Man Drunk Drives, Mother Begs For Leniency

Man Drunk Drives, Mother Begs For LeniencyAfter police found a man drinking and driving his mother kneeled in front of them and pleaded for leniency, so the police also kneeled in patience to explain it to her. This driver and his mother kneeled and begged the police, tried grabbing the officers’ legs while lying on the ground, and attempted to get hit by scooters all in order to avoid the penalty. The police still stuck to their punishment and explained to her how dangerous it is to drive after drinking. Netizens think it is fortunate that the police were kneeling, otherwise the reporters would have written the story so that the police looked bad.


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  • Jahar

    They look bad kneeling.

  • Foreign Devil

    bizarre behaviour all around. . Just tell the bitch her spoiled son must face the consequences of his actions and get lost or get arrested for obstructing justice. Way too many drunk drivers in China. I could tell many stories about it.

  • David

    Better information on this story in Shanghailist. Many photos also. The idiot drunk even laid down in traffic.