Man Finds “Glass” In Noodle Sachet, Seeks Payout, Detained

Man Finds “Glass” In Noodle Sachet, Seeks Payout, Detained

A man who found what he described as “glass-like material” in instant noodle condiment sachets has been detained as a criminal after he sought 4.5 million RMB in compensation from the product’s manufacturer. Li Haifeng said he found the foreign material in vinegar sachets of Jinmailang “Enticingly Hot and Spicy Beef Noodles”, which upon lab testing revealed they contained mercury levels 4.6x the legal limit. Jinmailang reported Li after he requested the payout, accusing him of extortion and blackmail. One netizen said Longyao police were “awesome” for accepting money and having the gall to arrest an innocent man.

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