Man Finally Realizes Dream of Owning a “Lamborghini”

Man Finally Realizes Dream of Owning a “Lamborghini”

A man from Huanggang has finally realized his dream of owning a Lamborghini after he built his own using a model kit. 30-something motorcycle mechanic “Cao Che” said that he has liked sports cars since childhood, but only ever had enough money to collect images and toy models of his favorite supercar. However, when a friend suggested he could make his own, he immediately bought DIY kit for the car. One year and over 60,000 RMB later, Cao Che completed a successful low-speed test drive. However, police have said that kit cars are not roadworthy, to which one netizen said Cao Che should have took note of first.


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  • DD Bear!

    now i only want to have my own apt!

    • Chris Bullock

      Can I sleep on the couch?

      • it’s still my dream!
        sorry, i am too poor!
        you do not need to write to me again!

    • Vance

      Maybe you can build one from a kit?

      • you are laughing at me this way?

        • Vance

          Just making a little joke. I recognize your dream of owning a home. We all have that.

  • Ajeje Brazov

    yeah a lamborghini

  • P13

    I’m sure that a well built kit-car is more roadworthy than the typical chinese made car. Plus is a kit-car is considered roadworthy in America and Europe, why not in China? Other thing is the quality of his build.

    • Jahar

      It would still at least have to pass inspection.

    • Vance

      Yea, we have all kinds of interesting looking home made cars on the road, with license plates and full approval to be on the road. One popular thing here is to take the body of a classic car from the 30’s and 40’s, put a muscle engine in it, racing tires, and paint it bright colors.

  • Mike Chang

    Damn. That looks like a major pos!

  • David

    Maybe spend a few more RMB and paint it? As for why it is not road worthy, I would guess this is not your typical “car kit” you buy in the west, it looks like a Chinese car kit. The wind shield looks like plastic. Also, no working lights in front or back (which is 3/4 of the Chinese in Wuxi drive anyway).

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