Man Sells Himself for 5 Million RMB, Wants Money to Study Abroad

Man Sells Himself for 5 Million RMB, Wants Money to Study Abroad

Man Sells Himself for 5 Million RMB, Wants Money to Study Abroad

One afternoon, a crowed of over 100 people surrounded a half-naked man on a street corner in Chongqing, who was selling himself for 5 Million RMB. The man, who graduated from Tsinghua University with Master’s and PhD degrees said he needs the 5 million RMB to realize his dream of furthering he studies abroad, and that he will not lower his price. One of the observers said “This uncle, who does he think he is selling himself on the street? Forget about it, he’s not even handsome, and he’s fat. It’s ridiculous just thinking about it.

Source: Mop

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  • hyuugasaki

    “The man, who graduated from Tsinghua University with Master’s and PhD”

    whoa, I think he got his degree from taobao.

    If he indeed got PhD, whatever his PhD is already in a specific field. he should already know which company might found his skills useful. Or even his friends or professors from the same class, and pitch it straight there to invest in him. If he doesn’t know or no one bother to recommend his skills, most likely he is nowhere close to worthy.

    • donscarletti

      You mustn’t know many PhDs then.

      Plenty of PhDs are in fields that no company would find useful. This would go for the entirety of the liberal arts as well as certain fields in science that currently lack commercial application.

      For an BA, it’s still fairly easy to get into the bottom rung of a field, but many interviewers would find it hard to hire a PhD for an entry level position, especially one who’s not particularly young.

      • hyuugasaki

        Maybe, though selling yourself on a street half naked with a cardboard make your own degree questionable. And I believe the PhDs you know don’t do that.

        But there’s also this culture in China, if the parents got enough money, they will keep pumping you education after education without ever worked until you got your PhD. thus giving you highly educated person with no experience and don’t know what to do with his own knowledge, where to use it, or how to sell it.

        • donscarletti

          If you’ve got real money in China, you go to a foreign university, play around, pay other people to do your assignments, drop out without graduating and come home to either continue playing around or do a project with your father’s money.

          Only the still poor professional classes and children of minor officials ever bother with actual education. Which is why when one finally gets to the point that one’s education _should_ be paying off, there is enough pressure there to make you go absolutely insane like this guy.

          In China, just ten years ago, a degree guaranteed a good career, just like it did in insert-western-country-here 50 years ago. Now lots of people have degrees, but the amount of good careers has remained constant, people are not living up to perceptions and there is a lot of stress. It’s just another result of China modernising so quickly, hitting all of the modern world’s pitfalls too fast.

  • WghUk

    He should have at least made an effort by slimming down and brushing up his looks a bit. Would you buy unwrapped pork chops from the supermarket?

  • I doubt what he says, but the most important question is… why is he naked?

  • death_by_ivory

    Lol I like his confidence.

  • Super Bunny!

    maybe he just lost the bet, so had to do this.
    he reminds me a fat boy in my middle school, he was fat and a funny dobe, so we all call him pig nipple.

    • mr.wiener

      He must have loved you all so much….

      • Super Bunny!

        another guy his hair is curly, and we call him pussy hair.

        • mr.wiener

          Nothing says love like the entire class picking on you I guess…
          What was your nick name?

          • Super Bunny!

            my nickname is genius, coz someone as me never can finish any homework always late for classes, always the best student, latter went to the best high school of our province.
            i do have another bad name called black crow….hahaha!

          • donscarletti

            “Black wood ear” more like it.

          • Super Bunny!

            kill u!

  • Jie Ming

    So funny… What makes him think he is worth 5 million? If he’s handsome, maybe can be a male pros