Man Loses 650,000 RMB After Investment Company Goes Down

Man Looses 650,000 RMB After Investment Company Goes Down
Zhao Zuohai, a 62-year-old man who was awarded 650,000 RMB by the government for being wrongly imprisoned for 11 years, recently saw the investments that he had planned to buy a home with disappear in a flash.After spending 250,000 RMB, he handed his remaining 400,000 over to an investment company in Shangqiu, Henan, which promised a 2% monthly interest. At first, the interest arrived on time, but after a while, several of the company’s leaders fled, several others were arrested and his money was nowhere to be found.One unsympathetic netizen said “Go back to your old job and sit in jail, at least its better than begging.”

Source: Netease

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