Man Pleads Guilty To Murder, Seems Pleased With Himself

Man Pleads Guilty To Murder, Seems Pleased With Himself

An Anhui man was charged with numerous counts of assault, robbery, and murder, causing 3 deaths and 3 injuries. In court he frankly admitted guilt to all charges with a smile. He explained that he murdered one woman because he thought her too ruthless, as upon killing a man in front of her she begged for her life by claiming to not know the man whatsoever. Many netizens think he should be put to death, some wonder why anybody is willing to be his lawyer.
Source: Netease

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  • jin

    He might be one of those “lock me up so I can’t hurt others” maybe he don’t want to kill, but the beast, the demon in him made him do it.

  • Amused

    Hey, at least they kill their fucking murderers here…

  • Maybe someone will pay for another to serve his time?

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