Man Steals Seat on High Speed Train, Claims He is “Mafia”

Man Steals Seat on High Speed Train, Claims He is “Mafia”

Recently, a man dressed in all black got on a high speed train with a first class ticket, but insisted on sitting in business class. When employees asked him to move, he insulted them. Later when police arrived the man still refused to move, saying “I’m telling you, I was in the Mafia for 18 years, I’m not afraid of you!” Netizens mocked the man, with one comment saying “You were in the Mafia for 18 years and you can’t afford a business class ticket? What a waste of time.”

Source: Netease

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  • joel_bee

    Mofia? Mafia? o.O

  • WghUk

    Mafia as in the Communist Party?

  • risotto

    I can’t stop laughing. Is the typo intentional? Is that how he pronounced it?

    • Please do not laugh at Amanda 1.0’s Chinglish…

  • DD Bear!

    so funny!
    but i do have several mafia relatives.
    all their good fortune all because they look so good, so find rich women to marry. women’s family doing usury.

    • James

      me too! actually i am the head of the mafia. Both italian and russian mafia. Also the triad and yakuza. Also i am also the head of the CIA and the FBI as well. Also i am santa claus.

      • mr.wiener

        …You forgot your years of experience in gorilla warfare.

        • James

          it was no monkey business.

  • mr.wiener

    I’m a little confused also… is business class better than 1st class?

    • Chinese Netizen

      AFAIK, it goes First Class, Business, VIP in ascending order. But I’m not a Mofia made man so I can’t verify…

    • Zhao Xiaoou

      Yes, VIP>Biz>1st. Jeremy Paxman made the same mistake.

  • Amused

    I always wanted to join the Mofia, alas I am not of O-talian descent :(

  • 250

    He wasn’t in the Mofia he was in the triods.

  • Foreign Devil

    The Italian mafia has a Chinese wing now?

    • Chinese Netizen

      It’s called the Chinese Communist Party

      • joel_bee

        Damn. Now they’ll claim Sicily “is part of China since ancient times.”

    • WannabeXenophile


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