Man Recently Out Of Jail Steals Lottery Tickets, Gets Caught

Man Recently Out Of Jail Steals Lottery Tickets, Gets Caught

In Yulin Shaanxi, a man released from jail in March is back in police custody again after trying to fulfil his dream of getting rich quick by spending over 1000RMB on lottery tickets. After none of them were winners, he decided to steal over 40,000 RMB worth of scratch-off lottery tickets. In order to speed things up, he spent another 1000 RMB to hire two employees to scratch tickets for him. After he appeared suspicious in a nearby lottery ticket store, police were informed and he was found to be carrying over 3000 tickets, which were later confirmed to be the tickets stolen days earlier.

Source: Netease

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    well then…

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    Can someone track down the PRC netizen comments for this:

    According to Beijing TV News yesterday (April 13th)’s report, Bejing police yesterday conducted a surprise inspection in Fengtai District, suspecting a fake-medicine manufacturing company, police first found from within a black car 3 crates of suspected fake heart medicine, and arrested this male suspect surnamed Zhang (張).

    據北京電視台昨日(4月13日)報道,北京公安日前突擊檢查一所位於豐台區,懷疑製造假藥之工廠,公安先從一黑色私家車內搜出三箱懷疑為假心臟病藥丸, 並拘捕一名姓張的男疑犯。

    When police brought that suspect to his home to search, they discovered many tools for manufacturing fake medicine, packaging and labels, then they brought him to search another room, finding a large quantity of pills and empty pill bottles, and Zhang’s wife who was in the process of putting pills into the bottles.


    Mrs.Zhang suddenly seeing the inspectors, became extremely shocked, pressing against her chest with both hands, expressing that she was having a heart attack, and must take medicine, requesting inspectors to take from her bag her medicine. Hilariously biting, the entire house was full of medicine for curing heart problems, but for herself she didn’t dare to take those, insisting to take the medicine she brought herself. Police finding all the pills at Mr. & Mrs. Zhang’s residences, after testing determined it was all fake, being completely useless for treating heart problems, and would delay help for the patient.

    張妻看到突如其來的搜查人員時,變得十分驚慌,雙手按住胸口,並表示自己心臟病發,需要食藥,要求搜查人員從她包裡拿藥給她吃。而諷刺的是,滿屋都是用作治療心臟病的藥丸,她自己卻不敢食用,堅持要吃自己隨身攜帶的藥。 公安在張氏夫婦的三處房屋所搜出的藥丸,經檢驗後最後證實全為假藥,對治療心臟病毫無功效,只會延誤病情。

    – 熱血時報網站連結
    – Copyright © 2015

    • Mighty曹

      How we wish the ones she insisted on taking turns out to be fake too.

  • Amused

    Sign this guy up for the rocket science department, he’s a shoe-in.

  • Mighty曹

    Well, at least he showed signs of brilliance by hiring assistants.

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