Man Blocks Ambulance After Minor Accident, Patient Dies


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Ambulance Blocked For Nearly Half an Hour, Patient Waiting for Ambulance Dies

“Don’t you leave. You hit me and you want to run? All of you, get out of the vehicle!” Yesterday morning at 8am, a young man blocked an ambulance at the morning market on Dongtao Road in Dadong district [in Shenyang city] that was on its way to save someone, and prevented the paramedics from getting out. After the police arrived on the scene, this man instead fled. By this time, the patient waiting upstairs was no longer breathing…

Man blocks ambulance during morning market

Around 8am on March 7th, in front of the morning market on Dongtao Road in Dadong district, a young man with strainers in both hands banged them against a 120 [emergency medical assistance number] ambulance, “Stop the car, and get out!” With the morning market, people immediately gathered around. The ambulance driver rolled down his window, and the man emotionally said: “Do you know you hit my car? So you hit my car and run?” The ambulance driver said he didn’t realize and what more, didn’t mean to do so, “Someone called 120, we’re headed to pick up the patient, and it’s a bit urgent. If our vehicle hit your car, you can call 122 to resolve it.”

The young man however wasn’t satisfied, with both hands holding strainers continuously pointing at the ambulance, insisting that the driver provide an explanation [resolution]. At this moment, a young woman ran up from behind and pulled the emotional young man away. The woman said they were driving a grey van heading east to west on the right-most lane when this ambulance overtook them and heavily sideswiped them, “Thankfully we braked in time, otherwise we would’ve definitely crashed into other cars.”

Brandishing dough scraper demanding an resolution

The man was very angry after being sideswiped, stopped the car in its place, got out, and chased after the ambulance, and since the ambulance happened to slow down due to the morning market traffic, it was caught by the man. This man’s strainers were grabbed from a morning market vendor selling youtiao. Afterward, with the woman doing everything she could to restrain the man, the ambulance continued onward driving into a residential neighborhood.

Just when everyone thought the scene was over, and perhaps because he only got angrier the more he thought about it, this man then grabbed a dough scraper from the youtiao vendor, ran into the residential neighborhood the ambulance had driven into, and continued to demand a resolution. Seeing the man holding a knife and in an extremely agitated state, repeatedly berating the drive, no one on the ambulance dared to get out. At this time, quite a few residents were gathered around the vehicle, and after understanding the sequence of events, everyone tried to persuade the man, “They didn’t mean to; they were just in a rush to save someone; you have to be understanding.” There was even a resident who got fed up and said: “Yielding for 110, 119, 120 [police, firefighters, ambulance] carrying out their duty is basic common sense, don’t you know?”

By the time the scene ended, the patient was no longer breathing

No matter how everyone tried to reason with him, the man refused to be moved, with even the relatives who had called the 120 hotline coming downstairs to explain the situation without success. Left without a choice, both the paramedics and the relatives both called 110 for the police, but upon seeing them call the police, the man quickly left the residential neighborhood. By the time the paramedics rushed up to the patient’s home, the patient no longer had any life signs, and was pronounced dead. At that time, nearly half an hour had passed since the man had first blocked the ambulance.

Relatives said the patient had cancer, and upon noticing something wrong had called the 120 emergency medical number. With regards to the man’s obstruction of the ambulance due to personal reasons, residents all expressed condemnation, “He was too young [immature], behaving rashly because of his own unhappiness, and regardless of whether or not he had held up the rescue, he should suffer punishment!” Around noon, the deceased was taken away by 96144 [coroner/funeral parlor]. As for how the relatives plan to handle this matter but in view of the relatives making funeral arrangements, this reporter did not disturb them to inquire.

Comments from NetEase:

网易上海市杨浦区手机网友 ip:222.70.*.*

Yet another selfish SB.

MaoZedong伟大的政治家 [网易上海市网友]:

The crime of endangering public safety! Obstructing medical personnel in a rescue, causing a patient to die, is indirect homicide!

rocking210 [网易江西省网友]:

This must result in at least 15 days detention.

网易福建省厦门市手机网友 ip:27.159.*.* (responding to above)

Wrongful death?

网易江苏省常州市手机网友 ip:180.115.*.*

This man should be shot.

m180****0215 [网易河南省郑州市手机网友]:

Hospitals should not admit this kind of person when he is sick/injured in the future.

网易广东省佛山市手机网友 ip:121.9.*.*

Indirect homicide! Revoke his driver’s license.

tanying19850613 [网易河北省邯郸市手机网友]:

Is this Shenyang’s Dadong district?

牛求异 [网易浙江省温州市网友]:

This kind of thing has happened to the head of a committee before in the past. We can only say the patient was unlucky.

很狠爱自己 [网易河北省石家庄市手机网友]:

To pester endlessly has now become a man’s privilege as well.

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