Man Makes 2.8 Million RMB on Family Farm

Man Makes 2.8 Million RMB on Family Farm

After graduating and working for three years, 28-year-old Mr. Chen believes “Modern agricultural development prospects are very good, and one can make a good business from just tilling rice paddies.” As a result, he and his wife quit their jobs to returned to help his father run the family farm. Last year, Mr. Chen achieved sales reaching 2.8 million RMB from this farm. However, many Chinese netizens reply “Isn’t this success still owed to his family originally possessing these fields? Otherwise, where would they have gotten the capital in the first place to do this?”

Source: Tencent

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  • it’s true.
    i watch cctv one channel often, it’s all about how to make money.
    but but, 99% of them are rich already, and once they have no money ,always their rich relatives come out…
    no any sense!

    • David

      Well, it is much easier to make money when you have money already. This is common business all over the world.

      • it’s true.
        when you get your first 100000, then the next 100000 is much easier to make.
        but people watch this hope to find a way to get rich, only find it it’s impossible!

    • Dolph Grunt

      I’ve got to agree with you on this one. Although I do recall a story from years ago of a man who found a new way to grow watermelons (using the plastic from cola bottles) that made him quite wealthy and popular. And I don’t recall him being wealthy to begin with.

      Still, for the most part, you’re right. It doesn’t make any sense.

  • Jahar

    How much land? How much were the expenses? How much profit?

  • Foreign Devil

    Does this mean that the Chinese government is actually almost paying a fair market price for food? THat would be huge gamechanger in China for lifting the rural population out of extreme poverty.

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