Man Sentenced to 11 Years For Buying Manchurian Tiger

Man Sentenced to 11 Years For Buying Manchurian Tiger

A man in Sanmenxia was sentenced to 11 years in prison for purchasing a Manchurian Tiger. He first expressed the idea of buying a tiger online, and after searching through many people and places in Shandong, he was finally able to locate one for sale in Jiaozuo, Henan. The man, who is rumoured to have bought and sold a python in the past, paid 255,000 RMB for the tiger. Police warn that it is illegal to purchase or transport rare or endangered animals.

Source: Netease

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  • Mighty曹

    That’s quite a stiff sentence compared to other crimes.

  • Ivan

    So will he be wearing a stripey outfit in jail as well?

  • firebert5

    He should have just moved to the US. They’re a dime a dozen here.

  • UserID01

    You have to be a special sort of twat to think you can own a very large, exotic, territorial wild animal. Just because you have the money to afford it, doesn’t mean you know what the fuck you’re doing. A tiger is not a pet.

  • Balkan

    It’s a very harsh sentence for buying a tiger. Corrupted officials and murderers have gotten away with less. I think this will be reduced soon.

  • helsic

    YESSSSS YESSSS! I hope this guy learn the lesson as well as all those retards trying to get away trafficking wild life!