Man Robbed At Hospital

Man Robbed At Hospital

After a problematic child-bearing process, Mr. Gao’s daughter-in-law passed away, leaving behind a newborn child, hospitalized in Xi’An TangDu Hospital, so his relatives borrowed 25000 RMB and deposited it in his bank account. However, while in front of the hospital front door his card was stolen by two men, who also tricked him into giving them the password to his bank account, and they rapidly took out 15000 RMB. Police are currently investigating. Netizens one after another are raining curses on the looters. One said: “Don’t tell me those people don’t know, money stolen from people at a hospital is basically all meant to be used to save lives! They were fully aware of this but still stole it, if these scum are caught they should be shot dead immediately!”

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