolve it.”

    “the deceased was taken away by 96144”

    How many ****ing numbers do these people have?!

  • Dolph Grunt

    A hysterical read. Spending more than five minutes in China and reading this document will very quickly demonstrate that (when it comes to driving, at least) China is absolutely lawless. (Article 47 is my favourite)

    Once you’ve read that, try this. Answer the questions based on your experiences/observations in China for a good laugh (and a 0 score)

    • Paul Schoe

      Thanks for the link. Article 47 (stop for pedestrians crossing), will become my favorite when drivers are upset that I use the pedestrian crossing in front of their vehicle :-)