Man Cheats University Student out of 6500 RMB at Train Station

Man Cheats University Student out of 6500 RMB at Train Station

Recently a university student who was on her way to teach underprivileged children during her summer vacation was cheated out of 6500 RMB.A man told her that he needed to repay a coworker, and needed her bank card to transfer the money, then he would give it back to her. After the man got ahold of her money, he simply left. When she checked her balance she discovered it was 6500 RMB less than before, leaving her with only 300 RMB in the bank.One netizen said “Giving money to a stranger is just asking to get cheated. With an IQ like this, her professors are simply wasting their time.”
Source: Netease

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  • jin

    She is a underprivileged child herself. How stupid can you be?

  • It is unfortunate that arse probably damaged/ruined this woman’s altruism; who else will he hurt as a result of his actions?

    • Foreign Devil

      She needed that. You can’t be naive and altruistic in China and expect to live a good life.

  • KamikaziPilot

    Is there more to this story? Can one really be so dumb as to give their bank card to to a stranger? Something similar to this happened to someone I know. A man blew some kind of hynotic smoke in her face and made her withdraw money from an ATM and when she came to she realized she lost all her money.

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