Man Smashes Windshield, Leaves Note With Name and Phone Number


Mr. Li was in a hurry to park his truck on a road in Jiangshan, Zhejiang, and decided to just park it in the road while he ran an errand nearby. Unfortunately, he arrived just before rush hour, and soon after his truck was causing a bad traffic jam. As a crowd of people gathered around the truck criticizing the driver for causing the jam, one young man picked up a brick and smashed the vehicle’s windshield. Mr Jia, the man who smashed the windshield, left a note saying “I smashed your windshield” along with his name and phone number in the truck, and eventually paid the driver for the damages. Netizens supported Mr Jia, saying “Awesome, China should produce more people like this guy,” and some even offered to wire Mr. Jia 400 RMB for the windshield replacement.

Source: Netease

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  • Amused

    Man I really friggin’ hate the pricks who park their ride in the street and block off traffic. I realize there’s no city planning, and that this has led to a widespread dearth of parking, but come on…. You’ve gotta think of other people. Or not :/

  • Edward Kay

    What’s the point of breaking and then paying? If they had released the brakes and pushed it off elsewhere I can understand.

    • tomoe723

      The point is they don’t take KINDLY to crap like this.

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